Prayers For Fathers

We have collected some of the best prayers For Fathers to use in request to God. Enjoy reading these insights and feel free to share this page on your social media to inspire others.

A father is the male parent of a child. Besides the paternal bonds of a father to his children, the father may have a parental, legal, and social relationship with the child that carries with it certain rights and obligations. An adoptive father is a male who has become the child’s parent through the legal process of adoption.

In gratitude for my Father

Dear God,

the Father of us all, I thank you for my father. Along with my mother, through the marvel of your creation, my father gave me the gift of life itself. He was such a good teacher and mentor, such a wonderful example of how to live a life of faith. Please take care of him now and be generous with him as you prepare him for the rewards of eternal life you have prepared for him.

For a father who has died

Father of Life, I thank you for my father. He was such a blessing to me while he was still with us. I still miss him so much. I thank you for what he left me as gifts of love and faith. I pray that he has enjoyed your embrace and that the relationship he and I have now might someday be renewed with you in heaven. Until then, I entrust him to your love and ask you to let him look out for me and to assist me to stay on the path to you.

Father teaching daughter to draw

Father teaching daughter to draw

Fathers in Our Lives

We give our thanks, Creator God, for the fathers in our lives.

Fatherhood does not come with a manual, and reality teaches us that some fathers excel while others fail.
We ask for Your blessings for them all and forgiveness where it is needed.

This Father’s Day we remember the many sacrifices fathers make for their children and families, and the ways–both big and small–they lift children to achieve dreams thought beyond reach.

So too, we remember all those who have helped fill the void when fathers pass early or are absent; grandfathers and uncles, brothers and cousins, teachers, pastors and coaches and the women of our families.

For those who are fathers, we ask for wisdom and humility in the face of the task of parenting. Give them the strength to do well by their children and by You.
In Your Holy name, O God, we pray.


— Rev. Chuck Currie

For a father who was difficult

God of Love, I come before you to pray for my father. You know how much he suffered and you alone fully know how much was wounded and broken in him. I feel so sad, and at times I feel so angry, so cheated, because I couldn’t have a good relationship with him. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life resenting my father, so I turn to you to hold him up to you. I know you are a God of mercy. Forgive him and heal him. Please let that forgivenss touch my heart as well. I want to forgive him and know the peace of letting go of those hurts – or at least the peace of not letting them continue to hurt me. I pray for him because I want what is best for him. I want him to know you and to know your love for him. One day, in your loving embrace, may all the wounds in his heart be healed.

For My Father, As I Prepare for My Wedding

Loving God, these days are wonderful and filled with excitement as we prepare for my wedding. But in the rare quiet moments I sometimes see in my father’s wonderful, familiar face, an uncertainty, a loss. He is such a good man and it is his role modeling that helped me choose a husband.

My father held my hand as I took my first steps. He will have my arm as we walk down the aisle on my wedding day. Bless him now as we each take steps toward new roles in life.

Help me to develop a newer, more adult relationship with my father, but one based on a lifetime of love and memories. Bless him and my mother and may they discover a greater freedom and depth to their love.

For a Father who is carrying lots of burdens

Most loving, God and Father, I turn to you today to thank you for my father and to ask you to be with him.

He is such a wonderful man and I love him with all my heart. Thank you for the gift he has been in my life.

Right now, he is struggling so much and has so many burdens to carry. I simply ask that you protect him from the pressures he’s facing. If it is possible, relieve some of those pressures so that he can live with more peace and with so much less stress. Above all, I ask you to give him courage and hope. Let him keep it all in perspective and not lose his priorities. Let him have some fun and help him to stay close to those who love him and want to support him in all of this. Strengthen his faith in you so that he can be a living example of service, dedication, commitment and love to all the people with whom and for whom he works.

And, help me, Lord, know how to support him and love him, with your own love for him.

