Manifestation Of Divine Names

This article is about the Manifestation of Divine Names.

God Almighty has many Names, each of which has different manifestations of its own. The Name, the All-Providing supplies beings with the provision necessary for their lives, while the Name, the All-Healing enables the patient to recover. While with the Name the All-Answering, He comes to the aid of the needy, He warns the heedless with His Name, the All-Distressing, and relieves the distressed with His Name, the All-Relieving. If we study together the manifestations of all of God’s Names, we can see the beauty in the variety they bring about in the universe, and understand the wisdom in the differences in creation. God makes Himself known to us with the manifestations of all His Names; while, for example, flowers smile at us as the result of the manifestation of His Names originating in His Grace, ‘natural’ catastrophes remind us of His wrath as the manifestation of His Names originating in His Majesty.

A king has different titles in respect of the different departments of his government, and different styles and attributes among the classes of his subjects, and different names and signs in the levels of his rule. For example, he is the “supreme judge” in the department of justice, “chief administrator” in the civil service, “commander-in-chief” in the army, and “supreme teacher” in the education department. If, starting from these examples, you know the rest of his names and titles, you will understand that a single king may have numerous names and titles in respect of the departments of his government and levels of his rule. It is as if, by virtue of his public person and private system of communication, that king is present in every department, and through his laws, regulations, and representatives, he superintends all his officials and watches all his subjects, and is seen by them. Behind the veil at every level, he administers, executes his orders, and is watchful through his decree, knowledge, and power.

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Similarly, the Lord of the Worlds, Who is the King of eternity, has at the levels of his Lordship’s manifestations reputations and designations which are all different but which correspond to each other. In the spheres of His Divinity, He has names and marks which are all different but whose manifestations are concentric with one another. He has in His majestic execution of His rule representations and appellations which are all different but which resemble one another, and in the operations of His Power He has titles which are all different but which are linked with each other. In the manifestations of His Attributes He has sacred ways of disclosing Himself, which are all different but, which point to one another. In His modes of acting, He has wise operations which are of numerous sorts but which perfect one another. In His colorful artistry and varied works of art, He has magnificent aspects of Lordship which are of different kinds but which correspond to each other. Besides, in every world, in every division of beings, each one of His Most Beautiful Names is individually manifested. In that world or sphere that Name is dominant and the other Names are subordinate to it. Furthermore, in every level of beings, in every small or large division of them, whose individual members are large or small, God has a particular display of Himself, a particular manifestation of Lordship, and a particular manifestation of one of His Names. Although the Name in question has a universal manifestation, it concentrates on something particular in such a way that you think it is peculiar to that thing exclusively. In addition, although the All-Majestic Creator is nearer to everything than itself, He is separated from it through seventy thousand veils of light. For example, you can consider how many veils or degrees there are between the Name of Creator and the degrees of Its creativity manifested in you, between you and the greatest degree and supreme title which is the Creator of the Universe. That means provided you transcend the outward dimensions of the universe, you may reach, through the door of being a creature, to the highest limit of the manifestations of the Name of Creator, and draw close to the sphere of Divine Attributes.

The veils have windows opening on each other, the Names appear concentric with each other, the designations correspond to each other, and the representations are like one another. The operations perfect one another, and the various dispositions of Lordship cooperate with one another. Then it is surely necessary for one who recognizes Almighty God by one of His Names, titles, or aspects of His Lordship, etc. that he does not deny His other titles, actions, and aspects of Lordship. Rather, if one does not make a transition from the manifestation of one Name to the other Names, one is in a loss. For example, if one does not notice the Name, the All-Knowing where he sees the works of the Names, the All-Powerful and the Creator, one may fall into heedlessness and the misguidance of regarding nature as self-originator.

So, if someone is at the same time a teacher, an officer, a lawyer, and an inspector in the civil service, in each office he has relations and duties, salaries and responsibilities, and promotion, and enemies and rivals who try to cause him to fail in his services. He meets with the king with many titles, and having recourse to him through his many titles, seeks help from him in many ways.

In exactly the same way, man, who is the object of the manifestations of numerous Divine Names and is charged with many duties and is the target of many kinds of enmity, seeks refuge in God by invoking many of His Names.

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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