Prayers for Clearing Debts and Driving Poverty Away

We have collected some of the best prayers for Clearing Debts and Driving Poverty Away to use in request to God. May these prayers for safety bring you comfort and peace of mind. May these prayers strengthen your faith and bring you peace and safety. May these prayers for strength encourage your spirit and strengthen your faith.

Prosperity theology (sometimes referred to as the prosperity gospel, the health and wealth gospel, the gospel of success, or seed faith) is a religious belief among some Christians, who hold that financial blessing and physical well-being are always the will of God for them, and that faith, positive speech, and donations to religious causes will increase one’s material wealth. Prosperity theology views the Bible as a contract between God and humans: if humans have faith in God, he will deliver security and prosperity.

Prayer For Stress Over Finances

Loving Lord Jesus, I don’t know what to do as my finances are not improving and I feel incapable of getting myself back onto the road to financial recovery – in fact Lord, it seems that the more that I try to help myself the more financial difficulties I seem to have to face.

I know Lord that You hold the future and that our times AND our finances are in Your hands and I pray that I would be enabled to accept this truth in my heart and not just know it as a fact in my head.. I KNOW that You have promised to be our help in time of need and I just find it difficult to trust You… and so I come to You Lord to say I AM trusting in You to help me get through this difficult time and ask that You would help me to learn to cast all my cares and worries on You and to trust You in all things.

Help me to depend on You and not to try to always fix things myself and help me to learn the truth that Your grace is sufficient in all things.

Teach me Your ways I pray. Teach me to have real faith in You – faith that is able to say Thy will not mine be done – faith that depends on You no matter what difficulties I may be facing – this I ask in Jesus name,


Getting Out of Debt God’s Way Starts By Acknowledging God Has No Debts

Hands, Stop, Money, Dollar, Currency, Demand, Usa, DebtHands Stop Money Dollar Currency Demand Usa Debt

Praying for money

A Prayer for Clearing Debts and Driving Poverty Away

It brings countless blessings. All your legitimate desires will be fulfilled. It drives away poverty and sickness. Sins are for given. Debts are cleared. Enemies become friends. Domestic affairs are set aright. Disputes are settled in your favour. Prisoners are set free mental worries disappear. Prosperity, sound mind and healthy body stand by you at all times.

Mercy and forgiveness of sins are the main advantages the almighty God makes available if this prayer is recited regularly. Recite it on Fridays.

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Thou that answereth the prayers of the disconsolate in the depth of darkness; O Thou that wardeth off the baneful influences of calamities and diseases. Lo, those who surrounded the Sacred House sleep and wake up; But Thou, Exalted be thy Name, never sleepest. Forgive me by the Grace of Thy Bounty and Thy Mercy. O Though towards whom all creation bows down in this Sanctuary!

If Thy Mercy be not such as giveth hope to the transgressors, Then who is there to take pity on the sinners by His Bounty?” O God, I beseech Thee with Thy Name; the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Benign.

O Lord of Majesty and Generosity; O Living; O Self-Subsisting, O Ever-living, there is no God but Thou. O Thou that art “He” of whom no one knoweth what “He” is, nor how “He” is, nor where “He” is, except “He.”

O Lord of the Great Kingdom and Supremacy. O Lord of Honour and Omnipotence:

O Sovereign Lord, O Holy One! O Peace; O Keeper of Faith; O Guardian O Revered One; O Compeller; O Superb. O Creator; O Maker of all things from nothing; O Artist; O Beneficent; O Administrator; O Severe (in wrath); O Inventor; O Restorer; O Originator; O Most Loving: O Praised; O Adored. O Thou that art distant yet near; O Answerer of prayer; O Observer; O Reckoner. O Innovator; O Exalted; O Unassailable; O Hearer. O Knower; O Wise; O Bountiful; O Forbearing; O Eternal; O Lofty; O Great.

