Wife’s Prayers and Blessings

A wife is a women in a marriage. A woman who has separated from her partner continues to be a wife until the marriage legally dissolves with a divorce judgement. On the death of her partner, a wife is referred to as a widow.

The rights and obligations of a wife in relation to her partner and her status in the community and in law vary between cultures and have varied over time.

We have collected some of the best Wife’s prayers and blessings to use in request to God. May these prayers for safety bring you comfort and peace of mind. May these prayers for strength encourage your spirit and strengthen your faith.

A Wife’s Prayer #1

Dear Lord,

Help me to be the kind of wife you want me to be.
Help me not to take my role as wife lightly or take my husband’s love for granted.
Help me to be a good listener, giving my husband my full attention so that I will be well aware of his concerns, aspirations, and needs.
Help me to pay attention to the advice my husband gives me when he brings things to my attention that I may be doing wrong or that I could be doing better.
Help me to be more anxious to please my husband than to have my own way.
Help me to be aware of the things that I do that upset my dear husband – and enable me not to keep doing them – so that I will not be causing unnecessary problems in our relationship.
Help me to remember that I am commanded to submit to my husband’s role as head of the house even if he fails to faithfully submit to the headship of Christ.
Help me to treat my husband better than when we were first met and remind me of the importance of spending quality time alone with him and of doing things to remind him of how special he is to me.
Help me not to jump to conclusions about my husband’s motives and enable me to think the best of him at all times.
Help me to apologize and set things straight when I complain, falsely accuse, act selfishly, or say unkind or provoking words.
Help me to go out of my way to complement him and to encourage him.
Help me to be a proper example of what a loving, considerate, caring, and self-sacrificing wife should be.
Help me to realize that it is my job to be an example of a mature and godly wife and not an example of a disrespectful and selfish child.
Help me to be joyful in spite of my circumstances and help me to avoid whining and complaining when things do not go my way.
Help me to admit my faults, to apologize when I am wrong, and to be anxious to heal wounds that I may have caused in my relationship to my husband.
Help me to realize that is far better to get my husband to do things I want him to do because he loves me and not because I nag him.
Help me to never forget that You gave me my husband to be a helpmate and best friend and may I never think of him as an adversary or a hindrance.
Help me to show my children how much I respect and love their father by my actions and by the words out of my mouth.
Help me not to be afraid to be affectionate and loving towards my husband in front of my children so that they will know how to be good spouses when they grow up.
Help me to support my husband in the proper administration of discipline to our children so they are not a burden or a grief to my husband.
Help me to show my children that my husband is truly my very best friend and a highly trusted partner in the ministry of our family.

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A Wife’s Prayer #2

O merciful Lord God,

Who in the beginning didst take Eve out of the side of Adam and didst give her to him as a helpmate: grant me grace to live worthy of the honorable estate of matrimony to which Thou hast called me, that I may love my husband with a pure and chaste love, acknowledging him as my head, and truly reverencing and obeying him in all good things; that thereby I may please him, and live with him in all believers serenity. Keep me from all worldliness and vanity. Help me, O Lord, that I may, under him, prudently and discreetly guide and govern his household. Let no fault of mine aggravate any sins by which he may be especially tempted; enable me to soothe him in perplexity, to cheer him in difficulty, to refresh him in weariness, and, as far as may be, to advise him in doubt. [Give me understanding so to fulfill my part in the education of our children, that they may be our joy in this world and our glory in the next.] Grant that our perfect union here may be the beginning of the still more perfect and blissful union hereafter in Thy kingdom. Amen.

A Wife’s Daily Prayer #1

As a wife I beseech You my God, make me cheerful, trustful, unselfish, thrifty and an affectionate companion. I ask the additional grace of patience and good example. May our family be modeled upon the Holy Family. Amen

A Wife’s Daily Prayer #2

Dear Lord,

Good morning, God. I’m offering you my daily prayer for my husband, that he feels your presence throughout his day. That he feels the love and support of his wife and his family. And that he seeks you in every decision. Lord bless him, keep him safe, and bring him home to me. Amen.

