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Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country in the southern hemisphere comprising the mainland of the world’s smallest continent, the island of Tasmania, and a number of other islands in the Indian, Southern, and Pacific Oceans. Australia claims approximately two-fifths of Antarctica, but this is not widely recognized. It is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and its head of state is the monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

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I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror –
The wide brown land for me! – Dorothea Mackellar

[Australia] is the home of the largest living thing on earth, the Great Barrier Reef, and of the largest monolith, Ayers Rock (or Uluru to use its now-official, more respectful Aboriginal name). It has more things that will kill you than anywhere else. Of the world’s ten most poisonous snakes, all are Australian.

Five of its creatures – the funnel web spider, box jellyfish, blue-ringed octopus, paralysis tick, and stonefish – are the most lethal of their type in the world. This is a country where even the fluffiest of caterpillars can lay you out with a toxic nip, where seashells will not just sting you but actually sometimes go for you.

… If you are not stung or pronged to death in some unexpected manner, you may be fatally chomped by sharks or crocodiles, or carried helplessly out to sea by irresistible currents, or left to stagger to an unhappy death in the baking outback. It’s a tough place. – Bill Bryson

Sydney Australia Sydney Harbour Opera House

Sydney Harbour, Australia

Australia …

Australia – not western in geography, of course, but in every other respect for sure (it certainly doesn’t want to be regarded as Asian, God forbid) – loves nothing more than to throw its weight around in South-East Asia by playing peacekeeper, carrying out its role as the United States’ regional policeman. – Martin Jacques

Australia always gives a tough fight, and that’s why every player wants to perform against Australia. When you perform against Australia, England, and South Africa, you automatically earn more respect. – Virender Sehwag

Australia always play their cricket really hard. – Mickey Arthur

Australia and Canada were settled by adventurers, they had to break new ground. I think that is indelibly etched on our cultural spirit. – Tom Cochrane

Australia and New Zealand have traditionally shared very close links, yet there are things that set us apart and make us unique – Australia’s wildlife experience being one of them. – Terri Irwin

Australia as a nation, as a set of cities and some regional centers, that project died a death and we didn’t get it up, but I still think there’s merit in that. – Susan Oliver

Australia can no longer afford to go down the path of confrontation and fragmentation which has embittered and disfigured so many aspects of the national life. – Bob Hawke

Australia exports millions of tons of coal each year to Asian markets. These same countries are interested in Wyoming coal. I look forward to visiting and seeing a vibrant coal port to better understand the benefits and challenges associated with this method of export. – Matt Mead

Australia has a thing where apparently it’s fine for me to dress up as an Asian woman. No one has questioned that. – Chris Lilley

Australia has a very big history of incarceration. What does that mean to us? What does it mean that we came over to a country that’s not necessarily ours and filled it with white prisoners? – Yael Stone

Australia has always encouraged the little bloke to have a go, the Aussie battler to get up. – Andrew Forrest

Australia has an economic interest in ensuring our cities have 21st century urban rail transport to reduce traffic congestion. – Anthony Albanese

Australia has an increasingly multicultural society. – Julie Bishop

Australia has embraced migrants from all different races, making us one of the most multiracial nations on earth. Most have assimilated and are proud to call themselves Australians, accepting our culture, beliefs and laws. I welcome them from the bottom of my heart. As they integrate and assimilate, the disruption caused by diversity diminishes. – Pauline Hanson

Australia has produced amazing costume designers that are unheralded. – Gillian Armstrong

Australia has suffered a decade of drought, epic floods, a Category 5 cyclone, and a plague of locusts. But just because Aussies have the biggest carbon footprint in the world, it doesn’t mean they’re stupid. – Jeff Goodell

Australia has the British way of life – and great weather. I could live there. – Kelvin Fletcher

Australia integrated the – brought on the ships and unleashed in the society the dogs of sectarianism, which had existed in other places – in Glasgow, in Liverpool and of course in Ireland, north and south. – Thomas Keneally

Australia is a great place. It’s my second favorite country, other than the U.S., obviously. – Bryson DeChambeau

Australia is a huge rest home, where no unwelcome news is ever wafted on to the pages of the worst newspapers in the world. – Germaine Greer

Australia is a nation of compassion. Courage and compassion. And the third of these great values: resilience. – Kevin Rudd

Australia is a phenomenally beautiful country, and every time I go away and come back, it never ceases to amaze me. – David Wenham

Australia is a quirky country. It is happy to have as heroes Phar Lap, a racehorse who died, Les Darcy, a boxer who died, Ned Kelly, a bushranger who was hanged, and Simpson, a private soldier shot by a Turkish sniper. It celebrates a military adventure called Gallipoli that, brave as it was, was lost from the second day. We like gritty failures and folk heroes. Bradman, the folk hero who didn’t stumble, is an exception. – Carolyn Les

Australia is a remarkable country with incredible technical and physical resources and a capacity to be a world leader in renewables. – Cate Blanchett

Australia is a resource-rich nation. We have been good at exploiting our minerals base and agricultural sector for exports. – Anthony Pratt

Australia is a smaller country and the industry works differently over there. You get added to one radio station in Australia, and you pretty much get added across the board. – Jessica Origliasso

Australia is a wild place. – Kurt Vile

Australia is about as far away as you can get. I like that. – Andre Benjamin

Australia is already a world leader in dementia research, treatment and care. – Julie Bishop

Australia is always a place that is dear to me; it is always my second home, and I try to get there as often as I can, but it is not next door, you know. – Garfield Sobers

Australia is an island surrounded by water. My fondest memories growing up were trips to the beach, walking around the harbor and playing in the beautiful parks. – Tammin Sursok

Australia is an outdoor country. People only go inside to use the toilet. And that’s only a recent development. – Barry Humphries

Australia is breathtakingly beautiful, and I can’t wait to visit again. – Joe Nichols

Australia is filled with incredible landscapes. It’s the biggest open-air museum in the world. – BeeLoved City

Australia is fun, but completely exhausting and confusing because I never get on with the different time zone. – Michael McIntyre

Australia is just so full of surprises. – Bill Bryson

Australia is mostly empty and a long way away. Its population is small and its role in the world consequently peripheral. It doesn’t have coups, recklessly overfish, arm disagreeable despots, grow coca in provocative quantities, or throw its weight around in a brash and unseemly manner. It is stable and peaceful and good. It doesn’t need watching, and so we don’t. But I will tell you this: the loss is entirely ours. – Bill Bryson

Australia is much more liberal in accepting de facto relationships than the U.S. – Gillian Armstrong

Australia is my birth home, so it will always be a home of some sort. But I’m very happy, very pleased to be representing Great Britain. That is my home, and that is where my heart is. That is where I grew up, essentially. So when people ask me where I’m from, where is home, that’s where it is. – Johanna Konta

Australia is my favorite place to visit. The fans are great, and the sport of bodybuilding is huge. – Ronnie Coleman

Australia is my lens. I can’t see the world any other way. – Peter Carey

Australia is not a safe place. – Mahathir Mohamad

Australia is not a secular country. It is a free country. This is a nation where you have the freedom to follow any belief system you choose. – Scott Morrison

Australia is on my to-do list – I have never been, and everyone says how wonderful it is. – Rachel Shenton

Australia is one of my favorite places to play – it’s a crazy experience. – Trombone Shorty

Australia is properly speaking an island, but it is so much larger than every other island on the face of the globe, that it is classed as a continent in order to convey to the mind a just idea of its magnitude. – Charles Sturt

Australia is so cool that it’s hard to even know where to start describing it. The beaches are beautiful; so is the weather. Not too crowded. Great food, great music, really nice people. It must be a lot like Los Angeles was many years ago. – Mary-Kate Olsen

Australia is so entrenched in rock n’roll and bands, and that’s just the way Australia is. – Ricki-Lee Coulter

Australia is so influenced by America. It’s kind of in-between the U.K. and the States. – Flume

Australia is the most isolated continent. – Jared Diamond

Australia is the only island continent on the planet, which means that changes caused by planet-warming pollution – warmer seas, which can drive stronger storms, and more acidic oceans, which wreak havoc on the food chain – are even more deadly here. – Jeff Goodell

Australia is the place I know best. – Angus Young

Australia is the same size as the U.S., but it’s much smaller in terms of population. I’ve been working in the States off and on since the ’80s, and the first time I played a lead here was in ’91, I think. – Robert Taylor

Australia isn’t the most diverse place when it comes to media and advertising. I literally had no one to look at on TV other than Beyonce and Rihanna – and I definitely do not look like those amazing women. – Liz Cambage

Australia lives with a strange contradiction – our national image of ourselves is one of the Outback, and yet nearly all us live in big cities. Move outside the coastal fringe, and Australia can feel like a foreign country. – Kate Grenville

Australia objects to the mini-skirt not on moral but on economic grounds. Australians are no prudes and the lovely, healthy, sporty Australian girls have no reason to hide their knees and thighs. However, the mini-skirt is disastrous for the wool-trade. – George Mikes

Australia play best when they’ve got a bit of mongrel about them, when they play hard out in the middle, when they don’t give an inch, when they play an aggressive brand of cricket. – Glenn McGrath

Australia steals your heart and fills it with a passion for adventure! – BeeLoved City

Australia turns out to be a sensational place, albeit one of the most comfortably racist places I’ve ever been in. They’ve really settled into their intolerance like an old resentful slipper. – John Oliver

Australia was a very different world and culture from the one I left in Europe. Life was much more spread out. People drove everywhere. They built higher fences. – Neighbours didn’t interact so much. – Andreja Pejic

Australia was great. I would advise anybody to go there. In fact, if you couldn’t live here, Australia would be the place to live. It’s the most Americanized country that I’ve ever seen in the world. – Jerry Lawler

Australia will always be closer to the U.S. than she is to China because our values and political traditions are much closer. – John Howard

Solo Entertainer Didgeridoo Australia Music

Solo Entertainer in Australia

Guardian Australia‘ will connect our Australian audience to our global community and give readers around the world a better understanding of this very significant nation. – Katharine Viner

‘Legality’ is a mad phrase to use when it comes to the founding of nations. Australia was founded on illegality. For the Americans to go in and dispossess the American Indians was illegal. – Howard Jacobson

Rolling Stone,’ my first single, was only a hit in Portugal, but when we recorded my second single, ‘Can The Can,’ I got that hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck feeling, and I knew it would be huge. It topped the charts in the U.K. and Australia in 1973, and I got my first gold disc. – Suzi Quatro

The Bradshaws‘ is the appropriately inappropriate English title given to an enigma – some hundreds of thousands of mysterious rock art paintings scattered through the wilds of the Kimberley, an area larger than Germany in the remote, scarcely populated northwest of Australia. – Richard Flanagan

The Secret River‘ began because, at the age of 50, I suddenly realised I knew nothing about how my own family had got its foothold in Australia. – Kate Grenville

2009 was a tough year, but Australia rose to the challenge of the global financial crisis. It shows what can be done when we all join together and work together, governments of all persuasions state, territory and local; businesses large and small; unions and local communities right across the nation. – Kevin Rudd

42% of our management team are women. So we’ve reset the goal to 50% by 2017. Because that’s when Westpac becomes 200 years old as an institution – the oldest bank, and indeed the oldest company in Australia. So that’s a lovely point to reflect on. – Gail Kelly

A champion team will always beat a team of champions. – Collingwood

A collection of huts surrounded by a barbed wire fence, and in the huts lived 500 of the original inhabitants of our area. And so it went with many country towns around Australia. – Phillip Noyce

A community, once it realises that its language is in danger, can get its act together and introduce measures which can genuinely revitalise. You’ve seen it happen in Australia with several Aboriginal languages. And it’s happening in other countries, too. – David Crystal

A continuing narrative throughout Australia’s history that says it is better to build up than to tear down – this is the continuing mission of Labor. – Kevin Rudd

A core challenge for Australia is – how do we best prepare ourselves for the Asia Pacific century – to maximise the opportunities, to minimise the threats and to make our own active contribution to making this Asia-Pacific Century peaceful, prosperous and sustainable for us all. – Kevin Rudd

A couple from Sydney or Melbourne might leave on the same day for their holiday: the wife might go sun-bathing at Surfers Paradise, in Queensland, the husband ski-ing in the Snowy Mountains. A lucky country. – George Mikes

A determined soul will do more with a rusty monkey wrench than a loafer will accomplish with all the tools in a machine shop. – Robert Hughes

A few years ago we colonized this place with some of our finest felons, thieves, muggers, alcoholics, and prostitutes, a strain of depravity which I believe has contributed greatly to this country’s amazing vigor and enterprise. – Ian Wooldridge

A future where all Australians, whatever their origins, are truly equal partners, with equal opportunities and with an equal stake in shaping the next chapter in the history of this great country, Australia. – Kevin Rudd

A lady passed me a note in Australia one time that said, ‘My daughter gets bullied at school because she has two moms, and you know, we told her just to tell them to watch ‘Modern Family.’ – Eric Stonestreet

A lot of artists get famous overseas first. I don’t know what it is here. I have a large underground following in the U.S., but I don’t get the airplay as much as I do in, say, Australia. Over there, they can play whatever they like, it seems, but not so much here. – Wynter Gordon

A lot of my friends are in Australia, and it’s definitely nice to get back there. – Yvonne Strahovski

A lot of people ask me, when I mention I’m from Australia, that I must have been on ‘Home And Away,’ and I tell them was one of the few who didn’t take that route. That’s because I auditioned for ‘Home And Away,’ and I didn’t get booked, so you’d call that a knock back. – Claire Holt

A lot of the emphasis on international bowlers is on their pace and Australia coach Darren Lehmann is a big fan of bowlers who can bowl 90mph-plus. – Glenn McGrath

A suggested name for the nation’s capital Canberra was Sydmeladperbrisho” (using the first syllables of the state capitals) – Bill Bryson

Aborigines are not just the oldest race in Australia; they are the oldest race on the planet. They look like dinosaurs. – Marina Abramovic

After going to Australia, it’s hard to go anywhere after that. I want to move there. I’m obsessed with it. – Nina Dobrev

After my dismissal, I received nothing in writing from Cricket Australia, no contact, and no payment at all, not even of my basic leave pay, until I was forced to bring in lawyers to assist in the process. – Mickey Arthur

All economies are structured differently – the tax systems, the regulatory systems, the federal systems – and that is as true of Australia and the United States as it is of Australia and Germany and the U.K. – Scott Morrison

All I was looking for is to be successful. I had the opportunity with Australia, with what it provided for me economically. – Frank Lowy

All of my dad’s family, his brothers and sisters, my nana and grandad and all of the cousins emigrated to Australia within two years of each other. Irish families are close at the best of times, but when you move to the other side of the world, we were like a big posse over there. – Genevieve O’Reilly

All our best heroes are losers. – Richard Glover

Alone of all the races on earth, they seem to be free from the ‘Grass is Greener on the other side of the fence’ syndrome, and roundly proclaim that Australia is, in fact, the other side of that fence. – Douglas Adams

Although I could read before I went to school, and I won the school reading prize at five years old, my early children’s stories came from the radio and watching films at a cinema on Saturday mornings in Australia. It wasn’t until I was nine years old on a ship returning from Australia that I was introduced to children’s books. – Michelle Magorian

Although my father is English, I was brought up in Australia. – Adelaide Clemens

Although we had been led to believe our mission was suicidal, Russia’s intrigue was irresistible. Almost twice the size of Australia, it spans 11 time zones from the Baltic to the Pacific. – Tim Cope

Always back the horse named self-interest, son. It’ll be the only one trying. – Jack Lang

America has given me everything Australia couldn’t. I grew up on a dairy farm. Now I live in Isleworth, a gated community in Orlando with Tiger Woods down the street. – Stuart Appleby

Americans are the most generous country on the planet. I’ve worked in Europe, I’ve worked in Australia. There is no where else where you get absolutely no attitude for being a foreigner. If you do your job well, they embrace you. – Hugh Jackman

An Australian actor wouldn’t have the experience to feel how it is to be in Australia as a European. – Bruno Ganz

And also it was a process of, we lifted weights as well, in an effort to train my body to then be able to lift heavier weights when I got in Australia. So that was the first couple of months. – Brandon Routh

And I liked pluralist Australia. I got a taste for pluralist Australia. I like, I like Australians and I can’t believe that they’re going to go to hell because they tell a good dirty joke, you know. – Thomas Keneally

And living in Australia I am relatively well off. – Peter Garrett

And the reason for that I think is that in Australia our films don’t get the exposure, so the process is foremost. But anyway, I love being part of the team and hate being stuck in a corner somewhere. – Jacqueline McKenzie

And then once in Australia, I really hit the weights hard. – Brandon Routh

And where I grew up in Australia, surfing was a part of culture. – Marc Newson

Another time, we had three days off in Australia, so we went out of our way to fly to Ayres Rock. – Phil Collins

Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum. – Bob Hawke

Anyone who thinks it’s smart to cut immigration is sentencing Australia to poverty. – Malcolm Turnbull

Anyone would be naive to think people were not aware with what was going on about ball maintenance. I don’t think Cricket Australia wanted to go there. They did not want to go any deeper than that superficial example of ball-tampering. – Adam Gilchrist

Anything to do with any new form of tax, like consumption tax in Japan, carbon tax in Australia, these are big issues that cannot be easily decided. – Najib Razak

As a bowler, you want to go and bowl in helpful conditions in South Africa, England, and Australia. But it is also important to bowl in the right areas, and they differ from bowler to bowler, depending on conditions and the opposition. – Bhuvneshwar Kumar

As a child growing up, I dreamt big. Most people would have looked at an Aboriginal girl from the Territory, where the statistics…point to every reason why I should not succeed. But I was determined to be successful. – Nova Peris

As a fast bowler if you’re not going to bowl well on a Perth wicket you’re going to struggle in Australia. – Glenn McGrath

As a Latin musician, I understand that there are so many places where people don’t know who I am. My albums never came out in Australia or Japan. – Prince Royce

As a player it was always not easy to play against Australia. It was always very difficult. – Fabio Cannavaro

As a work of art, it reminds me of a long conversation between two drunks. – Clive James

As a young kid you stay up late to watch the Ashes, getting told off for not being in bed, and dream of making a hundred against Australia. – Jonny Bairstow

As an outsider, you don’t think of Australia as being old-fashioned – it’s only when you’ve been here for a period of time when you realise there are issues. – Boy George

As I travelled around Australia, strangers in pubs, on airplanes, in beach parking lots would bring up Gina Rinehart, not knowing I was writing about her. Everybody had something to say, some of it thoughtful, some of it poorly informed, some of it vividly obscene. – William Finnegan

As my name might suggest, I’m Jewish. My grandparents were Polish and Russian Jews who came to Australia in the late 1920s, and had they not, we wouldn’t be talking now. – Elliot Perlman

As nations we should also commit afresh to righting past wrongs. In Australia we began this recently with the first Australians – the oldest continuing culture in human history. On behalf of the Australian Parliament, this year I offered an apology to indigenous Australians for the wrongs they had suffered in the past. – Kevin Rudd

As we grew to love South Australia, we felt that we were in an expanding society, still feeling the bond to the motherland, but eager to develop a perfect society, in the land of our adoption. – Catherine Helen Spence

At 15 I auditioned for 42nd Street in Australia. Dein Perry was in that show. I actually got the job but I couldn’t do it because I was only 15. Legally I needed to have another 15-year-old to cover consecutive nights. – Adam Garcia

At first, I was called a quack, a charlatan, and worse, year after year, in Australia, England and the United States, by men who simply refused to believe that a nurse from ‘the bush’ could devise a treatment which succeeded where they had failed. – Elizabeth Kenny

At its best, Aboriginal art has been effective in translating an entire culture and the understanding of an entire continent. Indeed, the more we interpret Australia through Aboriginal eyes, through the experience of their long and epic story, the more we allow ourselves to understand the land we share. – Paul Keating

At the age of 16, I left Australia to go to Bolton. – Aaron Mooy

At the end of my trial, I was rather hoping the judge would send me to Australia for the rest of my life. – Jeffrey Archer

At the end of the day, when you go on to Google everything is about the way you were sacked when you were in charge of Australia. It doesn’t mention the good things I did with South Africa or the good things I did in my first year with Australia when I brought in a lot of young players and gave them opportunities and tried to build a team. – Mickey Arthur

Australia’s a big part of my life. – Sean Murray

Australia’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit because of the beautiful beaches. I am surprised by how cosmopolitan the cities are; it wasn’t what I expected. – Sara Sampaio

Australia’s arid western region, from the town of Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean coast, is a beautiful, haunting, but largely empty land. Dominated by the harsh, almost uninhabited Great Sandy and Gibson deserts, the region is known only to Australian Aborigines, a handful of white settlers, and the few travelers who motor across it. – Robyn Davidson

Australia’s beautiful, but I’m not too into Australian culture. – Jens Lekman

Australia’s defamation laws help explain why the #MeToo movement, while managing to take down some of the most powerful men in the entertainment and media industry in the United States, has not taken off there. – Bari Weiss

Australia’s economic future depends upon getting smarter. This means investing in the skills and knowledge of our workforce. – Bill Shorten

Australia’s got some of the best girls in the world. They are very fit, very athletic and always by the beach. – Redfoo

Australia’s migrant communities have built the country. It has been one of the key pillars of Australia’s prosperity over generations. – Scott Morrison

Australia, most of the filmmakers there write a film and they direct it. There’s a lot of writer/directors there, because nobody wants to write a script and then let it go when they’ve had that much of a personal investment to it, because you’re not getting paid huge amounts of money in Australia to direct. – Leigh Whannell

Australia, to the rest of the world, is just far away, and Australia in the Thirties was the faraway of the faraway. – Baz Luhrmann

Australians always want everyone to be average as if the best thing you can do is fit in. – Poppy King

Australians and the British are very similar: If you try and stand out in any way, and you try to reach for success, someone is gonna be there to cut you down. – Joel Edgerton

Australians are a passionate lot. We are also a very practical lot. – Kevin Rudd

Australians are decent people with the right instincts and they wish everybody well; but if all is not well, it is none of their business and they will not lose too much sleep over it. The shrug of the shoulders has become – only temporarily, I daresay – the national gesture of Australia. – George Mikes

Australians are very provincial in many ways. If they feel that you’ve used them as a stepping stone to bigger things, they resent it. – Graham Russell

Australians are very unfair in this way. They spend half of any conversation insisting that the country’s dangers are vastly overrated and that there’s nothing to worry about, and the other half telling you how six months ago their Uncle Bob was driving to Mudgee when a tiger snake slid out from under the dashboard and bit him on the groin, but that it’s okay now because he’s off the life support machine and they’ve discovered he can communicate with eye blinks. – Bill Bryson

Australians have a free spirit and an ability to think outside the box, and that is why I like Australia so much. – Brian Schmidt

Australians want progression, Australians want equal rights, they want safer, more compassionate, more harmonious communities, and we’re not allowing it to progress in that way. It’s very disappointing, knowing Tony Abbott’s conservative views, he’s clearly not the person to be leading Australia in the present or the future. – Jessica Origliasso

Australians, we’ve got a very healthy sense of humour in us. God forbid we take ourselves too seriously so it’s kind of a cultural trait. – Rose Byrne

Australia’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit because of the beautiful beaches. I am surprised by how cosmopolitan the cities are; it wasn’t what I expected. – Sara Sampaio

Australia’s treatment of her Aboriginal people will be the thing on which the world will judge Australia and Australians – Not just now, but in the greater perspective of history. – Gough Whitlam

Back in Australia, I did foster care for sick cats for years, and I was always most successful with the animals when I was given two – a brother and sister. – Jason Gann

Because I’ve a track record of talking about books I never write, in Australia they think I’m about to write a book about Jane Austen. Something I said at some festival. – Kate Atkinson

Because in Australia there really isn’t a lot to do. There aren’t a lot of opportunities. – Radha Mitchell

Because we grew up in Australia, to find information about a lot of blues guys, I used to go to the library and find the jazz magazines. They didn’t even sell them at the time in news agents and stuff. – Angus Young

Before I left China, I was educated that China was the richest, happiest country in the world. So when I arrived Australia, I thought, ‘Oh my God, everything is different from what I was told.’ Since then, I started to think differently. – Jack Ma

Being an Australian that’s been No. 1 in the world back home playing in Australia, that’s a pretty cool moment to have. – Jason Day

Being from Australia, I’ve never even touched a gun. It’s so not a part of our culture. – Emily Browning

Being in Australia makes me happy. My partner is Australian, and my home is in Australia, and it’s ridiculous not to be Australian – it’s a logical step to take. – Miriam Margolyes

Being in Australia, I was really sun conscious. For a couple of summers there, I did the baby oil thing, and my my mom said, ‘Just don’t. You’ll regret it.’ – Cate Blanchett

Being lost in Australia gives you a lovely sense of security. – Bruce Chatwin

Black Saturday reminded many Australians of what they know only too well: that of all the advanced economies, Australia is perhaps the one most vulnerable to climate change. – Richard Flanagan

Both my parents are English and came out to Australia in 1967. I was born the following year. My parents, and immigrants like them, were known as ‘£10 poms.’ Back then, the Australian government was trying to get educated British people and Canadians – to be honest, educated white people – to come and live in Australia. – Hugh Jackman

