The Spirit Is A Living Entity And It Is Eternal

The spirit is undoubtedly eternal, and the proofs of the existence of angels and other spirit beings mentioned in the First Aim are proofs of the eternity of the spirit. This matter is so obvious that it is unnecessary to make any further explanation. We are too close to the souls of the dead, who are waiting in the intermediate world between this and the next, to go to the Hereafter, to require any proof of their existence. It is commonly known that saints, who have insight into the reality of things, may see them, and some even communicate with them, whilst almost everyone encounters them in veridical dreams. In spite of this, modern materialism causes doubts to occur over the matters, which are so evident. For this reason, we shall indicate four sources from which the intellect can obtain persuasive knowledge, and let us begin with an introduction.

The spirit is a living entity, conscious, and light giving, and a comprehensive law or command of God furnished with external existence, and it has the potential to achieve universality. Even the natural laws, considerably weak compared to the spirit, have stability and permanence, let alone the law embodied by the spirit. For one can recognize that all kinds of existence, although subject to change, possess a permanent dimension, which remains unaltered through all stages of life.

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Thus, while each human being is an individual, he is also, on account of his comprehensive nature, his universal consciousness, and all-embracing imagination, like a species. A law, which operates upon the whole of humanity also, applies to the human individual.

The Majestic Creator has endowed man with a sublime nature and caused him to be a comprehensive mirror through which all His Attributes and Names are reflected, and has charged him with a universal duty of worship. So, the spiritual reality of each individual will remain alive forever by the Divine Leave even though its form undergoes a hundred thousand changes. We can conclude from all these facts that man’s spirit, which constitutes his conscious, living element, is eternal, and has been made so by God’s command and permission.

By M. Fethullah Gulen

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