The Enlightenment For Every Dimension

The Enlightenment For Every Dimension” is a comprehensive study of the enlightenment from a Christian point of view.

The Truths of Love

Nothing in the world you have ever done or can ever do, is more important than reading and understanding these writings of Truth.

Reading and understanding these Truths of Love is the most important thing in your life. Reading and understanding these Truths of Love is the most important thing in your life.

Your whole purpose for living and learning in this dimension is to gain the awareness that is revealed by these writings.

The Truths of Love gives reality awareness. You can now gain the awareness of divine perfection. This awareness is all that you need.

You cannot feel good about yourself and know yourself, unless you can see the truth of your eternal perfection. These truths of your perfection reveal your divine goodness and give you the awareness of who and what you are. Thus, you come to know your “Real” self.

1. Awareness of your Reality

The “real” you is not separated from God. God is Love. Your spirit is made out of love. Love is your very substance. Your worldly personality with its spirit of confusion and ego is not real.

Your body is not your reality. Your life in the world is not your “real” life. You are not separate from your brethren. You are the Son of God, part of the Sonship.

Look upon yourself with gladness and appreciation for what you see. You are a perfect child. Knowing your innocence and your oneness with God and your brethren, sets you free from illusions and unreality. Love is life. Nothing without life is real. Therefore, only love is real. Since you are love, you are real. Everything else does not, and cannot exist. You are the Truth of Love. This is your reality. When the remembrance of your perfection dawns on you, you can no longer be satisfied with anything but your own reality.

You also are the teacher, but you do not know it. You are where you have forever been and will forever be. All things are yours and you have them forever. The awakening of you and your brother to your joint reality of love and glory is your only purpose. You keep wanting unreality, until you desire to awaken to your glorious reality. Your will is joined with God’s will, they are not separate, but one will. Therefore, you will awaken to your perfection and glory, for God’s will is always done.

The resurrection is waking from the dream of separation. It has already been accomplished in you. In the dream of separation you dream of the nightmare of crucifixion. You will forget these dreams when the awareness of love is in you and your brethren; the awakening of God’s Son.

Awakening is recognized by those who share in it. You have forgotten yourself, but the love remembers you. Love guides you. Love awakens you from the sleep of forgetting to the remembering of Truth. You can hold on to the past only through guilt. You are guiltless and immortal. You have never been separated from love. You must recognize the love that you are. This is your awakening to reality. This is your enlightenment and joy.

2. All God’s Children Are Your Brothers

We are united spiritually and part of one another. We are inseparable. Anything that happens to one, really effects all. Together we are whole. What you do to your brother, you do to yourself. You are not separate from your brothers. When you see your brother you see your “other self”. As you draw closer to your brothers, you draw closer to God.

You have no existence apart from God and your brethren. Your spirit is not apart, but forever united with and part of God.

You are not alone, but you have a shared identity with your brethren; its called the Son of God.

You and the minds of your brethren are not separate. God has only one Son. All are in one. Be aware that no one is separate. Remember the oneness.

Love brings invulnerability, because it does not attack.

Your acceptance of Love in your brother acknowledges the Love of God he has forgotten. Recognize him as part of God, along with you. Reminding him of the Truth of himself and of his wholeness with you.

In the kingdom there is calm knowledge that each one is part of God. You dwell in the mind of God with your brother.

The glory of the Sonship is shared; glorified together. We are members of one another. We are the spirits of love. All of God’s Sons are equal. Their equality is their oneness. Only when you look upon God’s Son as guiltless can you understand His oneness.

All of your brethren are beautiful and holy, and all are really one. This is a key point: You are not separate from your brethren, but you and your brethren are one. It is an illusion to believe that you are separate from your brethren. You can accept awareness and enlightenment for your brethren, because you are part of your brethren. We all affect one another. We are all joined in the awakening to our reality, nothing else can unite us in this world.

Those who have not yet learned the truth of their innocence, need love and teaching, not attack or condemnation. The miracle is the recognition of your love and your brother’s love.

Look on all your brothers with gratitude, because you are in union with them. Accept the oneness of the Sonship. All of your brethren serve a purpose and so do you.

The whole reality of our relationship with God is in our relationship to one another. You have a shared existence and a shared being. Love your brethren and you love yourself. See your brethren as part of yourself. Look on them with perfect love. Our whole purpose in the world is to understand what love is. God’s Children are your brothers, but not the workers of iniquity.

3. There Is No Death

Death of pride, the ego, and the body is not death at all. Real things cannot die. Only illusions can vanish into nothingness. Pride, the ego, and the body are not really alive. Only the spirit is alive. Death is a dream in a dream world. What seems to die is misperceived and only illusion.

When the dream of death and separation ends what will remain? Nothing but this: the realization that the Son of God is guiltless and perfect now and forever. You are God’s Child. You will know more concerning the magnitude of Love.

You cannot lose your soul, but you can lose your awareness of it.

When you see only love, you will see no illusions of death. When you look upon the truth within yourself, you will see only love.

You are love. Love cannot die, for love is eternal.

If you believe that death has any meaning, then you are afraid of death. Therefore, you are afraid of being murdered. Thus, you want to punish murderers.

Nothing is dead. The life energy within material forms cannot die or be murdered. The material form (shell) has no existence without the life energy. Material forms are not alive. They only appear to be alive, because of the presence of life energy within, which animates and provides all movement.

You cannot kill anything. When the life energy leaves a form, it gives the illusion that death has occurred to the material form. Nothing of the sort has happened. The life energy is still complete and intact. The material form was never “alive”, but only gave the appearance (illusion) of being “alive”.

Therefore, murder has no meaning. You can harm nothing “real”. You can kill nothing “alive”. There has never been any death or murder in the world. Nothing has ever died. No one has ever been murdered. There are no murderers. No one is guilty of murder, and has never been guilty.

The worldly personality, with its egotism and arrogance, identifies with the material body, and believes that the material body is alive of itself, and that the life energy is nothing. This is the reason why the worldly personality fears death. This is stupid and insane.

Death and murder has meaning, only in the spirit of confusion. Death and murder are absolutely meaningless. If you fear death, then you certainly don’t understand who or what you are. That means you are thinking from your worldly mind and worldly knowledge (your ego). Thus, you are confused.

The separation of life energy from the material form, is not death. The life energy is never affected, and the material form was never “alive”.

Life energy is eternal and invulnerable. Life energy is Love. Life energy is God.

Now you can understand yourself.

4. The Spirit of Confusion

Only TRUTH (Jesus is the TRUTH), can save you from the spirit of confusion.

The Truth (Jesus) will free you from the spirit of confusion, and save you from your guilt, fear and anxiety. The Truth overcomes all illusion.

5. Pride- the spirit of confusion and Egotism

The worldly personality with its: pride, arrogance, a belief in independence, and a belief in a separate existence is the ego. The worldly personality and all of its independence is only illusion.

You are not the worldly personality, but you made it. You are spirit. Your ego and your body is not the “Real” you. Only your spirit is important and “Real”. Your worldly personality and its ego is from a dream of separation from God. Its continued existence depends on your continuing belief in separation. The worldly personality and its ego gives your sleeping mind a temporary sense of existence, but no real: happiness, joy, peace, or gladness.

The worldly personality and its ego, regards the body as its home, and tries to satisfy itself through the body. It believes in limits and scarcity. It seeks to “get” things, due to its belief in scarcity. It thrives on judging and comparing. It believes that it is completely on its own, and separated from God. The so called “struggle for survival” is only the worldly personality and its ego’s struggle for the illusions of apparent existence.

The worldly personality and its ego is very fearful, because it believes it is separated from God. It attacks any perceived threat to its apparent existence. If you identify with it; you cannot know that God Loves you. It is afraid of the spirit’s joy. Only the worldly personality and its ego can be disheartened, and fearful.

The worldly personality with its (pride) the spirit of confusion and ego, tries to exploit all situations into forms of praise for itself in order to overcome its doubts. Only it can experience guilt. It judges and expects to be judged, and expects punishment. It is always busy in nonessentials and preoccupied with worldly things, and this is precisely to impede true knowledge and understanding from entering in. It avoids real questions of spiritual and eternal importance. It is in command, when you feel guilty. It is only an illusion in a dream of separation. If you identify with it then you must perceive yourself as guilty, and fear punishment. When you awaken from your dream of separation, the illusions of pride and ego, along with its guilt will not exist, because they never really existed.

Undoing the illusions of separation and pride, is your escape from the dream of separation. You are not separate from God and your brethren. You have no meaning apart from your wholeness. Your rightful place is in the kingdom, united forever in love with God and your brethren.

Look at the goodness of a new born baby; how beautiful and sweet. The baby has no (pride) the spirit of confusion or egotism. It does not think it is better than anyone else. It does not want to “get even” or take revenge on anyone. The baby is perfect in every way. How gentle and good is the baby.

You are perfect in your reality. Spiritually you are still the new baby. You are good, and the world cannot change you. When a baby begins to receive “mixed” signals from others, it takes on an outward personality, a shell of protection. What do you think the baby does when it is treated unjustly? What does it do when it is neglected and ignored? What does it do when it is scolded and verbally attacked? What does it do when it is treated harsh?

When all these things begin to happen to the baby, as they do to everyone in this insane dimension, the baby senses a need to protect itself (emotionally), from destruction. Out of its need for self protection, the baby guards itself from outside insanity, by putting up a shell, or an outward persona. This outward shell insulates the divine goodness and perfect innocence within the child, from all the injustice, insanity and cruelty of the world. This shell is not the “real” child, but only a temporary personality, that protects the sensitive child within. This outward temporary personality can be called the ego. This temporary personality begins to deal with others the way it is dealt with. All the world sees is the shell, or outward temporary personality. The world thinks that the ego (shell) is the person. The baby develops it’s ego, in order to deal with the egos of others and the insanity of the world. This outward shell is only a pretense, and not the real child. It is only a defense mechanism.

As the baby continues to put up the front of an outward personality, it begins to forget its real self. The baby forgets the divine goodness and perfect innocence that it really is. The baby gets lost in the spirit of confusion of the world, and has so many things to deal with, that it does not reflect upon the true reality within. It begins to believe that it is the ego. As the baby grows up it loses touch with itself. It forgets itself. Dealing with all the insanity of the world occupies the thoughts of the baby. Self protection from emotional harm becomes the main function for survival.

The goodness of the baby does not vanish, but remains forever. For, the goodness is the real child and cannot be destroyed. You must someday realize that all of your outward personality, was only a defense mechanism, that you developed to deal with all the threatening things that you sensed in the world. The “real” you is in no danger. The world cannot ever destroy divine Love. You are still the baby. You are still perfectly innocent. Don’t be afraid, because injustice and insanity of the world will cease, but your goodness is eternal.

6. Forgiveness Is Understanding

Receiving forgiveness is nothing more than recognizing what you already have and what you really are. The “real” you is perfect and needs no forgiveness, but your worldly mind does not know this. Your worldly mind believes that it is separate and in need.

Only the worldly personality with its (pride) the spirit of confusion can know sin, and guilt. Sin and guilt seem so real, but are only illusions. The false belief in separation from God, causes the belief in sin and guilt. Therefore sin and guilt are based on a false idea, and therefore cannot be real. Your “real” self, your spirit, knows no sin or guilt, and can never know these illusions.

Think of a new born baby, how innocent, sweet and perfect. That is the condition of your real self, and it never changes. The “real” you remains: innocent, sweet, and perfect forever. A new born baby is given a “name”, and begins to respond to a “name”. It begins to believe that it is a separate being, and not whole with all it’s brethren. It begins to identify with its name, and its body. The illusions of the world begin to seep into the baby’s ideas. The belief in self defense and the concerns of the physical body, begin to convince the child that it must compete for everything. It begins to develop pride and a worldly self-identity. It begins to develop egotism. It begins to believe in separation from God, and that it is on its own, and responsible for its own future.

The baby sees pride in others for the first time, and wonders if there is something to be proud about, so pride develops. It sees fear in others for the first time, and wonders if there is something to fear, so it becomes fearful. It sees anger in others for the first time, and wonders if there is something to be angry about, and anger develops. It is trained to compete for attention and “worldly things”. The child’s spirit is: innocent, sweet, and perfect, and will never be changed by these worldly false ideas and dreams of separation, because the spirit is invulnerable. Only the worldly personality with its pride and ego, can be changed, and suffer the illusions of sin, guilt, and death.

Only the worldly personality with its pride, ego and body can die. The child’s spirit is eternal and can never die. When worldly pride (the ego) dies, all: sin, guilt, worry, and fear dies with it. In fact, it was never “real”, but only an illusion. “Real” things don’t die. Your spirit is “Real”. Love is “Real”. Forgiveness is undoing the illusions of separation, sin, fear and guilt. You will understand the “real” you; that you are a child, and innocent, sweet, and perfect. You will know what love is.

Forget all the sins that you believe were done by you and others. Forgiveness is the way to see God in your brethren and in yourself. It allows you to see the beauty, perfection, holiness, and innocence in all of God’s children. Forgive everyone for everything. This is compassion and love.

If you offer your brethren complete forgiveness, you must have accepted the truth for yourself, and understood that you are guiltless. Here and now you are free and without condemnation, you are guiltless, and your past is gone forever, and it does not matter. Illusions do not matter.

Ask not to be forgiven, for this has already been accomplished, your guilt is only illusion. However, as long as you feel the need to ask for forgiveness, then you must continue to do this. All “sins” are but the imagination. In reality you are forever sinless. You need no forgiveness, but only the awakening to your reality. You need only to understand your eternal perfection!

To forgive, is merely to remember perfection and love, all else is unreal.

7. Illusions Only Seem “Real”

Illusions are only appearances of reality, but they can be very convincing to the senses. However, only eternal things are real.

Sand castles on the beach appear to be real, but when the tide comes in they disappear without a trace. This world and its pride is like the sand castle on the beach. This is a dream world.

Questioning illusions is the first step in undoing them. To lose something that is not real, means that you lose nothing. Your worldly personality with its pride and ego, and your body are only illusions of reality. Your ego and its pride and sense of independence represents a delusional system. Delusional thoughts are not real thoughts, but only the product of imagination.

Real thought is from God and is God. You are part of Him and His thought. You cannot think real thoughts apart from Him.

“Worldly pride”, and “worldly self-esteem” is delusional. It is an illusion to believe that you are separated from God, or your brothers. Your spirit is forever one with God and your brothers.

As you learn to escape from the illusions of ego and pride and separation, you must not forget your brothers and their blessings to you. You cannot “undo” your illusions alone. All of your brethren share Love and Knowledge with you. Christ Jesus is the embodiment of all the brethren. You are part of God and the Sonship. You are not separate.

Nothing that is real can ever be lost, but you may forget where it is. It is therefore “lost” to you until you can see correctly.

8. Innocence

The Truth that sets you free from illusions of sin, fear and guilt is this: “God’s Son is guiltless, and in His innocence is His salvation.

God knows the innocence of His children, and we are His children. God says that you are “not guilty”, thus, “innocent”. He knows the Truth about you. God knows that you are really innocent of all imagined error. He knows that you are only dreaming illusions. Dreaming things that are not true or real. Dreaming that you are separated from God. He knows that your illusions are meaningless and unimportant. God knows that you will come to yourself, and be restored and in your right mind. God knows that you are innocent, and He knows that you also will understand this truth. You will “know yourself”, that you are love. Because in your illusions of separation you have forgotten yourself.

Babies cannot know sin or guilt. You are a baby, and you have forgotten yourself. Only the worldly personality with its pride and egotism can know sin, fear and guilt. The worldly personality and pride and egotism are false things, and therefore all the things they imagine are false, thus not real. All the sin, fear and guilt of pride and egotism are therefore meaningless and unimportant, and illusions. The worldly personality and it’s pride is not you, only a false image of you. The real you is forever innocent. The pride and egotism of the world will vanish, along with it’s false things of sin, fear, and guilt.

The goal in your life is to “Know What love is”. This means to awaken from your dreams of separation and remember your wonderful goodness.

Did you know that it is an illusion to believe that your innocence has been lost?

Innocence is the awareness of your perfection. This awareness gives you eternal happiness and eternal peace. This awareness gives perfect joy. This awareness is Heaven itself. For Heaven is not a physical place, but spiritual.

In the world, we all have thoughts and experiences that confuse us concerning our innocence. These thoughts and experiences make us sad, and give us a sense of low self esteem. They make us feel like paradise has been lost.

If you believe that your actions in the world, are proof of your reality, then you are wrong. If you think that all of your mistakes, errors, sin and guilt are real, then you are wrong. Your worldly mind, with its ego and pride is not the “real” you. It is illusion and temporary. Of course, you feel terrible when the sting of sin and guilt causes you to doubt your perfection, and make it seem like your innocence has been lost. The spirit of confusion can seem so real.

Even though, you may temporarily have the spirit of confusion about your perfection, and feel like a failure; you have not failed, nor are you imperfect. Your divine being is eternally the same, only your worldly mind has been confused, due to your identifying with the world, and putting importance on worldly actions and worldly thoughts. Your awareness of perfection will be restored again, because the spirit of confusion will be gone and your innocence will be clear.

Look at a new born baby. Can you see the perfection and total innocence? When do you suppose that this same baby loses perfection and innocence? It never “really” loses perfection and innocence, but has the spirit of confusion about these things, as it grows and it told, “you bad boy”, or “you did wrong”. You must remember that coping with the greed and insanity of the world, will have a confusing effect on your worldly mind. You must not identity with the person the world thinks you are. You are absolutely innocent and divine. The world does not know the “real” you. The world does not know anyone. The world only sees criminals and law breakers, because the world only looks at the illusion of you, not the “real” divine spiritual you.

Say to yourself, in the thoughts of your mind, “My spirit is sweet, pure, innocent and divine“. Think this over and over everyday, say it a hundred times a day, never forget it. “My spirit is sweet, pure, innocent and divine“. “My spirit is sweet, pure, innocent and divine“. Soon you will identify with your spiritual self, the “real” you, and you will stop identifying with the illusion of you, the one the world sees. Perfect child your reality is glorious.

9. You Already Have Honor

Give honor to the Sons of God, and count yourself among them gladly. You cannot know your own perfection until you have honored all your brethren.

You are a child of God and you are worthy of respect and honor. Your brethren are children of God and they are worthy of respect and honor. Do not have the spirit of confusion, if in this dream of separation you are not accorded the respect and honor that you deserve. The false belief in separation causes: fear, jealousy, envy, pride, competition, disrespect and dishonor.

When you awaken from your dream of separation you will be loved, cherished, and honored as the child of God that you are. Then you will love and cherish and honor your brethren, because you will see the glory of the Sonship, and the magnitude of Love.

Christ The Redeemer Statue Peace Faith Hope Rocket

Christ The Redeemer Statue

10. Jesus

God is the Spirit of Infinite Love. Love is the only thing that is “Real”. God is the only thing that is “Real”. God’s children are “Real”, because they are part of Him. God’s children are one with Him, and not separated in the least. Your spirit is a Son of God. All God’s children collectively can be called, “The Son of God”. This is Jesus.

Jesus is wholeness; representing all the brethren in one form. As He said Himself, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” If you know Jesus, then you know yourself, your brethren and God.

Jesus can be referred to as: “The Brethren”, because Jesus Himself said, “What you do to My brethren you do to Me.” He is the self that “We” share, uniting us to one another, and with God.

He is the awaking message of perfection; revealing the unreality of this world. Jesus has shown us that death is not real, and that there is nothing to fear. Jesus came to tell sleeping minds that their frightful dream of separation from God is not real. Jesus came to enlighten the darkness of a dream world. He came to undo the illusions of the worldly mind with its pride and ego. He came to a nightmare world of illusion, and played a role in the nightmare, to end the nightmare. He came to deliver the sleeping children from: the illusions of fear, sin, and guilt, and provide the means of escape from the dream.

Jesus has told us the truth of our spirit; that we are Love, and we are brethren. Jesus is the only part of you that is “Real”. Remember: only God is real. We are one with Him.

Let your frightful dreams of fear and separation fade before His Glory; which is also your Glory. Let Jesus reveal to you your holy self, the Christ. As we behold the Glory of the brotherhood, we know that we have no need of learning or perception or time. We know that we have everything and are everything. We know the beauty of Love.

11. Know Yourself

You know when you cease to ask questions. As you continue to have questions about God, then you do not know Him. You do not even know yourself, if you are uncertain about yourself. If you worry, then you do not know. If you have fear then you do not know.

Perception is just having partial awareness. Knowing means complete awareness. To know is to be certain. To know is beyond believing and perception. To perceive is not the same as to know. When you know then your mind is stable. Knowing is not open to interpretation. Knowing cannot be deceived, but having only perception can.

If you attack a brother for his errors, then you do not know your brother, or yourself. If you project guilt upon him in your mind, then you do not know him. You do not know your brother if you do not love him. If you knew your brother, you would know that he is part of you and God, and of the same family. You would know that you both are made out of Love. If you only see the ego, or worldly personality in your brother, then you do not see the reality of your brother. This should be your motto, “Let me know my brother as I know myself”. Then you will know what Love is.

The resurrection is the means to return to knowledge. When Learning is no longer necessary you will know God. The Holy Spirit is the mind of Christ which is aware of knowledge that lies beyond perception. If you have the Holy Spirit then you know.

In the kingdom there is no teaching or learning, because there is no belief. There is only certainty.

God knows His children with perfect certainty. When you awaken from your deep sleep, from your dream of separation, you will know God, your brethren, and yourself with perfect certainty.

You will know what Love is.

When you remember who and what you are, you restore your identity, which is a shared identity. Don’t let the physical body cause you to believe that love is limited. You are Love!

You are infinitely perfect. You are infinitely good. You are perfect and need no improvement, but only awareness concerning your perfection. All the self-help books and psychological counseling in the world cannot give you the joy of knowing that you are already perfect and have always been perfect. Know yourself, that you are wonderful.

Have great self-esteem, not based on anything you have done in the world, nor based on your worldly stature, nor based on your worldly wealth. Your self-esteem must be based on reality and on truth, not on illusions.

You must understand and know that you have always been infinitely good and perfect. You have never changed. You are always the wonderful spirit of love. The world has not changed the “real” you.

How can you improve what is already perfect? How can you make the infinitely beautiful, more beautiful? How can you make the infinitely good, better?

All that is necessary is that you realize your own spiritual perfection and goodness. Heaven is the awareness of your perfection. Think of love only, for that is what you are. This is holiness.

Everyone will play his part; no one will fail in anything. You cannot make God unhappy. God is always happy with you. He knows you, and you must know yourself.

To know yourself is to love yourself, and to know your brother is to love your brother. If you do not love your brother, it is only because you do not know him.

Every child of love is wonderful. If you cannot see this, its because you do not yet know yourself or your brethren. Knowing the wonderfulness of yourself and your brethren; that you are members of one another, spiritually one, will make you free from the illusions of fear, guilt, competition and loneliness.

Seek not self-improvement, for you are already perfect, but you do not know it. Seek only to understand the wonderful spirit of love that you are. Seek the awareness of your reality. Let not the spirit of confusion of the world, the past, nor anything the world has tried to deceive you with, trouble you. Love’s child is perfect, and you are Love’s child.

12. Do You Know What Love Is?

What are you? What is your spirit made of?

Don’t you understand that you are love itself, your spirit is love? Love is all and everything. Only love is real, everything else is only illusions. Love is whole, not separate. Love is one, not divided. The only possible wholeness is that of love.

Only love is something, that is you. The function of love is one, that is your function. Express only love, for that is what you are. Only love is understandable, that is you. Only love has meaning, that is you. Only love is important, that is you. Only love can be communicated, that is you. Only love is eternal. Only love is Joy. Only love is peace. Only love is impartial. Only love sees no error. Love is real, and there is no other reality. You are love. Love does not change.

What is Love? This is the question that has been asked down through the ages. Untold numbers of Love songs have been written. Countless poems and books have been written about Love. We are told from our childhood that we should Love our mommies and daddies, and love everyone. We are taught to Love Jesus. All of our holidays have Love as their reason for existing. Valentines day teaches us to give flowers, candy and cards to show our Love. Christmas day teaches us to give gifts to others and show Love. Thanksgiving day is a day to show our thanks and Love to God for all His bountiful gifts. The fourth of July is a day to show Love of country. On Veterans day we show our appreciation and Love to our veterans. On Mothers day we show our Love for our mother. The same can be said for: Fathers day, Grandparents day, Secretaries day, and all other holidays. Even on Halloween, we give gifts of candy and other treats to anyone who knocks on our doors, even if they are dressed in strange and frightening costumes. This too is a way to show compassion and Love, to all, regardless of their outward appearance.

But the question remains, What is Love? The truth will now be revealed to you. Many know that God is Love, but few know that they are Love. Few know that Love is all that really exists. There are forms and illusions that pass away and exist no more. For example: all the things you see in the world are not permanent, but only temporary illusions, but even they are formed by the energy and power of Love.

In Heaven all forms that are seen, are formed by the energy and power of Love. All the spiritual things in Heaven: the Angels, their houses, the flowers, trees, and spiritual lands are all formed by and continue to exist by the energy and power of Love. Only Love exists. Love has infinite forms.

