Tall Trees

In the poem Tall Trees, the poet presents an integrated picture of nature. It is a harmonious world where various elements and objects of nature like the clouds, birds, day, night, and moon work in close association, and without any disagreement. It is a pleasant picture of selfless care and protection.

The trees provide shelter to birds and guard the world as it sleeps. They do not ask for anything in return. The trees are tall but they are not proud of their height and stature. Even the small birds are dear to them. They love them and protect them at night. Human beings who are tall and powerful like tall trees, should also be humble and caring like them.

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Tall Trees

With their feet in the earth
And their heads in the sky,
The tall trees watch
The clouds go by,

When the dusk sends quickly
The birds to rest,
The tall trees shelter them
Safe in a nest,

And then in the night
With the tall trees peeping,
The moon shines down
On a world that’s sleeping.

By Eileen Mathias

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