Building a new Health and Hospitals Network is fundamental to building a stronger and fairer Australia. – Kevin Rudd

But although Australia was also involved in the Vietnam conflict, I can remember my dad telling us that if we were in Australia, we wouldn’t be drafted until we were 20. – Mel Gibson

But Australia faces additional regional and global challenges also crucial to our nation’s future – climate change, questions of energy and food security, the rise of China and the rise of India. And we need a strong system of global and regional relationships and institutions to underpin stability. – Kevin Rudd

But in practice Australia – the pluralism of Australia – sorry the sectarianism to an extent stopped at the time you took your uniform off after coming home from school. – Thomas Keneally

But in this case, he had my cell phone and my phone was ringing and I had just come back from Australia on the plane and I thought it was my mum and it was Woody Allen just checking to see if I wanted to be in his movie. – Radha Mitchell

But who knows, some years from now if there’s a global emissions trading scheme agreement, as many have hoped for, then I’m sure Australia would be part of it. – Malcolm Turnbull

By March ’87 we’re down to seven thousand, by the end of the year we’re down to twelve hundred. The whole bottom just fell out of the market. It was bad for me because I was in Australia at the time. – Eddie Campbell

Camels are still trained in Alice Springs for tourist jaunts and for occasional sale to Australia’s zoos. – Robyn Davidson

Canada, Australia and New Zealand have apologised for their treatment of native peoples. – Stephen Kinzer

Captain Cook discovered Australia looking for the Terra Incognita. Christopher Columbus thought he was finding India but discovered America. History is full of events that happened because of an imaginary tale. – Umberto Eco

Certainly the Australians were buried in Korea. But I think that from Vietnam on, all the killed were brought home to America or to Australia, in our case. – Peter Scott

Chopper: “Why would I shoot a bloke BANG, then drive him to the bloody car and whizz him off to the hospital at a hundred miles an hour? It defeats the purpose of having shot him in the first place. – Chopper

Coming from Australia and playing rugby, you just think that soccer is a bit soft, but I’ll tell you what – it’s not. It’s rough as guts. It’s great. – Tanc Sade

Coming from New Zealand and Australia is like a tough pre-school for Hollywood. And having been on ‘Neighbours,’ even though the agents I met with hadn’t seen it, they knew it’s where Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce had come from. It was a foot in the door. – Jay Ryan

Coming to Australia, it was just really magical for me. It just had the wow factor of a different sort of place and, more so, just being with a family that wanted to love me and to have me, because I knew back then, before coming to Australia, there was no way of getting back home or finding my real family. – Saroo Brierley

Contemporary bands often will do tour-only releases pressed and sold only in Australia. Crikey! – Henry Rollins

Cooking is like fashion. Always, I like to try to change. If I’m traveling in a different country – to Australia, the Bahamas, Budapest, Moscow – and I see a new ingredient, I like to try it in a new dish. – Nobu Matsuhisa

Cricket is semi-pro for women in Australia, but the girls work damn hard, and it’s credit to them to try and grow the sport. – Ashleigh Barty

Debbie Vickers: “Oh, god. Do I look alright?” Tracy: “Rootable. – Puberty Blues

Did you know that Christmas Day is absolutely the best day to fly? It is. No crowded airports and crowded planes. I always flew to Australia. That’s what Christmas was for me – a plane journey to the next tournament. – Monica Seles

Didgeridoo is a name that white people gave it when they came to Australia, from the sound that it makes. Its traditional name is yidaki. – Xavier Rudd

Didgeridoo was something I picked up while I was on tour in Australia with Peter Gabriel in ’93. I found out later that it’s only meant to be played by men. – Paula Cole

Disappointment and adversity can be catalysts for greatness. There’s something particularly exciting about being the hunter, as opposed to the hunted. And that can make for powerful energy. – Cathy Freeman

Disparity is Australia’s worst social problem. Thousands of lives are slowly being crushed, while billions are wasted on thousands of little initiatives trying to ‘close the gap.’ – Andrew Forrest

Do I want everyone in Australia to know who I am? Absolutely. But the only way I can do that is by winning fights. – Robert Whittaker

Do liberals think nations such as Canada, Japan, Britain and Australia are pursuing ‘racist’ immigration policies? All have had merit-based immigration systems in place for decades. – Mercedes Schlapp

Do you want to know where President Barack Obama is ultimately headed with his gun control edicts? Look no further than his second embrace of the tyranny of Australia’s massive gun ‘buyback’ program. – Wayne LaPierre

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia. – Charles M. Schulz

Don’t worry about the world ending today; its already tomorrow in Australia. – Charles M. Schulz

During my youth, the idea of moving from Lebanon was unthinkable. Then I began to realise I might have to go, like my grandfather, uncles and others who left for America, Egypt, Australia, Cuba. – Amin Maalouf

Each Australian is a Ulysses. – Christina Stead

Electro ’80s is very popular in Australia. Like, you get a headache if you walk into a mall with the number of girls and boys that are wearing big hair, leggings, headbands. You feel like you’re back in the ’80s. – Jessica Origliasso

England was the first true colonial power to use its dominion over a large part of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America, and many Caribbean islands, in the first half of the 20th century. – Fidel Castro

Establishing the rights for gay people to be married would cost the Australian government nothing financially and would gain for you worldwide respect from people like us and, of course, would change lives enormously – the lives of gay people and of their friends and of their families and therefore of Australia as a whole. – Ian Mckellen

Even a child, if he looks at a map of the world, can point out that the Indonesian archipelago forms one unity. On the map, there can be shown a unity of the group of islands between two great oceans – the Pacific Ocean and the Indies Ocean – and between two continents – the continent of Asia and the continent of Australia. – Sukarno

Even before the discovery of copper South Australia had turned the corner. – Catherine Helen Spence

Even if you go to Australia today, it’s very much like visiting a state you haven’t been to. – Pat Oliphant

Even the Australians don’t know how beautiful their own country is. Particularly where we were shooting ‘The Straits.’ Most of my stuff was done on an aboriginal settlement on the south shore, opposite Cairns, which I believe was the site where the last person was eaten in Australia. – Brian Cox

Even though I am signed to an American label, I want Australia to fall in love with my music because if it doesn’t work here, it won’t work anywhere. – Conrad Sewell

Even though my brother and I loved scrumping – we loved the act of climbing trees and grabbing fruit – there was always fear we would be caught. We feared we’d be imprisoned, sent to Australia. – Jim Crace

Even today, when an Aboriginal mother notices the first stirrings of speech in her child, she lets it handle the ‘things’ of that particular country: leaves, fruit, insects and so forth. ‘We give our children guns and computer games,’ Wendy said. ‘They gave their children the land. – Bruce Chatwin

Even when I was dating a man I always said I’d never get married until marriage equality was passed in Australia. It wouldn’t feel right. – Jessica Origliasso

Every country is like a particular type of person. America is like a belligerent, adolescent boy; Canada is like an intelligent, 35-year-old woman. Australia is like Jack Nicholson. It comes right up to you and laughs very hard in your face in a highly threatening and engaging manner. – Douglas Adams

Every fight, I try to get out there and set an example to show the rest of the world we have fighters from Australia, and we’re for real, and we’re here to stay. – Robert Whittaker

Every man’s got to find themselves, and I found myself in bloody Western Australia, of all places – there was as far away as I could. – Nick Cummins

Every rugby player in Australia and New Zealand or wherever they are from wants to play in the World Cup, and I am no different. – Sonny Bill Williams

Every time I get in an Uber in L.A., they’re like, ‘Oh, great accent. Are you from Australia?’ I constantly have to repeat myself when I’m in North America because no one understands a word I’m saying. – Tom Ellis

Every time I step out there in the Octagon, I aim to do Australia proud. And this isn’t for popularity or a fan base; it has never been for that. It’s just because I love my country, and I want to show the world what we’re doing down here. – Robert Whittaker

Everyone knows how much Australia means to me. I try to get back here as much as I can, but normally it’s for work, so I’m in and out and jetlagged and stressed. – Kylie Minogue

Everyone thinks Australia and New Zealand MMA fighters don’t have that wrestling base, whereas a lot of Americans and other countries have, with them being able to do wrestling at high-school levels. – Robert Whittaker

Everything I’ve ever done has been because of travel. Right from leaving Australia to where I am today – it’s all been about exchanging different points of view. The most important lesson I’ve learnt is to look and listen to what’s happening around you. – Anouska Hempel

Experience has shown us that attempts to control the Internet will invariably fail. We should be instructed by the failed efforts of China to regulate political content, the efforts of America to regulate Internet gambling, or the efforts of Australia to regulate certain speech. By its very nature, the Internet will always resist such controls. – Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Far more often than complimenting each other, Aussies love to throw in their ‘two bob’s worth’ of criticism when they feel it’s due, giving as good as they get in terms of one-upmanship in any duel of words. – Paul Bugeja

Fighting on home soil is always a dream come true, and I’d love to unify the title here in Australia. – Robert Whittaker

Fill your life with adventure, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. – Unknown

Firms gain comparative advantage from how good their people are. Retaining and attracting talent is a key point of competitive advantage in the global economy. We are seeing that play out, and there are implications for Australia, too. The idea that companies now compete on who can pay their workers the lowest – that’s all changing. – Scott Morrison

For me, it was two years before I fed a big croc when I came to Australia. – Terri Irwin

For me… you know, the most I’ve paid for a haircut was in Australia. Usually I go to a black barber or a Latino barber. I can’t just go into Supercuts. – Hannibal Buress

For most of our past Aboriginal Australians rarely appeared in Australian History writing, so that we were presented with half a history-half an Australian Experience. – Richard Broome

For much of the latter part of the 20th century, Australia seemed to be opening up to something large and good. It believed itself a generous country, the land of the ‘fair go.’ – Richard Flanagan

For people to be heroes in Australia they have to tap into the feelings and ideals of the nation. It has a lot to do with how they are represented and how the media portray them. A hero has to be seen at some level as a role model. – Brett Hutchins

For sheer majestic geography and sublime scale, nothing beats Alaska and the Yukon. For culture, Japan. And for all-around affection, Australia. – Sam Abell

From Brompton bikes in Australia to Bentleys in the US – the world wants what Britain has to sell. – Liz Truss

Get Miramax to send me down to Australia. I’d like to see it. – Walter Hill

Get picked for an Ashes Test at Lord’s and you know you’re going to meet the Queen. She arrived before the start of our game against Australia in 2013 and we lined up for inspection like the household cavalry on Horse Guards Parade. – Jonny Bairstow

Go to Uluru. You need to see it from your own eyes. If you look at photos, you may think it’s just a big red rock. Once you drove 2,000 km through the desert and finally catch a glimpse of Uluru. That’s when the magic happens. – BeeLoved City

God bless America, God Save the Queen, God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia. – Russell Crowe

Going home to Australia, it’s good to get home, but it’s kind of bad too because you get used to that way of life again and you have to come back to America. – Andrew Bogut

Growing up in Australia and the way I was raised, my dad told me to play as a team and to be a team player. You have five guys on the court. It’s easy for five guys to defend one guy. It’s hard to guard five. It’s just a natural thing to do. – Ben Simmons

Growing up in Australia, space exploration wasn’t something I was too aware of. – Yvonne Strahovski

Growing up in South Australia, you didn’t really hear about wrestling much. It was mostly on the weekends at stupid hours in the morning when I was playing sport. – Rhea Ripley

Growing up, I wanted to be a journalist. I was in love with Lisa Ling, who’s a broadcast journalist and who travels the world. I used to read all of her articles and watch her when she’d go to China or South Africa or Australia. I thought that was the coolest job because she got to travel and tell people’s stories. – Anna Diop

Has every oyster a different taste? – Errol Flynn

Having all this success in Australia is life-changing and incredible and has given me the opportunity to come to the U.S. and get started over here. – Dean Lewis

Having success in World Cups is some of the biggest career highlights that I’ve had, but more generally speaking, the biggest highlight is just the development of the sport and being involved in this period of women’s cricket, but also in women’s sport in general in Australia, where it’s been a bit of a watershed moment. – Ellyse Perry

Here in Australia we do get impacted by global economic events. But we should have some confidence that our economy has got strong underlying fundamentals. – Julia Gillard

Here in Australia, we’re fortunate enough to have one of the richest and oldest continuing cultures in the world. This is something we should all be proud of and celebrate. – Dr. Tom Calma AO, Co-Chair Reconciliation Australia

Hey bands, you’re all welcome to fly me to some exotic location and I’ll record you there, Y’know that right? You don’t have to come to this God forsaken place. Hope I can visit you all in Australia one of these days that would be hot! We’ll talk again soon. – Jim Diamond

Hip-hop is huge in Canada, in Australia – everywhere. – Taboo

Honestly, Americans are more open-minded and have the patience and the time for new types of music. In Australia and New Zealand, you must earn your place. – Gin Wigmore

How comedic are squirrels? We don’t have squirrels in Australia. The first time I saw a squirrel was at a meeting at Disney. – Liam Hemsworth

How’s the serenity? – Darryl Kerrigan in The Castle

I absolutely love my cricket. I would watch it six, seven hours a day when Australia were playing. I grew up in a very spoilt era of Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist, Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee, Ricky Ponting and others. – Neil Robertson

I absolutely love working in Australia. Overseas is a lot tougher – it’s really hard to break into campaigns over there. – Emma Ishta

I actually built my own dining table back home in Australia. It’s a secret hobby of mine that I weirdly find transfixing. – Benedict Samuel

I actually did try to emigrate to Australia a long time ago. – Rick Nielsen

I actually have a fear of the water because I nearly drowned. I got caught in a rip tide, and I wasn’t a good swimmer because that was when I was emigrating from England to Australia. – Naomi Watts

I actually started out as a writer and then converted to illustration because I realised that there was a dearth of good illustrators in genre fiction, at least in Australia at that time. – Shaun Tan

I always wanted to live outside of Australia… because I think it’s good to see the world and get out of where you’ve been living, particularly if you’re from somewhere like Australia, which is so isolated from the rest of the world. I chose New York because there was such a great choice of acting classes and it’s such an intense place. – Murray Bartlett

I always wanted to play ice hockey back in Australia, I’m not sure why, but we didn’t have any ice where I lived. It was very hot – a coastal town. – Margot Robbie

I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food. – Bruce in Finding Nemo

I am an ambitious person, but I am not ambitious in the sense that I want jobs only for the sake of them… I am here to do things I think are worthwhile. I am always careful that the political positions I take are consistent with good policy. I would not want to be prime minister of Australia at any price. – Malcolm Turnbull

I am busy touring all over Europe, Japan, and Australia. – Suzi Quatro

I am glad the world opened their eyes to female Japanese stars. I think people for so long paid attention to Mexico, Canada, Australia and England and never Japan. – Laurel Van Ness

I am happy to playing against teams like South Africa and Australia early on in my career. It is going to make me stronger as a cricketer. – K. L. Rahul

I am in favour of the notion of Australia as an immigrant society. – Tony Abbott

I am lucky to live in an incredible place of deserts and ancient culture. Rugged country, at times harsh and unforgiving, but this facade crumbles every now and again to reveal the true delicacy of life in Desert Country… – Peter Carroll

I am not biased against the rich because they are rich, but the most lively people are those without money who would like to have some. – Errol Flynn

I am not surprised Cameron says he supports what Gillard is doing in Australia because we have, in the U.K., a totally misconceived climate change plan as well. – Nigel Lawson

I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world. – Mary Ann Radmacher

I am not the sort of person who divests myself of everything that came before I came to Australia. I want to take all the knowledge and experiences I gained when I was in England and put it at the service of Australia because I have to bring something to Australia – not just money but myself. – Miriam Margolyes

I am on the side of the underdog except when I am on the side of the rich. – Errol Flynn

I am still very fond of Australia, but my life is now in Los Angeles. – Terence Tao

I am writing a book called ‘The History of Australia in Hundred Objects.’ It’s of things we have invented in Australia. And you know, some of them are amazing. We invented the clapper boards used in films. We invented those cranes – those big long cranes used on construction sites. – Barry Humphries

I asked many friends if Australian anti-intellectualism was still a living force and they all told me it was. If you are above average intelligence, hide this embarrassing fact. – George Mikes

I auditioned for ‘Avatar’ in Australia. It was a ‘blind’ audition. I didn’t know what the movie was about and whom it was for. – Sam Worthington

I believe in a big Australia. I am an advocate for an ambitious immigration program. – Frank Lowy

I believe we have the potential to quadruple Australia’s food exports to Asia. – Anthony Pratt

I bought my mum a car, and I bought my brother one of those hoverboards for Christmas, and I bought my family a holiday to Australia. – Russell Howard

I came to the United States to see what would happen in 2000 after working for 20 years in Australia and asked my agent to look out for the nasty roles because I’d become famous for playing the nicest man in Australia. So I wanted to play bad guys. – Alan Dale

I can’t go without Vegemite, a salty spread from Australia. I put it on toast, and it brings me back to being a kid. I make sure to put it in my bag because I’m always on the road. – Phoebe Tonkin

I certainly have no regret living in the U.S. The quality of life in Australia is good, but it is bloody good here as well. – James P. Gorman

I come from the rougher side of Sydney. I don’t know whether you can compare them to the projects, but in Australia, it definitely is the rougher side. – Rebel Wilson

I conclude where I began, I was elected by the people of Australia to do a job. I was not elected by the factional leaders of Australia, of the Australian Labor Party to do a job – though they may be seeking to do a job on me, that’s a separate matter. The challenge therefore is to honour the mandate given to me by the Australian people. – Kevin Rudd

I contracted malaria in rural Mozambique. I was a youth ambassador for Australia. For a year after high school, you give positive speeches about Australia and as part of it I traveled to lots of different countries. – Rebel Wilson

I could definitely see myself living back in Australia again. If I had a family, I could move back. – Nicole Trunfio

I crave the indulgence of my senses but this is countered by an interior desire that is even keener than my senses to know the meaning of things – Errol Flynn

I currently live independently without any funded support. I’m educated, and I’m employed. I enjoy paying my taxes and contributing to the economic life of Australia. – Stella Young

I deeply believe that if the Australian Labor Party, a party of which I have been a proud member for more than 30 years, is to have the best future for our nation, then it must change fundamentally its culture and to end the power of faceless men. Australia must be governed by the people, not by the factions. – Kevin Rudd

I definitely love Australia. I’ve been to Sydney and Melbourne a couple of times, and I love those places. – Taylor Lautner

I developed my camera system, called the Medusa, jointly with a colleague down in Australia as a method of exploring the ocean unobtrusively. The critical thing was that we didn’t use white light, which I believe has been scaring the animals away. – Edith Widder

I did ‘Quigley Down Under,’ which is quite deliberately placed in Australia, which is a Tom Selleck, Alan Rickman, Laura San Giacomo film from ’88, I want to say. – Ben Mendelsohn

I did a lot of films in Europe, in Spain. I went to Australia and did ‘Mad Dog Morgan’; I did ‘Apocalypse Now’ in the Philippines; I did Wim Wenders’ film ‘The American Friend’ in Germany. – Dennis Hopper

I did five movies in Australia, I did three films in Germany, this is the fourth film I’ve done here in the UK, I’ve done a bunch of films in Canada. – Joel Silver

I did have the odd person recognise me, but Australia is massive. I did ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and the odd thing for magazines, but that’s about it. – Vogue Williams

I did well as an actor in Australia, and then Paramount invited me over… to have a look at me. – Rod Taylor

I didn’t actually have a prom. In Australia, we call them ‘socials,’ which is hilarious. I did always find them pretty awkward, because I went to an all-girls school. – Robin McLeavy

I didn’t even think my music was good enough to get on the radio in Australia. – Tones and I

I didn’t know the books and certainly didn’t know the tragic origin story of Mary Poppins in 1906 Australia. – John Lee Hancock

I didn’t know what a ‘call sheet’ meant. I’d never been out of the country before, but there I was on a ginormous set in Australia with John Boyega and thinking, ‘What is going on?’ He took me under his wing and broke my fear of being the new kid. – Cailee Spaeny

I didn’t really get into golf until I was about 14. My mom and dad were taking lessons from a pro an hour and a half from our farm in Cohuna, Australia. When they got home, I’d ask my mom to explain everything they learned – drills and all. – Stuart Appleby

I do have friends in Australia who now refer to me as ‘Hollywood Jack.’ – Jacki Weaver

I do not believe we can effectively move Australia to a lower emission economy, which is what we need to do if we’re going to make a contribution to a global reduction in greenhouse gases, without putting a price on carbon. – Malcolm Turnbull

I don’t feel as though I am under any pressure to return to Australia, given I won the PGA Championship, and I am just hoping everyone back home will understand my situation. I just want to make sure I am there for Ellie and that she has my support when she has our second child. – Jason Day

I don’t feel at home in New Orleans. I don’t feel at home in Austin or L.A. And I just felt immediately at home in northern Australia. – Amanda Palmer

I don’t get that many scripts. Back in Australia, I’ve pretty much done my own shows and really no work outside of that. It’s only now that I’m starting to read some Hollywood film scripts, and I’ve read some really great ones. – Jason Gann

I don’t handle creepy crawlers well. I had a spider problem at a house in Australia, and one of my female friends had to come rescue me from it. – Jai Courtney

I don’t have a place anywhere but Australia; I just don’t spend much time there. – Travis Fimmel

I don’t like the ocean. I’m not a natural swimmer, even though I come from Australia. That’ a terrible thing to say. – Geoffrey Rush

I don’t look to celebrities for style anymore because I’ve learned the chain of command. They are being dressed by a stylist who’s getting inspiration from a 16-year-old kid running the streets of Melbourne, Australia. Once I learned that chain of command, I just started taking it to the streets. – Lizzo

I don’t pay attention to Australia, mate. – Steven Adams

I don’t really take vacations because when I’m working, it’s usually in a far-flung, exotic place somewhere. But I have a farm in Australia I like to go back to when I’m at home and not working. – Russell Crowe

I don’t really understand Darren Lehmann coming out and saying the South African crowd has been out of order. Any England player, even media, who have toured Australia can laugh at those comments because some of the things we hear on the pitch from Australian supporters, known as ‘banter,’ I know is worse than in South Africa. – Stuart Broad

I don’t think there’s been that many indigenous players in Australia. – Ashleigh Barty

I don’t understand anyone thinking I’m sexy at all. I don’t get it because, growing up as a kid, I wasn’t. I was like a dork, fat, so for me it’s really weird. I became famous in Australia when I was 18, and I was still a little bit chubby. – Sophie Monk

I don’t want to miss any game for Australia. – Michael Clarke

I don’t want to think much about my injury in Australia. That phase is history. – Prithvi Shaw

I enter a whorehouse with the same interest as I do the British Museum or the Metropolitan – in the same spirit of curiosity. Here are the works of man, here is an art of man, here is the eternal pursuit of gold and pleasure. I couldn’t be more sincere. This doesn’t mean that if I go to La Scala in Milan to hear Carmen I want to get up on the stage and participate. I do not. Neither do I always participate in a fine representative national whorehouse – but I must see it as a spectacle, an offering, a symptom of a nation. – Errol Flynn

I feel I am promoting the sport well in Australia with what I’m doing on an international level. – Daniel Ricciardo

I feel L.A. is unlike anything I’ve experienced. It’s nice when I can relate to people, but that’s not very often. I know they’re out there, but I feel that there’s a very big pressure here to be seen as being gorgeous and special. I don’t think there’s the same pressure in Australia. – Jocelyn Moorhouse

I feel really qualified to write about Australia. – Chris Lilley

I find Australia compelling and vexatious at the best of times; I’ve never been able to get it out of my system since going there as a young lecturer, and yet however much I love revisiting it, I always feel I have to leave again. – Howard Jacobson

I found myself drawn to the remote Kimberley region of Australia – in the far Northwest corner of the country – our last frontier. I still can’t explain why. I kept coming back over many years and started shooting material. – Brendan Fletcher

I get letters constantly from all over the world, telephone calls from America, Brazil, Australia, all over, especially on my birthday. A family? I have a huge international family. That’s all I need. – Renata Tebaldi

I go to Australia probably once every two years. It’s wide-open spaces there, so I just rent a motorcycle and ride out to the middle of the continent. For hours, you don’t see anybody. – Larry Fitzgerald

I got a promo of ‘Nichts Muss’ in what would have been 2002 or 2003 and fell totally in love with it after listening to it on an airplane that took me to Australia via Taipei and Kuala Lumpur. – John Darnielle

I got heckled off stage in Western Australia at a music festival once. – Ronny Chieng

I got hooked on espresso when I visited Italy at 18, but these days I prefer a ‘flat white.’ It’s like a small latte with less milk – they’re popular in Australia. – Hugh Jackman

I got to travel to Australia and I got to main event at Korakuen Hall. – Tessa Blanchard

I grew up in a culture of motorbikes. So I like racing just fine. Quite a lot, actually. That was when I was a boy in Australia. And I never really made the jump to cars after that. – Chris Hemsworth

I grew up in a town with just under three hundred people in Western Australia. When you think about being six hours outside the second most isolated city in the world, which is Perth, and then you think about the town that I’m from, which is called Southern Cross, acting is not a possibility. – Cody Fern