O most Compassionate; O Giver of all good; O most perfect Requiter of good and evil; O Thou whose help is sought for. O Majestic; O Glorious; O Trusted; O Guardian; O Alleviator of suffering; O Fulfiller of hopes; O Guide; O Magnanimous. O Giver of guidance; O Commencer; O First; O Last; O Evident; O Hidden. O Established; O Everlasting; O Knowing; O Ruler; O Dispenser of justice; O Equitable; O Thou that disjoineth and uniteth; O Pure; O Purifier; O Powerful;O Almighty; O Great; O Magnificent. O One; O Matchless; O Eternal; O Absolute; O Thou that bareth none and is born of none; nor is there equal to Thee anyone nor hath Thee any spouse; nor any bearer of Thy burden; nor any consultant to give Thee advice; not does Thou need any supporter; nor is there with Thou any other deity; There is no God but Thou, and Thou art far exalted with great excellence above all that which the unjust folk do say concerning TheeO High and Lofty; O most Glorious; O Opener; O Diffuser of fragrance; O Tolerant; O Helper; O Victorious; O Overtaker; O Destroyer; O Avenger; O Resurrector; O Inheritor; O Seeker; O Conquerer; O Thou from Whom no fugitive can escape. O Acceptor of repentance; O Ever-forgiving; O Great Bestower; O Causer of all causes; O Opener of doors (of relief and salvation); O Thou that answerest howsoever Thou art invoked. O Purifier; O Giver of manifold rewards; O Excuser; O Pardoner; O Light of all lights; O Director of all affairs. O Ever Blissful; O All-Aware; O Protector; O Luminous; O Seer; O Supporter; O Great. O Lone; O Unique; O Everlasting; O Upholder; O Eternal and Absolute. O Sufficer; O Healer; O Fulfiller of promises; O Deliver. O Benefactor; O Beautifier; O Bestower of grace; O Grantor of favors; O Gracious; O Peerless. O Thou that being Exalted overwhelmest; O Thou that being Master of all hast absolute power; O Thou, who being hidden art well informed; O Thou that being disobeyed forgiveth; O Thou Whom no thought can fully comprehend; nor sight perceive nor from whom any impression is hidden, O Nourisher of Mankind; O Ordainer of every destiny. O Thou of Exalted position; O Thou Formidable in Thy foundations; O Changer of times; O Acceptor of sacrifice; O Thou full of favors and benefactions; O Lord of Honor and Supremacy; O All Merciful; O most Compassionate; O Thou that has each day a distinctive Glory while no aspect of Thy Glory is erased by the prominence of another aspect. O Thou that art present in every place.

O Hearer of all voices; O Answerer of prayers; O Giver of success in all requirements; O Fulfiller of all needs; O Bestower of blessings; O Thou that taketh pity on our tears. O Thou that raiseth from the pitfalls; O Thou that relieveth agonies; O thou that art the Cherisher of good deeds. O Thou that raiseth men in rank and degree; O Thou that accedeth to requests; O Thou that bringeth the dead to life; O Thou that gathereth together that which is scattered.

O Thou that art informed of all intentions; Thou that restoreth that which has been lost; O Thou that art not confused by a multiplicity of voices; O Thou that art not harassed by a multitude of petitions; and Whom no darkness can hide or cover; O Light of heaven and earth. O Perfector of blessings; O Averter of calamaties;

O Producer of zephyrs; O Gatherer of nations; O Healer of disease; O Creator of light and darkness; O Lord of generosity and munificence; O Thou (on) whose throne no one can set foot! O Thou more generous than the most generous; O Thou more munificent than the most munificent; O Thou most keen of hearing than the most keen of hearing; O Thou more keen of vision than the most perceiving; O Protecting neighbor of those that seek Thy neighborhood. O Refuge of the fearful; O Patron of the faithful;

O Helper of those that seek Thy help; O ultimate Goal of those that aspire. O Companion of all strangers; O Friend of all the lonely ones; O Refuge of all outcasts; O Retreat of all persecuted ones; O Guardian of all those who stray. O Thou that takest pity on the aged and decrepit; O Thou that nourisheth the little baby; O Thou that joineth together broken ones;O Liberator of all prisoners; O Enricher of the miserable poor; O Protector of the frightened refugees; O Thou for Whom alone are both destiny and disposal; O Thou for Whom all difficult things are simple and easy; O Thou that doth not need any explanation. O Thou Mighty over all things; O Thou Knower of all things. O Thou Seer of all things. O Thou that maketh breezes blow; O Thou that cleaveth the day-break; O Reviver of the spirits; O Lord of Generosity and Clemency; O Thou in Whose hands are all keys. O Hearer of all voices; O Thou earlier in time than all that have passed away; O Giver of life to every soul after death. O my Means of defense in confronting hardships; O my Guardian in strange lands; O my Friend in my loneliness; O my Master in my bliss; O my Refuge at the time when the journey doth tire me out and my kinsfolk hand me over to my foes and all my comrades forsake me. O Supporter of those who have no support; O Guarantor of those who have no guarantee; O Wealth of those who have no wealth; O Means of those who have no strength; O Refuge of those who have no refuge; O Treasure of those who have no treasure; O Helper of those who have no helper; O Neighbor of those who have no neighbor. O my Neighbor that art adjacent; O my Support that art firm; O my God that art worshipped by virtue of positive knowledge; O lord of the Ancient House; O Thou full of loving and kindness; O nearest Friend. Liberate me from the choking fetters, Remove from me all sorrow, suffering and grief, Protect me from the evil that I am unable to bear, and help me in that which I am unable to do.

