Father’s Prayer

We have collected some of the best Father’s prayer  to use in request to God. May these prayers for safety bring you comfort and peace of mind. May these prayers strengthen your faith and bring you peace and safety. May these prayers for strength encourage your spirit and strengthen your faith.

father is the male parent of a child. Besides the paternal bonds of a father to his children, the father may have a parental, legal, and social relationship with the child that carries with it certain rights and obligations.

A Father’s Prayer #1

Heavenly Father, thank You for my children’s salvation. Thank You for choosing them to be children of mine and Yours. Thank You that You have lavished Your riches and Your inheritance on them, although they could do nothing to earn it or deserve it.

I pray for my children’s legs to walk always with You, not racing ahead, not lagging behind, not wandering off, but day-by-day walking with Jesus, so that He is their constant companion. God, take them where You want them to go and keep them from the places they shouldn’t go. Give them strength to continue when they feel weak. Give them courage to keep on walking with You, even when the road ahead looks uncertain and dim. Give them grace to bridge gaps, to leap walls, to span the separations between people and groups.

I pray for my children’s feet, that You would place them where You want them to stand. Plant their feet on the immovable rock of Jesus. Talk to them when storms come or the world’s attractions try to lure them down its path. Whisper in their ears and to their spirits, “Stand firm.”

Through my children’s arms, always do Your work. Strengthen them, hold them up, and direct them to do whatever You want them to do. Make their time valuable for eternity, not just the quick flash that is the span of their days on earth.

I pray for my children’s hands that they will often fold them in prayer. Make them mighty in prayer. Teach them to pray after Your own heart. Enable them to live their lives so that everyone will see Your signature, “This one is the Lord’s.”

Give my children the patience to wait on You, Lord, so that You may renew their spirits and they may soar as on eagle’s wings.

By Your enabling power, make my children’s will as strong as iron for clinging to what is good and resisting evil. Cause them to be unyielding in following righteousness and rejecting anything not pure, holy, and completely from You. Make their wills toward You as pliable as spun silk when You convict them of sin or following their own ways. Give them tender hearts and teachable spirits for You, God.

I pray for my children’s character, that You will make it strong and godly. Use godly men and women to mold, shape, and weave their character, beliefs, and views of You as You want to make them.

Enable by Your grace that their conscience will be clear. I pray they will keep a short list of accounts with You and quickly acknowledge sin to You and confess their wrongs. Give them the humility to seek forgiveness from the ones they offend. Enlarge their hearts to grant forgiveness freely, even before it is asked, when they are wronged.

I pray for my children’s heart, that You would guard it. Keep them protected, covered, shielded, and sheltered from all harm that seeks to touch them. Make their hearts soft when they should show compassion, firm when “tough love” is required, and always holy.

By Your power, protect their bodies. Keep them well and safe, and heal them when they are sick or injured. Hold them and comfort them when they are afraid, lonely, sad, or discouraged. Give them the strength and the courage to keep on keepin’ on when they feel they cannot any longer.

I pray for my children’s minds, that regarding the things of Christ they will be full of knowledge and wisdom, and regarding the things of sin they will be ignorant. Give them Your wisdom and discernment to evaluate what they see.

Light my children’s eyes with the light of Christ shining within them. Filter what they will see through holy filters. Protect them and keep them, for the devil masquerades as an angel of light. Give them holy understanding to see past the surface, to see the world from Your perspective, and to respond as You would.

Father, put Your Word in my children’s ears and in their hearts frequently. I pray that they will not listen to unwise counsel or foolish talk and will seek Your wisdom and Your ways all their days.

I pray for my children’s mouths, that words of praise and prayer will be on their lips always. Curb them from speaking rashly or without thought, so that they will bring honor and glory to You. I pray for my children’s countenances, that they will reflect Your glory and the radiance of the hope that is alive within them.

Sanctify their pocketbooks, and teach them to be good stewards of what You give them. Teach them the principles of Your economy, the way to manage and use the things that You loan them. Beyond finances and possessions, make them good stewards of their talents, time, and opportunities You send. Help them to acknowledge that everything is Yours, and because of that, they need not worry or fear loss.