I grew up in Adelaide, Australia. No one in my family had finished high school, and I was smart at mathematics, so I became an academic and got my Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford. I didn’t set out to be a businessperson. – Rodney Brooks

I grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. I also lived in Ghana for four years and in Australia for one year. My dad was working abroad so we traveled with him. My mom is Indian and was adopted in Sweden. – Kelly Gale

I grew up in Singapore, and I went to Australia for law school, and after law school, I started doing stand-up comedy. – Ronny Chieng

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, and I started doing acting classes when I was in eighth grade. – Danielle Macdonald

I grew up on the beach and I grew up surfing and I grew up swimming in this very genuine beach town back in Australia, and it’s just something I really want to reflect in my lifestyle and in the way I am, the way I represent myself, the way I dress and the music that I make. – Cody Simpson

I grew up on the Gold Coast of Australia, on the beach, basically. – Cody Simpson

I grew up partially in Switzerland but mostly in Australia. I lived in Kakadu for a short time – it’s an Aboriginal community. My best friend growing up was Aboriginal. She taught me so much. – Isabel Lucas

I guess in Australia every film is sort of an indie film because there are no studios. – Toni Collette

I guess, growing up at Australia Zoo and getting to travel all over the world, I have this great outlook on life, and that’s what I hope I inspire other kids to have. – Bindi Irwin

I had a brilliant trip to Mexico with my friend Ellie during my gap year. We thought we were being really cool and going off the beaten track while all our friends went to Thailand and Australia. The first beachside bar we walked into – there were two girls from my sixth form in there. – Emily Berrington

I had a career for 25 years in Australia before I ever came to the United States. – Helen Reddy

I had a great career in Australia, so it was a hard decision to move to America. But in 2010, I was asked to audition for the part Melissa McCarthy ended up playing in ‘Bridesmaids.’ – Rebel Wilson

I had a normal upbringing, studied in Chaitanya Vidyalaya till class VIII, went to Australia for two years, returned and did my Inter at Oakridge. I wasn’t inclined towards academics. I barely scraped through. – Akhil Akkineni

I had a place in England and was commuting from England to Australia, which is pretty stupid, but after two years I sort of knew what I wanted to do, more or less. – Diane Cilento

I had agents in Australia; I just never had any auditions. And if you can’t audition, then you can’t work. I studied there. I did classes there. I learned how to act. Growing up there, I discovered my love for acting, but I just wasn’t getting the opportunities to work professionally. – Danielle Macdonald

I had always been fascinated by the whole idea that Australia was this different ecology and that when rabbits and prickly pears and other things from Europe were introduced into Australia, they ran amok. – David Gerrold

I had had a lot of experience in bringing the Internet to Australia, and I saw that knowledge in the hands of people achieves reform. – Julian Assange

I had learned what wealth was, and a great deal about production and exchange for myself in the early history of South Australia – of the value of machinery, of roads and bridges, and of ports for transport and export. – Catherine Helen Spence

I hate that there’ll be moments in my day and I’ll be patting down my legs trying to find my phone. I hate how anxious it makes me feel when I don’t have it. When I go on holiday, or I go back to Australia, I put my phone in my bag and I don’t worry about it; I think differently and I feel less stressed. – Liam Hemsworth

I have a sense of Europe also being like home. I mean, Australia is my home, and my heart is there, but I suppose I’ve always felt close to Europe, given we had family there, and we would visit. – Elizabeth Debicki

I have always been attracted to Australians and Australia. – Elizabeth Hurley

I have been a part of the teams which had the original great man – Sachin Tendulkar. I remember in 2007-08 tour of Australia, Sachin paaji would get all the attention from the locals. – Gautam Gambhir

I have done many movies that people hadn’t seen. ‘The Fountain,’ I spent a year on that. ‘The Prestige’ with Chris Nolan, and ‘Australia.’ From my perspective it’s very satisfying. Some movies people see and other movies they don’t. ‘Wolverine,’ ‘X Men,’ I know that in some level people know me just for that and it’s fine for me. – Hugh Jackman

I have eaten grasshoppers in Thailand, snails in France, ostrich in Australia, crocodile in South Africa and Polar Bear meat in Moscow. – Chunky Pandey

I have friends who come to the Australia Zoo, and it’s just, instead of playing video games, we get to hug and kiss a giraffe or walk a tiger. – Bindi Irwin

I have kids from everywhere, not just Australia, and they want to be like Redfoo. They love Redfoo and I love them. – Redfoo

I have never been to Australia, because the flight terrifies me, but I think I would like to go there one day. – Stephen Frears

I have never moved away from my mainstay – trying to address all the environmental issues that come to me. I consult with law firms in the U.S., Australia, the U.K., Italy, Greece, and India to begin to address environmental disasters. I do motivational speaking. – Erin Brockovich

I have spent a lot of time out in Australia, and so I have a good little fan base out there. – Passenger

I have the greatest respect for Aborigine people, to whom I owe everything. The time I spent with members of the Pijantjatjara and Pintupi tribes in Australia was a transformative experience for me and one that has deeply and indelibly informed my entire life and art. – Marina Abramovic

I have this home in New York, I have a long-term relationship with my boyfriend, who’s from Australia, and I had this business that I had maintain. Even though I wasn’t actively shooting, there’s a lot of peripheral work. – Claire Danes

I have to confess I do have a slight preference. I do think, naturally, that people from India and Australia are in some ways more likely to speak English, understand common law, and have a connection with this country than some people that come perhaps from countries that haven’t fully recovered from being behind the Iron Curtain. – Nigel Farage

I have travelled enough internationally to know and accept the reality that, overwhelmingly, people are well disposed to Australia but in truth know very little about it. In particular, people know hardly anything about Australian politics. – Julia Gillard

I have visited Australia several times, and I always try to make a point of going to Melbourne because it’s almost my favorite city there, Melbourne and Sydney. But I shouldn’t say that because I haven’t been everywhere-and I’m very fond of Perth too! – Jackie Collins

I have visited nearly 60 countries and lived in the U.S.S.R., Russia, and the U.S.A., and I have never experienced anything as good as what we have. Only in the Anglosphere countries – the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – is there anything comparable. I am amazed at how relaxed we are about giving this away. – Peter Hitchens

I have worked with this red all over the world – in Japan, California, France, Britain, Australia – a vein running round the earth. It has taught me about the flow, energy and life that connects one place with another. – Andy Goldsworthy

I just think Australia tends to make very good movies, so if someone hands me an Australian or an American film script I would guess the Australian film would be more intriguing. – Barbara Hershey

I keep my Scottish connection. I know where I was born, and that’s an important part of my history, and I think all immigrants are the same. But if I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Australia. – Jimmy Barnes

I kind of assumed all of Australia was like the Gold Coast – so I was telling people Australians just work out and go to the beach. Like, Australia has it figured out! But then I went to Sydney, and it was nothing like the Gold Coast – but I still loved it. – Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

I kind of left everyone behind in Australia – all my friends and my family and I had to break up with my boyfriend. – Margot Robbie

I knew I’d been given another chance, another life in Australia by my parents, so I didn’t want to hurt them. – Saroo Brierley

I knew she was from Australia and I knew that is where she started but I didn’t know if she was still popular there. I hope people understand we aren’t making fun of Kylie. – Wayne Coyne

I knew that I wanted to be an actor; how to go about it was the question. I went to Australia for my studies; from there I told my dad that I also want to do a course in performing arts, but my father refused. So I completed my studies and came back. But I kept poking him, saying that acting is something that I want to do. – Randeep Hooda

I know in Australia I have a lot of girls that look up to me and they send me messages on my Facebook and stuff, which is always lovely, and I think of myself as a really good role model. – Liz Cambage

I know it’s more five-star now than it was then, but it’s still a difficult tour. In the same way as India and Pakistan players find it difficult coming to Australia. People sometimes have difficulty believing that. – Richie Benaud

I like Australia, but every time I’m there, I feel like everybody’s being sarcastic because everyone’s so nice. – Banks

I live by the sea in Australia and the weather of course is glorious all year round. – Anna Torv

I live in a country where I’d say nine out of ten people know me when I walk through the streets. There’s people taking pictures, there’s tabloids trying to make up stories. I’m used to that. The same thing when I’m in Australia or the U.K.: I get stopped. – Trevor Noah

I live in a town called Beerwah, right in the middle of Australia Zoo. It’s not hustle and bustle and busy, so that’s helpful. We travel all over the world, but I’ve always been able to come home and run around in the middle of the Australian outback. – Bindi Irwin

I live in Australia Zoo. I have a very private home. We’ve got three bedrooms, one bathroom… The carpets are rose-coloured, which grossed Steve out, but I love it. He let me do everything the way I wanted. The house is just warm and cozy and small. – Terri Irwin

I live in Australia, and I am Australian, and because I grew up in an era where we didn’t have a film industry, and now we do, it’s just really exciting for me to be able to say that I work in my own culture in a medium that I find fascinating. – Geoffrey Rush

I lived at home while attending the University of Western Australia in Perth, while doing a gap year and – partly – while attending the Academy of Performing Arts on the other side of town. – Tim Minchin

I lived for a couple of years when I was 9 years old on beautiful Aboriginal sacred land in a town of a thousand people in northwestern Australia. It’s where the Aborigines are still very connected to their culture, the Dreamtime culture. It was really quite a special experience. – Isabel Lucas

I lived in New York City, and when I was about 24 in the 1980s, I decided to get out of here. I wanted to go live in Australia for a year or something, and it ended up being 18 years. – John Curran

I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. – Bill Bryson

I love all kinds of insects, and I’ve heard Australia has some really interesting bugs. – Aurora

I love Australia and loved growing up here, and that’s something I don’t want to deny our children, but it’s difficult sustaining a career in Australia. – Essie Davis

I love Australia because it’s a different time of day so I’m asleep through any problems back home. – Jane McDonald

I love Australia! I got a boot thrown at me there. – Art Alexakis

I love Australia, and I especially love those rugby players. – Jennifer Coolidge

I love Australia. I love coming here, I love playing here and I love the support. It’s my passion to hopefully one day be able to represent the green and gold. That’s the ultimate goal. – Alex de Minaur

I love Australia. I love the people there; they are fantastic. The business opportunities are endless. – Anthony Pratt

I love Australia. My dream would be to have a place to live there and be able to commute back and forth. – Sarah Michelle Gellar

I love Australia; it was a really, really nice experience for me. It’s such a beautiful place. The people are beautiful – like, really beautiful – and they are beautiful in terms of their personalities. It’s a great place to be. It’s like you are in a little bit of a dream world. – Shawn Mendes

I love Australia; it’s such an outdoor life. – Darcey Bussell

I love being at home, being with friends and family. I’m of European stock, brought up in Australia. I’m a passionate guy. I just love life. – Eric Bana

I love coming to Australia. It’s one of my favourite places. – Jillionaire

I love food, all types of food. I love Korean food, Japanese, Italian, French. In Australia, we don’t have a distinctive Australian food, so we have food from everywhere all around the world. We’re very multicultural, so we grew up with lots of different types of food. – Hugh Jackman

I love having my birthday at Australia Zoo. – Bindi Irwin

I love London. I love the U.K., but if I was going to live anywhere else on Earth, it would be Australia. – Tom Parker Bowles

I love New Zealand and don’t get to come there much. The south coast of Australia and New Zealand have a similar vibration, and a lot of the music comes from this kind of space. – Xavier Rudd

I love the fans here in Australia. – John Daly

I love the multi-format series. Within it they’ve found a way to retain Test matches and England v Australia in the Test arena, they were always my favourite matches to play in. – Isa Guha

I love to fish offshore for billfish, and have fished all over for them from the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico to the Texas gulf. I haven’t made it to Australia yet, but someday I’m going. – George Strait

I loved Australia. I was very successful there. – Todd Barry

I made ‘Siam Sunset.’ In Australia, it was pretty much universally hated, but I did notice that almost any American who saw it loved that film, so in 2001 I made a film in America called ‘Swimfan,’ and they released like a big studio movie, and it made money. – John Polson

I may not have trekked through the galaxies in reality. But I have trekked all over this planet: Australia, Asia, Latin America, Europe. – George Takei

I must say I always liked to come to Australia. – Jos Verstappen

I never dreamt of captaining Australia. I couldn’t care less if I captained Australia or not. – Michael Clarke

I never take for granted how great Australia is and how well I have been treated here, so thank you for this chance at making a good life. – Jimmy Barnes

I never wanted to launch legal action, but Cricket Australia simply left me no option. James Sutherland himself said that, to an extent, I had been made ‘a scapegoat.’ I find that a totally unfair basis to end my career. The damage to my reputation and career has been immense, which means the chances of me getting a senior job are that much less. – Mickey Arthur

I once played a character called Mr. Jonathan in something called ‘Razzle Dazzle.’ I was a choreographer of children’s pageants. That was something I never imagined doing. It did great in Australia. – Ben Miller

I only get to spend about six to eight weeks in Australia now and I really miss my family and friends. – Karrie Webb

I opposed bad policies like any responsible citizen and business can. The carbon tax and the mining tax were both bad policies that, combined, worked to make Australia more over-regulated and less cost competitive. – Gina Rinehart

I pastor a very large church in western Australia. We have about – over 2,000 people, which we have a Bible school, community services, a lot of things linked with it. So my life’s very full today. Not enough days in the week. – Margaret Smith Court

I play cricket. I’m a professional cricketer and I guess my job is to hopefully help Australia win games of cricket. – Ellyse Perry

I played piano for cabaret stars and stuff and then eventually moved from my hometown of Perth in Western Australia to Melbourne, and somewhere in there, I decided to book myself a room and do a cabaret show of my own material. – Tim Minchin

I probably get a bit more backlash in Australia than I do in America, to be honest. I was never invited to the Melbourne Comedy Festival because I was too gross, things like that. Which never happened in any other country. – Jim Jefferies

I put a bushfire out. It was one of the most incredible things, terrifying. We get them a lot in Australia. – Alex O’Loughlin

I race historic muscle cars back in Australia, and that’s my hobby. And I try to race home as soon as I’ve finished a movie but don’t tell anyone. – Eric Bana

I realise I would not be the bowler I am today without the experiences, positive and negative, that I have had in Australia down the years. – James Anderson

I really do think I can make a contribution in helping eliminate the disparity here in Australia and doing my small bit to help eliminate slavery around the world. These are huge issues for our fellow countrymen and our fellows in the world, where slavery is growing at an alarming rate, and it needs to be arrested. – Andrew Forrest

I really love filling out forms – quite fortuitous, really, given that as one of Australia’s 4 million-ish disabled people, ticking boxes and recording my life for other people is what I’ve spent a fair chunk of my time doing. – Stella Young

I really miss Australia. I miss eating fish n’ chips, oh my God, and Australian pies and the wonderful corner shops. – Luke Hemsworth

I really want to go to Greece. I want to go to Australia. – Gigi Gorgeous

I really want to work with Adele, I think she’s amazing. Lykke Li as well. I love them both. I’d also like to work with The Script. I met them in Australia and we just got on like a house on fire. – Tinie Tempah

I remember my brother Nash had just directed me in ‘The Square,’ and I was sitting in Australia going: ‘No one’s called me about working for ages. I don’t know if I’m ever going to get another job.’ – Joel Edgerton

I remember my first meeting with Alastair Cook clearly. The entire Lancashire side, some of them pretty mild-mannered, really laid into him. He’d just scored a double-hundred for Essex against Australia in a warm-up match before the 2005 Ashes. For some reason, we all assumed he must be really arrogant. – James Anderson

I remember playing a Twenty20 game in Australia in 2007 and Matthew Hayden smacked one back at me. My head goes down as I follow through and as I looked up I just saw this white flash pass about an inch from the side of my head. If it had been a touch straighter I would not have had time to react and who knows what could have happened. – James Anderson

I remember when we were in the World Cup in Australia and I had to win the singles against Tony Payne, best of seven legs, to win it. I was 2-0 down but ended up beating him 4-2. – Eric Bristow

I saw Kyrgios down in Australia. He played some very good tennis, won two or three matches, and has done the same here at Wimbledon. I think Australia’s got a good prospect in Kyrgios. – Rod Laver

I see more people taking on the cloak of accountability, more people tiring of the blame game. If we are all connected and our actions in Australia affect us in Istanbul, then we are all to blame and all to be healers. We can’t blame lawyers anymore for the ‘liability’ vs. common sense imbalance. – Jane Siberry

I seem to have a soft spot in my heart for Australia and Australian actors. After having worked with one in ‘Cinderella’ and a multitude of them in ‘Cats,’ I’ve wanted the opportunity to actually perform ‘down under.’ – Lea Salonga

I spent seven years in clubs in England, Australia, etc. Not all comedians cross over to sell out in a theatre. – Deirdre O’Kane

I started as a musician. I play the saxophone, but from the age of 17, I realised that it’s very hard to make a living as a jazz musician in Australia. So I went for an audition and got an acting job and, fortunately, I completely fell in love with that. – John Polson

I started here in Australia, playing a lot of roles but never the lead guy in shows here. I always tended to play the rougher guy, the criminal who gets caught or shot by the cops. Or the boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks. – Sullivan Stapleton

I started working on a TV show in Australia, straight out of high school, so I missed the whole university experience. – Margot Robbie

I still have my agent back in Australia keeping an eye on things there, and we are trying to find the right job which will bring me home to shoot. – Margot Robbie

I still remember the realization in college at Flinders University in Australia that mathematics was not just an abstract game of symbols but could be used as a tool to analyze and understand the modern world. – Terence Tao

I still remember when I debuted for India in One-dayers and got out on zero against Australia only. – Shikhar Dhawan

I stress the uniqueness of the Australian landscape and its metaphysical and mythic content. – Arthur Boyd

I studied in New York. I fell in love with an Australian-born, half-Filipina girl. So we moved to Australia when she went to her university and I moved with her. We moved to Montreal because she was going to take her year abroad, and I wanted to see if I could keep on writing there. It’s really hard to make it as a writer in the Philippines. – Miguel Syjuco

I studied writing at university, and I actually majored in screenwriting. Then I went to work as a bookseller and then as a sales rep and publicist and then various editorial jobs until I ended up with HarperCollins in Australia. – Garth Nix

I suffer much less than many of my colleagues. I am perfectly able to go to Australia and film within three hours of arrival. – David Attenborough

I suppose I was very disappointed that I was injured during training for Korea. In fact, I had an argument with a grenade and it won, and consequently I was forced to come back to Australia for twelve months. – Peter Scott

I suppose most crime writing is urban. There’s not a lot… certainly not in Australia, people don’t often set books in the countryside. – Peter Temple

I tend to not think about the kind of movie things I want to be doing, because I’ve worked in all sorts of different places, and I’ve spent all sorts of time in England, and I’d still do things in Australia and in America. – Miranda Otto

I tend to use really basic creams, and I like to put an oil on, like an emu oil from Australia. It’s from the emu, and it’s really nourishing. I prefer an oil to a cream. – Cate Blanchett

I thank all of those who weren’t born in this country for coming here and making a contribution to Australia. We are the least discriminatory country in the world, in my view. – John Howard

I think ‘pop’ can be a bit of a dirty word. People are very cool in Australia. They don’t like to admit that they like pop. There are people who listen to Triple J and cool stuff like that, but commercial radio is massive, and if you look at the sales of the pop songs every week, people love pop music. – Ricki-Lee Coulter

I think at times I get treated a bit unfairly, but then so do other athletes in Australia, and I feel like things can change. – Nick Kyrgios

I think Australia focuses on people that had a big start at home, like ‘Home and Away’ or ‘Neighbours’ graduates, and the truth is those shows are pretty white for the most part. The diverse actors go straight to the States because that is where more diverse stories and opportunities are being presented. – Geraldine Viswanathan

I think Australia has to be a country which has the ‘Welcome’ sign out. – Paul Keating

I think Australia is an extremely relevant partner and a key instrument for the stability, the progress, and the support of the East Timorese. – Antonio Guterres

I think Australia is just a great place to bring up a family. – Anthony Pratt

I think Australia is pretty much living the last day on Earth in a lot of ways. – Nathan Phillips

I think being back in Australia has kind of helped a little bit because you just feel really comfortable around everyone, and it’s the same environment that I’ve grown up in. – Keiynan Lonsdale

I think England will win a Test. My concern is Australia will probably win two. – Geoffrey Boycott

I think growing up in the States and Australia, we were exposed to a lot of different types of things. I used to go to Gilman to watch punk shows, and it’s a complete different environment – you were inspired by so many different things, whereas in Hong Kong, there is nothing for anybody. – Daniel Wu

I think I had about a month off when I broke my rib in Australia, which was magnificent. – Kevin Pietersen

I think I just wanted to run after my dad died, so I ran to Australia. It’s only looking back that I think that, though. I never would have done anything like that before; it was so out of character. – Vogue Williams

I think I was about 18 before I decided I wanted to pursue acting. I went to drama school in Western Australia when I was 19. – Dustin Clare

I think it’s a known fact that Joel and I have always loved Australia since we started coming here 13 or 14 years ago. Everyone knows we love it here. Our only concern is will we wear our welcome out? – Benji Madden

I think life is a little more basic here in Australia. There aren’t so many distractions. People seem to feel they can be kinder with each other here, I think, to a greater extent than in the States. – Jamey Sheridan

I think Melbourne is by far and away the most interesting place in Australia, and I thought if I ever wrote a novel or crime novel of any kind, I had to set it here. – Peter Temple

I think moving from Ireland to Australia, you couldn’t get a more different accent on the palate. The Irish accent is very muscular and involves a lot of tongue and cheek-muscle work, whereas the Australian accent is really flat; the palate is quite broad. They’re at almost opposite ends of the scale, so I feel it was good training. – Genevieve O’Reilly

I think that people should come to Australia through the front door, not through the back door. If people want a migration outcome, they should go through the migration channels. – Tony Abbott

I think the difference between America and Australia is very simple. It’s 20 million people versus 350 million. – Jim Jefferies

I think we are going to see exciting cricket all the way. We are watching the two best teams in the world-and I think England will eventually go on to pip Australia by a single Test. – Ian Botham

I think when you come to Australia you immediately get the sense of fitness and taking care of yourself and being healthy, and it really shows. – Tinie Tempah

I think, after Pakistan, the two countries where I have received most love and respect are India and Australia. – Shahid Afridi

I think, in Australia, it’s kind of a crazy thing to say, ‘I want to be an actor.’ People look at you weirdly. And when I said I was moving to L.A., I remember people saying, ‘No, you shouldn’t. You’ll just come back disappointed.’ – Danielle Macdonald

I think, in Australia, the no-go areas wouldn’t be as bad as in Europe because they’ve got less mass immigration, but I’ve heard some pretty bizarre stories about riots, attacks. – Lauren Southern

I thought I would come to Australia and learn to surf. Instead, I learned to walk. – Bari Weiss

I took part in two ‘Leverage’ conventions. Fans fly in from as far as Russia and Australia. It’s expensive to attend. – Gina Bellman

I totally enjoyed playing in Australia. I think they play very tough cricket, and the brand of cricket they play is very strong. – K. L. Rahul

I travel way too much to have any pets. But if I could have one, I’d want a quokka. They’re basically small kangaroos native to Western Australia. – Justine Larbalestier

I truly love Australia; I miss Aussie kids and their attitude! – Nicole Trunfio

I try to get back to Australia as much as possible. – Teresa Palmer

I used to feel an obligation to invent things. I felt I was a failure because I didn’t do massive great novels about Australia or the outback or something. I just don’t feel that any more. – Helen Garner

I want people to throw on a hat, head out into the outback and see the real Australia. You can do it how you want – independently in a 4WD, camping under the stars, or being treated like a king in a luxury homestead or on a cruise. – John Torode

I want to be here for my family. I want to make stuff in Australia. I want to take what I’ve learned and contribute it to the industry. I think there’s a moral imperative to do so for people like me. – Tim Minchin

I want to be part of the team that wins a Test series in England and Australia. – Gautam Gambhir

I want to be really proactive in working with the progressive business community in Australia and also reaching out to rural and regional Australia in order to assist in the sustainability crisis and the food security crisis. – Christine Milne

I want to ensure and the Government wants to ensure that Australia is well prepared to tackle dangerous climate change with a scheme which is both responsible and which meets our international commitments. – Wayne Swan

I want to give my compliments to Australia. Ever since your government paid a few million dollars for a Jackson Pollack painting, I figure that it must be a marvellous country. – Morton Feldman

I want to go back home and make movies in Australia. There’s so many stories that we haven’t captured yet. In Australia, we cling on to whatever culture we have. We’re such a multicultural country. – Brenton Thwaites

I want to go to Australia and take the same goofy picture of me holding a koala that everyone else takes. – Jessi Klein

I want to see a connected and progressive future for Australia, where we harness our greatest natural resources: sun, wind, and brain power. – Cate Blanchett

I want to see an end to sovereign risk questions over Australia. – Tony Abbott

I want to work with kids and help develop them, show them the right way, the right morals and attitude into how to become a better footballer. Australia has many different cultures but I’d like to bring in the indigenous style, bring their competitiveness, athleticism and raw ability into the frame. – Timothy F. Cahill

