Speaking About The Resurrection

Our next step should be to talk about the resurrection. The child should believe in their hearts that as soon as this life ends a new life, an everlasting afterlife, will begin. Science, wisdom and reality point out that Allah created this universe and that He maintains it. He is the One Who demonstrates and fixes ‘time’. The Qur’an alludes to this fact by the following verse: ”

Say: Travel in the land and see how Allah originated the creation; then Allah produces the other generation. Allah truly has power over everything.” (29/20)

Therefore, we should investigate the laws of the universe, examine everything step by step; we should see and reflect on how life began on earth, how this universe came into existence out of nothing, how human beings appeared, how various forms of life were created as different species and how perfection was completed with human beings.



Allah Who created the universe from nothing, will certainly resurrect us. Is the One Who has established this order not able to establish another? Is the One Who created this earth so splendidly not able to create another? Can He not call this world as ‘worldly life’, and the other one as ‘the Hereafter’? Can the One Who brought us to this world not take us to an eternal abode? Such explanations are at a suitable level for the comprehension of our children.

We can see that the skies and the earth have been created perfectly with our eyes. Like a fish swimming in the sea, or a bird soaring in the sky, those immense systems, those nebulas float by so smoothly in an enrapturing harmony through the universe, that no disorder or randomness can be seen by one who looks with eyes of wisdom. Moreover, this harmony is explicit even to the simplest mind. The Glorious Qur’an highlights all of these and points to the special significance of the creation of humans, apart from the creation of the heavens and the earth.

“Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, sat upon the Throne. You have no guardian or intercessor, apart from Him. Do you not recollect?” (32/4)

“Who fashioned well everything He created, and originated the creation of man from clay.” (32/7)

Universe Galaxy Sun Clock Time Star Movement

Time and Space

The Glorious Qur’an says Allah created and ordered these magnificent systems. He will create a different universe after they have been demolished. These are undeniable facts. There are a lot of unique and crystal clear statements on this subject contained in the Glorious Qur’an.

In the following verse, the Glorious Qur’an addresses those who deny resurrection:

“Say: ‘He Who originated them the first time will bring them back to life and He has knowledge of every creation’.” (36/79)

Another verse decrees:

“Behold, then, the marks of Allah’s Mercy, how He revives the earth after it was dead. He, indeed, is the One Who revives the dead and He has power over everything.” (30/50)

The Glorious Qur’an’s articulate style, free from redundancy, will explain what needs to be told to people of every age very clearly. The Archangels and destiny are also among subjects that need to be regarded sensitively. We must make it very clear to the younger generation in different ways that everything has a program, a project, and a plan; thus so must the universe. This program called ‘destiny’ is within divine knowledge and it includes everything that has not come into existence yet.

In conclusion, we will have shown our children the “Sirat-i Mustaqim” (the right path) only after having taught all these things to them; we will have said “Lead us to the right path” (1/6), both in words and actions. Insha-Allah (if Allah wills), we will reap the benefit of our efforts and of our practical prayer by the Grace of the Almighty Lord. By teaching our children everything from the essentials of faith to the pillars of Islam, we should direct them to the Almighty, and in this way, we will save them from mental and spiritual death.

If a child grows up in a pure atmosphere, Insha-Allah his spirituality will not be shaken by any evil he faces and he will always be an obedient servant of Allah.

By M. Fethullah Gulen

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