Outline of Music

Here is the outline of music.

Music is human expression in the medium of time using the structures of sounds or tones and silence. It is expressed in terms of pitchrhythmharmony, and timbre.

What type of thing is music?

Types of music


Abstract Art Audio Aural Ear Hearing Listen


History of music

See also: List of musical genres by era

By region or ethnicity

Armenian traditional musicians

Armenian traditional musicians

Musical ensembles

Musical ensemble

Genres of music

Music genre   (list)

Korean traditional musicians

Korean traditional musicians

Sheet music is written r

Sheet music is written representation of music. This is a homorhythmic (i.e., hymn-style) arrangement of a traditional piece entitled “Adeste Fideles”, in standard two-staff format for mixed

Musical compositions

Musical composition

Types of musical pieces and compositions

Musical form

Single-movement forms

Multi-movement forms

Sections of a piece or composition

Section (music)

Musical notation

Musical notation –

Variations of musical notation

Musical techniques

Musical skills and procedures

Vocal ranges

Female ranges

Male ranges

Musical instruments

Musical instrument   (List of musical instruments)

See also the List of musical instruments by Hornbostel–Sachs number

Music technology

Music technology –

Music industry

Music industry

Music industry participants

Music theory

Music theory

Elements of music

Elements of music –


Musicology –

Music education

Music education –

Music and politics

Music and politics –

Psychology of music

Psychology of music

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