O Thou that didst restore Joseph unto Jacob; O Thou that didst cure Job of his malady; O Thou that didst forgive the fault of David; O Thou that didst lift up Jesus and saved him from the clutches of the Jews; O Thou that didst answer the prayer of Jonah from the darkness; O Thou that didst choose Moses by means of Thine inspired words; O Thou that didst forgive the omission of Adam and lifted up Idris to an exalted station by Thy mercy; O Thou that didst save Noah from drowning; O Thou that didst destroy the former tribe of Aad and then Thamud, so that no trade of them remained, and destroyed the people of Noah aforetime, for verily they were the most unjust and most rebellious; and overturned the ruined and deserted towns;; O Thou that destroyed the people of Lot; and annihilated the people of Sho’aib; O Thou that chose Abraham as a friend; O Thou that chose Moses as one spoken unto; and chose Muhammad as Thy Beloved;

O Thou that gavest unto Luqman wisdom; and bestowed upon Solomon a kingdom the like of which shall not be merited by anyone after him; O Thou that didst afford succour unto the two-horned one against the mighty tyrants; O Thou that didst grant unto Khizr immortality; and brought back for Yusha, the son of Nun, the sun after it had set; O Thou that gave solace unto the heart of Musa’s mother; and protected the chastity of Mariam, the daughter of Imran; O Thou that didst fortify John, the Son of Zachariah against sin; and abated the wrath for Moses; O Thou that gave glad tidings of (the Birth of) John unto Zachariah; O Thou that saved Ismael from slaughter by substituting for him the Great Sacrifice; O Thou that didst accept the offering of Habeel and placed the curse upon Qabeel.

And I beg of Thee all the requests which anyone has begged of Thee with whom Thou has been pleased and unto whom Thou has assured the granting thereof, O God, O God, O God, O Most Merciful, O Most Merciful, O Most Merciful, O Most Beneficient, O Most Beneficient, O Most Beneficient, O Lord of Majesty and Grace, O Lord of Majesty and Grace, O Lord of Majesty and Grace.

Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee I beseech thee with the help of all the Names whereby Thou hast named Thyself, or which Thou hast sent down in any of Thy inspired Scriptures, or Which Thou hast inscribed in Thy knowledge of the unknown; and (I beseech Thee) in the name of the honored and exalted positions of Thy Throne, and in the name of the utmost extent of Thy Mercy as expressed in Thy Book and in the name of that which “If all the trees on earth were to become pens and all the seven seas ink, the Words of God could not be fully written down.”

“Verily God is the Honored, the Wise”; And I beseech Thee with the help of Thy Beautiful Names which Thou has praised in Thy Book, saying,:

Unto God belong the beautiful names — so call ye Him by Them; And Thou hast said “Call unto Me and I shall answer you; and Thou has said,”And when My servants ask something of Me, lo, I am near, and I grant the prayer of the supplicant when he asks anything of Me, so pray ye unto Me and believe in Me, that ye may be made perfect; And Thou has said, “O My servants who have wronged yourselves, despair not of the Mercy of God; verilly God forgiveth all the sins; verily He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”

Therefore I pray unto Thee, My God, and I ask Thee, My Cherisher and Sustainer, and I hope from Thee, my Chief, and I crave Thy acceptance of my prayer, O my Protector, even as Thou hast promised me, and I call upon Thee even as Thou hast commanded me — So, do unto me what pleases Thee to do, O Generous One! (Here the Devotee should pray for the fulfillment of his valid desires.) And all Praise be to God, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds.

