Chastity In Prophet Muhammad’s Words

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  1. Narrated by the humble servant of One Islam, whose name means al-Haqq from Allah’s Apostle in vision, saying: “All that a pure believer needs is within the True and Holy Qur’an. This is the first. Honor the sacred deed (constitution) of One Islam second. Respect these authentic Hadith of Allah’s Apostle and no other is the third. Finally, honor all other sacred scripture that respects Allah as one who loves all life, peace and wisdom. Never raise false sayings and false scripture above these four things.”
  2. The Prophet said, “Allah gives men and women the ability to think, to reason and to choose. Therefore you yourself do not need to be told what is wicked and that which is true. If a person tells you to kill those who have intercourse before marriage, if they tell you this is demanded by Allah then the gifts given to you by Allah should be enough to see through such evil and false scripture.”
  3. The Prophet said, “The greatest sin, above all others is to kill in the name of Allah. If any saying (Hadith) contradicts this, then it is false.”

    Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi wasallam

    Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi wasallam

  4. The Prophet said, “Modesty and chastity are part of the faith.”
  5. The Prophet said, “It is to men first that chastity and honor applies. For men have stronger urges. A man who is not a virgin upon his first marriage is guilty of a far greater sin than any woman.”
  6. The Prophet said, “Chastity is given unto you as a rule, not for pain, but to save you from it. A person who gives in too easily to urges and desires at a young age quickly loses all self-respect and soon becomes a slave of wicked vices.”
  7. The Prophet said, “Those who demand women are chaste before their first wedding yet turn the other way concerning men are guilty of false judgment in the eyes of Allah.”
  8. The Prophet said, “A married man who defiles the chaste honor of an unmarried virgin girl is such a grave sin, Allah demands all guilt be placed upon the man and the girl be released from all guilt, without question.”
  9. The Prophet said, “A family that harms a daughter out of some false sense of dishonor at her loss of chasity is guilty of a grave dishonor to the trust placed in them by Allah. Allah entrusts each family to protect and nurture their own, not inflict evil upon their children.”

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