What is Evolution?

Evolution is change in heritable traits of biological organisms over generations due to natural selectionmutation, gene flow, and genetic drift. Also known as descent with modification. Over time these evolutionary processes lead to formation of new species (speciation), changes within lineages (anagenesis), and loss of species (extinction). “Evolution” is also another name for evolutionary biology, the subfield of biology concerned with studying evolutionary processes that produced the diversity of life on Earth.



Fundamentals about evolution


Basic principles


Dodd’s experiment has been easy for many others to replicate, including with other kinds of fruit flies and foods. Research in 2005 has shown that this rapid evolution of reproductive isolation may in fact be a relic of infection by Wolbachia bacteria.

Applications in other disciplines

Evolutionary issues

Controversy about evolution

Buddhism and Evolution

Buddhism and Evolution

Religious and philosophical views of evolution

Prominent evolutionary biologists

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