I pray that they will abide in righteousness and live worthy of the One who purchased their lives from destruction and eternal death. Show them that life is in Christ alone, that there is no other source of life, joy, light, peace, comfort, love, or truth that can endure forever, and no other is pure or holy but You.

Father-God, I place all these things in Your hands in the name of the One who is able to do all things, beyond anything we ask or imagine, to whom is all glory, honor, and praise, Amen.

-Charley Gunter, praying for Richmond and Margie Louise


Father with his kids

A Father’s Prayer #2

Dear Lord,

Help me to be the kind of father you want me to be.

Help me not to take my role as father lightly or take my children’s love for granted.

Help me to be a good listener, giving my children my full attention so that I will be well aware of their concerns, aspirations, and needs.

Help me to be more interested in spending quality time with my children than in spending money on them as a substitute for time.

Help me to teach my children how to respect God and their mother by my example of respect for their mother and for God’s commandments.

Help me to be aware of the things that I do that are a bad example for my children – and enable me not to keep doing them – so that I will not be causing unnecessary problems in our family.

Help me to remember that my children are a gift from God and that He has temporarily entrusted them to me and my wife that they might grow up to be God glorifying citizens, employees, spouses, parents, and Lord willing, children of God.

Help me to talk to my children with kindness and to treat them tenderly so that they will see a good example of how they should behave towards others.

Help me not to jump to conclusions about my children’s motives and enable me to calm down before disciplining them.

Help me to properly discipline my children so that they will listen to me the first time I ask them to do something, even if I just whisper.

Help me to apologize promptly when I complain, falsely accuse, act selfishly, or say unkind or provoking words.

Help me to go out of my way to complement and encourage my children and my wife in front of my children.

Help me to live and act as if I believe that it is me and not just my wife or someone else who is responsible for the spiritual and academic training of my children.

Help me to be a proper example of what a loving, considerate, caring, and self-sacrificing father should be.

Help me to realize that it is my job to be an example of maturity and not an example of a disrespect so that my children grow up to be godly adults and parents someday.

Help me to show my children how much I respect and love their mother by my words and by my actions.

Help me not to be afraid to be affectionate and loving towards my wife in front of my children so that they will know how to be loving spouses when they grow up.

Help me to properly discipline my children so they are not a burden or a grief to my wife and so that they will learn that there are serious consequences for bad behavior.

Help me to think of ways to teach my children Your principles and to show them the importance of preaching the Holy Book so they will see their need to repent and believe the Holy Book and so they will grow up knowing that they need to redeem the time, rather than live self-centeredly like many professing people.

Help me to show my children that my wife and I are united in our desire to follow Your principles for raising our children.


A Father’s Prayer #3

Dear God,

Through your love and guidance, help me be a caring and devoted father. Give me patience to listen with sincerity and wisdom to answer with truth. Help me not to insult that which is important to my child.

Grant us opportunities Lord for quality time. Help me always point to you. Let me teach courage in adversity and to learn from my child’s simple faith.

Cause occasion to demonstrate respect for the elderly and those in authority. Give me the inspiration to forewarn my child of the world’s evils and empty promises.

Thank you Lord for the mother of my child. Through our love may we guide our child to a loving mate someday. Help me be a good example to other fathers. Amen

A Father’s Prayer #4

Dear Lord,

I praise and thank You, dear Lord, for giving to me praise and thank You, dear Lord, for giving to me and to my dear spouse the grace and privilege of procreating and co-creating with You our precious offspring.

Teach us to raise our children as You would with loving firmness and tender care. Help me to respect and affirm my devoted wife with great affection, convinced that the greatest gift I can ever give to my children is true love for their mother. Let them know in what love they are bonded. Never let me do or say anything that would show them behavior unworthy of You. Give me the grace ever to show them Your way.

Make me a man of my word who will be loyal to You. May I assume the spiritual leadership of our family, by encouraging prayer in our home at mealtime as well as in the morning and at night. Guide me in the decisions we make for our children so that it will be clear to them what they must do to reach heaven.

What an awesome responsibility for me! With Your support and inspiration I know I will be up to it, because I love You and I know You love me too.

