The Reality of the Daily Prescribed Prayers is a Kind of Ascension

Spiritual LifeThe reality of the daily prescribed prayers, which is, in fact, a kind of Ascension, is like the soldier in the previous comparison being admitted to the royal Presence as a pure favor. So, too, your being admitted to the presence of the All-Majestic One of Grace, the All-Gracious One of Majesty, Who is the True Object of Worship, is an instance of pure mercy. Declaring ‘God is the greatest’ is to leave behind the two worlds-this one and the next-in spirit or in imagination or by intention, and transcending the restriction of matter, to rise to a universal rank of worship or a shadow or a form of it. Being honored with a sort of admission to the Divine Presence, it is to be favored (everyone according to his own capacity) with the most exalted attainment of addressing God directly, ‘You alone do we worship.’ Through repeating ‘God is the Greatest’ in its acts, the prayer is a sign of attaining to higher and higher spiritual ranks and rising from being an insignificant, particular being to being a universal one. It is a concise title to the perfection of God’s Grandeur which is beyond our knowledge. It is as if each ‘God is the greatest’ shows the attainment of a new degree in the way to Ascension. To attain to a shadow or a ray of this reality of the prescribed prayer in spirit or by intention or in imagination is a great happiness.

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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