Creation And Resurrection

Your Creation And Your Resurrection Are As But A Single Soul

What does the verse:

Your creation and your resurrection are as but a single soul (31:28) mean?

Answer: That the Divine Power can create and resurrect humanity as easily as it creates and resurrects one person. For example, by virtue of being a light-giving object, the sun is reflected with the same ease in all transparent things. Its reflection in one thing does not hinder its reflection in another. Due to its transparent nature, the tiniest transparent thing is equal to the ocean’s vast face in containing the sun’s image.

Another example is that a “natural” law prevalent in one member of a species is simultaneously prevalent in the species as a whole. Thus, the law of growth in living things is exercised at the same time, and with the same power and results, in all living beings. One’s growth does not hinder that of another. This is so because:

  • Pervasive orderliness and the interrelation of its parts mean that a child could steer a huge battleship as easily as a toy boat. These two facts also characterize creation, which means that the Divine Power can operate simultaneously in each part of creation, as well as the whole of creation, with the same ease.
  • Obedience allows a commander to ensure that when the command to march is given, both the entire army and the individual soldier will obey.
  • If a set of scales could weigh two walnuts or two suns in its pans, we would see the following: If two suns or walnuts of equal weight were weighed, the same power of equilibrium would move the suns with the same ease as it moves the walnuts.
Baby and The Rainbow

Baby and The Rainbow

In our world, the existence of such qualities as luminosity and transparency, orderliness and interrelatedness, obedience and balance or equilibrium means that the largest and the tiniest things become equal, that many things appear equal to one thing. A light-giving object like the sun can operate simultaneously in the tiniest object and on the whole planet with the same ease. An immaterial “natural” law can operate in each member of a species at the same time.

The Absolutely Powerful One’s Power is perfect, immaterial, and infinite. He will resurrect the dead with a single trumpet blast, as if they were a single human being, when the exact universal order dictated by Divine Wisdom and Destiny, everything’s perfect obedience to His rule and operations, and the universe’s exact balance and interrelatedness are joined with the transparency of the inner dimension of things.

Furthermore, degrees of strength and weakness are determined by the intervention of opposites. For example, degrees of heat are determined by the intervention of cold, degrees of beauty by the intervention of ugliness, and degrees of illumination by the intervention of darkness. But if a quality or property is essential to something, originates directly from itself and is almost identical with it, and so is not accidental to it, its opposite cannot intervene.

This assertion is based on the fact that opposites of the same qualities cannot be united in a single thing. Given that the Power of the Absolutely Powerful One is essential to His Divine Essence, directly originates from it and is almost identical with it, and that it is perfect, it cannot have an opposite to intervene in it. Hence, creating spring is as easy for the Master of Majesty as creating a flower. If attributed to material causes, creating a flower would be as hard as creating spring. By this analogy, it is as easy for the Master of Majesty to resurrect and assemble all of the dead as it is for Him to resurrect a single person.

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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