A Prayer is an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with an object of worship, typically a deity, through deliberate communication. In the narrow sense, the term refers to an act of supplication or intercession directed towards a deity, or a deified ancestor. More generally, prayer can also have the purpose of thanksgiving or praise, and in comparative religion is closely associated with more abstract forms of meditation and with charms or spells.

Remember, prayer is simply talking to God. God wants to be our friend and he wants us to feel comfortable talking to him. If you are at a loss for words these prayers may help you.


The prayers gather under various headings as shown below.

Famous Prayers:

Serenity PrayerLord’s PrayerPrayer for You – Kitchen PrayerIrish Prayer For a Sick BrotherA Fireman’s PrayerA Teacher’s PrayerNative American PrayersA Prayer from the Shinto religionMedical CreedsMuslim Prayers – A Police Officer’s Prayer A Prayer Of A PhysicianAn Angler’s PrayerTraveler’s PrayerFootprints in the SandHail Mary  – The Prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel – The Secret of MaryCommon Catholic PrayersPrayers to the Holy SpiritPrayers to Jesus in the Holy EucharistGood Friday PrayerGood Friday Prayer for The JewsPrayer to Saint MichaelSaint Patrick’s BreastplateShema YisraelSinner’s prayer

From Sacred Texts:

Important Prayers in The Bible – The Old TestamentThe New TestamentThe QuranHindu Prayers: The Ocean of Spiritual PearlsThe OpeningPrayers from the Glorious Quran – List of Jewish Prayers and BlessingsThe Apostle Paul’s PrayersBeatitudes, Blessings of Jesus ChristDevotion And Loyalty To God In The Old TestamentPassages From The Psalms And The Proverbs

From Messengers:

AdamAbrahamDanielDavidElishaEstherEzraHannahHezekiah – JobJacobJehoshaphatJonahMosesNehemiahSamsonSolomonZachariahJohn the BaptistSamuelLotIsaiahEzekielEnochJabezNoahJesus’ PrayersMuhammadVirgin Mary, Mother of JesusMuhammad’s Prayers and Supplications

Prayer Samples For Our Daily Life:

Blessings: Beginning of EverythingBedroomBusinessesOur BodiesHouseBlessings Animals and PetsSuccess in WorkThanks for the Past and Blessing on the New Year – Christmas BlessingsHanukkah BlessingsWedding Blessing

Death and Salvation: For SalvationPrayers for The Dead and DyingRepentance from SinsThe Divine Mercy Chaplet (Catholic) – A Salvation Prayers for OthersForgiveness of sinsForgiveness and Protection from Hell fire

Daily Life: Evening PrayersMorning PrayersIn the WashroomGrace Before and After MealsA Prayer to Guard Your MouthPro-Life PrayersPrayers For Everyday Life

Family: For the FamilyFor FathersFor MothersFor ParentsMotherhoodWhen Nursing or FeedingParents’ Prayer for Their ChildrenMother’s Prayers – A Father’s PrayerA Wife’s PrayerA Husband’s PrayerIntimate RelationGetting a ChildSafe DeliveryPrevent MiscarriagesFor BirthdaysPrayers for Love and AffectionA Prayer for FriendsPrayers For BabiesPrayer for Single MothersPrayer for Animals and Pets

Financial: Clearing Debts and Driving Poverty AwayWealth & ProsperityPrayers For BusinessRetirement and Farewell Prayers

Health and Healing: For the SickFor Those Who SufferFor HealingBefore and After SurgeryFor a Sick ChildFor cure from ParalysisFor DepressionPrayers for AlcoholicsPrayers For Addiction – Prayers for Sobriety

Life: Prayers For LifeFor the Dignity of Human LifeTemporary InsanityPrayer for Those Fighting Euthanasia

Perseverance: Prayer for EndurancePrayer for StrengthIn Times of Weakness, Trial, Tribulation, Difficulty – Prayer for PatiencePrayers For Prisoners

Praise and Thankfulness: Prayers of PraisePrayers of ThanksgivingPrayers of DevotionPrayers For FaithSupplicationsA Supplication Or Praise Master Of UniversePrayers of Praise from The BibleThanksgiving In The Bible

Protection: All Kinds of ProblemPrayers Against TemptationPrayers Against GreedPrayers Against Bad ThoughtsPrayers Against Spell and MagicFor Personal ProtectionPrayers Against AntichristPrayers Against Satan And His Friends (Spiritual Enemies)Prayers In Time of DangerPrayers For CourageTo Seek Refuge in GodExorcism Prayer

Education: Prayers For StudyingPrayers For KnowledgePrayers For Students – Prayers for TeachersPrayers For Graduation

Wisdom: Prayers For WisdomChristian Prayer for Wisdom and StrengthPrayers For GuidancePrayers For Peace Around the WorldPrayers For All HumanityPrayers For Our LeadersPrayers Of HopeFasting Prayers For MuslimsPrayers of Self-reflectionPrayers For EnlightenmentPrayers For ChastityPrayers For God’s Inspiration – Reflections of St. Ignatius of Loyola

From Notables:

Saint Francis’ PrayerPrayer of Moses Maimonides – Montaigne – Schiller -Francis Bacon – J. J. Rousseau – Confucius – Peter Marshall – Goethe -Thomas Carlyle – Emerson – Epictetus – Corneille -Victor Hugo -Voltaire -Mark Twain – Shakespeare – Thomas Fuller -Benjamin Franklin – Dale Carnegie -Balzac – Churchill – Rudyard Kipling – Moliere – Sir Isaac Newton – Montesquieu  Pascal – Bernard Shaw – Socrates – Tolstoy – Cicero – Napoleon -Napoleon- Emile Zola – Henry Ford – EinsteinMalcolm X -Thomas Huxley – Muhammad Ali – Picasso – Marie Curie – Bill Clinton – Bill Gates – Diana – Elvis Presley – Russell Crowe – Jane Adams – Bediuzzaman Said Nursi – Fethullah Gülen- Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi – Pope – Mahatma Gandhi – Muhammed Ikbal – Martin Luther King Jr.Mother TeresaGeneral Douglas MacArthur – Abraham LincolnOscar Romero – –

If you would like to add a prayer without offending other faiths, please fill out the form.

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