Nature Of Man’s Free Will

What is the Nature Of Man’s Free Will?

Man’s free will is not something visible like the parts of the body. Nor does it have a material existence. However, that something has no visible, material existence does not mean it does not exist. Everyone has two eyes but we can also see with a third eye we have. We see with our two eyes the things in the external, material world. As for the third eye we have, we see the things beyond events and the physical world with it. Free will is like the third eye of ours, which you may call insight. It is an inclination or an inner force by which man prefers and decides.

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Man will and God creates.

The project or a plan of a building has no value or use unless you start to construct the building according to it. Actually, it is the building, which is visible and serves many purposes for man. However, that building has been built according to its plan. Man’s free will is, in a sense, like that plan, according to which man decides and acts and God creates man’s actions. Creation and acting or doing something are different things. God’s creation means that God gives actual existence to man’s choices and actions in the physical world. Without God’s creation, man cannot do anything.

By M. Fethullah Gulen

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