Blessings For Business

In religion, a blessing (also used to refer to bestowing of such) is the infusion of something with holiness, spiritual redemption, or divine will.

Oh Lord of Heaven and earth!

The Scripture says that You will prosper the efforts of Your servants. Lord! I am anxious about this venture!

As the Scripture says You were with Isaac and gave him hundred fold blessings. I know You have the same love and concern for my well fare also. Have mercy upon O Lord prosper all the efforts that I take towards the success of my business. Grant me Your wisdom and guidance so that I can take the right decision at the right time. Unless You bless me I cannot be a success my Lord. So I beseech You to grant me success in my endeavours and lift me up in life. Be with me and prosper whatever I do!

I thank You and praise You for answering my prayers even now providing all my needs. Amen.

O Lord,

Be present in our midst, as we join with (Name……) to dedicate this business place as her/his business. Let your blessings be upon her/his and the members of her/his staff, day by day, as they serve others. With them we give special thanks fro bringing this process thus far in the plans and preparation. Enable them to serve to all their patrons and to do so with the respect and courtesy. AMEN.

A Prayer For The Business/Occupation

Lord, We Affirm. ..
You are the Lord of the work place as well as the worship place.
All work that meets legitimate needs is Your work to be done in Your way.
Prosperity that comes from our work is a gift from You to be used for Your glory, not our ease.
While You made all things for us to enjoy, true satisfaction comes only from You.

Lord, We Confess. ..
We have at times been proud and arrogant about success, thinking it was because we were smarter, better, or worked harder than others.
We have sometimes placed success above integrity and power above people. This is sin in every instance.
We have often let our love of prosperity quench our courage and compassion.
We have kept You too often at a safe distance, mentally locked in the church building away from our daily affairs. How we could have used Your strength, guidance, and love at times if we had only known You are as real a part of our lives on Monday as You are on Sunday.

Lord, We Ask That. ..
We, as businessmen, would live ethically distinctive lives, both publicly and privately.
We would assume the discipline of craftsmanship, working with all our heart as if You were our boss-because You are.
We would discover what we are each gifted to do, finding the delight and joy of doing what You created us for.
Others would see the reality of Your presence in our lives and be attracted to You.

By William Carr Peel

Dear Lord, as I enter this work place,
I bring Your presence with me.
I speak Your peace, Your grace, and Your perfect order into the atmosphere of this office.
I acknowledge Your Lordship over all that will be spoken, thought, decided and accomplished within these walls.

Dear Lord, I thank You for the gifts You have deposited in me.
I do not take them lightly, but commit to using them responsibly and well.
Give me a fresh supply of truth and beauty; on which to draw as I do my job.

Anoint my creativity, my ideas, my energy so that even my smallest task may bring You honor.
Lord when I am confused, guide me. When I am weary, energize me.
Lord, when I am burned out, infuse me with the light of Your Presence.

May the work that I do and the way I do it, bring hope, life, and courage to all that I come in contact with today.
And Oh Lord, even in this day’s most stressful moment, may I rest in You.
In the mighty Name that is above all Names. Amen.

To Be recited at the time of going to market:

Oh God I seek You benefits for this Market and those who through it.
When he reaches the market, then God will make an angel look after him and his merchandise until he returns home. That angel says “Today you have saved yourself from the mischief of the market and those who frequent it and you have gained their-good will.”

To be recited when one sets in his shop:

I stand witness that there is no God except One. Oh God! I beg You to give me permissible and purified daily bread with Your blessings; and seek shelter for myself doing any cruelty on any one or anyone doing any cruelty with me and also seek refuge from trade which incurs losses and false oaths.
When he will recite this prayer the angel with say, “There will be a revelation unto you, and there is no one in the market today, whose share will be greater that yours. You have been in hurry to collect good deeds and to ignore bad deeds, and now, within a little while the rightful and rewarding earning which God has meant for you is arriving.”

O’ God! I beseech Thee to grant me goodness from the Market and goodness from those who are in it; I seek refuge for the mischief of the Market and the mischief of those who are there.

For the safety of the store:

We have set wall before them and another behind and have closed the gap from above. They can think of nothing. That thing cannot be lost whose protector is Allah. And if after this they do not see in the right direction then say Allah is enough for me: Allah there is no Allah but He! I rely on Him and He is the Lord of the ‘Arsh-e-Azeem (Quran) and keep it inside the package. This will keep that merchandise safe from all accidents.

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