Resurrection Will Take Place Both Bodily And Spiritually

This article covers How Resurrection Will Take Place Both Bodily And Spiritually.

The dead will be raised with both their bodies and spirits. According to the context, The Holy Book sometimes mentions the spiritual resurrection and sometimes the bodily one. For example, the verses,

“O soul at peace! Return unto your Lord well pleasing and well pleased! Enter among My (righteous) servants. Enter My Paradise (89:27-30)!”

mention the return of the soul to its Lord. However, in many of its relevant verses, The Holy Book describes the Resurrection and the other world in such material or physical terms that it is impossible not to accept the bodily resurrection. In one hundred and twenty places, it deals with the truth of Paradise and Hell either in detail or in brief. While describing Paradise and Hell and the situations of the people deserving each, it stresses the combination of the soul and body. For example, the faces of the people of Paradise will shine with happiness, and they will find prepared whatever they desire. They will be together with their spouses and family members who have deserved Paradise and very beautiful Paradise girls will serve them. God will ‘re-build’ the woman folk of Paradise free from any defect and as virgins and they will excel Paradise girls in beauty. The people of Paradise will live in magnificent palaces in gardens full of splendid trees beneath which rivers of honey, pure water, milk and other beverages flow. As to the people of Hell, they will suffer great remorse and burn in flames. When their skins are scorched or burn completely, they will be exchanged for new ones, and certain parts of their bodies with which they sinned will witness against them.



Because of its terror, Hell warns common people to refrain from unbelief and sins and Paradise urges those with sublime feelings to human perfections. Because of this, The Holy Book mentions both Paradise and Hell as a favor or grace for people:

“This is Hell, which the guilty deny. They go circling round between it and fierce, boiling water. Which is it, of the favors of your Lord that you deny? But for him who fears the standing before his Lord there are two gardens. Which is it, of the favors of your Lord, that you deny (55:43–7)?”

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