The Horizon Of the Spirit

The Horizon of The Spirit” is about the death and the afterlife written by M. fethullah Gulen.

When it is dark, souls busy themselves with afterlife, on the horizon nights appear to meet with Beloved.
Negative and positive poles join at the same point from which rays of light pouring everywhere.

Eyes are illumined, hearts beat in unison; what is unknown comes to be known by the heart.
Mysteries of the same tincture and design as stars pertaining to the realms beyond are solved in souls.

Faces of light travel around ceaselessly in pursuit of Him. For them the earth and heavens
are each a place of exhibition; the other world invites them, opening its doors.

Noah comes with the Flood, Moses with Speech; the Sinai comes together with Makka in this dream.
Jesus descends with the Spirit, and the Essence of Existence with the “essence” for Ka‘ba to become identical with the Sidra.

Joyful days of life appear beyond last clouds of darkness, time flows ceaselessly like a cataract toward the other life.
Forgetting whatever he has suffered of grief and sorrows, man begins to feel his existence all differently.

Conscience moves as if it found at last its native land, intoxicated with the breezes coming from the land of the Friend.
As if finding itself in the loveliest places of the other world, it feels the fragrance of Paradise so heady and enrapturing.

The roads to re-union with the Beloved appear everywhere; each color and sound and each design is a fine tune resounding.
Harbors of re-union appear from afar with all their charm to invite the wayfarers burning with of separation.

Let the sun set, shining no more, and the horizons darken, now it is time of prosperity with the days of decline left behind.
Let summer come to an end and the earth turn pale, now that the river of life has at last reached the earth.

By M. Fethullah Gulen

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Muhammed Fethullah Gülen (born 27 April 1941) is an authoritative mainstream Turkish Muslim scholar, thinker, author, poet, opinion leader and educational activist who supports interfaith and intercultural dialogue, science, democracy and spirituality and opposes violence and turning religion into a political ideology. Fethullah Gülen promotes cooperation of civilizations toward a peaceful world, as opposed to a clash.

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