I want you to know what I have told Australia’s Parliament in Canberra – what I told General Petraeus in Kabul – what I told President Obama in the Oval Office this week. Australia will stand firm with our ally the United States. – Julia Gillard

I wanted the collection for Target to reinterpret all the must-haves of Stella McCartney for winter and to make my designs more accessible to a wider audience in Australia. – Stella McCartney

I was 14 in Barcelona, and when I initially went there, I didn’t see my mum for six months and my dad for four months. Australia is far from Spain, but I don’t remember how long or how short the days felt. I think what was most difficult for my parents was that if anything went wrong, they couldn’t say, ‘OK, we’ll be there in a couple of hours.’ – Johanna Konta

I was a breakdancer as a kid. I was on one of the top break dancing teams in Australia. – Manu Bennett

I was actually born in Belgium and lived there until I was 11, then moved to Australia for a year, then moved to New Zealand, so I only lived there from when I was 12 to 18. – Stella Maxwell

I was at number one in Australia with both my album and my single. And then I was told I had cancer. I thought, ‘What a strange turn of events.’ – Delta Goodrem

I was born in 1951 in Kalgoorlie, a prosperous mining town 370 miles east of Perth, Western Australia. Kalgoorlie was a gold rush town which sprang up in the desert after the Irishman Paddy Hannan struck gold there in 1892. – Barry Marshall

I was born in Amersham, England on 6/4/58. My family moved to Australia when I was eight, and I went to Box Hill High School and then Melbourne High School. I liked to draw and write at school, and I liked books by J.R.R. Tolkien, A.A. Milne and Kenneth Grahame. – Graeme Base

I was born in Australia and am proud of my Australian provenance, but I am now an American. Like so many naturalized citizens, I felt that I was an American before I formally became one. – Rupert Murdoch

I was born in Cairns, Queensland. Then my parents and I moved to Sydney. We moved to New Wales. We moved around Australia. I was just really close to my parents, and actually, we moved around a lot when I was very young. I think it played a big part in making me the shy teenager that I was. – Catriona Gray

I was born in New Zealand, and I was raised in Australia, and I’m very proud of that. – Robert Whittaker

I was born in the small city of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia, in 1948. My parents were family physicians. My grandfather and great grandfather on my mother’s side were geologists. – Elizabeth Blackburn

I was born on 7 September 1917 at Sydney in Australia. My father was English-born and a graduate of Oxford; my mother, born Hilda Eipper, was descended from a German minister of religion who settled in New South Wales in 1832. I was the second of four children. – John Cornforth

I was brought up in a Christian home in Australia with a father who was very bold about his faith. – Ken Ham

I was eight when we came to Australia. It was five amazing weeks onboard this ship – it was the Northern Star. – Graeme Base

I was elected by the people of Australia as Prime Minister of Australia. I was elected to do a job, I intend to continue doing that job. I intend to continue doing it to the absolute best of my ability. Part of that job has been to steer this country through the worst economic crisis the world has seen in 75 years. – Kevin Rudd

I was excited to come to Australia to shoot for Seafolly because I’ve been wanting to visit since I was young. There wasn’t much time to explore because we were so busy, which happens often during shoots. We had to take a boat to the Whitsunday Islands every day to get to the locations, which was a great way to start the day. – Martha Hunt

I was first in Sydney in 1993, and have been a few times since then. For someone who didn’t know Australia, it came as a shock how intelligent, interesting and funny the people were. If I lived there I might see it differently, but as a visitor it was a lot of fun. – Colm Toibin

I was five years old when we got on a boat for a month and headed over to Australia. I dont have great recollections of it. At the time, there was a bit of upheaval in Greece and, unfortunately, we got caught up with that. – Angelos Postecoglou

I was fortunate enough to coach the U.S. Olympic team in Australia. – Tommy Lasorda

I was fortunate enough to visit a lot of beautiful places around the world. The most astonishing and memorable experiences were my trips to Africa and Australia. – Karolina Kurkova

I was happy to find out that when on tour, Dolly Parton doesn’t use hotels but stays on her bus every night, to the point of having her buses shipped from Austria to Australia so she can tour the way she sees fit. I used one of her buses once – an honor. – Henry Rollins

I was in Australia for many years. And the system there is a two-party system and the government changes from time to time. – Frank Lowy

I was in Australia in 1983 and did a stunt in a lion’s cage. – Tiny Tim

I was in Australia in about 1996 when I played some acoustic guitar for some guys at a studio down there. They were pretty happy with it, and mentioned doing an album, so about a year later I met some people who were interested in recording. – Tom Curren

I was in hospital between the Grand Prix in Australia and Malaysia because of a lack of water and a little bit of lack of everything. I was very weak. – Jean-Eric Vergne

I was living in a four-story Manhattan townhouse with three full-time servants and silver to be polished, and I was doing too much. My kids were growing up without me, and suddenly I thought, ‘I want some other stuff.’ So I stopped working instead of cutting back, and went to Australia instead of Vermont. – Orson Bean

I was lucky enough to grow up in Western Australia and know that the Australian Outback is vast and spell-binding and heart-stoppingly beautiful, and the characters that inhabit it are unique and hilarious and tough and cheeky. – Tim Minchin

I was part of the Australia team that lost the first Test at Edgbaston in 1997 and yet came back to win the series quite comfortably in the end. – Glenn McGrath

I was pleasantly surprised with ‘Salvage.’ I went to Australia and New Zealand for the novel and met a lot of people who had experienced the earthquakes in Christchurch. They responded very strongly to the book because they had been through these natural disasters and were trying to figure out how to rebuild. – Jesmyn Ward

I was rejected by every agent in Australia when I was starting out. No one would represent me, because I didn’t fit into a particular box, and I wasn’t a trained musician or performer, but history has perhaps proven that perhaps I have something to give. – Tim Minchin

I was scouted working at the register at McDonald’s in Melbourne, Australia. I worked there as my first job, and a guy walked in and gave me his card. I was 16. I was skeptical, but I looked it up when I got home, and it was legitimate. – Andreja Pejic

I wasn’t always a novelist. I began my writing career as a journalist, working on an afternoon newspaper in Sydney, Australia, doing the crime beat and court reporting. Having grown up in a small country town, I felt as though I had nothing to write about. – Michael Robotham

I wasn’t aware of the impact that I had made on the lives of Aboriginal people until I did a bit of traveling and visited various communities throughout Victoria. To see the way that my people looked at me and to know that I made a difference to them was an honor. – Lionel Rose

I went back to Australia to do a show called ‘The Beautiful Lie,’ which is a retelling of ‘Anna Karenina’ in a six-part mini-series – a modern, contemporary version. – Sarah Snook

I went to a lot of different high schools. I had quite a sporadic schooling experience. I went to school in England briefly, to boarding school, and I went to a few different ones in Australia as well. I’m really lucky! I have friends in most countries. – Alice Englert

I went to America and got into a band, had success, had hits in Australia. – Rick Springfield

I went to Australia and did a three day hike with my fiance through the wilderness, which was nice. – Victoria Pendleton

I went to Australia from England when I was right at that age when you learn to read. It’s a very confronting thing, traveling halfway around the world and having a mother who was deeply unhappy at ending up in Australia, so you look for some way to find comfort, I guess, and I found it in books. – Terry Hayes

I woke up in Australia almost every day for the first 47 years of my life. When I left, I didn’t discard that, didn’t reject that, didn’t forget that. Not even New York City can wipe that out. – Peter Carey

I wonder if it is Australia’s great distance from more populated land masses that allows its inhabitants to be left to their own devices, to be incredibly creative and, at times, to be wonderfully weird. – Henry Rollins

I would like a better record here in Australia but I would like a better record in every country. – James Anderson

I would love to go to England, Europe and especially Australia. I have a real fantasy about playing in Australia; I would love to get over there. – Lari White

I would love to live stream them all, so if you’re in New York and you come along, you can watch Tropfest N.Y., and six weeks later you are watching Tropfest Arabia or Tropfest Australia live stream, and so they are all connected. – John Polson

I would love to make a film in the outback or in Papua New Guinea, in Port Moresby. I know that it’s not in Australia, but it’s not too far. – Louis Theroux

I would love to take a role like Greg Chappell did for Australia. I think I have a good eye for talent and this is something that we have never taken on board in the Caribbean. – Viv Richards

I wrote ‘(‘Til) I Kissed You’ about a girl I met in Australia. Her name was Lilian, and she was very, very inspirational. I was married, but… I wrote the song about her on the way back home. – Don Everly

I wrote my first full book when I was fourteen, and that was ‘Obernewtyn.’ It was also the first book I had published. It was accepted by the first publisher I sent it to, and it was short listed for Children’s Book of the Year in the older readers category in Australia. – Isobelle Carmody

I wrote my own play, ‘The Westie Monologues,’ about where I’m from in Australia, and it was very successful. From that, I started getting offers from television. – Rebel Wilson

I’d actually rather have a talk show in Australia than even America; I hope I do end up with a talk show. – Sophie Monk

I’d always fought against presenting radio really, because my father was a radio DJ in Australia. He’s just recently retired. And I kind of didn’t want to follow in his footsteps. But I suppose, as we all find as we become older, to some extent we do all become our parents. – Jarvis Cocker

I’d always had this romantic idea, ever since I’ve been writing scripts, that I would travel one day and pull up stumps, as we say in Australia. It’s a cricket reference. You can Google it. Pull up stumps in some country like Italy or Spain and do my little Truman Capote thing. – Leigh Whannell

I’d always thought Australia was a rugby country, but football is really developing here, and Juve are extremely popular. – Patrice Evra

I’d like to see the University of Western Australia and the other four or five universities in Western Australia really excel through having some of the greatest minds in the world attracted to it. – Andrew Forrest

I’d like to set a story in Australia, but I would need to feel confident my German and U.S. readers, for example, would stay with me. – Michael Robotham

I’d like to visit my friend and his family who live in Australia. That trip is long overdue. – Kenneth Choi

I’d love them to have adorable little American accents, but I do want to bring my kids up in Australia; it’s such a good lifestyle. – Margot Robbie

I’d love to come to Australia. I’d love to walk about the Sydney Opera House. – Nik Wallenda

I’d move to Los Angeles if New Zealand and Australia were swallowed up by a tidal wave, if there was a bubonic plague in England and if the continent of Africa disappeared from some Martian attack. – Russell Crowe

I’d really like to go Sydney. I’ve been to Australia a few times, but I have never been there. – Lennie James

I’d really like to visit India and South America. I think India will be a great mix of sightseeing and relaxing, and I’ve got a feeling it will also be good for one’s soul and spirit. And I’d love to go backpacking around South America at some point. I did that in Australia when I was younger, and the camaraderie was great fun. – Emilia Fox

I’ll never forget Cricket Australia telling me I was too soft and I’d been too soft with the team… I kind of didn’t know what they wanted. – Mickey Arthur

I’ll never leave. I love Australia, and I’m doing my best to be a fair dinkum Aussie sheila and honour all of Steve’s work, and yeah, I’ll be here the rest of my life. – Terri Irwin

I’m a big Cate Blanchett fan. I’m ready. I’m coming! I mean, come on, I am a gay girl; I want what I want. I want to come to Australia and marry Cate Blanchett. Just let everybody know for me. – King Princess

I’m a big goofball, you know. Don’t tell anyone that, but I’m a big goofball. In Australia we call it a dag. – Hugh Jackman

I’m a fan of homeopathy, acupuncture and spiritual healing. In Australia, this is not weird, but when I arrived in the U.K., everyone thought I was a freak. – Natalie Imbruglia

I’m a pretty chill and easygoing person; most people in Australia are, as well. I don’t think I ever really saw a lot of fights growing up. I think it’s hard to get people in Australia angry and want to fight, minus one or two people in the media… but we won’t say any names. – Iggy Azalea

I’m an only child, and I’m very, very close with my parents, who actually live in Australia. – Catriona Gray

I’m definitely Australian and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been formed as an athlete in Australia. – Jessica Fox

I’m delighted to have been accepted into the U.S.A. with my fishing program after its success in Australia and throughout the U.K., Europe, and Asia. – Rex Hunt

I’m expecting big things from our bowlers, from Peter Siddle, who plays the enforcer role, Stuart Clark, Mitchell Johnson and Brett Lee when he gets fit again. In batting, there’s Phil Hughes, whose already done well for Australia and scored hundreds for Middlesex. – Glenn McGrath

I’m from Australia, where the film industry is potent but small. – Cate Blanchett

I’m most proud of a couple of things. Firstly what we managed to do with the team from 2009 to get them to win the Ashes in Australia. That was remarkable. And secondly moving England forward in white-ball cricket because that is where the game is going and we need to be at the vanguard. – Andrew Strauss

I’m not a big fan of the gym, I do lots of outdoor aerobics – yoga, swimming, running – but I kinda hate talking about it. We have a term in Australia, it makes you sound like a wanker. – Ryan Kwanten

I’m not saying this in a condescending kind of way, but it’s quite simple: The making of America was a heroic thing. Australia has a much murkier, much more complex view of its history. It’s just full of all these open wounds we don’t really know what to do with. – Nick Cave

I’m out there arguing the Labor case. I will do it anywhere and everywhere that I can. I do it within various communities across Australia where I am able to make a positive contribution. And let me tell you, my voice won’t be silenced in the public debate because the issue at stake for Australia are so stark. – Kevin Rudd

I’m real connected with Australia, you heard? I gotta come up there, man. – Desiigner

I’m so used to Australian films not getting a release outside Australia. – Hugo Weaving

I’m sure everyone has a cool story behind how they got into Formula One, but, for me, Perth, you know, not only in Australia is it detached, but it’s detached from the whole world. – Daniel Ricciardo

I’m sure that there are places in the deserts in Australia that could be similar to where we might want to go on Mars. – Buzz Aldrin

I’m the guy who’ll drive 250 miles tonight and be at the gym tomorrow at 10 A.M., when people are still sleeping in. I’m the guy who’ll fly to Australia and find a gym. Fly back and first thing I do off the plane is work out before I shower or eat. – John Cena

I’m the only one of the family born in Yorkshire. My aunt came down first with her husband and told my mum there was plenty of work in Wakefield. My dad was going to go to Australia, but mum said no, we’ll go to Wakefield. – Jane McDonald

I’m very confident about being on the grid in Australia in 2003. – Felipe Massa

I’m very much half-American – my mom is American. I grew up in Australia until I was 16, then I finished high school over here because I got into this performing arts high school. – Betty Who

I’ve always been of the idea that is doesn’t really matter where you are geographically – with ‘Lonerism,’ we made half the album in Australia, half the album in Paris. – Kevin Parker

I’ve always done live art history lectures and small documentaries in the past in Australia, on Australian art and art galleries, so I’ve already done a lot of that. – Hannah Gadsby

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. I hear it’s a great place. I mean, kangaroos are pretty awesome. That’s an up factor. – Zachary Gordon

I’ve been arguing this for months. This is not our war. This is not a war we should be in. Australia’s better spending its time negotiating with North Korea. – John Hewson

I’ve been lucky enough to play over 100 Test matches for Australia. – Michael Clarke

I’ve been lucky to travel through quite a bit of Europe and Australia, but I would love to do Asia and South America and South Africa. – Dianna Agron

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.K. as Mint is expanding globally, and I’m personally doing much of the research and business deals to make them happen. – Aaron Patzer

I’ve been to Australia a couple of times, but never to the north or the centre. I would love to see Ayers Rock. – Anthony Head

I’ve been to Australia once before, and we went to Auckland, New Zealand. We were there for a few days. It was absolutely beautiful, so I’m very excited to go back there. – Michelle McCool

I’ve been to Australia several times, and I just like the earthiness; it’s part of the culture. That’s a really good vibe to be around. – Erin Heatherton

I’ve been to Australia, Russia and many of places I wanted to see as a child. But I’ve never visited India. I’ve had many invitations to play there but it hasn’t worked out. People say it’s beautiful, but I think I’d react badly to the poverty. – Chris de Burgh

I’ve been to India, Jordan, South Africa, Namibia, Senegal, Australia, Madagascar, Oman, The States, and a lot of countries in Europe, just to visit… I wanted to make music to connect all of these influences, and make a multicultural music with these experiences. – Jain

I’ve been voted one of Australia’s 50 national treasures. I’ve even had my face on an Australian stamp – the only non-Australian to do so, apart from the Queen, of course. – Russell Crowe

I’ve been working at performing for five years now. I’ve been working in Australia and Spain and England. When I was only 15 or 16, 1 was performing in bars; I could have had legal problems, but it’s also the only way to get to know what music is all about. – Andy Gibb

I’ve been writing for years and developing my own films and editing with a friend of mine in Australia. – Aden Young

I’ve definitely seen a lot of good players since I’ve came to Australia and I’ve definitely seen a lot of players that could easily play in the Championship in England. – Ross McCormack

I’ve flown halfway around the world to kiss a girl. I jumped on a plane and flew to Australia. – Geoff Stults

I’ve given away tens of millions of dollars over the years – probably to almost every charity in Australia. – Gerry Harvey

I’ve grown up with an active outdoor lifestyle. Before I lived in Australia, I ran a construction company in Oregon, U.S.A. I also owned horses and would spend several weeks a year exploring Oregon’s beautiful wilderness areas on horseback. – Terri Irwin

I’ve learnt a lot about Dad from going around the world and listening to other people. Whether I’ve been in Australia, the Caribbean, Leeds, Scarborough or London there’s always someone who’s got a story about him. – Jonny Bairstow

I’ve moved to Australia, to amazing parents who gave me unconditional love, to being educated and submerged in an amazing country and society. – Saroo Brierley

I’ve never actually played an Australian or worked in Australia. I really want to change that. I really want to work here – that would be great. – Danielle Macdonald

I’ve never had a cold Christmas, as I always spend it back home in Australia. – Mallory Jansen

I’ve played festivals in Australia. If it’s a dance music festival or mainstream festival, there’s maybe, like, 10 percent who pay attention to the music. – Kevin Parker

I’ve played the leads in two British TV series. I’ve done a bunch of mini-series. Everybody in Australia is a bit in awe of BBC. I’ve worked for there, and that was a great experience. – Robert Taylor

I’ve really had a great career. It’s been part fortune and part my own choices that steered my own career into playing the great roles that I’ve played on stage in Australia and at the National and West End in London and on Broadway. – Essie Davis

I’ve still got to go and see the world, but I will come back to Australia in the end, when I have my family, in many moons to come. – Luke Bracey

I, as prime minister, never went to Washington. Certainly never went to a presidential ranch. I hate to say this, but I wasn’t going to be the pilot fish to the shark, whereas Australia quite happily bobbed along like a happy little pilot fish with a shark who was a messy eater, and I just couldn’t feel like that. – David Lange

Id been touring in Japan and Australia and was due to play in America when Covid struck. I couldnt get back to England for a whole week, so I ended up spending it in Miami on my own. – Tony Hadley

If a company in Australia has to pay tax and the other one doesn’t, of course it’s a disadvantage. – Gerry Harvey

If a special economic zone worked as I do believe it would in the North, then hopefully we could extend it further south. It could certainly have benefits for an even wider area of Australia. – Gina Rinehart

If Australia finds it has a strong Australian dollar, and it has higher unemployment, then it would have to respond, and that would either be by increasing domestic demand or by weakening its own currency. – Ben Bernanke

If Australia wants an effective United Nations, we have to be comprehensively, not marginally, engaged. – Kevin Rudd

If Australia wants to be a friend of Asia, it should stop behaving as if it is there to teach us how to run our country. – Mahathir Mohamad

If I can just play, it doesn’t matter where we are… Japan, Australia, or here in the neighborhood. – Trombone Shorty

If I could distil the relevance of Bruce Springsteen’s music to Australia it would be this: don’t let what has happened to the American economy happen here. Don’t let Australia become a down-under version of New Jersey, where the people and the communities whose skills are no longer in demand get thrown on the scrap heap of life. – Wayne Swan

If I was in a refugee camp somewhere on the Pakistani border, of course I’d want to come to Australia. – Tony Abbott

If I was whisked away… I think I could put up with anything, except not seeing the Australian landscape. It would be a torture to have it cut off. – Arthur Boyd

If I’d been a housemaid I’d have been the best in Australia – I couldn’t help it. It’s got to be perfection for me. – Nellie Melba

If it wasn’t for my dad, I would never have known about pentathlon, because it’s not popular at all in Australia. – Chloe Esposito

If I’d been a housemaid I’d have been the best in Australia – I couldn’t help it. It’s got to be perfection for me. – Nellie Melba

If only a few games are televised and you don’t have a follow-up, like no live coverage of the Sri Lanka series after the Australia series, where we did so well, things will not improve. – Mithali Raj

If politicians continue to promote separatism in Australia, they should not continue to hold their seats in this parliament. They are not truly representing all Australians, and I call on the people to throw them out. – Pauline Hanson

If President Obama had his way, the United States would be just like Britain and Australia, where handguns were confiscated and remain banned with little to show for it. Thankfully, the Second Amendment and the American people will not stand for it. – Katie Pavlich

If we are strategic, if we are smart, Australia can power our future prosperity with solar, wind, geothermal, and tidal energy. – Bill Shorten

If we wait for the U.S. to do something, we will be waiting for a very long time. It’s Europe, it’s Australia, it’s the other developed and middle developing countries that have got to do the job. – Susan George

If you asked someone who was a Maori about how they felt about how they were treated in Australia or New Zealand, you’ll get an answer. They’ll have something to tell you. And you might not like what you hear. – Laurence Fishburne

If you go to Norway, Finland, Russia or Australia, you’ll see Xerox or Fuji-Xerox people, not just the name on the door. We have human beings who live and work and serve customers everywhere around the globe. – Ursula Burns

If you got the DVD you can see that George Lucas has taken that person out, as well as the voice, and we shot this scene when we arrived in Australia during the actual filming of Episode 3. – Ian McDiarmid

If you think back to the days of Phil Anderson, when there were very few Australians to now when you have a Tour de France winner in Cadel Evans, a professional team in GreenEDGE, and classics winners in Stuart O’Grady and Matt Goss – the sport is bigger and bigger in Australia. – Eddy Merckx

If you think that the distance from the Earth to the nearest planet where we could live comfortably… is being, like, from New York to Australia… what we’ve achieved so far, in going to the moon, that’s about two-and-a-half inches. So that’s the challenge. – Kip Thorne

If you visit Melbourne or Sydney, you won’t see much of a difference compared to Europe or North America. The day you go on a road trip in the Outback and have to pack 40L of water because there aren’t any shops for the next 1,000km, you understand that Australia is a world of its own. – BeeLoved City

If you want to appeal to everyone, you can’t do a world tour and expect black people to show up at every date – when you’re in Australia, when you’re in Dubai, when you’re in Indonesia. – Kevin Hart

If you’re a single Sheila and you’re trying to find an Australian bloke, you duck off down there to Australia. You go to the Red Centre: you’ll find there’s a few shearers, a few stockmen, and there you will find an Australian bloke. – Nick Cummins

If you’re big in America, you can go to Australia and automatically, the first time you’ll be there, you can sell out huge venues. – Dean Lewis

If you’ve worked in Australia, you can’t get away with bad behaviour like showing up late. We take our work ethic very seriously. – Margot Robbie

II grew up in Australia, but I’m not from there originally. Like, my dad’s South American, so I know what that’s like to grow up in a culture that’s not your own. – Nathalie Kelley

In 1958, Anne and I returned to Australia, where I got a very attractive research position at the Australian National University in Canberra. But soon I felt very isolated because at that time game theory was virtually unknown in Australia. – John Harsanyi

In 1958, we decided to go to Australia. We were there for six months, and all the shows went well. – Ernie Wise

In 1969, we emigrated to Australia. It was a big change. The heat, the flies, and the completely different tinned meats. The shock was so great, I stopped reading books for nearly a year. – Morris Gleitzman

In 1975 Australia was producing things like Picnic at Hanging Rock, in other words films that I would consider still some of the finest products to come out of Australia. I think that our quality now is less than it was then. – Ann Macbeth

In a way Australia is like Catholicism. The company is sometimes questionable and the landscape is grotesque. But you always come back. – Thomas Keneally

In America, if you want to make it as a golfer, you go to college on a scholarship. In Australia, you go to the airport with a plane ticket. The competition just isn’t there. – Stuart Appleby

In any international sporting career an opportunity comes along that you have to grab. Mine came at Old Trafford in 1985 when I was recalled to the England team to face Australia. It was a huge chance to prove I belonged in the Test side but I failed to take it. – Jonathan Agnew

In Argentina, in Brazil, I remember going to Australia, all the trips I did in Japan, you know how they’d advertise me? ‘From Madison Square Garden, Bruno Sammartino.’ – Bruno Sammartino

In Australia in the ’70s, there was a real embrace of different genres. And then George Miller did ‘Mad Max’ by the end of the ’70s, the beginning of the ’80s. And it was really thriving. – John Hillcoat

In Australia nothing comes easy. It’s one of the hardest places to play. – Ravi Shastri

In Australia, a deaf person attending an interview must take their own interpreter at their own expense, or ask the employer to provide one. Believe me, nothing says ‘I’m the best person for this job’ quite like asking an employer to pay to interview you. – Stella Young

