The Appearance Of The Angel(s) Of Death To The Dying Person

This article covers The Appearance Of The Angel Of Death To The Dying Person.

Since Azrael (Angel of Death) was created from light like all other angels, he can be present and take on form in numberless places at the same time and his engagement in a particular task does not prevent him from carrying out many other tasks at the same moment. Like the sun giving heat and light to all things in the world at the same time and being present through its images in innumerable transparent objects, the Archangel Azrael can take millions of souls at the same moment without one hindering the other.



However, the Archangels like Gabriel, Michael and Azrael each has subordinates of his kind resembling him and supervised by him. At the time of the death of a good, righteous one, first, some angels come to him with smiles and radiant faces and they are followed by either Azrael himself or Azrael and his subordinates who are charged with taking the souls of the good or only a subordinate of Azrael. The verses,

By those who pluck out violently; by those who draw out gently (79:1-2),

indicate that the angels who take the souls of the righteous are different from those who are responsible for taking the souls of the wicked. The souls of the wicked are plucked out violently; they have a Chapter, frightened face at death.

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