Father and child, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Father and child, Dhaka, Bangladesh

For a Father who is separated or divorced from my mother

God of love and mercy, I hold my father up to you in prayer. Since the separation/divorce, it hasn’t been the same. There’s less fighting and stress, but there’s more distance. Please help us grow closer. He hasn’t always been perfect but he is my father and I want to have a role in his life, just as much as I want him to have a role in mine. If it is your will, let me be of some help to him. Free my heart from all anger and assigning blame. Just let me love and care that way I can, at this time. Heal whatever got wounded in him and allow him to grow and to thrive again, in your merciful love.

For a Father who is an alcoholic

Most loving Father, I am so sad about my father’s life. I suppose I will never know all that happened to him along the way and I can never even imagine what inner pain his drinking is covering up, but it hurts so much to see him trapped in this pattern. And, as frustrated as we are, we all enable him somehow. Please help us all be healed. Help us to take the steps we need. Help my father come to see his powerlessness before this addiction. Let him turn to you alone for help.

For a Father looking for a job

God of us all, I turn to you for my father and for our family. We are afraid for the future. Since my dad lost his job, nothing has been the same at home. We need your help. If there is work out there that he can do, please help him find it.

And, during these difficult days, give us all a full measure of your patience and your care for each one of us. Let us support each other and think of each other’s needs at this frightening time. We may be poorer, but let us recognize and rejoice in the riches we have in each other.

Prayer For Fathers To Fulfill Their Spiritual Headship

Heavenly Father Who caused all the Holy Scriptures to be written for our learning, open the eyes of the fathers of Christian families everywhere to their God-given position of leader-ship in their own family unit. Father we know that the family unit is the foundation upon which the truth of Your laws are founded and that a family that prays together and lifts up the Lord Jesus Christ into His rightful position in each of their heart, is the family that functions in godly unity and has it’s priorities secured in You.

May the foundation upon which Christian marriage and the family unit are established remain as firmly rooted in the homes of believers today as it was when God first walked with Adam in the garden, in the cool of the evening – and ordained that a man and his wife should become one flesh and together they should live in the bond of unity and love, and be fruitful in spirit and in deed.

Help the men who are husbands and fathers of Christian families today to become the godly men they were created to be, and may they start to re-establish their God-ordained position as head of their own families – and become men who will courageously lead their wives and children into deeper spiritual knowledge and understanding of their Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ, in Whose name we pray, Amen.

Bless Our Fathers

Heavenly Father,
Today we ask You to bless our earthly fathers
for the many times they reflected the love, strength, generosity, wisdom and mercy that You exemplify in Your relationship with us, Your children.

We honor our fathers for putting our needs above their own convenience and comfort;
for teaching us to show courage and determination in the face of adversity;
for challenging us to move beyond self-limiting boundaries;
for modeling the qualities that would turn us into responsible, principled, caring adults.

Not all our fathers lived up to these ideals.
Give them the grace to acknowledge and learn from their mistakes.
Give us the grace to extend to them the same forgiveness that you offer us all.
Help us to resist the urge to stay stuck in past bitterness,
instead, moving forward with humility and peace of heart.

We ask your blessing on those men who served
as father figures in our lives
when our biological fathers weren’t able to do so.
May the love and selflessness they showed us
be returned to them in all their relationships,
and help them to know that their influence
has changed us for the better.

Give new and future fathers the guidance they need
to raise happy and holy children,
grounded in a love for God and other people –
and remind these fathers that treating their wives
with dignity, compassion and respect is
one of the greatest gifts they can give their children.

We pray that our fathers who have passed into the next life
have been welcomed into Your loving embrace,
and that our family will one be day be reunited in your heavenly kingdom.

In union with St. Joseph,
whom you entrusted with Your Son,
we ask Your generous blessings today and every day.


— Tony Rossi

Short Prayers for Fathers

“Lord, bless _________ and keep him; make Your face to shine upon him and be gracious to him; lift up Your countenance upon him and give him peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26, ESV)

****   ****     ****

“I pray that in all respects _______ may prosper and be in good health, just as his soul prospers.” (3 John 2, NASB).

