Divine Wisdom And The Resurrection

This article covers Divine Wisdom and the Resurrection.

God is absolutely free in His acts; He does whatever He wills and no one can call Him to account for what He does. However, He is the All Wise and acts with absolute purposiveness and wisdom. He never exerts Himself in vain and never does a thing that is futile or pointless.

When a man looks at himself and ponders over his nature, and his physical and spiritual identity and structure, when he studies his body with all its parts down to the cells, he will see that he has been created for certain important purposes and there is not even a single useless atom in his structure. Like man, the normo-universe, the universe, which is the macro-human being, manifests great purposes and innumerable instances of wisdom in all its parts. There is not a meaningless and useless thing the size of even a gnat’s wing.

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Universe and Magic

Man has a unique place among creation. Whatever is in the universe, God has placed some aspect of it in man’s creation. With his mental and spiritual faculties he represents angelic and other spiritual worlds like the world of symbols or immaterial forms. What is more, by virtue of his inborn capacity to learn and the free will with which he is endowed, he has the potential to excel even angels. With his physical or biological being, he represents plants and animals. Although contained in time and place, with his spiritual faculties and other powers like imagination, he goes beyond time and space. Despite man’s matchlessness and indescribable worth among creatures, some human beings die at birth and some quite young. In addition, man longs for eternity and desires an eternal life; some of his senses or feelings are satisfied with nothing but eternity. If he were left free to choose between eternal life with severe hardships and eternal non-existence after a short luxurious life, most probably he would prefer eternal life with hardships. He would even prefer eternal existence in Hell to eternal non-existence. God, Who is the All Merciful and All Wise, did not condemn man to eternal non-existence. Nor did He give him the desire for eternity so that he would suffer the anguish of a heart-felt desire impossible to satisfy. So Divine Wisdom requires the existence of an eternal world where man will live eternally.

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