A Wife’s Prayer For Her Husband #1

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your unconditional love for me.  I am so undeserving, yet you pursue me daily!  Thank you for your grace and for your perfect provision.  I am so blessed and grateful for my life and for insert husband’s name } life.   Thank for trusting us with each other’s hearts, blessing us with the covenant of marriage. You have given us an opportunity to love each other unconditionally and sometimes that is hard to do, but I ask Lord, that you would help us to love like you love.  Please show me how to be a joyful wife, a compassionate wife, a humble wife, and a truly forgiving wife. I pray for wisdom. I pray that you would equip insert husband’s name } and I with whatever we are lacking so that we may bless each other and be a beautiful example of a healthy marriage to other couples. Help me to understand that my expectations for my husband may never be met, that he is human and capable of sin.  Give me a discerning spirit and the courage to speak truth into my husband’s life, which will encourage him.  Keep words of disappointment and regret, lies from the enemy, far from me. Lord, if insert husband’s name } is struggling with anything, specifically { insert a struggle } please remove it from him.  Heal insert husband’s name } and give him a strong desire to seek after you.  I pray that he is the spiritual leader of our family that you have called him to be.  May your characteristics manifest in him as he grows in his relationship with you. God I ask that you would protect our marriage, keeping Satan and his ways far from our family.  Holy Spirit, walk with insert husband’s name }today, call out his name and reveal yourself to him.  I pray that our love for each other continues to grow deeper and deeper every day.  Please grant us time to spend intimately with one another, and especially time and desire to pray with and over one another! I pray for restoration in our marriage!  May you be at the center of our marriage FOREVER and EVER!  Reigning in our hearts, motivating our love and guiding our actions! In Jesus Name AMEN!

A Wife’s Prayer For Her Husband #2

LORD, I thank You for my husband. Thank You for creating him in Your image, designing him for greatness and strength.

God, please give my husband the joy of knowing true wisdom and following good counsel. Help him to distinguish between Your life-giving truth and the enemy’s destructive deception. Give him godly friends who will challenge him to spiritual greatness.

God, I pray that my husband will read Your Word daily, eager to meet with You and to hear Your voice. Make him more hungry for You than for anything else in his life. Help him to meditate on the Scriptures all day long so that his spirit is refreshed, his thinking is renewed, and his life is transformed.

I pray that my husband will be like a great tree planted by streams of water, its branches reaching up to the sky. May my husband be a mighty man of God, strong in character. In his spirit, may his arms be lifted in praise to You all day long. May he raise his requests and burdens to You.

I pray that my husband will be firmly grounded and established in Your supportive, nurturing love. May his roots grow deep, seeking and finding the unseen aquifer of Living Water. May he continually drink in Your energizing Spirit. I pray that the ministry and influence of the Spirit will flow into every aspect of my husband’s life.

Lord, please enable my husband to be like a tree with thick foliage, shielding those within its shade. Help him to be an effective protector for his family. Cause him to be alert to danger, and give him the courage and wisdom to know how to guard his family well, both physically and spiritually. Make him vigilant in prayer. Show him how to be a shelter for our family in the midst of a harsh world.

I pray, too, that my husband will be like a tree filled with abundant fruit. May he be able to provide for his family in healthy ways, both physically and spiritually. May his own spirit bear the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, and self-control.

I pray that my husband will be like a tree whose leaf does not wither. Keep him from compromising when things are difficult or when temptation is fierce. Protect him from the “withering” of discouragement or fear. Keep him leaning on You, drawing his strength from you.

Bless him with the full prospering of his soul. Fulfill all of Your dreams for him, and crown his efforts for You with success.

And, Lord, show me, please, how to bring strength and refreshment to my husband, encouraging and supporting him. As I lift him up to You, I thank You that You are raising him up into greatness.

—- by Tami Myer borrowed from https://www.startmarriageright.com/2017/10/wifes-prayer-husband/

A Wife’s Prayer For Her Husband #3


I pray that you would fill my husband with your Spirit and strengthen him by it, that he may walk in its power and so resist the desires of his flesh (Eph. 3:16, 5:8; Gal. 5:16). As he flees from all things evil, help him to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance, compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience and forgiveness of others (1 Timothy 6:11, Colossians 3:12-13).

