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The meaning of life is a philosophical question concerning the significance of life or existence in general. It can also be expressed in different forms, such as “Why are we here?”, “What is life all about?”, and “What is the purpose of existence?” It has been the subject of much philosophical, scientific, and theological speculation throughout history.

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The more a person suffers in life and is conscious of the life he or she is living, the more profound his or her feelings become. Those who live unconsciously of the meaning of life and events and have experienced no suffering, can never develop their feelings and faculties. Nor can they feel them­selves as parts of existence. – M. Fethullah Gulen

What is The Meaning of Life?

Meaning Of Life Quotes

Meaning Of Life Quotes

Life blossoms during childhood. During youth it grows through inward tension and spiritual struggle on the way of truth. During old age it holds its vital energy with the desire to reunite with  the beloved ones who have already passed away. How wretched it is for the atheists that they perceive life sometimes as comedy and sometimes as tragedy, and thereby stifle the instinct for ardent hope and gratitude in humanity. – M. Fethullah Gulen

“Where is the most important of the 5 W Questions. When you are in your “Where” you can fearlessly become “Who” you are to fully live “Why” you are here. Determine your “Where” then your “Who” then your “Why”.” – Diana Dentinger

The Meaning of Life …

Meaning can be found in action. – Andy Harglesis

Meaning of life: to shine a light where there is no light and take responsibility for shining that light. – Noelani Musicaro

The meaning is hidden in man, but it is only man himself who can find it. – Liv-Christine Hoem

The meaning of life can be found in the search. – Reza Farivar

The meaning of life can be revealed but never explained. – Kenneth Rexroth

The meaning of life cannot be told; it has to happen to a person … To speak as though it were an objective knowledge, like the date of the war of 1812, misses the point altogether. – Ira Progoff

The meaning of life cannot be told; it has to HAPPEN to a person. – Ira Progoff

The meaning of life changes as you change dimensional planes. The way human beings perceive the world is only one simple method of seeing. There are many ways to see life. Life has many meanings, and self realization is the understanding of all this. – Frederick Lenz

The meaning of life consists in the fact that it makes no sense to say that life has no meaning. – Niels Bohr

The meaning of life consists in the love and service of God. – Leo Tolstoy

The meaning of life has not much to do with good and evil, right and wrong, duty, honor, country, or any of that. It has to do with cutting the right deal. – Nelson DeMille

The meaning of life is a personal definition, as unique as the individual; that meaning will emerge during one’s lifetime as the major quest for fulfillment, something to act on that will give value to one’s life and leave behind as their greatest legacy. – Joan Jessalyn Cox

The meaning of life is a two-way street”—we have the right to expect certain things from life and strive towards them, but it is not over when we are no longer able to expect anything because life still expects things from us. – Roumen Bezergianov

The meaning of life is basically to be the kind of person you would want to be around. – Alexei Maxim Russell

The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation. – Michael Jackson

The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. – Michael Jackson

The meaning of life is creative love. Not love as an inner feeling, as a private sentimental emotion, but love as a dynamic power moving out in the world and doing something original. – Old Tom Morris

The meaning of life is found by diving deep, deep within. – Vishnudevananda Saraswati

The meaning of life is found in openness to being and “being present” in full awareness. – Thomas Merton

The meaning of life is happiness. – Dalai Lama

The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves. – Alan Watts

The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. – Alan Watts

The meaning of life is life. – Alan Alda

The meaning of life is more than a definition of life. – M..

The meaning of life is not an unquestionable answer; it is an unanswerable question. – Terri Guillemets

The meaning of life is not celebrating your birth, it is celebrating your work. – Amit Kalantri

The meaning of life is not only to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

The meaning of life is not to be discovered only after death in some hidden, mysterious realm; on the contrary, it can be found by eating the succulent fruit of the Tree of Life and by living in the here and now as fully and creatively as we can. – Paul Kurtz

The meaning of life is pretty clear: Living things strive to pass their genes into the future. The claim that we would not have morals or ethics without religion is extraordinary. Animals in nature seem to behave in moral ways without organized religion. – Bill Nye

The meaning of life is that it ends. – Franz Kafka

The meaning of life is that it is to be lived, and it is not to be traded and conceptualized and squeezed into a patter of systems. – Bruce Lee

The meaning of life is that it is to be lived. – Bruce Lee

The meaning of life is that it stops. – Franz Kafka

The meaning of life is that nobody knows the meaning of life. – Woody Allen

The meaning of life is the acquisition of experiences for the Creator. – Keith J. Caserta

The meaning of life is ‘the ultimate questioner’s vanity.’ – Kedar Joshi

The meaning of life is to adventurously discover our gift. The purpose of life is joyfully share our gift with the world. – Robert John Cook

The meaning of life is to become conscious. The whole evolution of life is to become increasingly more conscious. – Swami Dhyan Giten

The meaning of life is to create meaning for your life. – Tucker Max

The meaning of life is to die living it. – Dominic Riccitello

The meaning of life is to find a purpose to live for. – Aleksandr Sebryakov

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. – S. E. Hinton

The meaning of life is to get meaning for life. – Wayne Dyer

The meaning of life is to give life meaning. – Ken Hudgins

The meaning of life is to help each other get through. The purpose of life is to live, with all 5 senses, and enjoy the gift. – Grant Walker, MD

The meaning of life is to live a meaningful life. – Bill Phillips

The meaning of life is to matter, to have it count that we ever lived at all, to have the world be a better place when they put us in the ground than when they pulled us from our mothers. – Peter F. DiSilvio

The meaning of life is to see. – Huineng

The meaning of Life is whatever we Choose. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

The meaning of life, Nikodemos, is to live life with meaning. The purpose of life is merely to live it, perhaps to give it. – Janet Morris

The meaning of life. The wasted years of life. The poor choices of life. God answers the mess of life with one word: ‘grace.’ – Max Lucado

The meaning of life… I think the meaning of life is, I think it’s love. – Julie Benz

The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them. – Antoine de Saint Exupery

The meanings of life aren’t inherited. What is inherited is the mandate to make meanings of life by how we live. The endings of life give life’s meanings a chance to show. The beginning of the end of our order, our way, is now in view. This isn’t punishment, any more than dying is a punishment for being born. – Stephen Jenkinson

Meaning of Life Quotes

Meaning of Life Quotes

The only answer to the question of the meaning of life has to begin from the fact of our human finitude, of our vulnerability and our fallibility. – Simon Critchley

The only meaning of life worth caring about is one that can withstand our best efforts to examine it. – Daniel Dennett

The only meaning our lives have is the meaning we give them. – Robert Hellenga

The only path that has any meaning is one that resolves your being in the feeling that your heart is empowered by doing what is necessary for your existence. – Lujan Matus

The only people who think the Internet is a calamity are people whose lives have been hurt by it; the only people who insist the Internet is wonderful are those who need it to give their life meaning. – Chuck Klosterman

The only purpose of our lives consists in waking each other up and being there for each other. – Johanna Paungger

Meaning of Life Quotes

Meaning of Life Quotes

The purpose of life is …

The pure power of a life can manifest a beatitude, or as an unspeakable, sheer violence… – Jane Bennett

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. – Robert Byrne

The purpose of life is life. – Dejan Stojanovic

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things. – Rainer Maria Rilke

The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better. – Robert F. Kennedy

The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away. – David Viscott

The purpose of life is to fall in love, and never get caught. – Robert Black

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. – Eleanor Roosevelt

The purpose of life is to matter, to be productive, to have it make some difference that you lived at all. – Leo Rosten

The purpose of life is to reach a point where you can say ‘yes’ to all of it. – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

The purpose of life is to seek harmony. – Robert Gately

The purpose of life is to stay alive. Watch any animal in nature–all it tries to do is stay alive. It doesn’t care about beliefs or philosophy. Whenever any animal’s behavior puts it out of touch with the realities of its existence, it becomes extinct. – Michael Crichton

The purpose of life is to survive,to grow,to accept and adapt changes that happens…And addition to human is to exercise his free will, to learn from experience,to make the most of his time,to live well and to reap what he sow in this life. – Balenti Peco Ramos

The purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and those that follow. – Buckminster Fuller

The purpose of our lives is to be happy. – Dalai Lama

The purpose of philosophy is not to help men find the meaning of life, but to prove to them that there isn’t any. – Ayn Rand

The purpose of this glorious life is not simply to endure it, but to soar, stumble and flourish as you learn to fall in love with existence. We were born to live my dear not to merely exist. – Becca Lee

Meaning of Life Quotes

Meaning of Life Quotes

What is the meaning of life?

What is life for? he asks himself. What is my life for? – Hanya Yanagihara

What is life?
Life is living in this moment,
experiencing and experimenting
but experience isn’t life.
Life is reflecting and meditating
but reflection isn’t life.
Life is helping and guiding
but philanthropy isn’t life.
Life is eating and drinking
but food isn’t life.
Life is reading and dancing
but art isn’t life.
Life is kissing and pleasuring
but sex isn’t life.
Life is winning and losing
but competition isn’t life.
Life is loving and caring
but love isn’t life.
Life is birthing and nurturing
but children aren’t life.
Life is letting go and surrendering
but death isn’t life.
Life is all these things
but all these things aren’t life.
Life is
always more. – Kamand Kojouri

What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good. – Aristotle

What is the highest good in all matters of action? To the name, there is almost complete agreement; for uneducated and educated alike call it happiness, and make happiness identical with the good life and successful living. They disagree, however, about the meaning of happiness. – Aristotle

What is the meaning of human life, or of organic life altogether? To answer this question at all implies a religion. Is there any sense then, you ask, in putting it? I answer, the man who regards his own life and that of his fellow creatures as meaningless is not merely unfortunate but almost disqualified for life. – Albert Einstein

What is the meaning of it, Watson? said Holmes solemnly as he laid down the paper. “What object is served by this circle of misery and violence and fear? It must tend to some end, or else our universe is ruled by chance, which is unthinkable. But what end? There is the great standing perennial problem to which human reason is as far from an answer as ever. – Arthur Conan Doyle

—What is the meaning of life?
—I know, but I won’t tell you. – Mason Cooley

What is the meaning of life? It is too great a phenomenon to fit into any meaning. – Jaggi Vasudev

What is the meaning of life? Life has the meaning that you give it. – Steve Redhead

What is the meaning of life? That was all- a simple question; one that tended to close in on one with years, the great revelation had never come. The great revelation perhaps never did come. Instead, there were little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark; here was one. – Virginia Woolf

What is the meaning of life? To be happy and useful. – Dalai Lama XIV

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Philosophers have pondered that question for centuries. I’m afraid the answer is disappointingly simple: Mating. That’s it. – Oliver Markus

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?
Philosophers have pondered that question for centuries. I’m afraid the answer is disappointingly simple: Mating.
That’s it.
Christians seem to think that life is a test, and that the goal is to get into Heaven. But that’s like saying your job is to get a promotion. No, your job is to work. And then, if you worked hard, then you get promoted. Heaven is supposed to be a reward or promotion, for a job well done. And what’s our job? “Be fruitful and multiply.” We are here to mate and procreate. That’s it. That’s all there’s to it.
That’s the meaning of life. Mating. – Oliver Markus Malloy

What is the meaning of life?
Life has the meaning that you give it. – Steven Redhead

What is the meaning of life?” asked man.
“Seek and ye shall find,” said God. “That was my method.”
The man replied, “How might I do that?”
“Take a setting,” instructed God. “Add some dirt and water, mold it into something likeable. Let there be light to break up the darkness. Plant some trees and fruit. Don’t forget to put in a few animals. Then create a few wild things that are as curious in thought as you, and let them figure the damned thing out. – J. Edward Vance

What is the meaning of life?” She asked me.
“Life has no meaning!” I said.
“Then why do we live?” She asked me.
“To create the meaning!” I said. – Avijeet Das

What is the meaning of life?Whatever you want it to be. – James Frey

What is the meaning of life…to give life meaning. – Clifford Cohen

“What is the meaning of life?” This question has no answer except in the history of how it came to be asked. There is no answer because words have meaning, not life or persons or the universe itself. Our search for certainty rests in our attempts at understanding the history of all individual selves and all civilizations. Beyond that, there is only awe. – Julian Jaynes

Meaning of Life Quotes

Life Quote

Life is …

Life – a meaningless thing, draped in some moments, that can be given any title or definition. – Neeraj Agnihotri

Life always gives us exactly the teacher we need at every moment. This includes every mosquito, every misfortune, every red light, every traffic jam, every obnoxious supervisor (or employee), every illness, every loss, every moment of joy or depression, every addiction, every piece of garbage, every breath. Every moment is the guru. – Joko Beck

Life always has some surprises up its sleeve!. – Avijeet Das

Life and all that is in it
is a gift from the infinite mind;
And the only way that life can go wrong
is by the limited finite mind. – Eric Foley Saucier

Life belongs to man, but the meaning of life is beyond him. – Elie Wiesel

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. – Soren Kierkegaard

Life cannot be better than the way it is , can you imagine a better way than this’ – Anonymous

Life cannot find reasons to sustain it, cannot be a source of decent mutual regard, unless each of us resolves to breathe such qualities into it. – Frank Herbert

Life ceases to be so oppressive: we are free to give our own lives meaning and purpose, free to redeem our suffering by making something of it. – Walter Kaufmann

Life defined only as the opposite of death is not life. – Mahmoud Darwish

Life does not have meaning through mere existence or acquisition or fun. The meaning of life is inherent in the connections we make to others through honor and obligation. – Laura Schlessinger

Life does not wait: Whether we spend our lives meaningfully or not, the time will be used up moment by moment. – Dalai Lama

Life doesn’t happen suddenly. It fades in. – M..

Life gives meaning to life. The answer to the meaning of life is hidden right there inside the question. – Wendy Mass

Life has a meaning but do not set out to find out. Just live it out. – Bangambiki Habyarimana

Life has a plan for each of us; we may not understand the whys on our journey but every event is meaningful nonetheless. – Ken Poirot

Life has become easier. Most of us have the means to live an easier life.
But so few of us have the meaning to live for, or a reason to die for. – Manoj Arora

Life has meaning only if one barters it day by day for something other than itself. – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Life has no map; it’s made of random events, always caused by something beyond your control. – Bangambiki Habyarimana

Life has no meaning the moment you loose the illusion of being eternal. – Jean-Paul Sartre

Life has no meaning unless one lives it with a will, at least to the limit of one’s will. – Paul Gauguin

Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer. – Joseph Campbell

Life has no meaning. We create the meaning! – Avijeet Das

Life has only one equation. The equation of giving. – Amit Ray

Life has only three states-Happiness,Grief and Emptiness.The extreme state of life is emptiness. – Deshwal Sachin

Life has to be given a meaning because of the obvious fact that it has no meaning. – Henry Miller

Life in 5 words, born, eat, poo, procreate, die. Its really simple. – George Banister

Life in itself is so beautiful that to ask the question of the meaning of life is simply nonsense. – Rajneesh

Life is a beautiful journey. And we are here to lead a meaningful life. Some of us may take a longer time than others to pass exams and reach the milestones in life. But that does not mean that we become sad and depressed in life. Life is not a race. There are no winners or losers in life. It does not matter who comes first or last in the journey of life. Live your life in your own way. And always be happy. Spread happiness and kindness wherever you may go! – Avijeet Das

Life is a fairy tale. Live it with wonder and amazement. – Welwyn Wilton Katz

Life is a helluva journey. You face situations. You meet people. You try to understand situations. You try to understand people.
But you will never ever be able to understand people. You will never understand why some things happen. You feel you desperately need someone to support. But you won’t find any support. You feel you need an anchor amidst all these changes. But there won’t be an anchor. And you will feel your feet are giving away. You will feel the weight of life pulling you down and you are drowning in the ocean. And you can’t even shout for help. Everybody is busy living their life to listen to you. You thus you give up on people. You lose faith in people. You lose faith on life.
You just go on living life without feeling anything. You live life in a state of numbness and indifference.
And then one day you look at yourself in the mirror, and you have become a stranger to yourself! – Avijeet Das

Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations. – Oliver Goldsmith

Life is a long journey meant for leaping beyond loneliness to find unchanging freedom and truth. – Ilchi Lee

Life is a long road on a short journey. – James Lendall Basford

life is a mystical art of combination. – Talismanist Giebra

Life is a progress, and not a station. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is a River”
Life is a river
zig zag it goes on flowing
myriad memories quench thirst
in the swirling waves of life!
Life has its own colour
a mingling of blue, green, black and white
sweeping away all happiness and sadness
in the cascading bubbles of tears and delight
Life shares its own wisdom
to keep on flowing is its only zeal
whether it be summer or winter
life will keep on flowing but never still
Life is a river
it flows at its own pace
sometimes it may have no direction
and this is life’s story and grace! – Poet Manjushree Mohanty

Life is a series of collisions with the future. – Jose Ortega y Gasset

Life is about making an impact, not making an income. – Kevin Kruse

Life is about warm friendships, memorable moments, and moments of extraordinary beauty. – Avijeet Das

Life is about warm friendships, memorable wanderings, and moments of extraordinary beauty. – Avijeet Das

Life is all about how you handle Plan B. – Anonymous

Life is an abstract art, and it’s up to you to make sense of it. – Talismanist Giebra

Life is an art of mystical combination. – Talismanist Giebra

Life is difficult. Not just for me or other ALS patients. Life is difficult for everyone. Finding ways to make life meaningful and purposeful and rewarding, doing the activities that you love and spending time with the people that you love – I think that’s the meaning of this human experience. – Steve Gleason

Life is half spent before we know what it is. – George Herbert

Life is just a beautiful struggle! – Garima Yonzon

Life is just too beautiful if meaning is attached to it, and useless when meaningless!! – Tripta Arora

Life is less about finding and more about seeking. – Seth Adam Smith

Life is life! The real meaning and definition of life is not wealth, though wealth can define and give meaning to life. – Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it once. – Lillian Dickson

Life is like a piano. The white keys represent happiness and the black shows sadness. But as you go through life’s journey, remember that the black keys also make music. – Ehssan

Life is like a poetry, without meaning or purpose – it’s useless. – Jawwad Zafar

Life is like a riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein

Life is like paper; you can throw it away or, you can make something out of it. – TheKatAttack

Life is like theater. Each new day is a new scene with new acts and roles to portray. The sets always change. You come across new dialogue and lines to exchange between others. Scripts are improvised. But the beauty in it is that everyday, you are constantly learning who you are and how others around you are. Express yourself and empathize. It’s okay to wear a mask every now and then but remember that you’ll eventually meet fellow thespians who will find a way to break down your walls and barriers. Remember another thing: this isn’t a dress rehearsal. And God is your ultimate Director. Let Him write your script and call the cuts. Allow Him to provide you with the applause that truly matters. Let Him open up your heart to real self discovery. He is the best playwright that never dies. He lives. And so do you when you learn to let go and step on the stage of life. – Melody Joy

Life is meaningless only if we allow it to be. Each of us has the power to give life meaning, to make our time and our bodies and our words into instruments of love and hope. – Thomas Head Raddall

Life is meaningless, when we take a life we take nothing of value. – Brent Weeks

Life is more than great sex and a nice car.”
Well, yeah. But not a lot more. – Jennifer Crusie

Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations. – George Bernard Shaw

Life is not a having and a getting, but a being and a becoming. – Myrna Loy

Life is not a hope, but it is all of this !! – Hesham Nebr

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. – Soren Kierkegaard

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. – Vivian Greene

Life is not somewhere waiting for you, it is happening in you. It is not in the future as a goal to be arrived at, it is herenow, this very moment – in your breathing, circulating in your blood, beating in your heart. Whatsoever you are is your life, and if you start seeking meaning somewhere else, you will miss it. Man has done that for centuries. – Rajneesh

Life is only meaningless if we fail to make a resolute effort at achieving bliss, attaining the active state of oneness that comes to a person whom is attentively alive and mindful of all the beauty and moral sublimity of existence. – Kilroy J. Oldster

Life is plenty pointless. We’re all put here on this earth, such a minuscule thing, really. This tiny Earth, in the midst of an ever-larger universe. We were put here for reasons unbeknownst to us, reasons that may not even exist. And, above all that, we try so hard. People work to discover things, to try to create the greatest new thing, to learn everything, to find answers. But those answers are pointless. Because one day, this world will end. And whatever mark you may have thought you left will vanish, like it was never even there. And that, my friends, is the meaning of life. – Payton Webb

Life is problems. Loving is solving problems. – Raymond E. Feist

Life is rather like a tin of sardines – we’re all of us looking for the key. – Alan Bennett

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius

Life is really strange. When we were children we eagerly wanted to grow up and become older. But when we become older, we eagerly wish if we could go back to being children again! – Avijeet Das

Life is such a kind of game where there is no wining or no losing, every one just play his part and the most important is how well a person can adapt his role in this game. – Anonymous

Life is the journey of coming home to ourselves. – Lisa Cypers Kamen

Life is the most exciting opportunity we have. But we have one shot. You graduate from college once, and that’s it. You’re going out of that nest. And you have to find that courage that’s deep, deep, deep in there. Every step of the way. – Andrew Shue

Life is too short to hold grudges, plan vengeance, and be angry for too long. And people say things like that all the time, but words like that only take on their meaning when you experience someone close to you passing away. There are truly not enough minutes, hours, days, months, years, to spend any amount of time on being and doing anything other than going into the direction of your happiness. Acceptance is better than correction and joy is better than revenge. Innocent laughter is better than anger. – C. JoyBell C.

Life is truly lived in the moments of simplicity! – Avijeet Das

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be…including our perception. Of it. – Anais Nin

Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning. – Joseph Campbell

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw

Life loses its meaning when you forget your purpose. – Debasish Mridha

Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back to life. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Life never ceases having a meaning for a humble person. The freedom of choice, the sovereignty that we hold over our own souls, enables a person to discover the meaning of his or her own life every day, even in suffering or death. – Kilroy J. Oldster

Life no longer felt meaningless. It felt stressful and terrifying, but it definitely didn’t feel meaningless. – Donald Miller

Life occurs somewhere between our aspirations and our just desserts. – Stewart Stafford

Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner. – Les Brown

Life was never simple, happiness never where you thought you’d left it, and right and wrong no more fixed than clouds in the sky. – Janet Morris

Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and being alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You have to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes too near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself that you tasted as many as you could. – Louise Erdrich

Life will find a way. – Michael Crichton

Life will only have a meaning once you’ve achieved to find your true passion and love within the limitless boundaries of destiny. – Callum Illman

Life, individual or collective, personal or historic, is the one entity in the universe whose substance is compact of danger, of adventure. It is, in the strict sense of the word, drama. The primary, radical meaning of life appears when it is employed in the sense not of biology, but of biography. For the very strong reason that the whole of biology is quite definitely only a chapter in certain biographies, it is what biologists do in the portion of their lives open to biography. – Jose Ortega y Gasset

Live free, dream loud, be inspired, find your power. – Ben Herr

Live is meaningful only if you gave it a meaning. – T. Harv Eker

Live your life to the fullest. – Shakira

Meaning of Life Quotes

Meaning of Life Quotes

A basic framework for happiness:
– Time spent daily, hopefully in a job that challenges us, but also in our after-hours hobbies.
– An ability to show ourselves that we are making consistent progress and improvements toward a specified goal.
– Energy and attention dedicated each day to an activity that puts us in the zone. – Steve Kamb

A beautiful mind is an asset. – Avijeet Das

A choice is the root of all morality. Without choice, one can have no moral code. In a vacuum bereft of alternatives, there can be no values. And without values, there can be no reason for a code of ethics. What gives our lives meaning is which alternatives we choose. If we have no options, if we can take but one path, we are by definition slaves. – Dave Galanter

A great mystery lies in the repetition and continuity of the renewal of that which is past. Culture perpetuates itself in memory and the big job is the reawakening of memory. – Hans-George Gadamer

A grim fraternity, passing grim lives in that sweet spot, that God had made so bright! Strange that Nature’s voices all around them–the soft singing of the waters, the wisperings of the river grass, the music of the rushing wind–should not have taught them a truer meaning of life than this. They listened there, through the long days, in silence, waiting for a voice from heaven; and all day long and through the solemn night it spoke to them in myriad tones, and they heard it not. – Jerome K. Jerome

A human being is not one thing among others; things determine each other, but man is ultimately self-determining. What he becomes–within the limits of endowment and environment–he has made out of himself. – Viktor E. Frankl

A life of devotion to one’s passion gives meaning to life. – Avijeet Das

A life of short duration…could be so rich in joy and love that it could contain more meaning than a life lasting eighty years. – Victor Frankl

A life thus names a restless activeness, a destructive-creative force-presence that does not coincide fully with any specific body. A life tear the fabric of the actual without ever coming fully ‘out’ in a person, place, or thing. A life points to … ‘matter in variation that enters assemblages and leaves them. A life is a vitality proper not to any individual but to ‘pure immanence,’ or that protean swarm that is not actual though it is real: ‘A life contains only virtuals. It is made of virtualities. – Jane Bennett

A life without cause is a life without effect. – Barbarella

A life without concrete product is a meaningless one – Sunday Adelaja

A little help with a little smile gives meaning to human life. – Abhijit Naskar

A lot of what we know isn’t very relevant to our being – Eric Dodson Robinson

A major part of the meaning of life is contained in the very process of discovering it. – Ira Progoff

A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit. – Elton Trueblood

A man is never an individual unless he is possessed by a desire so deep that it is deeper than life, so deep that he is ready to sacrifice his life for it. – Osho

A meaningful life is a life lived for others – a religious life, is a life lived for others – a human life, is a life lived for others. – Abhijit Naskar

A meaningful life is the life full of meaningful relationships. Create yours. – Utpal Vaishnav

A meaningful silence is always better than a meaningless words. – Anonymous

A meaningless life for a human being has none of the dignity of animal unselfconsciousness; we cannot simply eat, sleep, hunt and reproduce – we are meaning-seeking creatures. The Western world has done away with religion but not with religious impulses; we seem to need some higher purpose, some point to our lives – money and leisure, social progress, are just not enough. – Jeanette Winterson

A person must claim the meaning behind his or her existence. How we live is our final testament to what we believed in and our journey through the corridor of time determines our decisive character. – Kilroy J. Oldster

A person repents when he comes to the place where he discovers that the will of God is the government of his life and the glory of God is the reason for his life. He only has repented who has changed his mind about his reason for being. – Paris Reidhead

A person seeks to quantify their existence. Do we measure a person’s life by its longevity or by assessing the warmth of its blaze? Do we measure a person by their brainpower or by the heartiness of his or her spine? Do earthy deeds count for more than intellectual opinions? What is more important, the work that a person produces or the quality of life that effuses from their being? Does it matter how we live and how we die, if we love or hate, are kind or mean, generous or stingy? Does it matter that we struggle to express personal doubts and toil in an effort to obtain redemption for our personal lapses? – Kilroy J. Oldster

A sense of concern for others gives our lives meaning; it is the root of all human happiness. – Dalai Lama

A sense of life meaning ensues but cannot be deliberately pursued: life meaning is always a derivative phenomenon that materializes when we have transcended ourselves, when we have forgotten ourselves and become absorbed in someone (or something) outside ourselves. – Irvin D. Yalom

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. – John Shedd

A small event as tiny as a drop of a pin can change the direction of your entire life – Bangambiki Habyarimana

A true test of character isn’t how you are on your best days but how you act on your worst days. – Anonymous

A universe without purpose should neither depress us nor suggest that our lives are purposeless. Through an awe-inspiring cosmic history we find ourselves on this remote planet in a remote corner of the universe, endowed with intelligence and self-awareness. We should not despair, but should humbly rejoice in making the most of these gifts, and celebrate our brief moment in the sun. – Lawrence M. Krauss

A woman not only takes her identity and individuality for granted, but knows instinctively that the only wrong is to hurt others, and that the meaning of life is love. – Valerie Solanas

A writer needs solitude : moments that he can spend in introspection and in reflection. These moments make him pensive and thoughtful and help him write his thoughts with clarity. A life of devotion to one’s passion gives us meaning to our life. – Avijeet Das

Above all else, philosophy ought to aim for clarification – of the self, one’s place in the world, and the ways we make meaning. Philosophy, when practiced well, can be useful. It can enable us to grapple in productive ways with questions about the meaning of life and who I am and how I want to be in the world. – Peg O’Connor

Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself. – Harvey Fierstein

According to the Buddha, then, life has no meaning, and people don’t need to create any meaning. They just need to realise that there is no meaning, and thus be liberated from the suffering caused by our attachments and our identification with empty phenomena. – Yuval Noah Harari

Advice for a human. 81. You can’t find happiness looking for the meaning of life. Meaning is only the third most important thing. It comes after loving and being. 82. If you think something is ugly, look harder. Ugliness is just a failure of seeing. – Matt Haig

After reading all that has been written, and after thinking all that can be thought, on the topics of God and the soul, the man who has a right to say that he thinks at all, will find himself face to face with the conclusion that, on these topics, the most profound thought is that which can be the least easily distinguished from the most superficial sentiment. – Edgar Allan Poe

All experience adds up to a life lived as only you could. I feel sure the day will come when you can say: this is my life. You may never become a writer or a master cook, but I do believe there will be a time when you can stand tall as yourself in your own unique way. – Durian Sukegawa

All life is a jest, Imhotep – and it is death who laughs last. Do you not hear it at every feast? Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die. – Agatha Christie

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

All of human civilization… is basically a result of immortality projects: the cities and governments and structures and authorities in places today were all immortality projects of men and women who came before us. They are the remnants of conceptual selves that ceased to die… all the meaning in our life is shaped by this innate desire to never truly die. Religion, politics, sports, art, and technological innovation are the result of people’s immortality projects. …wars and revolutions and mass murder occur when one group of people’s immortality project rub up against another group’s. – Mark Manson

All people intuitively seek emotional equanimity, freedom from anxiety, distress, and trepidation that might cause a person to lose symmetrical balance of their mind. Nature intended for human beings to live in an enthusiastic and curious manner, always exploring, striving, and creating. – Kilroy J. Oldster

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. – Havelock Ellis

All the higher values in life get redefined on a regular basis for good; there is no static meaning as such. – Harshit Walia

All things have their birth in Love by adaptation. – Wald Wassermann

All you have here…will remain here…
For, in the new life, you will have so much more
Your regrets, vengeance and faith will no longer serve you – Celia Belt

Although a man may have no jurisdiction over the fact of his existence, he can hold supreme command over the meaning of existence for him. – Norman Cousins

Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better. – Anonymous

Always remain steadfast on your journey to greatness! – Avijeet Das

Am I alone in an ensconced inner world where I obsessively worry about what happens to me, where the story of personal survival becomes the central theme of my shallow existence? I think not. Swaddled in our own brand of strangeness, we all struggle to come to terms with our demonstrated personal shortcomings. Our yearned-for life of living in pink skyways far removed from harm’s way is depressingly marked in contrast by our actual crabby existence spent scuttling along akin to a smug lobster, scrunched down on the asphalt streets, working in the city grid as frumpy members of the faceless mob. – Kilroy J. Oldster

