Jinn And Human Beings

This article covers the relationship between Jinn and human beings.

Contact With Jinn And Their Influence On Human Beings

Some people can go into a trance and contact beings from the invisible realms. However, we should remember that whether these are angels or jinn, invisible beings have their own conditions of life and are bound to certain limits and principles. For this reason, one who gets in touch with jinn should be careful, for one may fall under their influence and become their plaything.

Some assert that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1839–1908) of Qadiyan (India), [1] fell victim to such tricks. He attempted to serve Islam by struggling against Hindu Yogism through Fakirism, but evil spirits got control of him. First they whispered to him that he was a reviver (of religion), then that he was the Mahdi (Messiah), and when he was finally under their influence and control, told him to proclaim that he was an incarnation of God.

Sins and un-cleanliness invite the influence of evil spirits and unbelieving jinn. People of a susceptible nature, those who tend to be melancholy and those who lead dissipated and undisciplined lives, are their primary targets. Evil spirits usually reside in places for dumping garbage or other dirty places, public baths, and bathrooms.

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Does A Jinn Cause Certain Illnesses?

Jinn can penetrate a body even deeper than X-rays. They can reach into a being’s veins and the central points of the brain. They seem to be like lasers, which are used in everything from computers to nuclear weaponry, from medicine to communication and police investigations, and to remove obstructions in our veins and arteries. So, when we consider that Satan and all jinn are created from the smokeless fire that penetrates deep into the body, like radiation or radioactive energy, we can understand the meaning of the Prophetic Tradition: Satan moves where the blood moves.

18th century Ottoman Manuscript depicting Jinn causing toothaches

18th century Ottoman Manuscript depicting Jinn causing toothaches

Jinn can harm the body and cause physical and psychological illnesses. It might be a good idea for medical authorities to consider whether jinn cause certain types of cancer since cancer is an unordered and diseased growth in the body that we can describe as cellular anarchy. Maybe some jinn have settled in that part of the body and are destroying its cellular structure.

Although science does not yet accept the existence of invisible beings and restricts itself to the material world, we think it is worth considering the possibility that evil spirits play some part in such mental illnesses as schizophrenia. We constantly hear of cases where those who suffer from mental illness, epilepsy, or even cancer recover by reciting certain prayers. Such cases are serious and significant, and should not be denied or dismissed by attributing them to suggestion or auto-suggestion. When science finally accepts the existence of the metaphysical realm and the influence of metaphysical forces, it practitioners will be able to remove any obstructions and make far greater advances and fewer mistakes.

Can We Employ Jinns?

The doors to the metaphysical worlds are only a little ajar yet. Mankind is barely at the beginning of contact with jinn and devils. However, mankind will one day feel constrained to enter the world of jinn and devils and try to solve many of their problems pertaining to the material world.

The Holy Book states that God bestowed upon the House of Abraham the Scripture and Wisdom, and He bestowed on them a mighty kingdom (4:54). The mighty kingdom bestowed upon the House of Abraham manifested itself most brilliantly through the Prophets David and Solomon. The Prophet Solomon ruled not only over a part of mankind but also over jinn, devils, birds and winds:

“God subdued unto him devils some of whom dived for pearls and did other work (21:82).

He had armies of jinn and birds and he employed jinn in many jobs:

“They made for him what he willed: synagogues, fortresses, and basins like wells and boilers built into the ground (34:13).

“Wind was also subdued to him; its morning course was a month’s journey and the evening course also a month’s journey (34:12).”

As was pointed out earlier, the throne of the Queen of Sheba was carried from the Yemen to Jerusalem in the twinkling of an eye (27:40).

The verses relating to Solomon’s kingdom point to the final limit of the use of Jinn and Devils by mankind. These verses suggest that a day will come when mankind is able to use them in many jobs, especially in communication. It is quite probable that they will also be employed in security affairs; mining and metal work, and even in space studies and historical research. Since Jinn can live about one thousand years, they may be useful in establishing historical facts.

By M. Fethullah Gulen

[1] Founder of the Qadiyani (also known as Ahmadiyya) sect, which most Muslims say is either heretical or non-Islamic.

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