Let your Word dwell richly in him (Colossians 3:16) and be his greatest delight, and may he respond by living as an example to others of you and of your followers, in his speech, conduct, love, faith and purity (1 Timothy 4:12). May he not grow weary of doing good, but work heartily in all he does for your sake and not to please men (2 Thessalonians 3:13, Col. 3:23).

Lord, help him devote himself to prayer (Colossians 4:2) and to daily put on the full armor of God so that he’ll be able to stand firm against the schemes of the enemy (Eph. 6:11). Purify his mind and help him to dwell only in what is honorable, right, pure, lovely, good, excellent, praiseworthy and true (Phil. 4:8).

May he be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like a man and be strong (1 Cor. 16:13). Make my husband into the man of integrity (Psalm 100:2) and leader of our family that you created him to be. May you be first in his heart today and always.

All glory be to you, Lord. Amen

A Prayer for My Husband

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my husband. He is an amazing partner and blessing in my life. He is more than I could ever ask for. I know that neither one of us is perfect, but we are perfectly imperfect together.

Lord, help my husband thrive in his job and to gain great fulfillment in his work. Help him to inspire others with his work ethic and positive attitude.

Lord, let him see the fruits of his labor, and in lean times, help him to remember that You are still in control. Give him a hunger for Your Word, Lord. May he be a light to our family and to others.

Remind him that only You define him; his purpose comes from You…not his work, hobbies, or even me, Lord. Help him to prioritize his life according to Your will…God, family, and then everything else.

Let there be joy in our hearts and our home. Give us a rock-solid marriage built on a firm foundation of faith and forgiveness.

Let our love be a testimony of the tremendous love and grace You have for us.

Help us to work as a team in parenting our children. Let us speak kindly to one another and our children. Help us to teach them Your ways and to see this manifested in our own lives. Lord, we so desire our marriage to be one that makes our kids want to get married some day.

I pray that we always make time for each other every single day. When my husband feels disconnected, Lord, give him the courage to come to me and share his heart. Let truth and trust flow through our marriage and home.

Help him to flee temptation. Convict his heart when he is wrong, so we can get back on the right path. May my husband only have eyes for me alone, and I only have eyes for him alone. Lord, give us a close, honest, loving, and vibrant intimacy that keeps us tightly intertwined in mind, body, and soul.

May there be nothing between us; no people, lies, or things left unsaid. I thank you for bringing us together, and I pray a special blessing on his life and our life together. Help me to be the very best wife I can be to him, Lord.

In Jesus’ Name,


by Ashley Willis, borrowed from https://xomarriage.com/a-prayer-for-my-husband/

In gratitude for my Husband

Dear God, I thank you for my husband. I thank you for letting this man come into and complete my life. I delight in making him happy and caring for him. I am so grateful for how he loves me and cares for me. You know that there are days that we get on each other’s nerves, but today, I’m so grateful that this man completes my life and that you have given him to me to love and cherish all the days of my life.

Daily prayer for my Husband

Lord Jesus,

Today I lift my husband up to you. I pray blessing, anointing, and power over him, in Jesus’ mighty name. Lord I ask that you would place a hedge of protection around him. Guide him in all of his ways, speak to him and through him. Help him in his work and as the leader of our home. Lord please give him wisdom he can only receive from you. Help him to recognize it and receive it. I speak favor over him with You and with people. I pray divine inspiration and success over him.

Lord draw him closer and closer to you. Give him a hunger for Your Word and a thirst for prayer. I pray that he would daily seek your face, hear your voice, and work out his own salvation in fear and trembling.

I pray healing over his body and his soul. I break every word curse spoken out against him, in Jesus’ name! May all idle words and curses fall to the ground and their seeds will not bear fruit. I plead the blood of Jesus over my husband, the work of his hands, the perfect will of God for his life, our marriage, and our family. Give him the grace to put you first and obey in all things. Lord, only you know his greatest temptations and the secret petitions of his heart—please meet him at his place of greatest need and lead him in the way everlasting.

