Death And Eternity

This article is about Death And Eternity.

Man has an intrinsic feeling of eternity; he feels imprisoned in the narrow confines of the material world and always yearns for eternity. Whoever hearkens to man’s conscious nature will hear it pronouncing eternity over and over again. If a man were given the whole universe, it would not compensate him for his ‘hunger’ for eternal life, for which he was created. This natural inclination of man toward eternal happiness comes from an objective reality, which is the existence of an eternal life and man’s desire for it.

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As was pointed out before, the body is an instrument of the spirit, which governs and controls all the members of the body down to cells and more minute particles of the body.

When the appointed hour comes, any illness or failure in the body’s functions mean an invitation to the Angel of Death, called “Azrail“. Essentially it is God Himself Who makes people die. However, in order that people should not complain about Him because of death, which might seem to many disagreeable, God uses the Archangel Azrail as a veil in taking souls. Also, He puts illnesses or some calamities as another veil between Azrail and death so that people should not criticize the Archangel for death.

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