An active life serves the purpose of giving man the opportunity to realize value is creative work, while a passive life of enjoyment affords him the opportunity to obtain fulfillment in experiencing beauty, art or nature. But there is also purpose in that life which is almost barren of both creation and enjoyment and which admits of but one possibility of high moral behavior: namely, in man’s attitude to his existence, an existence restricted by external forces. A creative life and a life of enjoyment are banned to him. But not only creativeness and enjoyment are meaningful. If there is a meaning in life at all, then there must be a meaning in suffering. Suffering is an ineradicable part of life, even as fate and death. Without suffering and death human life cannot be complete. – Viktor E. Frankl

An atheist is someone who is disappointed in his search of god. He is a man who strongly needed god but couldn’t find him. Atheism is a cry of despair – Bangambiki Habyarimana

An easy life is rarely meaningful and a meaningful life rarely easy. – Oliver North

An everyday moment could be deeply etched into our hearts and minds. A sudden moment could become unforgettable. Another moment could be tattooed to our souls. – Avijeet Das

And I say, the meaning of life is what you make it. There will be as many different meaningful lives as there are people to live them. – A.C. Grayling

And I think a long time ago there were big stories. Stories so big you could live your whole life in them. The Powerful Hands of the Gods and Fate. The Journey to Enlightenment. The March of Socialism. But they all died or the world grew up or grew senile or forgot them, so now we’re making up our own stories. Little stories. But we’ve each got one. – Mark Ravenhill

And if ever I’m reduced to looking for a meaning to my life, you never can tell, it’s in that old mess I’ll stick my nose to begin with, the mess of that poor old uniparous whore and myself the last of my foul brood, neither man nor beast. – Samuel Beckett

And it is a profound consolation, perhaps the only one, to this haunted animal that wastes most of a long and ghostly life wandering the future and the past on its hind legs, looking for meanings, only to see in the eyes of others of its kind that it must die. – Peter Matthiessen

And joy filled him from head to foot, the joy of living and the joy of being himself. He was newborn. And the best part of it was that he was now the very person he wanted to be. If he had been free to choose, he would have chosen to be no one else. Because now he knew that there were thousands and thousands of forms of joy in the world, but that all were essentially one and the same, namely the joy of being able to love.
And much later… and even in his old age, this joy never left him entirely. Even in the hardest moments of his life he preserved a lightheartedness that made him smile and that comforted others. – Michael Ende

And to think,” Will Farnaby commented, “to think that people complain about modern life having no meaning! Look at what life was like when it did have a meaning. A tale told by an idiot or a tale told by a Calvinist? Give me the idiot every time. – Aldous Huxley

And when you die only your thoughts that have reached paper remain.
Finally when someone stumbles upon those words, reads about your loves and your losses, you touch them emotionally and for a time they finally feel understood.
For that time they realise, they too shared the same thoughts and ideas,
And then they realise just as I have realised,
You are not truly as alone in this universe as you think are. – Morris R. Gates

Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out. – Anton Chekhov

Anyone is capable of making a positive contribution to the world through simple observation, irrespective of circumstance. – Durian Sukegawa

Apart from Christ there are no objective explanations, no certainty, no grace, and no ultimate meaning. He alone possesses the words of eternal life. For the first century disciples, and for us today, it is simply Jesus or Nothing. – Dan DeWitt

Are you grateful for the things you already have? Or anxious about the things you don’t have yet? – Kunal

Are you living for leisure or leaving a legacy? – Will Craig

Aren’t you tired from all that smiling that you do at the camera? Relax and come with me to the mountains. There is more to life than the cameras! – Avijeet Das

Art should startle the viewer into thinking about the meaning of life. – Antoni Tapies

Arts degrees are awesome. And they help you find meaning where there is none. And let me assure you, there is none. Don’t go looking for it. Searching for meaning is like searching for a rhyme scheme in a cookbook: you won’t find it and you’ll bugger up your soufflé. – Tim Minchin

Art—the meaning of the pattern of our common actions in reality. The cloth-of-gold that hides behind the sackcloth of reality, forced out by the pain of human memory. – Lawrence Durrell

As a child, I wondered often, ‘Why are we? What is the meaning of life?’ These questions made me realize that life is what has meaning – not just individual lives, but all of our lives. – Reid Hoffman

As a society of unbelief, Western culture is devoid of a sense of journey, of adventure, because it lacks belief in much more than the cultivation of an ever-shrinking horizon of self-preservation and and self-expression. – Stanley Hauerwas

As a subconscious attempt to add meaning or purpose to their life: The unemployed pray for a job; the retired pray for grandchildren. – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

As far as we can tell from a purely scientific viewpoint, human life has absolutely no meaning. Humans are the outcome of blind evolutionary processes that operate without goal or purpose. Our actions are not part of some divine cosmic plan, and if planet earth were to blow up tomorrow morning, the universe would probably keep going about its business as usual. As far as we can tell at this point, human subjectivity would not be missed. Hence any meaning that people inscribe to their lives is just a delusion. – Yuval Noah Harari

As for wealth, we live in a civilization which piously denies that it is an end in itself, and treats it exactly this way in practice. One of the most powerful indictments of capitalism is that it compels us to invest most of our creative energies in matters which are in fact purely utilitarian. The means of life become the end. Life consists in laying the material infrastructure for living. It is astonishing that in the twenty-fi rst century, the material organization of life should bulk as large as it did in the Stone Age. The capital which might be devoted to releasing men and women, at least to some moderate degree, from the exigencies of labour is dedicated instead to the task of amassing more capital. – Terry Eagelton

As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is, that each of us has something that no one else has-or ever will have-something inside that is unique to all time. – Fred Rogers

As I said, to put our faith in tangible goals would seem to be, at best, unwise. So we do not strive to be firemen, we do not strive to be bankers, nor policemen, nor doctors. We strive to be ourselves. But don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean that we can’t be firemen, bankers, or doctors — but that we must make the goal conform to the individual, rather than make the individual conform to the goal…In short, he has not dedicated his life to reaching a pre-defined goal, but he has rather chosen a way of life he knows he will enjoy. The goal is absolutely secondary: it is the functioning toward the goal which is important. – Hunter S. Thompson

As soon as you look at the world through an ideology you are finished. No reality fits an ideology. Life is beyond that. … That is why people are always searching for a meaning to life… Meaning is only found when you go beyond meaning. Life only makes sense when you perceive it as mystery and it makes no sense to the conceptualizing mind. – Anthony de Mello

As to the causation, of the feeling of meaningless, one may say, albeit in an oversimplifying way, that people have enough to live by but nothing to live for; they have the means but no meaning. – Viktor E. Frankl

Ascribing meaning to life, if not sincere, is nothing more than a cheap thrill-ride for the soul. – D.B. Eshleman

At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint or even remember it. It is enough. – Toni Morrison

At the age of twelve, before I had had one full year of formal schooling, I had a conception of life that no experience would ever erase, a predilection for what was real that no argument could ever gainsay, a sense of the world that was mine and mine alone, a notion as to what life meant that no education could ever alter, a conviction that the meaning of living came only when one was struggling to wring a meaning out of meaningless suffering. – Richard Wright

At the end of life, what really matters is not what we bought but what we built; not what we got but what we shared; not our competence but our character; and not our success, but our significance. Live a life that matters. Live a life of love. – Anonymous

At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanation, no regrets. – Steve Maraboli

At times we have to grab life with both hands, and twist and squeeze and wrench just to extract one sweet drop from this world: But oh how sweet, how nourishing and wholesome, when we discover that even a drop of joy and beauty and hope is possible. – John Sean Doyle

At times, he admitted, he had been very happy in the apple business. He knew what Larch would have told him: that his happiness was not the point, or that it wasn’t as important as his usefulness. – John Irving

Aunt Esther: You think you supposed to know everything. Life is a mystery. Don’t you know life is a mystery? I see you still trying to figure it out. It ain’t all for you to know. It’s all an adventure. That’s all life is. But you got to trust that adventure. – August Wilson

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure. – Helen Keller

Balance is only meaningful when we choose Love as the center of gravity! – Phil ‘Philosofree’ Cheney

Be a lover of the world, it is the only way to survive in it. – Janosch

Be an artist, in whatever little faculty possible.
For the Earth, without ‘Art’ is just ‘Eh. – Jasleen Kaur Gumber

Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living for, and your belief will help create the fact. – William James

Be strong but not rude. Be kind but not weak. Be bold but don’t bully. Be humble but not timid. Be confident but not arrogant. – Jim Rohn

Be the compromise you want to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

Be the trouble you want to see in the world. – Joey Comeau

Because if you’ve found meaning in your life, you don’t want to go back. You want to go forward. – Morrie Schwartz

Because of the times we live in, all of us, young and old, do not spend enough time and effort thinking about the meaning of life. We do not look inside ourselves enough to understand our strengths and weaknesses, and we do not look around enough – a the world, in history – to ask the deepest and broadest questions. The solution surely is that, even now, we could all use a little bit more of a liberal education. – Fareed Zakaria

Because, as I would always tell myself so many years later, lying here in my bed: You can’t start out again in life, that’s a carriage ride you only take once, but with a book in your hand, no matter how confusing and perplexing it might be, once you’ve finished it, you can always go back to the beginning; if you like, you can read it through again, in order to figure out what you couldn’t understand before, in order to understand life, isn’t that so, Fatma? – Orhan Pamuk

Becoming aware of the dearness in what might otherwise be regarded as mundane is the ultimate form of insight. – L.M. Browning

Before defining what you want, know who you are. – Diana Dentinger

Begin at once to live, and count each day as a separate life. – Seneca the Younger

Being a mom makes me feel whole and like I understand the meaning of life. – Rebecca Romijn

Being is. Being is in-itself. Being is what it is. – Jean-Paul Sartre

Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things. – Joe Paterno

Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going. – Chantal Sutherland

Between the natural way and the path of grace there is a deep abyss. It is in that gap that we live our lives as a giant struggle between good and evil, Satan and God, despair and love. Whenever despair wins, it is the natural way. Whenever love wins, it is a moment of grace. When love is victorious and defeats despair completely, you’ve reached the path of grace. – Haim Shapira

Beyond a certain point we reach repetition and discover we are on the way back. Thus, life has no purpose beyond what it is at this moment. – Clifford Thurlow

Beyond work and love, I would add two other ingredients that give meaning to life. First, to fulfill whatever talents we are born with. However blessed we are by fate with different abilities and strengths, we should try to develop them to the fullest, rather than allow them to atrophy and decay. … Second, we should try to leave the world a better place than when we entered it. As individuals, we can make a difference, whether it is to probe the secrets of Nature, to clean up the environment and work for peace and social justice, or to nurture the inquisitive, vibrant spirit of the young by being a mentor and a guide. – Michio Kaku

Breathing seemed harder in the cemetery, and selfish, somehow… – Sheri Webber

Broadly, the meaning of life comes from how we interact with each other. The Internet can reconfigure space so that the right people are always next to each other. – Reid Hoffman

Build what you want to see in the world. – Jack Dorsey

But I am not those people. I am just the biologist; I don’t require any of this to have a deeper meaning. – Jeff VanderMeer

But the meaning of life is not . . . explained by one’s business life, nor is the deep desire of the human heart answered by a bank account. – Carl Jung

By introducing you to yourself it enables you to discover for yourself the true meaning of life and thus enrich every moment of it. Such self-discovery can lead to greater understanding of fellow-beings and therefore to true love. – Venkatesananda Saraswati

(…) can life retain its potential meaning in spite of its tragic aspects? After all, ‘saying yes to life in spite of everything,’ (…) presupposes that life is potentially meaningful under any conditions, even those which are most miserable. And this in turn presupposes the human capacity to creatively turn life’s negative aspects into something positive or constructive. In other words, what matters is to make the best of any given situation. – Viktor E. Frankl

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. – Joshua J. Marine

Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. – Joshua Marine

Challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human. – Viktor E. Frankl

Circumstance points to deeper meaning. – T.F. Hodge

Colors add meaning to life,
Some hidden facts they do imbibe.
One color could signify two things,
The onus lies on us,
As to how we take it. – Garima Jain

Come, dry your eyes, for you are LIFE, rarer than a quark and unpredictable beyond the dreams of Heisenberg; the clay in which the forces that shape all things leave their fingerprints most clearly.
Dry your eyes, and let’s go home. – Alan Moore

Cultures produce myths because they satisfy a deep-rooted human need: the need to make sense of life. Myths are appealing because they reduce the complexity of experience, by making things seem simple and absolute; myths define popular realities which are accepted readily, even uncritically. – Matthew Screech

Compassion is one of the principal things that make our lives meaningful. It is the source of all lasting happiness and joy. – Dalai Lama

Connection is why we’re here. We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering. – Brené Brown

Consider a movie: it consists of thousands upon thousands of individual pictures, and each of them makes sense and carries a meaning, yet the meaning of the whole film cannot be seen before its last sequence is shown. However, we cannot understand the whole film without having first understood each of its components, each of the individual pictures. Isn’t it the same with life? Doesn’t the final meaning of life, too, reveal itself, it at all, only at its end, on the verge of death? – Viktor E. Frankl

Could a body broken and blood spilled two thousand years ago restore my own damaged life? – Frederica Mathewes-Green

Courage is knowing what not to fear. – Plato

Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness. – Steve Maraboli

Dare to err and to dream. Deep meaning often lies in childish plays. – Friedrich Schiller

Dark perversions grow at the empty corners of the soul. – Sivan P.L.

Darkness within darkness. The gateway to all understanding. – Laozi

Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude. – Anne Frank

Death is a terrifying experience… It threatens, with its corrosive power, our possibility of living a humane life. There are two kinds of experiences that can protect those—those able to turn to them—from the terror of the danger of death. One is the certainty of truth, the continuous awakening toward the understanding of the ‘ineluctable need for truth,’ without which a good life is not possible. The other is the resolute and profound illusion that life has meaning and that the meaning of life is found in performing good deeds. – Ricardo Piglia

Death is Certain; for all that exists…
Live Wise; till that day comes…. – Adrian Leslie Lobo

Death is like a mirror in which the true meaning of life is reflected. – Sogyal Rinpoche

Death is the mother of all pleasure, if there were no option of death life would be meaningless to us. – CYRUS

Death is the price we pay for life. Pain is the price we pay for pleasure. Disillusionment is the price we pay for daring to dream. – Thibaut

Deep down, all of us are probably aware that some kind of mystical evolution is our true task. Yet we suppress the notion with considerable force because to admit it is to admit that most of our political gyrations, religious dogmas, social ambitions, and financial ploys are not merely counter-productive but trivial. – Tom Robbins

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. – Sam Keen

Depression is an illness that robs one of the meaning of life. Heal the illness. As the depression heals, enthusiasm, well-being, and a sense of life’s purpose will return. – Peter McWilliams

Deus ex machina not only erases all meaning and emotion, it’s an insult to the audience. Each of us knows we must choose and act, for better or worse, to determine the meaning of our lives…Deus ex machina is an insult because it is a lie. – Robert McKee

Developing compassion and wisdom and helping those in need is the true meaning of life. – Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Difficulties in your life don’t come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential. – Anonymous

Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying. – Roy T. Bennett

Do not fear the conflict, and do not flee from it; there is no struggles, there is no Virtue. – Joyram

Do not fear the conflict, and do not flee from it; where there is no struggle, there is no Virtue. – Joyram

Do not forget to look up to the stars every night. The universe has made you conscious – try to make sense about how it works & appreciate its beauty. – Paul Hildebrandt

Do not let your grand ambitions stand in the way of small but meaningful accomplishments. – Bryant H. McGill

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. – Bruce Lee

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. – Epicurus

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. – Elbert Hubbard

Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking. – William Butler Yeats

Do not watch the clock. Do what it does. Keep going. – Sam Levenson

Do not weep. Being is enough. There, that is all. I am done… – Alan Moore

Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular. – Roy. T. Bennett

Do what you have to do until you can do what you want. – Oprah Winfrey

Do you know a cure for me?”
“Why yes,” he said, “I know a cure for everything. Salt water.”
“Salt water?” I asked him.
“Yes,” he said, “in one way or the other. Sweat, or tears, or the salt sea. – Isak Dinesen

Do you know why we show respect to life when it shows none to us? Family is the answer – Bangambiki Habyarimana

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. – Wayne Dyer

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. – Roy T. Bennett

Don’t be content in your life just to do no wrong, be prepared every day to try and do some good. – Nicholas Winton

Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. – Robert Jones Burdette

Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. – Mark Twain

Don’t let your fear grow bigger than your faith. – Josie Bissett

Don’t look for meaning in life. It was meant to be lived not understood – Bangambiki Habyarimana

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. – Benjamin Franklin

Doubt as sin. — Christianity has done its utmost to close the circle and declared even doubt to be sin. One is supposed to be cast into belief without reason, by a miracle, and from then on to swim in it as in the brightest and least ambiguous of elements: even a glance towards land, even the thought that one perhaps exists for something else as well as swimming, even the slightest impulse of our amphibious nature — is sin! And notice that all this means that the foundation of belief and all reflection on its origin is likewise excluded as sinful. What is wanted are blindness and intoxication and an eternal song over the waves in which reason has drowned. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will… – Anonymous

Dreams are our own. Our dreams stay with us till we realize them. We can never ignore our dreams. It is because of our dreams that we get inspired to keep on working and striving harder to achieve our life’s purpose. A life spent in achieving and realizing our dreams makes life meaningful! – Avijeet Das

Dreams burst like bubbles in the wind. But change takes time.When people fall in love and lose the overwhelming desire for it to last a lifetime,they think something is wrong with them.Only now,when every other marriage ends in divorce,have people begun to understand that falling in love seldom grows into love,and that not even love can free a person from loneliness.And that sexual enjoyment does not make life meaningful. – Marianne Fredriksson

During this time I came to understand a lot about myself, human beings, faith and the meaning of marriage and friendship. The world is not black and white, nothing is what it seems, and we are not cartoon characters that can be divided into goodies and baddies, but complex and multi-faceted beings with many weaknesses. Human beings will always disappoint. But God is there. He sometimes speaks through others and we would be wise to listen to those we trust and to our own inner voice, God’s voice. No matter how difficult or painful life sometimes becomes, we must never lose faith.
We may not always find justice in this world, but compassion and forgiveness are such important qualities. They help us to dissolve so much of the negativity that we hold. Practising them mostly benefits ourselves. – Kristiane Backer

Each day is an adventure in discovering the meaning of life. – Jack Canfield

Each day is an adventure in discovering the meaning of life. It is each little thing that you do that day – whether it be spending time with your friends, running in a cross-country meet or just simply staring at the crashing ocean- that holds the key to discovering the meaning of life. I would rather be out enjoying these things than pondering them. We may never really discover the meaning of life, but the knowledge we gain in our quest to discover it is truly more valuable. – Jack Canfield

Each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible. – Viktor E. Frankl

Each man must look to himself to teach him the meaning of life. It is not something discovered: it is something molded. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Each new generation asks – What is the meaning of life? A more fertile way of putting the question would be – Why does man need a meaning to life? – Peter Wessel Zapffe

Each of us is the custodian of our own history and the sole sentry responsible for their present and future existence. – Kilroy J. Oldster

Early on, I learnt from the Russian intelligentsia that the only meaning of life lies in conscious participation in the making of history. The more I think of that, the more deeply true it seems to be. It follows that one must range oneself actively against everything that diminishes man, and involve oneself in all struggles which tend to liberate and enlarge him. This categorical imperative is by no way lessened by the fact that such an involvement is inevitably soiled by error: it is a worse error merely to live for oneself, caught within traditions which are soiled by inhumanity. – Victor Serge

Education is an adventurous quest for the meaning of life, involving an ability to think things through. – Stephanie S. Tolan

Either God is real or he isn’t; I’m ok with that. – Anonymous

Embrace your struggles. They are making you the person you were meant to be. – Avijeet Das

Empathy is really the opposite of spiritual meanness. It’s the capacity to understand that every war is both won and lost. And that someone else’s pain is as meaningful as your own. – Barbara Kingsolver

Energy is what I believe all of us are. We’re just conscious awareness dancing for itself for no other reason but to stay amused. – Jim Carrey

Eternal truths will be neither true nor eternal unless they have fresh meaning for every new social situation. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Even Aristotle, master of pure reason, said: ‘The friend of wisdom is also a friend of myth. – Bruno Bettelheim

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sir there. – Will Rogers

Ever since I was young I understood the whole meaning of life isn’t how much money you accumulate, how much fame you experience, it’s how many lives you touch, how many faces you bring smiles to. I see myself back in Hawaii doing something in the community to improve the lives of young children. Everything I’ve done is to prepare myself to give back. – Manti Te’o

Every human walks around with a certain kind of sadness. They may not wear it on their sleeves, but it’s there if you look deep. – Taraji P. Henson

Every layer of complexity creates greater distance from life’s simple truths. – Fennel Hudson

Every man is born as many men and dies as a single one. – Martin Haidegger

Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request and everything your heart desires must come to you. – Mahatma Gandhi

Every one of us comes into this life with lessons to learn and gifts to give. – Shakti Gawain

Every part of life we live is beautiful. Being in love is the new experience and after that marriage and after that children and the list goes on. All of this comes with responsibility and even gives us purpose to live our life. – Ena Gautam

Every person interprets the silence that surrounds him or her. The eternal silence of the universe that we exist in is terrifying because it forces each of to ask what our purpose is, why are we here, and what should I do? – Kilroy J. Oldster

Everybody has to solve that “meaning of life” and purpose question for themselves. Everybody does it their own way. I think you have to be thoughtful about the way that you’re doing it. So I describe it as purpose. If you can think about leading a purposeful life – not just an accumulation but you actually make the world a better place – then I think in the grand scheme of the universe, that that explains our existence. If not, we’re just passing through. We’re grains of sand and we’re blowing in the breeze. – Les Wexner

Everybody knows how awful the world is and what a terrible situation it is and each person distorts it in a certain way that enables him to get through. Some people distort it with religious things. Some people distort it with sports, with money, with love, with art, and they all have their own nonsense about what makes it meaningful, and all but nothing makes it meaningful. These things definitely serve a certain function, but in the end they all fail to give life meaning and everyone goes to his grave in a meaningless way. – Woody Allen

Everyone deserves a second chance to be loved: fearlessly. – hlbalcomb

Everyone has a need to feel a sense of self-worth and self-actualization – that he or she believes his or her existence is meaningful. Unfortunately, the Industrial Revolution wrongfully instilled a social norm that self-worth should primarily come from work ethic – if you work hard, you will be rewarded. But because of AI, jobs based on repetitive tasks will soon be gone forever.
We need to redefine the idea of work ethic for the new workforce paradigm. The importance of a job should not be solely dependent on its economic value but should also be measured by what it adds to society. We should also reassess our notion that longer work hours are the best way to achieve success and should remove the stigma associated with service professions. – Kai-Fu Lee

Everyone now knows how to find the meaning of life within himself. – Kurt Vonnegut

Everyone now knows how to find the meaning of life within himself. But mankind wasn’t always so lucky. Less than a century ago, men and women did not have easy access to the puzzle boxes within them. – Kurt Vonnegut

Everyone wants to look beautiful. No one wants to be beautiful! – Avijeet Das

Everything ends, and Everything matters.
Everything matters not in spite of the end of you and all that you love, but because of it. Everything is all you’ve got…and after Everything is nothing. So you were wise to welcome Everything, the good and the bad alike, and cling to it all. Gather it in. Seek the meaning in sorrow and don’t ever turn away, not once, from here until the end. Because it is all the same, it is all unfathomable, and it is all infinitely preferable to the one dreadful alternative. – Ron Currie Jr.

Everything has a hidden secret meaning to be revealed or to be sealed. – Auliq Ice

Everything in life is most fundamentally a gift. And you receive it best and you live it best by holding it with very open hands. – Leo O’Donovan

Everything in life… has to have balance. – Donna Karan

Everything in the phenomenal universe is straight line and circle. The horizon, our heads, arms, electrons, the oceans, planets and stars. Their principle function is to radiate. The task of the human being is also to radiate. – Alonzo King

Everything is done with a goal, and that goal is “good.” – Aristotle

Everything is meaningless – Ecclesiastes

Everywhere one seeks to produce meaning, to make the world signify, to render it visible. We are not, however, in danger of lacking meaning; quite the contrary, we are gorged with meaning and it is killing us. – Jean Baudrillard

Existence is a medium of art. – Talismanist Giebra

Existing is value-making. – Bongha Lee, On Resistism

Expectations, not outcomes, govern the happiness of your perceived reality. – Thibaut

Failure is not the opposite of success. It is part of success. – Arianna Huffington

Faith consists in being vitally concerned with that ultimate reality to which I give the symbolical name of God. Whoever reflects earnestly on the meaning of life is on the verge of an act of faith. – Paul Tillich

Faith is walking face-first and full-speed into the dark. If we truly knew all the answers in advance as to the meaning of life and the nature of God and the destiny of our souls, our belief would not be a leap of faith and it would not be a courageous act of humanity; it would just be… a prudent insurance policy. – Elizabeth Gilbert

Far more important than the tribulations and heartaches, the thrills, merriment, and pleasures of life is what you learn from it all. It isn’t the tunnel we pass through that matters, it’s what emerges on the other side. – Richelle E. Goodrich

Few of us write great novels; all of us live them. – Mignon McLaughlin

Fight for life itself and everlasting freedom of the human spirit. – Janet Morris

Fill what is empty, empty what is full, and scratch where it itches. – Tallulah Bankhead

Finally, I am coming to the conclusion that my highest ambition is to be what I already am. – Thomas Merton

Finding meaning in your life is not a difficult thing, but it is harder than living a numb, fast paced superficial life. – Juanita Gomez

Finding the meaning of life is easy. Simply get a dictionary, go to the ‘L’ section, and find the word ‘life.’ – Oscar Wilde

First of all, although men have a common destiny, each individual also has to work out his own personal salvation for himself in fear and trembling. We can help one another to find the meaning of life no doubt. But in the last analysis, the individual person is responsible for living his own life and for “finding himself.” If he persists in shifting his responsibility to somebody else, he fails to find out the meaning of his own existence. You cannot tell me who I am and I cannot tell you who you are. If you do not know your own identity, who is going to identify you? – Thomas Merton

First, create your ego. Then destroy it. This is all of life. – Kamand Kojouri

Fisherman looks for the fish in the middle of a mysterious misty lake; mankind looks for the meaning of life in the middle of a mysterious cold space! – Mehmet Murat ildan

Flying is more than a sport and more than a job; flying is pure passion and desire, which fill a lifetime. – Adolf Galland

Following your genuine intellectual curiosity is better than following whatever makes money.
The internet has massively broadened the space of possible careers. Most people don’t understand this. – Naval Ravikant

For a happy and health life, get the answers to these questions in this order: Where, Who, Why, What and How to be you. – Diana Dentinger

For a moment she rediscovered the purpose of life. She was here on earth to grasp the meaning of its wild enchantment and to call each thing by its right name – Boris Pasternak

For in a civilization which has lost the meaning of life, the most important thing a Christian can do is to live, and life, understood from the point of view of faith, has an extraordinary explosive force. – Jacques Ellul

For man to be able to live he must either not see the infinite, or have such an explanation of the meaning of life as will connect the finite with the infinite. – Leo Tolstoy

For many years, questions about the meaning of life were dismissed as senseless. We were told that life, not being a word or sentence or anything language-like, can’t intelligibly be said to have meaning. An encouraging development in the last couple of decades is a return by philosophers to addressing – as nearly all people do at some time or another – the question of life’s meaning. – David E. Cooper

For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

For me philosophy begins with these experiences of disappointment: a disappointment at the level of what I would think of as “meaning,” namely that, given that there is no God, what is the meaning of life? And, given that we live in an unjust world, how are we to bring about justice? – Simon Critchley

For me, the meaning of life is pretty clear: Living things strive to pass their genes into the future. – Bill Nye

For me, the meaning of life is the next generation. – Grace Paley

For some reason, I never felt the need to have kids. My wife feels the same. We don’t feel a void. I don’t think they would give my life meaning. I do think of the books as my children, though. Whatever is inside of me, I put into my books. – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

For the gift of life, the only true thanks was in living fully, and facing death with honor. – Janet Morris

For the meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour. What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment. – Victor E. Frankl

For the secret of human existence lies not only in living, but in knowing what to live for. Without a firm conviction of the purpose of living, man will not consent to live and will destroy himself rather than remain on earth, though he be surrounded by bread. – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

For us to make sure that we have full lives, meaningful lives, we will have to elevate our unique human qualities. And I think we know now, we can see clearly what makes us different from machines. And that’s why the future is enhanced humanity. – Garry Kasparov

“Forty-two!” yelled Loonquawl. “Is that all you’ve got to show for seven and a half million years’ work?”
“I checked it very thoroughly,” said the computer, “and that quite definitely is the answer. I think the problem, to be quite honest with you, is that you’ve never actually known what the question is.” – Douglas Adams

Fortunately analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself still remains a very effective therapist. – Karen Horney

Friends are the family you choose. – Jess C Scott

Generally the closest I ever came to wondering about the meaning of it all was to consider that I must be the victim of a joke. – Denis Johnson

George, she says it’s the truth that matters. We live and die for the chance to maybe tell a little bit of the truth, maybe shame the Devil just a little bit before we go. – Mira Grant

Give life meaning through your commitments. – Paul C. Reinert

Go after what it is that creates meaning in your life and then trust yourself to handle the stress that follows. – Kelly McGonigal

God and Destiny are not against us, rather they are for us, they are the ones who never forget the things we have long forgotten, the ones who hear the desires of our heart that our own heads can’t hear, and they are the ones who never forget who we really are, long after our minds have forgotten the images of who we are. We come from God and we belong to Destiny, yet for some reason of ignorance we think that to be the master of our own fates and the captain of our own souls means to write everything down on a paper and plan everything out on a grid! Such great things to be done, and we think they are accomplished by our primitive ways! No. We must only know what we want. And want what we want. And then fly high enough to see all that which we want that we couldn’t yet see. – C. JoyBell C.