In Australia, Chinese food culture has imparted flavour, dimension and excitement to the way we eat. – Melissa Leong

In Australia, even the darkest subject matter has a little pinch of humor. A little sweet to make the sour go down. – Ben Mendelsohn

In Australia, I almost became a counsellor. At the end of each performance there would be a queue of sobbing people backstage. They all wanted to explain why they left South Africa. – John Kani

In Australia, I can just say to my mom, ‘I’m going down the street.’ And I can walk around pretty much all the places I know. – Kodi Smit-McPhee

In Australia, I didn’t think that there was much of a chance for me to become a singer – especially to become a K-pop star. – Rose

In Australia, I grew up watching ‘The Mickey Mouse Club,’ my son grew up watching ‘Sesame Street,’ my grandson’s growing up watching ‘Dora The Explorer.’ So we are sort of saturated with American culture from the day we’re born, and to those of those who do have an ear for it, it’s second nature. – Jacki Weaver

In Australia, I think, there’s so much baggage with it. You just mention ‘Snowtown,’ and everyone’s got an opinion about it. – Justin Kurzel

In Australia, I wrote lots of little plays and put them on, and then I worked on a few different TV shows, like the Australian equivalent of ‘SNL.’ I would write and perform all of my characters. – Rebel Wilson

In Australia, I’m built up as this comedy hero, which was never my intention. – Chris Lilley

In Australia, it’s people from Asian countries who most often recognise me. There are often people just looking at me at the supermarket, like they’re shocked to think I would go to the supermarket. – Miranda Otto

In Australia, kids play in American accents. – Yael Stone

In Australia, not reading poetry is the national pastime. – Phyllis McGinley

In Australia, our first album went four-times platinum. It was massive. – Jessica Origliasso

In Australia, the Man Booker is sometimes seen as something of a chicken raffle. – Richard Flanagan

In Australia, there aren’t a lot of people committed to art, so these communities form that are dedicated to music, theater, cinema, but they’re very small. So, they tend to move ahead on the power of collaboration, enthusiasm and creativity. – Joel Edgerton

In Australia, there is a very famous show called ‘Home and Away.’ I was cast on that at 15. The day I started filming, my life changed. – Tammin Sursok

In Australia, they really want to turn me into a religion. A religion! Can you imagine? The Church of Edna? Oh. I don’t want to be over-revered. – Barry Humphries

In Australia, they set up a special fund to kick films off. It was quite an enlightened sort of move. You could go to this government bureau with scripts and and get finance for films. – Bruce Beresford

In Australia, we cling on to whatever culture we have. We’re such a multicultural country. – Brenton Thwaites

In Australia, we point out a person’s weaknesses as a way of saying ‘I see you and I accept you’. If you do that with Americans, they instantly take offence. – Andrew Dominik

In Australia, we’ve always been a country that runs the ball right up the middle on the fifth tackle. We’ve never seen a challenge we didn’t like, and we’ve certainly never run from one. – Wayne Swan

In Australian culture, people are just more laid back, people aren’t as serious, they just take their time with things. It’s just like, whatever, if I don’t get it done I don’t get it done. – Andrew Bogut

In Europe and Australia, there is something called the Tall Poppy Syndrome: People like to cut the tall poppies. They don’t want you to succeed, and they cut you down – especially people from your own social class. – Mark Burnett

In India, unlike in the United States and Australia, agriculture is not just a food producing enterprise but also the backbone of the livelihood security of nearly 60 per cent of the population. – M. S. Swaminathan

In Japan, Australia, and England there is such a strong youth culture. – Marc Newson

In my view, helping to feed a hungry world is Australia’s greatest responsibility and opportunity in the 21st century. – Anthony Pratt

In particular, Australia, because of its ancient geography, soil profile and distinctive weather patterns, is more adversely affected by climate variability than some other continents. – Peter Garrett

In real life, I am trying to save the Steve Irwin wildlife preserve. It’s in Australia, up on Cape York, and it’s in danger of being strip-mined. – Bindi Irwin

In sport, there is always room for improvement. Whenever I see my innings against the West Indies or Australia, I think, ‘Maybe, I could have done this better or should have changed that.’ See, cricket is a skill game, and one can always improve upon the impact one has on an innings. – Yuvraj Singh

In the ’70s, Leo-mania was the equivalent of Beatle-mania down there and they still love me. In Australia they still want heroes. – Leo Sayer

In the early 1930s, flying from England to Australia was the longest flight in the world. It was considered extremely dangerous and hazardous, pushing pilots to the limits of mechanical skills and human endurance. Aviation was young. – Mary Garden

In the end, there will always be a fundamental difference of perspective between New Zealand and Australia on defense, whoever is in government. – Helen Clark

In the past, when we toured countries like Australia or South Africa, we struggled, but we also got to learn a lot, and we learnt to cope with pressure. – Inzamam-ul-Haq

In the U.S. there are many people willing to work on $9 per hour, which is causing Tasmania to lose its famous apple industry and Australia to import more and more of its fruit and food from lower cost countries. In fact, all over Australia there are warning signs of us killing or restricting our own industries. – Gina Rinehart

India is still searching for its first World Cup title. Australia and England have shown they are able to bounce back from disappointment. – Mithali Raj

Ironically, I find it harder to get a foothold in Australia than I do in the U.S. When I was in Australia, I struggled. It can be a bit of a closed shop; it can be hard for a newcomer to break in, whereas in the U.S., it has much more of an open-door policy, and they will give anyone a shot. – Tanc Sade

Islam cannot have a significant presence in Australia if we are to live in an open, secular, and cohesive society. We have seen the destruction it is causing around the world. – Pauline Hanson

Israel is not the safest place in the world for Jews. Melbourne in Australia is better. Teaneck, New Jersey, is safer. – Naftali Bennett

It does seem like, in the world today, we’ve moved further and further away from wildlife. There’s that sense of whatever you’re scared of, you just want it to go away. Here in Australia Zoo, part of our ongoing plan is that re-connection. – Terri Irwin

It doesn’t really seem any different anywhere. I’d say it seems like we’re biggest in Australia. It’s just that we’ve always been this underground band and for some reason in the last month has been starting to go overground. – Jon Crosby

It doesn’t take much to get a high profile in Australia. – Terry Hayes

It feels like it’s just starting in America and the UK. It’s great to have a loyal fanbase in Australia and New Zealand. People in America say how polished our band are, but that didn’t happen overnight; that came from doing all this touring back home. – Kimbra

It feels really good to give back. I’m opening the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness Centre in Australia. – Olivia Newton-John

It has nothing to do with money. We don’t play for Australia to get paid. We play for the pride of our country and the opportunity to create history and be the best team in the world. – Patty Mills

It is a high honour to be elected Prime Minister of Australia. – Kevin Rudd

It is a matter of public shame that while we have now commemorated our hundredth anniversary, not one in every ten children attending Public schools throughout the colonies is acquainted with a single historical fact about Australia. – Henry Lawson

It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies. – Arthur Calwell

It is devastating that jail is seen as a rite of passage for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, part of the natural order of things. It is an outrage that there is an attitude that this is normal. This is not normal. We can’t shrug our shoulders and say this is just a ‘fact of life’ in remote Australia. – Bill Shorten

It is in the national interest to have the Flying Kangaroo. It’s in the interests of our tourism industry. It’s in the interests of jobs here in Australia. – Anthony Albanese

It is not in our cities or townships, it is not in our agricultural or mining areas, that the Australian attains full consciousness of his own nationality; it is in places like this, and as clearly here as at the centre of the continent. To me the monotonous variety of this interminable scrub has a charm of its own; so grave, subdued, self-centred; so alien to the genial appeal of more winsome landscape, or the assertive grandeur of mountain and gorge. – Joseph Furphy

It is our job, as members of parliament, to legislate with an eye to the long term future, to look over the horizon beyond the next election and ensure that as far as we can what we do today will make Australia a better place, a safer place, for future generations to live in. – Malcolm Turnbull

It isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper. – Errol Flynn

It makes me sick to my stomach what Australia Day has become. – Nathan Phillips

It may be that the carbon tax is the final chapter in the strange death of Labor Australia. – Richard Flanagan

It may seem hard to believe – unless you sit down and taste them – but some of the world’s greatest sweet wines are made in the Rutherglen region of Victoria, Australia. – Robert M. Parker, Jr.

It seems that people are tired of everyone looking the same on television. And this seems especially true for white people. Even white people are tired of watching the same white people. That’s why we’ve been importing them from Australia. – Baron Vaughn

It so happened that I was on a German sailing vessel on the way to Australia when the ship was captured, and on the high seas I was made prisoner by the French. – Fritz Sauckel

It was definitely a big boost when I went into Australia. That’s what really got my recognition going. I started scoring. I started feeling a little bit better each game. – Jessica McDonald

It was funny, when I got to Australia to The Presidents Cup, I ate about 6,000 calories. – Bryson DeChambeau

It was my wish to play in the challenging conditions in Australia. I love the bounce there. – Prithvi Shaw

It was the corner sweet-shop in Australia that first piqued my interest in interior design. I went into this space with a mixture of apprehension and excitement as a child. It was filled, floor to ceiling, with the most incredible rounded glass bowls filled to the brim with bonbons, buttons, and sweets. – Anouska Hempel

It was tough coaching Australia. They were so set in their ways because they have been the right ways – but the culture needed changing because the discipline was shoddy. – Mickey Arthur

It will be nice to play against Australia. It’s a great country, and football is getting bigger and bigger. – Juan Mata

It’s a pleasure to land here and see Australia upholding its commitment to free speech and Western culture – something that may not be here for much longer if left-wing Australian politicians continue their pathological worship of multiculturalism. – Lauren Southern

It’s a very open-armed experience in Australia – you feel immediately welcomed – I felt being here for three months – honoured, delighted, proud. – Tom Parker Bowles

It’s always a pleasure on a personal note for me to come back to Australia. – Nick Cave

It’s always hot in Australia. – Angelique Kerber

It’s always nice to come home and work in Australia with friends I’ve known since I started. – Alyssa Sutherland

It’s always special playing in Australia and New Zealand. – Inzamam-ul-Haq

It’s an individual waste and it’s an economic waste for Australia not to recognise dyslexia. – Maryanne Wolf

It’s funny because when I’m outside Australia, I never get to do my Australian accent in anything. It’s always a Danish accent or an English accent or an American accent. – Mallory Jansen

It’s got more cosmopolitan, and it’s lost its uniqueness, but Australia is still a great place. – Paul Hogan

It’s just so funny that when I was growing up, I was very much of an Australian. I just thought it was funny that there was this war, like, ‘No, she’s ours, she’s practically a Miss Australia.’ But I am a Miss Philippines. b

It’s nearly impossible to believe just how provincial the wine world was in 1978, the year I launched my journal, ‘The Wine Advocate.’ There were no wines exported from New Zealand and virtually none from Australia (including Penfolds Grange, one of the greatest wines in existence). – Robert M. Parker, Jr.

It’s not a country of articulate people, sophisticated people. There’s too little subtlety. Men and women don’t enjoy each other very much in Australia. I don’t find very many men sexy in Australia. Of course, I’m married and out of it, but still. – Judy Davis

It’s odd, that’s why I don’t like telling people I played field hockey. It’s real big in Australia for guys. But I say I played in America, and everybody goes, ‘Oh, you girl!’ – Heath Ledger

It’s one of the beautiful things about Australia that people do get to share this life here, away from trouble. – Jimmy Barnes

It’s true: one of the things that I’ve always thought about American society is that you never get the sort of natural politicisation of class consciousness that you would get in the United Kingdom or even in Australia. – Peter Carey

It’s, like, your classic journey from a drama school. I went straight to the three-year acting degree, and I waitressed throughout that to support myself and for the first six months after I graduated. Then I started to get commercials here and there, and then I got a couple of roles in Australia and then a more regular role on a TV series. – Yvonne Strahovski

Italy is definitely where I feel most at home, or alternatively, living in total wilderness, in the bush in Australia. – Noah Taylor

It’s a perfect day here in Australia, glorious blue sunshine. – Christopher Martin-Jenkins

It’s always a pleasure on a personal note for me to come back to Australia. – Nick Cave

It’s always hot in Australia. – Angelique Kerber

It’s an interesting thing in this country. I haven’t won a gold medal, yet Australians still take me into their houses and hearts, they know my name and they care. I think Aussies like the little Aussie battler and the person who will stand up for their rights and I’ve never been short of a word, especially with officialdom. – Raelene Boyle

It’s Australian to do such things because, however uncivilised they may seem, it’s human to do them. – Hugh Mackay

It’s no good crying over spilt milk; all we can do is bail up another cow. – Ben Chifley

It’s rare that there’s a role that requires an Australian accent. – Heath Ledger

It’s the colours, the light, the space. It’s really very deep in my soul… In the Australian bush and inland deserts, there is a sense of being the first person in a place. – Suzanne Cory

It’s the good thing about being Australian, I think. We have a sensibility to keep our feet on the deck. All the tinsel of Tinseltown doesn’t really bother me. – Sam Worthington

It’s very easy for Australians living in big cities to either romanticise or demonise the situation in Aboriginal places – to kind of look at things through the ‘noble innocents’ prism or through the ‘chronically dysfunctional’ prism, and I suspect that is so often the case. – Tony Abbott

I’d love to come to Australia. I’d love to walk about the Sydney Opera House. – Nik Wallenda

I’d move to Los Angeles if New Zealand and Australia were swallowed up by a tidal wave, if there was a bubonic plague in England and if the continent of Africa disappeared from some Martian attack. – Russell Crowe

I’m a big goofball, you know. Don’t tell anyone that, but I’m a big goofball. In Australia, we call it a dag. – Hugh Jackman

I’m in the love with the city. You can impress an Australian with a city, but you can’t impress them with a beach. – Rose Byrne

I’ve always been asked the question, What is it with Australian men?” It’s weird because most of my friends here [in the United States] are American men. I think there’s cultural differences. It’s a really American thing to kind of wax your chest. As a man it’s like, Get rid of that unsightly hair!” In Australia it’s like, Mate, what are you doing? Why would you do that? Doesn’t that hurt?” So there’s a few little differences that keep us. – Jennifer Lopez

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. I hear it’s a great place. I mean, kangaroos are pretty awesome. That’s an up factor. – Zachary Gordon

I’ve been to Australia several times, and I just like the earthiness; it’s part of the culture. That’s a really good vibe to be around. – Erin Heatherton

I’ve been to Australia. I’ve met the devil, drank beer and snogged kangaroos. – Alan Martin

I’ve never had a cold Christmas, as I always spend it back home in Australia. – Mallory Jansen

I’ve never seen anyone rehabilitated by punishment. – Henry Lawson

Jammu and Kashmir has a scenic beauty and I feel that the film industry rather than going abroad in countries like Switzerland and Australia, should visit Kashmir – which is the only Heaven on Earth for the shoots. – Raza Murad

Japan and Australia share the universal values of freedom, democracy, the rule of law, and fundamental human rights. – Shinzo Abe

Jimmy Grants is my first stop every time I go home to Australia. They make the best souvlakis you have ever tasted. – Mallory Jansen

Julian Assange is self-consciously an individual. He thinks in his own way, primarily as a physicist, having studied pure maths and physics at university in Australia where he grew up. – Nick Davies

Knowing who you are and what guns you own was indeed the key to the massive gun theft by government in Australia that saw hundreds of thousands of honest, law-abiding citizens disarmed. – Wayne LaPierre

Labor is at its best when we are the party of ideas and action – ideas that empower the powerless and actions that build a better Australia for the long term. – Bill Shorten

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great sadness that I announce that I will resign as Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs. I am sad because I love this job. I’m totally dedicated to the work that we are doing in Australia’s name around the world, and I believe that we have achieved many good results for Australia, and I’m proud of them. – Kevin Rudd

Land is a central part of the connection to country and to our identity as people. Many of our significant sites, landscapes, customs and stories focus on connection to land. Land is therefore very important to our culture, history and future. – First Nations Quote

Learning about our past is definitely important, not only for Australians but people around the world. It’s something that Australia should never be ashamed of. It’s part of our history. It’s part of us. – Patty Mills

Leaving Australia was the hardest thing I have ever done. – Barry Gibb

Let me give you a little Mendelsohn 101: I came up in television in the early- to mid- 1980s in Australia. – Ben Mendelsohn

Los Angeles and Sydney are very similar, but I definitely enjoy more fresh seafood when I’m back in Australia, as there is so much great, fresh produce here. I also like going swimming at the beach while I’m home, too. – Phoebe Tonkin

Many European countries, as well as Australia, Canada, Israel, and New Zealand, have adopted legislation that creates a ‘public lending right’, where the government recognises that enabling hundreds of people to read a single copy of a book provides a public good, but that doing so is likely to reduce sales of the book. – Peter Singer

Many times, I thought the sat-phone was just a hindrance because it can become a crutch. You can call someone in Australia or Europe and talk about what you’re going through, but it doesn’t actually help. Sat-phones and GPS can’t show you where the grass or the wells are. – Tim Cope

Mates such as they must stand by one another. – Mary Grant Bruce

Maybe I’m in the wrong sport. I should go to Australia and play fast-pitch softball. – Anthony Rendon

Me and my family, we sort of had this plan to… once we had kids, we had a plan that about every six years we’d move to a new country. So, when we had kids, we moved to Bali for six years, then we went to Australia for six years. – Taylor Steele

Men and women of western Sydney, it’s appropriate, you apparently believe, that Australia’s oldest surviving Prime Minister should make the concluding remarks in Australia’s oldest surviving Government House. I hope the building’s foundations are a bit more substantial than mine. – Gough Whitlam

Messi is the same player in Barcelona and Argentina, and it would be the same if he played with Australia. – Ernesto Valverde

Mmm, well that whole thing about having to look tough has never left Australia. – Robert Forster

Most Australians live in the cities on the east coast, where contact between black and white occurred as much as 200 years earlier than on the west coast – and where 95 per cent of Australians are able to live 95 per cent of their lives without ever seeing an Aboriginal face. – Phillip Noyce

Most Indians go into education. Their parents just push them into education like parents in Australia push them into sports. – Mahesh Bhupathi

Most of the available Indian films in Australia are Bollywood. I did not watch them. In my early days, I watched Satyajit Ray’s ‘Apu Trilogy,’ which was a beautiful take on social realism. – Garth Davis

Most of the people who are coming to Australia by boat have passed through several countries on the way, and if they simply wanted asylum they could have claimed that in any of the countries through which they’d passed. – Tony Abbott

Most of the well-developed world – Australia, Western Europe – they develop their resources base, they inventory it, they develop it, and they view it as a good source of jobs and revenue. We are a country that for too long has taken affordable energy for granted. – John S. Watson

Most people travel outside of Australia. They don’t realise what we’ve got. – Nick Cummins

Much of Australia’s history had been shaped by the contradiction that it depended intimately and comprehensively on a country which was further away that almost any other in the world. Now the dependence had slackened, the distance had diminished. The Antipodes were drifting, though where they were drifting no one knew. – Geoffrey Blainey

Mum told me stories about her time in the Women’s Royal Navy, and about her dad, who had died before I was born – he’d been sent to Australia as a child, then joined the Australian Army in the First World War and fought at Gallipoli. – Tony Bradman

My big break was when I won ‘Search for a Supermodel Australia,’ and then I came second in the world series, and that was all good, but I was just having fun; it wasn’t real to me. – Nicole Trunfio

My brothers live in Australia and don’t really know about Bollywood. – Jacqueline Fernandez

My commitment to the forgotten families of Australia is to ease your cost of living pressure. – Tony Abbott

My commitment to the Republican movement was pure and simply patriotism, a love of Australia… a desire or passion that all of our national symbols should be unequivocally and unambiguously Australian. – Malcolm Turnbull

My dad has spent 20 years of his life working in child protection and writing policy for organisations across Australia in order to recognise and safeguard against abuse. – Luke Hemsworth

My dad played in the National Soccer League in Australia and also played football in Malaysia. – Montaigne

My experience with Australia in the 1997 Ashes series taught me that fighting back is a combination of technique and mindset. – Glenn McGrath

My father died in 1930, but if you told him or anybody almost in that time that you’d be able to sit back in England and watch a cricket game in Australia, they’d have you put in the loony bin. – Desmond Llewelyn

My father was a headmaster in England and then the dean of a college in Australia. We moved there when I was about five, so my education was in Australia, and I always felt I was Australian even though my passport was British. – Olivia Newton-John

My father was in the navy and so while he was deployed soon after I was born we moved to Australia. – Sean Murray

My father’s from Australia and my mother was born in India, but she’s actually Tibetan. I was born in Katmandu, lived there until I was eight, and then moved to Australia with my mother and father. So yeah, I’m very mixed up, been to many different schools. – Dichen Lachman

My first heartbreak was extreme. I went to Australia for 10 months when I was at school and told the girl I was madly in love with not to come out to see me – and of course, when I came back, she met me at the airport to tell me she’d met someone else. – Greg Wise

My friends in Australia, they grew up with me acting, so they’re used to it. – Kodi Smit-McPhee

My granddad had a 1,500-acre hobby farm that he had built up from scratch in Western Australia, so my siblings and I spent our childhoods going there a lot. – Tim Minchin

My grandfather was like Australia’s Tom Jones. – Conrad Sewell

My great-grandmother was born in London, the daughter of a Brixton coachman, and became the most famous singer in Australia. Her name was Marie Carandini, Madame Carandini. – Christopher Lee

My husband does say it is Australia’s job and my family’s job to keep me grounded. They do a very good job! – Liane Moriarty

My ideal registration system would be an opt-out one, where every single person is registered once they turn 18. In Australia, I’m told, everyone is registered to vote and you pay a fine if you don’t vote. – Sharon Salzberg

My kids started school, so having a strong base in Melbourne has been a key priority. I’m not daunted by the travel. People say, ‘It’s so far to Australia,’ and I say, ‘You get on the plane, you eat well, you sleep, you wake up – and you’re there.’ – Geoffrey Rush

My life is more than just my work. I am a husband and a father and a proud citizen of two countries: my homeland of Australia and my adopted country here in the United States. – Terence Tao

My long-term plans are just to get as much experience as I can in Australia and try to make my own films. – Brenton Thwaites

My maternal grandmother was the longest-lived of my grandparents. She migrated to Australia in her 80s and lived into her 90s. It was great that she got to be part of my adult life. – Nick Earls

My mom is Italian, and her whole family still lives in Italy. My dad is Australian, and his family lives in Australia, so we were raised there. – Danielle Macdonald

My mom was an environmental activist in Australia in the late ’60s and ’70s, and I guess I’ve inherited that awareness from her. – Robin McLeavy

My mum has lived in Australia for 22 years now, and we have a rocky relationship. But at the same time it’s one I want to maintain. I need her to be my mum. The relationship took a lot of rebuilding. – Sam Taylor-Johnson

My parents actually ran drag clubs in Australia, which is how I grew up. It was normal for me. It was my normal. I knew the other kids didn’t do it, but for me, it was life, and nothing was wrong with it. I would see nothing wrong with Beyonce having a drag queen nanny. And why not? Everyone needs one! And a great gay man in their life. – Tabatha Coffey

My parents and my grandfather on my mom’s side would travel the earth. They went to Australia and China, and they went to probably every soccer game I ever played. – Brandi Chastain

My parents were drawn to the idea that there was space and opportunity in Australia. For the meagre sum of £10, you could sail your entire family out to Australia, so that’s what my father chose to do. – Hugh Jackman

My parents were the only people to go to South Africa from Australia in a single engine plane… the two of them, no radio… you had to fly down low to see the street signs to know which city you were in… most people couldn’t speak English. – Maye Musk

My point is this, the Government made this decision to ban totally beef exports into Indonesia, even to compliant abattoirs and this will have enormous consequences for the beef cattle industry across Australia. – Julie Bishop

My point was that the war was intrinsically wrong, and as a result of our participation we haven’t improved Australia’s security but created a greater danger at home and abroad. – Bob Hawke

My previous visits to Australia created fantastic memories, so I’m definitely looking forward to another visit. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I think every person in the entire country is nice. Seriously, I haven’t seen or heard of a mean person yet. And they love country music. – Joe Nichols

My wife and I sold our house New York and moved to Australia for a year; then we came back and spent almost three years bumming around the country in an old ’61 VW van. We put the kids in school wherever we happened to be, but mainly we reveled in being rootless. – Orson Bean

My working history as an actor is definitely in the theatre; it certainly was in Australia. – Yael Stone

My worst flight was with the Indonesian carrier Garuda from Australia to Bali, which was just awful. – John Torode

National film industries tend to move in cycles. In Australia right now, we’re on a high, a feeling of potential, which as yet shows no sign of flagging. But the word ‘industry’ is misleading. A small national cinema has no industry in the Hollywood sense. – Peter Weir

Nationalism is both a vital medicine and a dangerous drug. – Geoffrey Blainey

Native people – about two-thirds of the uranium in the United States is on indigenous lands. On a worldwide scale, about 70 percent of the uranium is either in Aboriginal lands in Australia or up in the Subarctic of Canada, where native people are still fighting uranium mining. – Winona LaDuke