I pray that you would draw other men to him that he can relate to and receive from—who love You above anything else in their lives. Allow them to be knitted together as David was to Jonathan. Bring him righteous men of God to study your Word with, pray with, and hold one another accountable.

I ask, Lord, for your grace over my husband to parent our children. Reveal to him Your Father’s heart and show him what our children need from him. Give him the strength and wisdom to represent you well before our children and groom them for a passionate relationship with You and great success in their callings.

Lord, help me to be a respectful and honoring wife to my husband. Reveal to me the special ways that I alone can minister to him. Show me anywhere that I may offend him and not realize it. Give me the grace to help him and love him exactly as you would have me do so. Expose and heal anything in me that is displeasing to you and hindering to my marriage. I humble myself before you and lay myself down– mind, will, and emotions– so I can become more of you, in Jesus’ name.

Satan I command you to retreat from my husband in Jesus’ name. He belongs to the Most High God along with the rest of our household and you hold no claim over us. I take authority over you right now and render you harmless in our lives.

Host of Heaven, I command you to forth now and pull down any strongholds that are hindering my husband or our family. Bring in from the North, South, East, and West everything he needs to fulfill the will of God and provide for our family. Protect him in all of his ways, expose and destroy the plots and plans of the enemy, and make his crooked places straight, in Jesus name.

Father God I thank you for my husband, my covenant partner. Thank you for the holy work that marriage can do in us. Thank you for the blessing of such an intimate earthly relationship. Thank you for the authority you give us to pray for one another. I commit my husband, marriage, family, and self to you, in Jesus’ name. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

by Lizzie Smiley, borrowed from https://www.createapeacefulhome.com/powerful-prayer-wives-pray-husbands/

wedding at the beach

Wedding at the beach

A Prayer for Myself as A Wife

Father God, thank You for how far You have brought us. You have proven to be faithful, ever present and good. Oh, so good. My heart overflows with praise and thanksgiving for You.

Reflecting on these past years, I am convicted that I haven’t always been the wife You designed me to be or the wife my husband needs. I confess the times I have been disrespectful in words, attitudes and deeds. I see them as You do: sin. Remove any bitterness, selfishness and impatience from my heart. In its place plant ready forgiveness, patience and the willingness to bear all things.

Make me kind, Lord. Make me gentle and good, keeping the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart pleasing to You,(Ps.19:14) for out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.(Luke 6:45)

Make me faithful, Father. Not only in body, but also in word and deed. Make me the kind of wife my husband knows will not do or say anything to degrade or devalue him no matter how I may feel. Renew my mind so that I can judge my words and actions based on Your truth and not just on my feelings. Let my husband know that I will bring him good and not evil all the days of my life.(Pr. 31:11) I know my first and foremost ministry is to my husband. Remind me of this often throughout the day, seeking ways to bless my husband with my body, words and actions.

Transform me, Lord. Remind me to not expect my husband to fill me in ways only You can. Help me lay all expectations at Your feet. Help me accept him the way he is and not try to change him into what I want him to be. At the same time, I release him to You to mold and shape and grow into the man You created him to be: a man so much greater than I could ever hope to make him.

Father, daily work in me to become the wife of my husband’s dreams. One he can love easily, trust fully, laugh with, cry with and grow old with. Make me new; totally transformed, fitting perfectly into the plan You have for his life and our marriage. Amen.

by Kaylene Yoder, Please go buy this wonderful devotional book for wives A Wife’s 40-day Fasting & Prayer Journal – A Guide to Strategic Prayer.

As Our Children Leave Home

My Father in heaven, I ask you to look down on my husband of so many decades and to bless him on this day. Our marriage has been greatly enriched by our children and watching him grow as a father has only deepened my love for him. You gave him the grace and wisdom to nurture our children, challenge them and love them. Now bless they are gone. Help him to discover new joys in life and new ways to love and grow. Bless me with the grace to be his partner in this continued increase in our love for each other and for you.

