Spiritual Turmoil And Chaos

This article covers What the World Will Look Like After Spiritual Turmoil and Chaos Disappear.

The world’s population, which has been suffering crisis after crisis during the last three centuries, is being drawn into a new type of turmoil. People in many countries are at the brink of utter collapse because calamities continue to come like unending waves. Fires of dissension are being lit in many parts of the world, and Satan continuously tries its utmost to increase these all consuming fires. These fires have had a devastating effect on the oppressed masses. What has occurred for many is the weakening of faith, the loss of hope, a break with their moral and spiritual centers, and a blind following of certain modem trends. In turn, each of these phenomena has added to the denigration of individuals. Couple the preceding point with un abandoned gratification of physical appetites and consumption in ever increasing amounts, it may seem to some as naive to dream of building a solid future on the foundations of global justice, love, mercy, altruism, and mutual respect and understanding.

Although the world’s inhabitants have continuously suffered from moral, spiritual and cultural erosion for centuries, this erosion has not been at the same level throughout the world. In some parts of the Muslim world, specifically, the noxious winds of several recent trends such as positivism, atheism, materialism, fascism, racism, and pure rationalism have not been able to trample everything in their paths. In addition, certain values have not been utterly destroyed, and the flowers of faith and morality have not completely withered away. Although these trends have altered the spiritual framework of many people, out of the ashes has risen ‘torch bearers’ to illuminate the way to the cleansing springs of faith, devotion, holistic morals, sound thinking, and hope. To find the ‘torch bearers’ one need only to go to places where the remembrance of the Creator occurs. Many of these light bearers are to be found among the youth. One can find these young men and women in schools where ethereal or spiritual values are not shunned. It is there one can see that the voice of spirituality has not been silenced. It is our belief that a considerable part of the world population has come to the awareness that a world devoid of spiritual inclusiveness is a world in need.

Turmoil And Chaos

Turmoil And Chaos

It is generally difficult to build a world based on tranquility without belief in and worship of the Supreme Master of creation. Thus, the new revival toward spiritual awareness that we have observed in many parts of the world allows us to feel optimistic that humankind will reestablish the balance between the corporeal and the spiritual. This new ‘balance’ among the material and spiritual, physical and metaphysical, and worldly and other worldly, will hopefully lead to a civilization that is unafraid to explore the nature of existence in relation to its dependence on the creator. In the future, these fortunate generations will see their expectations of life realized because of this newly found balance. They will be satisfied with their collective destinies and will be satisfied with what the future will bring. If our hopes for a bright future could be visualized, the scene would be evergreen valleys and sloping hills, and the climate would be illuminated with faith. The turmoil and chaos that was at one time so pervasive would be a distant memory. We believe, and have always been hopeful, that the day will come when the ‘harbingers of good news’ will call people to salvation and happiness. These ‘heralds’ will, with permission of the Creator, establish in the souls of people a captive understanding of the spiritual plane. Following this, these newly informed individuals will understand the mercy, tenderness, and inspiration the spiritual realm offers.

On the other hand, when those who in the past, impeded individuals on their spiritual journeys, become aware that they and not their spiritually inclined counterparts have failed, their gaunt faces will be grim with hopelessness. When they see their aspirations of ruling by the iron fist have come to naught, they will then see the futileness of their actions. On that day, people with strong will, eyes bright with hope, hearts filled with faith, and the determination to establish balance in the world, will step forward.

We are convinced that in many parts of the world there are those who preserve because of their faith and loyalty to perennial traditions and human values. These individuals have succeeded in maintaining a balance between faith and reason, scientific knowledge and pure spirituality, while remaining culturally sensitive to their surroundings. One might ask at this point, “How can all of this be achieved?” The foundation for this revitalization will be based primarily on two things. One is service to humankind, and the other is having the ability to overcome all obstacles by having faith and confidence in and reliance upon the Eternal Being. Will it be easy to find this balance? No, it will not. However, one key element to bringing these aspirations into fruition is the collective softening of hearts. Hearts must be softened with love to the degree that they can be entitled to receive their rewards. Eyes must be warm with love to such an extent with love in order to reflect the zeal and affection that is in the heart, and souls must flourish to the extent that they can receive the gifts pouring forth from the spiritual realms. In addition, it must not be forgotten that building such a world requires great effort and forbearance. Those who carry humankind to the summit of happiness will have to struggle with many difficulties and overcome many obstacles; they will experience moments of depression coupled with moments of extreme joy. These individuals will also encounter innumerable hostilities. Many of their plans and projects will seem to bear no fruit and many times they will feel they are on the verge of despair. Those who are less spiritually evolved may try to block their paths; however, compassion will help the embattled individuals attain their goals. It should be noted that the road to justice and tolerance is often paved with struggles and difficulties. When we think of the obstacles of those who walked before us had to overcome to obtain and preserve the values we are making use of today, we are silenced by awe. What a price they paid for the ethical and traditional values many treat with apathy, disdain, and disrespect. All creations should beg the Creator to refrain from asking us to pay the true cost of the bounties that are given to us. For even if we could worship twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, our efforts would still pale in comparison to the many blessings we are given.

By M. Fethullah Gulen

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