God desires that man should be. God does not wish to be alone. The meaning of existence is the conquest of loneliness, the acquisition of kinship and nearness. – Nikolai A. Berdyaev

God has purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggle and a gift for your faithfulness. Don’t give up. – Anonymous

God has put within our lives meanings and possibilities that quite outrun the limits of mortality. – Harry Emerson Fosdick

God is the inevitability of humanity’s search for true meaning. – Jared Brock

God makes it all come right in the end, that’s what Johnnie told Dock Barker just before we parted company. I was raised a Christian-I admit I fell away a bit along my journey-and I believe that: we’re stuck with what we have, but that’s all right; in God’s eyes, none of us are really much more than flies on strings and all that matters is how much sunshine you can spread along the way. – Stephen King

Good begets good; evil begets evil; and even if the good you give is met by evil, you have no choice but to go on giving better than you get. Otherwise-and these were Willy’s exact words-why bother to go on living? – Paul Auster

Grandchildren are their grandparents’ toys. – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Grateful living makes life meaningful and full of joy. – David Steindl-Rast

Great philosophy turns your life into a new art form. – Talismanist Giebra

Grow spiritually and help others to do so. It is the meaning of life. – Leo Tolstoy

‘Hamlet’ is one of the most dangerous things ever set down on paper. All the big, unknowable questions like what it is to be a human being; the difference between sanity and insanity; the meaning of life and death; what’s real and not real. All these subjects can literally drive you mad. – Michael Sheen

Happiness does not exist, nor should it, and if there is any meaning or purpose in life, they are not in our peddling little happiness, but in something reasonable and grand. Do good! – Anton Chekhov

Happiness is merely a consolation for not yet being dead. – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Happiness is the meaning and goal of life. – Swami Dhyan Giten

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. – Aristotle

Happiness is within. It has nothing to do with how much applause you get or how many people praise you. Happiness comes when you believe that you have done something truly meaningful. – Martin Yan

I asked the professors who teach the meaning of life to tell me what is happiness.
And I went to famous executives who boss the work of thousands of men.
They all shook their heads and gave me a smile as though I was trying to fool with them.
And then one Sunday afternoon I wandered out along the Desplaines river
And I saw a crowd of Hungarians under the trees with their women and children and a keg of beer and an accordion. – Carl Sandburg

Have patience with all things but first of all with yourself. – Saint Francis de Sales

Have you ever thought how many times a day you really compliment to your wife, fiancee or family members or even to your colleagues? If you really wanna invest for your future then start complementing to your fellows, no matter it is for how small things. In time of need it will pay you back and strengthen you courage to confront any difficulties of life. – Anonymous

Have you ever wondered about light? Light is infinite. It is the source of life on earth. But too much of it can destroy the same earth that it nurtures. Too little of light can destroy life too!
So we need to maintain balance in life. We need things in their right quantities. Too much or too less of important things can destroy our life! And eventually they will destroy our earth! – Avijeet Das

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage not weakness. – Anonymous

He could not be mistaken. There were no other eyes like those in the world. There was only one creature in the world who could concentrate for him all the brightness and meaning of life. It was she. It was Kitty. – Leo Tolstoy

He had sprung from a rigid Puritan stock, and had been brought up to think much more intently of the duties of this life than of its privileges and pleasures. – Henry James

He has no need for faith who knows the uncreated, who has cut off rebirth, who has destroyed any opportunity for good or evil, and cast away all desire. He is indeed the ultimate man. – Gautama Buddha

He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? But to act justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. – Micah 6:8  The Holy Bible

He tried to disguise how tired and ill he was, how depressing the thought of death was to him and how he spent his days and nights thinking up schemes of living beyond what the prognosis said. His hope, if not his heart, would find a way. – Noorilhuda

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. – Friedrich Nietzsche

He: Life has no meaning. We create the meaning! – Avijeet Das

Heaven doesn’t make this life less important; it makes it more important. – Billy Graham

Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t. – Richard Bach

Hope is a state of mind, not of the world. Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously heading for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good. – Vaclav Havel

Hope is life’s essential nutrient, and love is what gives life meaning. – Dick Van Dyke

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is just fine as long as its contained. – Robert Ludlum

How are we to spend our lives, anyway? That is the real question. We read to seek the answer, and the search itself–the task of a lifetime–becomes the answer. – Lynne Sharon Schwartz

How can he not share his newfound joy with his fellow man? And it is joy. There’s a pure kind of joy in the certainty of belief. The certainty that your life has purpose and meaning. – Nicola Yoon

How can one be so serious with the world when the world itself is so ridiculous? – Okakura Kakuzō

How can those who possess all knowledge, which must include knowledge of life that is worth living, be interested in using knowledge only for the insignificant aim of making money? – Rebecca Goldstein

How could drops of water know themselves to be a river? Yet the river flows on. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

How do we become who we are in the world? We ask the world to teach us. But we have to ask with an open heart, with no idea of what the answer will be. – Pam Houston

How many infinite lives have been lived since man first had consciousness or awareness of his soul?
And how many of those souls have stared up at the stars in wonder; pondered the meaning of their existence, the meaning of life, the thoughts of their ancestors, dreamed of the futures of his offspring and the purpose of all that is man?
How long will we wander before the truth is found? – Morris R. Gates

However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light. – Stanley Kubrick

However, the serious seeker of detachment will have to embrace the Holy Trinity of Ss – Solitude, Stillness and Silence – and reject the new religion of Commotionism, which believes that the meaning of life is constant company, movement and noise. – Michael Foley

Human beings are so destructive. I sometimes think we’re a kind of plague, that will scrub the earth clean. We destroy things so well that I sometimes think, maybe that’s our function. Maybe every few eons, some animal comes along that kills off the rest of the world, clears the decks, and lets evolution proceed to its next phase. – Michael Crichton

Human beings have their great chance in the novel. – E.M. Forster

Human life has no meaning independent of itself. There is no cosmic force or deity to give it meaning or significance. There is no ultimate destiny for man. Such a belief is an illusion of humankind’s infancy. The meaning of life is what we choose to give it. Meaning grows out of human purposes alone. Nature provides us with an infinite range of opportunities, but it is only our vision and our action that select and realize those that we desire. – Paul Kurtz

Human nature has nevertheless been changed by the ever new appearance of these teachers of the purpose of existence: It now has one additional need—the need for the ever new appearance of such teachers and teachings of a purpose.” Gradually, man has become a fantastic animal that has to fulfill one more condition of existence than any other animal: man has to believe, to know, from time to time why he exists; his race cannot flourish without a periodic trust in life—without faith in reason in life. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they’re not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves. – Ken Robinson

Humankind’s pathetic life supplies the poetry of our existence. Just as without tragedy comedy would lose its magical qualities, life without pain and absent knowledge of the inevitability of our death would result in our brief existence devoid of any note of sincerity and our lives ending without an apt punctuation mark. – Kilroy J. Oldster

Humans want to know the meaning of life, but more than that they want this life to have a deeper meaning. – Talismanist Giebra

I always hate saying ‘goodbye. – Avijeet Das

I am because I feel. – Amit Abraham

I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life. – Elsie de Wolfe

I am just the biologist; I don’t require any of this to have a deeper meaning. I am aware that all of this speculation is incomplete, inexact, inaccurate, useless. If I don’t have real answers, it is because we still don’t know what questions to ask. Our instruments are useless, our methodology broken, our motivations selfish. – Jeff VanderMeer

I am livid with rage, sitting here in chains through this mad war which kills any meaning of life… My nerves are shattered and my mind darkened. – Walter Gropius

I am no disbeliever in spiritual purpose and no vague believer. I see from the standpoint of Christian orthodoxy. This means that for me the meaning of life is centered in our Redemption by Christ and what I see in the world I see in relation to that. – Flannery O’Connor

I am sure it is everyone’s experience, as it has been mine, that any discovery we make about ourselves or the meaning of life is never, like a scientific discovery, a coming upon something entirely new and unsuspected; it is rather, the coming to conscious recognition of something, which we really knew all the time but, because we were unwilling to formulate it correctly, we did not hitherto know we knew. – H. Auden

I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing. – Socrates

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. – B. White

I ask of life to shine meaning in everyone who is searching. – Aurora Hernandez

I believe passionately that Christianity is a way of life, not a theological system with which one must be in intellectual agreement. I feel that Christ would admit into discipleship anyone who sincerely desired to follow him, and allow that disciple to make his creed out of his experience; to listen, to consider, to pray, to follow, and ultimately to believe only those convictions about which the experience of fellowship made him sure. – Leslie Weatherhead

I believe that conversations with the right persons are really important in life. – Avijeet Das

I believe that I am not responsible for the meaningfulness or meaninglessness of life, but that I am responsible for what I do with the life I’ve got. – Hermann Hesse

I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love, If you want me again look for me under your bootsoles. – Walt Whitman

I blame my dad for my sweet tooth. His motto was ‘Life is short; eat dessert first.’ How can I argue with that? – Wendy Mass

I can choose either to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It’s all a question of how I view my life. – Paulo Coelho

I chased my prey…there was blood oozing out from the pain of the weaker… my incisors tasted the deliciousness of flesh! Lying down under the shade of age-old tree I knew- you are nothing but the contentment of the deliciousness – the very meaning of mortal life!
It was when I myself became the prey of hunger, seeing my own flesh bleeding from the mouth of my successor, I knew, you were more than that what I knew in my senses, my hunger! – Preeth Nambiar

I couldn’t get myself to read the want ads. The thought of sitting in front of a man behind a desk and telling him that I wanted a job, that I was qualified for a job, was too much for me. Frankly, I was horrified by life, at what a man had to do simply in order to eat, sleep, and keep himself clothed. So I stayed in bed and drank. When you drank the world was still out there, but for the moment it didn’t have you by the throat. – Charles Bukowski

I decided people are more important than tasks. – Jamie West Zumwalt

I decided that life rationally considered seemed pointless and futile, but it is still interesting in a variety of ways, including the study of science. So why not carry on, following the path of scientific hedonism? Besides, I did not have the courage for the more rational procedure of suicide. – Robert S. Mulliken

I didn’t know the answers, but I could feel that the things that gave life meaning came from a place within and from the nurturing of values like tolerance, charity, and community. – Dick Van Dyke

I do not live when I loose belief in the existence of God. I should long ago have killed myself had I not had a dim hope of finding Him. I live really live only when I feel him and seek Him – Leo Tolstoy

I don’t claim to know an over-arching ‘Meaning of Life,’ but I do operate under the understanding that life should not be lived under the pretense that it is simply a test propagated by an invisible, intangible, Creator-God. And it should not be spent identifying with religious traditions and organized groups that, historically, have been at the root of a tremendous amount of oppression and violence. – David G. McAfee

I don’t know what understanding myself is. I don’t look inside.
I don’t believe I exist behind myself. – Alberto Caeiro

I don’t think people are really seeking the meaning of Life. I think we’re seeking an experience of being alive…we want to feel the rapture of being alive. – Joseph Campbell

I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive. – Joseph Campbell

I don’t care about wearing branded clothes or flaunting brands. But I do care about the books that I read and the music that I listen to. – Avijeet Das

I don’t know the meaning of life, but I know compassion is the key. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

I don’t know the meaning of life. I don’t know why we are here. I think life is full of anxieties and fears and tears. It has a lot of grief in it, and it can be very grim. And I do not want to be the one who tries to tell somebody else what life is all about. To me it’s a complete mystery. – Charles M. Schulz

I don’t need any more stories. I have enough stories. I need a life. – Sandra Bullock

I don’t search for happiness all the time. Rather, I search for meaning. Then I understand life in all its depth! – Avijeet Das

I don’t think it’s a question of liking or disliking it,” Tengo said…”It was the one thing he was best at.” “Hmm. I see,” Kumi said. She pondered this. “But that might very well be the best way to live your life. – Haruki Murakami

I don’t want to live. I want to love first, and live incidentally. – Zelda Fitzgerald

I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance. – Pablo Casals

I feel the reason we are all here, our purpose of being, is to help others find their little piece of happiness and heaven right here on earth. – Ken Poirot

I fell in love with this idea of an old school game character, like Donkey Kong, who looks like a very simple guy but is really wrestling with this very profound struggle: ‘What’s the meaning of life? What if I don’t like this job I’ve been programmed to do?’ – Rich Moore

I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it. – Rita Mae Brown

I find trying to solve problems and save lives is far more important than my film career. – Nicole Kidman

I get down on my knees every mornin’ an’ give eternal thanks for the existence of girls in a otherwise pointless universe. – Garth Ennis

I get up very early in the morning. I enjoy the quietness, the stillness, the rawness in the winter and fall. It’s a special time. – Edward Kennedy

I go to seek a Great Perhaps. – François Rabelais

I had signed up for a lot of courses, but the biggest teacher is life. Perhaps we need to die multiple times in order to realize the true meaning of life. I’m grateful I died that day. – Yong Kang Chan

I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches. – Alice Roosevelt Longworth

I have art. I have music. I have the history, this legacy behind me that I can look up to. This is what I believe in. If you want to call it God or spirituality, that’s all up to you. Basically I believe in something that’s bigger than myself, and that gives my life meaning. – John Zorn

I have been through highs and lows in this journey of life. I have experienced ecstatic happiness and utter sadness in my life. While undertaking this journey of life, I have come to the realization that we may not have everything in life, but still we can remain happy. We may have something missing in our life yet, we can achieve happiness. What is really important for us is to achieve a feeling of calm and peace! We can discover this feeling withing ourselves. And once we achieve this state of calm and peace within ourselves then this state will lead us to happiness! – Avijeet Das

I have come here not to find answers, but to find a way to live in a world without any. – Sue Monk Kidd

I have coveted everything and taken pleasure in nothing. – Guy de Maupassant

I have discovered the meaning of life. It resides in what I can wrest from each day that I live. – Nancy Thayer

I have finally figured out the meaning of life: there’s no such thing. And that’s a beautiful thing, because that means that WE get to choose it ourselves. Life has no meaning besides the meaning you give it. You are indeed the author of your destiny. So why not write a book worth reading? – Dean Bokhari

I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words. – Ann Hood

I have learned that you can go anywhere you want to go and do anything you want to do and buy all the things that you want to buy and meet all the people that you want to meet and learn all the things that you desire to learn and if you do all these things but are not madly in love: you have still not begun to live. – C. JoyBell C.

I have no motif, only motivation. I believe that motivation is the real thing, the natural thing, and that the motif is old-fashioned, even reactionary (as stupid as the question about the meaning of life) – Gerhard Richter

I ignite the wick, and the firework takes flight. In that moment, I wish my existence were as simple as being set on fire and exploding in the sky. – Adam Silvera

I just want people to take a step back, take a deep breath and actually look at something with a different perspective. But most people will never do that. – Brian McKnight

I just wish people would realise that anything is possible if you try. – Terry Fox

I just wish people would realize that anything is possible if you try. Dreams are made if people try. – Terry Fox

I keep falling deep down into my abyss…
I exist for the art of existence. – Talismanist Giebra

I knew in that moment that everything happens for a reason, but we can’t always know the reason when the journey begins. Some things we can only understand at the end of our journey. – Mike Ericksen

I know exactly what my values are and what I love to do. That’s worth additional years right there. I say no to a lot of stuff that would be easy money but deviates from my meaning of life. – Dan Buettner

I know it sounds corny, but I think the meaning of life is to do what you love and be happy. – John 5, American guitarist

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor. – Henry David Thoreau

I know that the Communists are atheistic and godless, but I don’t think that that’s what’s primarily the matter with them. What’s primarily the matter with them is that they worship a false god. That’s much more dangerous than when people don’t believe anything; they may be confused, they may not have a sense of the meaning of life, but they’re not dangerous. – Reinhold Niebuhr

I learned that one person hurting another really is like a hand curling into a fist to smash the foot. And that all that really matters is family and other people. And that the purpose of life is to find the Light of God, but not the light from some old guy with a beard sitting up there judging us. The light is the love we give each other on our way back home. And that God wouldn’t mind if we spent a little less time telling him how great he is and a little more time loving each other, and not just the people we’re supposed to love, but everyone. – Paul H. Magid

I like to think that death gives life meaning. I like that philosophy. – Kirsten Dunst

I live to enjoy life by the littlest things, feeling the grass between my toes, breathing fresh air, watching the wind sway the trees, enjoying the company of loved ones, a deep conversation, getting lost in a good book, going for a walk in nature, watching my kids grow up. Just the feeling itself of being alive, the absolute amazing fact that we are here right now, breathing, thinking, doing. – Marigold Wellington

I looked more widely around me, I studied the lives of the masses of humanity, and I saw that, not two or three, or ten, but hundreds, thousands, millions, had so understood the meaning of life that they were able both to live and to die. All these people were well acquainted with the meaning of life and death, quietly labored, endured privation and suffering, lived and died, and saw in all this, not a vain, but a good thing. – Leo Tolstoy

I love sport as long as it’s kept as an entertainment – not a meaning of life. – David Icke

I may not find the meaning of life in books, art and movies but I do find the meaning of my life in them. – Carl R White

I never realized it was all a game, until I started winning. – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

I normally don’t initiate conversations with guys unless they want to talk about certain things – when I’m at the facility, I’m there to play football. If you want to talk about the meaning of life, games, whatever, I’m more than happy to, but when I’m in that building, I’m being paid to play football. Conversely, when I’m not at the facility, that’s my life to live. – Chris Kluwe

I often say that I don’t worry about the meaning of life-I can’t handle that big stuff. What concerns me is the meaning in life-day by day, hour by hour, while I’m doing whatever it is I do. What counts is not what I do, but how I think about myself while I’m doing it. – Robert Fulghum

I rejoice in the knowledge of my biological uniqueness and my biological antiquity and my biological kinship with all other life forms. This knowledge roots me, allows me to feel at home in the natural world, to feel that I have my own sense of biological meaning, whatever my role in the cultural, human world. – Oliver Sacks

I saw myself in the mirror, and from my expression I had a shocking intimation of the rift between my body and my soul. Whereas my face was drained by defeat and shock, inside my head was another universe: I now understood as an elemental fact of life that while I was here, inside my body was a soul, a meaning, that all things were made of desire, touch, and love, that what I was suffering was composed of the same elements. – Orhan Pamuk

I see many people die because they judge that life is not worth living. I see others paradoxically getting killed for the ideas or illusions that give them a reason for living (what is called a reason for living is also an excellent reason for dying). I therefore conclude that the meaning of life is the most urgent of questions. – Albert Camus

I stared out at the waves. “Why am I here?” I thought. Finally it came to me. But it was too late. I was a terrible lifeguard. – Alex Bosworth

I still do not understand why some people think they mean nothing to anyone; while their simple smile gives unlimited reasons for others to live. – M.F.Moonzajer

I suppose what I really am is restless. I want to go everywhere, see everything, do everything. I want to find something. Yes, that’s it, I want to find something. – Agatha Christie

I think a lot of people do have questions about life, ‘What’s the purpose of my life?’, ‘What’s the meaning of my life?’, ‘Why am I here?’ … It’s hard to find a place where you can discuss those issues. You can’t go down to the pub and say, ‘What do you think the meaning of life is?’ But actually, most people have those questions, somewhere in the back of their minds. And if you can find a place where you can discuss it with a group of people who, like you, are outside of the Church, and it’s a non-threatening, relaxed environment, quite a lot of people want to do that. – Nicky Gumbel

I think essentially the meaning of life is probably the journey and not really any one thing or an outcome or a result. – Charisma Carpenter

I think essentially the meaning of life is probably the journey and not really any one thing or an outcome or a result. I think it’s kinda the process and I think that if you can find happiness in the process then maybe that’s it. – Charisma Carpenter

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they’ve ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer. – Jim Carey

I think everyone is always asking themselves, How is my work meaningful, how is my life meaningful? As I get older, I feel like who I am as a person and a citizen is more important than who I am in my work. But I do think it reframed slightly for me, how much I have to care about a project in order to want to do it. Sometimes, obviously, you have a take a job for money. But I think I’m quicker now when I get a script that’s, say, borderline misogynist, I’m not going to go in for it. I’m thinking more about what I’m putting into the world. – Zoe Kazan

I think it’s innate in human nature to want to make a difference, to make your life meaningful. – Barbara Marx Hubbard

I think I’ve discovered the secret of life – you just hang around until you get used to it. – Charles M. Schulz

I think that we all at some point are in search of something – a higher power, whatever you want to call it, the meaning of life. I know I was, especially at even my son’s age in my 20s, and dabbling in Eastern philosophies and yoga and Buddhism and Christianity and Islam. I kind of touched them all, you know, just trying to figure out the meaning of life or if nothing else, figure myself out. – Denzel Washington

I think the meaning of life is life itself. We don’t necessarily want to know what it is, but we want to live it. Hopefully, we’ll go out fast without knowing it. – Mads Mikkelsen

I think you have to know who you are. Get to know the monster that lives in your soul, dive deep into your soul and explore it. – Tori Amos

I thought of the fate of Descartes’ famous formulation: man as ‘master and proprietor of nature.’ Having brought off miracles in science and technology, this ‘master and proprietor’ is suddenly realizing that he owns nothing and is master neither of nature (it is vanishing, little by little, from the planet), nor of History (it has escaped him), nor of himself (he is led by the irrational forces of his soul). But if God is gone and man is no longer master, then who is master? The planet is moving through the void without any master. There it is, the unbearable lightness of being. – Milan Kundera

I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am. – Sylvia Plath

I try to make sense of life. I try to keep myself open to people and to laughter and to love and to have faith. – Thea Bowman

I used everything you gave me. – Erma Bombeck

I walk in the darkness so that others may see the light! – Anonymous

I want my life to mean something! – Marliss Melton

I want to be like water. I want to slip through fingers, but hold up a ship. – Michelle Willams

I want to say that since my dad has been diagnosed, I really feel like I understand the meaning of life, and it is not how you die: it is how you live. – Meghan McCain

I want to take everything I’ve seen and thought and learned and reduce them and relate them and refine them until I have something of meaning, something of use. And I can’t seem to do it. – John Steinbeck

I was dealing with a lot of spiritual questions like “Who am I?” “What is God” “What is the meaning of life?” All of these questions that I think we can either face head on or choose to ignore, it’s up to us. – John McLaughlin

I was drawn to astronomy by a teenage existential quest. Around 13, I was deep into wondering about the meaning of life and what I was doing here. I turned to religion, but that did nothing for me. I got to wondering where was here. So, I began studying astronomy and became enthralled by what I learned. – Carolyn Porco

I was giving a lecture and I said, that’s enough about The Photographic Life, meaning my biography, now let’s talk about the life of a photograph. And in that one instant I got the title for a potential next book. – Sam Abell

I was looking for the meaning of life when I was in college. And my deal with my dad was as long as I was taking a full course load, then he would pay. And the times that I wasn’t taking a full course load, then I was off the dole and I was working. – John Mackey

I was looking for what the meaning of life was. – Shakti Gawain

I was pondering the reason why we are all here in this life, and what did it all mean. It seemed to me that we had all been invited to one big party, but no-one’s been told what we’re all celebrating. – Beatrice James

I wrote when I did not know life;
now that I do know the meaning of life,
I have no more to write.
Life cannot be written; life can only be lived. – Oscar Wilde

I’m twelve years old. I run into a synagogue. I ask the rabbi the meaning of life. He tells me the meaning of life but he tells it to me in Hebrew. I don’t understand Hebrew. Then he wants to charge me $600 for Hebrew lessons. – Woody Allen

I’d love to have a family one day. Having kids is the meaning of life and I can’t wait to be a mom. – Paris Hilton

If a person is to get the meaning of life he must learn to like the facts about himself — ugly as they may seem to his sentimental vanity — before he can learn the truth behind the facts. And the truth is never ugly. – Eugene O’Neill

If anything becomes more fundamental than God to your happiness, meaning of life, and identity then it is an idol. – Timothy Keller

If GOD brings you to it, He will bring you through it. – Anonymous

If I had a worldview, and I don’t know if I do, but if I did, it’s one that’s intensely humanistic. [That worldview] is that the only thing that matters is family and personal connection, and that’s the only thing that gives life meaning. Religion and gods and beliefs – for me, it all comes down to your brother. And your brother might be the brother in your family, or it might be the guy next to you in the foxhole, it’s about human connections. – Eric Kripke

If I had given the power then I would try to see if the ONE is planning for any other from of life which is better than this ‘.how better it can be. – Anonymous

If I have one piece of advice to give you all about what to search for in your quest for What Next, it’s to find where the line blurs between hard work and happiness for you. To find that thing where working hard at it makes you happy, and where you’re happy to work hard at it. – Tom Fletcher

If life didn’t end,’ he said, ‘there would be no need for me. To choose love in the face if death is the ultimate act of courage. I am the joy, but you are the meaning. Together, we make humanity more that it otherwise might have been. – Martha Brockenbrough

If life has no meaning, why don’t we create a meaning for it? – Naguib Mahfouz

If my life had no meaning there was no reason not to end it. – Dan Wells

If not for music, I would probably be a very frustrated scientist. It’s one way to answer the question, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ I feel music answers it better. – Paula Cole

If nothing had any meaning, you would be right. But there is something that still has a meaning. – Albert Camus

If the existentialists are right, that life is meaningless, and if we acknowledge that, we are better equipped to find pleasure in small things. – Chloe Thurlow

If the goal is what you want to achieve, then the purpose is why you want to achieve it. Without purpose, reaching your goal will have little or no meaning. – Lawren Leo

If the immediate and direct purpose of our life is not suffering then our existence is the most Ill-adapted to its purpose in the world: for it is absurd to suppose that the endless affliction of which the world is everywhere full, and which arises out of the need and distress pertaining essentially to life, should be purposeless and purely accidental. Each individual misfortune, to be sure, seems an exceptional occurrence; but misfortune in general is the rule. – Arthur Schopenhauer

If the meaning of life has become doubtful, if one’s relations to others and to oneself do not offer security, then fame is one means to silence one’s doubts. It has a function to be compared with that of the Egyptian pyramids or the Christian faith in immortality: it elevates one’s individual life from its limitations and instability to the plane of indestructability; if one’s name is known to one’s contemporaries and if one can hope that it will last for centuries, then one’s life has meaning and significance by this very reflection of it in the judgments of others. – Erich Fromm

If the universe doesn’t care about us and if we’re an accident in a remote corner of the universe, in some sense it makes us more precious. The meaning in our lives is provided by us; we provide our own meaning. – Lawrence M. Krauss

If there is any intelligence guiding this universe, philosophy wishes to know and understand it and reverently work with it; if there is none, philosophy wishes to know that also, and face it without fear. If the stars are but transient coagulations of haphazard nebulae, if life is a colloidal accident, impersonally permanent and individually fleeting, if man is only a compound of chemicals, destined to disintegrate and utterly disappear, if the creative ecstasy of art, and the gentle wisdom of the sage, and the willing martyrdom of saints are but bright incidents in the protoplasmic pullulation of the earth, and death is the answer to every problem and the destiny of every soul–then philosophy will face that too, and try to find within that narrowed circle some significance and nobility for man. – Will Durant

If there is meaning in life at all, then there must be a meaning in suffering. Suffering is an ineradicable part of life, even as fate and death. Without suffering and death human life cannot be complete. – Viktor E. Frankl

If there is meaning in life at all, then there must be meaning in suffering. – Viktor Frankl

If we carry this line of argument to its logical conclusion, the meaning of life consists of the flaws in one’s conceptions and what one does about them. Life can be seen as a fertile fallacy. – George Soros

If we die, we want people to accept it. We are in a risky business, and we hope that if anything happens to us, it will not delay the program. The conquest of space is worth the risk of life. – Gus Grissom

If we lived forever, they say, we would never take life seriously or learn to love what it. – Richard Rohr

If you contribute to other peoples happiness, you will find the true meaning of life. The key point is to have a genuine sense of universal responsibility. – Dalai Lama

If you do not know your place in the world and the meaning of your life, you should know there is something to blame; and it is not the social system, or your intellect, but the way in which you have directed your intellect. – Leo Tolstoy

If you do not understand yourself, you will never understand the world around. The biggest world is within, outside views are our perceptual creation. – Rajen Biswa

If you don’t follow your heart, you might spend the rest of your life wishing you had. – Brigitte Nicole

If you have a fragile relationship with your wife and really wanna fix it or wanna sustain you marriage, then just live a month both of you separate and keep cherishing the wonderful memories you both shared together and the moments when both used to admire each other. I am sure after a month you don’t have to worry about break-up.In fact it works all type of relationships. – Anonymous

If you keep in mind that love and love alone is the reason for living, it will calm your heart and free you from your worries. – Harold Klemp

If you knew the meaning of life, would you necessarily like it? – N.D. Wilson

If you know the results, why will you try to solve the problem? If you know the meaning of life, why will you try to understand it? Sometimes it is better not to know the answer. – Debasish Mridha

If you lived a good life, you either lived to save or died to save… that which must be saved and kept. Your life would never be meaningless. Not even for a moment. – Melita Tessy

If you love someone tell them… because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken. – Pamela Daranjo

If you reconnect with nature and the wilderness you will not only find the meaning of life, but you will experience what it means to be truly alive. – Sylvia Dolson

If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are a fraud. – Nassim Taleb

If you start asking how do we make life meaningful and life never ends, then you get into sort of these terrible sort of metaphysical quandaries and it gets really, really bleak looking. – Hanya Yanagihara

If you understand the desire of a blooming flower, you will be able to understand the meaning of life. – Debasish Mridha

If you want a meaningful life for yourself don’t ask “What can the world offer to me?” but “What can I offer to the world? – Bangambiki Habyarimana

If you want to have the time of your life, change how you use the time in your life. – Tim Fargo

If you want to see, then begin to see how you see. – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life; it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth. – Mitsugi Saotome

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough. – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

If your education, talent and capacity can do nothing; your body can do lots of things. – M.F. Moonzajer

I’m killing time while I wait for life to shower me with meaning and happiness. – Bill Watterson

I’m not living the life I thought I would lead, but it does have meaning, purpose. There is love… there is joy… there is laughter. – Christopher Reeve

I’m not searching for the meaning of life, but I’m looking for a meaning within my life. – David Lowery

I’m starting to think this world is just a place for us to learn that we need each other more than we want to admit. – Richelle E. Goodrich

I’m twelve years old. I run into a synagogue. I ask the rabbi the meaning of life. He tells me the meaning of life but he tells it to me in Hebrew. I don’t understand Hebrew. Then he wants to charge me $600 for Hebrew lessons. – Woody Allen

Imagination and fiction make up more than three-quarters of our real life. – Simone Weil

Imagine writing some deep meaningful stories which make people, even sadder, if they try to understand the situation of yours behind those gut-wrenching stories. – Mohammed Israil

In a sane world I should be a great man; as things are, in this curious establishment, I am nothing at all; to all intents and purposes I don’t exist. I am just a Vox et preaterea nihil. – Aldous Huxley

In college, I was dead set on being a philosophy major, because I wanted to figure out the meaning of life. Four years later I realized philosophy had really nothing to say about the meaning of life, and psychology and literature are really where it’s at. – Jonathan Haidt

In essence the purpose of life is to prepare us for the greatest gift of God, eternal life. – Franklin Richards

In every life there are events that reshape one’s sense of existence. Afterward, all is different and the past is dimmed. – Annie Proulx

In every remark he found a meaning, but not always the true meaning, and his life, though vivid, was largely a dream. – E.M. Forster

In life, we need to go through a naked tree season in order to turn nothingness into meaning. – Luis Enrique Cavazos

In my philosophy, the meaning of life derives from the people one has known and loved. I have met my share of evil people and know what they are capable of – I was at the liberation of Dachau – but I have always held that evil is not inherent in men and women. I still believe that within a caring society, only the best people will flourish. That is the spirit that has moved me to photograph. – Walter Rosenblum