For a loving husband

Lord, you know my husband and you have blessed him. I thank you for his gifts and for his love for me and for our children. I love him so much. And, I worry about him so much. Keep him in your care and help us to stay close. Help us face the difficulties we must face together. Help us live a long life together, if that is your will. I ask you this, in Jesus’ name.

For a husband who is difficult to live with

Oh, Lord, I am weary. Just weary. And, fairly angry, too. There are days I simply have no hope, and some days I have no desire at all to continue in this marriage. So, I turn to you and beg your help. First of all, I beg you to help me. Don’t let me give up. I am the only one I can change, so please help me change me. Protect my spirit. Take away my anger. It’s just cancer on my spirit. Give me courage and enough love to try again. Help me try to heal what is broken in my husband. Help me to love him so he isn’t so insecure and afraid. When he barks, let me only hear his inner fears protecting himself. Now I pray for him, Lord. Please love him and do what you can to heal him. Allow this struggle he’s in to open his heart to being loved, to being softened. Protect him from sin, from the temptations of the Evil One. Let him know and respond to the love I will, with your grace, show him. I ask you this, trusting you can still bless this marriage gave to us.

For a husband who is being stretched

God of love, you know what my husband is going through. The pressure he is under really scares me. I can see the toll it takes on him. I try to comfort him, to be patient with him, to help him enjoy a different world at home. Please watch out for him and protect him. Don’t let him face more than he can bear. I don’t know what I’d do without him. Thank you, Lord, for listening to my prayer. Hold him in your most loving heart, I pray.

For a husband who is ill or declining in health

Most loving God, my husband is struggling these days. I can see the changes in him and it breaks my heart. I promised to love him, “in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.” I promised to “love and honor him, all the days of my life.” Help me live those promises now, Lord. I’m embarrassed that I’m sometimes impatient and I’m not always caring and kind. I’m even guilty of thinking of my needs first. But, I turn to you now, dear Lord, and ask you to help my dear husband in this time of trial for him and for us. Restore him to health, if you can. Give him courage, strength and faith to deal with his ill health. Let him know the comfort of my love and your promises. I ask you this out of love for him. Make my love stronger.

For a husband who is an alcoholic

Oh, Lord, you know what a mess this is. I want to scream, but I think I stopped screaming years ago. My husband is addicted. I know it’s an “illness”, but I’m so angry.
I feel like his “illness” is killing me. And, he doesn’t seem to care. He doesn’t seem to really care about anything anymore.
The truth doesn’t matter. He’ll lie about anything. I think that’s what hurts the most. I’m not stupid or blind.
Oh, Lord, can I believe you can rescue us in this mess?
Can I believe there is hope?
Please, Lord, let my husband be healed. Please save us.
Please, somehow, let this pattern be broken before something much worse happens to him, to us. Please let me love him with your own love. Tough love, but faithful love, faith-filled love.

For a husband who uses pornography

God of love, my heart is so fragile I can barely find words to pray to you.
I have given myself to this marriage as best I could. I have not been perfect, and sometimes I’ve been really, really bad.
But, now my heart is broken. My husband is obsessed with sexual fantasies.
First it was stuff he wanted us to do; then it was stuff in his mind. Now it’s pornography. He’s addicted, Lord. He doesn’t see it. He’s obsessed with it. He can’t stop it. At first, he said it would help our love making.
But, it has only made him more self-centered, less generous, less loving.
Oh, Lord, please send your spirit to drive this Evil Spirit out. Please heal my husband. Heal my heart so I can have the strength and courage to help him.
Together, and with your grace, Lord, we can break this habit and learn to abstain from escapes from reality. With your help, Lord, we can learn simple love affection, simple tenderness and generous care for each other.
Dear Lord, I place my husband in your most loving hands.

Prayer for guidance for your husband

Dear God,

Please grant my husband your guidance in all that he does. Be with him as he makes decisions both large and small, and help him to feel your hand leading in his life. Give him the confidence to make Godly choices and to seek to do your will in everything. If he is struggling with a specific issue, please bless him and make his paths straight and clear. Amen.

