Prophet Muhammad

Humanity came to know true civilization by means of the Prophet Muhammad and favored it. All efforts exerted after him for the sake of true civilization have been no more than practicing or trying to practice the principles he brought and adjusting them to new conditions. For this reason, he deserves to be called the founder of true civilization.

It was the Prophet Muhammad, who rejected indolence and the lazy and esteemed labor as a mode of worship and applauded the hard-working. He directed his followers to horizons beyond the age in which they lived and taught them how they could be the element of balance in the world.

The Prophet Muhammad is unequaled in that he appeared as a sword of valor and eloquence against unbelief and savagery. He proclaimed the truth with the clearest voice and showed mankind the ways to true existence.

Prophet Muhammad's Garments

Prophet Muhammad’s Garments

If there is ever a person whom ignorance, unbelief, and brutality hate the most, it is Muhammad. Those who search for truth and thirst for true knowledge eventually will seek him out and embrace his path.

It was the Prophet Muhammad who proclaimed true freedom to humanity and ingrained in human consciousness that all human beings are equal before the law. He established that superiority lies in virtue, piety, and morality. He regarded proclaiming the truth against all oppressors and oppressive thought as a kind of worship.

Muhammad called upon us to protect religion, life, reason, property, and the integrity of family and lineage, and to strive for this purpose. In a remarkably balanced way, he proclaimed that no other duty could equal this struggle.

Muhammad unveiled the transitory nature of this world and death and showed the grave to be a waiting room opening onto the realm of eternal happiness. He led every heart seeking happiness, regardless of place or time, to the fountain of Khadr, and enabled them to drink the elixir of immortality.

By M. Fethullah Gülen

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