A True Consolation For Incarcerated

This article is a true consolation for incarcerated.

Those in prison are in great need of the true consolation of the Pearls of Wisdom. Particularly those who having suffered the blows of youth are passing their young, sweet lives in prison; they need the Pearls of Wisdom as much as they need bread.

Indeed, youth heeds the emotions rather than reason, and emotions and desires are blind; they do not consider the consequences. They prefer one ounce of immediate pleasure to tons of future pleasure. They kill for the one-minute pleasure of revenge, then suffer for eighty thousand hours the pain of prison. And one hour’s dissolute pleasure in questions of honor may result in life’s enjoyment being utterly destroyed through distress at the fear of both prison and enemies. And there are many other examples, many pitfalls for the unfortunate young because of which they transform their most sweet lives into the most bitter and pitiable lives.

“One who recognizes Him and obeys Him is fortunate even if he is in prison. While one who forgets Him is wretched and a prisoner even if he lives in a palace.”

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Indeed, when a youth in prison spends one hour out of the twenty-four each day for prayers, and repents for the mistakes that were the cause of his disaster, and abstains from other harmful, painful wrongdoing, just as this will be of great benefit for both his life, and his future, and his country, and his nation, and his relatives, so too will he gain with his fleeting youth of ten to fifteen years an eternal, brilliant youth. Foremost the Holy Book of Miraculous Exposition, and all the revealed scriptures, have given this certain good news.

If such a youth demonstrates his gratitude for the pleasing, delightful bounty of youth through moderation and obedience, it will both increase it, and make it eternal, and make it a pleasure. Otherwise it will be both calamitous, and become painful, grievous, and a nightmare, and then it will depart. It will cause him to become like a vagrant, harmful for both his relatives, and his country, and his nation.

O man who is addicted to enjoyment and pleasure! I am seventy-five years old, and I know with utter certainty from thousands of experiences, proofs, and events that true enjoyment, pain-free pleasure, grief-free joy, and life’s happiness are only to be found in belief and in the sphere of the truths of belief. A single worldly pleasure yields numerous pains. As though dealing ten slaps for a single grape, it drives away all life’s pleasure.

O unfortunate people who are experiencing the disaster of prison! Since your world is weeping and your life is bitter, strive so that your Hereafter will not also weep, and your eternal life will smile and be sweet! Benefit from prison!

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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