There is only one God. This means that Love is one spirit. We are love. You are Love. When Love expresses itself in a certain form, all the power, glory and goodness of Love is in that form. Love cannot be divided. Every Angel is the expression of Love. Every Angel has all the power, glory and goodness of Love, because an Angel is Love. Every man is an Angel in his reality.

Love is everything and there is nothing else that is real. Love is one with and forever united with Wisdom. Wisdom is the house that Love dwells in. Wisdom is the form that Love dwells in. Wisdom is the sum of all the Truths of Love. Wisdom reveals the Glory and Holiness of Love. Since every Angel is the form that love dwells in, this means that every Angel is Wisdom. Every Angel reveals the Truths of Love, by revealing Love’s Glory and Holiness. Every Angel is all Love and All Wisdom. Your reality is all Love and all Wisdom.

You can sing of Love and write poems and books concerning Love, but unless you understand that you are Love, you do not yet know yourself nor do you know what Love is.

13. Reality Cannot Be Threatened

The idea of separation from God is not real. Your worldly personality with all its traits is not real. Therefore, if these unreal things are destroyed, then you have lost nothing. If something is an illusion then it doesn’t matter if it vanishes. Don’t be deceived nor let the spirit of confusion trouble you. What the world thinks is important- is not important. What the world values- has no value.

Nothing that is real can ever be threatened. Your Spirit is real, because its part of the Spirit of God. God is the Spirit of Love. This is the only real thing, all else is illusion. Your real self cannot be threatened, and is in no danger. Your real self is holy and perfect, and preserved forever.

Only the worldly personality with its pride and ego can experience sin and guilt. Don’t identify with pride and arrogance and ego. Don’t think that you are separated from God, because your spirit is one with God, and that’s the real you. Identify with your Spirit.

The real you cannot die, you are spirit. The body is not the real you. You are an eternal spirit of Love. God knows your real self and is your real self. You are a child; innocent, sweet, and perfect. You will live forever, because you are real.

Change is an illusion. Time is an illusion. God does not change. You do not change.

The Holiness and changeless state of your divine reality, is beyond time. For the purity of God’s Son remains forever beyond attack and without variability.

Apparent disaster is not real. Nothing real can be destroyed.

You cannot fail nor be lost. As you dream of separation, you are being protected, with Love and affection. You will awaken to your glorious reality.

There is nothing real outside of you. Heaven is the awareness of perfection and oneness. There is nothing outside this oneness.

14. Prayer

Prayer should ask for nothing, but be an endless song of love. When you recognize your oneness with God and the infinite love between you and your brethren, then you understand that you have no needs. Prayer should be a song of joy. Receive what is already there; accept what you have.

Things of the world are only substitutes for God. They are but illusions of separation.

Forget the things you think you need. God knows everything about your whole being. Remember God and His wonderful goodness. You should want nothing but God. Prayer is the communion of love, and the way to remember your holiness.

Prayer is a song of thanksgiving for the divine being that you are. It asks nothing and receives everything.

Yet prayer is part of forgiveness as long as forgiveness, is not understood. You have Only apparent needs. When you understand, then you have no needs. Remember the Psalm: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”

You have no enemy, except your false belief in separation from God. Your brother is not your enemy. He is a Son of God along with you. He is a messenger of love along with you. Be this to your brother, and you will see him as he is. You cannot go without your brethren, because you are part of them, and they are part of you.

Prayer is meant for you to recognize the love in you, and in your brethren.

15. There is no Separation from Love

Pride is the illusion of separation. Arrogance always tries to divide and separate, and cause conflict. Egotism believes it is separate from God and everyone else, and this is the reason for all fear. It believes that it must compete with everyone for everything. It believes in luck and chance. It believes that it must protect the body, so it sees everyone and everything as threats. It believes that it must provide for itself. It sees you separated from your brothers, and views them as enemies and competitors; in a fight for limited resources. It believes that it must fight for survival.

You are not pride or egotism. You are a spirit of love. Love is perfection. What appears as imperfection is only things imagined from fear. Enlightenment of your true self and your perfection makes all things again clear. You have nothing to fear.

God is love. There is nothing else that is “real”. Love is your own origin, and your very substance. You cannot be separated from what you are. Only illusions and dreams can cause you to imagine that you are separated and thus be afraid of nothing.

Pride and egotism are only illusions and hallucinations, and therefore not real. All the so called: sin, guilt, and acts of pride and egotism, are false illusions of unimportance.

Returning to God is not necessary, because you have gone nowhere. You have only imagined that you must return to God. You imagined that you were far from God and separated. You have always been one with God and always will be. You are part of His being. How could you be separated from yourself?

You are not separated from God; the idea of separation is false. You cannot be anywhere except in the Mind of God. You are altogether irreplaceable in the Mind of God.

You are at home in God. You are only dreaming of exile and separation. You are perfectly capable of awakening to your reality.

You are afraid because you have forgotten. When you understand and remember you will have no fear. Joy and peace and glory awaits you.

Give up gladly everything that would stand in the way of your remembering, for God is in your memory. His Voice will tell you that you are part of Him. In this remembering is the knowledge of yourself.

To remember is to restore to your mind what is already there. Don’t be afraid to remember.

The pride, ego and the body is not the real you; you are not separate. When you attack you hate what you think you are. This proves that you have forgotten what you really are.

God is infinite and everywhere. No one is beyond the limitless. Do you really believe that part of God can be missing or outside of himself? God is forever whole. God is one. You are part of and in God.

The Sonship is yourself. You cannot deny that you are part of God. You share God’s being with Him, and you can never be content without your divine reality.

When you have accepted the love as yourself, you will realize there is no guilt in God’s Son.

You are Love, and Love is not separated.

Separation is only Illusion. You cannot separate yourself from your reality. Illusions do not change your reality. You yearn for love and love yearns for you. You are forever changeless.

Each bright lesson that the Holy Spirit teaches, reveals that your will is one with the Father, and that you are His Son. Your identity is changeless. Your identity is one with the Father. God’s Son will always be indivisible. For Love is one. All illusions of separation vanish as love’s goodness is shared. God makes you happy; nothing else can. Nothing you do that does not make you happy is real. Relationships are forever to make you happy. Loneliness is an illusion and a dream of isolation.

You and your brother have a divine relationship. You can experience nothing alone. You are a composite being with your brethren.

16. Wholeness and Oneness

In oneness and wholeness there is no competition, and no jealousy. There is no envy. There is no greed. In oneness and wholeness there is no pride or arrogance. There is no “number one”, because all are equal and beloved of one another.

In oneness and wholeness there is sharing of all honor and glory. There is mutual enjoyment, and all belongs to all. In oneness and wholeness there are no separate goals or separate ambitions; for all want the same things: love, goodness, peace, joy, and happiness.

Oneness and wholeness is being one family. God’s wholeness is our wholeness. Oneness and wholeness never involves comparisons, and never involves judging or condemning.

The only possible whole state is that of love. Love unites and holds together. Love is stable.

The thoughts of God are eternal, one and whole. We are one and whole because we are the thoughts of God.

17. Do You Know Who, or What You Are?

The “Real” you is a Spirit of love and invulnerable. The “Real” you is one with God and all your brothers; Perfect and Holy. You and your brothers are immortal. The Thoughts of God are perfect and immortal. You and your brethren are the Thoughts of God. You are part of God. You are a Son of God. The Thoughts of God are not separate but forever perfectly united.

You are perfect. You are completely lovable and completely loving. Your reality is spirit, and therefore in a state of grace forever. You can never be defiled. You are forever pure and holy, and untouched by the illusions of this world. You are precious and priceless. You are God’s only Treasure. You are God’s only joy.

The “worldly personality” is not the real you. The “worldly personality” is only a temporary illusion. Your whole life in this “apparent” world is only a dream. Only Love is real, and that’s what you are. Remember: “God is Love.” Love is real, and there is no other reality.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the “Real” you. You have everything and are everything. You are a perfect child. Your reality is glorious, and forever stable. The Holy Spirit reminds you of what you “Really” are. The Holy Spirit reminds you that you really are perfect. The Holy Spirit reminds you that you and your brethren are “one”. The “Real” you is only Love.

You should look out from your own holiness to the holiness of others. You should see God in others and in yourself, because that’s what you are. There are no strangers, but only brethren. When you cannot recognize your brethren, you cannot recognize God.

It is absolutely certain that you will awaken from your dream of separation, and from your illusions. Then you will understand and know yourself, your brethren and God. You will forget the sand castles, illusions and dreams of separation. You will be in your right mind and in your kingdom, and you will be whole. You will know the glory of love.

18. God’s will is your will

Ultimately everyone must recognize himself and have the awareness that his will and God’s will are one.

Your Holy mind establishes everything that happens to you.

Love does not limit. To give without limit is your will. This brings you true joy. Your Love is as boundless as God’s because it is His.

Seek God’s will and the Holy Spirit will tell you your will. Your will is God’s will, but you have forgotten your own will.

Pride and egotism that causes the belief in separateness, makes it appear as if God’s will is outside yourself and therefore not yours. This is a false appearance, for God’s will is not separate from your will.

You are afraid to know God’s will, because you believe it is not yours. To know the will of God is to know your will. You share the same will with God. You must recognize that your will is God’s will.

In perfect understanding you know there is but one will. You want what God wants: joy, peace, and gladness, and the harmony of love.

Accept the whole Sonship and bless it, for it is your will not to be alone.

What you want, you will find.

The attraction of Love for Love remains irresistible. You are therefore attracted to God and your brethren. Love is whole.

19. All Things Are Yours

If you understand that all things are yours, then you have a willingness to give. Do not look beyond yourself for truth, for truth can only be within you; Love is in you; the Kingdom is in you. Your grandeur is of God, and is your abundance. Glory is your inheritance. Nothing is beyond you. Can anything exceed Love? You are in God and encompass everything. The Holy Spirit gives you what is yours. Yours is everything and you share everything. Your inheritance cannot be lost. There can be no disinherited parts of the Sonship, for God is whole. Your kingdom and your inheritance awaits only your awareness and recognition that you have the kingdom.

Love is your strength.

Your union with God and your brethren shows you that you need nothing, for all is yours. But, in a dream of separation you believe you need everything, therefore you seek everything.

The World is not your reality, and it has no “real” meaning to you or to anyone. It is only a temporary illusion. Therefore, the world is nothing.

The Bible tells us that, “Heaven is within us”, and that, “God is All in All”. We are one with God. We are members of one another. You are a combination of all reality.

You contain all the spirits of your brethren within you. All spirits of love belong to you and are part of you.

Within you is all the infinite reality of Love and Wisdom, and all the things of Love and Wisdom. Within you is all joy, all peace and all happiness. Within you is all goodness and all understanding. Within you is everything. Outside of you is nothing. Therefore, it can be said that: you are everything.

You have heard in the Bible that someday you will inherit all things. This means: you will awaken to the understanding that you already have all things.

You are everything, because everything is within you. The illusions of materialism are not within your reality, they have no reality. Eternity is within you. You are all Love and all Wisdom.

You have no idea of the magnitude of your own self. You do not realize the infinite being of Love and perfection, that is you. Your being is infinite and has no end. The magnitude of your being cannot be measured, and your duration is forever. All of your brethren are like you; infinite and eternal beings of Love and Wisdom.

When you awaken to your glorious reality, it will be like leaving the confinement of a gray prison, and going into a bright, colorful and beautiful garden of infinite dimension.

The world is the gray prison of illusions. The bright, colorful and beautiful garden of infinite dimension, is your own being, your own reality. You will awaken from the world, and once again understand your glorious self. You will realize that the illusions of guilt, sin and imperfection, was like a gray prison. You will realize that the world is only an illusion in time, but nothing in reality.

Someday you will understand that all things are within you, and that there is “nothing” without you, but only illusions of nothingness. Within you is everything. Do not underestimate the magnitude of your glorious being. You will be infinitely happy, when you have reality awareness.

20. Error and imperfection are not real

Illusions of error and imperfection are of pride and egotism. To see errors in others is to see only the illusions and false things of pride and egotism.

To perceive errors in anyone, means you are thinking from your own pride and egotism. You are not looking internally from the heart. You are thinking that false things of pride and fear are real.

Love disregards all false things in you and in your brethren, because they are not real, but only illusions of pride and separation in a dream world. Love sees no error at all, and totally disregards them as: unreal, meaningless, and unimportant.

Love will teach you how to see yourself without condemnation; by looking on everyone without condemning them.

If you blame anyone you blame yourself. Blame is to be undone, and exposed as illusion, not to be seen elsewhere. You cannot blame God’s Son and know yourself or your brethren. Do not see error or find fault.

Condemn not the child who is beloved of his Father. The Father never condemns. Illusions and dreams of separation have no reality.

Accept only loving thoughts in others, and regard everything else as an appeal for help. An attack is a call for Love, an appeal for help.

Love removes all illusions of guilt from the mind, so you can be in peace.

You cannot dispel the illusions of guilt by making it seem real. Illusions are figments of the imagination, they can never be real.

The illusions of guilt stands in your way of remembering God and yourself.

The illusions of guilt of the ego causes you to believe that you have failed, but remember the Son of God is not guilty, and you are the Son.

Hell is an insane idea born of the ego. It is an insane illusion, in a dream of separation and fear. Those who imagine hell are identifying with the insane ego; dreaming insane nightmares. But, they seem real to those in them.

21. God knows you perfectly, and knows you are perfect

Remember God’s open arms and then you will know His open mind.

God is never deceived by the things you do from fear, pride and illusions of separation, because God never forgets what you are. You have two conflicting evaluations of yourself. One from pride, fear, illusions and guilt. The other from Love.

The message of Love is Perfection and oneness.

Love yourself with Divine Love, for so does your Father Love you.

Imperfection in you is impossible, as you are part of God. That is your reality. God knows your reality. See yourself as perfect and without deceit, and you will know yourself and your reality. You are united in Love and glory with your brethren.

Jesus awoke for you, so you can awaken from the dream of separation. He makes perfectly clear to us what is already perfect in us– Perfect Love. You call for love to your Father and your Father calls you to Himself.

It is an eternal fact that God’s Son is not guilty. This is what you must understand.

Love is blameless. Love is without guilt. You are love, and you are blameless. This is proof of the unreality of the world. The Son of God is guiltless now and forever. The brightness of His eternal purity shines untouched forever in God’s Mind.

Accept the purity that is yours. Let Holiness shine away the cloud of guilt. After all, guilt is only an illusion in a dream.

You are wholly pure and invulnerable.

22. You have infinite and eternal value

When the illusions of fear and guilt of the worldly personality cause you to question your own value, say: “God is incomplete without me.” Understand yourself, that you are precious and wonderful.

When you do not value yourself, you become sick. You must remember that your value is real. The value of God’s Son is one. When a brother is sick, it is because he doesn’t understand that peace is already his. Accept your peace. Sickness is an illusion. It is understanding your value that makes you whole, and removes illusion. To believe in and honor illusion, is to believe in and honor nothing.

Your place in God’s mind cannot be filled by anyone except you. God is not incomplete; you are not absent from Him. You have eternal meaning, and your meaning is in your oneness in God. You are forever one in Infinite Love.

Every thought that you believe and accept, should teach you that you are God’s Son. Realize Love as yourself; His wholeness as yours.

Love the child who is beloved of his Father, and you will know the Father’s love for you.

The poor are those who do not understand their own divine abundance and perfection. Do not value the meaningless things of the world, and fail to see your beautiful reality within.

If you know that you are invulnerable, then you also know that attack has no effect. Recognize your invulnerability. You are invulnerable because you are guiltless. Your immortality is eternally constant.

The only thing of value in this dream world is love. Love gives it the only reality it will ever have. The world has no value in itself, but your value is in you.

The perception of self-value comes from the extension of loving thoughts outward. The knowledge of self-worth comes from the giving of love. Nothing but love has any real value. You cannot really give anything but love to anyone, nor can you really receive anything but love.

To see your own reality is to see love. The reality of yourself is lovely. When you look within and see love, its because you have decided to see love. And you will see it without because you saw it first within.

23. Time is not real

When you have learned that both giving and receiving are the same; meaning you understand that you are one with your brethren; then the need for time is over. When you have no more desire to dream, you will awaken and be glad. When you accept eternity as real, you will begin to understand eternity and make it yours. When you want only love you will see nothing else.

You are guiltless in eternity, for guilt is only an illusion in time. Time itself is only illusion. Time only seems to exist.

Love undoes the illusion of time and the world, and all the meaningless things of pride, egotism and guilt.

The illusions of time pass away and is no more.

Guilt depends on time. Guilt deprives you of the appreciation of eternity. Eternity is real, not time.

The worldly personality dwells on the past, because it emphasizes guilt, trying to make guilt meaningful. It tries to ensure its own continuation, by diverting your focus from truth and reality, to the illusions of guilt and the world. The ego tries to make the future like the past, and avoid the present. The present is “always”.

The ego has the insane idea of paying for the past in the future. Thus, it makes the past a determiner of the future, making them continuous, without an intervening present. The ego sees the present in past terms.

“Now” has no meaning to the ego. The present reminds the ego of the past, and it reacts to the present as if it were the past. It causes you to react to those you meet in the present, from a past reference point, obscuring the present reality. Thus, you do not see yourself or your brethren as they are, “now”.

The illusions of the past must not have hold over you. They only carry memories of pain in a dream of separation. They want you to retaliate in the present, for a past that is no more.

Love will release you from time.

24. Love is all, for only Love is real

Nothing except God is real. Nothing except God exists. You are part of God, therefore, you are real. Everything real has always been.

Everything that is real is perfectly safe.

The loving thoughts in the minds of God’s children are the world’s only reality. Every loving thought is eternal.

See through the eyes of love and you see truly. See no error, see no offense and you see truly. Nothing in the world, except love, has any meaning or reality.

Every Loving thought is true.

Only Love is real and love is yourself. You will be content only with your reality.

25. There is nothing to fear

If you feel afraid, then you must understand that you are afraid of nothing. In this awareness you are healed. Everything of which you have been afraid is based on nothing.

You will never lose your way, for God leads you. This dream world is an illusion that is not real. False ways and false images are not real, but only figments of the imagination.

Fear is not real, because fear is based on illusions. Don’t be afraid of illusion. Fear lies not in reality, but in the minds of children who are asleep, and do not understand reality. It is only the lack of understanding that frightens you. When you know, then you are not afraid.

Replace fear with Love. Replace your dream of separation with the fact of unity, for union is true.

When you understand the perfect love in you, then how can you be afraid? Your perfection is already accomplished.

Whenever you become angry with a brother for whatever reason, you are believing that your worldly personality is to be protected, so you want to attack. Those who attack or become angry at the attack from another, are needy. They need understanding of who and what they are. They need to know Love. Those who attack or are angry are really crying out for help.

Depression and anxiety is caused by identifying with something false. The ego of the worldly personality is false.

If you are afraid, its because you saw something that is not there; something unreal.

Only Love is real. Therefore, there is nothing to fear.

Love removes guilt simply through the calm recognition that guilt has never really existed, and is only a figment of illusion and fear.

Egotism and pride urges you to defend yourself and attack, and this causes you to be afraid.

26. Giving and sharing is your divine nature

Give without limit and without end, so you can learn how much God has given you. As you awaken your brother you also awaken. God demands nothing from you. God gives and does not take. You are like this, for you are part of God. Every child of God has truth within to give to his brethren. Your brother’s enlightenment is your enlightenment. You share heaven. You live together and love together. Everyone you help to find understanding brings the remembrance of your Father closer to your awareness.

Your brethren are asking you for Love. Help your brother to remember his glory, for his forgetfulness is yours, and your remembrance is his. The enlightenment of your brother is the enlightenment of yourself. All of God’s children must share the same awareness of Love.

Sickness is a call for health and Love, so offer your brother the Love that he believes he cannot offer himself. Love is the only remedy. You will be made whole as you make your brethren whole.

Your only function is to help enlighten your brethren with the light of love, and at the same time yourself. Your peace lies in fulfilling your only function. When you have accepted your mission to extend peace by giving love, you will find peace. All good teachers want to give all they have, by teaching their students all they know. Love teaches you that, when you meet others you always meet yourself, and the encounter is holy because you are.

Your function is to enlighten your brethren concerning their perfection and their oneness with you. Your function is to end the dream of separation and illusions of guilt. Your function is to comfort those who are afraid and feel the anxiety of guilt. Your function is to dispel the illusions of pride and egotism, by knowing their unreality, and realizing their nothingness.

Exempt no one from love. Offer total love to everyone.

27. Someday You Will Understand Your Perfection

We will awaken to our oneness and unity and perfection of Divine Love. Do not be afraid to look within. For within- you will see light. God knows Himself and He knows the Truth in you. Within you is perfect innocence. Look upon the light within you. Love is within you. The moment you realize that guilt is insane, unjustified and without reason, you will look within and see your perfection. Understand yourself. For therein is Love’s meaning. You will surely have a gentle awakening and open your eyes to reality, when you no longer desire to dream of separation.

Inward within you is Heaven and sanity. For inward you are perfect. Within is stately calm and Holy stillness. God is one with you, and has always been.

You must rise above any teaching or doctrine that keeps you in fear. You must overcome all doubts about your goodness and perfection. Don’t let anyone or anything destroy your knowledge and understanding of your divine reality.

Sin and guilt are not “real”. They are only illusions of the worldly mind and ego. You must understand that you are wonderful and perfect. You have not “failed” nor disappointed God. You have never made God unhappy.

People in the world try everything to lift their self-esteem. Executives take courses and read books about improved self-esteem. Musicians feel great self-esteem when they receive applause during a concert. Christians tell others about all the things they have done for the Lord, and this gives them a good sense of self-esteem.

What does the Lord need from you? Does the Lord need your money? Does the Lord need you to teach others about the Bible? Does the Lord need you to witness for Him?

If you had been born with a birth defect and never able to walk or to speak, does that mean you did nothing for the Lord? Even though you gave no money to the church, or taught no one about the Bible, or gave no verbal witness for the Lord, your life was not less than the greatest preacher or teacher that ever lived. God does not rank or compare His children. God knows that all of His children are perfect. Everyone is God’s child.

If you cannot see your perfection or the perfection of all your brethren, its because you are trying to earn your way to Heaven, and you are thinking from the illusions of the ego. You are thinking worldly thoughts of competition. You do not know yourself or God, until you can see the perfection of yourself and all of God’s children.

The Lord needs nothing from your ego and never will. You need something from the Lord. You need awareness of the Truth. The Truth of your divine reality and eternal perfection.

Don’t be afraid of God. As long as you believe in sin and guilt and the punishment of hell, then you fear God. You cannot believe that God is kind and good as long as you believe that He would put people in hell. Hell is an illusion of those who are confused about God and themselves.

God is Love and you are Love. All else is only illusion and confusion. Imperfection and guilt is illusion. Everything except Love is illusion. Stop believing in illusions. You can remove all illusions by understanding their unreality. Only Love is Real. You are Love.

28. See no one as guilty

See your brethren without the illusions of guilt and sin. By seeing your brother without the illusions of imperfection you release him from his illusions. Since you and your brethren are one, you share in his release. See everyone without the illusions of the past. See no one as guilty.

There is no guilt in you; this is the truth of love. There is no guilt in you; this is the truth of love.

Devote yourself to the denial of guilt in all its forms. To accuse your brother is not to understand.

Acknowledge the guiltlessness of all. The release from the illusions of guilt includes everyone. See no one as outside the circle of love and peace. Cast no one out. See no one as guilty. Condemn no one to loneliness. Dispel the illusions of guilt and fear.

The past is nothing, for the past is gone. Your guilt is nothing, for it is based on past illusions.

Love holds nothing against anyone.

Release your brothers from the slavery of their illusions, by forgiving them for the illusions you perceive in them. If you lack faith in anyone, then you have been faithless to your brother. However, even this lack of faith is only illusions, because in reality you love your brother.

See yourself and all your brethren free of the past.

Only the egotistical and arrogant seek to remove guilt, they try to cleanse themselves from guilt, making what is unreal seem real.

You cannot be proud and arrogant and understand that you are guiltless.

The ego and the pride of a man cause everything “bad”, and everything “wrong” that has ever been done. The ego and pride of man is not something “real”, but only a false thing of the world. The “real” you is forever humble and perfect. Guilt belongs to the pride and ego. There is no reason to worry about something that is not “real”. All the illusions of guilt and error will vanish, because they are not real.

Only the ego and pride of the worldly personality finds fault and sees error in everyone.

29. See only Love

The power of Love is tenderness, graciousness and gentleness. You love your brother with a perfect love. Look upon yourself and your brethren with Love. See the beauty and wonderfulness within yourself and your brethren.

Your brother asks you for Love. By giving him Love, you see the beauty of Love in him.

Love calls you and you will answer. Love always answers. Love your brethren as a father or mother loves their own children.

Remember how much you love your brethren. You love all of your brethren equally.

The truth of Love shines in you, and as it shines in you, your brothers see it, and realize that this Light is Divine. They see in you more than you can see in yourself.

Love gives equal blessings to all.

Recognize love in your brother, and know that everything else is nothing but a call for love. Everyone seeks for love as you do. No substitute will satisfy you. Only Your Father’s Love can satisfy your longing, and fill your sense of emptiness.

You know not what Love means, because the illusions of pride and egotism have caused you to value Love too little, and not see the magnitude of Love. Love dwells in you, and is you. You are host to all love. There is no substitute for Love. Free of the past, you see that you are love.

