Article Submission Guidelines

This article covers the Spiritual Life’s article submission guidelines.

How many words should my post be?

– Blog posts must be a minimum of 1500 words and a maximum of 2500 words

What kind of messages do we try to send?

– Our publishing purposes are to protect and uphold that which is sacred.

– Optimism, respect, and tolerance are central ethics for The Spiritual Life. Articles should embody these ethics and reflect hope if applicable.

– We do not publish content that encourages gambling; drugs; sex/nudity; and/or political derision. Articles of a relative nature will not be accepted.


Submission Guidelines

What are our themes?


– Faith and belief

– Religion and science

– Living with purpose

– Wisdom and philosophy

– Social accountability

– Healthy living

– Family and relationships

– Articles must fit within The Spiritual Life’s scope by embodying at least one of these themes in order to be considered for publication.

– We accept all writing formats provided they follow our themes.

How does the promotion work? Can I link my post back to my website, podcast, book, etc?

You can post links to sites of your choosing provided they do not violate any of the above themes. This does not include other links such as references. We also reserve the right to remove any links, even after accepting and posting your work, with or without notification.

– We are an indie website that depends on the generous donations of readers and contributors such as yourself. We require a $25 (USD) fee per post.

How can I get in touch with The Spiritual Life?

– Please send finished articles as a Word File to

The Spiritual Life