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  1. 09/11/2020

    […] unaltered word of God, and the Sunnah, consisting of words and actions attributed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad in the hadith literature. Shi’ite jurisprudence extends the notion of Sunnah to include […]

  2. 10/19/2020

    […] articles: Pre-Islamic Arabia, Religion in pre-Islamic Arabia, Muhammad, and Quran See also: Early Social Changes Under […]

  3. 10/20/2020

    […] امام‎, Davâzdah Emâm) are the spiritual and political successors to the Islamic prophet Muhammad in the Twelver branch of Shia Islam, including that of the Alawite and Alevi […]

  4. 10/22/2020

    […] Quran was written in the 7th century CE. Therefore, one cannot find a verse of Quran or words of Muhammad saying clearly that “Smoking is forbidden.” However, there are many instances where […]

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