The whole idea of sacrifice is solely the making of the ego, it is of pride and worldly thought.

Exclude no one from Love’s union; see them without the stigma of the past illusions of guilt.

Have faith in Love, for love has faith in you.

Awareness of your Love is freedom from illusions. Whenever illusions seem to frighten you remember, Love is not fear.

30. Don’t believe in the illusions of the world

Do not let the illusions of guilt and sin conceal your glorious reality. Illusions are not real, and time is not real, for time is also an illusion. Therefore, they have never “really” existed. Although you seem to be isolated unto yourself, in truth you never been isolated. Lingering in time is lingering in the illusions of unreality. That means you have been no where. You dwell not here in this illusionary world, but in eternity. You travel but in dreams and illusions, while safe at home.

No one finds himself ravaged and torn in endless battles if he perceives them as without meaning. The ego and pride that brings guilt and thus battles, is not real. The opponent is unreal. The imagined “enemy” is totally unreal, it is only your own ego.

Your wildest: misperceptions, illusions, and nightmares all mean nothing, for in reality they are nothing. You will forget the illusions, because they never really existed. This is an insane world of illusion, but do not underestimate the extent of its insanity.

Be not attached to the unreal things of the world. If you value one thing made of nothing, you have believed that “nothing” can be precious, and that the untrue is true.

The resurrection is the symbol of the release from the illusions of guilt. There is no illusion that the light of love will not dispel. The truth of love will make the falsity of guilt obvious. The Bible was written to separate you from the unreal ego. Your fear of death will be replaced with the joy of life. Awareness of your glorious perfection will undo the false concepts of egotism and pride.

If you are totally free of fear of any kind, and if all those who meet or even think of you share in your perfect peace, then you can be sure that you have undone the illusions of pride and egotism.

In the illusions of the world, no one is totally aware that they are perfect love. In this world of illusion, everything fails to satisfy.

Nothing real exists apart from God; all else is only illusion and figments of the imagination. Every fantasy that delays you from awakening is but a call for help from you to God. God does not see your illusions of mistakes, nor thinks of them as real. You should do likewise for yourself and your brethren. Offer release, peace and gladness. Remove from your thoughts all illusions of pride, guilt, and separation.

You do not dream when you love your brother as yourself and realize your oneness. What the world judges as failure is not failure, and what the world judges as success is not success.

31. The World is Nothing

Do not believe that “nothing” can make you content; it is not so. There is nothing of value in the world, except love.

Your reality does not change.

The worldly mind is concerned with outward appearances, and is incapable of understanding anything internal. As long as you perceive the body as your reality and not see the true reality of your spirit, you will feel lonely.

Love not the world nor the things of the world, for these are not real; be not deceived into believing in their reality or permanence. And don’t be afraid or concerned when they decay and vanish.

A relationship is the joining of thoughts. Think not of bodies, but of minds and spirits. Lack of faith in the spirit leads you to illusions.

Truth is from Love. Illusion is unreal and never was. Illusion has no permanence or value. You will never find true happiness in the unreality of the world. Within your spirit there are no limits, for you are infinite and eternal.

Realize that your body and time are not real, and that they are only illusions. You are a spirit of love, and you cannot be confined in a body nor by time. You are infinite and eternal. You are timeless.

You do not age nor decay. You are forever young. You are forever wonderful, pure, and perfect. Don’t let the illusions of physical bodies, confuse you concerning your reality. Let your mind cross into reality and recognize that nothing at all, except love, is in the world.

Giving up the world is giving up nothing, because it is nothing.

32. We Enlighten One Another

As some torch bearer has brought you light, you too must carry a torch and bring light to others, and they too must carry a torch, so all may awaken from their dreams of separation.

The light in you will awaken your brethren.

Teach others that whatever they may try to do to you, they cannot harm you, and teach them that they are guiltless.

Teach everyone the Love of God that you comprehendTeach everyone the Love of God that you comprehend, for they need your awareness. Everyone will be touched by you. Give perfect Love.

Everyone has a special part to play, but the message given to each one is always the same; “God’s Son is guiltless”. Everyone teaches the message differently, and learns the message differently. Until you teach and learn that: God’s children are guiltless, your true function remains unfulfilled.

Be a happy learner and teacher of innocence. Bring innocence to light.

Everything is for the purpose of release from the illusions of guilt. Teach only release from the illusions of guilt. From everyone whom you accord release from guilt you will learn your innocence.

Bring your brethren into perfect peace, by teaching them their innocence and purity, which they have forgotten. Remember for everyone the perfection and purity within.

Remember that you learn not for yourself alone, but for all your brethren, because you share the same oneness. Learn what is yours and jointly your brother’s. You share the same self with your brothers.

Bring your brothers to the awareness of reality. Give your faith to your brother. Everyone is awaiting you to awaken them, and depending on you. We are joined as one in one purpose, and of one mind.

Be grateful to your brothers and happiness will come to all. Let the awareness of love awaken you. Share the light of love with your brother, whom you love. You cannot receive enlightenment alone, nor can your brother without you.

33. Your Awakening Has Already Been Accomplished

That which seems to be in the future, has already been accomplished. Your awakening has already been accomplished.

You are dreaming a dream of separation from heaven, but your dream is not real. You cannot be separated from your reality.

Every fear or pain or trial you have, has been undone. The Holy Spirit has brought all of them to light and recognized they never were.

The Holy Spirit frees you from a past that is only illusion and never really was.

The past that you remember never was, and represents only the denial of what always was.

Truth releases you from everything that is not.

All of your illusionary problems have been solved already.

Everything God wills is not only possible, but has already happened, not in time or the past, but in eternity. The past is gone.

Your innocence is already there.

34. You Are In Need Of Nothing

When you have learned what you are, you will make no more substitutes to offer yourself, for you will know you are complete, in need of nothing.

Do not believe in limits.

You are everywhere, and you have everything, forever. Therefore, the concept of “where you are” has no meaning. And the concept of “what do you own” has no meaning.

All knowledge must be yours, for in you is all knowledge. God contains all knowledge. And every aspect or part of God contains all the attributes of God.

You need no healing, because your perfection is unchanged. This dream world of illusion does not change your reality and perfection.

You are God’s child and have no need of earning or gaining anything. You have everything. All things are yours. Heaven is yours. This is your reality. You do not have to strive to gain or achieve it. It is already yours. You cannot lose it. You have nothing to fear nor to seek for.

The Love of the Father and His Son is complete, for it asks for nothing, because everyone has everything.

If you want to thank God for something, then thank Him for the awareness of your perfection, for this is all that is important in the world.

35. Receive Everyone, For Everyone Is Your Brother

When you welcome everyone to you, as your Father in Heaven welcomes you, you will see no guilt in yourself or anyone.

If you receive and accept the light, you do so for your brothers also.

Receive and give perfect communication, and recognize that all minds are in communication.

In seeing the wholeness of your brother you will see your own.

The Holy Spirit teaches you to hold all of your brothers in your mind; and you will be complete.

We are one, and cannot give or receive separately.

In your wholeness, all are invited and made welcome.

36. You Are God’s Son

God’s Sons’ shining purity is bright within you. You are God’s Son. In Love of God’s Son is your guiltlessness.

The Son of God is not separate, but one. The children of God is the Son of God. We are the Son of God. Remember this: The Son of God is not guilty.

Have perfect faith in yourself, for you are God’s Son, but this faith cannot be as long as you believe in guilt.

Know that you are not separate. You are not alone. You are one. You have a composite identity.

Do not limit love to part of the Sonship. You are not alone.

We share our faith in God’s Son.

To understand and know Jesus is to understand and know Jesus in everyone, including yourself.

Your dreams of separation have had no effect at all. You are perfect forever. God’s Son is one forever. All of your brethren are one with you. All are one–in and with God.

All of the end-time events that are mentioned in the Bible, refer to the ego’s struggle to maintain an apparent existence. The real you is the Son of God. The ego is only an illusion of you. The death, disaster, and trouble mentioned in the Bible, all refer to the things of pride and ego. The real you is perfectly safe. Nothing real can be threatened or harmed.

The end of time is merely your awakening and the awakening of all your brethren, from their dreams of separation. It is the end of the illusions of pride and egotism. Since time and the ego are not real, therefore nothing real has been lost. When illusions vanish, nothing really has happened.

37. You Have No Need To Improve Or To Sacrifice

There is no reason to torture yourself with endless rituals or racking your brain memorizing things. You have no reason to sacrifice or punish yourself. Don’t restrict yourself or condemn yourself to suffering.

You must understand that you are perfect now, and you have always been perfect. Your spiritual self is your real self. Your worldly personality seeks endless improvement, and trys to impress others. This is vain and useless. You are already perfect and cannot be improved. You must love yourself and be good to yourself.

You will awaken to love and affection, and know that you are loved. You are not inferior, nor imperfect. You are a wonderful infinite spirit of love.

How can the perfect be improved? You are perfect. You are infinite and eternal. Enjoy your forever. Awaken to your reality.

38. We Are Not Separate

Sleeping children, dreaming of separation and competition, imagine that they are different from their brethren, and judge others as being better or worse than themselves.

You are one with your brethren. All of your brethren are within you, and you are within all of your brethren. All the affections, thoughts, desires, and aspirations of all your brethren are within you. All men are your brethren. No one is better or worse.

The Bible tells us that, Jesus Carried all of our sins, in his body on the tree. This is because we are all within Jesus, and Jesus is within all of us. All of our sins (which are only illusions) are shared. We share one another’s illusions and thoughts, because we are spiritually one.

For this reason, we certainly can never condemn another, for anything. We cannot elevate ourselves above our brethren, nor be superior to any brother. We are not separate from one another, and are certainly not better or worse.

Jesus carried all of our illusions (insanities), in His body on the tree. For He is the composite of us all. But we too, are composites of all our brethren. That is why Jesus said, We must take up our cross and follow Him. We share (carry), the burden of all the illusions of our brethren.

There is a song that says, “Must Jesus bear the cross alone, and all the world go free? No, there’s a cross for everyone and there’s a cross for me.” This means that everyone is a composite being, containing all the illusions of our sleeping brethren. And all of your brethren carry the burden of your illusions.

We carry the burden of one another’s illusions (insanities). Taking up our cross, means we endure and suffer one another’s insanities. That’s why no one is superior nor inferior to another.

We awaken together, from the dream of separation. We awaken one another to our joint reality and eternal perfection. But while sleeping brethren sleep, we share the burden of one another’s illusions. You cannot raise yourself above your brethren, without taking your brethren with you. For all of your brethren are always with you. The most hated criminal has done nothing that you do not share. The most praised humanitarian has done nothing that you do not share.

You are not alone; you awaken not for yourself alone, but you awaken with all your brethren.

Sleeping brethren must not be condemned, and this includes yourself. Illusion of guilt are not real, but only figments of the imagination. Therefore, they have no importance or reality. Nothing in the world has any real importance. That’s why we must not love the world nor the things of the world, because they are only illusions and have no reality. The world is only a virtual reality, a mirage of something, but actually nothing. Nothing that happens in the world has any “real” importance. Illusions and figments of the imagination, which contain fear and guilt and confusion, cannot affect your glorious reality, nor change your eternal perfection.

Only oneness and Love is real, and all the illusions of separation are unreal.

When you have compassion on your brethren, then you are also having compassion on yourself and everyone. Loving one is loving all. That is why it has been said, “All the love you have given, is really meant for you.”

Spiritual oneness of brethren is true; separation of brethren is false.

When you see your brother or sister, you are seeing, “your other self.”

When you look at your brother, do not think of one person, but think of many. For your brother is a composite being, as you are, containing all the thoughts and affections of all the brethren.

We owe appreciation to all of our brethren for the lessons they teach us. Every brother teaches you an important lesson. And all the lessons are concerning oneness, love, and the wisdom to know yourself.

The poor, handicapped, mentally ill, and even the cruel and harsh teach us important lessons.

Without the poor, how could we learn about charity and compassion?

Without those who do us apparent wrongs, how could we learn to forgive?

All of our brethren teach us lessons, and what is even more interesting, everyone has chosen the: life, lessons, and messages that they teach. What could be the ultimate lesson?

When we learn, not only to forgive, but to appreciate those who oppress us and “crucify” us, in one way or another; appreciate them for teaching us to forgive; then we are ready to graduate from this dimension, and understand our divine reality.

39. The Churning of the Ego

All the laws of the world were created and are enforced by men full of pride and egotismAll the laws of the world were created and are enforced by men full of pride and egotism. That is why punishment and retribution (revenge), with all of it’s insanity, is built into the law. The law is based on revenge. Revenge is egotistical and insane.

If someone rebels against the oppression and injustice in the world, and they do something that can be construed as “against the law”, the entire world will condemn that person and demand their punishment. If someone reacts to the insanity of the world, the world, with all it’s laws, will find a way to punish that person. The ego of the world demands punishment. Is this not insane?

For example:

Suppose someone, full of pride egotism and insanity, oppresses you with words and actions, until you react. Suppose you react by lashing out against your oppressor, suppose you attack and kill your oppressor! The world and all of it’s laws will become your enemy and demand your punishment. The world does not care about your reasons for reacting, but only about your doing something, “against the law”. The police, judges, media, politicians, friends, and relatives, will all approve of your being put in jail and punished, even with the death penalty. Because you did something, “against the law”. Your “breaking the law”, has justified your punishment (in the minds of the egotistical), regardless of the, oppression, torment, or suffering that provoked your action. This is the insanity of the laws of the world. It only looks at outward appearances, and not inward to the cause. Because if it did, it would see that the law itself, is based on a cycle of punishment and revenge, thus on insanity. Revenge is insane.

This entire process of oppression, reaction, punishment for actions, thus revenge, can be referred to as, “The churning of the ego”.

Pride and egotism is like one dark cloud of insanity, that covers the minds of men. Just as dark storm clouds up in the sky, seem to boil and churn, so does the pride and egotism in the minds of men churn about, and causes all oppression, reaction, and then punishment for these actions. This “churning”, is only insane movements of egotism. Because, egotism has no direction, or purpose, but only churns about, trying to prolong it’s existence.

The world is so fascinated with courts and trials. The media loves to find “criminals” and to cover trials. The news is full of stories of crime and murder. All of this is “the churning of the ego”.

This is why countries feud and fight without ceasing. Pride and egotism causes the cycle of violence to continue. Revenge and retribution continues. Look at the Palestinians and the Jews; revenge after revenge. Look at the Catholics and Christians in Northern Ireland; revenge after revenge. This entire cycle of violence is only, “the churning of the ego”. The egotism in the minds of men causes all these cycles of violence.

Jesus never reacted to his oppressors. They spit on Him, hit Him, Mocked Him, and falsely accused HIm. He knew that by reacting to their provocations, would only cause them to feel justified in their oppression. They would feel vindicated.

Jesus had no reaction, He was totally nonviolent, with humble silence. He knew the egotism and it’s insanity in the minds of men. Pilate saw the humility of Jesus and said, “I find no fault in this man”. Pilate then washed his hands to indicate the same thing. But the pride and egotism of the Jewish leaders had been hurt. And they demanded punishments for “breaking the law”. This shows how insane are the laws of the world, and how insane are those who enforce the laws of the world. “The churning of the ego”, is the revenge factor.

If you hurt someone’s pride, then they cannot rest until they get revenge on you. Even if all you did, was tell them the Truth concerning their own pride and egotism. Because that is all Jesus did.

Thus, all the laws of the world, with it’s system of punishments, is only, “the churning of the ego”. All the revenge, and feuding of countries and religions is only, “the churning of the ego”. All the oppression in the world, by an individual or by groups of men is only, “the churning of the ego”.

Like dark storm clouds that boil and churn about in the sky, with no direction, the egotism and pride of the world churns about, and does all insane things.

Heavenly thought is not based on revenge, but on Love. Love gives wisdom and sanity.

40. Heaven is waiting for you

Are you ready to make the transition from the world of illusion to eternal reality?

Heaven is your real home and awaits your awakening. When you finally grow tired of worldly: ambitions, fame, or fortune, then you will be ready to awaken. You will gradually realize that the things of the world did not and cannot make you happy, or fill your sense of emptiness. You will never feel at home in the world, because it is not your home and can never be your home. The world is only a temporary illusion, it is not eternal, it has no permanence. You cannot be satisfied with any dead dimension of unreality.

After you have seen that the world gives you no real fulfillment, then you will stop seeking the “things” of the world. You will realize that pride and egotism is nothing, and leads to nothing. You will know that the world is nothing. You will detach yourself from the things of the world that have attracted you, and you thought important. You will grow tired of the world. You will realize that the things of the world are meaningless.

When you have no desire to do anything in the world, then you will be ready to awaken to Heaven. When you learn that nothing you do in the world has any “real” meaning, then you will grow tired of doing those things.

You will long to awaken to true love and eternal innocence. You will desire to awaken from the world of illusion, to your glorious reality, your eternal reality. You will have no regrets in leaving the body, or the world behind, and realize that you are leaving nothing behind, for it is nothing. You will not identify with the body, nor believe that it is the “real” you. You will understand that Heaven is everything, and that heaven is where you belong.

Heaven is your only home, and has always been your only home. Heaven is abiding in your Father’s Divine Love. Surely you know that your Father loves you.

You will awaken from this world of illusion, to the truth of love.

Don’t worry, because you are watched over by Angels of Love. Your awakening in Heaven is absolutely certain.

41. Your self-esteem must not be based on the things in the world

The reason for living is to know yourself, and know God’s love for you. Having good self-esteem is in fact knowing yourself. You cannot have good self-esteem if you base your self-esteem on things that you do, or happen to you in the world.

If you base your self-esteem on how others view you, or praise you, then you will be very confused. For, you may be praised one day and criticized the next day. The world loves to make people feel guilty, to find criminals, to punish sinners. In other words, the world loves to destroy your self-esteem.

If your self-esteem is based on your position, or power, or money in the world, then it is on unstable ground. Because, you may have money, or power one day, and feel so good about yourself, and the next day be moneyless and powerless. Someday you will leave it all behind.

If your self-esteem is based on your physical looks, then it certainly won’t last. The body will grow old and decay. Aging will affect you. Look at all the beautiful movie stars after they are old. Their physical beauty is gone, and they become recluses in their homes, hiding themselves from the eyes of the public. Even young people can have scars, or burns that disfigure them, and change their outward appearance. People can become paralyzed and handicapped.

If your self-esteem is based on your actions in the world, then you certainly must admit that some of your actions have not pleased you. Do not let the illusions of guilt destroy your self-esteem. Guilt is based on actions in the world. You cannot feel good about everything you have done, unless of course you have great spiritual understanding and see the reasons behind all of your actions. Your actions cannot be the basis for your understanding and your self-esteem.

Your self-esteem must be based on faith in God’s infinite loveYour self-esteem must be based on faith in God’s infinite love. You must be sure that God Loves you and really is happy with you. You must be convinced that God is not concerned with your: position, power, money, looks, or actions in the world. You must know that God has always loved you and that God will always love you, and nothing will ever change His love.

You cannot impress God with your actions, nor can you disappoint God with any of your actions. God knows you infinitely and loves you. God understands all of the reasons behind your actions in the world. Therefore, you are not condemned nor judged. God will never see guilt in you.

Believe in God’s eternal love for you. Not, because you have done or said good things, nor because you have money, or have physical beauty. Believe in God’s love because you are His beloved child, and have always been, because this is the truth.

42. Your awareness concerning self-esteem fluctuates as you learn

As we learn “who” and “what” we are, our understanding is restored. If you are confused about yourself, and you don’t know yourself, then your self-esteem will be confused. Have you ever said , “I don’t know what made me do that”. We must understand that we are composite beings. We share one another’s thoughts and affections. We share the burden of one another’s confusion. This means we endure one another’s insanity’s. This is like being crucified. As we endure and carry one another’s confusion and fears, we are affected by the sum of the burdens we carry.

Jesus was suffering on the cross and carried the burdens of all of our insanity’s, and when the burden of all that confusion was great, he said, “Father, Why have you forsaken me”. Even Jesus felt abandoned.

We also, feel abandoned at times, because like Jesus, we are composites of all our brethren, and we carry the burden of all confusion and insanity’s. Our brethren carry the burden of our confusion and insanity’s. We are affected by the state of being of all our brethren, in a combined way.

Therefore, our self-esteem fluctuates as we grow in wisdom. We grow together in wisdom.

We must learn to “believe” in ourselves, and have “faith” in ourselves. We must not look at our actions, thoughts or outward appearances to judge against ourselves. Do not judge yourself or any one as being “bad”. Carrying the burdens of one another’s insanity’s will cause suffering in us, and at times make us feel abandoned. This is only enduring your cross.

In reality we are absolutely pure and perfect. In truth we are innocent, and wonderful. Nothing that appears to happen in the world has really happened, because this world and everything in it (except love) is only illusion. You have never “really” made any mistakes. You have never “really” done anything wrong. You have never “really” sinned. You have never made God unhappy.

Only your self-esteem has fluctuated, as your understanding fluctuated.

When you really “know yourself”, you will be very happy, infinitely happy. Because, you will see the glory and beauty of yourself. And understand that all the imperfections and defects you thought you saw in yourself, were only illusion and confusion.

Therefore, believe in yourself and in your brethren, and don’t look at outward actions in the world as anything, or proof of anything. For, if you believe in yourself, you are believing in God, because you are one with God, along with your brethren.

43. All Learning Is So You Will Know Yourself

Learning in this world (dimension) has only one real purpose; to teach you the truth about “who you are, and who your brethren are”. Thus, to teach you to know yourself.

In this dimension of confusion and unreality, it is difficult to understand who we really are.

From a child we are taught that we have made “mistakes”. That we have done “wrong”. That we are “imperfect”. Even as little children, we are taught in school that some are smarter than others. The whole idea of comparing ourselves with our brethren is taught to us. We are told to compete in everything with our brethren. We are taught to compete with our brethren in: athletics, scholastics, jobs, in our dress, and virtually everything else. We are taught to “keep up with the Jones”. We are taught to compete for: attention, fame, money, food, and resources.

And since there appears to be a finite (limited) supply of resources in this world, then we begin to believe that competition is necessary. Surely you have heard the saying, “Only the strong survive”, and also, “It’s a dog eat dog world”.

In truth we have no need to compete with our brethren. And all this competition in the world confuses us concerning our oneness with our brethren. We have difficulty understanding “who” and “what” we are. We don’t know if we are “good”, or “bad”. We don’t know if our brethren are “good”, or “bad”.

As we learn in this world, we also learn to forgive and have compassion on our brethren. We see others “apparently” less fortunate than ourselves. Compassion and forgiveness teaches us our oneness with our brethren. We also learn about ourselves, that we are not imperfect, as we were taught as children. We learn that we have love within us. We learn that our brethren have love within them.

When we grow strong in wisdom, then we see that nothing in this world, except love, has any importance or reality. We see the vanity of the world, and the vanity of competing with our brethren for “things”. We see our past actions in the world, as only reactions to our environment and all of its pressures on us. We see no one as bad, but only good, including ourselves.

Thus, we come to “Know ourselves”, and our brethren.

44. We Are Not Being Tested In The World.

A lot of people are under the illusion that they are being tested in the world. They believe that their actions are being weighted and evaluated, to determine if they meet some standard, or to see if they have performed satisfactorily. They even believe that they are competing with their brethren for entrance into Heaven. They believe that heaven can be won, and that they must perform well in the world, to impress God, and thus be allowed to “go to Heaven”.

These ideas are totally false, and only illusions of the ego. The proud and egotistical have developed these “religious” ideas over the centuries. They assumed that God would be like themselves (arrogant and proud), and do as they would do. The proud love to “out do” others for fame and false self-esteem. They always judge everyone as being good or bad. They look at Heaven as some goal to be won. They believe that God is testing them, and that’s why they “do everything for show”. They want to impress God, and be proud of themselves.

The Truth is: God tests no one. The Truth is: nothing you do in the world has any real importanceThe Truth is: God tests no one. The Truth is: nothing you do in the world has any real importance. God and the Angels (your brethren) awaken you from the sleep of the world, and from illusions of endless competition.

This world is a dimension of unreality. The only thing of value in the world is Love. There are no errors, no mistakes, and no sins, except in the minds of confused brethren. The illusions of sin and guilt are very powerful. They produce anxiety and fear. That is why men have tried so many ways to remove guilt and be clean and free from sin. Some religions wash away sins by confession. others by baptism or sprinkling of water. Other religions demand terrible sacrifices, and often inflict physical pain and suffering on the “guilty”. These are only rituals and have no “real” importance. Sin and guilt are only illusions.

Understanding the Truth of Divine Love is the undoing of all these illusions. You are one with God, and have always been. The Son of God is “not guilty’, and you are the Son of God. Your divine perfection is eternal. No illusion of guilt or sin can ever destroy your love and your reality. No dimension of unreality can overcome you. You cannot “win” or “earn” Heaven, because it has always been yours. You have nothing to prove to God, nor anything to hide or confess. You cannot “know yourself” and believe in sin and guilt. To “know yourself” is to see your eternal perfection, and the perfection of your brethren.

Any “sin” that you think you have done, in this world of illusion and unreality, was only a reaction, based on your conditions, stress, and misunderstanding. Misunderstanding is not sin. Any action that is not perfect and from love, has misunderstanding within it. As you become more and more enlightened you will see your perfection and goodness. You will awaken to the Truth.