Prayer for strength for your husband

Dear God,

Please give my husband strength today. Help him to remember that his strength and grace comes from you. Help us all to remember that all of our good gifts come from you, Heavenly Father. When my husband is feeling weak, please remind him of your love and your support, and help him to recall my love and support for him as well. Help me to be the wife that he needs me to be. Amen.

Prayer for a Godly marriage

Dear Lord,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the blessing of marriage. I am so glad you gave me such a wonderful husband whom I treasure so deeply. Please help me to never take him for granted and continue to love him to the best of my abilities. Help me to love him as you love us. God, please bless our marriage in abundance. Help us to be a reflection of your love for us and help us always to seek you first in our marriage. Help us to grow stronger in love each and every day, and to always prioritize our marriage. Help us each to be selfless spouses who seek to bless and give to one another. And help us do all this to your glory Lord. Amen.

Prayer for your family

Dear God,

Thank you so much for the gift of family. We feel so blessed to have the incredible family that we do. We ask that you will bless us with the gift of children if it is in your plan for us. Allow us to become loving and godly parents. Please be with each of our extended families. Bless them with health, safety, and happiness, and please allow them to feel your love for them today and always. Amen.

A prayer for peace

Dear Lord,

I know that you are the provider of peace. Please help my husband and I to remember this in our lives and to seek your peace at every moment. Help us to hold fast to your promises when we are feeling stressed, agitated, or anxious. We know that you want to give us a spirit of joy and peace and not of fear and worry. Please give my husband your peace today. Remove worries and irritations from his mind and allow him to focus on the good things. Help me to create a peaceful environment for him as well, and do all I can to promote peace in our marriage and in our home. Amen.

Romantic relationship is often crowned with marriage.

Romantic relationship is often crowned with marriage.

Prayer for help through struggles

Dear God,

My husband is dealing with an issue right now. You know what it is because you know what we need before we even ask for it. I come to you in Faith now Lord to ask for your help with this struggle. Please give my husband your comfort and your peace as well as your wisdom and strength. He can only get through this struggle with your help and grace Lord, so please let him feel your presence and place his trust and dependence on you. Amen.

Prayers for wisdom

Dear Lord,

Help my husband as he makes decisions today. I especially ask him to help you with any specific or significant decisions he may be struggling with. Grant him the wisdom that only comes from you God, and help him to turn to you for help and guidance. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

A blessing over your marriage

Dear Heavenly Father,

Our marriage is a gift from above, and we depend on you for its continuing success. Help us never to forget to put you first in our lives. We ask that you would bless our marriage richly. Allow us to have a marriage that is full of love and joy, but also one that is strong and deep and able to withstand sorrows and tragedies. Help us to always keep our marriage as one of the most important parts of our life. Bless and protect our marriage oh Lord, and grant us many years together. Amen.

Prayer for fatherhood

Dear Lord,

Thank you for being our father and being the ultimate example of fatherly love. Help my husband to feel that love and to emulate it as best he can. Help my husband to grow as a father, becoming more generous, patient, and encouraging, just as you are. Let my husband know that he is a beloved and trusted father to this family and that we adore and respect him. Help him to feel confident in his fatherhood and his abilities. Allow me to be the best partner for him to support him as a father. Help us raise our children in the way you want for them, and help us to be loving and caring parents to our blessed children. Amen.

Prayer for his Faith

Dear Lord,

I pray that my husband’s faith in you and your goodness continues to increase every day. If he has doubts, help dispel them and show him the truth of your promises and your love. Help my husband cling to the truth of your word and your presence in his life. And help our entire family to grow in Faith and love of you, Lord. Amen.

Prayer for provision in your husband’s life

Dear God,

Your word says that you will provide for our every need. I believe in your promise. Please provide for all of my husband’s needs: physical, spiritual, financial, and emotional. Help him to feel your blessings in his life and help him to learn to depend on you for all things. Chase away his worries and teach him that you are faithful to take care of our needs. And please help me to do the same, trusting in you more and more. Amen.

