The Seeds To Harvest In The Hereafter

The World Is A Field To Sow with The Seeds To Harvest In The Hereafter.

Besides being the arena of test and trial for man, the world is also the realm of troubles. When God warned Adam not to eat of the forbidden tree, He reminded him:

“Adam, surely this [Satan] is an enemy to you and your wife. So let him not expel you both from the Garden and plunge you into affliction. It is assuredly given to you neither to hunger therein nor to go naked, neither to thirst therein, nor to suffer the sun (20:117-19)“.

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The Seeds To Harvest In The Hereafter

That means in the world he would become hungry and thirsty and become tired and have to encounter many hardships. This must be so because the world is the field which man is to sow with the seeds to harvest in the Hereafter. Those who aim to gratify all their desires in the world will most probably the ones whom God will address in the other world:

“You dissipated your good things in your worldly life, and you took your enjoyment in them; therefore today you shall be recompensed with the chastisement of humiliation because you waxed proud on the earth without right, and for your ungodliness (46:20)“.

While those who endure hunger, thirst and other kinds of hardships here in the world for the sake of God will be admitted to Paradise and addressed by angels.

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