Prayer for Money

Dear God, I stand in front of you now to ask for a financial blessing to help me in my life. My faith keeps me going I know that you will provide what I need and what the people I love need. I don’t want a big amount of money. I don’t want to ask you for unnecessary things or extra comfort. I only want enough money to get by and not have so much stress. Please give me a financial miracle so that I can do your work. I will spread the love you have for me onto others if given a chance. Amen.

O Lord, anoint my eyes to see the hidden riches of this world

Prayer to Get Rid of Debt

God, I admit that I’ve made many mistakes. I have an abundance of debt, and I do not know how I am going to overcome it without help from you. Please, God, I’m asking you to help Give me a financial miracle so that I can breathe again. Please forgive me, God. Help guide me to making good decisions through my journey in life. Amen.

O Lord, stretch forth your mighty hands to perform signs and wonders in my life

Prayer to Request Money

Dear God, I am asking for a miracle financially, which I quickly need. My problems with money are never-ending. If it’s not one thing, then it is another problem. Please, assist me and then assist all of us who are struggling financially with too much debt and an abundance of bills to pay. All of us are struggling just to get by, but still, are not making enough. Please, help us as soon as you can, with an abundance of money and good luck. Thank you, God, for your blessing us.

O Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, manifest yourself in your mighty power to bless me

Prayer For Immediate Financial Miracle Breakthrough

Dear Lord, I pray for a immediate financial breakthrough.I urgently need the money to clear all my debts. I know Ive done wrong for not managing my finance well. But Lord i know Your are forgiving God, slow to anger. So please give me one more chance.

I have being affected emotionally because of this financial crisis. It also strained my relationship with my family members including of my husband , children and siblings. i also received notice from bank lawyers. Please help me and rescue me from this trouble and burden. Grant my prayer request so that I will be able to stand up again.

In future I promise i will manage my finance well. My hope is only on You..You alone is God and as stated in the Bible there is nothing impossible with God Luke1:37 Thank You Lord , All this i asked in Jesus Name, AMEN.

Money Grow Interest Save Invest Shares Funds

Money Grows

Prayers for Financial Miracle

1. Dear Lord, I pray that you will sustain me just as you sustain the birds. In Matthew 6:26, you said “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” I ask that you help my family to have their daily bread and all of the essential things that we need to live. We struggle so much just to eat every day, and we have become overwhelmed. Help us to have the essential sustenance we need to continue doing your work on this earth. Amen.

2. Heavenly Father, you have placed the stars in this sky and breathed life into the world. You gave us our bodies and sustenance wherever we turn on this earth. You are my Savior and our living Lord. We trust in you and turn to you for solace. Please rescue my family and me from this financial crisis. We have no clue where to turn or how to solve this problem. Please redeem this situation and give me wisdom. Help me to stand strong as I battle the storm. I ask that your almighty hand cover me and keep me safe. May we have the miracle of your redeeming love. Please restore me and my family to safety and a place of financial balance. Amen.

3. Dear God, please bless the work of our hands, minds and hearts. May each day be lived as an offering to you. May you keep us, protect us and shelter us as we strive to do your work on this earth. While we struggle to find money to eat and live, protect us and guide us. May your goodness flow through every deed that we do. May we be blessed by your power with the finances we need. Through you, may we always find the grace and love to give to others who are in desperate need. Amen.

4. Father, please cover this situation by your almighty hand. When I am overwhelmed and in despair, give me your strength, healing and hope. Bring me your peace so that I may see the path ahead. Keep us close and guard our hearts and minds. We ask that the power of your truth and strength will help us to turn everything around. Bring us your light and love. We rest in your hand with the knowledge that you are our refuge during times of struggle. Thank you for always guiding us and protecting us from all harm.

5. God, you have said that whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. May you bind every force that works against my financial prosperity. In Mark 11:23, you have said that we can speak to the mountain and we will obey us. I speak out and ask that the devil be thrown out from our life. May we leave lack and want as we strive to find abundance. I cannot see the path ahead on my own, but I know that you have a plan for me. Help me find the path and guide me toward safe refuge.

6. In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask that you cast all curses, poverty and oppression out of my life. While I am overwhelmed by financial problems, I know that I can turn to you for a financial miracle. You have a plan for me that will help me to overcome this financial adversity. I know that this is a part of your plan and that you never give us a burden that we cannot bear. I lay my burden at your feet and ask for your abundant blessings. Amen.