Stop believing in competition among brethren. Stop seeing anyone as guilty. Stop finding fault where there is no fault. Sin and guilt are not real, but only illusions in confused minds. No one is better nor worse. Only different levels of misunderstanding (confusion) have made brethren appear different. Awaken to Love.

45. No One In Their Right Mind Would Want To Live In The World

The world is a dimension of illusion and insanity. The incredible things that seem to be done in the world are beyond belief. But thank God, “Nothing real can be threatened”. For this world is only illusion (virtual reality), and is dead.

Look at the insanity of the worldLook at the insanity of the world-

Consider the things that happen to a person in the world. A new born baby is showered with love and affection. The parents, relatives, neighbors and friends are so happy to see the new baby. They bring the baby gifts and laugh as it giggles. They take baby pictures. Grandma knits baby booties. Everyone wants to hold the little sweet baby. As the baby grows up, they shower the baby with: birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, and take more pictures. The baby is loved and protected. Joy and happiness increase.

This same wonderful sweet baby, which is so adored, is treated by the world with incredible pain and suffering, if it makes an error. Teachers or parents can destroy a child’s sense of security and self-esteem, by saying: “You failed”. A child can be totally devastated. If a little child “breaks the law”, they can be tried as an adult, and locked up behind bars like a caged animal. If they get the death penalty, the world will electrocute them, or kill them in some other horrible way. This is absolute insanity. The baby who is so loved and appreciated, is treated worse than any wild animal.

This is only one example of the insanity of the world. Think about all of the ways that the world breaks the hearts of people. You are a failure: if your school grades are not good enough (competition), if you are too fat, if you are too short, if you don’t conform to the standards that others have set, if you don’t earn a lot of money.

Think of the police brutality. You can be shot dead, if you don’t respond to a police command “fast enough”, or if the police fear you and are nervous. Think of the all the: fear, insanity, war, famine, disease, floods and storms, pain, death, heartache, suffering. If you “like” all these things and want to live in this dimension of insanity, then you cannot be in your right mind.

Anyone in their right mind would want: eternal peace, eternal joy, eternal security. The world gives you none of this, but gives only illusions of joy, illusions of security, illusions of peace.

Don’t you want to leave this dimension of insanity?

46. There is no punishment for sin, except in the illusions of the confused mind

God is not in the punishment business. God sees no error in you, and certainly would never want to hurt you in anyway. God knows that you are in need of awareness concerning your divine self (your reality). But God would never punish you for your lack of understanding. God has never punished anyone, and never will. Because, God is Divine Love. Love does not punish. Love cannot even think of punishment.

Men in the world believe in guilt, error, and punishment. They are confused, because they cannot see the truth of Heaven, and the unreality of the world. If a man loses something that he values, then he believes that he is being punished. Men put value on: money, fame, and outward appearance; things that really have no value. Nothing in the world, except love, has any value.

People lose their: health, wealth, and their loved ones. They blame God for taking these things away from them. They believe that they are being punished for their “sins”. They cannot see the reason why these things have happened to them. They do not understand the unimportance of material things. They want to live forever in the world, with good health, a lot of money, and keep their loved ones around them.

When the angels teach us the truth of our divine reality, by showing us the unreality of things in the world, then our life in the world seems threatened. We must understand that our eternal life is not in the world, and that the things of the world are not to be loved. That’s why the Bible tells us, “love not the world, nor the things in the world”.

When a loved one leaves this world, they are awaking to their divine reality in Heaven. This is not a “bad” thing. We must not be unhappy when one of our brethren escapes the illusions of this world, and is restored to divine understanding and divine reality.

Do not try to preserve your life or your position in the world. Let God teach you the truth concerning what is important, and what is not important. Don’t blame God for anything. God is goodness itself. How could you ever believe that God has bad intentions?

Have faith in God’s love. You have never made God unhappy. God is not watching over your shoulder to find fault with you, and thus find reason to punish you. Angels of God (love) are watching over you, to help guide you into all Wisdom. Giving up the things of the world is difficult, if you have set your heart on them, and don’t want to give them up. Losing money is losing nothing, Losing fame is losing nothing. Losing your health is losing nothing. Losing your loved ones is losing nothing, for they are still with you, but you do not know it. You can lose nothing in the world, and you have never been punished.

47. God loves, and sees no error

Guilt is an illusion of man’s ego.

Only the worldly personality sees error. Only the ego (pride) can find fault in others. Those who want to enforce the laws of the world, or judge their brethren, are thinking from pride and egotism. The worldly personality loves to judge others and find fault, where there is no fault.

God has no arrogance, or egotism, and does not judge, or see guilt or error.

This world is only an illusion of reality. But, it appears to be finite, with limited resources, and thus, men compete in every way, for everything. Men believe that they must fight with their brethren for survival. Men always judge others and compare others with themselves. They try to see everything in a ordered list. They see “who’s number 1, or 2, or 3”. They rank everything. They compare everything. They take pride in being number one. They want to “win”. Therefore, they see imperfections and errors in others, and thus, elevate themselves above their brethren.

They do not believe in a joint reality of perfection. They believe in differences among brethren.

All error, and guilt is only an illusion of something, and not “real”. Men, who are “not” in their right minds, always see sin and find fault.

Two thousand years ago, the religious leaders, who supposedly were wise, found fault with Jesus. They found error, where there was no error. They saw imperfection, where there was no imperfection. They were the keepers of the law, the law enforcers. If they were in their right minds, they would have seen the innocence of Jesus.

Stop seeing imperfection in yourself, or in your brethren. Stop judging yourself or others. Believe in the truth of our joint perfection. Don’t have a “holier than thou” attitude. Love everyone and love yourself. Everyone in this world of illusion needs your compassion and love.

God will awaken you to your glorious reality. All of your illusions of guilt and error will be removed. God will restore you to your right mind. Love will do it.

48. Nothing that happens in the world has any “Real” importance

You may think that the events that “seem” to occur in the world have meaning. You may put great importance on your actions or the actions of others in the world. Actually, all that happens in the world is only illusion, and without any “Real” meaning.

The world is a dimension of illusion and unreality. It is a material, dead world. Nothing glows from within, in the world. It is only a “virtual” reality world. Therefore, nothing that “seems” to happen in the world, has any meaning or importance.

The only thing of value in the world is Love. All the events that “seem” to occur in the world are nothing. All the things of: entertainment, finance, sports, religion, education, politics, war, disaster, disease, drought, and famine are unimportant. Nothing “Real” can ever be threatened. Love is Real. Nothing “real” happens in this unreal dimension.

All the actions that you or anyone has done are unimportant. All the: mistakes, errors, or sins, that you think you have done are nothing. All of your failures are nothing. All of your problems and troubles are nothing. All of your illusions and confused thoughts are nothing.

Love is something, and the Truth of Love has importance. All else is nothing and has no importance. Guilt is nothing. Confusion and misunderstanding is nothing. These things are like smoke or mirages. They have no “reality”. They only “seem” to be real.

Therefore, there is nothing to forgive, because nothing “really” happened. It only has importance in the minds of confused brethren. It did not impact the eternal perfection of all brethren. Awareness of our eternal perfection and glorious reality, undoes all “seeming” confusion, along with all fear of imperfection.

Everything that “seems” to happen in the world, did not really happen. The reason is that, time is nothing. A sliver of existence in eternity, has no ratio to all the time that has ever “seemed” to exist. A trillion years of time in the world, is nothing in eternity. Therefore, what is a year, or a lifetime in the world? And, if it is nothing, then it affected nothing. Heaven does not change and the Angels in Heaven do not change. They are forever wonderful and perfect. You are an Angel in Heaven. The time that you think, you have spent in the world is nothing, and never really happened in eternity. If you “seem” to live 100 years in the world, it is absolutely nothing in Heaven. And, all of your actions in the world are nothing, and do not matter. The world cannot change your reality. To know your real self, requires you to understand your unchangeable, and invulnerable divine self. You are not a physical body. You are infinite and eternal, and absolutely perfect. You must understand the difference between what is “real” and “unreal”.

49. Every man is an Angel, acting out the part, He chose to play

You are an Angel. All men are Angels. This is absolutely the truth. Every man in the world, is an Angel, who chose to be in the world, and also chose the life he would live in the world. In fact, you chose everything that happens to you. Angels are the Spirits of Love. Angels are the Spirits of God. You are a Spirit of Love. You are a Spirit of God. God is Love.

What do you suppose would be the purpose for Spirits of Love to come into this dimension, that we call the world? The only purpose would be so that the Angels of Love could learn more about Love. That means they learn more about themselves. Thus, they learn more about God.

Love is infinite. This means the magnitude and depths of love are limitless. Therefore, the Angels (we), can gain wisdom and understanding concerning the magnitude of Love. As the Angels increase their awareness of the magnitude of Love, their joy increases. Understanding Love more and more, brings more and more joy and blessedness.

Every man (Angel) in the world is acting out his part, in order to express Love and increase the understanding of Love, in everyone. Even the so called “bad” people (they are not “really” bad), increase the understanding of Love. There is no one that does not increase the understanding of Love.

A grandma shows great tenderness and love to everyone, this allows everyone to see love in action. A child is so innocent and sweet, this reveals Love’s innocence and sweetness. A criminal causes everyone to feel love and compassion for the victim, and also for the criminal that receives punishment. Husbands and wives express love to each other and to their children and grandchildren. Nurses, nuns, doctors, preachers, and all people show love. An alcoholic or drug addict causes you to feel pity, compassion and love. A handicapped person causes you to feel love. Anyone who “wrongs” you is there to help you understand love’s great forgiveness. Anyone who does “good” to you, is there to help you understand Love’s: giving, sharing and caring. Even the illusion of death, causes us to feel great love and remorse at the passing of our brethren. This increases our love for one another.

The only purpose of the world is to increase understanding, concerning the magnitude and depth of Love. This means, that you understand God, yourself and your brethren more. For God, you, and your brethren are Love.

All men are Angels playing their part in understanding Love. Therefore, be grateful for everyone. Because, everyone teaches you something about Love.

50. Nothing “Bad” happens, or has ever happened

Every event in this dimension, that seems to happen, is for a “good” purpose. Therefore, nothing that happens can be called “bad”.

You may not understand the reasons for things that happen, and until you do, you may think it was a terrible thing that happened. When you understand the spiritual reason, you will see the “good” purpose for every event, and not be upset about anything that happens. Everything that happens in this dimension is to awaken us to our glorious reality, and show us the unreality of the world. Everything happens to show us our joint perfection, by stimulating: love, compassion, and concern for one another.

All the events that have ever happened, have been for this “good” purpose. Nothing “bad” has ever happened. If you believe that something “bad” has happened, then you are thinking from the worldly mind, and not spiritual. Your body and life in the world is not important, because it is not “real”. The “real” you is eternal and divine. The “real” you is an Angel of love. Your “real” life is in Heaven. Heaven is the awareness of your eternal perfection.

All the apparent disasters, that seem so terrible, are to help us awaken to love, and to see our oneness. You cannot blame God for anything that happens in the world, because God is only awakening us from a dream of separation. God is restoring to us the awareness of who and what we are. God is showing us the unimportance of materialism. God is blessing us with spiritual understanding and divine wisdom. God is teaching us the magnitude of love.

Since you are one with God, you do all these things, but you do not know it. If you blame God, then you are really blaming yourself, and all of your brethren. There is no reason to blame anyone for anything, because nothing “bad” has happened. Death is nothing, because the spirit cannot die, and the body is not really alive. Therefore the illusion of death is not a “bad” thing. The same can be said about everything that happens in the world.

The truth is much more amazing than you realizeThe truth is much more amazing than you realize. Every man in the world is an Angel, who decides everything that happens to them, and every situation that happens in the world. This allows you to see the glory and wonderfulness of the Angels in action. When you see a handicapped person, you are really seeing a wonderful Angel, who put himself in that situation, in order to teach you something about love and compassion. When you see a mentally ill person; remember an Angel is teaching you about love and compassion. When you see a violent, or angry person: remember an Angel is teaching you something about forgiveness and mercy. Now you can see the glory of your brethren and of yourself, and the glory of God.

51. Nothing is “Dirty” of itself, but only as you think

If something makes you feel unclean, or feel dirty, then stop doing those things.

Only the worldly minds of men, who are not thinking spiritually, can think of sin and guilt. Because sin and guilt are only illusions of the worldly mind. In reality you and all of your brethren are eternally pure and free from imperfection.

If you believe that you have done something “dirty”, its only because you have put importance on your worldly actions. All of your worldly actions are meaningless and unimportant, except as they reveal the magnitude of love, and love’s compassion. And they do reveal the magnitude of love, and love’s compassion.

You may not understand why you did certain things in the world, but someday you will understand all the spiritual reasons for everything. Everything that you have ever done has been for a “good” reason, and therefore a “good” thing. Do not punish yourself with the illusions of sin and guilt. Think not that you are dirty. Think not that you have done dirty things. Think not that you are imperfect. However, if you think it is unclean, then it is unclean unto you. How you think is the key. Your beliefs are very powerful.

Jesus never called the woman, who was caught in the very act of adultery, a dirty person. Even though, all those gathered around her wanted to kill her for her uncleanness, Jesus saw through all the illusions of sin and guilt, and saw her eternal perfection.

Jesus visited and ate supper in the house of Simon the leper. Even though, Simon was treated by the world as an outcast, an unclean man, but Jesus never saw Simon as being unclean or dirty. He saw through the illusions of the world.

Free yourself from the fear of being unclean. Free yourself from your doubts about your own perfection. You are clean and pure and wonderful. Love yourself as you love your brethren. Love yourself as Jesus loves you.

Nothing can ever make you unclean or dirty. Angels are pure and invulnerable. Do not let the illusions of sin and guilt confuse you about your eternal perfection. You are an Angel of divine love. You do not change with time. Nothing you have ever done, or will ever do in the world will ever change your glorious reality.

Some people who believe in sin and guilt, wash themselves constantly. They wash their hands over and over again, as if to remove the stains of sin and guilt. Thus, to them, they make sin and guilt seem real. But the stains of sin and guilt are on the mind, not on the hands. The only way to remove the stains of sin and guilt is by understanding their unreality. The Truth shall set you free.

52. Every person is a reflection of the beauty of Love

Love is infinite, therefore the beauty of Love is infinite. Love’s beauty can be expressed infinitely. You are a reflection of the beauty of Love. Because you are the spirit of Love.

If you cannot see the beauty of Love, its only because you value Love too little; you value yourself too little. You also must look at yourself with spiritual eyes of love. Do not look at the physical body and judge yourself or anyone based on the material shell.

Do not judge yourself or anyone based on actions in the world. For outward actions in the world are proof of nothing. The confusion and insanity of the world causes you to do confusing things. Do not confuse your actions, from stress and confusion, with the real wonderful you. You certainly have been oppressed in the world, even from your birth. How could you believe that oppression and insanity would not affect your worldly actions. You have nothing to be sorry for, or to forgive. You have only reacted to your environment. I’m sure you have heard of the comment that, “The abused will someday abuse others”. Therefore, you have only reacted to your environment and experiences. Everyone in the world is only reacting to their environment and experiences. No one is inherently “bad”.

If you look beyond the surface of a man, beyond his outward appearance and outward actions, then you can see the beauty of Love. You can see a beautiful child trying to cope with the insanity of the world, dealing with the world’s confusion everyday. The world has oppressed, insulted, disrespected, and tried to cause us to be afraid of everything. In spite of all of this oppression and insanity of the world, we still struggle to do good, and we struggle to help our brethren. This reveals the beauty of Love. This shows the goodness and kindness of your spirit.

You must believe in yourself and in your brethren. Do not hold anything against anyone. No action that has ever occurred in the world is important, so how can you hold something against anyone. Can you blame a man, who is in a hurricane, fighting the wind and waves just to survive the journey, for not sailing a straight course? Being in the world is like being in a hurricane of confusion and insanity, how could you blame anyone for any action?

Someday you will awaken from this dimension of insanity, and have total awareness of reality. You will no longer be confused by the world. You will realize the wonderful spirit of Love that you are. You will know yourself. You will love yourself.

53. Do not hold your thoughts in physical unreality

You are a spirit of love. You are infinite and eternal. You are forever divine. What in this dimension of unreality can ever provide you with any joy or fulfillment? You can never be contented with meaningless thoughts of materialism.

As long as you think physical thoughts of unreality, then you are holding yourself hostage to unreality. You are limiting and suppressing your divine self. You are dwelling in illusions of nothing, that have no meaning, and can never be “real”.

Witchcraft is anything that keeps your thoughts focused on materialism. Witches are the egos of confused brethren, that think constantly of material things. Even their conversation is only of material and physical things, which have no meaning. And material thought keeps you from thinking truly; which is beautiful thoughts of love and goodness, and thoughts of divine perfection

This world and all in it, except love, is nothing and has no meaning. Therefore, to think thoughts of materialism is to keep your mind on illusions that are nothing.

Nothing in this dimension has any importance, except love, because only Love is “real”.

Awaken from the sleep of materialistic thought, and think thoughts of love and goodness. Only you can keep your mind on the world and the things of the world. Nothing has power over you.

Being in the world and in finite material thoughts, is like being confined to a prison; a prison of the mind. Awakening to infinite thoughts of love and goodness, and the awareness of perfection, is like escaping from the prison. You are awakening from nothing to something.

You are not a physical body, but a spirit of love. Remember this: you are Love.

54. God is Love, How could He be angry or have wrath?

The whole idea of God’s wrath is false. Only the egotistical minds of the proud could have conceived the notion that, “God gets angry, or takes revenge”. The Bible speaks of this, because it was written to separate the ego(pride) of the world, from your “real” self within.

If the thought of losing your life in the world makes you afraid of God; then you do not know God. If the thought of hell fire makes you afraid of God; then you do not know God. If you believe that God gets angry, then of course, you must be afraid. If you believe that God sees any fault in you, then of course, you must be afraid. If you believe that God is a God of wrath, then of course, you must be afraid.

If you are afraid of God and afraid of what your future will be, then you do not know anything true concerning God, but you are very confused. If you judge God based on the events in the world, then you do not know God or yourself.

This world is a dimension of unreality and illusion. It is full of arrogance and pride. Nothing that happens to the body or to anything in the world is important. It does not tell you anything about God. The physical body is not the “real” you. This world is not Heaven. Heaven is eternal and real. This world is only a temporary illusion. If apparent disasters in the world confuse you about God, then you are believing that material things are important and should be preserved. These apparent disasters teach us compassion and love. We feel sorry for victims of disaster. Understanding love is the only purpose for any apparent disaster. It is not a “bad thing” when an illusion is destroyed.

If you want some help in trying to understand God, then think of the most beautiful newborn baby that you have ever seen. Think of the sweet innocence and perfection of the baby. Think of the goodness and purity of the baby. The baby has no anger. The baby sees no fault. God is exactly like the newborn baby. For He is the newborn baby.

Anger and revenge are of the world and egotistical. God is never angry nor egotistical.

God is the Eternal Spirit of Divine Love. Does that seem threatening to you?

55. The True Way to Help Others

The way to help your brethren is to show them love, by helping them have good self-esteem.

Every one in this world needs the same thing. We all need to know that we are love. And we all need to know that we have value.

The illusions of sin and guilt make you feel like you are imperfect and have no value. These are illusions and have no importance at all. God loves you and sees your eternal value. God never sees the illusions of sin and guilt. Only the worldly mind, with its pride could see the illusions of sin and guilt.

You have eternal and infinite value, because you are the spirit of Love. All the illusions of the world can never change your true value. Nothing can make you imperfect.

If you tell someone that they are a failure and good for nothing, then you are destroying their sense of self-esteem. You are confusing them concerning their true self. You are putting importance on the things in the world, and you believe in the illusions of sin and guilt. You are doing your brethren no good, but you are confusing them more.

If you truly love your brethren, then you want to restore them to good mental health. You want to awaken them from the unreality of the world. You want them to understand that they are good. You want them to know that God is not unhappy with them. You want them to be happy, without any fear. You want to restore their self-esteem, which the world has destroyed.

If you help your brethren to understand that they are wonderful and perfect, then you have helped them more than anything else you could ever do. Being saved means: you are saved from the confusion of imperfection. You are restored to your right mind. You understand yourself and God, that you are perfect and good. Salvation is: understanding the truth, that you are a wonderful, perfect, child of God.

Jesus is the Truth of God’s love. If you want to lead someone to Jesus, then lead them to understanding the Truth of Love. This means understanding the truth about yourself. Because you are the spirit of Love. To know yourself is to understand the Truth of Love. If you want to save someone, then tell them the truth of their perfection and the unreality of their illusions of sin and guilt.

Nothing that you ever do in the world is more important than sharing the awareness of the perfection of God’s children, which gives your brother true self-esteem.

56. Are You in Your Right Mind?

Do you ever wonder, “If you are in your right mind”?

You may appear to the world to be very smart, but are you really in your right mind?

Answer the following questions truthfully, and you will know if you are in your right mind or not.

(1) Do you criticize anyone for anything? yes or no

(2) Do you believe that you are better than anyone else? yes or no

(3) Do you see imperfections in yourself or in others? yes or no

(4) Do you value the world or the things of the world? yes or no

(5) Are you afraid of anything, even of death? yes or no

(6) Do you love everyone the same? yes or no

(7) Do you know yourself? Yes or no

To be in your right mind means that: you are thinking from the Wisdom of Love.

If you criticize anyone for anything, then you are not thinking from love. If you think that you are superior to anyone, then you are proud and not wise at all. If you see imperfections in yourself or in your brethren, then you are putting value on illusions, worldly things that have no value. If you love the world or the things in the world, then you are loving unreality, you are not thinking wisely. If you are afraid of anything, then you are confused. Fear is only the result of being confused and concerned with the things of the world. If you love money, then you will be afraid to lose it. If you believe that the physical body is you, and that it has value, then you will be afraid of death. Being afraid is being blind to spiritual truths.

If you love everyone the same, then you are thinking from the Wisdom of Love. If you truly know yourself, then you can see that you are one with all of your brethren. You know and understand that you and your brethren are Love. You are in your right mind when you know that you are Love.

57. Romance of The Sleeping Angel

You feel an internal delight when you are touched by divine awareness. You feel a wonderful sensation within your spirit, when you begin to realize the truth of your perfection. As you begin to understand yourself, your brethren and God; its like the dawning of a new day. Something magical is happening as you awaken to your divine self.

The Wisdom of Love that teaches you about your perfection, becomes your fascination. You are enchanted by the divine understanding that is dawning on you. You fall in love with the truth. Wisdom becomes your true love. Wisdom becomes your companion and soul mate. You seek Wisdom, because you love Wisdom.

This attraction between you and Divine Wisdom, can be called “Romance of the Sleeping Angel”.

Everyone in this dimension is a sleeping Angel, but in the world they seem to be men and they think that they are men. They are unaware that they are: wonderful, divine and perfect. They are unaware that they are Divine Love. They are unaware that they are infinite and eternal

Believing that they are men, they also are assaulted with false ideas and confusion of the world. They see a world full of fear and revenge. They are affected by the insanity of the world. They feel the terrible sting of guilt and feel dirty and imperfect. They are totally out of touch with their true reality. They have no idea who or what they are. They fear that God doesn’t love them and even is angry with them. They live most of their lives in unseen desperation; trying to cope with all of their confusing thoughts, all by themselves.

When the light of truth begins to melt away the shadows of fear and guilt, and the wisdom of perfection reassures you, that you are safe from all harm, then the romance, or love affair between sleeping Angel and Wisdom begins. This is an eternal love affair. For nothing can ever make you more happy, than understanding the truth of your glorious reality. The wisdom that enlightens you to your perfection and your divinity will always be your true Love.

You will always love the Wisdom that awakens you. Just as sleeping beauty will always love her prince that awoke her from a long deep sleep, with a tender loving kiss.

58. Since Death is Only An Illusion, Then Suicide is Meaningless

The world tells us that suicide is the wrong thing to do. The religious establishment tells us that, “If you commit suicide then you can’t go to Heaven”. Doctors and hospitals will try to keep your body alive, regardless of the pain and suffering, and regardless of your wishes. They will have you committed to a mental hospital, if you even mention that you are thinking about suicide. They believe that you must be crazy to want to leave the world. But, are you crazy, just because you want to be in your real home, Heaven?

The truth is: There is no death. Therefore suicide affects nothing. The body is not the real you, but only an illusion of unreality. The spirit cannot die. Suicide is not death or murder. There is no death or murder.

Suicide is just another way to awaken from the unreality of the world. What does it matter if you awaken due to: cancer, old age, heart trouble, a car wreck, war, diseases, floods, storms, suicide, or a millions other ways?

Does God love you any less, because you commit suicide? Of course not, God loves you infinitely! How many brethren have grown tired of the insanity of the world, and decided to awake, by ending the apparent existence of the body? Life in the body is only an apparent existence. Our real life and eternal existence is spiritual. The physical body is not our real home.

Only the egotistical and foolish could ever condemn a person for wanting to commit suicideOnly the egotistical and foolish could ever condemn a person for wanting to commit suicide. They fear the death of the body, because they have no faith in spiritual things, and try to force their will on everyone else. They love to find fault in others. They even see fault in you for wanting to leave the world. They expect you to be content with: pain, suffering, vanity, materialism, and all the meaningless things of the world. They love the world and the things of the world, and expect everyone else to do the same. They love competition and struggles among brethren. Their egos fight each other for illusions of outward appearance and fame. To leave the world, would be to them, leaving every thing that they love. The egotistical see no gain in leaving the world, but only the loss of everything they worship.

