What About The Angel Of Death?

This article covers the angel of death.

Since all angels were created from light, they can be present in any place and in any form simultaneously.

They also can perform countless tasks at the same time. Therefore, Azrael can take millions of souls simultaneously and without any confusion. Each Archangel has subordinates that resemble him and are supervised by him. When believers die, angels come to them with smiling, radiant faces. Azrael and his subordinates were charged with taking these souls, or by one of his subordinates.

Grim Reaper Horror Death Spooky Evil Scary Ghost

Grim Reaper

The Qur’anic verses:

By those who pluck out violently; by those who draw out gently (79:1–2)

indicate that the angels who take the souls of believers differ from those who take the souls of unbelievers. The souls of the latter, who have embittered and frightened faces at death, are plucked out violently.

By M. Fethullah Gulen

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