Reason For Creation

This article covers the answer to the question: “What is the reason for creation?”

Since God Knows What We Will Do, Why Does He Send Us Here?

We are sent here to improve our abilities and skills through the responsibilities He ordains for us. Not all people are created with the same ability and the same disposition; rather, they are like rough minerals waiting to be purified and refined.

For example, artists want to express their talents, and so are known by the resulting works of art. In the same way, creation’s majesty, splendor, and artistry present and reflect His sacred Names and Attributes. To show us His art, [1] He created the universe and exhibited aspects of His mysterious, hidden treasures within it. To show us how His Names, Attributes, and Divine Art become manifest, He created the universe step by step. He grants us countless opportunities to know Him better and to acquire sound knowledge about Him. He is the absolute Creator who makes everything from one, and adds thousands of benefits to whatever He wills.

Azalea Stack Of Stones Stack Stones Blossom Bloom

Azalea and stack of stones for meditation

Humanity is placed in creation to be tested, purified, and prepared for eternal bliss in Paradise. God knows the final result of this test, as He is not bound by time. Therefore, He tests us so that we may become aware of what we really are by testing ourselves against ourselves and against others. This testing is a process to determine our value, to learn if we are iron or gold. We are tested in what we strive for and in what we do. One day, we shall enter God’s presence and give account of ourselves: But their hands will speak to us, and their feet bear witness to all that they did.

By M. Fethullah Gulen

[1] For example, through His Attributes of Might, Power, Knowledge, Wisdom, Beauty, and

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