The Perfect Happiness In Life

This article covers how to find The Perfect Happiness In Life.

O my heedless self! If you would like to understand to some degree the aim of your life and its nature, its apparent form and meaning, and the perfect happiness in your life, then look! The aims of your life can be summarized as the following nine articles:

You should weigh up on the scales of the senses established in your body the bounties stored up in the treasuries of the Divine Mercy, and offer general thanks on behalf of all your body.

Through the feelings, tendencies and faculties embedded in your nature, you should discover the hidden treasuries-the works and manifestations-of the Divine Sacred Names, and recognize the Most Holy One through those Names.

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In this place of exhibition-the world-you should consciously display through your life before the whole creation the subtle manifestations of the Divine Names in your being [such as your senses, faculties and abilities].

You should proclaim your worship and servanthood to the Court of the Creator’s Lordship verbally and through the tongue of your disposition.

In the manner of a soldier who, appearing on ceremonial occasions before the king with the decorations he has received from him, displays the marks of the king’s favor towards him, you should consciously adorn yourself in the ‘jewels’ of subtle human senses and faculties embedded in your being through the manifestations of the Divine Names and present yourself to the view of the Eternal Witness.

The main purpose for the creation of living beings is that they should worship and glorify their Creator. They fulfill this duty by submission to Him-by obeying, consciously or unconsciously, the laws He established for their lives. Thus, you should consciously observe the obedience of living beings to their Creator-their glorifications and worship of Him-and reflect on them and acknowledge them through testifying to them.

Through taking as units of measurement the small samples of attributes like the partial knowledge, power and will given to your life, you should recognize the absolute Attributes and sacred qualities of the Majestic Creator. For example, seeing that by using your partial knowledge, will and power, you have made a beautiful, well-ordered house for yourself , you should know that the Maker of this palace of the universe is powerful, wise and capable to the degree it is greater than your house.

You should understand the speech of each being in the world in its particular tongue concerning the Oneness of the Creator, the Lordship of the Maker.

From your impotence and weakness, and poverty and neediness, you should infer the degrees of the manifestations of the Divine Power and the Richness of the Lord. Just as the pleasures and varieties of food are understood or distinguished in relation to the degrees of hunger and kinds of need, so too you should understand the degrees of the infinite Divine Power and Richness through your infinite impotence and poverty.

Briefly, those are the aims of your life. As for the nature of your life, it can be summarized as follows:

It is an index of wonders originating in the Divine Names, and a measure to consider the Divine Attributes, and a unit to know the worlds in the universe, and a catalogue of the macrocosm, and a map of the universe and its fruit or compressed form, and a bunch of keys with which to open the hidden treasuries of the Divine Power, and a most excellent pattern of the Divine perfections reflected in creatures and manifested through time.

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The following is to describe the apparent, observable form of your life and its meaning:

Your life is a word inscribed, a wisdom-displaying word written by the Pen of Power. Observed and sensed, it points to the Divine Beautiful Names.

The meaning of your life is this:

It is a mirror to reflect the Divine manifestation of Divine Oneness and the Divine manifestation as the Eternally-Besought-of-All. That is, through a comprehensiveness as the point of focus for all the Divine Names manifested in the entire world, it functions as a mirror to the Single and Eternally-Besought One. As for the perfection of your life in happiness, it is to perceive and love the lights of the Eternal Sun pictured in the mirror of your life, and to love them. It is to display ardor for Him as a conscious being. It is to be enraptured with love of Him. It is to establish the reflection of His Light in the center of your heart. It is because of this that, as the meaning of a hadith qudsi, (a Prophetic saying whose meaning is directly inspired in the Prophet’s heart or revealed to him by God) which expresses your rank among the highest of the high, it is said:

(God said): I am not contained in the heavens and earth, but I am contained in the heart of the believer.

So, O my selfhood! While your life is for the realization of such sublime aims and potentially has such priceless treasures, is it at all right and reasonable that you should waste it by spending it on gratifying fleeting carnal desires and seeking transient worldly pleasures? If you want not to waste it, reflect on the oaths and the following truths in the verses below, which allude to the parable and truths above, and act accordingly:

By the sun and its morning brightness; by the moon when it follows it; by the day when it reveals it; by the night when it enshrouds it; by the heaven and Him Who built it; by the earth and Him Who spread it; by the soul and Him Who perfected it, and inspired it (with conscience) of what is wrong for it and what is right for it. He is indeed prosperous who purifies it, and he has indeed failed who stunts it. (91:1-10)

O God! Bestow blessings and peace on the sun of the sky of Messengership and the moon of the constellation of Prophethood, and on his family and Companions who are the stars of guidance, and have mercy on us and have mercy on believing men and believing women. Amen! Amen! Amen!

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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