In mysticism, knowledge cannot be separated from a certain way of life which becomes its living manifestation. To acquire mystical knowledge means to undergo a transformation; one could even say that the knowledge is the transformation. Scientific knowledge, on the other hand, can often stay abstract and theoretical. Thus most of today’s physicists do not seem to realize the philosophical, cultural and spiritual implications of their theories. – Lois McMaster Bujold

In one important sense, Marxism is a religion. To the believer it presents, first, a system of ultimate ends that embody the meaning of life and are absolute standards by which to judge events and actions; and, secondly, a guide to those ends which implies a plan of salvation and the indication of the evil from which mankind, or a chosen section of mankind, is to be saved. – Joseph A. Schumpeter

In order to discover life-affirming answers, a seeker must ask the correct questions. Can I frame the penetrating questions that will open a diffident person’s mind to investigate how to live out the remainder of his life? – Kilroy J. Oldster

In order to lead a meaningful life, you need to cherish others, pay attention to human values and try to cultivate inner peace. – Dalai Lama

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love. – Marc Chagall

In spite of all these disquieting triumphs in the field of natural science, it’s astonishing how little man has learned about himself, and how much there is to learn. How little we know about this brain which made social evolution possible, and of the mind. How little we know of the nature and spirit of man and God. We stand now before this inner frontier of ignorance. If we could pass it, we might well discover the meaning of life and understand man’s destiny. – Wilder Penfield

In the Buddhist approach, life and death are seen as one whole, where death is the beginning of another chapter of life. Death is the mirror in which the entire meaning of life is reflected. – Sogyal Rinpoche

In the chaos of the world, you and I did find love… – Avijeet Das

In the desert we rediscover the value of what is essential for living; thus in today’s world there are innumerable signs, often expressed implicitly or negatively, of the thirst for God, for the ultimate meaning of life. And in the desert people of faith are needed who, by the example of their own lives, point out the way to the Promised Land and keep hope alive. – Pope Benedict XVI

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln

In the end, what will matter is the love shared, the hearts touched, and the laughter evoked. Seize this moment to open your heart. – Amy Leigh Mercree

In the moment I faced dying, I finally knew my reason for living. – Brodi Ashton

In this world are very few things made from logic alone. It is illogical for man to be too logical. Some things we must just let stand. The mystery is more important than any possible explanation. The searcher after truth must search with humanity. Ruthless logic is the sign of a limited mind. The truth can only add to the sum of what you know, while a harmless mystery left unexplored often adds to the meaning of life. When a truth is not so important, it is better left as a mystery. – Bryce Courtenay

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

In tracking what people have to say about schooling, I notice that most of the conversation is about means, rarely about ends. . . It is as if we are a nation of technicians, consumed by our expertise in how something should be done, afraid or incapable of thinking about why. – Neil Postman

In vain do science and philosophy pose as the arbiters of the human mind, of which they are in fact only the servants. Religion has provided a conception of life, and science travels in the beaten path. Religion reveals the meaning of life, and science only applies this meaning to the course of circumstances. – Leo Tolstoy

Injustice is not the son of the moment … but the son of your situation and my situation !!! …  – Hesham Nebr

Inside every poor creature was a sense of some other happy destiny, a destiny that was necessary and inevitable -why, then, did they find their lives such a burden and why were they always waiting for something? – Andrei Platonov

Insights from myth, dreams, and intuitions, from glimpses of an invisible reality, and from perennial human wisdom provide us with hints and guesses about the meaning of life and what we are here for. Prayer, observance, discipline, thought and action are the means through which we grow and find meaning. – Jean Shinoda Bolen

Involuntarily it appeared to me that there, somewhere, was someone who amused himself by watching how I lived for thirty or forty years: learning, developing, maturing in body and mind, and how, having with matured mental powers reached the summit of life from which it all lay before me, I stood on that summit — like an arch-fool — seeing clearly that there is nothing in life, and that there has been and will be nothing. And he was amused… But whether that “someone” laughing at me existed or not, I was none the better off. I could give no reasonable meaning to any single action or to my whole life. I was only surprised that I could have avoided understanding this from the very beginning — it has been so long known to all. Today or tomorrow sickness and death will come (they had come already) to those I love or to me; nothing will remain but stench and worms. Sooner or later my affairs, whatever they may be, will be forgotten, and I shall not exist. Then why go on making any effort?… How can man fail to see this? And how go on living? That is what is surprising! One can only live while one is intoxicated with life; as soon as one is sober it is impossible not to see that it is all a mere fraud and a stupid fraud! That is precisely what it is: there is nothing either amusing or witty about it, it is simply cruel and stupid. – Leo Tolstoy

Isn’t it the inevitability of death that gives life its meaning and purpose? – Tarun Lohani

It appears to me, the doing what little one can to increase the general stock of knowledge is as respectable an object of life, as one can in any likelyhood pursue. – Charles Darwin

It did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us. We needed to stop asking about the meaning of life, and instead to think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by life—daily and hourly. Our answer must consist, not in talk and meditation, but in right action and in right conduct. Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfill the tasks which it constantly sets for each individual. – Viktor E. Frankl

It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters, – Amit Ray

It is a combination of man’s mental acuity and self-importance to try and attach any meaning to life. Why can’t we just be an extremely fortunate life form randomly hurtling through space on an ideally-positioned rock? If life has any meaning, it is the basic biological one of passing on our genes to the next generation before we die. – Stewart Stafford

It is better to be hated for what you are now than to be loved for you are not. – Andre Gide

It is better to have a meaningful life and make a difference than to merely have a long life. – Bryant H. McGill

It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult… Choose your words wisely. – Anonymous

It is hope that gives life meaning. And hope is based on the prospect of being able one day to turn the actual world into a possible one that looks better. – Francois Jacob

It is in struggle and service with our brothers and sisters, individually and collectively, that we find the meaning of life. – Jesse Jackson

It is man’s purpose to be happy on this earth and lead the way to felicity and preach its gospel wherever he goes.
He who does not see the kingdom of heaven in this life will never see it in the coming life. – Khalil Gibran

It is more important to live life than to theorize about it. You may be a renowned scholar/intellectual but if you have spent life in a half conscious dream state then you have missed life itself. A peasant or even an animal who lives in the moment may have lived more vividly. – The Ancient Sage

It is not history which uses men as a means of achieving – as if it were an individual person – its own ends. History is nothing but the activity of men in pursuit of their ends. – Karl Marx

It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is: each the other’s opposite and complement. – Hermann Hesse

It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much. … The life we receive is not short but we make it so; we are not ill provided but use what we have wastefully. – Seneca

It is not the courage to be that we must develop as much as the courage to become. We are responsible for our destiny. The meaning of life is not located in some hidden crevice in the womb of nature but is created by free persons, who are aware that they are responsible for their own futures and have the courage to take this project into their own hands. – Paul Kurtz

It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning to our lives. – Tony Robbins

It is the acquisition of skills in particular, irrespective of their utility, that is potent in making life meaningful. Since man has no inborn skills, the survival of the species has depended on the ability to acquire and perfect skills. Hence the mastery of skills is a uniquely human activity and yields deep satisfaction. – Eric Hoffer

It is the first of all problems for a man to find out what kind of work he is to do in this universe. – Thomas Carlyle

It is this spiritual freedom – which cannot be taken away –
that makes life meaningful and purposeful. – Viktor E. Frankl

It is while you are patiently toiling at the little tasks of life that the meaning and shape of the great whole of life dawn on you. – Phillips Brooks

It made our presence in the world meaningful; we still served a purpose. – Massimo Marino, Daimones

It seemed perfectly possible that, in spite of my certainty of my own genius, I might die of some illness, or perhaps even in a street accident, before I had ever glimpsed the meaning of life. My moods of happiness and self-confidence convinced me that I had a “destiny” to become a famous writer, and to be remembered as one of the most important thinkers of the century. – Colin Wilson

It seems that it is impossible to live without discovering the purpose of your life. And the first thing which a person should do is to understand the meaning of life. But the majority of people who consider themselves to be educated are proud that they have reached such great height that they cease to care about the meaning of existence. – Leo Tolstoy

It seems that rather than abandon their worldview, many young people are abandoning their lives altogether. I am disturbed to see the number of suicides and suicide attempts by those between the ages of fourteen and twenty-five. Many of their suicide notes report they had lost meaning, purpose and a sense that life held any value.
This is no longer just about philosophy. This is about the very real lives we are all trying to make sense of here on Earth. – Jon Morrison

It was always fun in the early days of Black Sabbath, when I stayed away from heavy drugs. Then someone gave me cocaine and I went, “Hallelujah!” I thought I’d found the meaning of life! – Ozzy Osbourne

It was long before I could believe that human learning had no clear answer to this question. For a long time it seemed to me, as I listened to the gravity and seriousness wherewith Science affirmed its positions on matters unconnected with the problem of life, that I must have misunderstood something. For a long time I was timid in the presence in learning, and I fancied that the insufficiency of the answers which I received was not its fault, but was owing to my own gross ignorance, but this thing was not a joke or a pastime with me, but the business of my life, and I was at last forced, willy-nilly, to the conclusion that these questions of mine were the only legitimate questions underlying all knowledge, and that it was not I that was in fault in putting them, but science in pretending to have an answer for them. – Leo Tolstoy

It’s all about success, success, success. Because we live in this mythology of anyone can achieve the American dream, if you’re not successful, if you’re not Tim Ferriss, then you’re a loser. – Naval Ravikant

It’s human nature to find patterns where there are none and to find skill where luck is a more likely explanation. – William Bernstein

It’s not about how hard you can hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. – Rocky Balboa

It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform. – Roy T. Bennett

It’s precisely the disappointing stories, which have no proper ending and therefore no proper meaning, that sound true to life. – Max Frisch

It’s all you can say, when the end comes: ‘I did not waste my time.’ I think that matters. I think it may be all that matters. – Conn Iggulden

It’s as if I had been going downhill when I thought I was going uphill. That’s how it was. In society’s opinion I was heading uphill, but in equal measure life was slipping away from me… And now it’s all over. Nothing left but to die!”
“So what’s it all about? What’s it for? It’s not possible. It’s not possible that life could have been as senseless and sickening as this. And if it has really been as sickening and senseless as this why do I have to die, and die in agony? There’s something wrong. Maybe I didn’t live as I should have done?” came the sudden thought. “But how can that be when I did everything properly?” he wondered, instantly dismissing as a total impossibility the one and only solution to the mystery of life and death. – Leo Tolstoy

It’s difficult to make people see that what you have been taught counts for nothing, and that the only things worth having are the things you find out for yourself. Also, that when so many brands of what Chesterton calls ‘fancy souls’ and theories of life are offered you, there is no sense in not looking pretty carefully to see what you are going in for. […] It isn’t a case of ‘Here is the Christian religion, the one authoritative and respectable rule of life. Take it or leave it’. It’s ‘Here’s a muddling kind of affair called Life, and here are nineteen or twenty different explanations of it, all supported by people whose opinions are not to be sneezed at. Among them is the Christian religion in which you happpen to have been brought up. Your friend so-and-so has been brought up in quite a different way of thinking; is a perfectly splendid person and thoroughly happy. What are you going to do about it?’ — I’m worrying it out quietly, and whatever I get hold of will be valuable, because I’ve got it for myself; but really, you know, the whole question is not as simple as it looks. – Dorothy L. Sayers

It’s never too early to think about your legacy,” she would say. “Don’t you want to leave some kind of mark that you were here? – Ben Tanzer

It’s nice to be happy. But the meaning of life is meaning – what’s the impact you’re having on the world. Suffering to accomplish that is a perfectly fine thing. – Reid Hoffman

It’s not about success and failure. It’s not about good days and bad days. It’s not about wealth or poverty. It’s not about health or sickness. It’s not even about life or death. It’s about glorifying God in whatever circumstance you find yourself in. – Mark Batterson

It’s not the meaning of life we seek but our aliveness. Once we have that, the meaning of life is obvious. – Anodea Judith

It’s precisely the disappointing stories, which have no proper ending and therefore no proper meaning, that sound true to life. – Max Frisch

It’s the pointless things that give your life meaning. Friendship, compassion, art, love. All of them pointless. But they’re what keeps life from being meaningless. – Tim Winton

I’ve had great people come in my life, meaning not just men, but women, support me and empower me. So that has lifted me to be the woman I am. – Ledisi

I’ve had sex with lots of guys, but I think I did it mostly out of fear. I was scared not to have somebody putting his arms around me, so I could never say no. That’s all. Nothing good ever came of sex like that. All it does is grind down the meaning of life a piece at a time. – Haruki Murakami

I’ve never walked out of a meaningless movie thinking ALL movies are meaningless. I only thought the movie I walked out on was meaningless. I wonder, then, if when people say life is meaningless, what they really mean is THEIR lives are meaningless. – Donald Miller

Jesus was not a carpenter forever. – Chris Matakas

Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life. – Hugh Sidey

Just as all thought, and primarily that of non-signification, signifies something, so there is no art that has no signification. – Albert Camus

Just as we need a big cup of coffee to feel alive in the morning, we sometimes also need to accept and believe in things that are made up by our society in order to feel alive. – Saied Fathehi Abazri

Just because my path is different doesn’t mean I’m lost. – Gerard Abrams

Just imagine that the purpose of life is happinesss only- then life becomes a cruel and senseless thing.You have to embrace what the wisdom of humanity,your intellect and your heart tell you: that the meaning of life is to serve the force that sent you into the world.Then life becomes a joy. – Leo Tolstoy

Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. – Hans Christian Andersen

Just say up on the hill is the meaning of life and someone knew it and they wanted everyone else to enjoy it. So they put a red vinyl sofa up there. – Melina Marchetta

Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live. – Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

Just when I discovered the meaning of life, they changed it. – George Carlin

Keep your eyes in the stars and your feet on the ground. – Theodore Roosevelt

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. – Theodore Roosevelt

Knowing your real life purpose makes you clear on where to focus your energy to move in the direction of your life. Knowing your real life purpose helps you connect to your potential since all you really need is inside you all the time! And knowing your real life purpose helps you become more creative so you have infinite options and energy to live your daily life with confidence and joy. – Diana Dentinger

Knowledge is sacred and the choice to be informed or merely entertained in today’s world is a very revealing test of the times.  Expanding your mind to penetrate the deeper meanings of life is not only liberating, it is crucial to your well-being, for knowledge is power, and how you use your power inevitably determines the course of your personal and collective life. – Barbara Marciniak

Large numbers of young people are waking up. And they are saying, “We are not here just to work for multinational corporations and make money for them. We are here to live. We have to find the meaning of life.” – Satish Kumar

Learn to be You to be Free to be You! – Diana Dentinger

Learn to be You. Why follow in someone else’s footprints? – Diana Dentinger

Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance. – Roy Bennett

Learn to love yourself before anyone else in life. – Avijeet Das

Leonard asks me if there’s anything I need to know before he dies, I think about it for a minute, turn to him, say what’s the meaning of life, Leonard? He laughs, says that’s an easy one, my son, it’s whatever you want it to be. – James Frey

Let me lay my cards on the table. If I were to give an award for the single best idea anyone ever had, I’d give it to Darwin, ahead of even Newton or Einstein and everyone else. In a single stroke, the idea of evolution by natural selection unifies the realm of life, meaning, and purpose with the realm of space and time, cause and effect, mechanism and physical law. It is not just a wonderful idea. It is a dangerous idea. – Daniel Dennett

Let no one be like another, yet everyone like the highest. How is this done? Be each one perfect in himself. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Let your faith be bigger than your fear. – Anonymous

Living a lie – pretending everything is fine when we are actually discontented – is hard work and, in the long run, even bad for our health. We pay a high price for compromising on this honesty – and neglecting ourselves. Finding our inner passion, our mission in life, and connecting with who we really are, our spiritual being or our higher self – this is the key to success and fulfilment. Our ‘soul’ purpose is our sole purpose in life. – Kristiane Backer, From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life

Living deeply requires more than a static vivisection of a person’s history and a cold survey of the world. Living a meaningful life entails immersion in the continuous flow of life through passionate thinking, observation, and directed action. – Kilroy J. Oldster

Longfellow smiled. “A great part of the happiness of life consists not in fighting battles, my dear Lowell, but in avoiding them. A masterly retreat is in itself a victory. – Matthew Pearl

Look at the stars. See their beauty. And in that beauty, see yourself. – Draya Mooney

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. – Albert Einstein

Look, Gail.” Roark got up, reached out, tore a thick branch off a tree, held it in both hands, one fist closed at each end; then, his wrists and knuckles tensed against the resistance, he bent the branch slowly into an arc. “Now I can make what I want of it: a bow, a spear, a cane, a railing. That’s the meaning of life.” “Your strength?” “Your work.” He tossed the branch aside. “The material the earth offers you and what you make of it . . . – Ayn Rand

Look, you can say that life is meaningless, because in the end we are all no more than dust in the wind and all that we do will ultimately be forgotten in hundreds or thousands of years’ time. But do you really want to live with that belief? Give yourself a higher meaning, give yourself a purpose why you were given this life. I am not a religious person but I do believe that we are all given this life for a reason, and that death is only the beginning of something bigger. Call me crazy, I don’t care. It gives me sense and an urgency to make this life count because I know it matters. You feel that way because you do not have that. Give this life a meaning and all that you do and will come to do will become meaningful instead of meaningless – Jellis Vaes

Looking down from the heavens, she saw how small, and yet how important each human life is. Drops in the bucket of eternity. She saw her minute place in the organic machine of the Cosmos, witnessed the give and take and the slow, steady swinging of life’s pendulum. The world relies on order, pattern, and repetition. The earth spins and swings around the sun with rational, mathematical predictability.
But she also saw the chaotic nature of things. No matter what, you can never know with certainty what will happen. Lightening can strike, the ground can open up and swallow you, and the very air you breathe can tear your life away. – Gwen Mitchell

Looking for the meaning of life, one man can discover the order of the universe. To discover the truth, to achieve. a higher spiritual state, that is the true meaning of ninja. – Masaaki Hatsumi

Lord, give me what you have made me want; I praise and thank you for the desire that you have inspired; perfect what you have begun, and grant me what you have made me long for. – Anselm of Canterbury

Love a thing at a time. Many things will love you no more. – Suyasha Subedi

Love is a connection with another person, either through birth or through something else that I cannot even explain. It is often just an attraction at first. But it goes far deeper than that. It is a determination to care for the other person no matter what and to allow oneself to be cared for in return. It is a commitment to make the other happy and to be happy oneself. It is not possessive, but neither is it a victim. And it does not always bring happiness. Often it brings a great deal of pain, especially when the beloved is suffering and one feels impotent to comfort. It is what life is all about. It is openness and trust and vulnerability. – Mary Balogh

Love is our only reason for living and the only purpose of life. We live for the sake of love, and we live seeking love… it is not surprising that we keep looking for love. All of us are nothing but vibrations of love. We are sustained by love, and in the end we merge back into love. – Swami Muktananda

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone-we find it with another. – Thomas Merton

Love is seeking the good and being the good. – Erica Goros

Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us. – Marianne Williamson

Love is the most integral function of our lives. That is why LOVE is only one letter away from LIVE. – Kamand Kojouri

Love is without a doubt the laziest theory for the meaning of life, but when it actually comes a time to do it we find just enough energy to over-complicate life again. Any devil can love, whom he himself sees as, a good person who has treated him well, but to love also the polar opposite is what separates love from fickle emotions. – Criss Jami

Love, life, meaning…over. – Stephenie Meyer

Man can find meaning in life only through devoting himself to society. – Albert Einstein

Man cannot live without some knowledge of the purpose of life. If he can find no purpose in life he creates one in the inevitability of death. – Chester Himes

Man is a tragic animal. Not because of his smallness, but because he is too well endowed. Man has longings and spiritual demands that reality cannot fulfill. We have expectations of a just and moral world. Man requires meaning in a meaningless world. – Peter Wessel Zapffe

Man is born in order to think (there he is, Kirill, finally!). Except that I don’t believe that. I’ve never believed it, and I still don’t believe it, and what man is born for -I have no idea. He’s born, that’s all. Scrapes by as best he can. – Boris Strugatsky

Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve. – Erich Fromm

Man must learn to know the universe precisely as it is, or he cannot successfully find his place in it. A man should therefore use his reasoning faculty in all matters involving truth, and especially as concerning his religion. He must learn to distinguish between truth and error. – John A. Widtsoe

Maniacal obsession can be a destructive or a transformative psychic force. What is unacceptable is a life of blandness, not to dare penetrate into the heart of nothingness. – Kilroy J. Oldster

Man’s ideal state is realized when he has fulfilled the purpose for which he is born. And what is it that reason demands of him? Something very easy-that he live in accordance with his own nature. – Seneca the Younger

Many atheists might proudly proclaim that our lives have no ultimate meaning, yet the business of finding significance in one’s life is perhaps the most important part of being human. When we drift into a life without meaning, we soon become a pack of symptoms and pathologies; and without any feeling of significance, many choose to end their lives altogether. – Derren Brown

Many find in sex and economics the meaning of life and the reason of it all. The consequence of this is that the goal of life for many has become a relief of tension. – Sachindra Kumar Majumdar

Many people in their teens wonder about these big questions – what’s the meaning of life, what are we doing here – then somewhere in their 20s, they seem to say, ‘I’ll just get married. I’ll just have kids. I’ll get back to that later.’ But they never do. For me, it kept boiling. – Yuval Noah Harari

Many things that can be measured, don’t matter—many things that matter, can’t be measured. – Rick Julian

Many times man lives and dies
Between his two eternities,
That of race and that of soul,
And ancient Ireland knew it all.
Whether man die in his bed
Or the rifle knocks him dead. – William Butler Yeats

Marriage is the aim and end of all sensible girls, because it is the meaning of life. – Elinor Glyn

Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. – Arthur Miller

maybe the meaning of life lies in looking for it. – David Mitchell

Maybe the point of life (and youth, once it was over), was to elevate yourself, through time and reflection, into something worthy of contemplation (even if you were the only one doing the contemplating). – Matthew Gallaway

Maybe the Truth of the Meaning of Life, Ancient and Arcane Knowledge of the Great Unknowable Universe is handed down only to persons presenting with the correct brand-name footwear. If you turn up wearing Shoe City knock-offs, you don’t get to pass Go and collect Infinite Enlightenment. – Tracy Engelbrecht

Maybe, I thought, Knight would talk about the marrow.
He sat quietly, whether thinking or fuming or both, it was hard to tell. But he eventually arrived at a reply. It felt like some great mystic was about to revel the meaning of life.
“Get enough sleep,” he said.
He set his jaw in a way that conveyed he wouldn’t be saying any more. This was what he had learned. I accepted it as truth. – Michael Finkel

Men and Women are two wheels of a vehicle which propels life forward! – Avijeet Das

Men live, and then they die. It is the quality of the process of living which matters, that and that alone. – Janet Morris

Men’s lives are short .
The hard man and his cruelties will be
Cursed behind his back and mocked in death.
But one whose heart and ways are kind – of him
strangers will bear report to the whole wide world,
and distant men will praise him. – Robert Fitzgerald

Meredith immersed herself in the novels. For some reason, fiction hit on the meaning of life so much more concisely than real life itself did. – Elin Hilderbrand

Mind is the workshop where you create thoughts which drive you to imagine or conceive a plan , and in real life we are just the reflection of our imaginations which we never can exceed, we are always remain equal to or less than our imagination.-CYRUS

Modern society has sent men on a quest that is perhaps an inquiry just as thought-provoking as the popular question: what is the meaning of life. The question thrown at men by the society is one which many men struggle to answer, and that question is: What does it mean to be a man? – Cage J. Madison

Money cannot buy peace of mind. It cannot heal ruptured relationships, or build meaning into a life that has none. – Richard DeVos

Morality is not just any old topic in psychology but close to our conception of the meaning of life. Moral goodness is what gives each of us the sense that we are worthy human beings. – Steven Pinker

More lives are being lost, because some lost their ability to understand the meaning of life. – Gift Gugu Mona

Most important thing in life … is learning how to fall. – Jeanette Walls

Most lives are not distinguished by great achievements. They are measured by an infinite number of small ones. Each time you do a kindness for someone or bring a smile to his face, it gives your life meaning. Never doubt your value, little friend. The world would be a dismal place without you in it. (tweaked version of a passage from Scandal in Spring) – Lisa Kleypas

Most of our waking life is make believe. If there was a way to record every dream that crosses our minds, the true nature of humans would be laid bare – Bangambiki Habyarimana

Most of us move through life with little chance to learn much about ourselves. We know some things we like and some things we dislike, we have a few ideas about what makes us happy, and we die in ignorance regarding anything profound within ourselves. – Raymond E. Feist

Most of what we take as being important is not material, whether it’s music or feelings or love. They’re things we can’t really see or touch. They’re not material, but they’re vitally important to us. – Judy Collins

Most people confuse their life situation with their actual life, which is an underlying flow beneath the everyday events. – Richard Rohr

Mother Teresa was asked what was the meaning of life, and she said to help other people, and I thought, ‘What a strange thing to say’ – but maybe it’s the right thing to say. – Jesse Eisenberg

Much of what happens in life is a chance. – Ted Todd

music is not technique and melody, but the meaning of life itself, infinitely sorrowful and unbearably beautiful. – Pearl S. Buck

Music is the biggest tool of revolution – the best way to reach out to the youth and involve them. If you can’t contribute to the world with your art, I don’t see the meaning of life. – Kailash Kher

My cat knows the meaning of life, but has no interest in sharing the secret. – Ashleigh Brilliant

My dog doesn’t worry about the meaning of life. She may worry if she doesn’t get her breakfast, but she doesn’t sit around worrying about whether she will get fulfilled or liberated or enlightened. As long as she gets some food and a little affection, her life is fine. – Joko Beck

My hands were too soft.. I had to find some special occupation, some kind of work that would not force me to turn away from the sky and the stars, that would allow me to discover the meaning of life. – Marc Chagall

My heart was full and uplifted; it seemed that in my soul the question arose whether such things as Art, literature, science encompassed and completed life or whether there was still something in the distance which encompassed it even more completely and filled it with a far greater happiness. – Adalbert Stifter

My joy is that there is no such world at all, but that the substance of life is in everyone! There is no reason to be troubled because we are absurd, is there? For we really are: we are absurd, frivolous, we have bad habits, we’re bored, we don’t know how to look around ourselves, we don’t know how to understand, we are all like this, all of us, you, and I, and everyone! And you aren’t offended by my telling you straight to your faces that you are absurd? There is the basic stuff of life in your, isn’t there? You know, I believe it’s sometimes even good to be ridiculous. Yes, much better. People forgive each other more readily and become more humble, we can’t understand everything at once, we can’t begin with perfection! To reach perfection there must first be much we do not understand. And if we understand too quickly we will probably not understand very well. I tell this to you who have been able to understand so much and – do not understand.’ – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

My life carries its own meaning in itself. – Albert Schweitzer

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. – Maya Angelou

My Name Is Landon And I’m 12 Years Old. I’m No Philosopher Or a Religious Person. But Everyone Asks The Question, “Whats The Meaning Of Life. I Think The Meaning Is Also The Question… I Think We Live Life To Wonder… And To Ask, “What Is The Meaning Of Life”. The Live To Get To The End And Find Out Why They Lived And What Was Their Purpose… – Landon I Taylor

My path to a life of meaning may not have been straight or easy, but I am fortunate to have found my personal stepping stones, laid out before me like a masterpiece. There is not one stone, not one memory or one experience that I would have changed. I am grateful for the good and the bad, for I am the sum of all my experiences. – Celia Belt

My pictures are about a search for a moment—a perfect moment. To me the most powerful moment in the whole process is when everything comes together and there is that perfect, beautiful, still moment. And for that instant, my life makes sense. – Gregory Crewdson

My search for happiness ended so a meaningful life could get started. – Valeria Teles

My silences are my existence. My silences make me who I am. My silences have made me who I have become. I have always loved silences. I talk to my silences. Silences are so eloquent! – Avijeet Das

My trust in a higher power that wants me to survive and have love in my life, is what keeps me moving forward. – Kenny Loggins

Nebraskans know the true meaning of life… work, spending time with loved ones, and Saturdays in the fall. – Jason Peter

Neither death nor wisdom has a full stop. There are only commas-no destinations, only waiting rooms. – Devdutt Pattanaik

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself. – Harvey Fierstein

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. – Tim Field

Never give up. Today is hard tomorrow will be worse, but the after tomorrow will be sunshine. – Jack Ma

Never let a minister say you are a sinner for he or she is a sinner too. Nor never let a psychiatrist say you have a mental disorder for he or she has problems too. – Luis Enrique Cavazos

Never think of marriage if your mind is unsure of a long term relationship with the one you are in love with. Try to find out if you are infatuated with some one or in real love with someone and the best way to find it by living together with her. When we grow up we find less time for parents and even someone do not want to meet time. But when you come to the end time of your life, you will ultimately feel the need and place of a child in your life. So, please keep a few minutes at least in a week for your parents and let them feel that you are their greatest pride and strength. – Anonymous

Never underestimate yourself. – Anonymous

No matter how many times you have failed you must keep going forward. Only when you have become humble will you begin to grasp the meaning of life. – Frederick Lenz

No matter how much we try to run away from this thirst for the answer to life, for the meaning of life, the intensity only gets stronger and stronger. We cannot escape these spiritual hungers. – Ravi Zacharias

No matter what the world thinks about religious experience, the one who has it possesses a great treasure, a thing that has become for him a source of life, meaning, and beauty, and that has given a new splendor to the world and to mankind. – Carl Jung

No more harmful nonsense exists than [the] common supposition that deepest insight into great questions about the meaning of life or the structure of reality emerges most readily when a free, undisciplined, and uncluttered (read, rather, ignorant and uneducated) mind soars above mere earthly knowledge and concern. – Stephen Jay Gould

No one could teach you to be you… until now! – Diana Dentinger

No one else knows exactly what the future holds for you, no one else knows what obstacles you’ve overcome to be where you are, so don’t expect others to feel as passionate about your dreams as you do. – Germany Kent

No one really understood music unless he was a scientist, her father had declared, and not just a scientist, either, oh, no, only the real ones, the theoreticians, whose language was mathematics. She had not understood mathematics until he had explained to her that it was the symbolic language of relationships. “And relationships,” he had told her, “contained the essential meaning of life.” – Pearl S. Buck

No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. … All that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable. … It is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire. – Orson F. Whitney

No person can claim to be anything more or anything less than his or her individual assimilation of a lifelong symposium of inimitable physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual occurrences. Simply put, we each place our own individualized stamp upon the meaning of life. How we live, how we struggle, and how we die reflects what life means to each of us. We are all students of life, we are a product of what we pay attention to, what we observe, and experience, and what subjects arrest our minds. – Kilroy J. Oldster

No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell. – Carl Jung

No wonder modern humanity, even as it loudly proclaims its freedom and power to choose, is really an impotent herd drive this way and that, paralyzed by the disconnectedness of it all. It’s just one damn thing after another. – Stanley Hauerwas