NATO has a special relationship with countries far away from Europe: Australia, Japan, South Korea. They have joint projects and programmes which are being implemented without these countries becoming members of NATO. – Sergei Lavrov

Naturally, any time that our national team beats Australia is pleasing but the first time we beat them in 10 years at Stratford in 2005 was a day I’ll never forget. – Isa Guha

Never complain, never explain. – Kerry Packer

New Zealand is a pretty no-nonsense place to work, like Australia. I mean it doesn’t falter to anyone. – Dustin Clare

No matter how long you’d been in the country, if you weren’t in Australia for the majority of 2000 to 2002 – when I was particularly busy filming overseas – you can’t become a citizen. – Russell Crowe

No matter what day we celebrate Australia Day, let’s celebrate it together and give thanks to the original inhabitants of this vast country. We are lucky to be sharing it with them. – Jimmy Barnes

No one knows who I am in Australia. They don’t even know I am Australian, because ‘The Secret Circle’ is on in Australia, and I’m sure everyone’s like, ‘Oh, she’s American. She’s from, like, North Carolina.’ Like, nobody knows me in Australia, I’m just telling you. – Phoebe Tonkin

No one knows, incidentally, why Australia’s spiders are so extravagantly toxic; capturing small insects and injecting them with enough poison to drop a horse would appear to be the most literal case of overkill. Still, it does mean that everyone gives them lots of space. – Bill Bryson

Nothing beats the sense of freedom you get when you discover Australia. – BeeLoved City

Notoriously, in 1975, Murdoch abused his position as a newspaper owner to support a plot that ousted the democratically elected prime minister of Australia, Gough Whitlam, who had dared to wander away from the mogul’s path. – Nick Davies

Now, perfectly ordinary people will give each other hugs. I mean, it used to be that a hug was reserved for if you came back from Australia – you know, back in the ’40s and ’50s. – Melvyn Bragg

Obviously all of us have thought about Vietnam, particularly in my generation in Australia that were part of conscription and fought there. Our friends came back, forever changed. So there were a lot of questions. – Phillip Noyce

Of all the important relationships that Australia has with other countries, none has been more greatly transformed over the last 10 years than our relationship with China. – John Howard

Of course we have Queen Elizabeth as head of state, but in many ways we are a kind of republic. We don’t have royals in Australia, so it was kind of unusual to run into those kind of people. But aside from that it was quite ordinary. – Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Often there’s a BA crew, because half the time we stay at the same hotels, especially in Australia. I can remember spending quite a lot of time with crews around the pool there. They always make themselves known to us. – Phil Collins

On Australia Day 2010, as we enter this second decade of the 21st century, Australians can be optimistic about our future, but we cannot afford to mistake optimism for complacency. – Kevin Rudd

On Australia: “So where the bloody hell are ya (you)?!” – Australian Tourism Campaign in 2006

On balance, after weighing the arguments, I believe that the time has come for Australia to create a new sovereign wealth fund. – Malcolm Turnbull

On Sunday, we will Skype relatives – my brother lives in America, my best friend is in Canada, and Ryan’s family are all in Australia. – Katherine Kelly

On the same line of reasoning, if Australians were to be Australians, or rather if Australians were as separate from any other nation as Australia from any other land, there would be no jealousy between them on England’s account. – Henry Lawson

Once again our cricketers have flattered to deceive in Australia. – Ted Dexter

Once people come to Australia, they join the team. – Tony Abbott

Once, in Australia, I ate 33 pancakes in 20 minutes, and I only did it because they said a girl could never enter the competition. – Olivia Wilde

One day we were sitting in our little classroom in the middle of Australia Zoo, and Dad bursts in and says, ‘OK, today we’re going to go climb a mountain,’ – the Glass House Mountains are about 20 minutes away – so we packed up all our math work and ran out the door and climbed Mount Tibrogargan. – Bindi Irwin

One day, when I have advertising out of my system, I want to be Prime Minister of Australia. – David Droga

One gets tired of the role critics are supposed to have in this culture: It’s like being the piano player in a whorehouse; you don’t have any control over the action going on upstairs. – Robert Hughes

One meal I’m constantly reminded about is when I ate kangaroo tail in the desert in Australia; it wasn’t necessarily my favorite, but I will always remember it. – Rob Machado

One of my brothers is a body builder, and the other is an accountant. Both of them live in Australia, so I rarely get to see them. My sister lives in the U.S. – Jacqueline Fernandez

One of the most enjoyable things I do at Government House and when I travel around Australia is to talk with children. I tell them about our parliamentary democracy – and I often do that as I’m walking into an Executive Council meeting next door! – Quentin Bryce

One of the nicest things about receiving the accolade of Australia is that, previously, the knighthood was historically for what was termed ‘the establishment.’ Now, this is an accolade for somebody who comes from a working-class background. Someone whose father was a truck driver and decided to buy a truck. – Lindsay Fox

One of the reasons why Australia and Canada have support for migration is because they control the numbers. – Michael Gove

One of the things that’s interesting is that the PC has always had a huge amount of scalability. It was sort of the wild dog that moved into Australia and killed all the local life because it could just adapt. There used to be these dedicated devices, like dedicated word processors. – Gabe Newell

One place I haven’t made it to – mainly because it’s so far away – is Australia, so I’d love to go there. I’ve heard great things about Australia and New Zealand. – Stephen Pagliuca

Operation Sovereign Borders has been one of Australia’s greatest national security policy successes. – Scott Morrison

Our concerns about what we saw in Australia: an economy clearly tied to China has hitched its wagon to the tail of the tiger. In terms of the general complacency, what we heard over and over from investors and clients and potential clients is, ‘yes, yes, there are some excesses, but the government will figure out a way.’ – James Chanos

Our world is moving forward on climate change. If Australia goes backwards, we will be going alone. – Bill Shorten

Part of my plan was not only to introduce all useful animals that I possibly could into this part of Australia, but also the most valuable plants of every description. – George Grey

People ask me all the time what it is about Australia that produces so many big stars. Honestly, I believe it is a combination of things. Our education standards are quite high, but our industry is very limited. Yet we’re very aware of the industry – everyone goes to the theater, sees TV shows. – Margot Robbie

People forget that a huge proportion of our jobs still depend on agricultural production in Australia so of course there are exports. That’s easily overlooked. – John Anderson

People often expect that I should know a lot of things because I’m black. I don’t really explain it to people, but it’s like, I’m from Australia, my Mum’s Aussie, and I grew up with five other Aussie brothers and sisters. – Keiynan Lonsdale

People think that South Africa and Australia are culturally similar but, having worked in both environments, I found that theory to be untrue. – Mickey Arthur

People who say, ‘There’s nothing to fear from spiders’ have clearly never been to Australia. – Cate Blanchett

Per capita, I would say that Australia has more biomimetic projects going than many other countries I’ve been to. – Janine Benyus

Playing Australia, of course, is always challenging. – K. L. Rahul

Probably my mother’s life was prolonged beyond that of a long-lived family by her coming to Australia in middle life; and if I ever had any tendency to consumption, the climate must have helped me. – Catherine Helen Spence

Producing clean energy from non-recyclable waste is an important part of my future vision for family company Visy Australia. – Anthony Pratt

Professionally, when I did the Olympic games and sang for my country in Australia. It was a big moment, Sydney in 2000. It was just a brilliant moment in my life. – Olivia Newton-John

Residuals from Australia, from the Mission Magic show, saved my butt. So there is a reason for everything. – Rick Springfield

Rich people (in Australia) have swimming pools in their gardens but, at least, they do swim in them. – George Mikes

Saw’ was a film that James Wan and I came up with back in Australia and we were just hoping anyone, literally, anyone would make that film and if nobody would give us the money we were going to shoot it in a garage somewhere. – Leigh Whannell

Sexism is alive and well! We were saying this forty years ago. I’m an optimist, so I like to think we’ve progressed in some ways – in Australia, we get equal pay. – Jacki Weaver

She told fortunes for a living. It’s a wacky book and was great fun to write. It is very much a look at what life was like for women in Australia in the 1960’s. – Colleen McCullough

Shoot straight, you bastards! Don’t make a mess of it! – Breaker Morant

Since 1955, the U.K. has been part of an intelligence-sharing arrangement with the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Intelligence-sharing is, in itself, commonplace. – Dominic Grieve

Since I’ve been in Playboy myself in Australia, I love it, and I think it’s really empowering and positive towards women, which is not a view that many women hold. – Dannii Minogue

Since retirement, I have been given the opportunity to spend time with my family. I have three children, aged 16, 14 and one. That is what is really important to me. I have also done a little commentating in Australia and am part of the MRF academy in Chennai. – Glenn McGrath

So far, and today, everything felt really great. Now I am good to get on the plane and fly to Australia. – Kim Clijsters

So far, my trip in Australia has been absolutely lovely – wonderful country, wonderful people… And then there’s Melbourne. – Lauren Southern

So nonetheless given the importance that was placed on sport in Australia, I wanted to be part of that scene, particularly since I had felt very strongly in my early schooling being marginalised even in the Catholic school. – Thomas Keneally

Some books claim I have already clocked up a century of Grands Prix, but let me put the record straight. Australia will be my 100th start, and I aim to mark the milestone with a cracking performance. It could even be celebrated with a victory. – Damon Hill

Some people think success is overnight. I suppose, considering I came from Australia, it has been pretty quick. But I have a background in stand-up and improv, so I’ve really had to prove myself. – Rebel Wilson

South Australia has transformed. There has been a range of changes to our economy over the past 10 years in which we have genuinely set ourselves up for the future. I think we have to start behaving like that’s real and project a quiet confidence in the future of our state. – Jay Weatherill

South Australia was the first community to give the secret ballot for political elections. – Catherine Helen Spence

Southern people remind me a lot of Australia. – Liam Hemsworth

States that have experienced revolutions or have acquired their independence from empires – such as the U.S. or Australia – tend to celebrate their constitutional documents and put them on show in special galleries so that every citizen can become familiar with them. In the U.K., this is not properly done. – Linda Colley

Tax can be structured in a way that actually encourages investment in infrastructure and encourages investment in Australia from overseas. – Andrew Forrest

Ten years ago, I went to visit my dad in Australia. I walked to the edge of a cliff and looked over and tripped. I righted myself but my head was over the edge. No one saw it. – Sara Pascoe

Tender Mercies is a very low-budget film, but it was a huge budget compared to anything I had done in Australia. My fee for Tender Mercies was something like five times all of my Australian films combined. – Bruce Beresford

Tennis Australia really led the charge as far as upping the prize money and trying to do the right thing by the players. They also led the way so women have equal prize money in all the grand slams too. – Samantha Stosur

Terrorists oppose nations such as the United States and Australia not because of what we have done but because of who we are and because of the values that we hold in common. – John Howard

Thank you to Australia for letting me know that I’m OK just the way that I am. – Tones and I

Thankfully, Australia has emerged from its inauspicious colonial beginnings to become a proud nation, a nation that overcame those primeval prejudices. – Rupert Murdoch

That great America on the other side of the sphere, Australia. – Herman Melville

That’s what I love about Australia: we can do things the way we want to do them, because that’s the way our country is – no matter what culture you come from, you can come to Australia and practise your religion, you can practise your beliefs, and you shouldn’t be judged for it. – Adam Goodes

That’s not a knife. THAT’S a knife! – Mick Dundee in Crocodile Dundee

That’s one of the things I miss most about Australia – the countryside. – Yvonne Strahovski

The 2001 tour to Australia would have been a great highlight in my career if the Lions had won the series. That might sound strange because it was a great tour in many ways, but, for me, the more time goes by, the less of a career highlight it becomes, and just more of a frustration. – Brian O’Driscoll

The acting came about because of a girl. I was 19 and met a girl who wanted to go to the premiere drama school in Australia, the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, where Mel Gibson, Cate Blanchett and many others went. She had an audition, and I went with her for moral support – to cheer her on. I did an audition my way, and it kept going. – Sam Worthington

The Apology opened the opportunity for a new relationship based on mutual respect and mutual responsibility between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia. Because without mutual respect and mutual responsibility, the truth is we can achieve very little. – Kevin Rudd

The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity. The refugees’ place is not among us, and the initiative to transfer them to Australia is the right and just solution. – Danny Danon

The Art of Conversation could not die in Australia; it never lived. Television did not kill it; there was nothing there to kill. – George Mikes

The atmosphere and the first days of Test matches against Australia are incredible. – Alastair Cook

The Australia to 2050 report highlights something that is well understood by South Australians, that infrastructure plays a key role in long-term economic expansion. – Kevin Rudd

The Australian accent is sort of like going down a step in smartness, you could say, because you guys pronounce things as they’re spelled. We add and abbreviate stuff. – Callan Mcauliffe

The Australian Book of Etiquette is a very slim volume. – Paul Theroux, Author

The Australian fans are really friendly and personable; the sense of humour is a lot less dry than the English. – Tom Hopper

The Australian language is easier to learn than boat talk. It has a vocabulary of about six words. – P. J. O’Rourke

The Australian people expect the Government to govern, they don’t expect it to make excuses. – Tony Abbot

The Australian public are very fair and they are always prepared to give a leader of a major political party a fair go. – Tony Abbott

The Australians, it seems to me, thrive on their remoteness from the world and see it as a way of keeping up a code of ‘No worries, mate,’ while peddling their oddities to visitors: nonconformity is at once a fact of life for many, and a selling point. – Pico Iyer, Author – Falling Off the Map

The beauty of the air, from the air… You haven’t seen Australia unless you see it from the air. The coastline, the colours of the inland. The claypans, the forests. It’s just all so beautiful. You’d never see that from the road. People climb mountains to see these things. You see that every time you take off. – Nancy Bird Walton (Australian Aviator)

The best sheep breeders are in Australia and New Zealand. – Pier Luigi Loro Piana

The cost to do business in Australia is higher, and the lack of scale is a part of that – Australia is a very small market compared to the U.S. – Gerry Harvey

The crowd down in Australia is always so energetic, some of the best crowds in the world to perform in front of. – Finn Balor

The death of Malcolm Fraser underwrites a great loss to Australia. Notwithstanding a controversial prime ministership, in later years he harboured one abiding and important idea about Australia – its need and its right to be a strategically independent country. – Paul Keating

The English probably do that wordplay kind of humour and whimsy better than anyone, and I’ve always felt that my writing goes more to that than what I did when I came to Australia. – Graeme Base

The evidence is inarguable that Australia is becoming too expensive and too uncompetitive to do export-oriented business. Africans want to work, and its workers are willing to work for less than $2 per day. Such statistics make me worry for this country’s future. We are becoming a high-cost and high-risk nation for investment. – Gina Rinehart

The fact that Australia is falling so far behind on something so simple as equal love and equal rights for equal love is disgusting, it’s embarrassing. – Jessica Origliasso

The first visit I made to Australia was in 1996 when I was the prisons’ minister and was looking at other countries’ penal systems. – Ann Widdecombe

The floods and fires and storms and droughts that Australia has suffered in the last few years have left no doubt in many Australians’ minds about just how much is a stake in a super-heated world. – Jeff Goodell

The Government’s mission is to build a strong and fair Australia capable of meeting the new challenges of the 21st century. – Kevin Rudd

The great gift of ‘Incarceration Nations’ is that, by introducing a wide range of approaches to crime, punishment, and questions of justice in diverse countries – Rwanda, South Africa, Brazil, Jamaica, Uganda, Singapore, Australia and Norway – it forces us to face the reality that American-style punishment has been chosen. – Michelle Alexander

The great problems of the Twentieth century will have immediate relation to the discoveries of America, of Africa, and of Australia. – Joseph Jacobs

The Hall Of Fame thing, it’s an American thing. We don’t have that in England or Germany or Australia or Russia or anywhere in the world apart from America. And it’s an institution. What’s that got to do with rock and roll? – Ian Gillan

The hot wind, born amid the burning sand of the interior of the vast Australian continent, sweeps over the scorched and cracking plains, to lick up their streams and wither herbage in its path, until it meets the waters of the great south bay; but in its passage across the straits it is reft of its fire, and sinks, exhausted with its journey, at the feet of the terraced slopes of Launceston. – Marcus Clarke

The Labour Party of today has fits of horrors of the very thought of somebody like me might saying that they bought in white Australia. But I believe they did. – Colleen McCullough

The land and agricultural industry is the backbone of Australia, and we need to foster the industry that provides our country with so much. – Gina Rinehart

The land is my backbone… I only stand straight, happy, proud, and not ashamed about my colour because I still have land… I think of land as the history of my nation. – Galarrwuy Yunipingu

The magnitude of discrimination and stigma faced by people with disability in Australia cannot be underestimated. People do not understand disability, and people fear what they don’t understand. – Stella Young

The markets where we’ve got real good presence are the older, more mature markets like Australia, and Western Europe – where we’ve only got 6,000 stores, compared to the US with 13,000. – Jim Cantalupo

The marshalling of those resources in order to obtain the maximum war effort for Australia, and a maximum degree of help and cooperation for Great Britain and the sister Dominions, is the primary objective of the new Department. – Harold Edward Holt

The Menzies Government, by its participation in the plans for the development of other nations, can see the virtue of planning for them but apparently cannot see the virtue of a plan for Australia. – Lionel Murphy

The millionaires and billionaires who chose to invest in Australia are actually those who most help the poor and our young. This secret needs to be spread widely. – Gina Rinehart

The more I go to Australia, the more I realise how enormous the country is and how much there is to see. There’s really nowhere like it. – Kate Garraway

The most impactful dollars that Australia can spend are actually what goes to help the poorest. – Bill Gates

The most intense hatreds are not between political parties but within them. – Phillip Adams

The most scared I’d ever been was the first time I sang at a rugby match, Australia versus New Zealand, in front of one hundred thousand people. I had a panic attack the night before because people have been booed off and never worked again… just singing one song, the national anthem. – Hugh Jackman

The Nauru files lifts the secrecy surrounding Australia’s hidden detention regime for asylum seekers through vivid reporting and the words of the guards and officials on the island themselves. – Katharine Viner

The one thing that nobody else in the world can touch is the coffee in Australia. – Benji Madden

The only thing that really annoys me is when all of a sudden you hear yourself on the radio advertising Smith’s tyre shop or Blenkinsop’s jam. They simply can’t do that. And in Australia, occasionally I have to take action. – Richie Benaud

The only thing to be said for air travel is speed. It makes possible travel on a scale unimaginable before our present age. Between the ages of 20 and four-score I visited every country in Europe, all save two in Latin America, ditto in Africa, and most of Asia, not counting eight trips to Australia and 60 to the United States – all by air. – Paul Johnson

The only time an Australian ever walks is when his car runs out of petrol. – Barry Richards

The Open Skies issue is something that’s ongoing and we understand that there are issues in Australia that need to be sorted out. It’s something that I think over time there’s an opportunity for us and we’ll work on that in a progressive way. – Jenny Shipley

The Oscar buzz when I was nominated was totally overwhelming. I think I can cope with anything now that I’ve coped with that. It was huge. It makes you realize, coming from a small country like Australia, what an enormous industry it is in America. – Jacki Weaver

The people are immensely likable— cheerful, extrovert, quick-witted, and unfailingly obliging. Their cities are safe and clean and nearly always built on water. They have a society that is prosperous, well ordered, and instinctively egalitarian. The food is excellent. The beer is cold. The sun nearly always shines. There is coffee on every corner. Life doesn’t get much better than this. – Bill Bryson, Down Under

The people of Australia would be staggered to learn that Australia has no national development plan. – Lionel Murphy

The potential for adventure makes life worth living. – Vicki Garside

The problem that I find in ‘MasterChef India’ is that it doesn’t look like ‘MasterChef Australia.’ It doesn’t have that kind of mood. – Pooja Bhatt

The Raves of Thrones parties started in Australia and has since spread all over the world. However, no one does it like the Aussies. – Kristian Nairn

The raw materials that Australia has in abundance will always be critical to world growth. – Gina Rinehart

The sporting fields where Australia’s greats began their careers are built and rebuilt with Commonwealth help, as are the halls and community centres where our most of our well-known stars first felt the magic of the stage. – Anthony Albanese

The strongest initiative that government can take to ensure Australia is prepared for population ageing, is to maintain a strong economy, and a secure nation. – Julie Bishop

The support we get in Australia is phenomenal. – Ashleigh Barty

The Territory has more than 200 trillion cubic feet of gas: potentially enough gas to power Australia for more than 200 years. – Gina Rinehart

The thing about home is that it’s a tough place to sustain a career, just by dent of the size of the place. I had about as good a run there as anybody, but it’s still a tough ask. I mean, the person I think with the best career in Australia is Ray Meagher, in ‘Home and Away.’ – Ben Mendelsohn

The thing I can’t stand about you, mate, is you’re always so bloody cheerful. – Frank Dunne in Gallipoli

The thing we often forget to talk about, or perhaps we take for granted, is our country’s dazzling beauty. Our natural environment is so much a part of Australia’s art, writing, music and culture, both indigenous and non indigenous. – Quentin Bryce

The two things that I miss most when living out of Australia are the bush and the Pacific coast, especially fishing in the surf at night! – Peter C. Doherty

The whole world is moving to Kyoto II, but Australia is not there on the same basis because it is now seen as a delinquent country. Prime Minister Howard has led a delinquency because we signed up, and then we reneged on it. The world will be expecting that next time around as well. – Bob Brown

The wickets I have played on for my whole career, most of them have been to suit fast bowlers in Australia. – Shane Warne

Then Mission Impossible brought me to Australia and that was great because I fell in love. – Jane Badler

There are a lot of places that I know extremely well. Like, if I were to visit Sydney, Australia, I’d feel very comfortable there. I’m very comfortable in many, many cities. – Kaki King

There are about 100 Aboriginal communities in Australia, and I’m trying to visit as many as possible to learn as much as I can. – Evonne Goolagong Cawley

There are better alternatives… Australia should be exporting its solar technology, not its uranium. – Bob Brown

There are golfers everywhere who may never get a chance to play a links course in Scotland, a tree-lined course in America or the sand belts of Australia. Hopefully I can bring some of those elements into their backyards. – Tiger Woods

There are many non-intellectual countries; Australia is one of the few anti-intellectual ones. – George Mikes

There are no real guidelines or maps in Australia as to how to write a show, whereas in Hollywood it’s where the TV industry is created and there’s a lot of work that goes into development. – Jason Gann

There are people all over Australia who use their homes as hubs that they travel from, and they encourage their indigenous people to continue to stay there. – Andrew Forrest

There are two teams against whom my energy is always very high: India and Australia. – Mohammad Amir

There has always been quite a strong black and white art tradition in Australia, with quite a large contingent of cartoonists, given the size of the population. – Pat Oliphant

There is a deep affection in Australia for the Queen. And I mean the Queen’s been the Queen ever since I was born. I mean she is part of the firmament of Australia’s sort of national life; there’s a deep respect for her role. – Kevin Rudd

There is a reason why the cultures of Indigenous Australia inspire such fascination. And that is that they represent a unique way of thinking about the world. A vision that over tens of thousands of years has risen out of the land, the power, the very being of our continent, Australia. – Kevin Rudd

There is a very special place in the Australian psyche for sport. It is one of the pillars of the Australian way of life. You don’t really understand what makes the Australian nation tick unless you understand the great affection Australians have for sport. – John Howard

There is no better way of life in the world than that of the Australian. I firmly believe this. The grumbling, growling, cursing, profane, laughing, beer drinking, abusive, loyal-to-his-mates Australian is one of the few free men left on this earth. He fears no one, crawls to no one, bludges on no one, and acknowledges no master. Learn his way. Learn his language. Get yourself accepted as one of him; and you will enter a world that you never dreamed existed. And once you have entered it, you will never leave it. – John O’Grady

There is no place in the world like Australia. Not even its beautiful neighbor New Zealand. – Henry Rollins

There is no place in the world quite like Australia. Not even it’s beautiful neighbour New Zealand. – Henry Rollins

There is no question that Australia’s most dramatic assault on the world market has been with its value wines. These are generally not from specific appellations but blends made by huge enterprises like Penfolds, Rosemount or Casella Estate – the group behind Yellow Tail. – Robert M. Parker, Jr.

There is nothing in the world like the extraordinary Shiraz and Grenache wines from South Australia. While the most sought-after are undeniably expensive (they’re made in tiny quantities from ancient vines), they are huge, rich and concentrated, and represent some of planet Earth’s most compelling wines. – Robert M. Parker, Jr.