****   ****     ****

“I pray for __________, that his love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that he may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.” (Philippians 1:9-11, ESV)

****   ****     ****

“God, according to the riches of Your glory, grant _________ to be strengthened with power through Your Spirit in his inner being, so that Christ may dwell in his heart through faith–that he, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that he may be filled with all the fullness of God.” (Ephesians 3:14-19, ESV)

****   ****     ****

God, give ___________ Your strength to steer him,

Your power to uphold him,

Your wisdom to guide him,

Your eye for his vision,

Your ear for his hearing,

Your word for his speech,

Your hand to protect him,

Your pathway before him,

Your shield for his shelter,

Your angels to guard him

from ambush of devils,

from vice’s allurements,

from traps of the flesh,

from all who wish ill,

whether distant or close,

alone or in hosts.

Paternal bonding between a father and his newborn daughter

Paternal bonding between a father and his newborn daughter

Prayer for the father of boys

Dear Heavenly Father, I just want to start out by saying how awesome You are. You’ve graciously given me a wonderful life with amazing children and for that, I will be forever grateful. I pray for wisdom to raise my children to love You more than they’ll love anything or anyone in this world. Please let them grow up to be men of God who identify themselves in You alone. Thank You for Your love and grace but more importantly, thank You for Jesus. Amen.

Prayer for the father of girls

God, thank You. You’ve given me someone I don’t deserve, a person I sometimes don’t understand, and a gift I definitely don’t take for granted. Thank You for my daughter. I feel the weight of raising her well and giving her an example of Your understanding and Your love. It all makes me a little nervous, but thank You for your help. We’re both dads. I’m glad you get what I’m saying. Please let me, and every Girl Dad, represent You well. As she grows, guard her heart, encourage her mind, and help me reinforce her identity in You. May she know and feel and live out her value, always realizing it begins with you, her Creator. Please let Whose daughter she is, bring about who she is. She matters because she’s Yours. Remind her that loudly when the other voices come. Thank You for the chance to teach her, support her, and hold her. And when the day comes to place her hand in someone else’s, help me to have worked myself out of a job. I’m so glad You gave her. And have got her. And me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for a model of fatherhood

Heavenly Father, you give us a model of fatherhood in St. Joseph, who protected and loved Mary and Jesus. He responded quickly and faithfully to your promptings. We give you thanks for our fathers and for the protection and love they give to us. Grant them the same courage and perseverance you gave to St. Joseph when he faced adversity and uncertainty. Like him, may they live with humility and faithfulness, and be a source of joy and a pillar of strength for their families. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for the single father

Father God, I pray You bless single fathers with wisdom, strength, and courage as we raise children in the unforeseen circumstances, experiences, and challenges of this world. Reveal Your power within these phenomenal men as they raise children according to Your will and purpose for their lives. Help us place all cares, dreams, anxieties, and fears in Your hands as we grow into a deeper relationship with You. I ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen

Bless our fathers

God our Father, you made the family a community of love. Bless our fathers as they follow your Son, Jesus. Let their faith, hope, and love shine in our families, and show us the way to you. Strengthen our fathers as they serve our families and communities. May their example reflect your protective care for all of us. We also pray for fathers who have died, that you may bring them into the fullness of your love. May we, the sons and daughters of these men, always honor them with gratitude and hold them in prayer.

Prayer for the working dad

Father God, You are such an amazing Father. Today, along with everyday, thank You for being the perfect example of a perfect Father. You love us even when we mess up, You reach Your hand out to us even when we try to do things on our own, and You pick us up when we fall. Father, this special day, I pray for all of the busy working Dads. Father, remind them of why they do what they are doing, and also remind them that it’s all for Your glory. Father, may these special men be reminded that You are enough for them and that Your grace is more than enough. Give these men peace, strength, and encouragement each day and may they dig into Your Word each day so that when their families, their children, their co-workers, their neighbors, their enemies see them…they would see You, Father. We love you, God.

