Orderliness is a quality that is characterized by a person’s interest in keeping their surroundings and themselves well organized, and is associated with other qualities such as cleanliness and diligence, and the desire for order and symmetry. It could be strongly related to living a well-organized life and it could be related to maintaining a disciplined life, such as following rules and regulations, and building good habits. Orderliness could mean being considerate at events and functions, due to a desire for symmetry.

In psychology, an excessive desire for orderliness can be associated with obsessive–compulsive disorder and the term anal retentive, (or simply anal)—from Freudian psychoanalysis—is used conversationally to describe a person with such attention to orderliness and detail that it becomes close to a mental disorder. On the other side, excessive disorderliness may be associated with a tendency to hoard, to collect objects compulsively (compulsive hoarding).

Professional organizing services support individuals and organizations find ways to achieve and maintain ways to be organized, including decluttering and maintaining an orderly environment. The tendency of professional organization can lead to more professional success. Professionals of all stripes have found this useful to help themselves by having set places to hold their tools, papers and objects that find a proper place that contributed to their success.

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“A place for everything and everything in its place” is a motto popularized by Charles A. Goodrich. Its meant to signify that precious time is lost on things not being in their proper place, see that you place everything back where it belongs and out of the elements so they do not rust or fall in disrepair. Keeping your place in order gives you a sense of peace and confidence, it saves you time and money on replacements for items that aren’t ever found or found items can still be damaged, means you are likely never to be late again (punctual) since you have everything on hand at the exact moment you walk out the door. Additionally being well prepared with everything its place makes it easier to respond to an emergency when it does occur and when we have to (time management), you can have your essential items or whats needed ready before exiting the household, business or dwelling place.

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