Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad’s Achievements

This article covers Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad’s Achievements.

Speaking about the Time of Happiness and Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh)

We must be very sensitive about introducing Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh). The fact that some people dislike Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh) nowadays can be attributed to the fact that they were not informed about him during their childhood. The ones who knew him well admire and adore him. Throughout the centuries, masses of people, fascinated by his charm, have followed him, and no man in the world history has been thus respected. However, we can not expect our children to love Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) without telling them about him. At a certain time period, there was a fortunate group of people who had the honor of seeing and being with him. Another fortunate group saw the ones who saw him and tried to see him through the eyes of the preceding generation. This is summed up in the hadith:

“The best among you (are) the people (who belong to) my age. Then those next to them …”

Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh) came at a very dark time; at that time there were heartless people who buried their daughters alive, almost everyone drank alcohol and there was a very weak moral code. Such a blessed person, one who accomplished an incredible social reform, all of his achievements and his community are absolutely peerless throughout all of history.

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

Some revolutions took place in Ancient Greece, Rome and in other countries also. However, none of these offered much in terms of human values. These revolutions brought new problems and in some places, there was a return to the past. We can even say that in certain periods, what was left behind by revolutions was nothing but blood and tears.

A real revolution is one which effects positive changes within the hearts, the souls, the social and spiritual life, the feelings and thoughts of the people; one which frees them from the grasp of the carnal self and elevates them to the top of humanity, resulting in a chain of pure generations. This is what Allah’s Messenger (pbuh), the greatest expert on social life, achieved as a Prophet, thanks to his excellent ability at dealing with social matters. Unfortunately, we have neglected to learn about him and to convey any knowledge about him to our children, although he set an ideal example in every aspect of life.

Here is another point from Bediuzzaman Said Nursi: “A little habit, like cigarette smoking in a small community, can only be removed permanently by a powerful ruler, and only with great effort.” To paraphrase this: If ten people try to persuade a heavy smoker to give up smoking, telling him how it causes cancer in a most convincing manner, they will still not be able to make him give up smoking. On the other hand, Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) abolished all the evil habits of the people around him, something which seemed impossible at the time, replacing these with the most exalted human values.

The incredible obedience to the prohibition of alcohol was a remarkable fact. Imagine an alcoholic community, where alcohol is a part of life. As soon as they heard the order “alcohol is prohibited”, they smashed the glass in their hand, never to drink again. Academics have failed to explain why this reform was so effective. Thus, what we need to do is to learn about this blessed person who had the greatest virtue and to speak about what we know of him to others, so that his love will conquer their hearts. When we achieve this, our children will speak about him, think about him and they will sense him. As a result, we will have direct back up in our efforts from Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh). The Almighty consolidates our faith through this blessed person!

Telling our children about Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) and all the events he foretold will refresh their trust in him. In his hadiths, he foretold many events that would happen in the future, including their causes and their results, stretching from his time until the end of the world, and warned us about these events.

He foretold several events, such as the Mongolian invasion, the occupation of Syria, the tremendous increase in the value and importance of the river Euphrates, petrol being found in Taleqan, the spread of corrupt morality, and so on. It is virtually impossible to deny his Prophethood when one is aware of all these facts. It is our responsibility to let others know that Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) revealed the knowledge of both the past and the future, despite the fact that he had never received any education, except that given by Allah.

He stated facts concerning medicine that would later prove to be true, even though at that time it was impossible for him to know such facts from the basic level of scientific knowledge of those times. Therefore, Allah taught him and he revealed what he had been taught, clearly indicating that he was truly Allah’s Messenger (pbuh). If we were to prepare a serious study concerning his deeds, volumes of books would not suffice. We have briefly mentioned some facts.

By M. Fethullah Gulen

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