Mother’s Prayers

I Am a Mother’s Prayer

I am a mother’s prayer. I am sometimes clothed in beautiful language that has been stitched together with the needles of love in the quiet chambers of the heart, and sometimes I am arrayed only in the halting phrases interrupted by tears which have been torn like living roots from the deep soil of human emotion. I am a frequent watcher of the night. I have often seen the dawn break over the hills and flood the valleys with light and the dew of the garden has been shaken from my eyes as I waited and cried at the gates of God.

I am a mother’s prayer: there is no language I cannot speak; and no barrier of race or color causes my feet to stumble. I am born before a child is born, and ere the day of deliverance comes, I have often stood at the alter of the Lord with the gift of an unborn life in my hands, blending my joyful and tearful voice with the prayers and fears with the father. I have rushed ahead of the nurse through the corridors of the hospital praying that the babe would be perfect, and I have sat dumb and mute in the presence of delight over a tiny bit of humanity, so overwhelmed I have been able to do nothing but strike my fingers on the harps of gratitude and say, “Well, thank the Lord!”

I am a mother’s prayer: I have watched over the cradle; I have sustained a whole household while we waited for a doctor to come. I have mixed medicine and held up a thermometer that read 104. I have sighed with relief over the sweat in a little one’s curls because the crisis was past. I have stood by a graveside and picked a few flowers to take home like old memories, and cast my arms around the promises of God just to hang on and wait until I could feel underneath me the everlasting arms.

I am a mother’s prayer: I have walked and knelt in every room of the house; I have fondled the old Book, sat quietly at the kitchen table and been hurled around the world to follow a boy who went to war. I have sought through hospitals, army camps and battlefield. I have dogged the steps of sons and daughters in college and university, in the big city looking for a job. I have been in strange places, for I have even gone down into honky-tonks and dens of sin, into night clubs and saloons and back alleys and along dark streets. I have ridden in automobiles and planes and ships seeking and sheltering and guiding and reminding and tugging and pulling toward home and Heaven.

I am a mother’s prayer: I have filled pantries with provision when the earthly provided was gone. I have sung songs in the night when there was nothing to sing about but the faithfulness of God. I have been pressed so close to the promises of the Word that the imprint of their truth is fragrant around me. I have lingered on the lips of the dying like a trembling melody echoed from Heaven.

Author Unknown

My Mother’s Prayer

I never can forget the day
I heard my mother kindly say;
You’re leaving now my tender care;
Remember, child, your mother’s prayer.

Whene’er I think of her so dear,
I feel her gentle spirit near;
A voice comes floating on the air,
Reminding me of mother’s prayer.

I never can forget the voice
That always made my heart rejoice;
Tho’ I have wandered, God knows where,
Still I remember Mother’s prayer.

Whene’er I think of her so dear,
I feel her gentle spirit near;
A voice comes floating on the air,
Reminding me of mother’s prayer.

Tho’ years have gone, I can’t forget
Those words of love–I hear them yet;
I see her by the old arm-chair,
My mother dear, in humble prayer.

Whene’er I think of her so dear,
I feel her gentle spirit near;
A voice comes floating on the air,
Reminding me of mother’s prayer.

I never can forget the hour
I felt the Saviour’s cleansing power;
My sins and guilt He canceled there;
‘Twas there He answered mother’s prayer.

Whene’er I think of her so dear,
I feel her gentle spirit near;
A voice comes floating on the air,
Reminding me of mother’s prayer.

— By J. W. Van DeVenter

A Mother’s Prayer

Lord, for my children I would pray
That they may seek Thee every day
Through life, with all its storms and stress
Its sorrows, grief and bitterness.

In disappointments fly to Thee
For comfort, strength and sympathy.
And never find a truer friend,
But love and serve Thee to the end.

That they may take Thee as their Guide,
To lead them all the way beside;
Their Counsellor when troubled o’er
The many problems at youth’s door.

If overwhelmed by dark despair,
Oh teach them how through faith and prayer
To crush this subtle devil’s snare
And rest within Thy loving care.

For them no dizzy heights of fame
I crave, nor great and worldly gain,
In humble service let them aim
To spread the honor of Thy name.

That in this dark world may they shine
Their lives reflect Love Divine
Their object now their pleasure then,
Obedience to Thy will. Amen.