Those who see Heaven as their true eternal home, have no regard for this world nor the things of the world. They are not afraid of the death of the body, in fact they long to leave the insanity of the world.

Having real faith in God, means that you trust God in all things, even in suicide. How could you ever believe that God does not love you, just because you have grown tired of the world and want to awaken from the unreality of the world? Surely you know that God is Love!

59. The Outward worldly personality (the ego) is sustained by false self-esteem

In this world of pretense and deception, hardly anyone knows their “real” self. Very few can see the reality of their divine love and goodness within. Very few can ignore the outward deceptions of the world’s unreality and see the spiritual truth within.

The outward temporary personality (ego); which is: a shell, a defense mechanism, a pretense to please the world and cope with the world, is sustained by worldly thoughts of pride and success. In order to feel like “somebody”, the outward worldly personality(ego) continuously seeks to “accomplish” things. It must cope with the pride and egos, of others, and therefore not to feel inferior, it seeks to “accomplish” something to feel good about. The world causes you to compete with your brethren for standing. You seek affection and love and praise from others, so that you won’t feel like a failure, so you play the game of trying to impress the world. You feel happy if the world does not criticize you. You feel happy if you are accepted. Therefore, you do the things that the world expects you to do. The world expects you to do something with your life, that is impressive, which shows that you are not a failure. The world thinks you are a failure if you have: no money, no education, no fame, no material possessions. In order not to be a failure, you seek to acquire: money, education, fame, and material possessions. You try to please the world, and this is only so the world will leave you alone, and not hurt you or make you feel inferior. You do these things for self-defense, to protect you from the terrible pain of criticism.

A singer or musician continues to perform, to sustain the feeling of accomplishment, and thus feel loved. A rich person builds large houses and some give large sums of money to charities or organizations, to feel good about themselves, as if they have done something important, and to be loved. Everyone wants to feel as if they have accomplished something. No one wants to be judged a failure. But, what the world judges as failure is not failure, and what the world judges as success is not success.

The truth is: no one is a failure. When you are busy trying to please the world and prove that you are not a failure, then you have completely forgotten your “real” self within. You have forgotten the divine spirit of love and goodness that you are; which is eternally perfect. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You cannot fail, but you play the game of trying to prove yourself, as a self-defense mechanism, so that the world will not make you feel inferior, or imperfect.

Someday you will realize the vanity of trying to please the world, or trying to impress the world, or trying to prove yourself to the world. Someday you will believe in the eternal goodness and perfection of your spirit. Someday you will trust in the goodness of your own spirit, and no longer put up the front of an outward temporary personality(ego). Someday you will no longer fear the world, and not be afraid to let your humility and goodness shine, and you will awaken to reality.

60. Realize Your Oneness

It is an illusion to believe that you are separated from your brethren.

We are God’s children, but what does it mean to be a child of God? Does it mean that we are separated from God, or individual beings?

In the world of illusions, we seem to be separate beings, with separate thoughts and separate desires, but this is only an illusion. All thoughts and all desires are your thoughts and your desires. All of your brethren are you, in other forms. God is indivisible.

When you see anyone, you are looking at your other self. They are you, but you do not know it. You are forever one, and have always been one.

When you see anyone, you are seeing yourself in another form, or another expression. But, you must realize that you are actually seeing yourself. You exist in everyone you see, as much as you exist in the form, that you think you dwell in. You think you are a body, and that you are not somebody else. This is totally false. You are not a body, and your brethren are not physical bodies. Physical things are not “real”, but only illusions. Don’t be deceived by illusions.

You are the spirit of Divine Love, and you have infinite expression. That’s why you are wonderful. What you think is your brother, is in reality yourself.

Angels realize that they are one. They realize that they are the spirit of Divine Love. One speaks for all, and is all. Every Angel is all in one. Every expression of Divine Love, is all Love.

You are the Angel of Divine Love. Divine Love is you. Realize that you are all Love. Realize that you are everything. Realize that everything “real” is you.

The Bible tells us, “Judge not, and you will not be judged”, and “condemn not and you will not be condemned”. The reason is, because you are doing these things to your self. Your brother is you.

Loving your brother, is loving yourself. Can’t you identify with your brethren and feel their feelings? It’s when you feel your brethren’s feelings, that you realize your oneness.

When you see your brother (your other self), think these thoughts, “You are me, and I am you, we are Divine Love“; think, “Now I see myself, in another expression“.

61. Awakening from the Dream of Separation

Regaining divine awareness of divine reality, restores you to your right mind and awakens you from the dream of separation.

Divine reality is the eternal truth concerning: “Who and What you are“.

Unless you are aware of your divine reality, then you do not know yourself. You do not know who or what you are.

The world is not your divine reality. Your physical body is not you. Your worldly personality is not you. The world is only an illusion. It is only an illusion to think that you are in the world. You cannot be in unreality, but you can imagine that you are in unreality.

The dream of separation causes you to imagine that you are a physical body and in a material world. Your physical senses tell you that you dwell in the world. The senses of: touch, smell, sound, and sight, convince you that you are a physical body in a material world. These physical sensations seem so very real. They persuade you to believe in the unreality of this dream world of illusion.

An illusion can be convincing, if you think outwardly of the appearance of things, and not spiritually.

When you think spiritually then you will understand the truth. When you think about Heaven and Angels; Love and Wisdom; eternity and infinity; then you are thinking spiritually.

Your reality is Divine Love. You forever dwell in your oneness. You are all love. You are not a separate being; separated from the divine brotherhood.

You awaken from the dream of separation, when you grow tired of the illusions of insanity, that the world offers. When you long to awaken to divine peace and tranquillity, then you will take the focus of your thoughts away from vain material things, and focus on spiritual truths. Your heart will rejoice to know the truth of your divine reality. All of your fears and confusion will vanish into nothingness, from which they came. You will understand your divine reality, which is eternal and infinite. You will know that you are goodness itself. You will know that your wonderful being of divine love fills all of Heaven. You will see yourself in every Angel of Love.

You will know what divine oneness means. God is one.

62. Your Life in the World is a Temporary Illusion, but even this has a purpose.

You may think that the life, you seem to have, in the world and the things of the world serve no purpose. You may not understand how an illusion could serve a purpose. This dimension of unreality and all dimensions of unreality have a purpose.

When a person has totally forgotten their reality, they have forgotten themselves. They do not know themselves. When a person dreams of exile and separation from God and Heaven, they believe they are imperfect and unworthy. They see no value in themselves. They have no self-esteem; Fear, doubt and confusion leads them on a journey of the mind. They travel in dreams to unreal dimensions. They take mental journeys to virtual places, where they seem to live. They seem to experience many things, and all the fear, doubt and confusion can be dealt with and exposed as unreal.

Just as the prodigal son went into a far place and seemed to experience terrible things of insecurity, and fear; we also take mental journeys to unreal dimensions like the prodigal son. We also seem to experience separation and insecurity. We also experience feelings of imperfection and unworthiness. We also feel afraid and troubled. And, just like the prodigal son, we also will return from unreal dimensions and be restored to our father. We will awaken to reality and understand that we are truly loved infinitely, and realize our eternal perfection.

The journey of the prodigal son represents the journey that we all take into unreal dimensions. What was the purpose of the journey of the prodigal son? Why did he experience, or seem to experience the things which he did?

The reason for the journey of the prodigal son is the same reason you are in the world, or seem to be in the world. Just like the prodigal son, you also will long to return home. You also, will be restored to your true home. You also, will understand the great love of your father. You also, will realize that you belong no where, except with your father, with your family, which is Heaven.

Your whole life in the world, which you seem to have, is just to convince you that you belong in Heaven, and not in dimensions of fear and confusion, which is only unrealityYour whole life in the world, which you seem to have, is just to convince you that you belong in Heaven, and not in dimensions of fear and confusion, which is only unreality.

Therefore, the temporary illusions of the world serves a purpose. Like the prodigal son, you had to experience the illusions and seem to be separated, so that you would understand that you do not belong in any dimension of unreality. You know that this world is not your home. Now you know the reason why you seem to be in the world, and the reason for your apparent life in the world.

63. Identify with your reality

The world is only a physical, material, dead world. Your physical body is only material. Do you believe that the physical body is really you? Do you believe that your being is a physical body in the world? Do you believe that your worldly personality is the real you?

Look at some of the false appearances in the world? A coconut appears hard and good for nothing on the outside, but inside is sweet milk and meat. A pecan or walnut has a hard shell outside that conceals the meat inside. An oyster or clam has a rough hard shell, which gives the false appearance that nothing of value is inside, but inside are beautiful pearls. Gold and silver are found under ground, and inside mountains of rock. If you only looked at the surface of the mountain, you would never see the gold and silver inside. You have to mine the gold and silver, by digging or looking inside the mountain. Even a diamond appears rough and ugly when it is found. It is a dull gray color and appears to have no value. But when the diamond has been polished and cut, the clear gem is revealed, then sparkles of light can reflect through it, twinkling like a star, and it fascinates everyone.

The outward shell of a man is like all these other things. The outward personality and worldly mind conceals your infinite value within. It is rare that a man in the world, knows his own eternal value within, which lies concealed to his worldly eyes, and the eyes of the world.

If you believe that the outward shell and worldly mind is you, then certainly you will see error and imperfections. The body will decay and grow old, and the worldly mind will fail to function, and will misunderstand just about everything that seems to happen in the world. If you identify with the outward illusion of you, or outward appearance of you, then you surely will be disappointed and feel low self-esteem.

However, if you understand and realize the truth of your spiritual reality within, then you will be seeing clearly, and correctly, and see the truth of yourself. You will see your real value within. Your reality is gentleness and meekness. Your reality is love and goodness. Your reality is divine wisdom and spiritual understanding. Your reality is pure and perfect. Your reality is wonderful, and infinite and eternal.

These are not merely words that are written to make you feel good. These words are the divine truth of your own reality. Ultimately you will see the truth of your reality, and also understand the perfection of all God’s children. The outward appearance will no longer deceive you. The outward actions in the world that once seemed as very real and important, will be exposed as unimportant and meaningless. You will identify with your real self, your true self, your reality.

64. In Every Dimension of Unreality, you need Emotional Protection

Heaven is the awareness of your eternal perfection. In this awareness is safety and security. You need no protection in this awareness, because once you have the awareness of your eternal perfection, nothing can emotionally harm you, and you have no need for a self defense.

Heaven is reality, but every other dimension of other awareness’s, is only unreality. Heaven is real because it is eternally true that you are perfect. The awareness of your perfection is true and based on the truth of your own spirit, which is divine Love. This awareness of your perfection will last forever and never change. This is why Heaven is real. Real things don’t pass away.

Every other dimension is only temporary, and therefore not “real”. Temporary things are not real.

This world is a dimension of unreality, because it will pass away. It is a dimension of fear and doubt. It is deceitful, because it teaches sin, error and imperfection and death. It is a false dimension, not based on eternal truth, but only on outward appearances, which are deceitful.

In dimensions of unreality, you need a temporary self-defense, to emotionally protect you from the insanity of those who persecute and condemn you. This self-defense is only an outward shell of a worldly personality, that you hide behind, to protect the innocent child within you. Your ego and pride serves to give you a sense of self-esteem; even though it is false and temporary and based on things of the world, it still serves to shield you from the devastation of those who condemn you and find fault in you. It gives temporary comfort during the times of stress and confusion. It serves a purpose, until you can be enlightened with the awareness of your perfection.

When you have gained the awareness of your eternal perfection, then of course you need no protection, because no confusion or fear can disturb you or make you doubt yourself.

You can roam through unreal dimensions of doubt and confusion, but you have really gone nowhere. Unreality is nowhere. Heaven is reality and somewhere.

You have never left Heaven, because there is nowhere else. Every other dimension is unreal and only illusion. Your mind can imagine to be in other places, but the “real” you, which is the spirit of divine Love goes nowhere. It is already everywhere. It is all in all.

It seems that when you awaken in Heaven, that you have traveled from the world to Heaven. But this is a false appearance. Regaining your awareness of your eternal perfection is only remembering the truth of yourself. Remembering is not traveling, it only causes you to feel like you have traveled. Love is everywhere, and you are love.

65. Your Spiritual Home is the Awareness that you Comprehend

Your essence and spirit is Divine Love. Your reality is Love. You are nothing but Love. You can never be anything but Love. Because only Love is real; only Love exists. Love is all there is.

You are Love and this will never change. You will forever be Love. Your spiritual substance will always be Love. Get this into your awareness, and never forget it: You are Love. No matter what confusing thoughts you may have concerning yourself, your lack of understanding cannot change what you really are: LOVE.

In the world, we seem to dwell in houses and buildings. We seem to exist on firm foundations, with the land supporting our homes. We breathe the air, drink the water, eat the food, and see the light of the sunshine.

When you die and leave this world, or awake from this dimension, whatever you want to call it; you no longer have the illusions of the world; which have given you a sense of being in a physical place, and dwelling within a physical house; you no longer have the physical things to relate to.

After you leave the world, you dwell in mental concepts. Love can only dwell in the concepts, or awareness that you comprehend. You forever dwell in the thoughts of your mind. Your set of beliefs is your spiritual home. The Truths of Love are the things that you dwell in; the things that you drink, eat, breathe, and see.

Your spiritual foundation is the understanding that you comprehend. Without understanding, you seem to be suspended, without a foundation, a home, or direction. Without understanding, you dwell in misunderstanding and all the confusion associated with misunderstanding.

Reality awareness Reality awareness is: understanding the Truth of your reality. Since you are Love, it means that you understand the Truths of Love. Since Love is perfect, it means that you understand the Truths of Your Perfection. You will ultimately be enlightened concerning your glorious reality. No matter how misguided or confused you may have been; the fact remains that: you are Love, and someday, (maybe not in this dimension), but someday, somehow, somewhere, you will come to know yourself. You will come to know what Love is. You will come to know the wonderful, Divine Spirit of Infinite Love, which you really are. You will dwell securely in the Truths of your reality. You will: abide in, drink, eat, breathe, and see the Truths of your reality. Heaven is the awareness of your perfection. You will dwell in Heaven, because ultimately you will have the awareness of your perfection. And all the untrue and confusing thoughts of: guilt, fear and sin will vanish, when the Truth of Love gives you the understanding of Love.

66. Simultaneous Corresponding Dimensions

In the world you are unaware of the incredible reality and truth of the spirit. The truth of your conscience is more amazing than you ever realized.

Your rational worldly mind, with all of it’s thoughts and beliefs, is a combination of all the ideas you have received and the experiences you have had. Your conscious thoughts are shared by all of those, who are like you, in the same level of worldly understanding.

This is why all organizations and all groups are formed in the world; so people with the same level of understanding and beliefs, can be grouped together. The churches have people attending, with the same worldly ideas and thoughts. Groups such as: VFW, Lions club, Women’s club, Eagles, Elks, Moose, Rotary, and all the others too numerous to mention have the same thing in common. They are groups of people, who share the same worldly ideas, thoughts, or beliefs.

But did you realize that your subconscious, which can be called your conscience, is a composite of spiritual ideas? Your spiritual ideas and spiritual beliefs, is shared by all of those, who are like you in spiritual thinking. As your spiritual thinking and spiritual beliefs evolve and become more enlightened; you become associated with those who are in more enlightened states of being and enlightened levels of thought.

Did you ever wonder why your conscience bothers you, when you did or said something? The reason is because: Your conscience is grouped spiritually with all those who share in the same level of thought. Every time you do something that bothers you, that you think was wrong, you must have new enlightenment, in order to rise above doubts of yourself. As your conscience begins to bother you, which means your spiritual awareness is receiving enlightenment, and your spiritual mind is trying to evaluate the new enlightenment. The new spiritual awareness is causing you to doubt your present level of thinking, and this doubt produces a sense of uncertainty. This uncertainty gives you a sense of low self-esteem, because your doubt yourself, you doubt that you understand things properly.

Every time your conscience bothers you, it is an indication that you are moving into more spiritual enlightenment. You are being grouped with those who spiritually understand more, and as you adopt the new level of understanding, your conscience gradually stops bothering you. You begin to understand the new enlightenment and your sense of low self-esteem is restored to good self-esteem. The thing that bothered you, bothers you no more, because you have evolved into higher enlightenment, and been associated with those whose level of understanding has transcended and overcome the thing that bothered you. You see from a new higher perspective. Your doubt has vanished, and you now believe in yourself again.

The Lord has provided in His Infinite Providence that nothing can ever bother you spiritually or mentally, that you cannot overcome. If anything bothers you or upsets your peace of mind, the Lord has provided the means to restore you to perfect peace and happiness. The Lord merely causes you to be associated with other spirits (angels), who have a higher level of understanding and the upsetting actions or thoughts (guilt) can be seen as unimportant.

Your subconscious is constantly moving. You are spiritually traveling. You are being grouped and regrouped as the situation becomes necessary. Your perfection is forever unchanged, but your spiritual thoughts and beliefs are evolving through levels of enlightenment. Every level of enlightenment is merely a combination of spirits, who share the same thoughts.

Don’t worry, everything is for the Lord’s good purpose. Even the times that your conscience bothers you, is for a good reason. You are spiritually being enlightened. You are constantly evolving towards the truth of your eternal perfection. You will someday have absolute certainty of your eternal perfection; which means you have been associated with spirits (angels), that share in the Truth of their perfection. This is Heaven. The awareness of your eternal perfection is Heaven.

67. You are a combined spiritual being, spiritually composed of all Angels

You do not yet know the incredible spirit of infinite love that you are. You do not yet understand that you are all love and all wisdom. You do not yet comprehend the magnitude of your divine self. If you understood the infinite wonder of yourself, you would be absolutely astounded.

In the world, you have the illusion of being separated from others. You believe you are confined to a physical body, and that you have limits. You believe in danger and death. You believe that you can be harmed. You believe that you are imperfect and in need of everything. You think that God is outside of yourself and you are afraid of just about everything and everyone.

The truth that is now to be revealed to you, is the highest truth available in any dimension. The enlightenment that you will now receive is beyond all other enlightenment that you have ever received. The spiritual wonder and divinity of your own reality, will now be revealed to you. Receive it in an open mind and open heart, because it is the truth you have been waiting for, and the truth that you need. Do not doubt your infinite, glorious self.

Your being is both infinite and eternal. Nothing real is outside of you or beyond you. All reality is within you. All divine wisdom is already yours. You are all divine love. Every angel is the spirit of divine love and divine wisdom, each of which glow and radiate love and wisdom in infinite combinations of beauty and holiness. The light of the glory of love radiates from your own being, your own divine substance. The number of angels is infinite. Each of which is special and unique. Each of which is holy and divine.

The holy mystery of your own being is:. You are a combination of all the infinite Angels of God. All the Divine Angels of God forever joined together into a whole; this being is you. This is why, when you see an Angel, you are seeing yourself. And when an Angel looks at you, they see themselves. When God looks at you He sees Himself, and is glad. He sees no darkness of illusions, or insanity of confusion, for He knows these have no reality.

God’s being is your being. Do you now understand yourself? Are you able to comprehend these divine truths?

Your glory is forever. Your divine being has no limits and can do anything. As these divine truths begin to dawn upon your mind, you are only remembering the truth of what has always been. What you have thought you were in the world, you are not. You are infinitely more that you ever dreamed of. Now you have received the treasure of wisdom, which you have waited for. Now you can see the great heavenly beauty of yourself, and know that you are inexpressible.

68. Don’t Hold Your Brethren in Prison: If You Do, You Hold Yourself In Prison

If you see anyone as “guilty”, then mentally you hold them captive. Your thoughts actually have an affect upon the minds of your brethren. Thoughts are shared.

If you see someone as a “sinner”, or a “criminal”, then your thoughts towards that person are negative. They cannot be mentally free, until you release them, in your mind. You must see them as “not guilty”, and as perfect, before they can feel free. Their anxiety and stress, is caused by, not only how they view themselves, but how you view them. How can they believe in themselves, or be happy, when you hold something against them? They can mentally sense and feel your negative thoughts towards them.

The same thing applies to you. You cannot be mentally free and without anxiety, until you release yourself from your own thoughts of imperfection and guilt, and also your brethren release you, by not seeing you as guilty, or as imperfect. Your brethren’s thoughts hold you in a mental prison. As much as you want to be free, you are held by the thoughts of your brethren. We are members of one another, and our thoughts affect one another.

Belief is a powerful thing. Even if what you believe is false, it still has an effect. Confused thoughts affect you and your brethren. In this dream world of illusion, we believe the things we see are real; we believe the actions in the world have meaning. Therefore, in this dream world, they seem real.

We must awaken together. As long as one brethren is confused by the illusions of sin and imperfection, we all, in our outward minds, are not totally free.

We must see ourselves as perfect and free of all imperfection. And we must see everyone else as perfect and free of imperfection. Hold no one in a mental prison. Think no negative thoughts. Be wise and understand that the insanity of the world and illusions of pride and egotism, have caused all these insane acts, that seem so “bad” to you. You and your brethren are not “bad”. You and your brethren are infinitely good. Don’t think the worldly personality (the ego), is your brother. Remember this, “Nothing real can ever be threatened”. The “real” you cannot sin, and has never known sin or guilt, nor has your “real” brother.

Does a tree harbor ill feelings toward the one that cuts it down, or cuts its limbs off? Does the rose find fault in the person that cuts its flowers? Does the honeysuckle find fault in the hummingbird, that takes its sweet nectar away? Did Jesus find fault in those insane brethren, who did those things to him and saw him as guilty? In the same way, you must see no fault in anyone.

69. The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth

This dimension is only illusion, and not real, but it does correspond to other things.

The Sun corresponds to your divine spirit of love and perfection. This is the eternal and “real” you.

The Moon corresponds to your worldly mind. It has no life, but merely reflects the light of the Sun. Just as your worldly mind has no wisdom, but merely reflects the wisdom and understanding from your divine spirit. And sometimes your worldly mind, with it’s wandering thoughts, gets in the way of the truth and wisdom, coming from your divine spirit, just as the moon sometimes eclipses the sun.

The earth corresponds to the sensual desires and carnal affections. All the animals correspond to various sensual desires and carnal affections. These animals and their behaviors, tells us about the various sensual and carnal desires.

All the insane things of life and death; of predator and prey; of kill or be killed; all correspond to the way, the embodiment of various sensual and carnal desires, seek to survive and satisfy their appetites.

Just as the sun is far removed from the earth and moon, but still shines on them, so is your divine spirit far removed from your worldly mind and all of your sensual desires and canal affections, but it still gives love and understanding to you at all times, to reassure you and comfort you.

70. The Spiritual Union of Man and Woman

The following questions will be addressed in these writingsThe following questions will be addressed in these writings:

(1). Why does man need woman and woman need man?

(2). Why is man and woman attracted to each other?

(3). Why is it necessary to find the “right” one for you?

(4). Why is adultery and fornication harmful?

(5). What is lust and why is it harmful?

(1). Why does man need woman and woman need man?

Man corresponds to Love, and woman corresponds to Wisdom. Man needs the Wisdom that he sees in the woman, and woman needs the Love that she feels in the man. Without both Love and Wisdom, both are incomplete and unfulfilled. Without both Love and Wisdom, neither man nor woman can be happy. This is why they need each other. Man gives the woman the motivation, will and drive which comes from Love and affection. Woman gives the man guidance, understanding, and insight that comes from Wisdom. A man without the corresponding wisdom that he needs, is a man without direction. He is like a person with a mental disorder. His heart is good and sweet, but he needs understanding and wisdom to shape and guide his love and affection. A woman without the corresponding love that she needs, is a woman without energy or feeling. She feels no purpose for life. She may have mental understandings and concepts, but she needs love and affection to give her the will to live. Without the love and wisdom that comes from man and woman, both feel lonely and unhappy.

(2). Why is man and woman attracted to each other?

Wisdom is infinite. Each woman corresponds to an infinite set of cognitions and beliefs. Each woman is a unique universe of wisdom. Each man corresponds to infinite love and affection that is unique. Man is attracted to woman because of the beliefs and concepts that he sees in her. If a man finds the woman for him, that means he has found the infinite set of beliefs and understanding that he believes in. The love of a man feels complete and happy when it is one with the wisdom, that corresponds to it. They are attracted because they correspond to each other. Until a man finds the woman for him, he feels restless and unsheltered. The wisdom of the woman gives him the spiritual protection from confusion and insanity that he must have. The love of man gives the woman the warmth, care and concern that she must have. Wisdom must be cared for, and love must be protected. Man and woman need each other, because love and wisdom need each other.

(3). Why is it necessary to find the “right” one for you?

A man finds his true love, when he finds the right woman, with the wisdom that corresponds exactly to his love and affection. The unique and infinite set of cognitions and beliefs that the woman gives to the man, corresponds to the desires in the heart of the man. These are unique sets of concepts concerning the things of: honesty, truth, meekness, innocence, gentleness, grace, virtue, perfection, goodness, and infinite other spiritual qualities. Without these concepts, man is blind to the truth, and cannot think properly or with purpose.

(4). Why is adultery and fornication harmful?

