The Leading, Exalted Spirits

Pure in mind, noble in character, healthy and active, deep- sighted and wise, full of humanitarian feelings towards the whole of mankind and love and compassion for their own people, the leading, exalted spirits are a small group of holy people who were leaders in history, and through whose messages time is freed from relativity and again through whose enlightenment the ‘black holes’ of space are changed into halls of Paradise.

Since they are bound together around a unique world-view and belief in one Object of Worship, and therefore are aware of the goal of their life, they are always at ‘heights’ and win victory after victory and honour after honour.

When they are occupied with their ‘inner world’, with nothing to excite them, they are extraordinarily calm and peaceful and so gentle that those who see them regard them as angels. But they are as hard and inflexible as steel when they are roused into fighting for their ideals. Without tiring, they gallop great distances to overcome all obstacles that appear before them. They continue firmly on their way, conveying their message until their guide tells them to stop.

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The Leading, Exalted Spirits

They hold fast to their principles, compassionate towards each other and faithful to their leader, in whose hands each is like a sword of stainless steel. Dedicated to their cause, they strive for a whole lifetime seeking the pleasure of God in the service of their nation and humanity.

Even if their plans are upset, their forces destroyed, and discouraging  misfortunes befall them one after the other, they are never shaken and, with a new, more vigorous attempt, they start on their way again in full submission to and total reliance upon God.

When they stand before God, each is so devoted a worshipper that those who see them, think they have completely renounced the world. But they thoroughly change when on battlefields and, although they never think of attacking first, once engaged, they give no respite to their enemies. Whatever aim they pursue, they never cease before obtaining it.

They hate the feeling of hatred and repel evil with what is the best. They never lower themselves to treat even their enemies meanly; instead, they find great pleasure in welcoming those they have conquered warmly and with a gentle manner.

They are reasonable and wise in all their acts and decisions. Their insight and discernment allow them to solve even the most intricate problems and they, therefore, implant hope and resolution in the hearts of even the most hopeless people. In strict avoidance of doing someone harm, they use all their strength, energy and abilities for the good of mankind.

They are deeply attached to their country and people, and they are ever ready to sacrifice themselves for their sake. Any misfortune befalling their people hurts them so deeply that they forget all worldly tastes and pleasures. In order to heal the wounds of the nation, they unceasingly inspire the young generations to awaken to lofty ideals, and they try to inculcate in them the spirit of struggle, and to equip them with the belief and resolution that an honourable death is preferable to a humiliating life.

The zeal to serve their nation in the way of their belief is so deeply implanted in their souls that they are preoccupied with it whether at school or in their military barracks, in fields or in shops, in an office or on the prayer mat, in the Parliament building or in a state or government office. They are very strong-willed and know how to get along with everyone. They always give priority to national matters over their own personal or family problems.

Their belief and conviction and their resolution and excitement are so formidable in resisting all the opposing powers and every kind of treasons that by them, they are able to surmount every obstacle and overcome every difficulty, however insurmountable they may seem.

Never falling into despair, they always abound with hope and energy trying to stop the cruelties of the world and to illuminate the whole universe. While others who live beyond their ambience of peace and happiness are drowned in a marsh of hopelessness, they strive in the way of founding a new world with abundance of hope and in directing people to new ways of revival.

By M. Fethullah Gulen

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