Author Unknown

A Mother’s Prayer

Dear God,
Holiness seems so far from me, and yet it is truly the desire of my heart. I long for intimacy. I long to know You. I want my whole life to reflect Your presence and Your power. I want to live astounded by Your grace and Your glory.

And yet, God, it’s just me. Fragile and sinful me. Come and make me Yours. Heal my wounds. Forgive my old sins, again. Give new words to my prayers. Restore my yearning for truth. Feed me with Your insight and wisdom. Cover me with Your lavish love.

I want this man and these children to live in the blessing of a spiritually healthy woman. Let me be that woman. Remove the distractions that keep me from godliness. Step into the blur of my life rushing by and speak stillness into my days. Hold me close and care for my soul.

In these years of mothering, let me choose to surrender the place of my soul for Your safekeeping. Whisper to my heart and give direction to my steps. Shout to me from Your vastness and add wisdom to my words. Let me love and celebrate life from the full cup of Your grace and peace.

Thank You, my Keeper, my Friend, for the tender mercy that comes and fills my soul. Amen.

A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Lord,
It’s such a hectic day,
With little time to stop and pray,
For Life’s been anything but calm,
Since You called me to be a mom
Running errands, matching socks,
Building dreams with matching blocks,
Cooking, cleaning and finding shoes
And other stuff that children lose,
Fitting lids on bottled bugs,
Wiping tears and giving hugs,
A stack of last week’s mail to read
So where’s the quiet time I need?
Yet, when I steal a moment, Lord,
Just at the sink or ironing board,
To ask the blessings of Your grace,
I see then, in my small one’s face,
That You have blessed me all the while
And I stop to kiss… That precious smile.

A Mother’s Prayer

God, give me wisdom to see that today is my day with my children.
That there is no unimportant moment in their lives.
May I know no other career is as precious,
No other work so rewarding,
No other task so urgent.
May I not defer it nor neglect it,
But, by thy Spirit, accept it gladly, joyously, and by thy grace realize
That the time is short and my time is now,
For children won’t wait!

Helen M. Young – Contributed by Nancy Hofer

A Mother’s Prayer

Dear God,
Help me to be soft and gentle with them, to offer them the security of my love.
Grant me the desire to make physical contact often-to give them a squeeze, or a pat, or a kiss.
Help me to do so-even when they do not seek it, especially when their actions do not seem to deserve it.
Bless us each to respond and to gain pleasure from this.

Help me to expres my love vocally.
Bless us to communicate our love for each other. Help us to always express this love-even at the times when other communication might falter.
As my children grow, they may reject some beliefs which I hold dear.
May I always be able to convey my love to them, thus softening the sharp edges of our occasional disagreements.

Please give me an understanding heart.
Help me sense when my children need me. Bless me to be able to rise above my own needs and to give unselfishly at those times. Amen

A Mother’s Prayer For Her Unborn Child

Lord, be with my baby as it grows inside me
I’m a mother-to-be and this I pray to you

Please lend your strength to my baby’s heart
So it can beat strong and give my baby life

Please allow my baby to have strong lungs
So I can hear that first cry loud & clear

Please give my baby the spongiest brain you have
So it can soak up everything I have to teach

Please help my baby’s organs to develope fully
So I can take my baby home with me

Please place your hands on my baby’s eyes
So I can show my baby the world

Please give my baby two ears that can hear
So my baby can hear how much love I have

Please allow my baby to have a nose that smells
So I can show my baby all the wonderful scents the world has

Please give my baby perfect lips, a tongue, & a mouth
So I can teach my baby to speak

Please give my baby two legs
So my baby can learn to walk through the world

Please give my baby two arms
So I can hold my baby’s hand as we stroll

Please allow my baby to have ten fingers and ten toes
So I can count them as most new mommy’s do

Please help my baby to be happy and healthy
So my baby can enjoy a full and wonderful life

Lord, be with my baby as it grows inside me
I’m a mother-to-be and this I pray to you

And His wisdom is just, and right.

Be honored mothers, and continue to pray,
For yours is a special place,
Chosen to be the creators of life,
By God, in His wisdom and grace.

—— by Teri Jo
Comments: This is a prayer I wrote a few months into my pregnancy. I think every expectant mother probably thinks the same thing for their growing baby. I just decided to write mine down. Feel free to share this with someone that you know is expecting their own little one.

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