Thanks for our fathers #1

Loving God, we thank you for the gift of family, and especially the gift of our fathers. We ask you to bless all fathers as they strive to serve you and to love, support, and care for their families. Be with our fathers as they work to be true examples of discipleship to our families. Please help all fathers looking for employment. Encourage and comfort fathers in all family difficulties, especially those who have known the sorrow of the loss of a child. May our families always remember the love and sacrifice of our fathers, and may we walk with them in love and gratitude. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for the struggling father

Dear Heavenly Father, for the dad who has made mistakes and holds on to You as best as he can but feels inadequate, powerless, and on an island by himself, I pray that You will send him support and encouragement. I pray that he lays his life before You, that this surrender would be met with joy, and that his children and family would love him not because of what he does, but for who he is – in all the insecurities and weaknesses that he strives so hard to hide. Soften his heart, and please give him the experience of being loved by those he loves. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thanks for our fathers #2

Dear God,

Thank you for all the fathers and father-figures in this world and for the many ways you use them to lovingly guide others to Your heart. I ask that you would bless them and give them great joy and peace. May they see You and know You in new ways. Show them how much you love them and care about them. Guide their steps, use their hands, and make them a blessing to others as you continue to fulfill your special purpose for their lives.


Prayer for the stepfather

God, Thank You for the amazing grace that gives fresh starts, the love that heals, and the gift of Your glorious presence to guide and encourage us. You work all things together for good for those who love You, so help us stepfathers to always bring good to this precious family entrusted to us. Give us BIG, soft hearts full of love – the relentless, resilient love that is not easily offended and the love that just keeps showing up. Help us to bring our needs to You, not to our kids, so that we can love them freely, joyfully, and be a blessing to them. Let us always honor You in this beautiful tapestry of family that You’ve woven together. Thank You for inviting me to be a redemptive part of a story that You are still writing. Amen.

A Prayer for Dads

Dear Heavenly Father, I lift my children’s father to You. Make him a man worthy of his high calling of fatherhood. Gently lead him in the ways of integrity and righteousness so that his children may see him as an example worth following. Do not let him exasperate his children; instead remind him often that they are looking to him for guidance and instruction.

Where any harm has been done or any rift has occurred in any relationship with his children, Father give him the courage and humility to reconcile and build up that relationship. Let him not see his children as a hindrance to his plans or his days. Rather, let him see them as blessings and treasures given to him on loan.

Father, I pray my children will be left with a rich spiritual inheritance by the man they call “Dad”. Help him be perceptive in his observances of what You require, then may he have the courage to carry out Your call upon his life. May he walk in Your ways and keep Your decrees and commands so that he may prosper in all he does and wherever he goes (1 Kings 2:2-3), giving glory to You for all his children to see.

Teach him how to deal with his own children in the ways You deal with him – gently and lovingly, never in an exasperating manner. Give him patience and wisdom as he guides his children with all encouragement and comfort, urging them to live lives worthy of Your kingdom and Your glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

— BY 

Prayer for the grandfather

Heavenly Father, Thank You for the words of Scripture, “Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged” (Proverbs 17:6). We are so grateful for grandchildren. Please bless all us grandfathers with strength, peace, and wisdom. Guide our words and actions, so our grandchildren might give glory to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Prayer for the father with an empty nest

Father, You encouraged us by referring to our “children as arrows in our family quiver” (Psalm 127:4) and we rejoiced taking it to heart. We cared for our little arrows, working hard to make sure they would grow up straight and true, able to reach the goals You set for them in life as a testimony to Your loving provision (and for ours as well). But all the while we put off the realization that those arrows would never reach those goals without our having to load them to the bow and let them fly, sending them away…on purpose. Father, please fill the void in our home with Your presence and find for us a new life of service that will honor You and help others to fly to their place in Your plan for them in this life and the life to come. In the name of Your Son Jesus who You sent away…on purpose…for us. Amen.

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