A man must unite with the infinite set of concepts, described above, that corresponds to his infinite love and affection. Otherwise, he does not truly believe in the wisdom of the woman, or the concepts that she represents. And, he is not protected from confusion and insanity, if he does not truly believe in the concepts that he comprehends. He feels foolish and insane. And also, the woman does not feel the warmth, care and concern, that she must have to be happy. She feels used and unloved. Adultery and fornication, is like mismatching love and wisdom, in combinations, that do not exactly correspond to each other. There is no true happiness, unless they correspond exactly to each other. They must be united with the “right” one. The union of love and wisdom will continue forever, when they correspond exactly to each other.

(5). What is lust and why is it harmful?

Lust in a man is the desire to be united with any beliefs or concepts, without regard as to its suitability. Lust in a woman is also the desire to be united to any affection, without regard as to its suitability. Blind lust does not comfort the woman, nor does it protect the man from insanity and confusion. That’s why it is harmful, because it gives no true happiness, but prolongs incompleteness. It leaves both the man and woman unfulfilled. A man must believe in the concepts that corresponds to his love and affection. A woman must be cared for by the love and affection that corresponds to her infinite wisdom.

Now you can see why all: sexual harassment, lust, and adultery is harmful to both man and woman.

71. How to Keep Your True Love

When you love someone, be sure to keep them in your thoughts at all times. Hold their image in the focus of your mind. Keep them ever before you; in your inner most thoughts. Keep your loving thoughts on them always. Don’t let your thoughts stray away to others, or other things. Keep them in your heart and mind forever. Don’t forget them, even for a moment. Because, if you let them get out of your sight, spiritually and mentally speaking, then you will feel lonely, until you see them again. Once you love someone, never let them go. Hold them firmly and lovingly in your thoughts. Think of your true love constantly. Let the memory of their goodness, satisfy you with peaceful and happy thoughts. Think of the goodness that you see in them. Do these things and you will never lose your true love.

72. The Truth of Oneness

You and God are one. You and your brethren are one with each other and with God. Do you understand what this means? You are not separate from God or your brothers. Spiritually you are one.

Can you see that God is not a supreme being, that you need to pray to, and please? Can you see that God is not outside of yourself? Can you see that God is not your judge, nor does He grant you: health, money, protection, and mercy based on your long prayers, or your much asking?

You are one with God You are one with God? Let this Truth enter deep into your understanding. You cannot know your real self nor God until your understand this Truth.

When we are young and without understanding, then we need to be taught in words that we can comprehend and are willing to accept. When we are stronger and have more faith in God’s Love and our oneness with God, then we can be taught in words that are more divine and real.

The Bible is able to teach both the young and the strong, because the young learn the lessons and get understanding suited for them, and the strong see the spiritual truths, or deep meanings of those very same words. Both are blessed with the Word of God. Jesus said, “I have many things to tell you, but you are not able to bear them now“. This means that, as we become stronger and able to bear deeper truths, then the Lord will give us more divine and spiritual wisdom.

Those who are young in understanding cannot comprehend their oneness with God. They only think of God as some mystical being that they have to please and beg for mercy. The young even condemn those who speak of oneness with God. They think they are doing God a favor, by not letting anyone say they are one with God.

When a man thinks of his relationship to God; there are only two kinds of thinking.

(1) Those who think that God is outside of themselves. They think that they are separated from God. They pray to God as if He was high above them and granted their wishes and prayers. They believe that they are in need of everything. They believe in sin and punishment. They live in fear.

(2) Those who know their oneness with God. They know that God is not only with them, but is them. They know that God is not separated from them in any way. They know the truth of their oneness. They realize that they have no needs. They see no sin or error and fear nothing. They are not confused by the illusions of the world.

Jesus told of His oneness with God.

John 14:8 – Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.”

John 14:9 – Jesus answered: “Don’t you know Me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father. How can you say, “Show us the Father“?

Jesus was killed because He said he was one with God Jesus was killed because He said he was one with God.

John 10:30 – I and the Father are one.

John 10:31 – Again the Jews picked up stones to stone Him.

John 10:32 – But Jesus said to them, “I have shown you many miracles from the Father. For which of these do you stone me?”

John 10:33 – “We are not stoning you for any of these,” replied the Jews, “but for blasphemy, because you, a mere man, claim to be God.

We are one with the Lord Jesus and with God. There is no separation between us. We have all Love and Truth within us. We are Love and Truth. You cannot know yourself until you know that you are Love and Truth.

John 10:20 – On that day you will realize that I am in My Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you.

Matthew 25:40 – “The King will reply, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me.”

Hebrews 2:11 – Both the one who makes men holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers.

Those who killed Jesus, thought they were religious. They went to the temple to pray. They read the Word of God. But they were against the teaching of oneness that Jesus spoke.

If Jesus had not spoke of His oneness with God, then they would not have wanted to kill Him. But they were against Christ (the Truth). That means they are the Antichrist. Being Antichrist, means you are against the message or teaching of Christ.

There are even people today who think they are Christians, but are against the Truth of oneness with God. Those who are against the truth of oneness with God, are the Antichrist, no matter how they confess to be Christians.

The message of Christ is the message of Truth, and it reveals our Oneness with GodThe message of Christ is the message of Truth, and it reveals our Oneness with God.

John 10:34 – Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I have said you are Gods’?”

Psalms 82:6 – “I said, ‘You are Gods”; you are all Sons of the Most High.”

73. Trust in God

There is nothing to fear. God has everything planned and His Love and Goodness will not fail. What are you afraid of? Don’t you know that God is in command of all things and that His Wisdom is infinite. Salvation is receiving enlightenment as to God’s Love, and that you are part of Him. This enlightenment will come to you.

If a child of God is raised by abusive or negligent parents; this does not really matter.If the parents, teachers, and relatives, all set bad examples for the child; God is still able to give His child enlightenment of His Love. Nothing can keep a child of God from his inheritance, which is: Love, Joy, Peace, Wisdom, thus Heaven. Nothing can separate a child of God from his Heavenly Father. If a child is abused, either physically or mentally, God is still able to enlighten that child and bring that child home. Nothing anyone can do can keep a child of God from his inheritance.

God knows everything including: every detail of your life, and everything that will happen in your life. God knows how to enlighten you. God knows: where to place you, how to feed you with wisdom, when to take you home, how to strengthen you to endure things.

If you suffer, God will give you the strength to endure suffering. There is something to be gained in all things that happen to us. We also must set examples of faith and goodness, and blaze a trail for those to follow.

Your fate is not in question. There is no doubt of your destiny. Nothing can surprise God or trick God. God is in charge. God has all power and His Love is boundless. You have nothing to fear. Your future is in God’s Loving Hands, and nothing can take you away from God’s Love.

You do not have to be concerned with the future. God controls your future. You are protected from all appearances of danger, by your Loving Father. Nothing can threaten you. Therefore, you do not have to worry, or give any thought to defending yourself from the appearance of danger.

Even if others speak against you and condemn you to death; God will not forsake you. Do not fear the death of the body. Your Spirit and Soul is the real you, and God has the real you in His Loving hands. And if you are condemned and face death or physical abuse, God will give you the strength to endure it.

Your enlightenment is certain. You can therefore, rest your mind. Nothing can harm the real you. There is no danger. Danger is only a false appearance; danger is not real. Danger is fiction. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can ever harm the real you. God cannot fail. God knows how to enlighten His children. You are His child. You are part of Him. God cannot fail Himself.

74. Worldly Understanding and Worldly Doctrines

A man views things around him, from his own set of beliefs, from his own concepts. Thus, he views things from his own doctrines and own understanding.

Have you ever heard the saying, ” He sees everything through rose colored glasses”? This means that he interprets everything around him through his own set of beliefs or concepts. He sees everything as “rosy.”

A man’s house represents his set of beliefs, or his set of concepts. The windows of his house are his interface between his beliefs and the other doctrines, or concepts of the world. Meaning, the windows of his house are the concepts that he believes in, through which he views others and the rest of the world. Just like the rose colored glasses.

A man’s beliefs are fragile. The concepts through which he views others, can be shattered, just like a glass window pane can be shattered. For example, Someone can throw a stone and break your window pane. In the same way someone can confuse you with other doctrines or concepts, that destroy the way you view others. It’s like breaking the window pane of your understanding, through which you view others.

Criticizing and finding fault in others, is like throwing stones at them. You are trying to break their set of beliefs or concepts. Therefore, don’t find fault or criticize others. You wouldn’t want to confuse or cause anxiety to your brethren? And you wouldn’t want others to confuse you or cause you anxiety. Let others believe in the things they believe, and you believe in the things you believe in. After all, the doctrines and concepts of this world are so fragile, just like a window pane. Let’s not hurt one another! Live and let live!

75. Walking the Rainbow Trail

Your job is to sort through the doubt and confusion, and learn the truth about yourself and your brethren. This is the only job you have!

If you see the vanity of this world, then it is easy to shed the doubt and confusion this world gives you, and take the focus of your awareness away from the world and look to higher levels of consciousness. These higher levels of consciousness have the effect of giving you increased awareness of your own reality. “Who are you and what you are?”, is the question that is being answered, as you learn more about yourself and your brethren.

All dimensions of vanity must be seen as vain, and unworthy for you to live in, so that you can see the divine magnitude of your reality, and shed layers of doubt and confusion that cover your thoughts and awareness.

You will get the world out of your system, meaning: you will grow tired of this dimension and all of it’s false images and vanity. You will grow tired of every dimension of vanity, as you learn to distinguish between: “what is really important and what is unimportant”, and as you learn the divine magnitude of your own being.

It will gradually dawn on you that: “Your being is infinite and eternal”, and that: “Your own self is more divine than you can comprehend”. You will understand that you are everywhere! No dimension can contain your infinite being of glorious Love.

Everyone has an inward desire to learn more about themselves. The reason is: because spiritually they sense that their being is more than they can comprehend. They feel like they don’t understand their own being completely. And that is correct, they have no idea of the magnitude of their own being.

You can never be satisfied with the petty vanity of any dimension. You will always long for new understanding. As you go through dimensions, you are walking the rainbow trail, which leads to your infinity and your eternity. Your being cannot be confined in a house or a body or a dimension, because you are everywhere, all in all.

As you learn more about yourself, you are fulfilling your purpose. You are realizing that you are divine Love and divine Goodness, both infinite and eternal.

Happy trails!

76. There are only two types of thought concerning God

It may seem strange to you, but man has only two types of thought concerning God. All the religions of the world and denominations and all individual thoughts are in only two categories.

(1). Those who think that God judges and punishes man.

(2). Those who think that God does not Judge or punish man.

(1). Those who believe that God judges and punishes man are the vast majority of the people. They are in all religions in the world. They live in constant fear of God. The reason they believe these things is: because they hold God responsible for all the things that happen in the world. They see all disasters as punishments from God. They see good and evil in all things. They can be very cruel to their fellow man, in the name of religion. They try to please God by sacrifices and other rituals and pious acts. They bow themselves and kneel down, while saying prayers, pleading for mercy. From all the disasters that seem to happen in the world, they see God as very harsh and cruel, a God of terrible judgment. They love the world and are very concerned if anything happens to the world. All the rituals and sacrifices that were done throughout history, which were done out of superstition, are based on the fear of God. Man has a history of fear and superstition. They are afraid of death and punishment. This type of thinking is illogical.

(2). Those who believe that God is not a God of judgment or punishment are very very few in the world. They are against the beliefs of all the organized religions of the world. They view God as pure Love and Goodness. They see the disasters in the world as proof of nothing. They don’t love the world, therefore if anything happens to the world, they are not disturbed. They see this world as nothing but vanity and illusion. They have spiritual and celestial faith in God’s eternal Love. They don’t pretend or play games with God. They know that God sees and knows all things. Therefore they don’t have to try and please God with pious actions or rituals. They trust in God’s goodness. They don’t have to “win” God over to their side, because they know that God Loves them forever. They are unafraid of death, because they trust in the power of God’s Love.

Those who view God as a God of Judgement and punishment, see things from a negative point of view, they see no goodness or love at work in the world.

On the other hand, those who view God as a God that does not judge or punish anyone, see things from a positive point of view, they see goodness and love at work in all things.

Those who see God as a God of judgment and punishment say, ‘but the Bible tells us that there will be a judgment day, and that God will judge everyone, as good or bad’. But they fail to understand the Bible when it also says, “Judge not and you will not be judged”, and “Condemn not and you will not be condemned”. Therefore, it is very clear that, those who see God as a God of judgment and punishment, also expect to be judged and punished. But those who have a positive outlook see everything from Love and goodness, and expect no judgment or punishment, because they judge no one and punish on one.

So you see, as a man thinks, so it is, too him!

The truth is: the Bible is written so that both the negative minded (those who fear God), and positive minded (those who do not fear God) can both receive the words meant for them. Both the proud and the humble can receive the things meant for them. Those who are worldly minded fear God and the destruction of the world. Those who are spiritual minded have no fear of God, and see the world and the things in the world as nothing of value.

So the question is: “Who is correct concerning God, those who see God as a God of judgment, or those who see only Love and Goodness”? Because, obviously there is some confusion.

You will know the answer in your heart when you ask yourself the following questions. Is God cruel? Is God Love? Are the proud and arrogant people wise, or are the humble and meek wise? Is this world vain? Do you love your status in the world and your life in the world? Are you upset if physical things are taken away from you? Do you value physical possessions?

Solomon was a very logical and wise man. He looked back at his life in world and all his labors, and reached the conclusion that all was vanity in the world. Do you believe that the world is nothing but vanity, or do you see value in the world?

If man would only think logicallyIf man would only think logically, then he would not see God as a God of judgment and punishment, but the religions of the world lead astray and blind men to the truth of God’s Love. Can’t you see the vanity and insanity of the world. If therefore, the world is vain and insane, (which it is), how can you view the destruction of things in the world as “judgment from God”? If something vain and insane were to be destroyed, then what has been lost? Is it proof that God is punishing someone? Or, is it merely proof that the world is vanity and nothing.

Is it proof of God’s judgment, if someone loses their health, wealth, job, house, car, or anything? Or, is it a blessing? Can the loss of health be a blessing? Can the loss of wealth, job, house or car or anything be a blessing?

If a person is in great need of understanding, (but they believe themselves to to be wise and “know it all”), then how can you awaken them from the pride and insanity of the world.

All things are a blessing, and you can see this, when you think rightly. Everything that happens is a blessing. The Bible plainly tells us that, “In all things be thankful“. Therefore, if we are to be thankful for all things, then all things that happen must be a blessing, and for our eternal benefit.

So you see, those who believe in God’s goodness and love, see everything that happens in the world as a blessing, and not as proof of God’s judgment, but merely as proof of God’s great love. They see God at work: blessing, helping, awakening, and saving us from the vanity and insanity of the world. They even see death as a blessing.

The Bible plainly says: “better is the end of a thing than the beginning“. Better is the end of life in this vain and insane world than the beginning. That’s why Jesus told us not to fear death, nor let our hearts be troubled. He wanted to reassure us concerning our eternal future in Heaven with Him. He wanted to take away our superstition and fear.

So you see, the logical person must arrive at the conclusion that the world is vain, but God is love, and everything that happens in the world, no matter what, is a blessing from love.

77. The Mind

The mind controls the body and is master over the flesh. Will power and desire, rules over the physical things and chemical things of the body.

To improve physical performance and endurance, you need to push the body. During physical exercise, your body will reach a point of stress and fatigue, and it will say to you “that’s enough”, “I’m getting tired”. Your body will sweat and ache and pain you. If you immediately stop your exercise and cater to your bodies signals, then you will never improve your performance or endurance. You will be controlled by the limit that the body has set for you. Don’t let the body tell you what to do. You tell the body what to do.

The way to improve your performance and endurance, is to always go beyond what the body says is your limit. Go a little bit more than what your body wants to do. Push yourself to new levels of performance everyday. Set new goals for yourself and even go beyond those goals. Reach beyond what you thought you could do. Soon your expectations will rise to levels undreamed of. Your body weight will go down and your heart and lungs will get stronger. Your self esteem will be stronger. Don’t let the aches and pains of the body control you. You can conquer pain and fatigue. When the aches and pains urge you to quit, then use your determination to over come these things and say to your flesh, “you will do this”, and “I will not listen to physical aches and pains”.

Don’t be a slave to the weakness and fatigue of the body. Don’t let the pains, or pleasures of the flesh control you. Both pain and pleasure of the flesh are merely sensory inputs to the brain, from the parts of the body. The nerves are like telephone lines that sends signals to the brain from various parts of the body. Just like an unwanted telephone call, from someone on your telephone, you can “hang-up” on unwanted signals from the body.

How was Jesus able to go forty days in the wilderness, without food? How does a man or woman run a marathon (26 miles)? How could Jesus endure the cross? The following words give us the answer.






Will Power

Mental Toughness


78. It is only an illusion to believe that people are different.

If you look at the outward appearance and actions of people, then you can see apparent differences. Outwardly and physically, people are different sizes, wear different clothes, have different skin colors, and seem inclined to different foods, customs, and lifestyles. Some people seem inclined to be extroverted and others seem inclined to be introverted. People even have different blood types, in a few categories such as: O, A, B, and labeled as positive or negative.

All of this tends to persuade us that people are actually different, but this is only an illusion. These are only outward worldly things and proof of nothing spiritual. The evidence is only physical.

People love to label and categorize people into groups. Thus, creating the further illusion of differences. The schools place children in “Slow learners”, and “bright” classes, and this creates the illusion of differences among children. The schools love to give grades and label children as “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “F” students. This gives the illusion that children are born different.

Some people wear glasses and some don’t. Some people can run fast and some can’t. Some people can juggle and others can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Some people can dance very gracefully, and other people can’t even walk. Some people seem to be born leaders, and others seem to be born followers. Some people are rich and have lots of money and other people are poor and have little or no money. Some people have large houses or mansions, other people are homeless. Some people seem to be the picture of health and fitness, other people are deformed and handicapped. Some people speak so beautiful and other people stutter or can’t speak at all. Some people have the eyesight of an eagle, other people are blind. Some people are great musicians or artists, other people don’t seem to be able to do anything. Some people get labeled as criminals or law breakers, and some labeled as good upstanding citizens. Some people get labeled as “Fine Good Christians” or “Religious”, and others as “Heathens”. Some people go to church, other people don’t. Some people die young, other people live very old.

Many times within the same family two children are born. One grows up and gets a fine job and is admired by the whole town, and the other may get into trouble with the law, and be seen as worthless. The families will many times explain this apparent paradox by saying: “one was a good child and one was bad”, or “we raised them both the same, but one turned out bad”.

But, ask yourself this question: “Is one child good and one child bad, or is this only an illusion”? Is there any “real” differences?

Look at the parable of the prodigal son. One son demanded his inheritance and left for a far away place, where he wasted all that he had. But, the other son stayed home and helped his father, and didn’t waste anything. This story gives us the illusion that one son was bad and the other son was good. I’m sure that all the servants and neighbors said, that the son who left and wasted his inheritance was a terrible son, and that the son who stayed home and helped his father was a very good boy. The end of the story gives us a different analysis. The father loved both sons equally at all times and through all these events. When his wayward son finally returned home confused and penniless, his father never condemned him as, “a bad boy”, nor did he demand an accounting of the money he had taken with him. His father knew the unimportance of physical things. Money didn’t matter to him. His father welcomed him home with open arms, joyfully and with great celebration. He loved his son absolutely and eternally. Nothing could ever make him stop loving his son. He never saw one son as good or one son as bad.

It’s the same with every boy or girl that is in prison or gets in trouble and is labeled as “no good”. They have a Father in Heaven who loves them always. Their Father in Heaven holds no grudges and is not angry with them. Their Father in Heaven sees them as “His” and as forever perfect. No illusion of sin or imperfection can ever cause their Father in Heaven to doubt the goodness of His own child.

So you see, the world tells us false things, and gives us the illusion that people are different. But, the truth is that. “We are all the same“.

It takes many actors to create a movie, and some play the role of the hero or good guy, and others play the role of the villain or bad guy. They all have to play their parts. William Shakespeare once said, “The whole world is a stage and every man an actor”. If we only knew the truth of this saying, we would never condemn or judge a brother.

Don’t let the illusion of apparent differences ever cause you to feel superior to another, nor cause you to feel inferior. Just know that in “reality” we are all the same.

79. So you think you Love Jesus

Do you Love Jesus? Do you feel sorry for the terrible things he went through? Do you see the innocence and goodness of Jesus? That’s fine and good, but let’s see if you “really” love Jesus, or if you are merely fascinated with an idol image. Let’s see if you only claim to love Jesus for your own religious reasons, to make you feel saved.

Jesus said, “If you did it to the least of My brethren, then you did it to Me“. Do you love everybody? How can you claim to love Jesus, and not love everybody the same? Jesus has told you that He is your brother. Every man you see is your brother, and at the same time Jesus.

How do you feel about the two other men that were crucified with Jesus, one to the left of Jesus, and one to the right? If you don’t love them as much as you claim to love Jesus, then you “really” don’t love Jesus. If you don’t feel sorry for them, as much as you claim to feel sorry for Jesus, then you “really” don’t feel sorry for Jesus.

Those two other men were once little babies, just like Jesus. They were poor, just like Jesus. They received a death sentence, just like Jesus. They were crucified by the same roman soldiers, on the same day. They felt the same agony and pain. Do you care about what happened to them, or to their bodies. Do you care about their families and their loved ones.

Do you justify their deaths, by saying, “but they were criminals”. What was their crime? Were you there? Do you know the reasons why they stole? Were their children hungry? Were their fathers and mothers dying from starvation? Would you kill a man for stealing? Are you too a monster? Are you a fault finder? Are you insensitive to the suffering of others?

You cannot justify the death of any man. Every man is a perfect child of God. Any action that they do in this insane and dark world, is only confusion and meaningless. Did Jesus condemn the woman caught in adultery? Did he say, go ahead and kill her, for she is guilty?

Today men still kill their brethren in the name of justice. They claim to love Jesus, and at the same time kill those whom Jesus has told us are His brethren. If you don’t feel as much love and compassion on the person who is killed by the “Criminal Justice System”, as you claim to have for Jesus, then you “really” don’t love Jesus.

You cannot love Jesus and not love your brethren. You cannot love Jesus and not forgive your brethren of their sins, errors or mistakes. You cannot love Jesus and judge anyone as guilty of death.

The church has taught you to love Jesus; they should have taught you to love your brothers. They should have taught you to forgive and feel compassion on everyone, regardless of the “things” they appear to have done.

The church has taught you to give money to the church and the needy. They should have taught you to give mercy and compassion on those needy of mercy and compassion. The church has taught you to sing love songs to Jesus. They should have taught you to sing love songs to those on death row, in prisons, in nursing homes, and mental hospitals. They have taught you to celebrate the birth of Jesus. They should have taught you to celebrate the births of everyone, for they too are children of God.

The church has told you to believe in Jesus. They should have taught you to believe in your brothers. They should have taught you to look deep within your brother, way past the illusions of the outward man, and see the goodness and divinity that is forever there.

If you justify the death of anyone, then you are just like the Pharisees and the roman soldiers. If you see anyone as guilty of punishment, then you are blind to spiritual love. And, totally confused by the darkness of the world.

So when you dress up in your fine clothes and go to church, and pass by the homeless along the way, ask yourself, “Am I better than these?”. After church, when you go out to a restaurant to dine, and pass by the hungry drug addict, who has wasted all his money on drugs and alcohol, and smells “dirty”; ask yourself, “Am I better than these?”. When you see a mentally ill person walking aimlessly on the highway, with twitching or glaring eyes, burdened by the confusion and insanity of the world, ask yourself, “Am I better than these?”. When you see the migrant farm workers, bend over in the fields, harvesting your food supply, while the sun burns their necks and arms, and their children spend their lives in poverty, ask yourself, “Am I better than these?”.

Would you recognize Jesus, whom you claim to love and follow, if you saw him today? Would His outward appearance shock you and cause you to turn away? Do you imagine Jesus to look like a movie star, or one of the painted pictures that you have seen, which portends to be Jesus?

When you see: the homeless, the drug addict, the mentally ill, or the migrant farm worker, you are looking at Jesus. Do you still claim to love Jesus?

You don’t love Jesus, if you don’t love everyone. They are also Jesus.

So now ask yourself, “Do you ‘really’ love Jesus?”.

80. Children Teach Innocence and Divine Honesty

Growing up in this world of confusion causes you to lose touch with your reality. You forget the sweet divine baby that you were at birth, and that you still are, in your reality. You develop an ego to cope with the egos of the world. Your pride and arrogance develop, and at the same time: resentment, confusion, and doubt. You no longer understand the eternal perfection and glory of your own being. You need a lesson in innocence. You need to remember the truth of your reality. You need to be taught your oneness with Divine Love (God).

When a baby is born, a real lesson in innocence and divine honesty is being taught. The mother and father can see in the child the perfection and glory that they have forgotten. They see pure innocence, which they have forgotten. They are being taught to remember the truth of their own glorious being. They are being restored to their right minds, and their confusion and doubt is overcome with the truth of divine love. The little baby teaches all these lessons.

They are restored and saved from the insanity of pride and egotism, by the lesson of innocence, that they receive from the little baby. They could receive this lesson in no other way.

Now you know how wonderful a child really is!

