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‘Bob Lazar’ who made Area 51 famous still ‘being watched’

  • Bob Lazar first hit headlines in 1989 when he told a Las Vegas TV station that nine alien spacecraft were being tested and analyzed in Nevada by US scientists
  • Lazar said he’d worked to help reverse engineer the ‘flying discs,’ which used technology that had not yet been discovered or invented by humans
  • The ‘scientist’ said he’d been threatened about coming forward but felt the public should know; he was highly criticized and many claims were debunked 
  • Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell was just 13 years old when Lazar’s extraordinary statements hit the airwaves; he’s been fascinated by UFOs and Lazar ever since
  • Corbell’s new documentary, Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers, traces Lazar’s path since 1989; he now runs a science equipment lab in Michigan
  • Lazar stands by his assertions and says they changed the trajectory of his life in  ‘for the most part, negative’ ways – and he probably wouldn’t speak out again


'UFO Messiah' Bob Lazar who made Area 51 famous still 'being watched'

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