Prayer for Those Fighting Euthanasia

Pray for palliative care specialists, that assessing each individual case they will have wisdom to know how to provide the best clinical treatment, emotional and psychological support, practical assistance and spiritual help to people who are dying.

Father of all compassion, please lift the spirits of those who are suffering today, from physical weakness, pain, depression and tiredness. May they have the desire and humility to search for Your truth, love and light in the midst of the darkness. Amen.

Dear Lord,

so many doubt Your love and providence. They doubt that You care for them when they suffer. Help everyone to remember that in times of pain and suffering You love us and watch over us. Against the movement toward legalization of euthanasia, many good people are trying to protect life until natural death. Help these individuals continue in their efforts to protect human life for the elderly, disabled, and handicapped.

Give them wisdom, courage, and perseverance, so they will be able to defend the dignity of each person. Give all men and women the insight to view human life with the dignity You have given them by virtue of Your creation. Give them faith in You and Your teachings to see divine truths about death. Grant them the virtue of hope so they will have confidence in Your bestowing the necessary grace and mercy to attain eternal life. Help in particularly those who are elderly, infirmed, or living in nursing homes to see their vocation of uniting their prayers.

Give them the grace to understand that they are not a burden but a blessing for society. Assist those who help and serve them to be patient, loving, and respectful of the dignity You have given each person. Amen.

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