Please accept every prayer that I offer to you. Only You can answer my prayers. I do not know anywhere else to turn but You. Please forgive my mistakes and keep me in Your way, Amen.



A Father’s Prayer #5

Dear God, my little boy of three
Has said his nightly prayer to Thee;
Before his eyes were closed in sleep,
He asked that Thou his soul would keep.
And I, still kneeling at his bed,
My hand upon his tousled head,
Do ask, with deep humility,
That Thou, dear Lord, remember me.
Make me, kind Lord, a worthy Dad,
That I may lead this little lad
In pathways ever fair and bright,
That I may keep his steps aright.
O God, his trust must never be
Destroyed or even marred by me.
So, for the simple things he prayed
With childish voice so unafraid,
I, trembling, ask the same from Thee.
Dear Lord, kind Lord, remember me.

Author Unknown

Father’s Prayer #5

Dear Lord,
I am a father on earth.
You have given me this gift and responsibility;
grant me the wisdom to carry it out.
Let my fatherhood be one of encouragement
and support, not of expectations and control.
Let me protect my children, but not too much;
advise them, but just a little.
Let me respect them as individuals,
not as an extension of myself.
Let me be honest about my feelings toward them
– including my anger, disappointment,
hurt, excitement, joy, and love.
Let me be firm without dominating them.
Let me be sensitive to their feelings
without trying to change them.
Let me be there for them when they need me
and get out of their way when they don’t.
Let me offer them the roots of belonging
and the wings of freedom.
Help me, Lord, to be a father on earth.

A Father’s Prayer #6

Lord I’m askin’ for Your help
To raise my newborn son,
Give me strength and guide me
‘Cause I know that You’re the one.

That sent this angel to me
A little heaven here on earth,
For now I know my place in life…
I’m no longer who comes first.

Once I had no answer
As to why it is I’m here,
But when I looked into my baby’s eyes….
It all became so clear.

This little bit of heaven
Owns me, heart and soul
And it’s You that sent him to me
A greater love I’ll never know.

So take these rugged hands of mine
Help me to understand,
Just what it is I need to do
To raise this little man.

Help me build a boy that knows
It’s You that holds the key,
To all that heaven holds for us
Show him Your love through me.

— Mitch Speed

A Father’s Prayer for Loved Ones

Dear God,

I thank You for my home where loved ones dwell and to which my fondest memories now turn. I praise You for the family love and peace and cheer which follow me and comfort me in strange and distant places.

I am grateful for all things we share in common, the worthy lessons we learn, the hardships and griefs we sometimes bear, the tasks and pleasures which bind us closer to each other, and the abiding affection and heartfelt prayers which still keep our spirits one in You.

Shelter my home. O God, and all my dear ones there. Make me strong, unselfish, and brave to defend and protect them.

Send down Your peace to every family on earth and grant an abundance of grace to them so that in doing Your will they may merit the joys of eternal salvation.

Father and child, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Father and child, Dhaka, Bangladesh

“O’ Lord, do good unto me in respect of my offspring: Verily I turn unto Thee (repentant), and verily I am one of the Believers”.

For Fathers Coping with a Teenager

Now what, Jesus? Once again I have been dismissed by my own child who looks at me as if I am a stranger and an idiot besides. You know how deeply in my heart I carry this child, a child I have loved for so long. Always such a dear and loving child, compassionate and caring. Polite and respectful.

What in the world happened to my dear child? Some days he/she is mouthy and flip. Some days insolent and sullen. Where is that loving child Jesus? You had a wonderful earthly father in St. Joseph. He probably did it much better than I can seem to manage.

Now yelling seems to be our mutual common language. Am I teaching my children to separate anger from discipline or am I just exploding in frustration? Teach me to be faithful to my role of setting boundaries that will help my child grow, but with a greater love and patience.

Give me wisdom to remember that this is a normal part of maturity and the development of independence. I ask for patience, an open heart and an ability to remember that the eye roll or scoff that comes my way is really my own dear child’s fumbling attempt to grow up.

Open my heart to this new stage of fatherhood. It’s a hard one, Jesus. Help me to love my child at this most unloveable part of her/his life just as you love me when I am my most flawed self. Give me patience and your loving heart. Thank you.

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