81. Understanding Perfection

You cannot gain the awareness of your own perfection, unless you also, at the same moment, understand the perfection of everyone. When you recognize the Divine Love and Divine Wisdom of everyone, then you can see your own spiritual perfection.

Keep your brethren in your awareness, knowing and believing in their goodness and divinity. How can you see faults in others and excuse yourself? Are you trying to separate yourself from your brothers, and see some of them as bad and yourself and your friends as good? You either must condemn everyone, or pardon everyone. You must either see fault in everyone, or see no fault in anyone.

The Wisdom of Love reveals to us that we all are spiritually perfect. Everyone is absolutely perfect and wonderful. Spiritually we all are infinite and eternal Love. Believe that no one has done you any wrong. Worldly things don’t matter, because all in the world is vanity. So why be concerned with worldly events?

It is impossible to know your own spiritual perfection, and also believe that some of your brethren are imperfect or no good. We are the focal points of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, our soul is Love. The confusion of the world is varied, it affects people differently, and causes us to look different and act differently, but it is only illusion, because we all are the same.

Don’t look at or believe in the things of outward appearance. Don’t be fooled by the vanity of the world, or the decay of the world. Don’t be concerned with the outward appearance of anything. How can you look at the outward appearance of someone, and conclude that they are bad? How can you look at the actions in the world of someone, and conclude that they are bad? If someone is: lonely, worried, feeling insecure, tormented, oppressed, confused, afraid, or stressed out, then how can you blame them for their actions. How can a person that is oppressed and confused, ignore the oppression and confusion and remain unaffected? Do you expect a child to laugh and giggle, when it is abused? Do you except a child to sing songs and be happy, when they are lonely, hurt, or feeling insecure? Would you blame a child for showing their displeasure with the vanity and suffering in the world? Every action in the world, which you think is so bad, is only a child of God showing displeasure with the stress and oppression, which he has experienced in the world. There are no criminals. There are no bad people.

Can’t you see the deception in the world. Believe in yourself and believe in everyone. No one is worthless. In fact, everyone is good and divine. This is true, even if you can’t see it.

82. Honesty and Morality and Ethics

Every religion in the world teaches honesty, morality and ethics. This is something they all have in common. The ten commandments teach being: honest, moral, fair, truthful, and just. They teach us morality. Religion is supposed to teach us good things, and keep us from acting like savages.

It’s not your religion that counts it’s your morality. Without morality you have no religion.

Why is honesty important? Why is morality important? Why is being fair and ethical important?

The world today is completely out of control. People are like wild animals. They fight and steal and cheat one another. They are perverted in their thinking and their actions. Many people believe in nothing. Why do you think over a million men are in prison? Why do you think AIDS is killing so many people? Why are children shooting and killing other children? Why are people greedy and only want more, more, more? No one is satisfied, but they only want more money and more material possessions.

Honesty, morality and ethical behavior are from Love. If you love others, you want them to be happy. If you love others, you treat them fairly. If you love others, you want to protect them mentally from stress and confusion.

That’s why people in the world are acting so greedy and immoral, because they have forgotten how to love. Love is not a physical act, it is spiritual affection. To love is to protect. Look at how a hen protects her chicks. Look at how a mother protects her children, or should protect her children if she loves them.

Is morality important anymore? Morality is merely abiding by the principles that love gives you. Love will tell you the right thing to do.

Those who have no principles or moral beliefs, can only cause unhappiness to themselves and to others. Because, they are not protecting anyone from stress and confusion, and insanity. Immoral behavior leads to insanity. Insanity is confusion and unhappiness. This is hell.

Therefore immoral behavior creates hell in a person’s mind.

Heaven is the awareness of your eternal spiritual perfection, and understanding your innocence. Immoral behavior confuses you about your perfection, and causes you to doubt yourself and others. This creates hell in your mind. Therefore, hell is insanity of the mind and unhappiness.

Why do you think the Bible teaches moral behavior? Because God wants to save you from the insanity of immoral behavior. Remember, Love gives us the principles to follow that protects us from confusion and unhappiness. God wants you to be happy, not unhappy.

What should you do? How should you behave?

The answer is to let Love guide you and show you the correct path to follow.

Those involved in prostitution, homosexuality or adultery are not loving themselves or others. Because their actions lead to confusion and unhappiness and insanity.

A country needs to follow the teachings of love; which are honesty, justice, compassion, morality, and ethical behavior. Because if it doesn’t, the country will certainly be a place of insanity, fear, and confusion, thus it will be hell.

Those who teach immoral behaviors are leading the country into the suffering of hell. They claim that their personal acts of immorality are their business and they have freedom to do anything they want. They are like predators, seeking victims. Innocence is their prey. They delight in offending the helpless and the innocent. They are spreading their disease of the mind, their insanity.

They are like bacteria in the body. A society can be killed by immorality. How can a civilization be civilized, if there is no principles to follow? Morality is principles to follow, which love gives. These principles are to the mind, like antibiotics are to the body.

If child abuse, sexual abuse, murder, crime, dishonesty, deception, vandalism, violence, and harassment, are OK, then what will be the end result of that society?

If you love yourself and others, follow the teachings of Love. Respect yourself and others. Use everything for the purpose it was intended. This is called Right-use-of. This means righteousness.

Unrighteousness is doing things for the wrong purpose.

Let Love show you the way out of the insanity and confusion of the world. If you realized that you were living in a society that was hell on earth, thus, no happiness, what would you do? Look around you. Prisons are overflowing, the homeless sleep on the streets, every business is greedy and corrupt. Everyone is cheating everyone else. Children are killing each other. Drugs and prostitution and homosexuality are spreading like wild fire. Abuse and violence are everywhere. All the professional people are corrupted by greed. The churches want your money. The politicians want your vote, so they can get power and money. The television networks want you to watch their garbage, and they get high ratings, so they make more money.

Hollywood makes garbage movies so you will pay money to see them, and they can get rich. They don’t care about teaching you the good path to follow, or showing you right behavior. They don’t care about protecting or guarding your mind from the pain of insanity and confusion. They want to make money, and spread their disease of the mind.

Now you can see why honesty and moral behavior is important to good mental health and to your happiness.

Put your faith and trust in God. This means to trust in Love, for God is Love. The world is not your home. Love not the world nor the things of the world.

Sodom and Gomorrah represent the insanity of immoral behaviorSodom and Gomorrah represent the insanity of immoral behavior.

If you think that prostitution, adultery and homosexuality are OK, then just follow the life of anyone who is a prostitute, adulterer, or homosexual. Don’t just listen to their speech, but follow their life to the end result. If they don’t change their ways, you will find, every time, a person who ends up: miserable, unhappy, confused and troubled by insanity.

Morality does matter!

The conclusion is thisThe conclusion is this:

Your time in the world is not long. Trust in God and do your best.

83. Don’t Let the Religious Denominations Confuse You

Many people are totally confused about what God wants them to do, they get caught up in trying to obey various laws, and doing various rituals.

Many religions and denominations of religions teach various rituals and demand compliance with their beliefs. They use different verses in the Bible or Koran or other writings, to try and persuade you that their ideas and beliefs are the only ones that God has ordained.

Don’t be confused by these various denominations. They always find fault in others that don’t attend their church or do as they do.

Use your common sense. God is LOVE. God is LOVE. To be Godly is to LOVE.

No ritual or sacrifice has any meaning except to LOVE. To condemn anyone, means you are not being Godly.

Jesus gave only ONE commandment. He said, “This is My commandment, that ye LOVE one another, as I have loved you“. (John 15:12)

Some people want to obey the laws in the world or in the Bible.

The Bible says, “Owe no man any thing, but to LOVE one another: for he that LOVETH another hath fulfilled the law“. (Romans 13:8)

God only expects us to LOVE. You can do nothing more than LOVE your brother. What could you possibly do more than LOVE your brethren? Remember GOD IS LOVE. To be Godly is merely to LOVE.

Don’t let the confused confuse you. They believe many false and strange things. They teach various rituals. THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO DO IS TO LOVE.


Now ask yourself this question; Who is saved?

The answer is so simple. THOSE WHO LOVE EVERYONE.

Those who LOVE are saved from confusion, because LOVING thoughts are true thoughts and they restore you to good mental health, and to your right mind.

Believe in LOVE. LOVE is eternal. Don’t be afraid of LOVE.

84. A Letter From God To You

You are now reading My letter to You. I am God. Are you surprised that I would write you a letter? Are you dismissing this letter already? Do you think you know Me? What do you really know about Me or yourself?

That’s why I am writing this letter to you. So you will comprehend Me and yourself.

You seek admiration from achievements in the world. You want to accomplish something, and thus achieve a sense of worth. You want to feel good about yourself, and feel that you have value. You struggle and work and sacrifice to build things to feel proud of. You are only trying to make yourself happy.

Now I will tell you the Truth, so you won’t wander through the wilderness of vanity any longer. You are competing with your brethren for praise and admiration. What does it mean to Win? Are you better than anyone else? Do you have more value than anyone else?

Your happiness does not come from anything you achieve in the world, it comes from Me. Your Peace and Joy does not come from your worldly achievements or your illusions of wealth.

I am your Peace. I am your Joy. I am your Wealth.

As long as you compete for fame and admiration, you will be confused about Me, and about yourself. The experiences you have in the world will serve to teach you the vanity of the world, and the emptiness of false pride. Don’t seek vain worldly accomplishments.

Your eternity is secure. I am your security. You still don’t know Me, but you will.

You seek happiness and self-esteem from those things that are not real, and don’t give true happiness or self-esteem. I am your Hope and your happiness. I am your self-esteem.

Do you now understand, who I am? I am your self-esteem. I am your everything. I am your self.

Do you believe that I am yourself?

When you do, and you will, your happiness and joy will be complete. I am telling you now, that your happiness and your joy will be fulfilled in you. I know you. That’s why I am writing this letter to you, because I know you. You will certainly come to the knowledge of yourself, and then you will know me. Thank you for everything.

Love God.

85. All Things that Happen are in the Hands of GOD

Everything that happens is under the control of God. Nothing can happen that the Lord does not permit. There are no accidents, and nothing happens by chance.

The Lord knows all the events of your life, down to the smallest detail. Every hair on your head is numbered. God has planned every event in your life, that will happen. From your birth to your death, nothing has happened or will happen that God did not allow to happen, for a good reason.

Some people falsely believe that they (their worldly minds) choose and decide everything for themselves. This is only the appearance, so they can be taught to awaken to reality awareness. Your eternal fate is not in question. God knows how to draw, lead and awaken his children to the truth of their eternal perfection.

All the decisions that you have ever made, were seen by the Lord before you were even born. God knew what you would do, in every day of your life. He therefore, provided the necessary events that would follow in sequence, so that the desired effect would take place. The desired effect is: for you to see the vanity of the world; for you to become aware of your eternal perfection; for you to know your oneness with God and your brethren; for you to express love in this dimension and cause your brethren to love more; for you to become aware of God’s infinite goodness and love.

Your ego does not cause things to happen, GOD DOESYour ego does not cause things to happen, GOD DOES. God is the reason you: get a job, find a home, meet your spouse, receive an education. God does all these things. What ever you think you have done or achieved, was allowed to happen to you by the Lord. These writings that you are now reading, are from the Lord.

All things are in the hands of the Lord. No one dies, that is not under the control of the Lord. There are no accidents. Everything happens for a good reason. You do not see all the reasons, and therefore you question the reason for things. You wonder, why God allowed this or that to happen? LOVE is the answer to all your questions. To increase love and compassion among all brethren. To cause you to feel love and oneness with your brethren.

Every child of God is one with God; their higher-selves, which are one with God, desire that certain things happen to them in the world, so they can express love and cause more loveEvery child of God is one with God; their higher-selves, which are one with God, desire that certain things happen to them in the world, so they can express love and cause more love.

Your time in the world is not for your ego (which is nothing) to create and maintain a separate life in a physical world. It is for your spirit to express its divinity and holiness, and it does and it will.

86. God is Teaching us to have faith in His Love

God is the spirit of Love.

All the events of your life have been planned. God knows the end from the beginning. He knows every hair on your head. He knows what you need before you pray. God has laid out every detail of your life. He knew you before you were born; while you were still in your mother’s womb. He knows your thoughts. He knows all things, even before they happen. Nothing can surprise God, and nothing has ever surprised God. Because, God sees and knows everything. There are no secrets hid from God. This means that God is in complete control of your life and the lives of everyone in the world. The song is true that says, “He’s got the whole world in His Hands.” The place you were born; your parents; your relatives; the schools you have attended; the sicknesses you have had; your physical characteristics; your occupations; your friends; and your enemies; have all been planned and allowed to happen, just as they happened. God has a different plan for each person. All the events of your life, even the apparent troubles you have experienced, have all been allowed by your Heavenly Father.

What is trouble? Consider what is trouble in your life. Lack of money, lack of food, lack of clothing, lack of companionship, anything that you lack and feel that you must have is trouble to you. A little child considers trouble to be when they can’t play when they want to, or when they think their parents are unhappy with them. A person in a wheel chair might consider trouble to be: their handicap, or when they can’t find a handicap access ramp, or find someone to help them in some way. If you lose your job; lose your health; lose your wealth; lose your freedom or mobility; or lose anything you value, then you consider that trouble. But, God tells us, “Let not your heart be troubled.” God wants us not to be concerned about losing anything; even our own worldly lives. God wants us to trust Him and believe in His Love. All the apparent troubles of your life have been allowed to happen to you for a good reason. What possible reason could God have in allowing trouble in our lives?

God tells us to ask Him for the things we need; we are to pray for the things we need and the things our brethren need. But, God already knows the things we need before we pray. So then, why does God want us to pray? What good could come from praying? Prayer and receiving the answer to prayer builds faith. God wants us to believe in His Goodness and Love. He wants us to trust Him and confide in Him and to communicate with Him. When we pray and then receive the answer to that prayer, then our faith in God and God’s Love for us increases. God is building faith in us. We learn to believe in God when we understand that He answers prayer. God is training us to rely on Him and on His Love. Remember, God knows everything you need, even before you pray. But, you need to grow in faith and trust in God’s Divine Love and Divine Goodness. All the apparent troubles of your life are allowed, so that God can build your faith in His Love.

You dreams are given to you for a reason.

God is in complete control of all things in your life. You may think that you could have created a better world than this one, and that you could have done a better job than God. But, consider this: Could you have created a better world and still been able to teach all the millions of people to have faith in God’s Love, and to believe in God? No, you could not create a better world and still teach the things necessary for each person to know and to experience. Remember, the troubles of a man’s life are important to teach him faith in God’s Love. If you remove the troubles, then how can you teach the man to seek God and increase his faith in God. God has the whole world in His hands. Even the so called tragedies in this world teach us to Love and have compassion on our brethren. God knows what he’s doing, just trust Him.

God is preparing you for Heaven; just keep that in mind. Don’t get too attached to the things in your life or in your possession. These are temporary and only given to teach you to trust in God’s Love. Remember God knows what you need, and the most important thing you need is not money, lands, or anything physical, but it is faith.

Happy trails, or maybe I should say happy trials. Be happy and don’t worry, your Heavenly Father knows all about you, and Loves you Infinitely.

87. Are you Convinced of God’s love for You

This is the most important topic you will ever read about.

You are told, “God loves you”, but do you really believe it? Are you absolutely convinced that God loves you?

Believing that God loves you, is THE most important thingBelieving that God loves you, is THE most important thing!

People claim to have faith in God’s love for them. But when something happens unexpectedly, where is their faith? As long as everything is going great, then you can easily say, “O’ yes, I believe that God loves me“. However, when a death in the family occurs, or your health deteriorates, or your finances vanish, will you still say, “O’ yes God loves me.”?

If you get cancer or some other illness, will you still believe that God loves you? If your physical appearance changes, or your outward beauty declines, will you still believe in God’s love for you? If a great tragedy happened to you, will you say, “I don’t know why God let this terrible thing happened to me, He must not love me.”?

Can you still believe in God’s love for you, when things seem to go “bad”? Or, do you only have faith when things seem to be going “good”?

Your faith in God’s love for you must be constant, and not change with everything that happens to you. God’s love for you does not change, so why does your faith change? Are you basing your faith in God’s love for you, on the events in the world? The world will pass away, and your physical body will die? Does that mean that God does not love you? If you get sick, and you certainly have gotten sick before, does that mean God does not love you? If you get hurt and feel pain, and you certainly have, does that mean that God does not love you? Who does God love the most, the rich or the poor? If you lose your money, does that mean God does not love you? Did Jesus have a lot of money? Did the disciples or the prophets have a lot of money?

Your life in the world is like a vapor. It passes away so quickly and you leave this dimension. Some people have physical deformities or handicaps. Does God love them? Does God love the blind or the lame? Does God love the homeless? Does God love the drug addict?

You must stop looking at physical events as proof of anything. Your faith in God’s love for you must be unshakable. You must be convinced that God loves you. You must be sure and confident that God loves you. You must KNOW that God loves you. You must be certain.

88. Forgiveness and Compassion

In this physical world, hardly anyone knows what is “strength”.

Everyone thinks that strength is physical. For example: how much weight a person can lift, or how fast can someone run. But this is not strength at all.

There are many contests of physical strength. For example: the Olympic games, iron man contests, the tour-de-france, and world championships in many sports. Every country has many types of physical sports and competitions.

This worship of physical things, blinds everyone to the real meaning of strength. Physical strength has no lasting importance or meaning. Physical strength is not strength at all, it is only an illusion of something.

Everyone in the world grows old. Where is their physical strength, when a person is old and dying? Look at little old gray haired men, who can barely walk, and who can barely talk. Once they were young, and maybe they thought they were strong. Maybe they won some sort of physical competition or contest.

True strength does not vanish with old age. Spiritual strength is the only strength. Spiritual strength endures forever, therefore it is “real”. Spiritual strength has meaning and importance.

What is spiritual strengthWhat is spiritual strength?

It may seem strange to you or even unbelievable, but forgiveness and compassion is spiritual strength. When you forgive those who have done you wrong, and have compassion on those who mistreated or abused you, then you are showing great inner strength, which is spiritual strength. You are looking beyond the world and the things that may have happened to you in the world, and you are looking to eternal and spiritual things. It takes spiritual strength to look beyond the world and the events that seemed to have happened to you.

Jesus showed us what spiritual strength is. He had forgiveness and compassion on those who harmed him. His forgiveness and compassion was strength itself. He looked beyond the events in the world. He had spiritual strength. He showed us how to be “truly strong”. He told us to forgive and have compassion on those who persecute us. Jesus was teaching us to be spiritually strong.

Forgiveness and compassion is strength. Be strong and forgive, and look beyond the world.

89. Speak Only of the Good in Others

When you speak of the good in others, then you are speaking truly.

If you condemn or find faults in others, then you are merely believing in the illusions of the world. You are putting importance on the world and the things of the world. You are seeing the superficial things and not looking deep within. You are causing stress, conflict and strife.

When you say good things about others, you are promoting the truth, and providing healing. When you compliment someone, you make them feel good. When you send a thank you card to someone, then you are building their self-esteem. When you tell others about the good things that someone has done, then you are making everyone love and appreciate that person, and causing everyone to believe in the goodness of their brethren.

We must believe in the goodness of our brethren. Faults are inconsistent with our spiritual reality. Therefore, faults are illusions. Every newborn baby shows you the spiritual reality of that person. They are divine and perfect and nothing in the world will ever change this truth. Even though, the world will confuse them and accuse them of error, the reality remains the same. The so called “bad” things that people do in the world are not important, and they reveal nothing about the real person. They are proof of nothing.

Remember this: Anything that is done in the world, that others call “bad”, is caused by the intense stress of the world. It is caused and provoked by the confusion of the world. The insanity of the world causes people to behave in confusing ways, but this is not their reality. The newborn baby is not “bad”. It never changes and becomes “bad”. It is forever wonderful and good.

Greed and pride is taught, by all the competition in the world. The illusions and vanity of materialism is the reason many are so confused.

When you speak of the goodness of others, then you are blessing everyoneWhen you speak of the goodness of others, then you are blessing everyone. We all affect one another. The collective happiness of all is our goal. See no error in anyone, but ignore all those confusing things, and mark them down as unimportant, and meaningless.

Believe in the oneness of allBelieve in the oneness of all.

Don’t be deceived and think you are spiritually separate from others.

We all need the healing words and thoughts that give reality awareness. To be aware of your reality, means that you are aware of the truth of your infinite and eternal goodness.

90. Things Not to Do

The golden rule says: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you“.

This is a fine statement. It tells us to “treat others as we want to be treated“.

But is it all that is needed, for everyone?

Let’s suppose for an example, that a person feels guilty for something they have done. And that person wants to be punished for their “sins”. Let’s suppose that this hypothetical person wants to receive punishment, because they want their anxiety to “go away”. They are under the illusion that; “If they are punished, then they have paid for their sin or mistake”. They want to be punished, so their conscious can stop bothering them. They can then say, “I have done wrong, but I have been punished, and paid for my sins”.

Now back to the golden rule. If this hypothetical person follows the golden rule, then they would want to inflict punishment upon others. The reason is: “Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you”. They want to be punished for their sins; therefore, if they do unto others as they want others to do to them, then they would want to punish others. Because they want to be punished.

This means that the golden rule is fine for those who don’t want to be punished. But it is not fine for those who want to be punished. Therefore, a set of other rules is necessary that tells those hypothetical people, “What not to do“.

Some of these rules are listed below.

Do not hurt anyone’s feelings.

Do not criticize or condemn anyone.

Do not make anyone feel guilty, for anything you think they have done.

Do not slander or talk behind someone’s back.

Do not see sin or fault in anyone.

Do not stress anyone out.

Do not be arrogant or proud and cause others to feel inferior.

Do not tell anyone they are lost and going to hell.

Do not think that you are separate from, or better than your brethren.

Do not hate anyone.

Do not punish anyone.

Do not think that anyone is in need of punishment.

Do not stop loving anyone, never stop loving everyone, never, never, never!

91. Do you appreciate Wisdom and Understanding

Have you ever heard the old saying, “You never appreciate the water, until the well runs dry.”?

This is so true. We often need to be reminded of the great importance of water.

This is true, not only of water but of light. Recently the electrical power went out, unexpectedly. It was at night and there was an overcast sky. The house went totally black. You couldn’t see anything, not even your hand in front of your face. It even felt dark. It seemed that you couldn’t even breathe. Some how we found a flashlight and it was much better. But the shadows were still there, because the flashlight couldn’t produce enough light. This experience really made us appreciate the light.

The same thing is true of Wisdom and Understanding. We never think about the great value of Wisdom and Understanding. What if we couldn’t think? What if we couldn’t understand anything? What if confusion caused us to be anxious or afraid?

We must learn to appreciate God’s Wisdom and Understanding, which He has given to us. God’s Wisdom and Understanding delivers us from darkness, which is confusion. God’s Wisdom and Understanding is also called God’s Light. God’s light teaches us good things, and guides us into perfect peace and joy. We are contented and at rest, when we understand the truth of God’s Love.

We must remember the goodness of God, as we go through our daily lives in the world.

Psalm 30:4 – Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of His, and give thanks at the remembrance of His Holiness.

Jesus gives us the Light, which is the Truth of God’s Love.

John 1:4 – In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.

John 12:46 – I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.

Appreciate the Understanding and the Wisdom God has given you.

I Thessalonians 5:18 – In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

92. Safeguard Everyone’s Emotional and Mental Condition

Your mental stability is based on the way others treat you, and your strength of faith. For a person to be mentally stable, there needs to be an environment that nurtures stable thoughts, which promote calm and peace. Mental instability is a result of: exploitation, abuse, cruelty, oppression, and stress.

Innocence, gentleness and meekness is not a sign of mental instability. On the contrary, it is a sign of good mental health. Those who are innocent, gentle and meek are more calm and peaceful than others. They lead happier lives than others. They enjoy things more than others.

But, those who are innocent, gentle and meek are often driven to show signs of mental instability, by the stress and oppression of those who are cruel and insensitive. Those who are: mean, cruel, unmerciful, greedy, and oppressive- see the meek and gentle as weaker than themselves, because the meek and gentle don’t like to argue or fight back. Therefore, the cruel and oppressive person tries to dominate and rule the meek and gentle. They falsely accuse the meek and gentle of some meaningless error. They abuse the meek and gentle with deceptive, and cruel words, and they cause signs of mental instability. They cause confusion.

If you care for othersIf you care for others, then you want them to be happy, with good mental and emotional health. You want them to be calm and have peace. You must safeguard everyone’s emotional condition, by being careful not to confuse or stress anyone.

Loving others is safeguarding their mental and emotional conditionLoving others is safeguarding their mental and emotional condition. How can you say you love someone, if you harm them emotionally? How can you love someone and at the same time cause them stress and anxiety. Love means to protect and comfort, not to oppress or abuse.

Mental and emotional abuse is a terrible thing. It takes a long time, with much healing therapy to help someone recover from the pain of mental and emotional abuse. The meek and gentle are vulnerable to mental and emotional abuse by the cruel and insensitive.

Be careful not to cause anyone mental or emotional trouble. Your words can hurt. Don’t scold or accuse anyone of error. Don’t find fault or condemn others. Protect them from stress and confusion. Love does not condemn or accuse. Love sees no fault. Love safeguards the mental and emotional condition. Love protects. Love nurtures good self-esteem.