There is nothing like Australia. – BeeLoved City

There is nothing more Australian than our commitment to ‘a fair go’. We believe that we live in an egalitarian society, where Jack is as good as his master and deference is almost unknown, where anyone with talent and grit can realize their dreams. – Malcolm Turnbull

There is nothing more Australian than spending time in somebody else’s country. – Anonymous

There is nothing so costly to the state as a ruined life. – Catherine Helen Spence

There is so much talent in Australia. – Cate Blanchett

There is something about musical narrative and Australians. If you want to do something, you kind of have to do it at a level – because we’re so far away from everywhere else – that exceeds what is just normal if you want to convince people that some guy from Australia is worth backing for an original musical. – Michael Gracey

There isn’t a lot of work in Australia. I think that’s why everyone comes over to America to find jobs and pilots and things, because there’s not enough work to justify staying there, unfortunately. Like, I wish there was. I would love to stay home and be working with my family around the corner, but the work just isn’t there. – Phoebe Tonkin

There was a band in Australia named Midnight Oil, and they were a very, very political, and they literally hit you over the head with a hammer. U2 sometimes can hit you over the head with a rubber hammer. – Meat Loaf

There was one thing no one considered, however: Australia was populated by Australians. While the rest of us were trying to adapt to a world that suddenly seemed bent on eradicating the human race, the Australians had been dealing with a hostile environment for centuries. They looked upon our zombie apocalypse, and they were not impressed. – Mira Grant

There were two movies that asked me to go to Australia or New Zealand for long periods of time. One was ‘Lord of the Rings’ and one was ‘The Matrix.’ But I was actively involved at that time raising my family, and I couldn’t really take that time out. – Nicolas Cage

There’s a level of ease that comes with working in Australia that can be missed working in other places. – Luke Hemsworth

There’s a lot of exaggerated talk about CAFTA, but it’s actually a fairly routine trade agreement. Although it involves fairly small nations, they’re still more important trade partners than places like Australia or many other larger nations. – Ernest Istook

There’s a rumor going around that I’m Miss Goody-two-shoes from Australia. Well, that’s a laugh. I’m really Miss Goody-two-shoes from England! – Olivia Newton-John

There’s an ease that I have living in Australia. The best things about Sydney are free: the sunshine’s free, and the harbour’s free, and the beach is free. – Russell Crowe

There’s an expression in Australia that’s called ‘Go Bush,’ which means to get out of the city and relax. I try and ‘go bush’ to places where there’s no cell reception. But, I don’t get to do that often, so for the most part, it’s just a state of mind. – Cate Blanchett

There’s been moments where I’ve felt, as an indigenous woman growing up in Australia, there’s been that kind of rivalry of being indigenous… I’ve had that experience of someone saying, ‘I don’t know if she’s going to go that far.’ – Jessica Mauboy

There’s no doubt that ‘Lion’ is an audience pleaser. I mean, I went to a lot of research screenings all over, in London and America and Australia, and the results were ridiculous, and the crowds were… they just loved the movie, so for me, my job is done. – Garth Davis

There’s not a long, entrenched tradition of theatergoing in Australia. – Cate Blanchett

There’s Sia and 5 Seconds of Summer but that’s sort of it, nobody from Australia really has success in America, and to have a song go so well on radio, you start to have success and you think, ‘Oh God, I don’t want to lose that!’ – Dean Lewis

There’s something about Australia that feels prehistoric. – Carrie Coon

There’s very little bohemia in Australia and it’s one of the things I miss most about not living in Europe. – Rachel Ward

There’s an ease that I have living in Australia. The best things about Sydney are free: the sunshine’s free, and the harbour’s free, and the beach is free. – Russell Crowe

There’s an expression in Australia that’s called ‘Go Bush,’ which means to get out of the city and relax. I try and ‘go bush’ to places where there’s no cell reception. But, I don’t get to do that often, so for the most part, it’s just a state of mind. – Cate Blanchett

There’s very little bohemia in Australia and it’s one of the things I miss most about not living in Europe. – Rachel Ward

They knew who I was in Australia in 2006, but not to a great extent. Now, with the momentum of a second World Cup, it has gone crazy. – Timothy F. Cahill

This book that I just wrote is going to be coming out very soon to Australia. – Ronald Biggs

This country has been very good to us, every time we have a fight in the UFC it’s incredible here in Australia and we want to go everywhere. We want to travel everywhere and continue to do fights all over the country. – Dana White

Those of you who have spent time with Australians know that we are not given to overstatement. By nature, we are laconic speakers and by conviction, we are realistic thinkers. – Julia Gillard

Through the Young Men’s Christian Association and principally in Australia and North America, as well as in South America, I came into contact with families of these countries. – Fritz Sauckel

To be a member of the Labor Party is to be an optimist – optimistic about the future of Australia, optimistic about the ability of government to make a difference. – Kevin Rudd

To be sure, China is nowhere as powerful as the U.S., but it has acquired the ability to impose its will on individual nations around the world. From Australia to Germany, South Africa to South Korea, political leaders are careful not to rub China the wrong way. – Sanjaya Baru

To live in Australia permanently is rather like going to a party and dancing all night with one’s mother. – Barry Humphries

To make films like ‘X-Men’ work commercially – and also have some class – is one of the hardest things there is to do. I want to be seen to be able to cross lots of genres and still be ‘fair dinkum,’ as we say in Australia, which means genuine and true and, well, unique. – Hugh Jackman

To many indigenous Australians, in fact, most indigenous Australians, it really reflects the day in which our world came crashing down. I’m sensitive to that, I understand that… but I think Australia is mature enough now to have a conversation about that, and let’s get on with it like we usually do. – Professor Michael Dodson, speaking about Australia Day

To me, being Australian is about looking after your mates, taking care of the less fortunate, supporting the underdog and enhancing the spirit that makes all Australians unique. – Steve Waugh

To the former child migrants, who came to Australia from a home far away, led to believe this land would be a new beginning, when only to find it was not a beginning, but an end, an end of innocence – we apologise and we are sorry. To the mothers who lost the maternal right to love and care for their child – we apologise, and we are sorry. – Malcolm Turnbull

To win in Australia, for me, has to be the ultimate success because the Aussies live for sport. – Ian Botham

Tobacco companies are legally operating entities in Australia. If the Government thinks that they should not make donations to political parties, well then they should ban them operating as legally structured entities in Australia. – Julie Bishop

Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister of Australia. Tony Abbott will be coming to Victoria on a regular basis. – Denis Napthine

Traveling is definitely something that your average 17-year-old doesn’t get to do. One week we’re in Japan, one week we’re in Australia, one week we’re back home going to football games. – Solange Knowles

Trump sees the world in terms of a zero-sum game. In reality, globalisation, if well managed, is a positive-sum force: America gains if its friends and allies – whether Australia, the E.U., or Mexico – are stronger. But Trump’s approach threatens to turn it into a negative-sum game: America will lose, too. – Joseph Stiglitz

Turkey, Australia, and Japan are three of my top destinations. – Rick Riordan

Under Howard, federal government support for black Australia slowly dried up. Services were slashed, native title restricted. – Richard Flanagan

Unlike New Zealand, which has nothing especially predatory, Australia is full of spiders and crocodiles and all kinds of animals that will eat you and sting you. – Brian Cox

Victoria is proudly the multicultural capital of Australia; we have a diverse, harmonious community. – Denis Napthine

Vilification on the grounds of race or religion is always wrong. There’s no place for inciting hatred within our Australia society. – Barry O’Farrell

Way of life in Australia focuses more on the outdoors. – Thomas Muster

We absolutely believed in Heaven and Hell, Purgatory, and even Limbo. I mean, they were actually closer to us than Australia or Canada, that they were real places. – John McGahern

We all go back to our roots. My father went to the central west, went to Ilfracombe in 1919. He was the manager of the wool scour there. And, Ilfracombe was right at the heart of Australia’s great wool industry, and my mother was a teacher at Winton. – Quentin Bryce

We all know growth is absolutely vital to a free society. No one should want Australia to be a stag-nation: a nation with a stagnant economy and stagnant aspirations. – Rupert Murdoch

We always talk about the Italian dolce vita. Go to Australia. That’s where you will understand what the dolce vita really is like. Only thing is, they call that laid-back. – BeeLoved City

We are already experiencing the symptoms of climate change, especially with a hotter and drier climate in southern Australia – the rush to construct desalination plants is an expensive testament to that. – Malcolm Turnbull

We are focusing too much on the problems and forgetting about the opportunities of immigration. Let us learn from our history. Immigration has been great for Australia in the past. I believe it will be great for Australia in the future. – Frank Lowy

We are so fortunate, as Australians, to have among us the oldest continuing cultures in human history. Cultures that link our nation with deepest antiquity. We have Aboriginal rock art in the Kimberley that is as ancient as the great Palaeolithic cave paintings at Altamira and Lascaux in Europe. – Kevin Rudd

We are very excited about launching Ola in Australia and see immense potential for the ride-sharing ecosystem in a country which embraces new technology and innovation. – Bhavish Aggarwal

We believe in the Australian promise; that if you work hard, you won’t be left behind. – Wayne Swan

We can go to Australia and play to 30-to-40,000. We can do that in certain places in the States, but not everywhere. – Mike McCready

We cannot let it be said of modern Australia that the colour of your skin determines whether or not you end up in jail. – Bill Shorten

We could try and establish a world in which the great and the powerful adhere to that international law which they require ordinary mortals to adhere to. In other words, there is one international law, and even America and even Russia and China and Japan must adhere to it, and Australia must adhere to it. – Malcolm Fraser

We don’t really watch basketball in Australia. – Iggy Azalea

We Europeans really have the picture of this very open-minded Australia. – Conchita Wurst

We had to leave Australia to become international stars. – Barry Gibb

We have a big fan base in Australia, but none of us have been before. – Lukas Forchhammer

We have a lot of American TV in Australia. I grew up watching ‘Seinfeld,’ ‘The Simpsons’ and those prime time TV shows over the years that feature grown-ups and high school kids. We had a saturation of American voices. – Sarah Snook

We have a prime minister, I’m the foreign minister, I’m trying to get on with the job of doing Australia’s foreign policy. – Kevin Rudd

We have incredible record labels in Australia, but sometimes they have a preconceived idea of how to do things. – Jessica Mauboy

We have seen amazing, creative and interactive pictures from camera owners, and I’m looking forward to the Lytro camera being available in Australia. – Ren Ng

We just say things differently in Australia – like torch. I’d ask, ‘Can I have the torch?’ It seems to fall flat when I say, ‘Can I have the flashlight?’ – Anna Torv

We know that a smarter Australia means a stronger Australia. An Australia able to grasp the opportunities of the Asian Century. A skilled workforce and a strong, productive and resilient economy. We know we’ll only win the economic race in the Asian Century if we win the education race. – Wayne Swan

We moved to Australia for two years though and that was a little bit tough trying to fit in. – Kelly Preston

We must have as clear a picture as we can of the Australia that we want to achieve at the end of that time. – Lionel Murphy

We should all live in central or southwest Queensland in Australia, which is geologically stable. Or Kansas or Nebraska, because it’s relatively geologically stable. I am sure there is no emergency plan for Topeka. – Simon Winchester

We shouldn’t be put out to pasture just because we’ve reached somebody’s idea of retirement, which was certainly happening in Australia, and I think elsewhere as well. – John Noble

We still had all our problems growing up as a struggling immigrant family, but Australia was like a breath of fresh air, literally. Playing on grass, having good schools – trees. I didn’t even know trees where I’d come from. So from the day I got here, I’ve loved Australia. – Jimmy Barnes

We toured the world, all over Europe and to the Far East and Australia. – Declan Donnelly

We travel a lot from Australia and deliberately route ourselves through the U.A.E. because my whole family loves the place. – Fiona McIntosh

We used to have a view that to really be a good Australian, to love Australia, you almost had to cut your links with the country of origin. But I don’t think that was right and it never was right. – Malcolm Fraser

We want a fully comprehensive trade deal that reflects our deep, ongoing relationship, the friendship between our two countries, the fact that Australians want to come and live and work in Britain, and Brits want to come and live and work in Australia. – Liz Truss

We were a Western civilisation, an English speaking civilisation, both NZ and Australia, and we had all these influences coming from both Great Britain and America to us; sending us their culture in the shape and form of movies and television. – Richard O’Brien

We were living in California, and it just wasn’t conducive for the lifestyle that we wanted with kids. Los Angeles is tricky to get around, there’s paparazzi to deal with, and I had this feeling that I just wanted to move back to Australia. – Chris Hemsworth

We’re a special family and it’s just that Dad’s life was taken away from us far too early. Everywhere you go around the world he had an effect on people – in the Caribbean, Australia, South Africa or England. I’ve never heard a bad word said about him. – Jonny Bairstow

We’re actually more popular in the U.K.; they really get us, and in Australia. In the non-English speaking countries, they don’t really get it. – Kyle Gass

We’ve had real strong aboriginal male artists who’ve crossed over to the mainstream who have toured the U.K., who have been a massive influence on myself and many, many communities around Australia. – Jessica Mauboy

Wealthy people in Australia tend to give, and give very quietly. – Andrew Forrest

Well Australia’s been in Afghanistan from the get go, way back in 2001, but we have been resolute throughout and with support from both sides of Australian politics. – Kevin Rudd

Well they’re very, very genuine concerns at present as to the status of the 800 people who are to be sent by Australia to Malaysia. There’s concern about the status of asylum seekers in Malaysia generally, but there’s concern about the status of the 800 to be sent. – Julie Bishop

Well, Australians should speak for the national interests of Australia, and whatever role former Australian prime ministers may have, one of the things you do is speak frankly about the country as you see the country’s best interests, you know? – Paul Keating

Well, I think women across Australia, particularly, are a bit fed up with this constant attack and belittling of women in politics, and particularly the role of a female as a prime minister. – Christine Milne

Well, I’m not going to go into what the letter says, because the police are looking at that. But as you say it’s in Bahasa. But of course that’s not to suggest that the letter came from outside of Australia. It came from in Australia. It came from Victoria. – Alexander Downer

Well, my thoughts about California are kind of mythological. To me, as well as being a real place, it’s a place where people go to find something – to find happiness or to realize their dreams. So it has that kind of quality of heroism and heartache, and Australia has that, as well. – Colin Hay

Well, there have been periods in the past when prime ministers of Australia and New Zealand were at each others’ throats publicly and frequently. That’s not productive at all. – Helen Clark

Well, we don’t think for a moment that either the U.S. or Australia are out to damage the New Zealand economy, but if there were a sustained period in which they had a free-trade agreement and New Zealand didn’t have that same arrangement with the States, that could be both trade- and investment-distorting. – Helen Clark

Well, we know that people in Australia love the idea of both Impulse and Virgin Blue getting up and adding a bit of competition, and it’s fun to be able to deliver it. – Richard Branson

Western Australia is covered by granite, the largest single piece of Achaean rock that still lies on the surface of the, of, of the Earth, that’s 2.5 to 2.9 billion years old. It’s one of the most ancient and intact bits of the Earth’s crust. – Antony Gormley

We’re all members of the outback club. We don’t back down and we don’t give up. We’re all living in a land we love. – Lee Kernaghan

What happened was, in my final year of university in Australia, there was a campus comedy competition, and I felt like it was something I could do. I won that competition, and I kept doing it, and I couldn’t get a job in law. So I just kept doing comedy. – Ronny Chieng

What I realised is, watching some old home videos, I’ve always had a weird accent. It’s because I spent a lot of time on film sets. But Australia will always be home… I sound like the Qantas ad, don’t I? – Alice Englert

What I saw is Australia is very much an ‘old boys’ club. A lot of the ex-players carry a huge amount of weight and what they say, a lot goes, and that was the disappointing thing. – Mickey Arthur

What I see as specially English is the charm – everyone is so polite. Being restrained is part of the charm. And I love the sense of humour – it takes me back to Australia. The English are great at making fun of themselves. They’re so self-effacing. – Danielle de Niese

What is likely to vanish – or be transformed beyond recognition – are many of the things we think of when we think of Australia: the barrier reef, the koalas, the sense of the country as a land of almost limitless natural resources. – Jeff Goodell

When America stopped importing from China, China stopped importing from the rest of the world. This affects Asian countries as well as Australia, Brazil, and other suppliers of raw materials. – Robert Kiyosaki

When Bindi and Robert have grown, there will probably be another life for me, and I can’t anticipate exactly what that will be, but it will involve continuing Steve’s work, conservation, being there for my kids, Australia Zoo. – Terri Irwin

When I came to Australia in 1987 as an adoptee from India, I could not have had any idea where my life journey would take me. – Saroo Brierley

When I came to Australia, it was like heaven. – Jimmy Barnes

When I first came to Australia, one thing that struck me was how everything closed early. Singapore is very much a 24/7 place. You can get good food any time of the day – in the middle of the night, even. – Ronny Chieng

When I first saw the Juicy Wiggle dance in Australia, I fell in love! I had to write about it. – Redfoo

When I first started in the industry back home in Australia at 18, there was a lot of push and shove as to how I should dress, if I was allowed to cut my hair short, if I had too many tattoos. If I didn’t get a campaign, or if I didn’t get a role, they would always come back to, ‘Well, she dresses like a boy.’ – Ruby Rose

When I go and speak now at all sorts of conferences, later in the night there’s always a better Maxie Walker than me. Billy Birmingham’s legendary for basically being able to verbally kneecap any of a number of Australia’s characters, particularly in the commentary box. – Max Walker

When I have a bad day, I dream about opening up a gelato stand on the streets of Sydney, Australia. Doesn’t everyone have a random escape fantasy? – Nancy Lublin

When I left school I went on trip around the world – I only got as far as Australia, but like a bloody fool I cut it short because of a girl. It’s probably one of my big regrets in life. – Ben Nicholson

When I left school I went to Australia for a year and worked in the drama department of a school in Perth. – James D’arcy

When I lost the job with Cricket Australia, I almost felt I had unfinished business to do. I felt that my reputation with South Africa and internationally had been very good. And then you lose your coaching job, it is tough. It kept me three years out of it. – Mickey Arthur

When I played in the Australia team the captains were all nerds. Allan Border was a nerd, Mark Taylor was a nerd, Steve Waugh was definitely a nerd and Ricky Ponting too. – Glenn McGrath

When I race in Australia or Korea or Japan I know it will be a big change for me because Ferrari fans are worldwide. – Fernando Alonso

When I race in Australia or Korea or Japan, I know it will be a big change for me because Ferrari fans are worldwide. It’s very nice if you win, but it’s not so good if you lose. All this is part of being a Ferrari driver. – Fernando Alonso

When I was 17, my mum thought it would be a good idea to compete in a modeling television show. It was hard for me to book jobs in Australia at this time, being that my look was so different. Even though I didn’t win, I was given a modeling contract with New York Models, so I flew to New York as soon as the show was finished. – Shanina Shaik

When I was 18 I went to Australia for work and I remember an agent telling me I was too fat. I wasn’t fat, or heavy – or even skinny, I was just normal with a round face. – Emma Willis

When I was 23, I moved to Australia to be with this 43-year-old con artist I fell in love with. – Natasha Leggero

When I was 23, I went backpacking around Australia for three months. I saved up a few grand, quit my job and flew to Sydney, then went to Melbourne and up the East Coast, which was an incredible experience. I remember running out of money and getting my mum to send me a few hundred quid, which helped me get by. – Olly Murs

When I was 24 I went to Nigeria and it was such a culture shock, growing up in Australia and suddenly being the only white man in this unit full of black men. – Bruce Beresford

When I was 7, I went to school in Switzerland because everyone on my mom’s side of the family lives there. Then we were back in Australia, in Queensland. That’s where we had the chance to have lots of different animals. I spent a lot of time living in nature and building cubby houses in big old trees by the ocean. – Isabel Lucas

When I was a kid in Adelaide, I dreamed of becoming No. 1 in the world, winning a grand slam and the Davis Cup for Australia. – Lleyton Hewitt

When I was a kid, it was thought I would do something in the visual arts because I was always drawing, but when we emigrated to Australia from Holland when I was seven, I learnt the English language, and I fell in love with it. – Michel Faber

When I was about 14, my family emigrated from England to Australia, and we decided to stop in Bali on the way through. – Naomi Watts

When I was growing up in Australia my dream was to play in Serie A and for the national team. – Christian Vieri

When I was in Australia, I had three different agents in three different years, and I didn’t have one audition. They were good agents; I just never had one audition that was the right stuff. – Danielle Macdonald

When I was on ‘Terra Nova’, I had an Australian iPhone and a U.S. iPhone, different time zones, just a couple differences in the machines, but I was able to keep the international aspect of things in order. But I lost my U.S. iPhone right before I left Australia. Somebody’s got it somewhere out there. Send it back? – Jason O’Mara

When I was rising eighteen I persuaded my parents to let me return to Australia and at least see whether I could adapt myself to life on the land before going up to Cambridge. – Patrick White

When I was very young, I got my first opportunity in television with a show called ‘Surfing the Menu,’ and it was myself and another buddy. We traveled around Australia and we surfed and cooked and drank too much wine. And we had a lot of fun. – Curtis Stone

When I went to Australia on the India A tour in 2014, I played on flat pitches against batsmen, some of whom were Test players. That experience taught me a lot, as I also was playing with a lot of Test players in our side as well, and I learned about being mentally tough. – Jasprit Bumrah

When I went to Australia, I had this feeling, like, ‘Wow, this is really a different country.’ I think that feeling of genuine foreignness, that this is a very different culture, which is increasingly rare in our globalised world. – Naomi Klein

When I went to Australia, I went shark diving. It was crazy. It was called ‘extreme’ shark diving because even though we were in cages, we literally could touch the sharks swimming by. They were huge and I’m terrified of sharks. Then I went to a wildlife park and held kangaroos. That was nice. – Taylor Lautner

When I went to high school in Australia, I was exposed to textbooks that outlined evolutionary ideas – such as ape-like creatures turning into people. I recognized the conflict between evolutionary ideas and a literal reading of the book of Genesis. – Ken Ham

When I won my first Grand Slam in Australia, and we came back, I had much more confidence. I had much more belief in my game, about my improvement. – Angelique Kerber

When it applies to the Olympics and making a decision, I have to claim Australia as my country. – Kyrie Irving

When one travels around the world, one notices to what an extraordinary degree human nature is the same, whether in India or America, in Europe or Australia. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

When the first humans reached Australia about 45,000 years ago, they quickly drove to extinction 90% of its large animals. This was the first significant impact that Homo sapiens had on the planet’s ecosystem. It was not the last. – Yuval Noah Harari

When we grew up, Australia was the land of opportunity; it really was. – Angus Young

When we heard that actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, who were also in Australia, had contracted coronavirus, it was alarming. – Neeti Mohan

When we moved to Australia in 2008, I decided to try to live off the writing. – Adrian McKinty

When we were younger and first starting out in Australia, we found that we sold more records by word of mouth because we were playing the bars, clubs, and small places and building a following. And as we got bigger, we still relied a lot on word of mouth. – Angus Young

When we won the 2009 World Cup in Australia, we flew economy, shared hotel rooms and had a 10:45 P.M. curfew. – Isa Guha

When you disrespect Australian law, they will tell your firmly. Declare everything when you enter Australia. – Johnny Depp

When you get to Hill Inlet Lookout and discover Whitehaven Beach, that’s when you understand what the word breath-taking” really means. – BeeLoved City

When you play a gig in Poland or Australia, or you play a gig in Toledo, they all clap at the same parts of the show. They’re clapping for the solos in the exact same way. – Joe Bonamassa

Where I lived in Glasgow looked like Dresden after the war. It was a bomb site. I don’t think I’d ever played football on grass until I moved to Australia. – Jimmy Barnes

Whether you go to Turkey or Mexico, China or Australia, find time to involve yourself with the people you’re dealing with. – Brigitte Nielsen

While I was trying to save money to go to the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia I ended up getting all of this experience which meant that by the time I had enough money in the bank to go to school I didn’t really need to go to school anymore. – Russell Crowe

While Melbourne and Sydney fight about who wears Australia’s cultural crown, Canberra just gets on with it. – Judy Horacek

Who doesn’t know the easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl line? I’m so excited to be the face of the brand in Australia and help all girls find and rock their inner Covergirl! – Ricki-Lee Coulter

Who says Australia offers not a home for every poor Englishman, or any other countryman that finds his way to our shores? And what sort of thanks do we get for it? – Henry Lawson

Whoever authorized the evolution of the spiders of Australia should be summarily dragged out into the street and shot. – Mira Grant

Why are people so unkind? – Kamahl

Winning needs no explanation, losing has no alibi. – Greg Baum

With a strong focus on driver-partners and the community at large, we aim to create a high-quality and affordable travel experience for citizens and look forward to contributing to a healthy mobility ecosystem in Australia. – Bhavish Aggarwal

With just about every player in Australia, his whole goal and ambition is to play for Australia. That’s why they’re playing first class cricket. It’s just a different attitude. – Shane Warne

With my experience with Metallica, I’ve already surfed Portugal, Morocco, and all over Australia with Kirk. – Robert Trujillo

With nine degrees of warming, computer models project that Australia will look like a disaster movie. Habitats for most vertebrates will vanish. Water supply to the Murray-Darling Basin will fall by half, severely curtailing food production. – Jeff Goodell

With so much at risk, you might expect Australia to be at the forefront of the clean-energy revolution and the international effort to cut carbon pollution. After all, the continent’s vast, empty deserts were practically designed for solar-power installations. – Jeff Goodell

Within white Australia, there was a growing movement for what was known as reconciliation – a movement that peaked with millions marching in 2000 to demand the government say sorry for past injustices. – Richard Flanagan

Without social media, I wouldn’t have young girls messaging me from Australia or Mexico City or the Midlands, but I do wonder if I’d be on it if it wasn’t part of my job. – Adwoa Aboah

