Woman’s Creed

This is a woman’s creed written by Rachel Wahlberg.

I believe in God who created woman and man in God’s own image who created the world and gave both sexes the care of the earth.

I believe in Jesus, child of God, chosen of God born of the woman Mary who listed to women and liked them who stayed in their homes, who discussed the Kingdom with them who was followed and financed by women disciples.

I believe in Jesus who discussed theology with a woman at a well & first confided in her his messiahship who motivated her to go and tell her the great news to the city.

I believe in Jesus who received anointing from a woman at Simon’s house, who rebuked the men guests that scorned her.



I believe in Jesus who said this woman will be remembered for what she did- ministering to Jesus.

I believe in Jesus who healed a woman on the sabbath and made her straight because she was a human being.

I believe in Jesus who spoke of God as a woman seeking the lost coin, as a woman who swept seeking the lost.

I believe in Jesus who thought of pregnancy and birth with reverence not as a punishment- but as a wrenching event- a metaphor for transformation- born again, anguish into joy.

I believe in Jesus who spoke of himself as a mother hen who would gather her chicks under her wings.

I believe in Jesus who appeared first to Mary Magdalene- who sent her with the bursting message…GO and Tell….

I believe in the wholeness of the Savior in whom there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for we are all one in salvation.
I believe in the Holy Spirit as she moves over the waters of creation and over the earth.

I believe in the Holy Spirit- the women spirit of god, who like a hen created us and gave us birth and covers us with her wings.

By Rachel Wahlberg

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