Support for his work

Dear Lord Jesus,

Give my husband all that he needs in his work today. Guide him in his decisions and surround him with wisdom and clarity. Help his actions at work to be imbued with integrity. Allow him to be an encouragement to those he works with and help them to see the light of Christ through his words and behavior. God, please help my husband to feel proud of the work he achieves. Help him to be confident in his strengths and abilities and help him to offer his work up as a sacrifice to you, knowing that all power and goodness comes from you, Lord. Amen.

Prayer of gratitude #1

Dear God,

Thank you so much for my husband. I can’t imagine my life without him and he means the world to me. Help him to know what a blessing and a gift he is to me. Please help me to show my gratitude and adoration for him with my words and actions. Let me never take him for granted, Lord. Please bless him and keep him. Amen.

Prayer of gratitude #2


Help me to be a gracious wife, even when I feel justified in my emotions.  Give me the ability to move past my husband’s flaws and shortcomings just as you willingly poured grace into my own life.  Help me to not hold a grudge or let bitterness rot my soul.  Instead, may I learn to forgive like Jesus and begin to mend the gap between us. Amen.

Prayer for the avoidance of temptation #1

Dear Lord,

Temptation is everywhere. I ask that you help my husband to avoid situations where he may face temptation. Enable him to flee from evil and seek good in all things. When he does become faced with temptation, God, may he hold strong to you and to your word, and make the right choices. Fill him with your strength and fortitude for whatever challenges he faces. Surround him with your goodness and your holy grace. Amen.

Prayer for the avoidance of temptation #2


Protect our marriage bed and our intimacy from temptation. Help us to always turn to each other to satisfy our sexual needs, and help us make regular intimacy a priority in our marriage. May we learn to put each other’s needs before our own and to put each other first in all aspects of our marriage. Amen.

To be the wife your husband needs #1


Honestly, at the end of a long day, sometimes I forget about and neglect my husband’s needs. Help me to serve him even when I don’t feel like it. Give me strength to pour your love into his life and to reflect your gentleness to him even when I’m weary. Help me to make him a priority and show him how much I care. Amen.

To be the wife your husband needs #2

Dear God,

My husband deserves the best wife. Please help me to be that woman. As hard as it can be, help me to put him first and be selfless. Though I will never be perfect Lord, grant me the endurance to keep trying. Help to remember that by serving him, I am also serving you. By loving him, I am also loving you. Help me to be more like you so that I can love him with the love of Christ. Amen.

Submission to my Husband


Thank you for the distinct roles you created for husbands and wives. Help us to see them as a gift and not a hindrance. Give me ability to submit to my husband’s authority that you placed over me and to be gentle in spirit when we’re in confrontation.

Help me to carefully choose my words when in the middle of a disagreement, and to be a strong help meet to my husband. Amen.

Prayer for your husband’s role in the family

Dear God,

My husband is essential to our family’s success, balance, and love. When guiding our family, may his decisions be rooted in you and your word. Help him to know how important he is to me (and to our kids). Please help him to lead our family in the way you would want him to lead, and help me to be the best co-captain and co-leader I can be. Help us to feel unity and equality in our marriage, offering the love and respect to one another that is right. Amen.

For him to feel God’s love

Dear God,

You are love. You are everything. More than anything else, allow my husband to be filled with your love. Let him experience the beauty of your unending love and your goodness. Help this feeling of comfort and security continue throughout his day and everywhere he goes. In giving my husband your love, allow him to love others as you love him. Amen.

An Air Force Wife’s Prayer

An Air Force wife has so much to bear,
She’s everything at once, no one could compare,
When God made her, he had perfection in mind,
For nowhere on Earth is another of her kind,

She leads a life not many would choose,
For her job is the hardest in the military to do,
She is courageous and strong,
one would say made of steel,
But way deep down is a heart that can feel,

She stands by her husband, so proud and so tall,
And waits many nights by the phone for a call,
She’s Mommy and Daddy all rolled into one,
She’ll never rest easy until her job’s done,

She sits all alone and in silence she cries,
Does I do a good job, is my family all right?
But deep in her heart she knows that it’s true,
God is right beside her helping her through.

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