Khalil Gibran Quotes

All life in rhythmic fragments moves within me. – Khalil Gibran

I am the infinite sea, and all worlds are but grains of sand upon my shore.- Khalil Gibran

Only once have I been made mute. It was when a man asked me, “Who are you?”- Khalil Gibran

Forgetfulness is a form of freedom. – Khalil Gibran

When you long for blessings that you may not name, and when you grieve knowing not the cause, then indeed you are growing with all things that grow, and rising toward your greater self. – Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran

You drink wine that you may be intoxicated; and I drink that it may sober me from that other wine. – Khalil Gibran

Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that the other half may reach you. – Khalil Gibran

Should you really open your eyes and see, you would behold your image in all images. And should you open your ears and listen, you would hear your own voice in all voices. – Khalil Gibran

We often sing lullabyes to our children that we ourselves may sleep. – Khalil Gibran

A madman is not less a musician than you or myself; only the instrument on which he plays is a little out of tune. – Khalil Gibran

No longing remains unfulfilled. – Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran

When you reach the heart of life you shall find beauty in all things, even in the eyes that are blind to beauty. – Khalil Gibran

We live only to discover beauty. – Khalil Gibran

If you would possess you must not claim. – Khalil Gibran

Lovers embrace that which is between them rather than each other.- Khalil Gibran

You see but your shadow when you turn your back to the sun.- Khalil Gibran

You are indeed charitable when you give, and while giving, turn your face away so that you may not see the shyness of the receiver. – Khalil Gibran

Perhaps a man may commit suicide in self-defense. – Khalil Gibran

When you see a man led to prison say in your heart, “Mayhap he is escaping from a narrower prison.” And when you see a man drunken say in your heart, “Mayhap he sought escape from something still more unbeautiful.” – Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran

When you reach the heart of life you will find yourself not higher than the felon, and not lower than the prophet. – Khalil Gibran

The truly good is he who is one with all those who are deemed bad. – Khalil Gibran

We are all prisoners but some of us are in cells with windows and some without. – Khalil Gibran

You cannot judge a man beyond your knowledge of him, and how small is your knowledge. – Khalil Gibran

There is neither religion nor science beyond beauty. – Khalil Gibran

Man is two men; one is awake in darkness, the other asleep in light.- Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese American artist, writer, philosopher and the third most popular poet in history after Shakespeare and Laozi. Born in an underprivileged and deprived family, Khalil rose to the level of world renowned author and artist despite the adverse circumstances he often landed into. As an artist, he has also created some of the most fascinating drawing during his lifetime. His bestselling book The Prophet, a collection of 26 splendid poems, has been translated into over 20 foreign languages.

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