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What is God?Who is God?Who Created God?, and Does God exist? are the main questions that humankind is asking since the dawn of time. Few concepts in human history have generated as much fascination, intense longing, rapturous devotion, somber contemplation, and endless debate as the topic of God. In the English language, the term God, when capitalized and singular (as a proper noun), is typically used to refer to the sole Divine Being in monotheistic religions, and more broadly to Ultimate Reality in many other faiths. An uncapitalized spelling (both singular and plural) has generally been used to refer to an individual deity found in a polytheistic or henotheistic pantheon (such as in ancient Vedic and Greco-Roman religion).

Frequently, God is conceived of as a personal being that can relate to all aspects of human experience and has attributes of goodness, justice, love, etc. In most religions, God is recognized to have the disposition of a parent, who watches over human beings—God’s children, protecting, educating, and disciplining them in an effort to raise them well. In addition to the conception of God as a divine Father, other depictions of God include Mother, friend, healer, child, judge, and even a lover.

You are in search of God. You want to know God. You want to know the function of God. You want to know the address of God, but most importantly, you want to be with God. You will find hundreds of articles about God from the world-known religious traditions in this category.

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The Attributes of Exemption

God Almighty is absolutely free or exempt from any:

  • need
  • defect
  • fault
  • shortcoming
  • impotence
  • poverty
  • neediness
  • the need to eat or drink
  • to beget or be begotten

Affirmative Attributes

  • Life (Hayah)
  • Knowledge (‘Ilm)
  • Hearing (Sam‘a)
  • Sight (Basar)
  • Will (Irada)
  • Power (Qudra)
  • Speech (Kalam)
  • Making Exist (Takwin)

The Essential Attributes

  • (The All-Holy, Self-) Existence (Wujud)
  • Oneness (Wahdaniyya)
  • Having No Beginning (Qidam)
  • Eternal Permanence (Baqa’)
  • Being Unlike the Created (Muhalafatun lil-hawadith)
  • Self-Subsistence (Qiyam bi-nafsihi)

The  Attributes of Action

  • Creation (Khalq)
  • Originating Uniquely (Ibda’)
  • Producing (Insha’)
  • Giving Life and Reviving, and Causing to Die (Ihya’ and Imata)
  • Providing (Tarziq)

God’s Figurative Attributes

  • Coming
  • Self-Establishment
  • Avoidance
  • Self
  • Wrath
  • Hand
  • Face
  • Saying
  • Speaking
  • All-Hearing, All-Seeing
  • Companionship
  • Footing
  • “Asking”
  • Ordering” and “Prohibiting
  • Witnessing
  • Moving Speedily
  • Approaching
  • Descending
  • Loving, Becoming Wrathful, the Best Form, Exhilaration, Smiling, Grasping, Contracting, Expanding, Struggling, Feeling Wonder, Showing Care, Heed and Sensitivity, Being with or Companionship
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