Shia Days Of Remembrance

The following page lists various days of Shia days of remembrance, celebration, and mourning.


The following is a list of days of celebration, mourning, and remembrance as observed by Twelver Shia Muslims:

List of celebration, mourning, and remembrance as observed by Twelver Shi’a Muslims
Date Type Event Remark/Notes
1 M Mourning of Muharram starts continues for 2 months and 8 days until the 8th of Rabi-al-awwal
2 M Arrival of Husayn ibn Ali in Karbalā, 61 AH
3 M Water supply to the camp of Husayn ibn Ali was stopped
7 M Stored water in the tents of the camp of Husayn ibn Ali runs out
9 M Eve of Ashura Called “Tāsūʿā” in Arabic
10 M Day of Ashura Martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali & his companions in 61 AH
M Night of ʿĀshūrāʾ Called “Shaam-e-Ghariba” in Persian and Urdu
12 M Burial of the martyrs of Karbala by Bani Asad Aided by Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin according to mystic belief
17 R Abraha attacked the Kaʿbah in the Year of the Elephant
18 R Changing of the Qibla From Al-Aqsa Mosque to the Kaʿbah, 2 AH
20 M 10th day after ʿĀshūrāʾ
25 M Martyrdom of Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin, 95 AH
30 M 20th day after ʿĀshūrāʾ
1 R Battle of Siffin, 37 AH
M Prisoners of Karbalā reach Yazid’s palace in Syria
7 R Birth of Imam Musa al-Kadhim, 128 AH Due to the mourning of Karbala it is not celebrated
10 M Martyrdom of Ruqayyah bint Husayn, youngest daughter of Husayn ibn Ali and a prisoner of Karbalā 13 Safar is most authentic
M 30th day after ʿĀshūrāʾ
R Victory to Ali in the Battle of Nahrawan
12 R Birth of Salman the Persian
17 M Martyrdom of Ali ar-Ridha, 203 AH According to some scholars 29 Safar or 23rd Dhu al-Qi’dah
20 M Ar’baeen / Chehlum 40th day after ʿĀshūrāʾ
28 M Martyrdom of Muhammad, 11 AH
M Martyrdom of Hasan ibn Ali, 50 AH
Rabi’ al-Awwal
1 R Hijrah The migration of Muhammad
4 M Martyrdom of Fatimah bint Musa
8 M Martyrdom of Hasan al-Askari, 260 AH
9 C Eid-e-Zahra
14 C Death of Yazid
15 R First mosque (Quba Mosque) was established, 1 AH
17 C Birth of Muhammad, 53 BH Mawlid
C Birth of Ja’far al-Sadiq, 83 AH 6th Imam of Twelver Shia Muslims
18 C Birth of Umm Kulthum bint Ali
Rabi’ al-Thani
8 C Birth of Hasan al-Askari, 232 AH 11th Imam of Twelver Shia Muslims
Jumada al-Awwal
10 R Battle of the Camel
13 M Martyrdom of Fatimah bint Muhammad, 11 AH According to some scholars on the 3rd of Jamadi al-Thani
15 C Birth of Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin, 37 AH Popular opinion is 5th of Shaʿbān
Jumada al-Thani
3 M Martyrdom of Fatimah bint Muhammad, 11 AH According to some scholars on the 13th of Jumada al-Awwal
13 M Death of Umm ul-Banin (mother of Abbas ibn Ali)
20 C Birth of Fatimah bint Muhammad, 8 BH
26 M Martyrdom of Ali al-Hadi According to some scholars on 3rd of Rajab
1 C Birth of Muhammad al-Baqir, 57 AH 5th Imam of Twelver Shia Muslims
7 C Birth of Abbas ibn Ali, 36 AH Popular opinion is 4th of Shaʿbān
10 C Birth of Muhammad al-Taqi, 195 AH 9th Imam of Twelver Shia Muslims
13 C Birth of Ali ibn Abi Talib, 23 BH 1st Imam of Twelver Shia Muslims
15 M Martyrdom of Ja’far al-Sadiq
18 R Death of Abraham According to one narration
20 C Birth of Sukaynah bint Husayn Teenage daughter of Husayn ibn Ali who was present at the Battle of Karbala
22 C Koo’nda (table cloth dinner) Cultural Indo-Pak and Iranian day of feasting based on one narration of Ja’far al-Sadiq
24 C Birth of Ali al-Asghar ibn Husayn
25 M Martyrdom of Musa al-Kadhim
