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Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.

Meditation has been practiced since antiquity in numerous religious traditions and beliefs. Since the 19th century, it has spread from its origins to other cultures where it is commonly practiced in private and business life.

Meditation may be used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and increasing peace, perception, self-concept, and well-being. Meditation is under research to define its possible health (psychological, neurological, and cardiovascular) and other effects.

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Main articles

Young children practicing meditation in a Peruvian school

Young children practicing meditation in a Peruvian school

Forms of meditation

Focused attention methods

Open monitoring methods

Practices using both methods

No thought

Automatic self-transcending

Meditation practice

Common practice timings

  • Recommends 20 minutes twice per day.

Meditative Postures and techniques

  • Asana
  • Full-lotus
  • Half-lotus
  • Burmese
  • Seiza
  • kneeling positions
  • sitting
  • supine (lying)
  • standing
  • walking (kinhin)
  • while doing a simple task mindfully (samu)

Use of prayer beads

Secular applications

Alternative Medicine

  • Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Autogenic training
  • The method of Dr. Ainslie Meares
  • Shambhala Training

Sound-based meditation

Clinical Studies

Meditation, religion, and drugs

Quotes on Meditation

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Meditation position

Religious and spiritual meditation

Indian religions


Buddhist Meditation



East Asian religions


Modern spirituality

New Age

New Age meditations


Abrahamic religions




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