The Dream

dare to dream for tomorrow
i hear it in the wind
it beckons me to follow
like a cool breeze on a hot day

hope is a big word
it is what i long for each day
it means new beginnings
it means a new way

Dreaming in the forest

Dreaming in the forest

they say that there are 2 roads
i believe that there are more
one that is hard
one that is to good to be true
one with laughter
one with fear

i believe that at one point or another they cross
it is our job to find the right path
that is our hope
to find the right one
one that heals
but there are no truly easy paths
i know this it is a lesson that i have learned

i hold in my hand this dream
the dream of tomorrow
the hope for today
a smile to brighten my way
a hug to make me feel safe
a comforting voice
to soothe my fears
and i know i am ok i can press on
it will all right
i have found the road of strength
it carries me
it carries to the dream of tomorrow

By Leanne Herrera

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