Noise in the form of words’; that’s what life is about. – Kaoutar Chahbane

Nor should they be, but everyone needs to feel they’re part of something worthwhile. That, in the last analysis, their life has some meaning in a larger context. The questions is what am I part of? What have I done? – Julian Fellowes

Normally we do not like to think about death. We would rather think about life. Why reflect on death? When you start preparing for death you soon realize that you must look into your life now… and come to face the truth of your self. Death is like a mirror in which the true meaning of life is reflected. – Sogyal Rinpoche

Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious. – Brendan Gill

Not accomplishing your Life Plan is a tragic act of free will. It is akin to charting an elaborate vacation itinerary before arriving at your holiday destination, with all kinds of plans for outdoor adventures and intentions to go sightseeing and shopping, but then ending up spending the whole trip in your hotel room ordering from room service and watching television. In a similar fashion the unconscious soul spends a lifetime in the semi-conscious state of Divine Disconnection and then returns home mostly ‘empty-handed’. – Anthon St. Maarten

Not only is there often a right and wrong, but what goes around does come around, Karma exists, chickens do come home to roost, and as my mother, Phyllis, liked to say, There is always a day of reckoning.” The good among the great understand that every choice we make adds to the strength or weakness of our spirits—ourselves, or to use an old fashioned word for the same idea, our souls. That is every human’s life work: to construct an identity bit by bit, to walk a path step by step, to live a life that is worthy of something higher, lighter, more fulfilling, and maybe even everlasting. – Donald Van de Mark

Not only is there often a right and wrong, but what goes around does come around, … There is always a day of reckoning. The good among the great understand that every choice we make adds to the strength or weakness of our spirits—ourselves, or to … our souls. That is every human’s life work: to construct an identity bit by bit, to walk a path step by step, to live a life that is worthy of something higher, lighter, more fulfilling, and maybe even everlasting. – Donald Van de Mark

…nothing is more precious than independence and freedom… – Viet Thanh Nguyen

Nothing he knew of, enunciated life like death. – Janet Morris

Nothing matters in life unless you chase your dream! – Avijeet Das

Nothing matters when you are dead, and, you are dead when nothing matters. – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Nothing prevents our denying life by suicide. well then, kill yourself, and you won’t discuss. If life displeases you, kill yourself! You live, and cannot understand the meaning of life – then finish it, and do not fool about in life, saying and writing that you do not understand it. You have come into good company where people are contented and know what they are doing; if you find it dull and repulsive – go away! – Leo Tolstoy

Nothing that happens is meant to happen or not meant to happen. The ‘meant’ is the story we tell ourselves that allows us to make sense of what is fundamentally senseless. Does this make our lives less important? Only if that’s the story you want to tell yourself. Where do the stories end? They don’t. It’s stories all the way down. And all the way up. – Billy Marshall Stoneking

Nothing threatens freedom of the personality and the meaning of life like war, poverty, terror. But there are also indirect and only slightly more remote dangers. One of these is the stupefaction of man (the “gray mass,” to use the cynical term of bourgeois prognosticators) by mass culture with its intentional or commercially motivated lowering of intellectual level and content, with its stress on entertainment or utilitarianism, and with its carefully protective censorship. – Andrei Sakharov

Nourish your Nature. Be who you are meant to be. – Diana Dentinger

Now all my tales are based on the fundamental premise that common human laws and interests and emotions have no validity or significance in the vast cosmos-at-large…. To achieve the essence of real externality, whether of time or space or dimension, one must forget that such things as organic life, good and evil, love and hate, and all such local attributes of a negligible and temporary race called mankind, have any existence at all. – H.P. Lovecraft

Of course, we need stories. There’s a reason “42” is not a satisfying answer to life, the universe, and everything. Structure alone doesn’t quench our existential thirst. We want meaning. And for our brains, meaning comes in the form of stories. – Amanda Gefter

Often in life those seemingly ordinary moments hold the most extraordinary meaning. – Ken Poirot

Often, when I have been feeling lonely, when a book as been thrust aside in boredom […] I have lain back and stared at the shadows on the ceiling, wondering what life is all about […] and then, suddenly, there is the echo of the swinging door, and across the carpet, walking with the utmost delicacy and precision, stalks Four or Five or Oscar. He sits down on the floor beside me, regarding my long legs, my old jumper, and my floppy arms, with a purely practical interest. Which part of this large male body will form the most appropriate lap? Usually he settles for the chest. Whereupon he springs up and there is a feeling of cold fur […] and the tip of an icy nose, thrust against my wrist and a positive tattoo of purrs. And I no longer wonder what life is all about. – Beverley Nichols

Oh, gentlemen, perhaps I really regard myself as an intelligent man only because throughout my entire life I’ve never been able to start or finish anything. Granted, granted I’m a babbler, a harmless, irksome babbler, as we all are. But what’s to be done if the sole and express purpose of every intelligent man is babble–that is, a deliberate pouring from empty into void. – Fyodor Dostoevsky

Oh, what did it matter? This night, this glow, the cessation of anxiety and the sense that if living was not purposeful it was, at any rate, essentially romantic! – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Oh, why is man not immortal? he thinks. Why brain centers and convolutions, why sight, speech, self-awareness, genius, if it is all doomed to sink into the ground and in the final end to cool down along with the earth’s crust and then whirl without sense or purpose, for millions of years, with the earth around the sun? For that cooling down and whirling around there was no need at all to bring man out of non-being, along to other his lofty, almost divine reason, and then, as if in mockery, turn him into clay. The life cycle! But what cowardice to comfort oneself with this surrogate of immortality! The unconscious processes that occur in nature are even lower than human stupidity, for in stupidity there is still consciousness and will, while in these processes there is nothing. Only a coward whose fear of death is greater than his dignity can comfort himself with the thought that in time his body will live in grass, a stone, a toad… To see one’s own immortality in the life cycle is as strange as to prophesy a brilliant future to the case after the costly violin has been broken and made useless. – Anton Chekhov

On Earth, Liz was constantly occupied with studying and finding a college and a career and all those other things that the adults in her life deemed terribly important. Since she had died, everything she was doing on Earth had seemed entirely meaningless. From Liz’s point of view, the question of what her life would be was now definitively answered. The story of her life is short and pointless: There once was a girl who got hit by a car and died. The end. – Gabrielle Zevin

Once someone’s hurt you, it’s harder to relax around them, harder to think of them as safe to love. But it doesn’t stop you from wanting them. – Holly Black

One cannot ignore half of life for the purposes of science, and then claim that the results of science give a full and adequate picture of the meaning of life. All discussions of ‘life’ which begin with a description of man’s place on a speck of matter in space, in an endless evolutionary scale, are bound to be half-measures, because they leave out most of the experiences which are important to use as human beings. – Colin Wilson

One day with knowing the reality is better than hundred years without knowing the reality. – G.W. Muditha Champika

One day you will find a voice inside you! And this voice knows what is right for you. – Avijeet Das

One Need activates hundreds of Desires. Find long lasting happiness and fulfillment by knowing your Personality Needs instead of following your desires. – Diana Dentinger

One note is not music. It is what lies between the notes that makes the music. And what is between them is: their relationship. Relationships are the music life makes. Context creates meaning. Asking, “What is the meaning of life?” is the wrong question; it makes you look in the wrong places. The question is, “Where is the meaning in life?” The place to look is: between. – Carl Safina

One of the greatest gifts that God gives to each of us is the love we share with our family, friends, and fellowmen. It is this divine gift of love that enriches us, gives meaning and purpose to life, and makes it all worth living. Everything else in life is secondary. Everything. And when our time here on earth is over, our lives will not be measured by the riches we accumulate, the honors we receive, the degrees we acquire, or the professional success we achieve, but by our capacity to love and be loved. – Mike Ramsdell

One question we must consider today is how we can take action to unify our nation, heal racial division, end poverty and give real-life meaning to the constitutional mandate that there be equal protection under law. – Edward Kennedy

One should not search for an abstract meaning of life … Life can be made meaningful in a threefold way: first, through what we give to life … second, by what we take from the world … third, through the stand we take toward a fate we no longer can change. – Viktor E. Frankl

One way to break up any kind of tension is good deep breathing. – Byron Nelson

Ones life will have much more meaning and happiness if one makes their own decisions – Duncan William Gibbons

Only an artist can interpret the meaning of life. – Novalis

Only he is successful in his business who makes that pursuit which affords him the highest pleasure sustain him. – Henry David Thoreau

Only the poor knew the meaning of life; the rich and the safe had to guess. – Charles Bukowski

Only through the ancient tradition of storytelling can we enter the magical minds of one another. – Sivan P.L.

Only when you accept that one day you’ll die can you let go, and make the best out of life. And that’s the big secret. That’s the miracle. – Gabriel Bá

Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance. – Plato

Ordinary people who live their lives peacefully, whose days gently resemble each other, may happen one day to stop and wonder why and what for do they do the things they do and have been doing for so many years? – Haim Shapira

Originally human beings had no purpose. Now, dreaming up some purpose or other, they struggle away trying to find the meaning of life. It is a one-man wrestling match. There is no purpose one has to think about, or go out in search of. You would do well to ask the children whether or not a life without purpose is meaningless. – Masanobu Fukuoka

Other times when I hear the wind blow
I feel that just hearing the wind blow makes it worth being born. – Alberto Caeiro

Our concerns sink into insignificance when compared with the eternal value of human personality – a potential child of God which is destined to triumph over lie, pain, and death. No one can take this sublime meaning of life away from us, and this is the one thing that matters. – Igor Sikorsky

Our deep aspiration is an immense source of energy. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Our generation is realistic, for we have come to know man as he really is. After all, man is that being who in¬ vented the gas chambers of Auschwitz; however, he is also that being who entered those gas chambers upright, with the Lord’s Prayer or the Shema Yisrael on his lips. – Viktor E. Frankl

Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter. – Francis Chan

Our instrumental part in the symphony of life is to allow love to create a space within our own awareness, through which the undreamed mystery may emerge as a knowable reality. – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Our job is unconditional love. The job of everyone else in our life is to push our buttons. – Byron Katie

Our lives are a divine expression no matter how messy and weird they may be. How much more meaningful can it get? The source is experiencing itself in form in a conscious, awake way. – Enza Vita

Our mortal life is the time for men to meet God by building a bridge of faith, opening the door into immortality and eternal life. – Charles Didier

Our obligation is to give meaning to life and in doing so to overcome the passive, indifferent life. – Elie Wiesel

Our once simple, unified meaning of life is being shattered into many, sometimes competing, concepts. – M..

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. – The Dalai Lama

Our purpose in mortality collectively, is to pioneer godliness; with each of our unique personalities and perspectives, we are searching out the pieces of the divine puzzle.
Possibly before this life is over, but certainly after, there will be a great collaboration, and we will all bring our pieces of the puzzle together that we have found. Each piece on its own is quite an odd spectacle, but together they are beautiful and amazing—the whole mystery of mortality and eternal life.
‘What pieces are you holding? What good have you found? Bring it together and we will all rejoice. – Michael Brent Jones

Our reward for surviving the hard knocks of a corporal life is arguably paltry. The inevitability of the big sleep is our final reward for laying it all on the line each day that we still breathe. A person whom elects to transform him or herself does so because they believe that life is worthwhile. If a troubled person mints a newly reconstituted persona, it might enable them serenely to accept everything life calls for, even struggle, loss, defeat, disintegration, and death. – Kilroy J. Oldster

Our task and challenge as human beings is to appreciate, in the same instant, both the infinite significance and absolute insignificance of life. – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Our uniqueness implies unique responsibility that we as individuals have in the world. It also implies an unavoidable loneliness. Here Ghandi’s words come to mind: Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.” We are all minorities of one in the sense of our uniqueness and loneliness. But in searching for the truth and the meaning of our lives, we intercept” with others who are doing the same and our loneliness at least will not have to be experienced as isolation. And in chess too, we intercept” with others in this common interest that is much like life, where everything we do matters, where we have to participate responsibly, and the more responsible our participation is, the more we feel at home. As such it can have a highly affirmative effect on the person, a sense that the individual gets: Yes, I belong to this world, I am part of how things get decided, of how things get achieved. I share this with others. – Roumen Bezergianov

Our values inform us about the ultimate meaning of life much like in chess, where we know the main goal is the King. In order to fulfill that meaning, however, we need to choose our moves” based on our unique circumstances. I borrow Frankl’s eloquence in explaining to my clients that there are certain things in the world that only they, as individuals can and must do, and it is up to the individual whether they will be done or left undone. – Roumen Bezergianov

PAIN was no longer a cause of suffering, but a source of pleasure, Because they were redeeming humanity from its sins. Pain becomes joy, the meaning of life, pleasure. – Paulo Coelho

Peace is a certain resistance to the terrible satisfactions of war. It’s a commitment to living with a certain kind of vulnerability to others and susceptibility to being wounded that actually gives our individual lives meaning. – Judith Butler

People always want something more than immediate joy or that deeper sense called happiness. This is one of the secrets by which we shape the fulfillment of our designs. The something more assumes amplified power with people who cannot give it a name or who (most often the case) do not even suspect its existence. Most people only react unconsciously to such hidden forces. Thus, we have only to call a calculated something more into existence, define it and give it shape, then people will follow. – Frank Herbert

People and stars are made of the same stuff. – Bill Nye

People are not prepared or able to rejoice in suffering unless they experience a massive biblical revolution of how they think and feel about the meaning of life. Human nature and American culture make it impossible to rejoice in suffering. This is a miracle in the human soul wrought by God through His Word. – John Piper

People ask, What’s the meaning of life?” or What’s my purpose?” You don’t have a purpose! Life has no meaning! Not until you design it yourself. – Simeon Ivanov

People have moved beyond apathy, beyond skepticism into deep cynicism. – Elliot Richardson

People love books because they’re searching for answers to deep, unconscious questions – and books get as close as it’s possible to get. – Carla H. Krueger

People search for the meaning of life, but this is the easy question: we are born into a world that presents us with many millenia of collected knowledge and information, and all our predecessors ask of us is that we not waste our brief life ignoring the past only to rediscover or reinvent its lessons badly. – Erik Naggum

People tend to see only the stubble fields of transitoriness but overlook and forget the full granaries of the past into which they have brought the harvest of their lives: the deeds done, the loves loved, and last but not least, the sufferings they have gone through with courage and dignity. – Viktor E. Frankl

People who don’t know how to summarize have no dignity. Neither do people who needlessly drag on their messy lives. They who don’t know the beauty of simplification, of pruning away the unnecessary, die without ever comprehending the true meaning of life. – Young-Ha Kim

People wonder why there seems to be no meaning in life. Meaning does not exist a priori. There is no meaning existing in life; one has to create it. Only if you create it will you discover it. It has to be invented first. It is not lying there like a rock, it has to be created like a song. It is not a thing, it is significance that you bring through your consciousness. – Rajneesh

People, fearing their own extinction, are willing to accept and perpetuate hand-me-down answers to the meaning of life and death; and, fearing a weakening of the tribal structures that sustain them, reinforce with their tales the conventional notions of justice, freedom, law and order, nature, family, etc. The writer, lone rider, has the power, if not always the skills, wisdom, or desire, to disturb this false contentment. – Robert Coover

Perfection is like the grains of sand that we try to hold on tightly in the palms of our hands. But the harder we try to hold on to grains of sand, the faster the grains fall down from our hands! – Avijeet Das

Perfection itself is not the ultimate goal
but the ultimate condition of life. – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Perhaps my existence was pointless in any grand scheme of things, but it kept me entertained. – Steven Brust

Perhaps that was the point; life, if you did it right, meant learning and changing. If you didn’t, you died- or stopped growing – which amounted to more or less the same thing. So I would slide in and out of different roles until I discovered the one that fit me best. – Ann Aguirre

Perhaps we are looking at this from a wrong perspective; this search for the truth, the meaning of life, the reason of God. We all have this mindset that the answers are so complex and so vast that it is almost impossible to comprehend. I think, on the contrary, that the answers are so simple; so simple that it is staring us straight in the face, screaming its lungs out, and yet we fail to notice it. We’re looking through a telescope, searching the stars for the answer, when the answer is actually a speck of dirt on the telescope lens. – Jason Calacanis

Persistence may not solve everything – at least in our lifetime – but it is truer to the meaning of life for us to wait for another plowing, another seeding, another harvest, then not. – Joan D. Chittister

Personal writing takes up where public education leaves off – with intent to know what is important about life. – Kilroy J. Oldster

Philosophers can debate the meaning of life, but you need a Lord who can declare the meaning of life. – Max Lucado

Photography is all about capturing a mood, a feeling. I feel a special connection with nature, often very powerful. This late afternoon was phenomenal. Standing on the edge of the ocean, I gasped in awe as the holy light illuminated this cathedral window. Witnessing such a moment and capturing it is what I live for. Mother Nature is so powerful, I never underestimate Her. – Peter Lik

Plants were bound for good or ill to their places. They expressed not only beauty but also the thoughts of God’s world, with an intent of their own and without deviation. Trees in particular were mysterious and seemed to me direct embodiments of the incomprehensible meaning of life. For that reason, the woods were the places where I felt closest to its deepest meaning and to its awe-inspiring workings. – Carl Jung

Plato says that the unexamined life is not worth living. But what if the examined life turns out to be a clunker as well? – Kurt Vonnegut

Poverty is at least a trillion times more likely than wealth to make one wonder what the purpose of life is. – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Prime numbers are what is left when you have taken all the patterns away. I think prime numbers are like life. They are very logical but you could never work out the rules, even if you spent all your time thinking about them. – Mark Haddon

Purpose is what gives life meaning. – Charles Henry Parkhurst

Purpose, joy and inner peace are the only status symbols worth having. – Anthon St. Maarten

Pursue not a life of pleasure, pursue a life of meaning and contentment. – Abhijit Naskar

Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence. – Henry David Thoreau

Rather than defining success by the number of people who love us, may we define it by the number of people we have loved. – Joshua Becker

Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love. – David McCullough

Reason is incompetent to answer any fundamental question about God, or morality, or the meaning of life. – Carl L. Becker

Recognize that you have the courage within you to fulfill the purpose of your birth. Summon forth the power of your inner courage and live the life of your dreams. – Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Relationships keep us alive and our lives meaningful. – Bernie Siegel

Release and detach from every person, every circumstance, every condition, and every situation that no longer serves a divine purpose in your life. All things have a season, and all seasons must come to an end. Choose a new season, filled with purposeful thoughts and activities. – Iyanla Vanzant

Religion reveals the meaning of life, and science only applies this meaning to the course of circumstances. – Leo Tolstoy

Remember this. The world wants to assign you a role. And once you accept that role, you’re doomed. – Robert Greene

Resolve to be thyself: and know that he who finds himself, loses his misery. – Matthew Arnold

Reverence for life is more than solicitude or sensitivity for life. It is a sense of the whole, a capacity for inspired response, a respect for the intricate universe of individual life. It is the supreme awareness of awareness itself. – Norman Cousins

Rise up start fresh see the bright opportunity in each new day. – Anonymous

Roses are for our eyes to adore, but they mean nothing unless you give them to someone you love. – Chris Paynter

Science could potentially do a better job explaining the meaning of life if scientists devise experiments that can weed out the best answers from the worst. The principle difference between religion and science is as follows: the religious make stuff up to explain what they don’t understand. Scientists do the same, but scientists run their ideas through a very rigorous filter that consists of logic, experimentation and peer review. Such a filter eliminates the worst ideas and preserves the best.
So if a scientist answers the question, “What is the meaning of life,” his answer, at the very worst, is no less valid than an answer that comes from the highest witch doctor or priest. – G.M. Jackson

Science may explain how humans came into being, but it has no answer to the slippery question of how humans should live. Only literature makes it possible to pose such questions in the first place. And if there is no answer, only literature can point to the impossibility of ever finding one. – Minae Mizumura

Science provides us with the methods we need to discover the truth. However it is only by developing wisdom through spirituality that provides the force we need to generate meaning in our lives. – Ray Mancini

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. – Helen Keller

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature. – Helen Keller

Security is not the meaning of my life. Great opportunities are worth the risk. – Shirley Hufstedler

See yourself as Love for you are. You are Love experiencing Life. – Wald Wassermann

Seek O mortal, the meaning of life in your innermost silence! – Preeth Nambiar

Self glory makes life meaningless, glorify God fulfills it. – indonesia123

Self is an illusory by-product of the brain’s response to the environment, with the purpose of survival of life. However, within the subjective realm of the human mind, due to higher brain capacities, the self is capable of creating its own illusory purpose, in an attempt to provide meaning in life. – Abhijit Naskar

Self-aware existence. I’m lucky to have it, but there are times when I think that I ought to know better what to do with it. What it’s for. Sometimes it seems entirely pointless. – Ian McEwan

Selfishness is the most unattractive virtue a mortal can possess. – Suyasha Subedi

She didn’t need to understand the meaning of life; it was enough to find someone who did, and then fall asleep in his arms and sleep as a child sleeps, knowing that someone stronger than you is protecting you from all evil and all danger. – Paulo Coelho

She folds the pages of the books she reads when she wants to remember something important. Her favorite books are accordions, testaments to an endless search for meaning. – Gary Shteyngart

She had always assumed that she would have years to sort out the meaning of life… As she bent over the child she realized that the tragedy of death had to do entirely with what was left unfulfilled. – Abraham Verghese

She wants to have her notebooks so that the flimsy framework of events, as she has constructed them in her school notebook, will be provided with walls and become a house she can live in. Because if the tottering structure of her memories collapses like a clumsily pitched tent, all that Tamina will be left with is the present, that invisible point, that nothingness moving slowly toward death. – Milan Kundera

she, with her affection and her gaiety, had been largely responsible for him having rediscovered the meaning of life, her love had driven him to the far corners of the Earth, because he needed to be rich enough to buy some land and live in peace with her for the rest of their days. It was his utter confidence in this fragile creature, that had made him fight with honor, because he knew that after a battle he could forget all the horrors of war in her arms, and that, despite all the women he had known, only there in her arms could he close his eyes and sleep like a child. – Paulo Coelho

Silence is as deep as eternity, speech as shallow as time. – Thomas Carlyle

Since loving is about knowing, we have more meaningful love relationships when we know each other and it takes time to know each other. – Bell Hooks

Siri, what is the meaning of life? She answers: To think about questions like this. Huh. Good one. – Kim Wright

Sixty-four thousand dollars for a question, I hope they are asking you the meaning of life. – Paul Scofield

So I watch her work and put all her energy, all her force, all herself, all is inside her work. Does she think that this is what life means? She goes to work in the dark and comes home when it’s dark. Does she know what the world looks like when the sun is shining? – Jinat Rehana Begum

So if you want to know the truth about the universe, about the meaning of life, and about your own identity, the best place to start is by observing suffering and exploring what it is.
The answer isn’t a story. – Yuval Noah Harari

So many celebrations have become empty because the meaning has changed. Find your meaning, to find yourself for a fulfilling life experience. – Diana Dentinger

So many people work so hard, to achieve, attain, accumulate and cherish their fortunes. How many of us blissfully fill our days and nights being the Divine expression we are? This is the meaning of life. It is to be. As a result, all of your creations are a natural outflow from the Divine within your being. This is the joy of life. – Barbara Rose

So when I think of, what is the meaning of life, to me, that’s not an eternal unanswerable question. To me it is in arms reach of me every day. – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Soap, toothpaste and detergent are all “new and improved”. Are you? – Diana Dentinger

Solitude helps the soul remember that life and
work have two completely different meanings. It reminds
us that we were created for greatness in relationship with
others, not task lists and spreadsheets. – Angela Lynne Craig

Some might think that the creativity, imagination, and flights of fancy that give my life meaning are insanity. – Vladimir Nabokov

Some of the simplest of truths are also some of the most difficult of truths, but such is Christianity: ‘If it’s not about Christ, it’s not about life. – Criss Jami

Some of us are born to Run. Some of us are born to Climb. But we are all born to Live. – Saim A. Cheeda

Some old guy once said that the meaning of life is that it ends. – Lee Child

Some people appear to be happy, but they simply don’t give the matter much thought. Others make plans: I’m going to have a husband, a home, two children, a house in the country. As long as they’re busy doing that, they’re like bulls looking for the bullfighter: they react instinctively, they blunder on, with no idea where the target is. They get their car, sometimes they even get a Ferrari, and they think that’s the meaning of life, and they never question it. Yet their eyes betray the sadness that even they don’t know they carry in their soul. Are you happy? – Paulo Coelho

Some people might say, “Why bother living? It has no purpose.” Unfortunately, dying or death might prove in ways to be even more pointless. At least one living always has a purpose as a form of unified existence and being — there is almost zero overall purpose in non-existence, other than maybe the awareness of such indistinctly. – Andy Harglesis

Some people spend their entire lives doing meaningless things. They do not think twice before wasting away an entire day, or a week, or a month or even a year! They have no sense of purpose or aim in life. They feel great when other people praise them in meaningless ways. Maybe one day they will realize the meaninglessness of their existence and then perhaps they may strive to achieve something of value in their lives! – Avijeet Das

Some things happen for a reason,
Others just come with the season. – Ana Claudia Antunes

Some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul. – Gianna Carini

Something has to be incomplete in our life to make us understand life. – Avijeet Das

Sometimes I wonder if suicides aren’t in fact sad guardians of the meaning of life. – Vaclav Havel

Sometimes life does not give us every thing that we want. But then that is what life is all about. You can’t have happiness all the time. And neither can you have sadness all the time. But you can create a symphony out of happiness and sadness! – Avijeet Das

Sometimes people that are very good at improvisation in life, meaning like stage improvisation, aren’t good in films because you have to ultimately take a scene where it needs to go. It’s not about just saying something that’s funny. You can say something funny but if it’s not on story or driving the scene to its end it’s really not very helpful at all. – Vince Vaughn

Sometimes questions are more important than answers. – Nancy Willard

Sometimes the best course in the search for the meaning of life is to busy yourself until you forget that you don’t know the meaning of life. – Amanda Hocking

Sometimes the meaning in life hits you like a meteorite. – Curtis Tyrone Jones

Sometimes we may feel disheartened and demoralized but we must keep faith in ourselves. We may be going through a lot of ups and downs in our life. But we must realise that growth begins from chaos! – Avijeet Das

Sometimes you have to cross the boundaries of Death in order to discover the meaning of Life. – B.G. Bowers

Sometimes, the simple things are more fun and meaningful than all the banquets in the world. – E.A. Bucchianeri

Sooner or later on this journey, every traveller faces the same question: Are you a human intending to be a god, or a god pretending to be human? – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Souls recognize each other. My soul knows your soul since a thousand years! – Avijeet Das

Speak to all men as you do to yourself, with no concern for the effect you make, so that you do not shut them out from your world; lest in isolation the meaning of life slips out of sight and you lose the belief in the perfection of creation. – Leo Szilard

Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals. – LL Cool J

Step after step to find this frame in time, a nightlight illuminated me on this night, lighting me up and further helping me to continue to find my way, find meaning and discover my purpose, and my own light glowing inside me – Bodhi Smith

Stop making excuses and start doing what makes you profoundly happy! – Diana Dentinger

Storytelling has been around since men and women were first created. Stories give meaning to life and provide people with history, information, and entertainment. – Mommy Moo Moo

Struggle is the meaning of life; defeat or victory is in the hands of God. But struggle itself is man’s duty and should be his joy. – Aga Khan III

Struggles make us man or woman! – Avijeet Das

Success is the launch pad to significance. – Will Craig

Such is life, marked by the ticking of the clock and the call of the alarm until the day it all falls into perpetual silence. For most of us, certainly for this boy, life is not composed of great deeds, but of small actions, and that’s okay. It’s the best I can give and I like it this way. – Gillibran Brown

Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself. – Edmund Lee

Synchronicity is the soul’s reminder of authorship. – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Taking away a person’s control of her own life – meaning her bank account – is one of the greatest infringements a democracy can impose, especially when it applies to young people. It is an infringement even if the intent may be perceived as benign and socially valid. – Steig Larsson

Teachers of philosophy tie their dewy-eyed students in knots attempting to answer the elusive riddle, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ It is a classic example of the trick question since there is no pat answer to this timeless paradox that we colloquially refer to as ‘life.’ No man, woman, or child is identical. Similar to other animals, we each are the product of our entire womb of bodily cravings and comprised of the communal filament of the human mind’s eccentric gyrations. In order to take stock of who we are we must take into account the sensory ingredients of innumerable occurrences that create the tapestry of interwoven sensations making up a rooted way of living. Life is a chummed collection of eclectic personal incidents. – Kilroy J. Oldster

Teenagers are extremely funny, and extremely clever and intellectually curious. But they’re also willing to ask questions about the meaning of life without disguising them around irony, and ask questions about what are our responsibilities to other people without having to couch it in irony. – John Green

Tell me about love when you’ve been with someone for years, cared for them when they’re ill, put up with them when they’re miserable or grumpy, taken the sharp side of their tongue and still come back. Tell me about love when you’ve acted quite appallingly, and the other person has still accepted you. – Mark Chadbourn

Tell me that the purpose of life is to have fun, and without a care in the world I’ll begin wreaking havoc on everything I pass. Now that’s what I call pure, honest fun. – Criss Jami

Testimony is a result of choice, not circumstance. In all seasons of my life, testimony has been a conscious choice – and this choice has given everything else in my life meaning. Building a testimony is the beginning of building a happy life. Testimony grows step by step as we invest the effort to exercise faith and hope as active parts of everyday living. Prayer is a major tool to help us gain faith and hope. – Elaine L. Jack

That one must either explain life to oneself so that it does not seem to be an evil mockery by some sort of devil, or one must shoot oneself. – Leo Tolstoy

That’s the whole meaning of life, isn’t it? Trying to find a place for your stuff. – George Carlin

That’s what life is for: warm friendships, memorable moments, and beautiful words. – Avijeet Das

Thats’s what life is for: dreaming and chasing that dream! – Avijeet Das

The alternative to pain may be worse. When you live with an open heart, you will inevitably get hurt. The alternative of living a life closed off from experience, however, is barren. Ironically, it also still involves suffering. In fearing pain, we already feel the pain from our fear. – Ann Brasco

The appreciation of the merits of art (of the emotions it conveys) depends upon an understanding of the meaning of life. – Leo Tolstoy

The art of existence is to find a sensation of spiritual expansion that makes you larger than existence itself. – Talismanist Giebra

The art of existence is to live your own myth.
To understand your own myth.
To expand your own myth. – Talismanist Giebra

The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing. – Marcus Aurelius

The artist is always searching for the meaning of life, his own and that of mankind, searching for truth. A system of uncertainty has entered our daily life. The pressures of mechanization and uniformity to which it is subject call for protest and the artist has only one means of expressing this, by music. – Bohuslav Martinu

The artist lives to have stories to tell and to learn to tell them well. – Criss Jami

The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence. – Woody Allen

The basis of your life is absolute freedom, the goal is joy, and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward, or growth. Your goal is to find objects of attention that let your cork raise. – Abraham Hicks

The beautiful in life…
Some talk of it in poetry,
Some grow it from the soil,
Some build it in a steeple,
Some show it through their toil.
Some breathe it into music,
Some mold it into art,
Some shape it into bread loaves…
Some hold it in their hearts. – Bernard Meltzer

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

The best thing in life make you sweaty. – Edgar Allan Poe

The Bible is the one supreme source of revelation of the meaning of life, the nature of God and spiritual nature and need of men. It is the only guide of life which really leads the spirit in the way of peace and salvation. – Woodrow Wilson

The biggest mistake you could ever make is being too afraid to make one. – Elbert Hubbard

The body’s uncomfortable emotions happen only to remind you that there’s a thought available for questioning. – Byron Katie.

