Satan Question God’s Existence

In this article, Satan Question God’s Existence by asking: “How Does Single Being Direct And Administer Entire Universe?”

One of Satan‘s most cunning wiles is to deceive people with narrow minds, short views, and constricted hearts concerning the immensity of the truths of belief.

Satan asks:

“It is said that a single Being directs and administers within His dominicality all particles and planets and stars and all the other beings and all their states. How can a person believe in such an immense and extraordinary matter? How can it be contained in the heart? How can the mind accept it?”

He awakens a feeling of denial in respect of human impotence.

The First Way: It is possible, but it is truly immense and wondrous. Certainly, such an astonishing work comes about through wondrous art in a most wondrous way. As for that way, it is its coming about through the dominicality, will, and power of a Single and Eternally Besought One, to Whose existence there are witnesses to the number of beings, indeed, of minute particles.

Lobster Nebula

Lobster Nebula

The Second Way: This is the way of unbelief and associating partners with God, which is in no way possible and is difficult to the degree of being impossible and is in no respect reasonable. There would have to be present in all the beings in the universe and even in every single particle absolute divinity and all-encompassing knowledge and infinite power so that the total order and regularity, sensitive balance and distinction, and the perfect, adorned embroideries of art to be observed in beings could come into existence.

In Short: If there was no immense and tremendous dominicality, which is completely appropriate and in place, it would necessitate following a way which is in every respect unreasonable and precluded. Even Satan cannot propose fleeing from such immensity, which is appropriate and necessary, and suggest entering upon impossibility.

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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