Sacrifice Or Love?

This article covers the answer to the question: “Sacrifice or Love?

Dear Friends,

I have read and been told;

Jesus dying on the cross is a demonstration of how much God loves us. God wants us to see that, by sacrificing Jesus on the cross, it is a demonstration of His love.”

This has been a puzzle to me and I would sincerely like to ask you “how”?

How does allowing someone to die a demonstration of love?

If I am not mistaken, didn’t Jesus cry and beg to be saved according to the Bible?

“About the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? (Matthew 27:46)”

If I had the power to save someone who was bleeding, crying, praying, and begging me to save him or her, I would save them. Not to save them would prove I was heartless, to save them would show I have Mercy, let alone love.

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Not saving Jesus only demonstrates God does not listen to our prayers, does not have mercy, not even to his prophet according to the Bible.

Not to mention discrediting his prophethood to millions of Jews past present and future.

Please be logical in your explanation and kindly keep in mind that God is All-Powerful and does not need “blood” to forgive sins.

One last question to consider in your reply, if Jesus’ intention was to be a sacrifice, why would he “Beg” and “Pray” to God to be saved, and if your answer is that Jesus had a moment of weakness, than why say Jesus is 1/3 God, seeing many Christians say “Jesus is God in human form”, because Jesus had the power to heal and raise people from the dead and walk on water, why then is Jesus at this moment helpless and powerless and most of all, not wanting to be sacrificed?

Wouldn’t the point of love from God be to have peace, wouldn’t there be peace between the Jews and the Christians, past present and future be a reality if Jesus was saved from the cross?

My concern is sincere, I would like to know the logic behind the thinking Sacrafice=Love.

If I were in a room full of people and there was one person singled out to be sacrificed so all the other people in the room could be saved, wouldn’t the loving thing be no sacrificed at all, understand that if your sin is as large as a mountain, God Created the Mountains and can remove them as well?

If our sins are as deep as the Sea, God Created All the Seas in this world and the Universe and can remove them too, God loves and saved Jesus.

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