The boy and girl going hand in hand through a meadow; the mother washing her baby; the sweet simple things in life. We have almost lost track of them. On the one side, we over-intellectualize everything; on the other hand, we are over-mechanized. We can understand the danger of the atomic bomb, but the danger of our misunderstanding the meaning of life is much more serious. – Edward Steichen

The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly. – Jim Rohn

The chances of finding out what’s really going on in the universe are so remote, the only thing to do is hang the sense of it and keep yourself occupied. – Douglas Adams

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever – Westminster Shorter Catechism

The choices we make determines our destiny. – Lailah Gifty Akita

The clear awareness of having been born into a losing struggle need not lead one into despair. I do not especially like the idea that one day I shall be tapped on the shoulder and informed, not that the party is over but that it is most assuredly going on—only henceforth in my absence. (It’s the second of those thoughts: the edition of the newspaper that will come out on the day after I have gone, that is the more distressing.) Much more horrible, though, would be the announcement that the party was continuing forever, and that I was forbidden to leave. Whether it was a hellishly bad party or a party that was perfectly heavenly in every respect, the moment that it became eternal and compulsory would be the precise moment that it began to pall. – Christopher Hitchens

The crucified Jesus became an agony for me. No, this cannot be my god, I said to myself every time I looked at the crucifix in the chapel. I wanted a god who would show me how to live in this world. Live, and not give up and die a miserable death on a cross. – Tomichan Matheikal

The deeper the experience of an absence of meaning – in other words, of absurdity – the more energetically meaning is sought. – Vaclav Havel

The deeper thought is, the taller it becomes. – Dejan Stojanovic

The doorway to health, higher intelligence and inexhaustible creativity lies in your willingness to live from Source. Risk being who you are meant to be; you are more compassionate, colorful, imaginative, visionary, more sensitive than you think. – Lynne Gordon-Mündel

The dream is over only when you have become complacent. – Lorin Morgan-Richards

The earth is not just for the clever and the strong. – Shūsaku Endō

The end is not the reward; the path you take, the emotions that course through you as you grasp life – that is the reward. – Jamie Magee

The end is the beginning
the beginning is the end
& we are all just fragments of a
dream. – Philip Elliott

The fact of your heart’s enfoldment in mine is evidence enough that there is, underneath it all, some hidden order to this world. – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live – moreover, the only one. – Emile M. Cioran

The Fates are here because of supernal anger, celestial imbalance, and arrogance of men and gods that must be curbed. – Janet Morris

The first beneficiary of compassion is always oneself. When compassion, or warmheartedness, arises in us and our focus shifts away from our own narrow self-interest, it is as if we open an inner door. It reduces fear, boosts confidence and brings us inner strength. By reducing distrust, it opens us to others and brings us a sense of connection to others, and sense of purpose and meaning in life. – Dalai Lama

The first thing to do in life is to do with purpose what one purposes to do. – Pablo Casals

The full meaning of life, the collective meaning of all human desires, is fundamentally a mystery beyond our grasp. As a young man, I chafed at this state of affairs. But by now I have made peace with it. I even feel a certain honor to be associated with such a mystery. – Eugene Wigner

The glory of victory softens our view of past frailties. – Marian Deegan

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. – Bertrand Russell

The gospel does not imply that Jesus has risen and nothing else matters, but rather Jesus has risen and now everything matters. We can now live above the line of despair because the gospel is true. – Dan DeWitt

The great and glorious masterpiece of humanity is to know how to live with a purpose. – Michel de Montaigne

The greatest create of power you have on earth, whether you are an angel, a spirit, a man or woman or child is to help others. – Anne Rice

The greatest create of power you have on earth, whether you are an angel, a spirit, a man or woman is to help others. – Anne Rice

The hand-plucked rose loses meaning as life is leached. Red love, once clutched to breast, putrefies and is thrown to the midden.
The hand leaked life as meaning was pucked. Putrefaction clutched love and was thrown to the midden. – Michael R. Fletcher

The happiest people on Earth are the ones who know love. – Wayne Gerard Trotman

The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion. – Terry Orlick

The human race is a monotonous affair. Most people spend the greatest part of their time working in order to live, and what little freedom remains so fills them with fear that they seek out any and every means to be rid of it. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The inspiration of a noble cause involving human interests wide and far, enables men to do things they did not dream themselves capable of before, and which they were not capable of alone.  The consciousness of belonging, vitally, to something beyond individuality; of being part of a personality that reaches we know not where, in space and time, greatens the heart to the limit of the souls ideal, and builds out the supreme character. – Joshua Chamberlain

The key to life is to become skillful enough to be able to do rewarding things. – Jim Rohn

The lack of meaning is the absence of value, significance and aim. – A.A. Alebraheem

The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become. – Anonymous

The life of a human has meaning only and only if that life comes to the aid of others. – Abhijit Naskar

The literal meaning of life is whatever you’re doing that prevents you from killing yourself. – Albert Camus

The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they don’t wish to see anyone else suffer the way they did. – Jellal Fernandes

The longer I go about living, I see it’s the relationship that is most meaningful. – William Shatner

The main facts in human life are five: birth, food, sleep, love and death. – M. Forster

The man who is born with a talent which he is meant to use finds his greatest happiness in using it. – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

The man who regards his own life and that of his fellow creatures as meaningless is not merely unfortunate but almost disqualified for life. – Albert Einstein

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. – Henry David Thoreau

The mind can ask all the questions on the meaning of life. But it cannot answer one of them, for the answers are beyond the mind. – Marianne Fredriksson

The modern meaning of life’s end-when does it end? How does it end? How should it end? What is the value of life? How do we measure it? – Don DeLillo

The modern world thinks of art as very important: something close to the meaning of life. – Alain de Botton

The moments spent with you make my life smile! – Avijeet Das

The moments you feel to give up your life can create the best moments to grasp fully the meaning of your life! – Mehmet Murat ildan

The Moral of life: is not to make lemonade, is not to bite through the hard times, Not to have loss.
For you will lose. Hard times do get the best of you. Life doesn’t always hand you lemons. Make the very best of what you have. there are times that you shall doubt yourself. instead reach for apples!
Make the best of yourself, Have pride in what you do. You start a Nobody achieve as much as you can and become the best you can. No one has heard of Franklin Stinnett but yet i still get up I try to put words of the wise into anyone i meet. – Franklin Stinnett

The more ready you are to give yourselves to God and to others, the more you will discover the authentic meaning of life. – Jason Evert

The more that a person immerses themselves into a body of work that calls upon them to draw their life sustaining sustenance from an internal well of compassion the closer a person comes to developing, maintaining, and displaying the wholesome glow radiating from a peaceful mind. – Kilroy J. Oldster

The more we live by our intellect, the less we understand the meaning of life. – Leo Tolstoy

The more we search for ourselves, the less likely we are to find ourselves; and the more we search for God, and to serve our fellow-men, the more profoundly will we become acquainted with ourselves, and the more inwardly assured. This is one of the great spiritual laws of life. – Shoghi Effendi

The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you. – Stephanie Perkins

The most beautiful feeling in the whole world: to know that someone cares for you. – Avijeet Das

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters. – Audrey Hepburn

The most important things are the hardest to say. – Stephen King

the most radical question which anyone can be asked is not how much their possessions cost, but whether they have found something of value – that is, something that makes living worthwhile. – Alister E. McGrath

The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent, but if we can come to terms with this indifference, then our existence as a species can have genuine meaning. However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light. – Stanley Kubrick

The Myth of Sisyphus makes us wonder if we too are like the ones who are so distracted making friends with important people, staying on top of the latest technology, getting good marks in school, and making lots of money, that we never pause to think:
    What are we actually living for?
Sisyphus ended up opening his heart to questions of meaning, value and purpose. He himself decided it was best to just make the most of his short time on earth, however meaningless it all may be. Through Sisyphus, Camus is telling us that life is a joke, and the courageous ones will accept that and have a laugh along the way. I know many movies released these days that operate under the same premise. – Jon Morrison

The Nigerian storyteller Ben Okri says that ‘In a fractured age, when cynicism is god, here is a possible heresy: we live by stories, we also live in them. One way or another we are living the stories planted in us early or along the way, or we are also living the stories we planted — knowingly or unknowingly — in ourselves. We live stories that either give our lives meaning or negate it with meaninglessness. If we change the stories we live by, quite possibly we change our lives.’ – Ben Okri

The object of life is not happiness, but to serve God or the Grail. All of the Grail quests are to serve God. If one understands this and drops his idiotic notion that the meaning of life is personal happiness, then one will find that elusive quality immediately at hand. – Robert A. Johnson

The Older you get the better you Know Yourself – Shashidhar sa

The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life. – Rabindranath Tagore

The only thing we take with us to Heaven when we leave this world is the relationships we developed while we are here. – Anonymous

The poem . . . is a little myth of man’s capacity of making life meaningful. And in the end, the poem is not a thing we see-it is, rather, a light by which we may see-and what we see is life. – Robert Penn Warren

“The point is, there is no point.” Philip spoke up surprisingly. “No one here gets out alive. And over a sufficient period of time, all choices tend to normalize on a curve of random distribution.”
“You mean if you wait long enough, nothing happens?” – Rosemary Edghill

The point of living, and of being an optimist, is to be foolish enough to believe the best is yet to come. – Peter Ustinov

The powerful questions of life produce a dynamic dualism, which interplay creates the operatic structure that we must operate. Can the flesh and spirit coexist? Can inner despair and renewed optimism reside under the same roof? Can we harness humankind’s wretchedness in order to broker its salvation? Should all people seek out perfection or work to accept their fallibility? Should I eschew pain or embrace suffering? Do I cave into the meaningless of my life or actively rebel against the patent absurdity of human existence? – Kilroy J. Oldster

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. – Henry David Thoreau

The problem for us is not are our desires satisfied or not. The problem is how do we know what we desire. – Slavoj Žižek

The problem with happiness is that it’s a difficult thing to detect. It’s discreet and serene by definition. Just when you think you’ve found it, it’s likely just a spark of euphoria, as quick and fleeting as fireworks. Human beings are therefore doomed to feeling happy without knowing it or experiencing brief and unstable glimmers of euphoria. There aren’t many people who have the tantric ability to fully experience happiness, detached from the bliss of euphoria. – Andre Averbug

The process of writing fiction is totally unconscious. It comes from what you are learning, as you live, from within. For me, all writing is a process of discovery. We are looking for the meaning of life. No matter where you are, there are conflicts and dramas everywhere. It is the process of what it means to be a human being; how you react and are reacted upon, these inward and outer pressures. If you are writing with a direct cause in mind, you are writing propaganda. It’s fatal for a fiction writer. – Nadine Gordimer

The question is not to know what is the meaning of life, but what meaning I can give to my life. – Dalai Lama

The question itself [of UFOs] I think is legitimate. It’s interesting, it’s fascinating. It’s mythic in scale and one of the grand questions. It’s like the God question or, you know, the meaning-of-life question. It’s one of those, on that scale. So you’d have to be made of wood not to be interested and, you know, have they come here? Are they up there? – Michael Shermer

The radical tension between good and evil, as man sees it and feels it, does not have the last word about the meaning of life and the nature of existence. There is a spirit in man and in the world working always against the thing that destroys and lays waste. – Howard Thurman

The radically phenomenal thing about the truth is once you find it, you can dig and dig and you’re just going to reveal more and more. There is no end when one starts digging in the direction of the truth. It’s the ultimate life adventure. – Renee Chae

The real being, with no status, is always going in and out through the doors of your face. – Linji Yixuan

The real failure is to rob this world of the contribution only you can make, and to fail to make work that truly gives you that ‘this is what I was created to do’ feeling that has no equal. – David duChemin

The reason many people suffer is not that life is too tough; it’s that they haven’t found something worth living for. – Alexander Den Heijer

The Russian yearning for the meaning of life is the major theme of our literature, and this is the real point of our intelligentsia’s existence. – Nikolai Berdyaev

The satisfaction? The joy? That comes from solving problems and making things. – Hank Green

The scientist does not study nature because it is useful to do so. He studies it because he takes pleasure in it, and he takes pleasure in it because it is beautiful. If nature were not beautiful it would not be worth knowing, and life would not be worth living. I am not speaking, of course, of the beauty which strikes the senses, of the beauty of qualities and appearances. I am far from despising this, but it has nothing to do with science. What I mean is that more intimate beauty which comes from the harmonious order of its parts, and which a pure intelligence can grasp. – Henri Poincaré

The search for God is a reversal of the normal, mundane worldly order. In search for God, you revert from what attracts you and swim toward that which is difficult. You abandon your comforting and familiar habits with the hope (the mere hope!) that something greater will be offered you in return for what you have given up.. if we truly knew all the answers in advance as to the meaning of life and the nature of God and the destiny of our souls, our belief would not be a leap of faith and it would not be a courageous act of humanity; it would just be.. a prudent insurance policy. – Elizabeth Gilbert

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain

The secret to happiness is to never expect anything from anyone, then you will never be disappointed. – #IamOneMind

The secret to life is meaningless unless you discover it yourself. – W. Somerset Maugham

The selfless giving, the service, the kindness which you give out into this world that is the currency of (the) meaning (of life). – Ajahn Brahm

The single most important human insight to be gained from this way of comparing societies is perhaps the realization that everything could have been different in our own society – that the way we live is only one among innumerable ways of life which humans have adopted. If we glance sideways and backwards, we will quickly discover that modern society, with its many possibilities and seducing offers, its dizzying complexity and its impressive technological advances, is a way of life which has not been tried out for long. Perhaps, psychologically speaking, we have just left the cave: in terms of the history of our species, we have but spent a moment in modern societies. (..) Anthropology may not provide the answer to the question of the meaning of life, but at least it can tell us that there are many ways in which to make a life meaningful. – Thomas Hylland Eriksen

The so called beautiful people, especially the ones who are obsessed with their looks, bore me. They just have this superficiality in all things that they do or want to accomplice in life. It is like they want to look ‘beautiful’ all the time but not ‘be beautiful’ from within. I like depth. People who go deep into the way of things and the meaning of life. People who may not look beautiful but are truly beautiful! – Avijeet Das

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity – Leo Tolstoy

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity by contributing to the establishment of the kingdom of God, which can only be done by the recognition and profession of the truth by every man. – Leo Tolstoy

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. – Leo Tolstoy

The soul needs meaning as much as the body needs food. – Richard Rohr

The span of a man’s life – that is nothing. But what a man makes of that span – that is something. A man must make his own meaning for life. Meaning is not automatically given to life. – Chaim Potok

The spirit is the true self. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

The struggle to exist, to not disappear in this moment, is the advancing root of the struggle to exist throughout the whole passage of time. We need to help each other in this struggle. You by asking, I by struggling to respond. This is the law of love, which rules the universe. – Jacob Needleman

The surest way to achieve happiness is to lead a meaningful life. – Avijeet Das

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. – Nelson Henderson”The meaning of life is to adventurously discover our gift. The purpose of life is joyfully share our gift with the world. – Robert John Cook

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. – Nelson Henderson

The truth is that there are no good men, or bad men,’ he said. ‘It is the deeds that have goodness or badness in them. There are good deeds, and bad deeds. Men are just men – it is what they do, or refuse to do, that links them to good and evil. The truth is that an instant of real love, in the heart of anyone – the noblest man alive or the most wicked – has the whole purpose and process and meaning of life within the lotus-folds of its passion. The truth is that we are all, every one of us, every atom, every galaxy, and every particle of matter in the universe, moving toward God. – Gregory David Roberts

The truth is we’re all dying, the lie is we’re all living. – Anthony Liccione

The truth is, if what we choose to do with our lives won’t make a story meaningful, it won’t make a life meaningful either. – Donald Miller

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. – Mark Twain

The ultimate aim of the human mind, in all its efforts, is to become acquainted with Truth. – Eliza Farnham

The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is…42! – Douglas Adams

The ultimate foundation of spirituality is the recognition that there can’t be such a thing as a purposeful life in a purposeless universe. – Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Nothing worthwhile is easy. Your ability to overcome unfavorable situations will provide you with time to demonstrate your true strength and determination for success. Always set your standards high, your greatest achievements lie within the infinite feats you achieve in your life. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

The ultimate reason for meditating is to transform ourselves in order to be better able to transform the world or, to put it another way, to transform ourselves so we can become better human beings in order to serve others in a wiser and more efficient way. It gives your life the noblest possible meaning. – Matthieu Ricard

The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates

The vocation of humanity is to show forth the image of God and to be transformed into the image of the Father’s only Son. This vocation takes a personal form since each of us is called to enter into the divine beatitude; it also concerns the human community as a whole. – Catholic Church, Catechism of the Catholic Church

The way to recover the meaning of life and the worthwhileness of life is to recover the power of experience, to have impulse voices from within, and to be able to hear these impulse voices from within — and make the point: This can be done. – Abraham Maslow

The weal of the race, and the cause of humanity, here and now, are enough To give life meaning and death as well. – Edgar Lee Masters

The whole of life is just like watching a film. Only it’s as though you always get in ten minutes after the big picture has started, and no-one will tell you the plot, so you have to work it out all yourself from the clues. – Terry Pratchett

The will to matter is at least as important as the will to believe. – Rebecca Goldstein

‘The Wizard of Oz’ is my favourite. It explains what life on this planet is about. Although Dorothy reaches Oz, she finds she had what she needed to go back to Kansas all along, but the Good Witch tells her that she had to learn it for herself. All of the answers to the meaning of life are there. – RuPaul

The wonderful things in life are the things you do, not the things you have. – Reinhold Messner

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. – Albert Einstein

The world is round. It has no point. – A. Gusoff

There are essentially two questions in life – a spiritual question and a material question. The spiritual question is ‘Who am I?’ The material question is ‘What am I to do with my life?’ One leads to the other. – Rasheed Ogunlaru

There are many ways to find meaning in life, one of them is the love of art – Ndiritu Wahome

There are no “facts”- there is only the fact that man, every man everywhere in the world, is on his way to ordination. Some men take the long route and some take the short route. Every man is working out his own way and nobody can be of help except by being kind, generous, and patient. – Henry Miller

There are powers far beyond us, plans far beyond what we could have ever thought of, visions far more vast than what we can ever see on our own with our own eyes, there are horizons long gone beyond our own horizons. This is courage- to throw away what is our own that is limited and to thrust ourselves into the hands of these higher powers- God and Destiny.To do this is to abide in the realm of the eternal, to walk in the path of the everlasting to follow in the footprints of God and demi-gods. The hardest part for man is the letting go. For some reason, he thinks himself big enough to know and to see what’s good for him. But in the letting go…… found freedom. In the letting go…….. is found the flight! – C. JoyBell C.

“There are five people you meet in heaven,” the Blue Man suddenly said. “Each of us was in your life for a reason. You may not have known the reason at the time, and that is what heaven is for. For understanding your life on earth.”
People think of heaven as a paradise garden, a place where they can float on clouds and laze in rivers and mountains. But scenery without solace is meaningless.”
This is the greatest gift God can give you: to understand what happened in your life. To have it explained. It is the peace you have been searching for. – Mitch Albom

There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why. – William Barclay

There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love. – Martin Luther King Jr.

There is a beautiful expression of this in the Chandogya Upanishad: ‘There is this City of Brahman, (that is the body), and in this city there is a shrine, and in that shrine there is a small lotus, and in that lotus there is a small space, (akasa). Now what exists within that small space, that is to be sought, that is to be understood.’ This is the great discovery of the Upanishads, this inner shrine, this guha, or cave of the heart, where the inner meaning of life, of all human existence, is to be found. – Bede Griffiths

There is a coherent plan to the universe, though I don’t know what it’s a plan for. – Fred Hoyle

There is a greater gift than the trust of others. That is to trust in oneself. Some might call it confidence, others name it faith. But if it makes us brave, the label doesn’t matter… for it’s the thing that frees us, to embrace life itself. – Jennifer Worth

There is a marvelous story of a man who once stood before God, his heart breaking from the pain and injustice in the world. “Dear God.” he cried out, “look at all the suffering, the anguish and distress in your world. Why don’t you send help?” God responded,”I did send help. I sent you.” When we tell our children that story, we must tell them that each one of them was sent to help repair the broken world-and that it is not the task of an instant or of a year, but of a lifetime. – David Wolpe

There is a meaning of life but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. – Brian Spellman

There is a reason why we met. We don’t meet anyone by chance! – Avijeet Das

There is a strange pull you feel from the one who is seeking you. Allow yourself to seek what is seeking you! – Avijeet Das

There is no meaning if meaning is not shared, and not because there would be an ultimate or first signification that all beings have in common, but because meaning is itself the sharing of Being. – Jean-Luc Nancy

There is no meaning to life except the meaning man gives his life by the unfolding of his powers. – Erich Fromm

There is no use in one person attempting to tell another what the meaning of life is. It involves too intimate an awareness. A major part of the meaning of life is contained in the very discovering of it. It is an ongoing experience of growth that involves a deepening contact with reality. To speak as though it were an objective knowledge, like the date of the war of 1812, misses the point altogether. The meaning of life is indeed objective when it is reached, but the way to it is by a path of subjectivities. . . . The meaning of life cannot be told; it has to happen to a person. – Ira Progoff

There is not one big cosmic meaning for all; there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person. – Anais Nin

There is nothing else to life. To have a passion and die for it! – Avijeet Das

There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner: that, in the dinner, the sweets come last. – Robert Louis Stevenson

There is only one meaning of life: the act of living itself. – Erich Fromm

There is something infantile in the presumption that somebody else has a responsibility to give your life meaning and point… The truly adult view, by contrast, is that our life is as meaningful, as full and as wonderful as we choose to make it. – Richard Dawkins

There is wisdom in waves. Some surfers see it right away, others never do. To find success in surfing, we must learn to be in harmony with nature. This will bring a sense of peace. By sharing this peace, and contributing to other people’s happiness, we can find the true meaning of life. Keep surfing . . . – Gerry Lopez

There may be no single thing more important in our efforts to achieve meaningful work and fulfilling relationships than to learn to practice the art of communication. – Max De Pree

There seems to be a formula for life, formula devised and perfected over centuries of labour by many anonymous brains. Like all formulas this formula provided a solution too, solutions for real-world problems.
Birth→education→work→earn→marry→reproduce→indoctrinate your child with same formula→die = survival – J. Yuvanesh

There will be times in your life when you have to choose between being loved and being respected. Always pick being respected. That love without respect was always fleeting. But that respect could grow into real, lasting love. – Unknown

There’s surprising relief and regeneration in finding ourselves within a moment of genuine grace, however small or temporary it may be. – Darrell Calkins

There’s a way and a place for everyone to contribute to the greater good. Stop going no where fast and go “your where”. – Diana Dentinger

There’s been rumors of war and wars that have been The meaning of life has been lost in the wind And some people thinkin’ that the end is close by ‘Stead of learnin’ to live they are learnin’ to die. – Bob Dylan

There’s no sense forcing yourself if you don’t feel like it. Tell you the truth, I’ve had sex with lots of guys, but I think I did it mostly out of fear. I was scared not to have somebody putting his arms around me, so I could never say no. That’s all. Nothing good ever came of sex like that. All it does is grind down the meaning of life a piece at a time. – Haruki Murakami

These tasks, and therefore the meaning of life, differ from man to man, and from moment to moment. Thus it is impossible to define the meaning in life in a general way. – Viktor E. Frankl

They say: before you start a war you better know what you’re fighting for. – The Cab

They’re basically moments in which you’re in touch with the meaning of life, when your relationship to the rest of the universe makes sense. – Barbara De Angelis

Things are the way they are in our universe because if they weren’t, we wouldn’t be here to notice. – Brian Greene

Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody. – Stephen Chbosky

Things don’t have significance: they only have existence.
Things are the only hidden meaning of things. – Alberto Caeiro

Think “Energy” before opening your mouth. Send out good vibes in every word you pronounce. – Diana Dentinger

Think about it. Before the creation of the world, before anything or anyone existed, there was a living, loving God. There is not chaos at the centre. There is a Father.
The emptiness our earthly fathers have left in us should not be a deterrent from God but rather an invitation to have our needs fulfilled by him in the deepest part of our being. – Jon Morrison

This experience called life is Love experiencing itself. Many people ask me what the point of life is but they have it backward. You see, ‘Life itself is the Point of Love’, not the other way around. This experience we call Life is none other than Love experiencing itself. This is who we are. We are Love itself. Let’s realize how lucky we are. We are not only Love ourselves, but we can experience Life itself. See all Life as a gift of Love and treat it as such. For all of it is. – Wald Wassermann

This is closer to reality, but not exactly so. In the Earth incarnation we have lost sight of whom and what we are. We have got so entangled in the game that we have forgotten where we came from and have started associating our sense of self with the personality. In humanity we have become defined by our physical selves, our bodies, our minds, our emotions. We think we are our thoughts. We do not remember…we do not remember that from the oneness we created this planet and the planes. We are the creators, and our mission is to detach from all the chains we imposed upon ourselves and create a bridge to the infinite self. Journey back to where we started. – Ana Rangel Gerry O’Malley

This is everybody’s journey: to be experienced and witnessed within the confines of this frailty, which is our human body that moves towards its inevitable end. The only way to strengthen this frailty is to know exactly who you are and do exactly what you know you need to do. To claim your power this way is the only worthwhile journey to be undertaken as a human being. – Lujan Matus

This is it. There are no hidden meanings. All that mystical stuff is just what’s so. – Werner Erhard

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. – Dalai Lama

This is not a universe that is advancing toward a goal; it is one that is caught in the grip of an unbreakable pattern. – Sean Carroll

This life has no worth. Its net value is zero. This may appear nihilistic or blasphemous. But if truth is a blasphemy then so be it. For what value can a dream have? And life is a fleeting, ungraspable dream. It is a brief interlude between the two eternities of nothingness. – The Ancient Sage

This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can’t see how deep it is. – Dennis Rodman

This life is worth living, we can say, since it is what we make it. – William James

This rock has seen billions of years of living organisms and will see many more once we die and turn to dirt. Our life is but one tiny, brief, insignificant piece of this vast universe. So, why, the nihilist argues, do people really think that it is important to be a good person”, get good grades, or get a good job? What difference could that possibly make to anything?
Nihilism is an honest evaluation of what a universe without God would look like. Nietzsche was right about that. Where he went wrong was in thinking this was true of the actual universe. – Jon Morrison

This was what men fought for, what men died for: a chance at life, and to fight on other days – the battle of your choice, of the body, or the heart, or the soul. – Janet Morris

Those of us who did make it have an obligation to build again. To teach to others what we know, and to try with what’s left of our lives to find a goodness and a meaning to this life. – Charlie Sheen

Those that can be troubled to muse upon the meaning of life are generally disappointed when they figure it out. – Jasper Fforde

Those who do not care, escape the anguish of mourning but never know the delights of love. The meaning of life forever eludes them. – Wayne Gerard Trotman

Those who have a voice must speak for those who are voiceless. – Oscar Romero

Those who love and those who wander are not lost! – Avijeet Das

Those who talk on the razor-edge of double-meanings pluck the rarest blooms from the precipice on either side. – Logan Pearsall Smith

Through hard work, perseverance and a faith in god you can live your dreams. – Ben Carson

Throughout the entire history of philosophy, philosophers have sought to discover what man is – or what human nature is. But Sartre believed that man has no such eternal nature to fall back on. It is therefore useless to search for the meaning of life in general. We are condemned to improvise. We are like actors dragged onto the stage without having learned our lines, with no script and no prompter to whisper stage directions to us. We must decide for ourselves how to live. – Jostein Gaarder

Throughout the life cycle we consciously and unconsciously edit the events of our life, trying to give them meaning. – Joan Z. Borysenko

Time may be defined as ” dimension governed by activity.” Dimension diminishes with inactivity so does the value of time. – Moutasem Algharati

To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible. – Anonymous

To be kind is to be alive. – Abhijit Naskar

To be or not to be?’ That is not the question. What is the question? The question is not one of being, but of becoming. ‘To become more or not to become more’ This is the question faced by each intelligence in our universe. – Truman G. Madsen

To be strong is to understand weakness. To be weak is to have fears. To have fears is to have something precious to you. To have something precious to you is to be strong. – Tablo

To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life. – Robert Louis Stevenson

To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth living. – Alvin Ailey

To believe in a God means to understand the question about the meaning of life. To believe in a God means to see that the facts of the world are not the end of the matter. To believe in God means to see that life has a meaning. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

To believe in immorality is one thing, but it is first needful to believe in life. – Robert Louis Stevenson

To create satisfaction for ourselves and other people. – Albert Einstein

To do two things at once is to do neither. – Publilius Syrus

To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose;
a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
A time to rend, and a time to sew;
a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate;
A time of war, and a time of peace. – Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, The Bible

To freely bloom – that is my definition of success. – Gerry Spence

To get rid of heart pain, the worst kind of suffery in ones life that never stops tracing and slowly pushes liveliness down, you either face the cruel truth, lose everything and start again broken or abandon your single god-given chance and die. – Glotnutis

To give life a meaning, one must have a purpose larger than self. – Will Durant

To go on vegetating in cowardly dependence on physicians and machinations, after the meaning of life, the right to life, has been lost, that ought to prompt a profound contempt in society. – Friedrich Nietzsche

To lift Him up, to preach His name, and to invite souls to love Him and to follow Him is the highest, heavenliest privilege of human life. – A. Criswell

To live is like to love – all reason is against it, and all healthy instinct for it. – Samuel Butler

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else. – Emily Dickinson

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist. – Oscar Wilde

To live is to experience things, not sit around pondering the meaning of life. – Paulo Coelho

To live is to play at the meaning of life…The upshot of this . . . is that it teaches us once and for all that childlike foolishness is the calling of mature men. – Ernest Becker

To love is to finally live. – Kamand Kojouri

To me, the meaning of life is to be happy, it’s to achieve happiness right now. It’s to make sure your happy in the future and that generally when you look back on your life you’re like; yes, that was satisfactory. And if some people on youtube try to have a message to give people, I guess that mine is; Do whatever you have to do to be happy. – Dan Howell

