Death Is An Argument And Proof For Divine Oneness

This article covers the relationship between death and Divine Oneness that death is an argument and proof for Divine Oneness.

Just as life, which manifests the Divine Grace, is an argument and proof for Divine Unity, indeed even a sort of manifestation of Divine Unity, so too, death, which manifests the Divine Majesty, is an argument and proof for Divine Oneness.

For example – God is the highest comparison – by showing the sun’s image and light, and its reflection, the bubbles on a mighty river sparkling in the sun, and transparent objects glistening on the face of the earth, testify to the existence of the sun. Despite the occasional disappearance of the sparkling bubbles on the flowing river (for example when it passes under a bridge), the splendid continuation of the sun’s manifestations and the uninterrupted display of its light on the successive troops of bubbles bears decisive witness that the little images of the sun, the lights that appear and then disappear, sparkle and die away, and then are renewed, are evidence of an enduring, perpetual, single sun, which continues to manifest itself from on high. Therefore, those sparkling bubbles, which through their appearance demonstrate the existence of the sun, display its continuation and unity through their disappearance and extinction.

Big Bang, explosion

Big Bang, explosion

In just the same way, these beings that are in a continuous flux testify through their existence and life to the necessary existence and Oneness of the Necessarily Existent Being. They testify to His Unity, eternity and permanence through their decay and death. Truly, just as the beautiful, delicate creatures that are renewed and recruited along with the alternation of day and night, and summer and winter, and the passage of centuries and ages, certainly show the existence, Unity and permanence of an elevated, everlasting One with a continuous display of beauty, so too, the decay and death of those creatures together with the apparent causes for their lives, demonstrates that the (material or natural) causes are nothing other than a mere veil. This is a fact, which decisively proves that these arts, these inscriptions, these manifestations, are the constantly renewed arts, the changing inscriptions, and the moving mirrors of an All-Beautiful One of Majesty.

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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