Love, means to protect others from anything that causes: stress, fear or anxiety, and to gently lead them into heavenly spiritual, and celestial concepts, and away from carnal, physical thoughts.

93. What is a Remnant of Guilt?

There are different steps you must take, as you awaken from the insanity and confusion of the world. These steps lead you to reality awareness.

When you are young, you must be taught the things you can comprehend. When you are able to receive more understanding, then you are taught “higher” concepts. This is not to say, that the things you were taught earlier, were not true. They were true for you, at the time. They were the concepts that you needed at the time.

Every religion in the world teaches man to ask God for forgiveness. They all teach a way to be forgiven, and thus help man to overcome the terrible sting of guilt. They all teach man to have faith and believe in God’s forgiveness.

But this is only one step in your awakening to reality awarenessBut this is only one step in your awakening to reality awareness. To believe in forgiveness is good, but it implies that, “you have been bad, or imperfect”. If you believe that you have done terrible things, and that you are forgiven, merely because God has grace and mercy on you, then you retain a remnant of guilt within your mind. Your mind thinks, “You have done bad things, and you must be bad”, but “God forgives bad people”. Your mind thinks, “God’s forgiveness does not make me good, it merely forgives my badness”.

As long as you believe that you have sinned, and done “bad things”, then you are in need of reality awareness. You retain within your mind a sense of imperfection. This sense of imperfection is a remnant of guilt. Many young Christians often say, “I’m not perfect”!

Believing in God’s forgiveness is a first step and a necessary step on the road to reality awareness. You must pass this way, before you can get to the next step. You must be humble, before you can be enlightened.

The next step is to realize the unreality of all sin and guilt. The next step is to realize your eternal perfection and see that your so called sins, were merely illusions. This is the way to remove any remnant of guilt, within your mind. You have never “really” done wrong.

Reality awarenessReality awareness, means to comprehend your spiritual reality. All the things you think you did wrong are meaningless. All of your sin is nothing. All of your guilt is based on nothing. Only the worldly mind and ego could see sin and guilt. The world is nothing, and all actions in the world.

You must reach the level of understanding where, you see the eternal perfection of yourself and all of your brethren. Then you can see the illusions of the world, and the reality of your divine spirit.

94. Some Churches are driven by Greed

Some Churches want you to keep attending “Their” church, and not to go to any other church. They teach you the same doctrine, which is driven by greed. This doctrine is: “Our church is right, and other churches are wrong“. They all teach that: “Their way is the only way“.

The Catholics teach that: “The Protestant denominations are false”. The Protestant denominations teach that: “The Catholic church is false”. The Jehovah Witnesses teach that “They” know the truth, and others are lost. Other denominations teach that: Jehovah Witnesses are wrong. Jews teach that “they” are right, and others are wrong. There are many denominations and each of them believe that “they” have a lock on the truth. Mormons, Baptists, Holiness, Pentecostal, Methodists, and all the many denominations teach that “they” know the truth, and that you should go to their Church. There are many sects within the Jewish, Buddhist, and Moslem religions. These sects teach that “they” alone, know the truth, and that the other sects are wrong. The same goes with every religion and every denomination. They all want you to believe in their church, which is a doctrine of exclusion, rather than of inclusion.

I attended a church where the preacher said, “We know the other church, right down the street is wrong”. Is this the way to talk about your brethren? But it’s the same message being taught in all these churches. They all talk about each other and condemn each other.

Greed is the reason. Greed drives these churches. Greed causes them to speak against other churches. They don’t want you, “straying” from the truth, meaning from their church. They want to keep you right where you are; in their church. They want followers, money givers. Look at the tele-evangelists seeking your money. Can’t you see that greed is driving them. Therefore, greed for finances causes them to teach that “they” are right and others are wrong. Greed has caused all of them to lose the primary and fundamental truth, which Heaven is built upon. This truth is: “Oneness of brethren“. Spiritually, we are members of one another.

I will now tell you something that hardly anyone knows in the world. Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is Truth”? I will now tell you what is Truth. I will give you the definition of Truth.

Truth is the eternal condition. For example: when I say, “God is Good”. That is the Truth, because it is the eternal condition. Or when I say, “All brethren are spiritually one”. That is the Truth, because it is the eternal condition.

Truth describes the eternal conditionTruth describes the eternal condition.

Truth does not changeTruth does not change. It is the Eternal Condition.

Nevertheless, go to Church and enjoy the presence of your beloved brethren. Enjoy the friendship and fellowship. Bless yourself with the presence of your dear brothers. But, don’t get hungup in doctrines of exclusion, and don’t condemn or judge anyone else.

95. Help your Brethren to Love themselves

When a person does something that is insane, disgusting, or stupid; they know it. They understand and know their actions are foolish. And for this reason, they hate themselves.

A person who struggles with problems, and seems unable to overcome these problems, will want to die. They want to rid the world of their own insanity. They see no goodness within themselves.

They despise themselves, even if they don’t show it outwardly. Therefore, why cause your brethren any more suffering. Why add to their burden of guilt and fear. Why confuse them anymore.

You should have compassion on those who hate themselves. You should see their reality within, and not the illusions of the world. You should love them, and not be concerned with any actions they do in the world. You should help them to love themselves.

This is the way to truly help your brother. He is his own enemy. He needs your help, to protect him from his own sense of imperfection. Your enlightenment and awareness of his perfection, will help him to have mercy upon himself. You must see his goodness within, and encourage him to see the goodness within himself.

Heavenly wisdom is understanding and compassion and love. It does not condemn or judge, because Heavenly wisdom sees the unreality of the world and the unimportance of actions in the world. Heavenly wisdom sees the reality within, the eternal goodness within. You can help your brother, by looking at him with Heavenly wisdom. Your thoughts toward him, affect him.

Remember, your brother is his own worst enemy. He needs to be saved from his own self-condemnation. He need to gain Heavenly wisdom and see his reality within.

Have mercy on your brethren and help them to stop hating themselves. Believe in your brethren and this will help your brethren to believe in themselves. They will see the faith you have in them, and this will cause them to have faith in themselves.

Without faith in yourself, you feel hopeless and imperfect.

Help your brethren to understand their eternal perfectionHelp your brethren to understand their eternal perfection, which is beyond the touch of the insanity of the world.

96. The World is an Illusion of Constant Change

Everything in the world seems to be constantly changing. Everything seems to be evolving.

Look at your own life in the world. You were born a tiny baby, with tiny hands and feet. You were unable to standup or feed yourself. You couldn’t talk and you had no teeth. As you began to grow up the body changed. Look in the mirror and see the appearance of change. If you live in this dimension to an old age, then you can see other illusions of change. The body will age and decay. When you get old you look different than when you were a tiny baby, or when you were a young child or adult.

All this makes us think that we are changing and evolving. If you believe in this illusion of change, then you must have anxiety and fear. If you believe that the “real” you is aging and decaying, then you must feel helpless.

The “real” you is spiritual and not physical, therefore you never age or decay. You are perfect and glorious, and you never change. You are love! Love is forever wonderful, and beautiful. You are forever the same. The illusions of change, which you see in the world are not real. They are only illusions in a temporary dimension, that has no reality.

We seem to evolve and change in the world. We seem to grow old. We seem to be imperfect and error, and we then seem to be restored to perfection. This is all an illusion.

You are eternally perfect, all else is an illusion. God says, “I change not!”. You are one with God. You are the spirit of Love.

If you identify with the body, which has no reality, then you will be concerned about the apparent changes that you see. If you identify with your spirit, which is your only reality, then you have peace and blessed assurance, and the illusions of the world cannot confuse you.

The Lord told us not to fear the death of the body. If the body meant anything, He would not have said this.

Change is an illusion. You cannot improve, you can only remember, what has always been. To remember: is merely to focus your thoughts on what is already there, within you. All truth and wisdom are always and forever within you, even though it may seem that they have been lost, they are always yours. They belong to you. All perfection is always yours. You cannot lose what is forever. You cannot fail. Only the confused minds of the worldly personality can see imperfection. Love does not change. You are love. Peace be with you. Have faith in your spirit.

97. Equilibrium and Balance

For a person to physically stand and walk, you must have equilibrium and balance. The inner ear provides the sense of equilibrium and balance. It tells the brain what is up and what is down. Gravity pulls us down, and therefore gravity tells the inner ear what is up and what is down.

When a person loses the inner ear functions, or loses the sense of equilibrium and balance, then they stagger like a drunk man. They spin and fall, because they can’t tell the difference between up and down. Have you ever been spun around by a carnival ride or a merry-go-round? Did you feel dizzy, or did you fall down? It’s because your physical sense of equilibrium and balance was temporarily confused. The physical functions of equilibrium and balance in the body; correspond to mental and emotional things which relate to the thoughts and beliefs of the mind.

Just like the human body, the mind must have equilibrium and balance. The mind must understand the difference between what is up and down, real and unreal.

Mentally up means – spiritual thoughts aboveMentally up means – spiritual thoughts above.

Mentally down means – physical thoughts belowMentally down means – physical thoughts below.

In order to have good emotional equilibrium and balance, you must always know the difference between higher spiritual thoughts above and carnal physical thoughts below. You must understand that spiritual ideas and thoughts relating to: love, honesty, goodness, mercy, compassion, kindness, brotherhood, and forgiveness, are higher heavenly concepts. They are real (eternal), and correspond to the up direction.

And you must understand that physical ideas and thoughts relating to: money, physical resources, physical sensations, and worldly ideas and worldly things, are lower earthly concepts, they are unreal (temporary) and correspond to the down direction.

If a mother gives a child mixed signals, that is: if the mother praises the child one moment and then condemns or scolds the child the next minute, then the child will be confused as to what is true and what is untrue, what is real and what is unreal. The child will wonder, Am I good? or am I bad? The child will be confused mentally and lose the sense of mental equilibrium and balance. This confusion, which is caused by the mixed signals of the mother, may even cause the child to physically fall, because the things in the mind correspond to the things in the body.

The mother can therefore confuse the child about what is true and what is untrue. The child can be emotionally and mentally confused, and mentally be like the person on a carnival ride or a merry-go-round. That is: they spin and stagger mentally and are unable to see the difference between what is true (up) and what is untrue (down).

If you become confused about the difference between spiritual concepts and earthly things, then

you are unbalanced emotionally, just like a person who has lost his sense of balance. Mentally you need to understand and know the difference between reality and unreality. Reality is above, unreality is below. Reality is spiritual, unreality is physical. Reality is eternal, unreality is temporary.

As long as you know the difference between the higher, real spiritual things above, which last forever, and the lower physical things below, which are temporary, then you have mental and emotional equilibrium and balance.

You must also understand that you are good and spiritually perfect. You must be able to see the difference between your real wonderful self above (your spirit), and the unreal illusion below, (your physical body).

Don’t let anyone ever confuse you about what is true and what is untrueDon’t let anyone ever confuse you about what is true and what is untrue. Believe in the truth of your higher perfect reality. Don’t be confused by the world, and by those confused people in the world who find fault and try to condemn you. Don’t let anyone confuse your beliefs in eternal spiritual truths.

98. There must be mutual respect between a man and a woman

When a woman thinks that she is mentally superior to her husband, then the man has no reason to continue with herWhen a woman thinks that she is mentally superior to her husband, then the man has no reason to continue with her. When she thinks that he is inferior to her superior wisdom, then she closes the door of her mind to him. She closes the door to her understanding and thoughts. She doesn’t want him in her mind. She doesn’t value his opinion. She feels mentally and intellectually superior. She doesn’t want his ideas. When she closes this mental door to him, then there is no reason for the man to continue with her.

A woman is left a widow, when she has closed the door of her understanding, and regards herself with great self-esteem, and has little or no regard for the man’s thoughts. She is left alone. She is left to herself. She feels abandoned, but who has abandoned who? She closed the door of her understanding to the man, and stopped respecting his thoughts or opinions.

If a man and a woman do not share the same ideas or thoughts, then living in the same house is misery for them both. If the woman loves her own ideas, and sees herself as wiser than her man, then the man cannot continue with her. She has closed the door of her mind to him.

Understanding without affection is only loneliness and sorrowUnderstanding without affection is only loneliness and sorrow.

When a widow lives alone, she will be lonely. She will miss the love and affection that she once knew. She will gradually learn to value affection. She will learn to appreciate the love and affection that the man once gave her.

When a woman is wise in her own eyes, she has no regard or respect for the understanding or thoughts of the man, but after she lives alone for a while, she will need to feel the affection of the man.

This is how a woman comes to appreciate love and affection. She will gradually learn that understanding without love is nothing. She will learn that living alone with her own thoughts is pure misery.

When a woman is humble, she respects the opinions of others, and therefore appreciates the presence of others with her. When a woman is humble, she no longer despises the thoughts and ideas of others, compared to her own thoughts and ideas. When she is humble, she is open minded. Until she is humble and open minded, she makes everyone around her miserable, by dominating everyone, and showing disrespect to others. Until she is humble and open minded to others, she is conceited and hateful. She radiates negative thoughts to everyone, because she sees everyone as inferior to herself. Therefore, she must live alone until she learns to appreciate others.

99. Your Awareness of Innocence

Have you ever noticed that some people make you feel unhappy?

There are some people who cause you unhappiness, and you can’t quite understand how they are able to do it.

When a person talks about negative things, and thinks negative thoughts, then they are spreading gloom and doom. They are making everyone around them depressed and unhappy. When they complain constantly, and see no goodness in anyone or anything, and blame everyone and the world for their problems, they are making everyone around them unhappy.

The reason they speak negatively and complain, is because they have no faith in God’s love. They don’t see God at work in their lives. They only see trouble. Their thoughts and the words they speak, reveal their lack of faith, and also their unhappy condition. Being around them makes you feel unhappy.

But why does it make you unhappy, just to be around them? How does their negative thoughts and negative words, make you feel unhappy?

The reason is they affect your awareness of innocence. When you are happy and full of joy, and full of faith in God’s love, then you see no problems or negative things. You see only positive things. You see innocence within little babies, within yourself and within others.

You love everyone. You have the awareness of innocence. You see no fault, guilt or sin.

When a negative person constantly speaks of negative things, and constantly complains about everyone and everything, they are destroying your awareness of innocence.

For example, a negative person will always speak negatively of others in this way, “That person is no good, because they did this or they did that”. Therefore they cause you confusion about the goodness of others. They destroy your thoughts concerning innocence within your brethren. And destroy your awareness of innocence.

Negative people spread confusion about the goodness of your brethrenNegative people spread confusion about the goodness of your brethren! They see no goodness in anyone, not even within themselves. They are not aware of their own innocence! Therefore they have destroyed their own happiness.

Don’t let them destroy your happiness. Because if you are around negative people, their negative thoughts and words will have a negative effect on your happiness. Believe in the innocence of yourself and your brethren, and don’t listen to negative words that try to confuse you.

100. The Real Answer to every Question is Infinite

When we are young, we are given simplistic answers to our questions. Because simple answers are all we can receive. When we are older and wiser, we receive more detailed answers to our questions. The wiser you become the more detail, and the more depth you can receive.

For example: If a child asks the question, “Where do babies come from?” You would give a simple answer, possibly this: “Babies come from the hospital”. or “Babies come from their mommies and their daddies”. But what is the “Real Answer” to this question? Do babies come from Heaven? Do babies come from God? Do babies come from the spirit of love?

The answer is obviously beyond our comprehension. The answer is beyond this dimension. The depth of the answer is much deeper than we can understand. And what is truly amazing; the “Real Answer” is beyond every dimension. Even in higher dimensions, where the answers to questions are much more detailed and divine than in this dimension, the “Real Answer” is beyond even their comprehension! This means that the “Real Answer” is Infinite!

The answer to every question is InfiniteThe answer to every question is Infinite! Another example: “What is Love?” A simple answer would be, “God is Love.” Another answer, would be, “Love is the spirit of limitless, eternal goodness and virtue”. But you see, the “Real Answer” is beyond this. Because, your could then ask many other questions, such as, “What is God?”, or “What is goodness and virtue?” or “What is limitless and eternal?”

We receive the answers to our questions meant for us, as we are able to receive them. As we are able to receive more, then we get more. But all the answers are correct, no matter what the level of your understanding. Even if you can understand divine and heavenly concepts, you understanding is still nothing, in comparison to the “Infinite Truth”! One level of understanding is no better than another level, as long as it suits and satisfies you. That’s why no one is better than any one else, no matter the level of understanding or so called education.

Every question you can ask, has an infinite answerEvery question you can ask, has an infinite answer. There are quick and simple answers to every question, but they do not explain completely. No answer can ever explain a question completely. A library full of millions of books cannot explain completely, even the complete answer to a single question!

Another example, ask yourself the question, “Who and what am I?” A quick and simple answer may be, “I am a human being, a man or a woman.”, or “I am a child of God.” But you see, then you can ask for a more complete answer by saying, “But what is a man or a woman?” or “What is a child of God?” This can go on and on. The “Real Answer” to this and every question is Infinite! Wisdom is infinite! Be happy, you are Wisdom!

101. What can you do to Help your Brethren

What can you do to help your brethren the most?

The best thing you can ever do is- to be a living example, to your neighbors, and brethren, on how to live a good, peaceful, honest, and sincere life.

In other words, be a good neighbor in your community; let others see your example of goodness and honesty; be a stabilizing example in your neighborhood, which gives direction and hope to all who see you, in your community. And, they do see you, even though you may not know it.

Live a good life, and others will be blessed, just by seeing your example.

The happiest people must be those, who know that, “they are already doing God’s will, by the good life they are living”.

This is a great mystery: “By helping one, you have helped all”! Because, we are members of one another. Which means that each man is a combination or composite of all the brethren. If you have been a good example to even one person, then you have “really- spiritually”, helped all of your brethren.

102. Don’t Look Back or Second Guess Yourself

Have you ever said, “I wish I could do that again?”

I’m sure you have heard the comment- “Hindsight is 20-20”. But think about this- “You had to do exactly what you did, at the time.” You did the best you could at the time. When children paint pictures with water colors or crayons, they are doing the best they can at the time. The grades you received in Elementary and High School were the best you could do at the time. If you say, “No I could have done better, if I had only tried.”, then ask yourself, “Would changing anything make a difference in your understanding of God’s Love?”

No one is better or worse than anyone else. Don’t be judgmental or compare the actions of others. The illusions of failure and error, are there for a good purpose, but they are not there to hurt you or condemn you. Only you can condemn yourself. God does not condemn. Jesus tells us plainly, “Condemn not and you will not be condemned.” The reason is- only you condemn yourself. If you don’t judge against yourself, then you have no condemnation.

God is helping us to overcome the fear of failure and the fear of imperfection. God is restoring our confidence and awareness, that we are perfect. God is showing us the unimportance of the world and actions in the world. This world is so confusing and meaningless. Don’t look back and think you could have done differently. Do you think the confusion of the world did not affect you? We will overcome the confusion of the world. Jesus has overcome the world, and with His help, we will too. We are one with Him, He in Us, and We in Him. We are members of one another. We must not condemn anyone for anything, or regret anything. Just let God lead you into understanding His Great Love.

Don’t look back in time and question your actions. Everything that you have ever done was necessary to be done and “Meant To Be“. You have a path to follow, but so does everyone. No one follows the same path. Don’t condemn anyone for anything, including yourself.

We all would change things in the past, if we could. But would changing the past be the right thing to do? If those events in our past, were not allowed to happen, then- Are you sure that you would learn to understand God’s Great Love?

Everything had to happen exactly as it did, not only in your life but in the lives of everyone. We all are learning to understand God’s Love.

Don’t blame yourself, or regret anything you ever did, because it all had to be. God will comfort you from your fear and grief. God will wipe away all of your tears. God will take away all of your worries and regrets. Why will God do all of this? Because He loves you!

Paul, who wrote many books in the New Testament, said of himself, “I am the chief of sinners”!

If Paul had not done the things he did, prior to awakening to the Truth of the Lord, then he would not have been ready to receive the things God gave him. He had to walk the path that was meant for him. Paul’s life was ordained and planned and overseen by the Lord. God knew him before he was born. God knew what he would do in the world. Did God prevent Paul from doing those things, which Paul later regretted? No, Paul had to go through the things meant for him. Paul finally reached the understanding of God’s Love, and then shared his understanding of God’s Love with us all. All of his past actions mean nothing.

It is the same with you and all of your brethren. We walk different paths, but they all lead to the same place. That place is understanding God’s Love.

Everyone goes through the things which only they can endure and handle. You cannot handle the things another person is going through and no one can handle the things you are going through.

When it seems that some have it harder than others, Think Again! The person who outwardly shows little sign of problems, may be carrying a burden that you cannot see. You cannot know how another feels, until you walk in his shoes.

God is giving us awareness of our Eternal Perfection, and of His Great Love, which is Our Great Love, because we are one with Him.

Don’t let the illusions of the world, cause you to forget the Wonderful Sweet Spirit of eternal Love, which you really are. Don’t worry, God won’t let you forget!

Think of Love only.

103. Don’t Believe Every Wind of Doctrine

Ephesians 4:14 – That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; KJV

James 1:5 James 1:5 – If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. NIV

James 1:6 James 1:6 – But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. NIV

1 John 2:27 1 John 2:27 – But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. KJV

Don’t be deceived by every preacher you hear. God gives you wisdom. You know the truth, so why do you need to receive doctrine from anyone?

You know what Jesus said, “Love one another.” If you love, then you have done it all.

When you go shopping in the supermarket; you see thousands of different kinds of foods. Not everything for sale in the supermarket is good for you to eat. You have to be the judge and use your wisdom when you shop. You have to buy those things that you know are good for you, and will not cause you any health problems. If you shopped without wisdom you would buy every kind of junk food available, and your health would quickly deteriorate.

You have to use your wisdom, in the same way, when you hear preachers or churches trying to convince you of their doctrines.

Don’t think that you are dumb and preachers are smart. When you love others, you are wise.

False doctrines are like wind, trying to blow you in a certain direction.

Don’t let any church or preacher scare you about your salvation. Don’t be afraid of their false doctrines and don’t believe any false doctrine. Your salvation is sure, not because you go to any certain church or because you have done certain rituals or said certain things in public. Your salvation is certain, because God Loves You, and that is all that is important. Don’t believe in any doctrine, except the doctrine of God’s Love.

104. God is Always Loving You

(1). Why don’t you believe that God Loves you?

(2). Why don’t you Love yourself?

Why don’t you believe that God Loves youWhy don’t you believe that God Loves you?

Are you aware that God loves you always and forever, or are you full of doubt? God is always loving you! You doubt God’s Love, because you see imperfection and guilt in yourself. You are thinking from the worldly mind, and not spiritually. You are not a physical body. You have never really been a physical body, that is an illusion. Why do you blame yourself for things that you think you have done wrong, in illusions of the body?

You seem to be in an illusionary world, and full of confusion. It seems real to you, but it actually has no reality. Anything that you believe that you have ever done wrong, was not actually done, but only seemed to be done. Real things cannot happen in an illusionary world! No imperfection really exists! Things of confusion and darkness have no meaning or reality!

Remember this: You are not a physical body, that is an illusion! You are infinite and eternal! All the imperfections that you believe you have done are absolutely nothing!

Why don’t you Love yourself?

You don’t love yourself, because you see imperfections in yourself. That means you are not thinking truly. You are holding yourself in guilt and the illusions of imperfection. You have no other enemy, except your own confusion. You don’t love others for the same reason, because you see imperfections in your brothers.

When you become wise and think spiritually, then you will see the unreality of the world. Then you will see the unimportance of actions in the world. Then you will see your glorious spiritual reality, and understand the Love of God. Then you will Love yourself.

You have never really done wrong! Can’t you see the unreality of anything you think you have done wrong? God knows your innocence! You are Love!

Rise above confusion, doubt and darkness, for they do not really exist. Rise up, into spiritual truth and love. Imperfections have never existed and cannot exist, because God is perfect, and you are one with God, and nothing else really exists. Perfection and innocence are eternal!

Imperfection does not exist!

105. What Does A Person Leave Behind?

What will you leave behind, when you leave this world?

Think of some of your loved ones who have passed on. What have they left behind?

Have you ever had a cute little puppy or little kitten? Their short lives are so fleeting. What did they leave behind? Are not their memories all that remain?

The same is true of us. All we leave behind are memories, for others to see. The love that we give creates fond memories. The compassion that we show, creates lasting memories. The happiness and joy that we share, creates warm memories.

Nothing that you build in this world will last. Only the good memories you leave behind will last.

If you want to leave your children a good inheritance, then leave them a treasure of warm memories. Leave them riches that will not fade away. Leave them loving memories, so they will be happy, when they remember you. Leave them joyful memories, that will last them a lifetime.

All the little things you do from love and mercy and compassion, will leave permanent memories on the minds of your loved ones. Don’t try to accomplish something “Big”. Don’t try to impress others with your great wisdom.

Simply go through your life in this world with a slow pace, and remember that you are like the cute little puppy or little kitten, you will leave behind loving memories. Someone will remember you in a fond way.

The little things are important. The simple things will create lasting memories. The poor woman in the Bible will always be remembered for giving the tiny amount of money, because it was all she had. She gave out of faith and love.

You too can create memories that will last, by doing everything from faith and love.

People will remember you, not for the things you said, but for the simple things you did from love.

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