To sit and contemplate – to remember the faces of women without desire, to be pleased by the great deeds of men without envy, to be everything and everywhere in sympathy and yet content to remain where and what you are. – Virginia Woolf

To so enter into it in nature and art that the enjoyed meanings of life may become a part of living is the attitude of aesthetic appreciation. – George H. Mead

To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funnybone. – Reba McEntire

To the believer Marxism presents, first, a system of ultimate ends that embody the meaning of life and are absolute standards by which to judge events and actions. – Joseph A. Schumpeter

To the contrary: His life hummed with meaning and purpose. But the meaning he wrestled from existence lay beyond the comfortable path: McCandless distrusted the value of things than came easily. – Jon Krakauer

To the loyal and to the blood-lovers, in the good families and in the fiery dynasties, life is family and family is life. It is the same people who give advice and their vices to live well who turn out to be the ones who give resource and reason to live long. – Criss Jami

To think what is true, to sense what is beautiful and to want what is good, hereby the spirit finds purpose of a life in reason. – Johann Gottfried Herder

To travel is to be alive, but to get somewhere is to be dead. – Alan Wilson Watts

Today we live in a world that judges its achievements by speed and busyness. … We are so busy making things happen that we have little time left to think about the value of what is happening. We urgently need people who concentrate on the meaning of life rather than simply the speed. – Joan D. Chittister

Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky. – Sonia Gandhi

Tolstoy has given the simplest answer, with the words: ‘Science is meaningless because it gives no answer to our question, the only question important for us: “What shall we do and how shall we live?”‘ That science does not give an answer to this is indisputable. The only question that remains is the sense in which science gives ‘no’ answer, and whether or not science might yet be of use to the one who puts the question correctly. – Max Weber

Toward the end of his book, Miller explains his need to unite science and religion: science does not explain the meaning and purpose of life. That may be, but why should we assume religion explains such things any better? Just because religion attempts to answer such questions does not mean its answers are correct. And such answers never seem to achieve any consensus. What is the meaning of life? Your answer is as good as mine–or just as bad. – G.M. Jackson

Travel compels you to discover your spiritual side by elimination: Without all the rituals, routines and possessions that give your life meaning at home, you’re forced to look for meaning within yourself Indeed, if travel is a process that helps you ‘find yourself’, it’s because it leaves you with nothing to hide behind – it yanks you out from the realm of rehearsed responses and dull comforts, and forces you into the present. Here, in the fleeting moment, you are left to improvise, to come to terms with your raw, true self. – Rolf Potts

Treasures are hidden and hard to find but if we could find a real treasure, it will shine our lives. In the similar way ultimate reality is hidden and hard to find but if we could find it, it will shine our lives. – G.W. Muditha Champika

Treat destiny as the brainchild of passage. – Andy Harglesis

True glory consists in doing what deserves to be written, in writing what deserves to be read, and in so living as to make the world happier and better for our living in it. – Pliny the Elder

True happiness is not achieved when you have a perfect life. It is achieved when you are happy with the imperfections. – Avijeet Das

Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with the people the same happiness. – Khalil Gibran

Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders than the arguments of its opposers. – William Penn

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. – Albert Einstein

Try to be a true friend of your fiancee or wife If you get married to your loved one and desire a long term faithful relationship, then imagine your wife as your best friend and give enough space to her to develop trust and faith in you. Whenever you bring up the so spouse’s commitment things to your relationships it becomes fragile. Try to think how come people remain friends till the end of their life and why there is breakup even within a few weeks of marriage. – Anonymous

Two most pursuable things in life beyond happiness are beauty and virtue. – Bongha Lee

Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost

Two things can make life meaningful: books and love. …I already have books. Now I am setting off in search of love. – Joel Dicker

Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather he must recognize that it is he who is asked. – Viktor E. Frankl

Until recently, I thought it was death that gave meaning to life–that having an endpoint is what spurred us on to embrace life while we had it. But I was wrong. It isn’t death that gives meaning to life. Life gives meaning to life. The answer to the meaning of life is hidden right there inside the question.
What matters is holding tight to that string, and not letting anyone tell us our goals aren’t big enough or our interests are silly. But the voices of others aren’t the only ones we need to worry about. We tend to be our own worst critics. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: ‘Most of the shadows in this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.’ … Wisdom is found in the least expected places. Always keep your eyes open. Don’t block your own sunshine. Be filled with wonder. – Wendy Mass

Until we see love as the meaning of life, life seems to have no meaning at all. The sense of meaninglessness produces chaos, and the chaos produces fear. There is only one way out of this, and that is to see every moment and every situation as an invitation to love. – Marianne Williamson

Use those talents you have. You will make it. You will give joy to the world. Take this tip from nature: The woods would be a very silent place if no birds sang except those who sang best. – Bernard Meltzer

Use your time wisely, so that when you look back towards the end of your days you will smile at a life well-lived. Let not your song remain unsung. Do not hold back from sharing your love with the world for fear of lack or thought of a rainy day. If Love calls you, answer. – Peter M Parr

Vice, virtue – it’s best not to be too moral. You’ll cheat yourself out of too much life. – Ruth Gordon

Violence maims not only the body but also the mind and spirit. As Pierre Bourdieu has argued, it lies “on the side of belief and persuasion.” If we are to counter violence by offering young people ways to think differently about their world and the choices before them, they must be empowered to recognize themselves in any analysis of violence, and in doing so to acknowledge that it speaks to their lives meaningfully. – Henry Giroux

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness. – Brené Brown

Wake up and create a purpose for yourself. Don’t ask the meaning of life, ask yourself the meaning of each given day. – Austin Carlile

We all come equipped with a low frequency signal that is being emitted from the recesses of our soul. It is something deep, something primal, something innate and intense and profound. It gnaws at us and calls us to live our lost lines. – Raj Pillai

We all have a passion in life be it writing, singing, dancing, painting, traveling, acting, cooking, modelling, helping the needy, taking photographs, or playing sports; we must always love our passion and make it our sole purpose in life! – Avijeet Das

We all have ability. The difference is how we use it. – Stevie Wonder

We all have cracks and tears and shattered glass within our souls. Some have more than others. We do not wish to seek one who has none; but we wish to find the one who can say “look at me, look at this.” We wish to find the one who sees every bit of broken glass and who will put those pieces into the palms of our hands and say “please keep them.” And we wish to be that kind of person, too. This is how it should be. – C. JoyBell C.

We all have gifts and talents. When we cultivate those gifts and share them with the world, we create a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. Squandering our gifts brings distress to our lives. As it turns out, it’s not merely benign or too bad” if we don’t use the gifts that we’ve been given; we pay for it with our emotional and physical well-being. When we don’t use our talents to cultivate meaningful work, we struggle. We feel disconnected and weighed down by feelings of emptiness, frustration, resentment, shame, disappointment, fear, and even grief. – Brené Brown

We all see the same thing, but interpretive it differently. – Sukant Ratnakar

We are all alone. Deep inside. – Suyasha Subedi

We are all travelers crossing from this bank to that bank, from this world to nirvana. But the waters are rough. We must rely on something in order to make it over. That something could be the art or literature that you aspire to create. You will think that the thing you choose will serve as your boat or raft to carry you to that other bank. But if you think deeply about it, you may find that it does not carry you but rather you carry it. Perhaps only the student who truly savors this paradox will make it safely across. Literature and art are not simply what will carry you; they are also what you must lay down your life for, what you must labor over and shoulder for the rest of your life. – Kyung-Sook Shin

We are always seeking it, never finding it. – M..

We are born and we die; and between these two most important events in our lives more or less time elapses which we have to waste somehow or other. In the end it does not seem to matter much whether we have done so in making money, or practicing law, or reading or playing, or in any other way, as long as we felt we were deriving a maximum of happiness out of our doings. – Clarence Darrow

We are born in order to see and listen to the world. – Durian Sukegawa

We are born to love, we live to love, and we will die to love still more. – Saint Joseph

We are here because over billions of years, countless variables fell into place, any of which could have taken another path. We are essentially a beautiful fluke, as are the millions of other species with which we share this planet. Our cells are composed of atoms and dust particles from distant galaxies, and from the billions of living organisms that inhabited this planet before us. – Wendy Mass

We are here for no purpose, unless we can invent one. – Kurt Vonnegut

We are here to abet creation and to witness to it, to notice each other’s beautiful face and complex nature so that creation need not play to an empty house. – Annie Dillard

We are likely to feel better when we go to bed tonight if we have an internal sense that we spent our lives meaningfully today. – Marianne Williamson

We are most ourselves, the most human, when we unabashedly immerse ourselves in the world with love and hope, gratitude and kindness. – John Sean Doyle

We are not defined by the things we accumulate, but by the memories we impart. – Philip Olivier

We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself. – Brian Cox

We are trying so hard to add a meaning to this meaningless world! And at the end what do we get? We get a funny meaningless world! – Mehmet Murat ildan

We are visitors on this planet. We are here for one hundred years at the very most. During that period we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives. if you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true meaning of life. – Dalai Lama

We Born, Get Education, Get Jobs, Earn, Spend, Save And Eventually Die. That Can’t Be Right. There Must Be Something Important We’re Missing. We’re Too Busy Following That Same Circle That We Forget Our Main Purpose of Life, To Know Ourselves…. – Muhammad Imran Hasan

We can think so much about life and take ourselves so seriously; I mean, I like to tell people, ‘Don’t take life too seriously’ because you’ll cloud the experience. That’s what the meaning of life is to me – being able to enjoy the moment. – Janine Shepherd

We cannot blame the ONE for our fate , because in some way we are responsible for our own fate or maybe we just failed to adapt the way we have been gifted with life. – Anonymous

We cannot measure a person’s value to the human race by tabulating the size of his estate. We must judge each person by his or her final contribution to humanity and nature. – Kilroy J. Oldster

We come from an inconceivable nothingness. We stay a while in something which seems equally inconceivable, only to vanish again into the inconceivable nothingness. – Peter Wessel Zapffe

We could speak about the meaning of life vis-a-vis non-consequential/deontological theories, apodictic transformation schemata, the incoherence of exemplification, metaphysical realism, Cartesian interactive dualism, revised non reductive dualism, postmodernist grammatology and dicey dichotomies. But we would still be left with Nietzsche’s preposterous mustache which instills great anguish and skepticism in the brain, which leads (as it did in his case) to utter madness. I suggest we go to Paris instead. – Maira Kalman

We cradle in our nucleus emotional ingots gathered through studied immersion of the incongruities of life. In an elusive quest to disinter meaning out of life, we must cull joy from our daily rituals while conscientiously striving to nourish the nucleus of our buried innate essence. By discovering inner peace blossoming amongst the rubble of daily life, while determinedly searching out the cytoplasm our innate essence, a person’s reveals their inspirational tranquility. – Kilroy J. Oldster

We create a meaningful life by what we accept as true and by what we create in the pursuit of truth, love, beauty, and adoration of nature. – Kilroy J. Oldster

We decided that it was no good asking what is the meaning of life, because life isn’t an answer, life is the question, and you, yourself, are the answer. – Ursula K. Le Guin

We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives. – Toni Morrison

We don’t know what others will speak next.
This mystery keeps every relationship fresh and alive.
So be yourself as one is always mysterious. – Suyasha Subedi

We don’t know where we come from and where we go, we fill the missing links with whatever our imaginations can provide us – Bangambiki Habyarimana

We experience this beautiful journey that we call ‘life’. It does not matter how much money or power we achieve in this journey. But what really matters is how well we lived and inspired others in this journey of life. – Avijeet Das

We get to CHOOSE the meaning for our lives. Our lives mean exactly what we say they do – no more, no less. Each of us chooses their path in life. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

We had the experience but missed the meaning,
an approach to the meaning restores the experience – T. S. Elliot

We have at our fingertips, access to so much meaning and promise, if we would only let ourselves see. – John Sean Doyle

We have now become so fragile that anything and anyone can disturb our mental peace. A huge part of our life gets lost in chasing useless objects and fighting pointless battles. It’s time to slow down and reflect. – Pulkit Sharma

We make art so that we can feel life. We do science to understand it. – Preeti Bhonsle

We meet so many people in life, but we connect to the heart of very few! – Avijeet Das

We modern human beings are looking at life, trying to make some sense of it; observing a ‘reality’ that often seems to be unfolding in a foreign tongue–only we’ve all been issued the wrong librettos. For a text, we’re given the Bible. Or the Talmud or the Koran. We’re given Time magazine, and Reader’s Digest, daily papers, and the six o’clock news; we’re given schoolbooks, sitcoms, and revisionist histories; we’re given psychological counseling, cults, workshops, advertisements, sales pitches, and authoritative pronouncements by pundits, sold-out scientists, political activists, and heads of state. Unfortunately, none of these translations bears more than a faint resemblance to what is transpiring in the true theater of existence, and most of them are dangerously misleading. We’re attempting to comprehend the spiraling intricacies of a magnificently complex tragicomedy with librettos that describe the barrom melodramas or kindergarten skits. And when’s the last time you heard anybody bitch about it to the management? – Tom Robbins

We need family to survive life! – Avijeet Das

We need not only a purpose in life to give meaning to our existence but also something to give meaning to our suffering. We need as much something to suffer for as something to live for. – Eric Hoffer

We need to practice mindfulness daily in order to fulfill our aspiration. We need to patiently pursue our aspiration, but we don’t lose the present moment, we enjoy the present moment and we use it to realize our deepest desire – Thich Nhat Hanh

We needed to stop asking about the meaning of life. – Viktor E. Frankl

We never ask the meaning of life when we are in love. – Rajneesh

We no longer get work out of our children; today we get meaning. – Esther Perel

We often forget how thirsty we are because we believe we will fulfill our dreams. – Timothy Keller

We seek to glean physical, emotional, and spiritual sustenance from our daily chores. – Kilroy J. Oldster

We should give meaning to life, not wait for life gives us meaning. – Stacy

We Sioux spend a lot of time thinking about everyday things which in our minds are mixed up with the spiritual. We see in the world around us many symbols that teach us the meaning of life. We have a saying that the white man sees so little, he must see with only one eye. We see a lot that you no longer notice. You could notice if you wanted to, but you are usually too busy. We Indians live in a world of symbols and images where the spiritual and commonplace are one…We try to understand them not with the head but with the heart. – John Fire Lame Deer

We think we can make honey without sharing in the fate of bees, but we are in truth nothing but poor bees, destined to accomplish our task and then die. – Muriel Barbery

We understand the words immediately but we don’t understand the meaning even later – Dr.P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

We will be able to depart this life with the quiet peace-giving notion, that we were permitted to contribute to the happiness of many who will live after us. In our long lives we endeavored to unfold the collective consciousness. In our lives we have known hell and heaven; the final balance, however, is that we helped pave the way to dynamic harmony in this earthly house. That, I believe, is the meaning of life. – R.W. van Bemmelen

We will die here and trust the meaning of our lives to the next generation.. That is the sole way we can rebel against this cruel world ! – Hajime Isayama

We won’t seek the meaning of life, unless we see how death makes life meaningless. – Fereshteh Molavi

We, animal and human, come to this time and space to have an experience embedded with our own divine purpose. – Amy Miller

We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing. – Charles Bukowski

We’re all just waiting for our moment to redeem ourselves. – Philip Elliott

We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark. – Whoopi Goldberg

We’re on this planet for too short a time. And at the end of the day, what’s more important? Knowing that a few meaningless figures balanced—or knowing that you were the person you wanted to be? – Sophie Kinsella

Well, if you believe in the romantic story, but you are not in love, you at least know what the aim of your life is: to find true love. You have seen it in countless movies and read about it in innumerable books. You know that one day you will meet that special someone, you will see infinity inside two sparkling eyes, your entire life will suddenly make sense, and all the questions you ever had will be answered by repeating one name over and over again, just like Tony in West Side Story or Romeo upon seeing Juliet looking down at him from the balcony. – Yuval Noah Harari

Well, to find, not the meaning of life because I believe in mysteries, I believe that there is a mystery that goes far beyond our understanding. – Paulo Coelho

We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark. – Whoopi Goldberg

We’ve digressed from the true meaning of life. We have replaced the Creator with money and claim Him in the name of war. We have dishonored our children. – Lauren Jauregui

What better way to oppose the monopolisation of truth and meaning than to go in search of their foundations within one’s own psyche? – Daniel Waterman

What do I know about God and the purpose of life? I know that this world exists. That I am placed in it like my eye in its visual field. That something about it is problematic, which we call its meaning. This meaning does not lie in it but outside of it. That life is the world. That my will penetrates the world. That my will is good or evil. Therefore that good and evil are somehow connected with the meaning of the world. The meaning of life, i.e. the meaning of the world, we can call God. And connect with this the comparison of God to a father. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

What else is life from the time you were born but a struggle to matter, at least to someone? – Elliot Perlman

What gives life meaning is a form of rebellion, rebellion against reason, an insistence on believing passionately what we cannot believe rationally. The meaning of life is to be found in passion—romantic passion, religious passion, passion for work and for play, passionate commitments in the face of what reason knows to be meaningless. – Robert C. Solomon

What if I do? I’ve heard you and Maury, and everyone else for whose intellect I have the slightest respect, agree that life as it appears is utterly meaningless. But it’s always seemed to me that if I were unconsciously learning something here it might not be so meaningless. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

what if we were born of stars and dust. And when we die we mean as much to the sky as we do when alive? – Rain Bethel-Cooper

What is a fear of living? It’s being preeminently afraid of dying. It is not doing what you came here to do, out of timidity and spinelessness. The antidote is to take full responsibility for yourself – for the time you take up and the space you occupy. If you don’t know what you’re here to do, then just do some good. – Maya Angelou

What is art? (…) Like a declaration of love: the consciousness of our dependence on each other. A confession. An unconscious act that none the less reflects the true meaning of life—love and sacrifice. – Andrei Tarkovsky

What is known and what is Anonymous is always relative because what is unexpected depends entirely upon what we expect (desire)– on what we had previously planned and presumed. The unexpected constantly occurs because it is impossible, in the absence of omniscience, to formulate an entirely accurate model of what actually is happening or of what should happen. – Jordan B. Peterson

What is there to understand? The significance of life? How long will it take to understand the significance and the meaning of life? 20 years? 30 years? And the same question will be here in another 20 years, I guarantee you. Until you stop asking that question. When that question is not there, you are there. So that’s the reason why you keep asking the question: you do not want the question to come to an end. When that comes to an end, there will not be anybody, left there, to find out the meaning, the purpose and the significance of life. – U.G. Krishnamurti

What life means has individual answers for each of us. – Jay Woodman

What makes the meaning of life is people, so you try to be good to people immediately around you and in your broader community. So a lot of my projects are about how I can affect the world in the hundreds of millions. – Reid Hoffman

What makes things memorable is that they are meaningful, significant, colorful. – Joshua Foer

What matters most is that you take the journey (of self awareness and transformation). – Diana Dentinger

What oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life. – Emil Brunner

What screws up most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be. – Anonymous

What the soul is after is – the highest feeling of love you can imagine. This is the soul’s desire. This is its purpose. The soul is after the feeling. Not the knowledge, but the feeling. It already has the knowledge, but knowledge is conceptual. Feeling is experiential. The soul wants to feel itself, and thus to know itself in its own experience.
The highest feeling is the experience of unity with All That Is. This is the great return to Truth for which the soul yearns. This is the feeling of perfect love. – Neale Donald Walsch

What then is the theme? Life is not that complicated. Really. We’ve lost sight of what we already know. Hold hands and stick together. Life is simple. – Andrew T. Le Peau

What was the point of finding something worth living for if my life was no longer in my own hands? – Brodi Ashton

What we all have to know is the struggle is long. It’s long. It may not end in our lifetimes. But the struggle is what gives our lives meaning and purpose. I tell people to take time out of activism every day to take care of their bodies, to take care of their souls and spirits. – Eve Ensler

What we think affects our life so much that life is for each of us just what we think it is. So the question of what life means has individual answers for each of us. – Jay Woodman

What we want in students is creativity and a willingness to fail. I always say to students, ‘If you’ve never at some point stayed up all night talking to your new boyfriend about the meaning of life instead of preparing for the test, then you’re not really an intellectual.’ – Alison Gopnik

What will be required to increase the quality of life and health is a coming together of technology and values, based on a scientific guiding principle that people can agree on. Securing a healthy global future requires this guiding principle to preserve freedom of spirit yet be as provable as the laws of physics. A guiding principle that addresses the meaning of life and is compelling enough to generate social cohesion and behaviors that serve the greater whole. After thirty years of investigation and research, it has become clear to me that the answer lies within the human heart. – Doc Childre

What you get when you try to understand the meaning of life intellectually is just one tiny slice of life. Even if you understand that tiny slice very thoroughly, you still won’t really have understood the fullness of life. – Brad Warner

What, after all, are the world’s deepest problems? They are what they always have been, the individual’s problems of the meaning of life and death, the mastery of self, the quest for value and worth-whileness and freedom within, the transcending of loneliness, the longing for love and a sense of significance, and for peace. Society’s problems are deep, but the individual’s problems go deeper; Solzhenitsyn, Dostoyevsky, or Shakespeare will show us that, if we hesitate to take it from the Bible. – J. I. Packer

Whatever talent a person has should be dedicated to the rest of humanity – indeed to all living beings. Therein lies fulfillment. All men are kin. They are of the same likeness, the same build, molded out of the same material, with the same divine essence in each. Service to man will help your divinity to blossom, for it will gladden your heart and make you feel that life has been worth while. Service to man is service to God, for He is in every man, and every living being, in every stone and stump. Offer your talents at the feet of God. Let every act be a flower, free from the creeping worms of envy and egoism and full of the fragrance of love and sacrifice. – Sathya Sai Baba

Whatever we are, whatever we make of ourselves, is all we will ever have – and that, in its profound simplicity, is the meaning of life. – Philip Appleman

What’s the meaning of life? Other people. – John Green

When a human being is born the first thing he does is crying..
The rest of his life he’ll spend discovering why… – Erik Tanghe

When a person can’t find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure. – Viktor Prankl

When all the forces in your organism come into play, then life will begin to play around you as well. You’ll see what your eyes are closed to now, and you’ll hear what you’ve never heard. The music of your nerves will begin to play, you’ll hear the music of the spheres, and you’ll listen to the grass grow. Just wait, there’s no hurry. It will come in its own time! – Ivan Goncharov

When children reach the age of sixteen, they discover the meaning of life: car keys. – Erma Bombeck

When compiling his great dictionary, the young Noah Webster travels to the Himalayas, where he climbs to the cave of the world’s wises man. ‘O, great sage,’ he says, ‘tell me the meaning of life.’ The sage sits Noah at his feet and, with great solemnity, commences to unfold the meaning of life. When finished, he places a hand on the young man’s shoulder and says, ‘Do you have any other questions, my son?’ Noah flips a page in his notebook and says, ‘You wouldn’t know the meaning of lift, would you?’ – Robert Breault

When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?’ – Sydney J. Harris

When I look back at that freedom of childhood, which is in a way infinite, and at all the joy and the intense happiness, now lost, I sometimes think that childhood is where the real meaning of life is located, and that we, adults, are its servants – that that’s our purpose. – Karl Ove Knausgard

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’. – Erma Bombeck

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life. – John Lennon

When I was younger I was looking for this magic meaning of life. It’s very simple now. Making the lives of others better, doing something of lasting value. That’s the meaning of life, it’s that simple. – Temple Grandin

When I was younger, I was looking for this magic meaning of life. – Temple Grandin

When I’m sitting around, I’m thinking about how I can make my next professional career move, but more than anything, I’m thinking about the meaning of life and how fleeting it is. – Charlamagne tha God

When I’m with you, my world is complete. When I touch you, I understand the meaning of life. When I lost you, I completely shattered. You. Own. Me. – Abbi Glines

When life seems like an uphill task do not ever give up on yourself or on life! Travel to a new place, learn a new language, embrace a new culture, play a musical instrument, read a good book, watch the sunrise, experience the sunset, go for a swim in the river, hug a tree, sit near the lake, or climb a mountain! You will fall in love with life all over again! – Avijeet Das

When nothing is there, you find everything within. New meaning. – Rupal Asodaria 

When our exhausting travels have come to an end
We find ourselves desperate to begin again
Though the journey was without destination
Life on an aimless road is better than none – Buan Boonaca

When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge. – Tuli Kupferberg

When people accept their belief(s) as the die-hard truth, hearing a different view will always appear false (at first) because it opposes the ones they’ve already understood and accepted as their truth. – Renee Chae

When people are serving, life is no longer meaningless. – John Gardner

When traveling is made too easy and comfortable, its spiritual meaning is lost. This may be called sentimentalism, but a certain sense of loneliness engendered by traveling leads one to reflect upon the meaning of life, for life is after all a travelling from one Anonymous to another Anonymous. – D.T. Suzuki

When we activate love as a driving force, it’s as if we have hit a hidden button that directly connects us to the meaning of life. – Shai Tubali

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained. – Mark Twain

When we seek for connection, we restore the world to wholeness. Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other. – Margaret J. Wheatley

When we think of our life story, we don’t think of the years, nor the days. We think of the precious moments which make life a life. – Shon Mehta

When you accept Islam, you don’t cease to be the person you were before in your identity and culture,’ he told me. ‘The only thing that Islam does is make you stronger in your identity in terms of actualising your personality, and in understanding who you are, what you’re supposed to do and what the purpose and meaning of your life is. – Kristiane Backer, From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life

When you are free from delusion, you can enjoy illusion. Enjoy the dream but enjoy the dream being free. – Mooji

When you are fulfilling the meaning of your life, your steps are assertive, but when you are after power or pleasure, you become aggressive. – Roumen Bezergianov

When you are your own best friend, you don’t endlessly seek out relationships, friendships, and validation from the wrong sources because you realize that the only approval and validation you need is your own. – Mandy Hale

When you begin to practice mindfulness, you begin as a part-time Buddha. Slowly you become a full-time Buddha. Sometimes you are a Buddha; sometimes you fall back; and then, with steady practice, you become a Buddha once again. Buddhahood is within reach because, like the Buddha, you’re a human being. You can become a Buddha whenever you like. Buddha is available in the here and now, anytime, anywhere. – Thich Nhat Hanh

When you can live forever what do you live for? – Stephenie Meyer

When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it. – Clement Stone

When you discover your WHY, the HOW discovers you. – Jason N Versey

When you don’t know what you’re living for, you don’t care how you live from one day to the next. You’re happy the day has passed and the night has come, and in your sleep you bury the tedious question of what you lived for that day and what you’re going to live for tomorrow. – Ivan Goncharov

When you finally understand the meaning of life, you come to the conclusion it has none after all – Bangambiki Habyarimana

When you find no solution to a problem ,it’s probably not a problem to be solved, but rather a truth to be accepted. – Anonymous

When you find your WHY, the HOW finds you. – Jason N Versey

When you have a sense of your own identity and a vision of where you want to go in your life, you then have the basis for reaching out to the world and going after your dreams for a better life. – Stedman Graham

When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. – Friedrich Nietzsche

When you love people and have the desire to make a profound, positive impact upon the world, then will you have accomplished the meaning to live. – Sasha Azevedo

When you shine your light, it may hurt the eyes of those who still live in the dark and they may not like it. – Jane lee Logan

When you stop living for luxuries you understand the real meaning of life. – Edhi Sahab

When you think of it, really there are four fundamental questions of life. Youve asked them, Ive asked them, every thinking person asks them. They boil down to this; origin, meaning, morality and destiny. How did I come into being? What brings life meaning? How do I know right from wrong? Where am I headed after I die? – Ravi Zacharias

When you win, the rules change, and you find you’ve lost – David Mitchell

When you wonder about the mystery of yourself, look to Christ, who gives you the meaning of life. When you wonder what it means to be a mature person, look to Christ, who is the fulfillness of humanity. And when you wonder about your role in the future of the world look to Christ. – Pope John Paul II

Whenever you become anxious or stressed, outer purpose has taken over, and you lost sight of your inner purpose. You have forgotten that your state of consciousness is primary, all else secondary. – Eckhart Tolle

Where was it ever promised us that life on this earth can ever be easy, free from conflict and uncertainty, devoid of anguish and wonder and pain? Those who seek the folly of unrelieved ‘happiness’-who fear moods, who shun solitude, who do not know the diginity of occasional depression-can find bliss easily enough: in tranquilizing pills, or in senility. The purpose of life is not to be happy. – Leo Rosten

While we’ve been grabbing for things to give meaning to life, we have lost our way. We grow addicted to reference points. We grow afraid and lose our unfettered curiosity. Our wants, needs, desires, ideas, aspirations and beliefs, become so embedded that it is like they are glued to our cells, our nerves, our eyes, brain, heart…our whole body. – Ana Rangel & Gerry O’malley

While wholesome pleasure results from much we do that is good, it is not our prime purpose for being on earth. Seek to know and do the will of the Lord, not just what is convenient or what makes life easy. – Richard G. Scott

Who am I? The great inquiry indeed. – Yogananda Paramhansa

Who am I? What should I do in life? What is the meaning of life? Humans have been asking these questions from time immemorial. Every generation needs a new answer, because what we know and don’t know keeps changing. Given everything we know and don’t know about science, about God, about politics and about religion – what is the best answer we can give today?
What kind of an answer do people expect? In almost all cases, when people ask about the meaning of life, they expect to be told a story. Homo sapiens is a storytelling animal, that thinks in stories rather than in numbers or graphs, and believes that the universe itself works like a story, replete with heroes and villains, conflicts and resolutions, climaxes and happy endings. When we look for the meaning of life, we want a story that will explain what reality is all about and what is my particular role in the cosmic drama. This role defines who I am, and gives meaning to all my experiences and choices.
One popular story, told for thousands of years to billions of anxious humans, explains that we are all part of an eternal cycle that encompasses and connects all beings. Each being has a distinctive function to fulfil in the cycle. To understand the meaning of life means to understand your unique function, and to live a good life means to accomplish that function. – Yuval Noah Harari

Who knows the meaning of life, death, or anything else quasi-important. Maybe the starving poets on street corners and oceanside piers. I’d give ’em my last dollar to inspire me. That’s all I really want. – Anne Clendening

Who will tell whether one happy moment of love or the joy of breathing or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth all the suffering and effort which life implies. – Erich Fromm

Who you were taught to be is not who you really are! How about learning to be you? – Diana Dentinger

Why are we here?
To remember, and re-create, Who You Are.
You use life to create your Self as Who You Are, and Who You’ve Always Wanted to Be. – Neale Donald Walschke

Why endure verticality when you can be horizontal? – Tibor Fischer

Why is it so hard? It’s hard because it matters, I think. – Mina Homes

Why settle for anything less than total life fulfillment. Start by filling yourself up with you! – Diana Dentinger

Why should people be expected to think about the meaning of life merely because they happen to be ill? That is just the time when there is no time to think about such things, because the body is so greedy for attention. – Ferdinand Mount

Why was this bloody world created?
“As a sewer for the stars,” a voice in front of him said. “Alternatively to know God and to glorify Him forever.”
” […] The two answers are not, of course, necessarily alternative. – Charles Williams