26 M Martyrdom of Abu Talib
27 C Miʻrāj & day of Mabʻath
28 M Believed to be the day that Husayn ibn ‘Alī started his journey to Karbalā from Madinah in 60 AH
1 C Birth of Zaynab bint Ali, 6 A.H.
3 C Birth of Husayn ibn Ali, 4 A.H. 3rd Imam of Twelver Shia Muslims
4 C Birth of Abbas ibn Ali
5 C Birth of Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin 4th Imam of Twelver Shia Muslims
11 C Birth of Ali al-Akbar ibn Husayn
14 C Birth of Qasim ibn Hasan
14 R Laylat al Bara’at
17 C Birth of Ruqayyah bint Husayn Infant daughter of Husayn ibn Ali who was present at the Battle of Karbala
4 R Descending of the Torah (according to one narration) The Torah (Tawrat) was bestowed on Moses (Musa)
10 M Death of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid First wife of Muhammad
12 R Descending of the Gospel (according to one narration) The Gospel (Injil) was bestowed on Jesus (Isa)
14 M Martyrdom of Mukhtar ibn Abi Ubayd Al-Thaqafi
15 C Birth of Hasan ibn Ali 2nd Imam of Twelver Shia Muslims
17 R Battle of Badr
18 R Descending of the Psalms (according to one narration) The Psalms (Zabur) were bestowed on David (Dawood)
19 M Laylat al-Qadr & “Day of Striking” Ali ibn Abi Talib was struck on the head by a sword and fatally wounded, 40 AH
20 R Victorious Conquest of Mecca
21 M Laylat al-Qadr & Martyrdom of Ali, 40 AH Ali ibn Abi Talib dies due to injuries sustained by the sword
23 R Laylat al-Qadr
xx R Last Friday of Ramadhan
1 C Eid ul-Fitr
2 R Battle of the Trench
8 M Day of Sorrow destruction of Janat-ul-Baqi by Ibn Saud
9 R Marriage of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid to Muhammad
10 R Major Occultation of Muhammad al-Mahdi begins
15 R Martyrdom of Hamzah in the Battle of Uhud, 3 AH According to Mafatih Al-Jinan & Allama Syed Zeeshan Haider Jawadi
29 R Birth of Abu Talib
Dhu al-Qi’dah
1 R Birth of Fatimah bint Musa
6 R Treaty of Hudaybiyyah was executed, 6 AH
11 C Birth of Ali ar-Ridha, 148 AH 8th Imam of Twelver Shia Muslims
25 R “Dahwul Ardh” “Spreading of the Earth”, also believed to be the day that the Ka’bah was established, and that Ibrahim and Isa were born according to some narrations
29 M Martyrdom of Muhammad al-Taqī, 220 AH
Dhu al-Hijjah
1 R Marriage of Fatimah bint Muhammad to Ali, 2 BH
3 R Renunciation of Adam accepted
7 M Martyrdom of Muhammad al-Baqir, 114 AH
8 M Husayn ibn Ali leaves Makkah for Karbala, 60 AH
9 R Day of Arafah It is also a day of supererogatory fasting.
M Martyrdom of Muslim ibn Aqeel & Hani ibn Urwa in Kufa, 60 AH
10 C Eid al-Adha
15 C Birth of Ali al-Hadi, 212 AH 10th Imam of Twelver Shia Muslims. According to some scholars on 2nd Rajab or 5th Rajab
16 M Martyrdom of Zaynab bint Ali
18 C Eid al-Ghadeer
19 R Fatimah went to Ali’s house after their marriage
23 R Martyrdom of the children of Muslim ibn Aqeel, 60 AH Buried in Musayyib, Iraq
24 C Eid al-Mubahila
27 R Martyrdom of Maytham al-Tammar, 60 AH
Type symbols: C = Celebration, M = Mourning, R = Remembrance;
Source: Jaffery Welfare Trust: 2009 Islamic calendar & various other calendars and almanacs.


This painting by Yousef Abdinejad is entitled "Martyrdom of Imam Ali". It depicts Ali being assassinated by Ibn Muljam. There are also angels prohibiting Ibn Muljam from hitting Ali by sword.

This painting by Yousef Abdinejad is entitled “Martyrdom of Imam Ali”. It depicts Ali being assassinated by Ibn Muljam. There are also angels prohibiting Ibn Muljam from hitting Ali by sword.

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