7. God gives us all that we need and provides us with the riches of his glory. Like the birds, we can turn to our Heavenly Father for sustenance. I know that I am not worthy to receive you, but you only have to say the word and I shall be healed. Lord, debt collectors encircle me on all sides. I work constantly to pay my debts, but I am beset by financial problems. Please guide me and protect me from financial ruin. Through your mercy, help me to find the financial miracle that I so desperately seek.

8. Lord, thank you for always being my provider. You are my refuge and my deliverer. Through the Holy Spirit, you have given me wisdom, insight and favor. Help me find the wisdom to navigate these financial problems. Even when I am overwhelmed by trouble, I find hope through the knowledge that you are always there for me. I ask for your blessings and presence in my life. Amen.

9. God, my mountain of debt is high, but it is never bigger than you. Through your mercy, help me find a way to pay my debts and to solve this financial problem. I ask for your help because I fear that I am not strong enough to take care of this own my own. I trust in you and know that you have a plan for me. Guide me out of this problem so that I may continue to do your good works on earth. Amen.

10. Lord, I have paid my tithes and always tried to follow you in everything. I ask that you pour out your blessings from heaven so that I may find the sustenance and stability I need. Through your strength, grant me the financial abundance I need to protect my family and keep them safe. Amen.

— By  Courtney Pocock

Catholic Prayers for Financial Miracle

Can you pray your way out of debt

Can you pray your way out of debt?
— Only prayers not enough to your way out of debt. You have to work for it!

Lord Jesus, I come before Thee, just as I am, I am sorry for my sins, I repent of my sins, please forgive me. In Thy Name, I forgive all others for what they have done against me. I renounce Satan, the evil spirits and all their works. I give Thee my entire self, Lord Jesus, I accept Thee as my Lord God and Savior. Heal me, change me, strengthen me in body, soul, and spirit.

Come Lord Jesus, cover me with Thy Precious Blood, and fill me with Thy Holy Spirit, I love Thee Lord Jesus, I praise Thee Lord Jesus, I thank Thee Jesus, I shall follow Thee every day of my life. Amen.

Mary, My Mother, Queen of Peace, all the Angels and Saints, please help me. Amen.

Say this prayer faithfully, no matter how you feel. When you come to the point where you sincerely mean each word with all your heart, Jesus will change your whole life in a very special way. You will see.


Dear Lord Jesus;
I am thankful for the gift of life and health. Forgive me my sins and cleanse me from all my iniquities.
I am jobless My Lord, and the small business i have is not doing well; i am in debts and I pray for your financial intervention My Lord.
Grant me just enough to pay my bills and debts My Divine Master.


Lord Jesus Christ I do believe that you are the answer to my problem nobody else. In you i trust and give my 100% trust that this financial problem will be solve. In to your hands i surrender everything to you.


Lord God I need you. I humbly come to you asking for forgiveness and acknowledge that even in my best days my best is as filthy rags in you’re sight but God I try and even if you don’t do another thing for me; I am greatful for all you have done and brought me through and I love you. I know I have been irresponsible in the past with money and I don’t tithe as your word instructs but I need you now to pour out a financial miracle to me so that I may pay my bills I am steps away from bankruptcy and losing it all. I know you are able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything I can imagine Jehovah, however I am only asking for just enough, just enough to get myself out of this bind and refocus on you.

My financial worries are keeping me up at night and are starting to affect my work and personal life. I fear that I will never meet my goals and decrease my debts. I know your word Lord and I know it is not in your portion for me to live life as a borrower and in debt. I desire to be able to help my family and friends in need but I am unable. Please help me God like only you can. I desire to live within the Will you have set forth for my life. I surrender to you.


Dear Lord, I come before you today to please hear my prayer. I ask you oh Lord for financial blessing to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress. Lord help me to cope up all my debts i am so depress and do not know what to do now to settle this problem. I humbly ask to please let your glorious miracle befall me so i can pay off all my debts.Please Lord grant my prayer. AMEN


Father God I come today asking for your forgiveness we thank you that your mercies are new every morning Lord we ask you to help every family in our nation that is struggling financially we know that you own cattle on a thousand hills so we look to you Lord we ask for favor with the mortgage companies and banks and we ask you Lord to protect our assets and to stabilize your people financially help us to love and pray for one another we ask it all in Jesus name. Amen


Lord my husband and I are in need of a financial miracle. Our family, kids are suffering because of the financial crisis we have put upon ourselves. My husband blames me for everything that pertains to money, buying our home and I’m falling so weak behind it all. I know we have failed at handling money accordingly. All I ask if for your mercy and your divine help for a financial miracle. Please Lord hear my prayers as I am scared and falling apart. Please have mercy on us and hear my desperate prayers.


