What Ever We Have is a Blessing of God

Essentially, a man has no right to question God Almighty for what He gives or does not give him. For, first of all, God has not made him a lifeless element, nor a plant, nor an animal. Second, as there may always be one wealthier and healthier than the others, there may also well be one poorer and in worse health than the others. So, with respect to wealth and health, a man should consider those poorer and worse than him, while with respect to human virtues such as honesty, morality, learning, altruism, truthfulness, and generosity, etc., he should try to emulate those better than him.

Gods blessings

Gods blessings

Suppose there are three people lacking in all the basic necessities of life, and suppose that a rich man provides to one of them a flat, to the second a large detached house, and to the third a palace. Does the one provided with a flat have the right to interrogate the rich man, to ask why he was not given a detached house or a palace? Should he not, rather, thank him for the flat he gave him? Similarly, whatever a man has is all from God. That being so, what falls on a man, whether he be rich or poor, sound or disabled, healthy or ill, is to thank God.

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