Why would our brains have this capacity to sense the oneness of the universe, a sense that can be induced in many ways, even technological, if that capacity did not reflect an external reality? – Kara Dalkey

Why, in the presence of Death. Do we then, seek the meaning of Life. – Robyn Redmile

Wisdom, Niko thought as he leaned his cheek against his long-handled rake, cannot be had without price. And that price is blood. The sound of it in your veins. The pound of it in your head. The volume of it in a human body; the sickness when you’ve spilled it. – Janet Morris

With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things. – William Wordsworth

Without a dream, life is an utter tragedy! With a dream, life is a beautiful symphony! – Avijeet Das

Without a purpose, schools are houses of detention, not attention – Neil Postman

Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds. – Gordon B. Hinckley

Without memory how will you ever find your way back to where you came from? – Michael Ende

Without the incarnation, Christianity isn’t even a very good story, and most sadly, it means nothing. “Be nice to one another” is not a message that can give my life meaning, assure me of love beyond brokenness, and break open the dark doors of death with the key of hope. – Michael Spencer

Without thoughtful effort and purposeful change, human life does not improve. The key to living a meaningful life is to accept reality. There is no inherent meaning to life just as there is no hidden meaning behind death. Life is limited and death is simply an ending. The only meaning to life is what each person passionately commits their life to accomplishing. – Kilroy J. Oldster

Without your stories, without your heroes and their awesome powers, how could you explain this, this here, this incomprehensible real that ever refuses to embrace any rule, any cliché besides the intransigent, pathetic truth that we all end, that no one comes back. – Tom King

Women were more likely than men to think that their lives had sufficient meaning to require recording on a daily basis. It was not for the most part a God-is-leading-me-on-a-wondrous-journey kind of meaning, but more an I’ve-gotta-be-me-but-nobody-cares sentimentalism that passed for meaning, and they usually stopped keeping a diary by the time they hit thirty, because by then they didn’t want to ponder the meaning of life anymore because it scared the crap out of them. – Dean Koontz

Word-work is sublime… because it is generative; it makes meaning that secures our difference, our human difference-the way in which we are like no other life. We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives. – Toni Morrison

Work for a cause David, not for applause.
Remember to live your life to express, not to impress, don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt. – Grace Lichtenstein

Work for purpose, be for others. – Worknb

Work like you don’t need money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. – Satchel Paige

World is a divine play. At the beginning and at the end, we are the same. – Amit Ray

Would you believe in what you believe in if you were the only one who believed it? – Kanye West

Wouldn’t it help you to realize that you really do live in an epic if your life had a soundtrack? – John Eldredge

Write whatever you want. Danny, my dear friend, write and tell me what life really is. – Josef Škvorecký

Ye know full well that the meaning of life is to find your gift. To find your gift is happiness. Never tae find it is misery. – Terry Pratchett

Yes, that’s right… love should come before logic … Only then will man come to understand the meaning of life. – Fyodor Dostoevsky

Yes, this is what my senses alone have learned:—
Things don’t have significance: they only have existence.
Things are the only hidden meaning of things. – Alberto Caeiro

You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure about you. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. – Marianne Williamson

You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward. – Conrad Hall

You are here on earth to unearth who on earth you are. – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

You are mortal in everything you fear and immortal in everything you desire – Seneca

You are not just here to fill space or be a background character in someone else’s movie. Consider this: nothing would be the same if you did not exist. Every place you have ever been and everyone you have ever spoken to would be different without you. We are all connected, and we are all affected by the decisions and even the existence of those around us. – David Niven

You are not one type, nor belong to one category. You are a unique blend of personality needs. Live your needs for total life fulfillment. – Diana Dentinger

You can have religion with spirituality. You can also have religion without spirituality. – Eckhart Tolle

You can hear only listing have different meanings in life. – Victor Nizeyimana

You can hope for a miracle in your life, or you realize that your life is the miracle. – Robert Breault

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. – Anonymous

You can never escape future. It’s the only way to living. – Suyasha Subedi

You can never take it for guaranteed what is happening beyond the mind. Whatever you think is real and true strongly depends on what is going on inside the mind. There is no moral principle, or ethical code outside the mind. Whatever you assume as a moral duty or ethical norm is a product of the human mind. If there is not mind, there cannot be any such kind of things. You can reorganize and rearrange them in your mind again and again, but you cannot completely destroy kill them. You need some underlying principles of your life in order to distinguish more essential things from less essential ones, thus giving a certain meaning to your life. And a science in itself cannot give any meaning to your life, religion would rather make a fool of you, but only you can do this for yourself, using your brain, critically reflecting and all doubting, until you find your own truth. Science supports you with its immense empirical facts and theories for their interpretations, religion fools around with its illusive and pseudo-reality, but philosophy stimulate you to find the ultimate goal of your mundane existence. – Elmar Hussein

You can use your life in a very useful and intelligent way. You can very well transform that negative energy into a positive energy that empowers you and makes life meaningful. – Nhat Hanh

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. – Mark Twain

‘You can’t go home again’ ─ isn’t necessarily that places change but people do. – Lauren Oliver

You discarded most of the lies along the way but held on to the one that said life mattered. – Stephen King

You don’t need the fame to be vital. – Herbie Hancock

You feel most fulfilled when your actions are filled with meaning. Find meaning to find yourself. – Diana Dentinger

You get on with your own life. Lettie gave it to you. You just have to grow up and try and be worth it. – Neil Gaiman

You got infinite channels and limitless rhymes, but the riddles of livin’ stay undefined? – David Mutti Clark

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. – Winston Churchill

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life. – Anonymous

You have to let people go. Everyone who is in your life are meant to be in your journey but not all of them are meant to stay till the end. – Roy T. Bennett

You have to take all the rejections that life will throw at you. We do not grow in happiness, but we grow in sadness. Each rejection teaches us something new. – Avijeet Das

You haven’t realized it yet but your life is precious. I always say that people should not do something that has no purpose. Is there a purpose behind your actions? Of course there is a purpose behind your decision to step into this bamboo forest. That is why your life is not meaningless. – Melissa Rose Lawrence

You just decide what your values are in life and what you are going to do, and then you feel like you count, and that makes life worth living. It makes my life meaningful. – Annie Lennox

“You live,” I said, “Knowing you will die. Everyone lives every day knowing they could die at any moment. And yet they carry on. They lift their heads high and carry on and build a beautiful, amazing world. What for, if there is no point? Bravery. Courage. To live knowing death hangs over you. Sweet misery, fragile threads of life and existence, and you still fight for every moment, to be alive and to be as alive as possible.”
“And the point?”
The point, Jane, is for beauty. Simplistic, joyous beauty; complicated, twisted beauty– the beauty of courage, the beauty of loss. For if there is a Something Else out there, it is surely hidden among the beauty of this world. – Isabella Rogge

You must listen to your heart and follow it or it will find a million ways to remind you that there is something missing. – Anonymous

You must live your story. – Michael Ende

You need to get out of your nest in order to fly. – Todd Stocker

You only live once but you do it right ONCE IS ENOUGH. – Anonymous

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. – Mae West

You really can’t follow a guru. You can’t ask somebody to give The Reason, but you can find one for yourself; you decide what the meaning of your life is to be. People talk about the meaning of life; there is no meaning of life–there are lots of meanings of different lives, and you must decide what you want your own to be. – Joseph Campbell

You said that facts are meaningless, unless meanings are put into them. Well, Christianity, the mystery of the individual, is precisely what must be put into the facts to make them meaningful. – Boris Pasternak

You suffer because of your unreasonable expectations not because of reality. No one suffers because of reality. Reality is what it is and has always been so. It is the rose colored and naively idealistic lens through which we perceive reality that sets us up for disappointment. – The Ancient Sage

You think, because you have a purpose, Nature must have one. You might as well expect it to have fingers and toes because you do. – George Bernard Shaw

You want the praise of people who kick themselves every 15 minutes. The praise of people who despise themselves? – Marcus Aurelius

You were born to achieve, to release your inner power, to fulfill your uniqueness. – Eric Butterworth

You were never created to live depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed or unworthy. You were created to be victorious. – Joel Osteen

You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously. – Steve Maraboli

you will always die
you will live forever
you are nothing & nobody
you are made of stars
— you will be forgotten – Philip Elliott

You will have fewer regrets in life if you start focusing and taking responsibility for where you are and where you want to be. – Deborah Day

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. – Albert Camus

You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. – Albert Camus

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger. – The Buddha

You would not exist if you did not have something to bring to the table of life. – Herbie Hancock

You would think ill of a soldier who refused to fight unless victory was certain. The person who needs religion to bolster up his own purposes is a timorous person, and I cannot think as well of him as of the man who takes his chances, while admitting that defeat is not impossible. – Bertrand Russell

You’re meant to be here in these times. Actually, you signed up for this. You cannot fix the world, but you’re here to do your small but essential part. – Amy McTear

Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again. – Anonymous

Your life is what your thoughts make it. – Marcus Aurelius

Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring. – Anonymous

Your Life Purpose is a blend of your Core Personality Needs. Remember it, define it and refine it as you journey through life. – Diana Dentinger

Your life purpose is about you. It is a tangible, practical, everyday way to be that evolves over time as you mature. It is not just a new age, cheesy, flaky, peace and love statement. It is the greatness of who you are taking meaningful action. This is how you stay healthy and happy. Then and only then does your energy ripple out to make the world a better place. – Diana Dentinger

Your life purpose is not just one thing, nor just what you love to do, nor a role, nor a legacy you leave. Your life purpose is who you are 24/7. – Diana Dentinger

Your life would never have a meaning if you don’t have a goal or purpose. – Sunday Adelaja

Your memories are you. There is, it seems, no other You. – Ted Todd

Your only job is creating a life that contains a story worth telling. – Carolyn Parkhurst

Your real personality identity is not an option, it is the foundation for your happiness and health. – Diana Dentinger

Your Soul is your ultimate guidance system. You can think of your Soul as the compass, map, and destination all in one. – Aletheia Luna

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself – Rumi

Meaning of Life Quotes

Meaning of Life Quotes

Meaning of Life Quotes From Wikiquote

  • The goal and the meaning of existence is to strive upward beyond the limits of the known, and to help one another.
    • Agni Yoga Leaves of Morya’s Garden, Book Two, Illumination, (1925), #160.
  • Everything is done with a goal, and that goal is “good”.
    • Aristotle (c. 325 BC), Nicomachean Ethics 1.1
  • What is the highest good in all matters of action? To the name, there is almost complete agreement; for uneducated and educated alike call it happiness, and make happiness identical with the good life and successful living. They disagree, however, about the meaning of happiness.
    • Aristotle (c. 325 BC) Nicomachean Ethics 1.4
  • Science leads to great achievements, which, quite rightly, fill of joy those who seek the truth, but if pursued, teaches us that we must seek other sources of ultimate truth and find answers to existential questions about the meaning of life and the mystery of death.
    • Franco Bassani Knowing the universe. For whom? at the XXVII edition of the “Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples”, Rimini meeting 2006, August 23, 2006.
  • The aim of life is inquiry into the Truth, and not the desire for enjoyment in heaven by performing religious rites, Those who possess the knowledge of the Truth, call the knowledge of non-duality as the Truth, It is called Brahman, the Highest Self, and w:Bhagavan.
    • Bhagavata Purana 1.2.10-11, translated by Daniel Sheridan 1986, p. 23
  • I love you and I forgive you. I am like you and you are like me. I love all people. I love the world. I love creating. Everything in our life should be based on love.
    • Ray Bradbury, as quoted in “Sci-fi legend “Ray Bradbury on God, ‘monsters and angels'” by John Blake, CNN : Living (2 August 2010), p. 1.
  • People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonance within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive. That’s what it’s all finally about.
    • Joseph Campbell, from The Power of Myth Episode 2, Chapter 4
  • You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.
    • Albert Camus, in “Intuitions” (October 1932), published in Youthful Writings (1976)
  • In our lives there is a simple colour, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the colour of love.
    • Marc Chagall in: C. Robertson (1998) Dictionary of quotations. p. 78 – Pagina 78
  • To live is to experience things, not sit around pondering the meaning of life.
    • Paulo Coelho (2011) Aleph
  • [T]he only meaning of life worth caring about is one that can withstand our best efforts to examine it.
    • Daniel Dennett (1995) Darwin’s Dangerous Idea
  • What is the meaning of human life, or of organic life altogether? To answer this question at all implies a religion. Is there any sense then, you ask, in putting it? I answer, the man who regards his own life and that of his fellow creatures as meaningless is not merely unfortunate but almost disqualified for life.
    • Albert Einstein, The World As I See It (1949)
  • Man can find meaning in life, short and perilous as it is, only through devoting himself to society.
    • Albert Einstein, Why Socialism? (1949)
  • Frank: You want to know the meaning of life? You’re born, you go to school, you go to work, you die. Marie… Canole
    • Everybody Loves Raymond (1996 – 2005), Season 1, Why Are We Here? [1.22]
  • Put down that man—and women persons—their existence means exactly and precisely, not more, not one tiny bit less, just what they think it means, and what I think doesn’t count at all.
    • God (George Burns) in Oh, God! (1977), screenplay by Larry Gelbart, based on the novel of the same title by Avery Corman.
  • No more harmful nonsense exists than [the] common supposition that deepest insight into great questions about the meaning of life or the structure of reality emerges most readily when a free, undisciplined, and uncluttered (read, rather, ignorant and uneducated) mind soars above mere earthly knowledge and concern.
    • Stephen Jay Gould (2002) I Have Landed, “No Science Without Fancy, No Art Without Facts”, p. 48
  • Sometimes I wonder if suicides aren’t in fact sad guardians of the meaning of life.
    • Václav Havel (1986) Disturbing the Peace. Ch. 5
  • “What is the meaning of life?” This question has no answer except in the history of how it came to be asked. There is no answer because words have meaning, not life or persons or the universe itself. Our search for certainty rests in our attempts at understanding the history of all individual selves and all civilizations. Beyond that, there is only awe.
    • Julian Jaynes As quoted in LIFE magazine (December 1988)
  • When you wonder about the mystery of yourself, look to Christ who gives you the meaning of life. When you wonder what it means to be a mature person, look to Christ who is the fullness of humanity. And when you wonder about your role in the future of the world and of the United States, look to Christ.
    • John Paul II “Address to High School Students”, Source: Libreria Editrice Vaticana
  • Amy: One day, I’m going to find a man who thinks I’m the meaning of life.
    • Judging Amy (1999–2005), Season 3, Off the gridDarkness For Light
  • The persona, the ideal picture of a man as he should be, is inwardly compensated by feminine weakness, and as the individual outwardly plays the strong man, so he becomes inwardly a woman, i.e., the anima, for it is the anima that reacts to the persona. But because the inner world is dark and invisible to the extraverted consciousness, and because a man is all the less capable of conceiving his weaknesses the more he is identified with the persona, the persona’s counterpart, the anima, remains completely in the dark and is at once projected, so that our hero comes under the heel of his wife’s slipper. If this results in a considerable increase of her power, she will acquit herself none too well. She becomes inferior, thus providing her husband with the welcome proof that it is not he, the hero, who is inferior in private, but his wife. In return the wife can cherish the illusion, so attractive to many, that at least she has married a hero, unperturbed by her own uselessness. This little game of illusion is often taken to be the whole meaning of life.
    • Carl Jung (1957) Two Essays on Analytical Psychology, “The Relations between the Ego and the Unconscious”. p. 309
  • I get up very early in the morning. I enjoy the quietness, the stillness, the rawness in the winter and fall. It’s a special time.
    • Ted Kennedy Esquire: The Meaning of Life (2009), p. 81
  • Wealth really is a never-ending process. So is running money. You can’t just walk away and ask about the meaning of life.
    • Andy Kessler (2004) Running Money. Part VIII, Epilogue, 747 Office, p. 296
  • Search of the answer to this question is the answer to this question.
    • Ko Wen-je TEDxTaipei (2013)
  • There are some ten thousand religious sects — each with its own cosmology, each with its own answer for the meaning of life and death. Most assert that the other 9,999 not only have it completely wrong but are instruments of evil, besides.
    • Jon Krakauer (2003) Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith
  • To work for a living certainly cannot be the meaning of life, since it is indeed a contradiction that the continual production of the conditions is supposed to be the answer to the question of the meaning of that which is conditional upon their production.
    • Søren Kierkegaard (1943) Either/Or, p. 31
  • Every human being, no matter how slightly gifted he is, however subordinate his position in life may be, has a natural need to formulate a life-view, a conception of the meaning of life and of its purpose. The person who lives esthetically also does that, and the popular expression heard in all ages and from various stages is this: One must enjoy life. There are, of course, many variations of this, depending on differences in the conceptions of enjoyment, but all are agreed that we are to enjoy life.
    • Søren Kierkegaard (1943) Either/Or, p. 179-180
  • The meaning of life is that it is to be lived, and it is not to be traded and conceptualized and squeezed into a pattern of systems.
    • Bruce Lee (2000) Striking Thoughts. edited by John Little. p. 3
  • The way to recover the meaning of life and the worthwhileness of life is to recover the power of experience, to have impulse voices from within, and to be able to hear these impulse voices from within — and make the point: This can be done.
    • Abraham Maslow As quoted in The Meaning of Life : According to the Great and the Good (2007) edited by Richard T. Kinnier
  • Mongol General: Conan! What is best in life?
Conan: Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.
Mongol General: That is good! That is good.

  • Conan the Barbarian (1982 film) screenplay by John Milius and Oliver Stone
  • Word-work is sublime… because it is generative; it makes meaning that secures our difference, our human difference — the way in which we are like no other life.
    We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.

    • Toni Morrison (1993) Nobel Prize Lecture
  • General:… when one considers the meaning of life, it is a struggle between alternative viewpoints of life itself. And without the ability to defend one’s own viewpoint against other perhaps more aggressive ideologies, then reasonableness and moderation could, quite simply, disappear. That is why we’ll always need an army, and may God strike me down were it to be otherwise.
    • Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (1983). Part III: Fighting Each Other
  • Chairman: Item six on the agenda, the Meaning of Life. Now Harry, you’ve had some thoughts on this.
Harry: That’s right, yeah. I’ve had a team working on this over the past few weeks, and what we’ve come up with can be reduced to two fundamental concepts. One, people are not wearing enough hats. Two, matter is energy. In the Universe there are many energy fields which we cannot normally perceive. Some energies have a spiritual source which act upon a person’s soul. However, this soul does not exist ab initio as orthodox Christianity teaches; it has to be brought into existence by a process of guided self-observation. However, this is rarely achieved owing to man’s unique ability to be distracted from spiritual matters by everyday trivia.
Max: What was that about hats?

  • Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (1983). Part V: Live Organ Transplants
  • “You’re talking about a search for the meaning of life?” I asked. “No, no, no,” he said. “For the experience of being alive.”
    • Bill Moyers (1988) The Power of Myth, in the Introduction
  • In my strategy, the training for killing enemies is by way of many contests, fighting for survival, discovering the meaning of life and death, learning the Way of the sword, judging the strength of attacks and understanding the Way of the “edge and ridge” of the sword.
    • Miyamoto Musashi (c. 1584 – 1645) The Fire Book
  • Leaving that issue aside, let me return to the smaller-scale dimensions of human life. Even if life as a whole is meaningless, perhaps that’s nothing to worry about. Perhaps we can recognize it and just go on as before. The trick is to keep your eyes on what’s in front of you, and allow justifications to come to an end inside your life, and inside the lives of others to whom you are connected. If you ever ask yourself the question, “But what’s the point of being alive at all?” — leading the particular life of a student or bartender or whatever you happen to be — you’ll answer “There’s no point. It wouldn’t matter if I didn’t exist at all, or if I didn’t care about anything. But I do. That’s all there is to it.”
    Some people find this attitude perfectly satisfying. Others find it depressing, though unavoidable. Part of the problem is that some of us have an incurable tendency to take ourselves seriously. We want to matter to ourselves “from the outside.” If our lives as a whole seem pointless, then a part of us is dissatisfied — the part that is always looking over our shoulders at what we are doing. Many human efforts, particularly those in the service of serious ambitions rather than just comfort and survival, get some of their energy from a sense of importance — a sense that what you are doing is not just important to you, but important in some larger sense: important, period. If we have to give this up, it may threaten to take the wind out of our sails. If life is not real, life is not earnest, and the grave is its goal, perhaps it’s ridiculous to take ourselves so seriously. On the other hand, if we can’t help taking ourselves so seriously, perhaps we just have to put up with being ridiculous. Life may be not only meaningless but absurd.

    • Thomas Nagel, What Does It All Mean?: A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy (1987), Ch. 10. The Meaning of Life
  • People search for the meaning of life, but this is the easy question: we are born into a world that presents us with many millenia of collected knowledge and information, and all our predecessors ask of us is that we not waste our brief life ignoring the past only to rediscover or reinvent its lessons badly.
    • Erik Naggum “Knowledge and Information”
  • To sum up […] my deepest conviction. What lives on:
    1. Our humble day-to-day lives
    2, Art
    3. God

    • Irène Némirovsky, notebook entry (1 July 1942), in Suite Française (2004), Appendix I. London: Vintage Books, 2007, p. 462
  • A Sanskrit Scholar, J.W. Hauer, speaking of the central message of the “Gita” says, “We are not called to solve the meaning of life, but to find out the deed demanded by us and to work, and so by action to master the riddle of life.” Whilst Sanskara says that the essential purpose of the “Gita” is to teach us a way out of bondage and not merely enjoin action.
    • Peter de Noronha (1964) The Pageant of Life. p. 63-64
  • There’s a reason for the world
    you and I

    • John Ondrasik (2006) The Riddle
  • The primary, radical meaning of life appears when it is employed in the sense not of biology, but of biography. For the very strong reason that the whole of biology is quite definitely only a chapter in certain biographies, it is what biologists do in the portion of their lives open to biography.
    • José Ortega y Gasset (1929) The Revolt of the Masses
  • Many solutions are offered as to how to gain the something more in life. …Wealth, strength, and keenness of intellect, taken separately of together, do not constitute the essence of real life. …At its best, life consists of these things, plus something more. …In Jesus Christ we see perfection in life. …From an imperfect understanding of Jesus Christ, it would appear that real life depends upon the fulfilling of three conditions—the dwelling on friendly and affectionate terms with God, with ourselves, and with our fellowmen. …If we fulfill to any degree these three conditions of being in friendly relations with God, ourselves, and our fellows, we shall discover something more of the meaning of life.
    • Kirby Page (1920) Something More, A Consideration of the Vast, Undeveloped Resources of Life. p. 63-67
  • Many people ask, for example: What is the purpose of my life? Meaning: What am I meant to do? but the purpose of your life, and each life, is in its being. That being may include certain actions, but the acts themselves are only important in that they spring out of the essence of your life, which simply by being is bound to fulfill its purposes.
    • Jane Roberts, in Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Volume One, Session 899, Page 225
  • When we try to be definite, as to what we mean when we say that this or that is “the Good,” we find ourselves involved in very great difficulties. Bentham’s creed, that pleasure is the Good, roused furious opposition, and was said to be a pig’s philosophy. Neither he nor his opponents could advance any argument. In a scientific question, evidence can be adduced on both sides, and, in the end, one side is seen to have the better case — or, if this does not happen, the question is left undecided. But in a question, as to whether this, or that, is the ultimate Good, there is no evidence, either way; each disputant can only appeal to his own emotions, and employ such rhetorical devices as shall rouse similar emotions in others … Questions as to “values” — that is to say, as to what is good or bad on its own account, independently of its effects — lie outside the domain of science, as the defenders of religion emphatically assert. I think that, in this, they are right, but, I draw the further conclusion, which they do not draw, that questions as to “values” lie wholly outside the domain of knowledge. That is to say, when we assert that this, or that, has “value”, we are giving expression to our own emotions, not to a fact, which would still be true if our personal feelings were different.
    • Bertrand Russell (1961). Science and Ethics
  • Each man must look to himself to teach him the meaning of life. It is not something discovered; it is something molded.
    • Antoine de Saint-Exupery (2012) Airman’s Odyssey. p. 28
  • Nothing threatens freedom of the personality and the meaning of life like war, poverty, terror. But there are also indirect and only slightly more remote dangers. One of these is the stupefaction of man (the “gray mass,” to use the cynical term of bourgeois prognosticators) by mass culture with its intentional or commercially motivated lowering of intellectual level and content, with its stress on entertainment or utilitarianism, and with its carefully protective censorship.
    • Andrei Sakharov (1968) Progress, Coexistence and Intellectual Freedom
  • Life is writing. The sole purpose of mankind is to engrave the thoughts of divinity onto the tablets of nature.
    • Friedrich Schlegel, “On Philosophy: To Dorothea,” in Theory as Practice (1997), p. 420.
  • Speak to all men as you do to yourself, with no concern for the effect you make, so that you do not shut them out from your world; lest in isolation the meaning of life slips out of sight and you lose the belief in the perfection of creation.
    • Leó Szilárd (1961) The Voice of the Dolphins : And Other Stories: Third of the “Ten Commandments”
  • The radical tension between good and evil, as man sees it and feels it, does not have the last word about the meaning of life and the nature of existence. There is a spirit in man and in the world working always against the thing that destroys and lays waste. Always he must know that the contradictions of life are not final or ultimate; he must distinguish between failure and a many-sided awareness so that he will not mistake conformity for harmony, uniformity for synthesis. He will know that for all men to be alike is the death of life in man, and yet perceive harmony that transcends all diversities and in which diversity finds its richness and significance.
    • Howard Thurman (1971) The Search For Common Ground : An Inquiry Into The Basis Of Man’s Experience Of Community p. 6
  • The appreciation of the merits of art (of the emotions it conveys) depends upon an understanding of the meaning of life, what is seen as good and evil. Good and evil are defined by religions.
    • Leo Tolstoy (1896) What is Art?
  • It seems that it is impossible to live without discovering the purpose of your life. And the first thing which a person should do is to understand the meaning of life. But the majority of people who consider themselves to be educated are proud that they have reached such great height that they cease to care about the meaning of existence.
    • Leo Tolstoy (1903-10) A Calendar of Wisdom, April 30.
  • If you do not know your place in the world and the meaning of your life, you should know there is something to blame; and it is not the social system, or your intellect, but the way in which you have directed your intellect.
    • Leo Tolstoy (1903-10) A Calendar of Wisdom, April 30.
  • Everyone now knows how to find the meaning of life within himself.
    • Kurt Vonnegut (1959) The Sirens of Titan
  • As intellectualism suppresses belief in magic, the world’s processes become disenchanted, lose their magical significance, and henceforth simply “are” and “happen” but no longer signify anything. As a consequence, there is a growing demand that the world and the total pattern of life be subject to an order that is significant and meaningful.
    The conflict of this requirement of meaningfulness with the empirical realities of the world and its institutions, and with the possibilities of conducting one’s life in the empirical world, are responsible for the intellectual’s characteristic flights from the world.

    • Max Weber, Sociology of Religion, p. 125
  • INTERVIEWER: Tell us a joke.
    WHEDON: Your life has meaning.
    INTERVIEWER: Tell us a secret.
    WHEDON: Your life has meaning.

    • Joss Whedon (April 27, 2012) in Rosanna Greenstreet, “Q&A: Joss Whedon”, The Guardian
  • One cannot ignore half of life for the purposes of science, and then claim that the results of science give a full and adequate picture of the meaning of life. All discussions of ‘life’ which begin with a description of man’s place on a speck of matter in space, in an endless evolutionary scale, are bound to be half-measures, because they leave out most of the experiences which are important to use as human beings.
    • Colin Wilson (1957) Religion and the Rebel p. 309
  • I’d always, you see, even in my early teens, had these problems — problems of suddenly waking up in the middle of the night and having this horrifying vision that life is completely meaningless. You know — just thinking about something like the depths of space, and realizing it’s got to come to an end somewhere, but apparently it doesn’t, and then suddenly getting this terrible feeling that maybe life is a total delusion. G. K. Chesterton once said that in his teens he saw hell, and I really think I did too. I went through extreme depressions, glooms. There was one occasion on which I decided actually to commit suicide. I’d got into this state — I was working as a lab assistant at the school, and what would happen was that I’d make tremendous efforts to push myself up to a level of optimism. I’d do it in the evenings by reading poetry, thinking, writing in my journals, then I’d go back to the school the next day and blaaahhh, right down to the bottom again. This was the feeling of The Mind Parasites — there’s something that waits until you’ve got lots of energy and just sucks you dry like a vampire. This sudden feeling that God was making fun of me made me feel one day, “For God’s sake, let’s not have any more of this nonsense. I’m damned if I’ll be played about with like this. Let me kill myself.” And immediately I felt this, I felt a curious sense of inner strength. So I went off to night school quite determined that what I was going to do was to take down the bottle of potassium cyanide from the reagent shelves and drink it. I knew that cyanide burns a hole in the bottom of the stomach and kills you within seconds. Well, I went into the classroom quite determined. There was a group gathered around the professor at the desk. I went over to the reagent shelves, I took down the bottle of potassium cyanide, I uncorked it, and as I started raising this to my lips I suddenly had an extremely clear vision of myself in a few seconds’ time with an agonizing pain in the pit of my stomach, and at the same time I suddenly turned into two people. I don’t mean that literally, but I mean that there was I, and there beside me was this silly, bloody little idiot called Colin Wilson who was in a state of self-pity and about to kill himself, and I didn’t give a damn whether the fool killed himself or not. The trouble was, if he killed himself he’d kill me too. And quite suddenly a terrific sense of overwhelming happiness came over me. I corked up the bottle, put it on the shelf, and for the next few days was in total control of my emotions and everything else. I realized suddenly that you can achieve these states of control, provided that you put yourself in a crisis situation. And that’s why throughout The Outsider I keep saying the outsider’s salvation lies in extremes.
    • Colin Wilson Interviewed on Thinking Allowed, with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove
  • To believe in a God means to understand the question about the meaning of life.
    To believe in a God means to see that the facts of the world are not the end of the matter.
    To believe in God means to see that life has a meaning.

    • Ludwig Wittgenstein Journal entry (8 July 1916), p. 74e
  • What is the meaning of life? That was all — a simple question; one that tended to close in on one with years. The great revelation had never come. The great revelation perhaps never did come. Instead there were little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark; here was one.
    • Virginia Woolf (1927) To the Lighthouse
  • Each new generation asks – What is the meaning of life? A more fertile way of putting the question would be – Why does man need a meaning to life?
    • Peter Wessel Zapffe (1989-90) To Be a Human Being
  • [to Dr. Eudora Fletcher, under hypnotism] I’m 12 years old. I run into the synagogue. I ask the rabbi the meaning of life. He tells me the meaning of life, but he tells it to me in Hebrew. I don’t understand Hebrew. Then he wants to charge me $600 for Hebrew lessons.
    • Zelig, a 1983 film. Leonard Zelig speaking

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