Workplace relations is about getting the best out of people. An argument which says that the only way we can compete with other nations in the world is engaging in a race to the bottom in terms of pay rates, penalty rates, protections on rosters, getting rid of family friendly provisions – that is not Australia’s future. – Bill Shorten

Wrestling in Australia is big, but it’s kind of underground. – Peyton Royce

WWE is a global juggernaut; it is the pinnacle. It is a global entity. You have superstars from Australia, China, Japan. – Jinder Mahal

Yeah, back in 2003, I went to ‘Australian Idol’ the first day as a boy, and I got knocked out. So I went back the next day in drag and made it into the Top 12 and got a record deal and toured around Australia. – Courtney Act

Yeah, I think it’s an absolute disaster that Australia, the government, allowed kangaroo culling. – Steve Irwin

Yes, we do need better representation, but I’m a big believer that we also need to talk about the Uluru Statement of the Heart. We need all of Australia to understand what it was, and is, and what that movement is about. – Adam Goodes

You are totally at the mercy of nature in this country, mate. It’s just a fact of life. But I tell you one thing.” What’s that?” It sure makes you appreciate something like this when you know it could all go up in a puff of smoke. – Bill Bryson, Down Under

You can be tops in Australia and be unheard of everywhere else. – Barry Gibb

You can learn a lot when you play in a little town in Holland or Western Australia, and you learn different things than you would learn playing a big city. – Jonathan Richman

You can literally tour all around Australia in two weekends. – Courtney Act

You can’t come back to Australia and be like, ‘I’ve been doing this and I’ve been doing this.’ ‘Cause they’ll be like, ‘Who do you think you are, mate?’ Which is good! It keeps you really, y’know, grounded, I guess. – Dean Lewis

You don’t want to turn up like a Nepal or an Ireland where the entire world thinks that you’re not going to win. You rather turn up like an India or an Australia or an England where everybody says this team is going to win the World Cup. – Sourav Ganguly

You don’t leave Australia unless you are passionate. Any Australian actor who comes to America is really committed. There are no dabblers – it’s all or nothing. – Margot Robbie

You feel free in Australia. There is great relief in the atmosphere – a relief from tension, a relief from pressure, an absence of control of will or form. The skies open above you and the areas open around you. – D. H. Lawrence

You know when you go to Australia you will get sledged. That’s the fun of the game. – K. L. Rahul

You know, I’m Australian, and we have got the worst sense of humour. We are cruel to each other. – Steve Irwin

You know, when my dad was a racing fan in Australia he would follow Jack Brabham and sometimes only hear if he won two days after a race – when the result finally appeared in his newspaper. These days I can tweet something and it’s all over the world in seconds. – Mark Webber

You may not think of Australia as a historical country but yet, it’s home to the oldest civilisation in the world. Knowing that, Australia may just be the most cultural and historical country of all. – BeeLoved City

You need to be mentally and physically very strong to go and perform in Australia. – K. L. Rahul

You never know how you’re going to go down as an English commentator in Australia. – Isa Guha

You never want an Australian with his back against the wall. You put any 12 blokes together and you’ll get a job done. Whether it’s getting a bogged four-wheel drive off the beach or standing in front of a cricket wicket and making sure we’re in a dominant position. It’s the same dog, different leg action, so to speak. – Matthew Hayden

You see, psychologically, Australia must understand it has to live in the region around it. Australia must find its security in Asia; it cannot find its security from Asia. – Paul Keating

Australian Proverbs

A bad worker blames his tools. – Australian Proverb

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. – Australian Proverb

A fair go for all, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, except for Poms, Seppos (Yanks) and Kiwis. – Australian Proverb

A good conscience is a soft pillow. – Australian Proverb

Don’t blow your own trumpet. – Australian Proverb

Faint heart never won fair lady. – Australian Proverb

Half a loaf is better than none. – Australian Proverb

Half a loaf is better than none. – Australian Proverb

He who laughs last, laughs longest. – Australian Proverb

Help the poor by not becoming poor. – Australian Proverb

Tears are words the heart can’t express. – Australian Proverb

The bigger the hat, the smaller the property. – Australian Proverb

The clash of ideas brings forth the spark of truth. – Australian Proverb

The cricket bat is mightier than the pen and the sword combined. – Australian Proverb

The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence. – Australian Proverb

There is a thin line between love and hate. – Australian Proverb

Traveler, there are no paths. Paths are made by walking. – Australian Aboriginal Proverb

We are all visitors to this time. This place we are just passing through. Our purpose here is to Observe. To Learn. To Grow. To Love. And then we return home. – Australian Aboriginal Proverb

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. – Australian Proverb

Australian Sayings

A Platypus is a duck designed by a committee. – Australian Saying

The more you know, the less you need. – First Nations saying / Australian Aboriginal saying

You might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb. – Australian Saying

Have a good one
Meaning: Have a nice day.

No worries
Meaning: No problem or you’re welcome.

Bloody oath
Meaning: Declare honesty and truth

A few roos loose in the top paddock
Meaning: Intellectually compromised or incompetent

Flat out like a lizard drinking
Meaning: Extremely busy or working very hard

Flaming galah
Meaning: A fool or idiot

Chuck a U-ey
Meaning: Make a U-turn or reverse course

Fair shake of the sauce bottle
Meaning: An opportunity to have a fair attempt

My shout
Meaning: My turn to pay.

Your shout
Meaning: Your turn to pay.

Can’t be bothered
Meaning: Not in the mood

Lower than a snake’s belly
Meaning: Describing someone with low morals

She’ll be apples
Meaning: It will be alright or OK

You little ripper
Meaning: An express delight

Out Early Australian Convict Sayings and Slang

Dog must not steal from dog.
– Australian Convict Saying

His bad

He cooperates with police and officials
– Australian Convict Flash Language

His floor’d

He is so drunk he can not standing
– Australian Convict Flash Language

His nibb’d

He is taken into custody
– Australian Convict Flash Language

His boned

taken into custody
– Australian Convict Flash Language

Australia Day Quotes

Australia Day is the official national day of Australia. Observed annually on 26 January, it marks the 1788 landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove and raising of the Union Flag by Arthur Phillip following days of exploration of Port Jackson in New South Wales. In present-day Australia, celebrations aim to reflect the diverse society and landscape of the nation and are marked by community and family events, reflections on Australian history, official community awards and citizenship ceremonies welcoming new members of the Australian community.

At its heart, of course, the story of Australia is a migrant story, built upon an indigenous heritage. It is a story of diverse people from across the globe coming to this place, building a life, and calling Australia our home. – Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge

Australia is a nation of compassion. Courage and compassion. And the third of these great values: resilience. – Kevin Rudd

Australia is about as far away as you can get. I like that. – Andre Benjamin

Australia is just so full of surprises. – Bill Bryson

Australia is my lens. I cannot see the world any other way. – Peter Carey

Australians always want everyone to be average as if the best thing you can do is fit in. – Poppy King

Australians will never acquire a national identity until individual Australians acquire identities of their own. – Patrick White

Australia’s a big part of my life. – Sean Murray

Being lost in Australia gives you a lovely sense of security. – Bruce Chatwin

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia. – Charles M. Schulz

God bless America, God save the Queen, God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia. – Russell Crowe

I love food, all types of food. I love Korean food, Japanese, Italian, French. In Australia, we don’t have a distinctive Australian food, so we have food from everywhere all around the world. We’re very multicultural, so we grew up with lots of different types of food. – Hugh Jackman

I’m in the love with the city. You can impress an Australian with a city, but you can’t impress them with a beach. – Rose Byrne

The overwhelming majority of Australians are celebrating Australia Day like we all are here today. They are just in love with our nation, with our story, with our people, with our success – the most successful multicultural society in the world. – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

There is no place in the world like Australia. Not even its beautiful neighbor New Zealand. – Henry Rollins

To live in Australia permanently is rather like going to a party and dancing all night with one’s mother. – Barry Humphries

We believe in the Australian promise; that if you work hard, you won’t be left behind. – Wayne Swan

We need to reflect on the history of January 26, because we cannot start to heal as a nation until we start acknowledging the past. Celebrating on a day that causes so much hurt and suffering to Aboriginal people does not unite us and doesn’t bring us together. – Greens leader Richard Di Natale

We today take this first step by acknowledging the past and laying claim to a future that embraces all Australians. – Kevin Rudd

Well, we know that people in Australia love the idea of both Impulse and Virgin Blue getting up and adding a bit of competition, and it’s fun to be able to deliver it. – Richard Branson


Aboriginal Art Aboriginal Painting

Aboriginal Art

Quotes From Wikiquotes

  • The Australian government never comments on specific intelligence matters. I will never say or do anything that might damage the strong relationship and the close co-operation that we have with Indonesia, which is all in all, our most important relationship.
    • Tony Abbott, as quoted on BBC News, “Australia ‘spied on Indonesia President Yudhoyono'” (18 November 2013), BBC News, United Kingdom: British Broadcasting Corporation
  • Australia has its share of xenophobic politicians… Australia has had some bad governments.
    • Waleed Aly, “Voting Should Be Mandatory” (19 January 2017), The New York Times
  • AUSTRALIA, n. A country lying in the South Sea, whose industrial and commercial development has been unspeakably retarded by an unfortunate dispute among geographers as to whether it is a continent or an island.
    • Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary (1911)
  • Australia’s distance from Europe was probably only tolerable because it had strategic commodities which England, threatened by changing European alliances, might some day be unable to produce in the northern hemisphere. Flax was the first conqueror – a hollow conqueror – of the distance which so often shaped Australia’s destiny… Australia’s place on new trade routes was decisive in its early history. It aided the convict settlement. It prompted the rise of a new free group of Australian traders who did not depend heavily on the favours of governors, who were alert for new ways of making money, and who were eventually to hasten Australia’s transition from a goal to a series of free colonies.
    • Geoffrey Blainey, The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia’s History (1966)
  • The convict system in essence was a form of compulsory, assisted migration. It eased the problems created by Australia’s distance from Britain. Without it relatively few people from the British Isles would have made the costly journey across the world in Australia’s first half century… The value of subsidised migration was not simply in the working men it brought to Australia. Its value was also in the women it enticed to a man’s land. One of Australia’s sharpest social problems, and one of the problems which Edward Gibbon Wakefield lamented, was the scarcity of women of marriageable or elopable age. So long as Australia primarily served as a gaol for the British Isles, far more men than women came to the land.
    • Geoffrey Blainey, The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia’s History (1966)
  • Australia and New Zealand depended so much on Britain, were in most senses imitations of Britain, that their geographical position near the end of Asia’s tail and near the islands of Oceania seemed irrelevant… In December 1941, when Australians began to sense that they were plunged into a new environment, the spectacles they had carried out from Britain were obsolete. They needed spectacles that would correct short-sightedness. They had to see the environment they were in as clearly as the environment they had left across the world.
    • Geoffrey Blainey, The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia’s History (1966)
  • The convict era gave Australia a high English and Irish population and a predominance of men, a tendency to disdain authority and resent policemen, and probably a love of leisure and an indifference to religion. The convict era imposed on governments from the outset a high and detailed role in economic and social life. Some of these convict influences were fragile and were quickly erased or reversed by the waves of free immigration; some were reinforced by later events, so that they persist to this day.
    • Geoffrey Blainey, A Land Half Won (1980)
  • We are surrendering much of our own independence to a phantom opinion that floats vaguely in the air and rarely exists on this earth. We should think very carefully about the perils of converting Australia into a giant multicultural laboratory for the assumed benefit of the peoples of the world.
    • Geoffrey Blainey, All For Australia (1984)
  • I do not accept the view, widely held in the Federal Cabinet, that some kind of slow Asian takeover of Australia is inevitable. I do not believe that we are powerless. I do believe that we can with good will and good sense control our destiny…. As a people, we seem to move from extreme to extreme. In the past 30 years the government of Australia has moved from the extreme of wanting a white Australia to the extreme of saying that we will have an Asian Australia and that the quicker we move towards it the better.
    • Geoffrey Blainey, Eye on Australia: Speeches and Essays of Geoffrey Blainey (1991)
  • To some extent my generation was reared on the Three Cheers view of history. This patriotic view of our past had a long run. It saw Australian history as largely a success. While the convict era was a source of shame or unease, nearly everything that came after was believed to be pretty good. There is a rival view, which I call the Black Armband view of history. In recent years it has assailed the optimistic view of history. The black armbands were quietly worn in official circles in 1988. The multicultural folk busily preached their message that until they arrived much of Australian history was a disgrace. The past treatment of Aborigines, of Chinese, of Kanakas, of non-British migrants, of women, the very old, the very young, and the poor was singled out, sometimes legitimately, sometimes not. … The Black Armband view of history might well represent the swing of the pendulum from a position that had been too favourable, too self congratulatory, to an opposite extreme that is even more unreal and decidedly jaundiced.
    • Geoffrey Blainey, “Balance Sheet On Our History,” Quadrant, July 1993, pp. 10-15
  • It is necessary that we should determine what are the ideals towards which every Australian would desire to strive. I think those ideals might well be stated as being to secure our national safety, and to ensure the maintenance of our White Australia Policy to continue as an integral portion of the British Empire. We intend to keep this country white and not allow its people to be faced with the problems that at present are practically insoluble in many parts of the world.
    • Stanley Bruce, campaign speech (1925)
  • So without an original or helpful thought in my head, I just sat for some minutes and watched these poor disconnected people shuffle past. Then I did what most white Australians do. I read my newspaper and drank my coffee and didn’t see them anymore.
    • Bill Bryson, In a Sunburned Country (US) / Down Under (UK) (2000), on the topic of Aboriginal Australians
  • Well, I didn’t ever think about Australia much. To me Australia had never been very interesting, it was just something that happened in the background. It was Neighbours and Crocodile Dundee movies and things that never really registered with me and I didn’t pay any attention to it at all. I went out there in 1992, as I was invited to the Melbourne Writers Festival, and I got there and realised almost immediately that this was a really really interesting country and I knew absolutely nothing about it. As I say in the book, the thing that really struck me was that they had this prime minister who disappeared in 1967, Harold Holt and I had never heard about this. I should perhaps tell you because a lot of other people haven’t either. In 1967 Harold Holt was prime minister and he was walking along a beach in Victoria just before Christmas and decided impulsively to go for a swim and dove into the water and swam about 100 feet out and vanished underneath the waves, presumably pulled under by the ferocious undertow or rips as they are called, that are a feature of so much of the Australian coastline. In any case, his body was never found. Two things about that amazed me. The first is that a country could just lose a prime minister — that struck me as a really quite special thing to do — and the second was that I had never heard of this. I could not recall ever having heard of this. I was sixteen years old in 1967. I should have known about it and I just realised that there were all these things about Australia that I had never heard about that were actually very very interesting. The more I looked into it, the more I realised that it is a fascinating place. The thing that really endeared Australia to me about Harold Holt’s disappearance was not his tragic drowning, but when I learned that about a year after he disappeared the City of Melbourne, his home town, decided to commemorate him in some appropriate way and named a municipal swimming pool after him. I just thought: this is a great country.
    • Bill Bryson, Interview with Stanfords Newsletter (June 2001)
  • On behalf of the American people, I thank the world for its outpouring of support… We will not forget moments of silence and days of mourning in Australia…
    • George W. Bush, “Freedom and Fear Are at War” (20 September 2001)
  • You can take them out of England, but you just can’t take the convict out of them.
    • Jeremy Clarkson, as quoted in The Daily Mail
  • I’d move to Los Angeles if New Zealand and Australia were swallowed up by a tidal wave, if there was a bubonic plague in England and if the continent of Africa disappeared from some Martian attack.
    • Russell Crowe, as quoted in New York Daily News (2000)
  • God bless America, God Save the Queen, God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia.
    • Russell Crowe, as quoted in “Kiwis find something to crow about”, The Telegraph (28 March 2001)
  • Yeah mate I bloody was like a rat up a drainpipe in one of them runs there.
    • Nick Cummins, as quoted in “Translating the world’s most Australian man, Western Force rugby player Nick Cummins”,, 26 February 2014.
  • This country shall remain forever the home of the descendants of those people who came here in peace in order to establish in the South Seas an outpost of the British race.
    • John Curtin, as quoted in Fact Sheet 8 (2013)
  • It is of no use to shut our eyes to the fact that there is a great feeling all over Australia against the introduction of coloured persons. It goes without saying that we do not like to talk about it, but it is so.
    • John Forrest, 1898 Australasian Federation Convention, 3rd Session Debates
  • No continent is as small and fragmented as Europe. Only Australia is smaller.
    • George Friedman, Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe (2015)
  • We have this cohort of people in Australia who haven’t moved as far as we’d like them to… The Australian Dream. We sing of it, and we recite it in verse… “Australians all, let us rejoice for we are young and free.” My people die young in this country. We die 10 years younger than average Australians and we are far from free… Australians are coming to this with newly opened ears and clear eyes, yet we have been telling this story for so long… One day, I want to stand here and be able to say as proudly and sing as loudly as anyone else in this room, Australians all, let us rejoice… Australia as a nation was formed in 1901. My people have been in Australia 20,000 years… So for us, once we’re included in the constitution we will then have reason to celebrate, but not at the moment.
    • Stan Grant, as quoted in “The racism speech that made Australians sit up and take notice” (25 January 2016), by Hilary Whiteman, CNN, Fulton County, Georgia: Cable News Network
  • So far, the world economy, particularly Australia and the United States, have benefited greatly from Chinese economic growth. This is likely to continue to be the case for some time… Values and institutions based on freedom, democracy, human rights, and market economics must now compete for adherents on a global basis. This is a big challenge not only for the United States but also for Australia… A way must be found for the United States and China to work together with the rest of the international community to meet the global challenges we face. Success in this effort will require the closest cooperation among the United States, Australia, and our friends and allies in the Asia-Pacific. And to a great extent, Australia is leading the way.
    • Stephen Hadley, “America’s Role In The World” (30 October 2014), Lowy Institute
  • I and most Australians want our immigration policy radically reviewed and that of multiculturalism abolished. I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians. Between 1984 and 1995, 40 per cent of all migrants coming into this country were of Asian origin. They have their own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not assimilate.
    • Pauline Hanson, “Maiden Speech” (1996)
Paul Hogan: America, you look like you need a holiday, a fair dinkum holiday. You’ll have to learn to say g’day. ‘Cause every day’s a good day in Australia.
Woman: G’day, Paul.
Paul Hogan: G’day, love. You’ll have to get used to the local customs like getting a sun tan in a restaurant, playing football without a helmet, and calling everyone ‘mate’. Thanks, mate.
Barman: She’s right, mate.
Paul Hogan: Apart from that, no worries. You’ll have the time of your life in Australia. Come on, come and say g’day. I’ll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you.

  • Australian Tourist Commission promotional TV commercial 1983
  • I’m not in favour of going back to a White Australia policy. I do believe that if it is – in the eyes of some in the community – that it’s too great, it would be in our immediate-term interest and supporting of social cohesion if it were slowed down a little, so the capacity of the community to absorb it was greater.
    • John Howard, as quoted in The Australian (February 2006)
  • The White Australia is yours. You may do with it what you please, but at any rate, the soldiers have achieved the victory and my colleagues and I have brought that great principle back to you from the conference, as safe as it was on the day when it was first adopted.
    • Billy Hughes, as quoted in “Rise and Fall of White Australia” (2001), 100 Years: The Australian Story, Australia: National Council for the Centenary of Federation
  • I love food, all types of food. I love Korean food, Japanese, Italian, French. In Australia, we don’t have a distinctive Australian food, so we have food from everywhere all around the world.
    • Hugh Jackman, as quoted in “Hugh Jackman Calls Daughter “White Foods Girl”, OK Magazine, 2 June 2011.
  • Earth is here so kind, that just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest.
    • Douglas William Jerrold, as quoted in A Land of Plenty, reported in Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).
  • Australia has its faults, as does any other country. But laughing in our face about it, then mocking our heritage was definitely not called for. It embarrassed and degraded our country as well as making us look like total idiots.
    • James Joyce, “Cutting edge — feature” (5 November 2005), The Newcastle Herald, p. 8.
  • In Australia, if you drive a red or yellow Bentley convertible down the street, everyone thinks “What a wanker!”
    • Luc Longley, as quoted in “Luc Longley Pod Special” (8 June 2015), by Roger Bennett, Men in Blazers
  • These little critters aren’t the type that just land on your bread roll whilst eating out at a restaurant… This means they make a beeline for places such as the inside of your ear, your mouth, nostrils, or eyes… If they land on your leg or hand they’ll happily just stand there for minutes on end rubbing their front legs together like some manic chef sharpening his calving knives before cutting into a big joint of meat.
    • Mark of Getting Down Under, “Flies in Australia – Kind of Annoying!”
  • As Australians we have been for generations privileged to live in the country.
    • Michele Madigan, “Funding Cuts to Remote WA and SA Communities Will Destroy Aboriginal Life” (8 April 2015), Sydney Catholic
  • We have a mostly cohesive multicultural society with high rates of successful immigration. This week the maiden speeches of three senators from both sides of politics were full of praise for multiculturalism and the benefits it has brought the country. Unlike Europe, we don’t have any mainstream extreme right-wing supremacist political parties and there is a genuine public acceptance of multiculturalism and its place at the heart of the country’s modern character.
    • Jacqueline Maley, “Why Australia is perceived as racist” (2013), Sydney Morning Herald
  • In joyful strains then let us sing, “Advance Australia fair!”
    • Advance Australia Fair, lyrics by Peter Dodds McCormick. Australian national anthem (1878)
  • Do you come from a land down under?
    Where women glow and men plunder?
    Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?
    You better run, you better take cover.

    • Men at Work, “Down Under”, Business as Usual (1981)
Man in Black: You’ve made your decision then?
Vizzini: Not remotely. Because iocane comes from Australia, as everyone knows. And Australia is entirely peopled with criminals. And criminals are used to having people not trust them, as you are not trusted by me. So I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you.
Man in Black: Truly you have a dizzying intellect.
Vizzini: Wait ’til I get going… where was I?
Man in Black: Australia.
Vizzini: Yes, Australia, and you must have suspected I would have known the powder’s origin, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.

  • The Princess Bride (1987)
  • Australia was a fantastic choice because it has lots of quirky visual things. And it’s a country that is really very close to America, very in sync with America. We are so similar but yet there are all these fantastic differences, familiar yet twisted. It was intentional to make it very inaccurate. That was our evil side coming out: We’ll take our knowledge of Australia and we’ll twist it around to stimulate an audience and annoy them at the same time.
    • David Mirkin, as quoted in “Cutting edge — feature” (5 November 2005), by James Joyce, The Newcastle Herald, p. 8
  • Australia is still a young nation that lacks a true identity. We need to establish ourselves as a unique entity.
    • Conor Oates, as quoted in “Should Australia’s switch to Dollarydoos? Tens of thousands sign petition to change the Australian currency ‘to stimulate the economy'” (17 October 2015), by Cindy Tran, The Daily Mail
  • Whenever we have the Simpsons visit another country, that country gets furious, including Australia.
    • Mike Reiss, “Simpsons’ secret is eternal youth” (27 February 2007), The Age
  • Aussie kids are Weet-Bix kids.
    • Slogan for Sanitarium’s Weet-Bix
  • Our community cohesion is currently under strain. This isn’t mere speculation. A recent survey of Muslim people in Sydney indicated that 57 percent had experienced racism – a rate about three times higher than the national average. As documented in the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Freedom from Discrimination report, published in November, many communities believe there has been a marked increase in anti-Muslim abuse and vilification… The Cronulla riot represented not the best, but the worst of national pride. It was caused by a lapse, from which we are not immune – not then, and not now. Because where there is fear and hate, prejudice and intolerance, something like it could happen again.
    • Tim Soutphommasane, “There are echoes of the Cronulla riots on our streets today” (11 December 2015), The Drum, ABC
  • I think it’s one of those great unresolved topics in Australian society. I’m not sure anyone necessarily has a perfect answer to the problem but a lot of people are concerned about it.
    • Ed St. John, as quoted in “The racism speech that made Australians sit up and take notice” (25 January 2016), by Hilary Whiteman, CNN, Georgia: Cable News Network
  • I was shocked, disgusted, angry and confused as I walked into my school the day after the Cronulla riots. I was 14 years old… The Cronulla riots. One of the ugliest episodes in recent Australian history didn’t happen in a vacuum. It was a culmination of a bubbling undercurrent of racial tensions and clashes between young Caucasian and Middle Eastern men… Australia’s undercurrent of racism reared its ugly head that day. And despite it being 10 years ago, many are still affected today. The majority of my Year 12 cohort went on to attend university, college and TAFE. Some entered the workforce. Many went through an identity crisis. Some changed their name to make it more “Anglo-friendly” for work purposes. Some internalised racism. Others adopted a victim mentality and blamed the system for everything that went wrong in their life. While others developed an inferiority complex. Sadly, some still carry these demons with them today… Until recently I thought we’d improved race relations in Australia. The Adam Goodes saga tells us otherwise. If our elite athletes get racially abused, what hope does the average Khaled, Ahmed or Maryam have of a fair go in society?
    • Mohamed Taha, “Generation Cronulla: How the riots shaped who I am” (11 December 2015), The Drum, ABC.

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