Please pray for me and my family we are in need for a financial miracle, we need places to live, car repairs, and etc., please help us and our animals also, please pray for all the other families in need also, I just want enough to get out of debt, in Jesus name, Amen.


God I want to thank for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you heavenly Father! God you know my situation, you know what I’ve been praying for, in need of. Lord I need a financial miracle, please grant me what I need so I can invest in me.

I’ve been praying for a long time and I still haven’t gave up or stopped believing, or stopped having faith even. I’m in the same position even though things got worse. You owe me nothing. I step out on faith and I’m still in the same position, feels like you gave up on me.

All I know to do is keep my faith, I believe in what I’m waiting for and what I want do in life. I’m tired of the struggle, the suffering, the storms, and I still believe but you just seem to ignore me, even though I go through it all.

Lord please bless me, no please bring me a miracle. I have nothing else to give, I’ve been at this low point for a long time. Please father bring me that miracle. I can write all day but it wouldn’t mean nothing but i pray that this touches you Lord, please!!!

Please Lord, give me a chance. You know my life, you know my faith can move mountains. I need you to bring me a miracle Lord so I can achieve my goals in life if it be your holy will. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


Heavenly Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth to your name be all glory and praise. Father, I come to you with child like faith knowing that when I pray that if I ask anything according to your will you hear me. Father, I pray that all decisions I make will be in line with Your word. Father, I pray for wisdom and guidance to handle every test, every trial, circumstance and every difficult situation that I face each day.

Father, Forgive me that I manage to get myself in debt. I Bind the enemy from holding back the funds needed to pay off my debt in Jesus name. I loose myself from the curse of financial bondage in Jesus name. Father, there is no situation, no circumstance more powerful than You. With You God, all things are possible in my life. Father, You own everything and You are the solution to any problem, and You are bigger than any obstacle that I face. Father, I know you’re able to do exceeding abundantly above all that I ask or think, according to the power that works in me, ( Eph. 3:20. Father, I know that as I lift these words unto You in prayer they will be fulfilled (Ps. 145:19).

Father, I believe in my heart and confess that my needs are met, I am out of debt, and that the windows of heaven are opened to me. Father, I stand on your word despite what my circumstances appear to be. Father, I ask all this with thanksgiving for who You are and all that You do. Father, I wait patiently, but in expectation of seeing an answer to my prayers in your own timing. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Prayers in Times of Financial Difficulties

Dear Lord,
Help me find firm ground in this shaky economy.
As I seek work and assistance,
Give me strength not to be anxious when I seem to be going nowhere;
Give me patience not to despair when things look bleak;
Give me serenity to know you are here with me, helping me to carry my crosses each day;
So that I may do Your will,
For the salvation of souls
And my Eternal Life.


Dear Lord,
In this time of uncertainty,
Be my rock in a world built on sand;
Be my oasis of grace and peace in a world of tension and turmoil;
Help me to carry my cross gracefully, as you did in Your Passion;
Help me to follow Your beam of light in the midst of this darkness;
Help me to see Your will in all things
And show others Your comfort and strength.

Keep me calm when tempers flare up;
Keep me sane in a crazy world;
Keep me focused on the houses in Heaven
rather than the houses of cards collapsing around me;
Keep my eyes focused on the prize of Heaven
and not lose hope in You in this world or in the world to come;
Make me compassionate in dealing with others;
Let me see my travails as carrying my cross and sharing in Your Passion, for the love of You and for the salvation of souls, including mine.
And may all my difficulties be ultimately for my good and Your glory. Amen.

Debt prayer

Heavenly Father,
I Come before you today to ask for
a financial blessing to improve my life.
My faith keeps me strong,
and I know you will provide for me
and the people I love.
I do not seek a large sum of money.
I do not trouble you for unneeded comforts
or luxury. I only ask for enough money
to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress.
Give me the means to do your work,
and spread your Love. I have so much
to give, if only I were allowed the chance.
In your name I pray, Amen

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